Arteta guns for his 3rd FA Cup win with Arsenal

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It’s FA Cup time for us. We’ve watched Jose Mourinho and OGS lead their teams to magnificent replays after embarrassing stalemates, we have to avoid that sort of indignity at all costs.

Mikel Arteta might look to Jose Mourinho for a little inspiration. When the ‘Special One’ first landed at Chelsea, he went all guns blazing in the cups, making the league cup the first win of historic tenure.

We don’t have the luxury of a league cup run, but we do have a great opportunity to progress today against a Leeds side that has promotion on their mind.

I don’t know how the manager will line up for this one, but he’s making big noises about winning something.

“I think winning brings togetherness and when you have beautiful experiences together and you win trophies, those experiences stay within that group,” Arteta said.

“You like more the people you work with and you believe more in them and share some fantastic moments and that stays.

“That habit of winning, winning and winning. After you win, you don’t want to stop winning and you become addicted to that and that is what we have to try and implement at this club.”

There’s no lack of clarity there, he’s not a top 4 merchant, he wants to build a winning machine.

I suspect the pumped-up rhetoric is part for the fans, but more for the second string players he’s going to likely have to pick this evening. We’ve had problems the last few seasons raising our levels with players who sit on the bench. Rotation of the squad hasn’t always been fair and to be honest, the depth of our bench has been fairly poor. This season, the main difference is we have a lot of kids who intro’d last season who are year older, and all should be desperate to impress the new management team.

Matteo G and Dani Ceballos are probably the two closest to the first team with the most to prove. Matteo has been all over the place this season, far too much responsibility was put on his shoulders and he’s struggling for form… worse, his attitude has been less than spotless. He has the chance to show he can play with discipline and listen to a manager that will be good for him. I’d really love him to blow up under Arteta.

Dani is very different, there’s been no lack of enthusiasm, more a struggle to keep pace with the relentless physicality of the Premier League. I think his attitude is there, the talent is not in doubt, he just needs to be given a clear role and deliver against it. No way his energy isn’t going to be useful over the next 5 months.

Nicolas Pepe could start again, if he does, this is a huge test of attitude. It’s all well and good putting on a show against United, but can you motivate yourself against a Championship side? I hope so.

As for the kids, I’d love to see Saka have a chance further up the pitch. I think this could be a good game for ESR to show what he’s made of. I’d also love Willock to deliver to productivity in the final third, the club are clearly excited about him, hopefully he can show the fans why.

… could also be a bit tasty to see Eddie land some minutes.

No idea who else is going to play, but I do think it’d be wise to put some heavy rotation into the starting 11 so we don’t suffer any more injuries to key players.

It’s a home game, Arteta is clearly looking for a performance from the fans after seeing a lot of empty seats this weekend (shame on you, Stoke City fans).

“It is too powerful, with the fanbase we have, our history and the great players they have seen and the great teams they have seen, if we get that connected it is so powerful. Without that, I think it is impossible to do it.”

You heard the man, take your vuvuzelas and makes some noise.

Enjoy the evening, I’m very sad not to be there… also listen to my podcast with Matt.

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  1. Biggles

    Ok, this is from. At least Emery smashed the last championship team he faced.

    Xhaka is getting red card at this rate.

    My gamble would be Saka on, Xhaka off, Luiz up beside Guen, Sokratis to CB and shove Nelson to right back. We probably keep 11 on the pitch that way. Luiz can put a better tackle in than Xhaka too.

    Also, Ozil off for Willock/Ceballos.

    Basically go 4-3-3 with Pepe and Saka dropping back to make it 4-5-1 as needed. Or er… 6-3-1.

  2. MidwestGun

    Ugh… another good run into the box .. just cant get a pass to anyone. Arteta probably told them to up the energy levels. They look a bit more engaged. But I think it will take a sub or two.

  3. Just Another Customer

    yeah if that was Marti he would’ve easily slot that in

    nice FK give it to Pepe please or for that Xhaka special delight

  4. Just Another Customer

    nice now that’smore like it need to push higher up clearly sauce has been sprinkled on half time team talk

  5. Daniel Altos

    Whenever I see stats of Leeds games they always seem to have dominated possession and had countless shots, even if it was a close game or they didn’t win.Bielsa has indoctrinated his methods into the group, but looks like the reason they don’t batter the opposition every game like City is that their Championship players lack top level quality in the final third. Lucky for us tonight.We need new players to control possession.

    Elmo very true…I watch a lot of championship matches(I usually love them for the late drama,you are almost always assured of a goal in the 94th minute).Leeds usually beast the opposition but they don’t score alot like west from..I think they don’t have quality forwards and they have a really small squad.Hopefully we wake the fuck up

  6. Wengaball

    The Guardiola City thing is to always try to generate 2 passing options for a passer, whereas we often have no open options either short or long. Hopefully Tets can improve our positioning and speed of passing to create that space.

    That was also the Wenger thing. Green lights, red lights, playing in triangles. And much much before that, it was also the Cruyff thing. And it has always been the thing about possession football ever since.

