Arteta fixes lingering issue

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It is FA Cup weekend and I’m having to scour the internet to find places to watch it because America’s English football TV is as fractured as it is in the UK.

I really can’t wait for the day that Jeff Bezos or Tim Cook writes a cheque for the lot. This isn’t like Amazon killing the high street, it’s just taking the football from one billionaire and giving it to another.

The Premier League and assorted cup games is a consumer product that is in desperate need of simplifying. I should be able to buy all of Arsenal’s games, I should be able to opt-in for highlights packages on the whistle, and there should be varying levels of service where I can buy one-off games or packages that give me the big matches.

Everyone wins.

I really can’t understand why it’s take so long for something like this to happen, but hopefully, with 5G coming onto the market hard over the next year, a tech giant will rip the package from cable TV who do a very bad job when it comes to value.

The good news keeps on coming with Mikel Arteta. He told the press this weekend that he doesn’t believe in 5 captains, which is a relief, because the idea was an utter nonsense.

“The more stability we can generate with our captain and the players we have in the squad, I think the more clarity we will have to transmit to the fans what we are trying to do.

“There are many factors, some we cannot control, but at the moment everything is OK and not the time for me to change things in place because I haven’t seen real things to make the decisions.

“I have been at clubs that have four or five captains. It is more a leadership group than captains. At the end it is one guy wearing the armband and after the team picks the leaders.

“The moment they pick the leaders is when someone talks if they listen or they are looking at the roof. That is when you see.”

This is a total basic of leadership. The 5 captains idea was basically Unai Emery’s socialist wage structure. If you give 5 people the leadership, you either have a situation where everyone is fighting it out to be the biggest voice which can be embarrassing and cause factions.

‘Leadership is related to how this team leads together. The moment you start to see different groups, there are leaders in each group but they are not shared in the best common interest of the whole squad. This is what I want to avoid.’

… or the opposite, where the assumption is that someone else will take the lead and no one does (hello, last 18 months). Then there’s the factor Arteta mentioned – because the roles are not clearly defined, no one knows when or who to pay attention to.

That nightmare is AUBA. Get it? Auba > Over?

The man from Gabon seems to be the defacto choice until the end of the season and I like that. He’s one of the best sharpshooters in the world and he’s currently putting in a shift out wide for the team. I also like his prematch huddles and the post-match attitude to the fans. Not sure if that’s come from him, but it’s been noted that the players are giving away shirts and staying on the pitch longer after games.

I think that’s the thing a lot of Arsenal fans are warming to… Arteta isn’t just about the details on the pitch. He seems to look at a football club like an eco-system. Part of that eco-system is the fans. If the fans aren’t happy, it’ll be acid rain in the ground, not rays of positivity sunshine. By working hard, saying the right things in the press, showing the correct body language, and giving the fans something back after the game… he makes everyone’s job easier to do off the pitch.

I think we’re in a phase where we’re praising Arteta for doing real basics correctly, but look, why not, we haven’t had an approach like this in a long time. Arsene created a bit of an enemy of a fanbase he thought were ungrateful, Emery just didn’t have a clue what was going on and whinged about us when the going got tough. We had major broadsheet journalists pondering whether the real issue at Arsenal was indeed the fans (quite staggering you can get paid for that sort of shite analysis). Now 2 weeks into the reign of a manager who understands modern fans and it’s a different vibe, long may that continue.

The important thing we need to do as fans is ground ourselves in reality. Arteta hasn’t solved all of our problems, there are still plenty of ups and downs to come, and we are in desperate need of some upgrades if we’re to find the next level. There will be some outrageous wins, there will be some shock losses, and there will be general setbacks as we navigate this season. We just have to avoid whiplash conclusions, which I hope is possible because everyone can see what the manager is attempting to do with our great club.

The next challenge we have is against Leeds United tomorrow night. Marcelo Bielsa is a managers manager. Pep, Klopp, Tuchel and Nagelsmann will all put him in their top three list. The guy is a genius, an obsessive, and he has always made his teams more than the sum of their parts. Leeds United go to war for him, that’s a managerial trait all managers want to have. The power of persuasion. Arteta said that players who go there come away better people and better players and they always talk highly of him… which I assume is what he wants.

It’s pretty clear from Arteta’s press conference that he’s very concerned about the overall health of the squad. He needs to get some energy back into the legs of first-team players, he needs to ease injured players back, so I would imagine he’ll use this game to give a run out to players he’s not sure about.

Dani Ceballos is the player lots of people have been whispering about. Since his first few games where he was electric, he’s massively lost his focus and belief. He was player of the U21 Championship, we know there’s huge potential, so the hope is that under a manager that can coach, communicate and plan, he’ll thrive. We could certainly do with his energy and enthusiasm heading into the back half of the season.

I also wondered if Pepe would start, just to keep some momentum going, and to up his under-fire fitness levels. Bielsa, who signed Pepe from Angers when he was at Lille, had this to say.

‘Pepe is a great player with big resources and is a goalscorer,’ said the Argentine ahead of a possible reunion with his former player with Leeds set to face Arsenal in the FA Cup at the Emirates on Monday evening.

‘And he’s a player who is able to unbalance a match. Obvious skills, then you have all of these skills in one player, the value is £72m. It’s just a matter of time and after, show those skills.’

Big words that I like to read.

Right, that’s enough for today. I’ll see you in the comments a bit later, check out the latest pod if you get the chance!

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  1. Upstate Gooner

    The game is on ESPN+ in US. $5 a month and watch all the games you want including FA and League Cups, Serie A, etc.

  2. Nelson

    The board regarded the fan’s opinions as “noises”. Arteta is doing his best to amend the mistakes made. That’s leadership.

  3. Upstate Gooner

    Still bummed about Buffalo Bills losing to Houston Texans last night in overtime. They had the game firmly in the bag in the first half as well as the start of the second. And then just let it slip away. Reminded me of our game against Chelsea. Just shows that the games (typically) are not won or lost in the first 30 minutes and that you have to keep your concentration for the full 90 (or an hour in the case of American football).

  4. rellends

    We’ve not been booed off at either half time or full time this decade. The progress under MA is very encouraging. I was unsure of the appointment until I heard Arteta speak at his unveiling. Spoke with focus and clarity. I can understand why the players are buying into him, as I did as a supporter the moment I heard him utter his first words as an Arsenal manager. Reminded me very much of the impact that Wenger had on me when I heard him outline his vision in the first few weeks of his tenure. I’m actually quite excited about the 2nd half of the season whereas pre-Christmas it was something that filled me with dread.

  5. Danny

    5 Leaders, some of those with seriously debatable leadership skills, clear nods to the cliques that existed, just awful management from Emery. Also how Emery responded to the Xhaka issue was terrible. I was absolutely against Xhaka’s behaviour or even his being named as Captain, but the way a non committal Emery failed to address, the issue, hung Xhaka out to dry, through a lack of his own messaging, was despicable leadership.

    Arteta, has subtly, but firmly addressed multiple issues, something a team desperately needs from a manager.

    Love it.

  6. Valentin

    To be fair to Emery, the issue with the captain was overblown. His main issue was that this team did not have a natural leader who had a good relationship with him and was also credible on the pitch.
    Out of the five more senior players.
    Xhaka had no credibility on the pitch.
    Aubameyang and Özil had a strained relationship with him.
    Luiz had credibility issue and was just too new to the team to be dropped as captain.
    Lacazette was injured and not an automatic starter.

    Aubameyang has rallied behind Arteta and deserved to keep the captaincy, but if you look at the huddle, the most vocal player is David Luiz rather than Aubameyang. However taking the captaincy from Aubameyang would have created more problem than it is worth.

  7. Northbanker

    Just back from a Caribbean Christmas and New Year. Did manage to get to see the live games v Chelsea (disappointing but felt strangely elated we were going right way) and that epic v Man U

    Missed the gossip and have used Pedro’s posts to catch up! Haven’t felt this good about AFC since Wenger first took over

  8. Danny


    It may have been difficult, but Emery took to long to appoint his captain, City had a similar process and appointed Silva almost two months earlier. Reeked of his indecisiveness and his weakening grip over the squad.