    I am so, so surprised that some basics of the game are being talked about as if they are so saucy. The other day it was Saka waxing eloquence about Arteta teaching him to commit opponent player before passing. I mean really? That was new for an Arsenal academy graduate playing PL football?

  7. Champagne charlie

    Holdings passing out from the back has been really poor, he’s not choosing the right player, and when he does it’s underhit.

    Spare me, you’re 12.

  8. Wengaball

    Ozil getting 9 touches is not a reflection on Ozil. It is a reflection on the rest of the team not being able to get the ball to him.

    But you would know that if you knew the bare basics of the game. These days, there are PL players being taught to commit a rival before passing so no surprised at that comment.

    As someone said, Ozil is useless in team that cannot hold the ball for more than 5 seconds. Most creative number 10s will be.

  9. MidwestGun

    Arsenal need to get one of those Dortmund passing machines installed for training.. so many bad passes under no pressure. Energy level from whole team is much much better though.

  10. Champagne charlie


    Not sure why you’re trying to wriggle around what I said. It’s not a Xhaka thing, it’s the same names thing. I called every player you’ve had a fanny flutter over, you’re predictably dull and moaning at the same lot.

    Quick, talk transfers you melt.

  11. Batistuta

    Had high hopes for Nelson but again, he’s so ordinary it’s scary….Hope it’s not a project Arteta has decided to take on…We need better in that position

  12. Elmo


    True, but we’ve clearly forgotten many of the basics!

    One interesting instruction from Tets has been his preference for the attacker to be more thoughtful about body position when they receive the ball. Face back towards the passer or towards the touchline when receiving the ball (like Pepe usually does) and you can’t explode forward quickly, or threaten to go either side of the defender; but if the attacker positions themselves facing the opposite corner flag, there are many more direct options quickly available, forcing defenders to be more stand-offish. All sounds basic, but apparently was revolutionary for Sterling. Think Pepe could become a far more effective player by learning this, rather than always having to cut inside with first touch.

  13. DUIFG

    Marko it’s not as simple as players decide to play better. The whole team is biting into challenges, we have more ball and now are best players are getting on it. They can’t just do it themselves

  14. Champagne charlie

    Nelson has a nice shimmy too create a yard, final ball needs work but he showed a bit more personality tonight so good on him.

  15. InsideRight

    Am I the only one who thinks Danny Murphy is a waste of fucking space as a summariser? He does nothing but bitch and whine about us.

  16. Just Another Customer

    hahaa typical Bielsa antics

    you really need that kind of charismatic quirks to be one of those saucy hipster manager eh?

  17. Champagne charlie

    Danny Murphy is another miserable prick that never has a good word to say about Arsenal. Anyone actually surprised he’s been anything but scathing all night?

  18. Samesong

    Nelson has a nice shimmy too create a yard, final ball needs work but he showed a bit more personality tonight so good on him.

    Yeah I saw a player that showed heart today. I was a bit harsh, but this is player development. One thing is his movement is good. Gets into decent positions.

  19. Just Another Customer

    that was Guen not being alert there

    he’s only good when pressing high up as he’s really lost when defending deep

  20. Habesha Gooner

    Fuck Danny Murphy, Alan Shearer and Michael owen. They are just bitter because we were spanking them to league titles and Fa cups when they were players. Now that we are poor they can stick the knife in and everyone is okay with it.

  21. InsideRight

    Murphy offers no insight whatsoever. He adds no value. He’s just another of those washed up has beens who can’t stand that he’s now irrelevant – apart from in the mind of out of touch BBC producers.

  22. Dream10

    One thing I want from Arteta is to be more aggressive with the referees. Emery was new to the country so he’s excused. Lacazette has been denied a number of penalties since he came to the Prem. If he played for Spurs or Utd he would have got them. That should be high on Arteta’s agenda

  23. Just Another Customer

    yeah like for like here something for Willock too please

    nice from both Özil and fans alike there

  24. InsideRight

    I’m also getting fed up with Guendouzi constantly pulling the far arm of players going past him. Arteta needs to slap that out of him.

  25. Champagne charlie

    Arsenal are allowed to have shit games, I hope folk are aware of that. We’re quite obviously trending and working towards something we haven’t seen at the club for years and years – there’s some teething pains to endure.

    Leeds bossing is first half is one such example. We’ve been much better second half so far, and that’s going to be how things are for a few months.

    Have to tip your cap to Leeds too, they’ve been really good.

  26. Guernsey gun

    I hope Arteta can improve holding, been awful tonight. Giving the ball away, I know he’s been injured but poor tonight.

  27. Habesha Gooner

    Anthony Taylor has been crap. Allowing Excessive force challenges the whole game.
    Better 2nd half from us though. If we had Better players we wouldn’t need to make it so stressful though.

  28. MidwestGun

    I think this probably should have been starting lineup.. But also I think Arteta leaned a lot from first half. Plus he probably got to use that get your head out of your asses speech he has been saving at halftime.

  29. Just Another Customer

    yeah CC there’s no excuse for squad poverty even last season

    the problem here just like the first half is the problem of the system

    Guen faring well in the second half compared to the horrendous first half is testament to that