    It showed him up for who he was, the players were not satisfied. He named 5 captains and pleaded no one. That is laughable and caused by his own weakness,

  9. Northbanker

    Agree with comments above on captain – Terri le Mgmt from Emery and displayed note clearly than anything else how poor a man manager he really was

    Luiz will be a a natural vice captain (remember those?) and if he keeps his place in the team (Holding, Saliba, new signing ) will be the natural captain next season

  10. China1

    Nothing wrong with having 5 leaders but a lot wrong with having 5 captains

    It’s normal for other clubs to have several leaders in the team but it’s bizarre to have 5 designated captains for obvious reasons

    Leadership is a character trait, captaincy is a title. The distinction is important

  11. Valentin


    I said at the time, if he was not sure he would have been better off installing a rotational captaincy.
    Yes he was indecisive, but he also has no obvious candidate.

  12. China1

    Valentin but that doesnin part reflect on emery that he had no good candidates

    He had the model professional in the dressing room xhaka but he couldn’t coach him to play well (or even hide his weaknesses) so xhaka ofc tanked

    He had auba but he couldn’t get him to look like he was really involved or putting in a shift outside of popping up for a goal

    He had ozil but I don’t even need to explain how badly that went

    He had Luiz but he looked like a toxic player in the dressing room and crusty the clown on the pitch

    We’re only 4 games in and things may take a turn for the worse sooner or later in this regard, but all 3 of those players suddenly look ‘different’. So a serious question needs to be asked of emery why we seemed to get the worst out of all these guys (apart from auba’s Goals). Why does xhaka have to look like a fucking trash player when putting torreira alongside him in a better system makes him actually look ok? Why does auba disappoint so much outside of his goals? What’s the root cause?

    All roads lead to emery because there’s no way we got the worst of all those players under him and so much better with arteta. Change the manager and all of them change.

    The players have their limitations and issues clearly, but emery couldn’t use them properly and that’s why we couldn’t name one captain candidate

  13. Northbanker

    China – agree although the limitations of some of these players still emphasises they are temporary as far as our future is concerned. If Xhaka only looks good when Torreira is in his proper holding role then his limitations are clear. Having a system to help reduce these limits doesn’t negate the fact that they are limits and we need to urgently seek more complete players or nurture them from youth.

  14. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Still loving the Arteta reboot of AFC. As Pedro says there will be bumps along the way but we are now set on a clear upward trajectory for the first time in more than a decade, hopefully Arteta will exceed Wenger in both levels of achievement and length of service. COYG!

  15. Un na naai

    From previous

    Now it has come to light that Unai did not get the players he wanted (Torriera was from Diamond eyes I believe)
    Did those that spread the rumor ever come back to say they were wrong?

    But how does that prove they didnt want him out? It doesn’t. Sven was brought in before Raul. How does emery not wanting Torreira prove that Raul didn’t want to oust him and that emery didn’t want to either? Let’s face it. Emery wanted players he wasn’t getting and Raul didn’t want to be bumping heads with sven over transfers and playing style I don’t get what you’re saying

  16. Danny

    The clear and obvious leaders are definitely less prominent in the modern era. Certainly in the Premier League. Kompany, has left but for obvious reasons he would be part of that group. Silva and Henderson for the top 2 are not up there with Kompany or Gerrard.

    I think these days, it is more important to have a player that can bridge or eliminate the various groups that tend to develop.

    Clearly, their were a lack of credible candidates. Partly because Emery had overseen a number of cliques within the squad, none of which were particularly enamoured with him!

    He almost seemed to want to apply a divide and conquer style of management, without ever conquering and then watching a reduced bunch of individual components still individually hold an equal amount of power to his own.

    How he lasted at PSG for two years, I have no idea, how he lasted into this season for us is another wonder!

  17. Valentin


    I had not seen it that way, because I did not expect Arteta to have such a quick effect on the team overall.
    But yes you are right, Emery’s limitation as a coach amplified his short coming as a man manager.
    I was wrong in that I believe that it was the other way around. That because he was poor at man management, he got impaired in his tactical decision.
    Now that I think about it. It is more like a vicious circle. He made some tactical mistakes leading to players doubting him. Players showing doubt led to him trying to exert more authority. Those bad move of authority led to bad performance. He then tried to correct those bad performance by poor tactic, which led to more players’s doubt. In the end one move feeding the next cycle.

  18. Tony

    Good challenge for Pepe if he plays with Bielsa knowing Pepe so well, not sure Leeds is the right game for him, though.

    Would hate to see Pepe’s confidence momentum from the United game stunted if he was nullified by Leeds.

    Worse still if Pepe were to get injured by some dark arts Leeds are renown for.

    Just hope if Arteta wants to play Pepe then he plays him as an impact 2nd half sub.

    Pepe hasn’t really announced himself yet, but the United game gave us glimpses of his ability and skills.

  19. Marko

    And people wanted Jose here. Fucking idiots and delinquents sure. Funny thing is that one thing you would have expected him to improve (defence) he hasn’t they’ve looked worse. Regretting it already I bet. Not Jose though big pay off coming his way

  20. Dissenter

    Even with 13 points ahead with 18 matches left on their schedule, Klopp still won’t give the FA cup any respect.
    ..and attaching automatic CL qualification to the FA cup still wouldn’t fix this since Liverpool are virtually guaranteed a spot next season.

  21. Goonertone

    Not sure I understand those defending Emery. After 18 months we had no direction, no obvious style of play, no preferred formation and no preference as to which players were first choice.
    In fact in 18 months the only thing consistent in our play was playing around our own penalty area.
    In 10 days Arteta a man who who had no experience (say the naysayers) has shown more clarity in direction and has managed to get all of the players showing commitment to the shirts. It’s early days and we are a long way off challenging for the title but at least I’m looking forward to going to games again instead of dreading going. Supporting the team is so much easier when they work hard and show they want to be on the pitch. That wasn’t the case under Emery.

  22. Mr Serge

    Marko agree I had some guys that sit next to me saying “Jose would fix us ” I was like ffs really ? He is finished as a top line manager too long in the tooth with no fresh ideas

  23. shad

    Happy New Year fellow grovers. And Arteta. Glad he is proving Pedro right so far. He should be given all the time and resources to implement his ideas.

    Looking forward to seeing the lineup for tomorrow.

  24. TheBoyCornelius

    Regarding the captaincy, how could Emery not identify a player whom the other players listened to and select that or those two as captain and vice captain? Surely spending time with a group you can see who naturally leads or at least one or two who groups follow!

  25. Buckagh

    Upstate gooner
    60 minutes playing action that takes nearly 4 hours to get through
    Highlights are enough for me

  26. TheBoyCornelius

    Or perhaps he did but like everything about Emery, he over analysed then froze up when a decision was called for. Then left it to the players themselves. If I was a player in that group and the head coach couldn’t even make that call I’d have a hard time believing in his tactical decision and instructions too. Arteta has taken the lead and expects the players to follow where as Emery never did and just hoped they would..

  27. Marc


    Are they really only using it in certain matches?

    That’s fucking crazy – it’d be one thing introducing it for say the semi’s etc but how can you effectively have different rules for matches in the same round of the same competition?

  28. Un na naai

    James wood

    As I was telling Marko just this week
    Some of the players coming out at Liverpool are going to be class
    Ryan Kent and Ben woodburn look very very good and Jones and Brewster are both highly rated by klopp

  29. Un na naai

    Brewster reminds me of Vieri in his running and finishing style and woodburn is like a totti style striker
    Drops off into pockets and likes a Hollywood pass or long shot.

    Both look super talented
    Shame woodburn is a Taff

  30. TR7

    Gentlebris and CG definitely wanted us to hire Borinho. If my memory serves me right, even CA wasn’t averse to hiring him although I am not sure.

  31. Jamie

    All the dudes who love saying “I was right about xyz” are awfully quiet on the Mourinho front.

    You know who you are.. I can think of 3 off the bat.

  32. Marc


    That’s the biggest problem with the comments section – too many more concerned with looking like they were right than in wanting Arsenal to do well.

  33. Marko

    As I was telling Marko just this week
    Some of the players coming out at Liverpool are going to be class
    Ryan Kent and Ben woodburn look very very good

    Kent is 23 btw and Woodburn at 20 is going to find it very hard to make the break through at Liverpool. Despite looking like Vieiri.

  34. Marc


    That’s going to be the thing Klopp has to manage – who do you move on from the first team to make room or which youngsters do you let go.

  35. Pierre

    “That’s the biggest problem with the comments section – too many more concerned with looking like they were right than in wanting Arsenal to do well.”

    You’ve never had that problem …maybe one day you’ll be right eh

  36. TR7


    LOL ! I was relieved when Mou was appointed as Spurs’ manager. Imagine the agony seeing the vile man at the helm of Arsenal playing soporific football week in week out and picking up fights with his own players. Levy really botched everything up for Spuds. He luckily stumbled on to a top manager in Poch and yet sacked him as soon as things went a bit south.

  37. Un na naai

    I was bang up for Jose
    I still believe in him. Would I take him over Arteta, Rodgers or Poch? Not a chance but we were being linked with Nuno, Martinez and Rafa

    I’d take Jose all day long over that lot and I’m not ashamed to admit it

  38. Pedro

    Jose has been finished for a long time… question for Spurs is how much money do they waste trying to find out.

  39. Marc


    Yeah I mean what was I thinking when I suggested giving Torreira a week off this time last season.

    Surprised you haven’t brought that up lately.

  40. Un na naai

    JamieJanuary 5, 2020 17:14:03
    All the dudes who love saying “I was right about xyz” are awfully quiet on the Mourinho front.You know who you are.. I can think of 3 off the bat.

    Lol 😂
    Hand up 🙋‍♂️
    Yeah well. Can’t be right all the time can I? Anyway I still think Jose will be good for spurs. He’s got a rotten squad at the minute
    Half his team wants out
    Kane is injured and isn’t the same player he was 2 years ago anyway.

    I think he will do well with them.
    If they tank then I’ll take my abuse like a grown up and admit I was wrong

  41. Wenker-Wanger

    The hardest arsenal the team to beat had one clearcut outstanding captain: TONY ADAMS. We had 5 leaders or more on the pitch , each with a great voice and spirit.
    Arteta seems to embody logic and analysis. He is a cool dude and will be patient and play the long rebuilding game.
    The transformation of the players motivation is already an indication of artetas respect from the players.
    Its looking good so far.

  42. Un na naai

    PedroJanuary 5, 2020 17:23:11
    Jose has been finished for a long time… question for Spurs is how much money do they waste trying to find out.

    Pedro is like that old hag with one eye out of the dark crystal (my kids watch it) who sees everything. (I did enjoy it too though)

  43. Un na naai

    Pedro has called plenty wrong himself though
    Saw some old peaches on emery this week when delving back.
    Deceived nit share them though. Fresh off the naughty step and what not

  44. Marc


    He hasn’t been great for them and he’s still on his best behaviour. They’ve got some difficult fixtures between now and the end of Feb.

  45. Marc

    “Pedro is like that old hag with one eye out of the dark crystal ”

    You mean the wise woman?

    There are two things you need to know about the wise woman!

  46. Un na naai


    Time will tell. Like I said. I don’t mind holding my hands up. I just don’t think Jose is finished yet.

    I’d crawl over 1million emery’s on broken glass for 1 Jose though
    If you took me back to summer 18 and said 18 months of emery or Jose it’s a no brainer

  47. Un na naai

    MarcJanuary 5, 2020 17:28:13
    “Pedro is like that old hag with one eye out of the dark crystal ”You mean the wise woman?There are two things you need to know about the wise woman!

    Go on…
    She’s got one eye? And she has a crystal ball, like Pedro.

    And she’s ugly.

  48. Marc


    I’m not so sure – I think Arteta will have an easier time repairing the damage Emery did than he would had Mourinho had the job.

    Also will the BBC commentator stop salivating over the prospect of Liverpool winning stuff.

  49. Pierre

    “Yeah I mean what was I thinking when I suggested giving Torreira a week off this time last season.”

    I remember it well , last January you was saying send Torreira to tenerife or some other exotic destination for a week or 2 as he looked tired .

    I said play him in his best position ( DM) and he wouldn’t need a holiday.

  50. Mark S

    Pedro-I know it has been discussed already, however I just wanted to add that ESPN+ is a bargain. $5 a month, and you get all of the FA Cup (They showed every 3rd Round match) and League Cup games. You also get all of the Serie A fixtures, as well as matches from Holland, Sweden, and Denmark. It’s awesome. Next year the German Bundesliga will be on it too.

    Or you can just watch pirated streams.

  51. WengerEagle

    Hard not to respect what Liverpool have done in all seriousness.

    Cannot underestimate the impact that Klopp has had on that football club, look at the confidence he’s instilled in each and everyone of those players. Probably fully expected to beat Everton today even with the reserves.

  52. Marc


    I had Dubai or similar in mind for just for a week over the Cup fixtures which he didn’t play in anyway if my memory serves me right. He also didn’t look tired he was tired.

  53. Un na naai

    PedroJanuary 5, 2020 17:37:45
    Un, going on 14 years writing, plenty I’ve got wrong.

    Hey look. Who hasn’t?
    The mark of the man is being big enough and not doubling down.

    Remember when everyone wanted yann m’villa?
    Even fergie signed djemba djemba

  54. WengerEagle

    ‘Remember when everyone wanted yann m’villa?’

    Haha mate he looked the shit for Rennes back in the day.

    Also Schneiderlin was an all-time Le-Grove favourite, Krychowiak, Batshuayi, Renato Sanches, list is endless.

    Nobody on here has a clean track record but who does if you make enough calls on players? Even the pros get it wrong as you say.

  55. Marc

    This is a shockingly poor result for Everton – they’ve played the occasion and not the team.

    I think Keown just said haven’t won at Anfield in 20 years – not a surprise is it.

  56. Danny

    I think Emery was soooo bad, some people
    Simply had to start justifying…because it was too much accept or even comprehend.

    Like maybe Torreira, is just not up to it….I mean it’s laughable. We all watched him in the World Cup and watched his unbelievable start.

  57. WengerEagle

    I’ve been saying that Carlo has been finished as a top gaffer for a while, just like Mourinho.

    Last time he overachieved was at Real Madrid, that CL winning season they should have won the treble rather than just the double though, they threw away the league.

    Players downed tools on him at both Bayern Munich and Napoli, just like Mourinho’s players at Chelsea and United. Once that happens more than once at separate clubs, the problem can’t just be attributed to the players.

    Great manager in his time and goes down as the all-time CL goat.

  58. Marc

    “What’s happened to all the talk about Ancelotti…”

    Why people judge a new manager after a handful of results that are just as likely to be “bounce” as any form of brilliance amazes me.

    Form an opinion on individual performances but you don’t make a final call until he’s had a good few months.

  59. WengerEagle

    Moise Kean looks a complete bust, said that Juve were very smart to sell up when they had the chance as he had a purple goalscoring patch but really lacks all-round quality needed to be a top CF.

    He’s the Italian Iheanacho.

  60. Danny


    People formed their opinions before he joined Everton. Didn’t want him, still don’t want him. You can happily give him a few months! Ha. We’re not giving Jose a few with Spurs either.

  61. Valentin

    People forget that Mourinho has always been a chequebook manager whose principles was always to steamroll lower team and nick a draw or an undeserved victory against bug teams.

    The problem he is facing is twofolds:

    1) teams have more money so the difference in quality of players between big teams and bottom teams is lower than it used to. 10 years ago a player of the quality of Felipe Anderson would have been snapped by one of the big teams instead of toiling at lowly WestHam. Watford would not be able to afford Deulofeu. Moutinho would be nowhere near Wolves.

    2) Mourinho has not alter, tweeked, improved his tactics in 10 years. Same issue that affected Wenger toward the end. Compare that to Klopp who moved from total Gegen-pressing. People know what to expect from his teams. Coaches have devised plans against them, and he does not have the better players any more to make the individual differences. Put Drogba in the ManUtd team instead of Lukaku and I am willing to bet Mourinho would still a ManUtd manager.

  62. Marc


    Actually my point was from the other angle – there were some who were saying we should have gone for him after a couple of wins for Everton.

  63. Un na naai

    DissenterJanuary 5, 2020 17:35:53
    Unna na was one of the Mourinho-for-Arsenal crown
    Gentlebris was another, can’t remember anyone else.

    That horse has bolted diss

  64. Champagne charlie

    Ryan Kent is a Rangers player, which by some folks logic extinguishes any quality he has going for him.

    Liverpool as an entire club are exuding pure confidence in all departments. Everton are wank (better squad than us though obviously 🤡 Richarlison and Calvert-Lewis, bang bang), but anyone that wears that red shirt and steps out at Anfield is just peak atm.

    It’s nauseating to see. Someone clipping their wings cannot come soon enough, literally all that’s left to hope this season is they don’t go invincible. Pathetic as fuck, but I’m fully here for it.

  65. Unai

    We were right to consider Mourinho, Carlo, Poch, Nuno, certainly you could make a case for all of them but its hardly a stellar list.

    Just highlights how bad it seemed at the time as we weren’t fishing in the big boys pond.

    Glad we’ve made a bold decision, regardless of how far Arteta takes us, he’s already united the fanbase (mostly) and it looks like he might just rid us of the ghosts of the last 5 years or so.

  66. Champagne charlie

    I see the ref that fucked up the Jorginho call has been benched for week 21 of the PL.

    By “see” I mean I read it on Instagram, so obviously kosher, or absolute bollocks, cannot be bothered to fact check.

  67. Danny


    That’s even fairer! Ha. Is still funny, because actually who needs a few months to judge, if you’ve made your mind up, it’s over to him to disprove the doubters….dye already cast.

    Ancelotti is just a safe pair of hands, that Emery was meant to be….honestly!!!!!

  68. Un na naai

    Haha mate he looked the shit for Rennes back in the day. Also Schneiderlin was an all-time Le-Grove favourite, Krychowiak, Batshuayi, Renato Sanches, list is endless


    Yes. Morgan sneiderpuss. He was another. He was good though. For a while.
    I’m sure there were posters calling to sign mitroglou a few years back.

  69. Marko

    Jesus Moise Kean is 19 ffs and already a busted flush? Come on man. I really feel for the lad in his formative years he’s been racially abused in Italy and dicked around by a really poor Everton side. If I was him I’d play a few years at a Celta Vigo or Villarreal or a french club like Bordeaux and build yourself up for a few years

  70. Un na naai


    Oh! I didn’t know that? How’s he doing? Saw him play a few times and was very impressed. Tricky dribbler
    Loved running with the ball at his feet. What’s your verdict? How
    Much did he go for?

  71. Pierre

    I used to love watching the Arsenal kids in the league cup games .

    Always a full house as well.

    We need to get back to those days where there was never an empty seat even for the Emirates cup ( 2 days)

  72. Danny

    Signings make a mug of us all….Arteta was banging on about Xhaka to Pep….bet they’ve laughed about that one.

  73. Un na naai

    It’s nauseating to see. Someone clipping their wings cannot come soon enough, literally all that’s left to hope this season is they don’t go invincible. Pathetic as fuck, but I’m fully here for it.

    I’ll cheer that loss like an arsenal victory for sure
    If it comes

  74. Frank C

    Let’s cut out the fake news here.

    This squad in not capable or likely to sustain the improved work rates and efforts of the past two games. That the players couldn’t do it earlier only shows the lack of commitment and professionalism to be the very best. To many players need to be culled from the squad. This is definitely not a top four squad and needs a significant rebuild considering the players likely to be leaving.

    It will be interesting to see how many of these players are in the shop window rather than in Arteta’s long term plan and vision for the team.

    Hopefully the board will back him and avoid “starlet” deals like 80 Million pounds for Pepe. There are no out of nowhere prospects at 24 in this day and age.
    In fact he is not featuring full time for the Ivory Coast recently.

    The money would have been better spent on Demiral – 21 – D; Sarr – 21 -RW Mostly & LW and Kean- 19 -CF. All young, hungry and affordable.

    Hopefully Arteta will make a difference over the long term. I believe he can with the right support form the board. In the end, 90 % of Arteta’s success will be determined by the players he is given.

  75. Marc


    Assuming that it’s true it that enough? That decision could end up having £50 million swing away from us because of an incompetent ref’s decision.

  76. Pierre

    The liverpool kids , as did the Arsenal kids, will struggle in the tough away ties as they haven’t the physicality to compete.

  77. WengerEagle

    He’s just goals Marko, you need more than that to succeed as a CF in the modern game at the elite level.

    Likely will have a decent career as a mid-tier level striker, I just meant bust from the POV of the potential he was being held up as possessing.

  78. WengerEagle

    Richarlison is overrated, weird player really.

    He’s better as a CF than out wide because he can’t dribble or even run particularly fast, scores an impressive variety of goals though including headers which is why I’m confused to see him out wide half the time.

  79. TR7

    Pep was without a shadow of doubt the best manager in the world but given Klopp’s exploits with Pool ( CL winner in 2019, CL runner up in 2018, 97 points last season with just one defeat in the whole season and a potential league title in the current season ) he has to be talked now in the same breath. Feels like a Rafa-Fed like rivalry in the making in case it’s not already one.

  80. Unai

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Xhaka take a step up and potentially still be with us next year.

    I’m not saying he’s great but if Arteta continues to work well with him and can iron out his mistakes he could be a big player for the rest of the season.

    I’ll stand by that view until his next moment of abject what-the-fuck-ness, then all bets are off!

  81. Danny

    Frank C,

    Have you just included Kean!!!!! Why the Pepe hatred. What is this about. Mismanaged by Emery Torreira looked poor. Nearly all did. Be serious.

  82. Unai

    “In the end, 90 % of Arteta’s success will be determined by the players he is given.”

    If Arteta is only contributing 10%, we are fucked.

  83. Champagne charlie

    I think 7 mil or something, he’s exactly that, nice and positive runner, commits folk, developing his end product. Now he’s tasked with delivering week after week for a club that demands wins, home crowd of 50k that expect nothing less than that and trophies etc.

    Have always felt Rangers and Celtic was a good baptism for younger players with regards to their mentality, and ability to shoulder responsibility. Much better than fucking off to middle of the championship and being the talk of Bristol ffs. Though not sure we’ve done wonders giving them Zelalem previously hahaha turd player. But Nelson? Eddie? Playing under Gerrard for a team looking to win the title? That’s teeth cutting.

    Yea I’m not sure how they deal with poor refereeing in totality, almost a bit like they’re keeping him out the papers and he’ll get snuck back in next round.

  84. Marko

    Ryan Kent is a Rangers player, which by some folks logic extinguishes any quality he has going for him.

    Is that for me? I was more dismissive of him because of his age and how Don considered him a youngster. He’s 23 and Liverpool would sell him tomorrow to rangers if they could stump up the cash. That in itself shows that he’s not a youth prospect going to make it at Liverpool.

  85. Un na naai

    the Ivory Coast recently. The money would have been better spent on Demiral – 21 – D; Sarr – 21 -RW Mostly & LW and Kean- 19 -CF. All young, hungry and affordable.

    Frank C

    Oh really? Kean yeah? Sarr is more of a kick and run merchant than Theo Walcott ever was
    Have you actually watched him? Not in Pepe’s league. Brain dead excuse of a footballer.
    Demiral? No thanks

    Your tired old player poverty argument is getting taken to the cleaners. Not just against the shit that was rolling us over in the last 3 months but against Chelsea and Manchester untied. No money spent. Just good old fashioned coaching.

  86. Marc


    That’s my problem with it – it all just looks like a play from the old boys network.

    They need to make ref’s accountable which includes post match interviews where they either justify a decision or say they made a mistake.

    Of course they won’t do that because they’ll have the ref’s interview take about 3 hours – all of which will be along the lines of “well yeah I got that wrong as well”.

  87. Valentin

    Yann M’Villa is rebuilding his career at Saint-Etienne. He lost his way after chasing the money. He chose teams completely unsuited to his style of play.
    He is a classic example of talent wasted and career ruined by greed and stupidity.

    Morgan Schneiderlin’s case is different in that he was never as good as he was said in the first place. Southampton had a system that made him look better than he was. He looked busy because Southampton was funnelling the opposition in his area, increasing his number of interceptions and tackles.