Scouting Report: Centre midfielders assessed

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My word, another scouting report from Mike McDonald. I’m flying today, so likely not back online until tomorrow. Have a good one!

A new midfielder for Arsenal

This next transfer blog is about locating a Central Midfielder, not necessarily finding another Granit Xhaka.
Honestly, I think that would give Xhaka too much credit as his career would’ve been better served going to Serie A when he left BM.

You also need to know that this is not about finding a modern day, athletic DM as that blog is here…
Scouting Report: Where we are, where we should buy

It includes Partey, N’didi, Soumare, Danilo, William Carvalho, Witzel, Javi Martinez, Szoboszlai, Busquets, Sangare, Zakaria and Bruno Fernandez.

Modern day football has a midfield three in many forms. Either in a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1/3-5-2 or 3-4-3 with an Attacking Mid/False Nine.

Modern day midfields are made up of …..
a) A destroyer
b) A play maker
c) A line breaker (with and/or without the ball)

Arsenal actually have all three already. Torreira is a destroyer. Ceballos, Guendouzi and Xhaka are all different types of play makers. Willock and Maitlind-Niles are line breakers. Smith Rowe could be a play maker or line breaker.

A few teams are still using an Attacking Midfielder. Often they move from wide areas as Ceballos does for Spain, Nelson could do, Ozil is currently doing, ESR and Willock have been tried and Pepe could actually find himself as.

In my opinion, as a coach myself, it is hard to say how good these options are as Mikel Arteta’s biggest asset is his coaching skills. In his first game alone Torreira, Ozil and Xhaka had their best games of the season so perhaps the answer is local?

What Arsenal might then do is buy based on profile rather than replacing.

The profile we lack is height, mobility, athleticism, speed, penetration and positional sense.

Again, I say that Arteta could change some of this eg; Willock playing as a ‘line breaking #8.’
Ceballos has the ability to be a ‘play making #6.’ I’ve even wondered if Guendouzi could be an ‘energetic pressing #10?’

Most likely

Name: Adrien Rabiot
Position: CM
Age: 24
Height: 6ft 2
Club: Juventus
Nationality: France
Potential fee: Loan or 35M

About: I’m going to keep this profile simple. If the goal is to find a better version of Granit Xhaka as a player, Adrien Rabiot is that.
Has better dribbling ability, mobility, defensive ability, agility, speed and and an ego to play at the highest level. His mother, who is also his agent, has been a hindrance to him as she has placed unrealistic demands on his career. Hence why after half a season at Juve, he is wanting to move on.
If we can get Rabiot for a five month loan, I cannot see this being an initial problem.

Others in same category: Dominik Szoboszlai (RB Salzburg), Thomas Lemar (A.Madrid), Emre Can (Juventus), Kessie (AC Milan)

Generational talent

Not all in this category are CM’s. Again, there is an argument that AFC already have a play maker/regista or two. Some of these could be AM’s or ‘line breaking 8’s’ in a 3 man midfield

Name: Eduardo Camavinga
Position: CM
Age: 17
Height: 6ft
Club: Rennes
Nationality: France
Potential fee: 50M

About: One day you might remember that you read about Camavinga. One day very soon. You remembered his name as you thought he was a Bond villain but now you feel silly because he’s now the most talented midfielder in Europe.
Unless he falls off the track, Eduardo Camavinga is destined for superstardom.
A regular for Rennes at 16 and dominating at 17, Camavinga has everything. Statistically he is the best ball winner AND passer in French football. Is best as a line breaking 8, but plays as a deep lying playmaker with the dribbling ability of a winger. Got spider legs that seem to time tackles like only Kante can, yet the passing range of DeBruyne.
Part of me thinks he should go to a club like Lyon, then to an Arsenal before he has his pick of the elite. The other part of me thinks PSG will snap him up and he will struggle to play and regret the move. Then I watch him again and remind myself that once in a generation there is a player that can play for and start for an elite club as the play maker at the age of 17/18.
The biggest compliment I can pay him is to write a list of every quality that you’d want a midfielder to have. I’d say Camavinga at the age of 17, already ranks as an 8/10 or higher in every area.
If you haven’t yet seen Eduardo Camavinga bless your day and click above.

Name: Martin Ødegaard
Position: AM
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 9
Club: Real Madrid (on loan at Sociedad)
Nationality: Norway
Potential fee: 80M

About: When Mesut Ozil was at Real Madrid he was at his peak. Raking up titles, both team and individual. The king of the assist that Arsenal have rarely seen on a consistent basis.
Martin Ødegaard has this ability but has arguably started excelling more consistently at a younger age. You may remember him touring Europe‘s biggest clubs picking where he wanted to go. Many feel that he has been the best player so far in La Liga and he’s at Real Sociedad. Much like Valverde (below), there is no common sense reason for Real to sell as he is their future. It’s Real though and so you never know. Ordinarily plays as a 10, but perfectly able to play as an 8, penetrating on the dribble or floating between the lines. What I wish Dani Ceballos was, who has this level of talent but prefers to simply maintain possession in his eternal rondo. Heerenveen to Vitesse to Sociedad to Arsenal then on to Real Madrid, perhaps?

Others in this category….. Dominik Szoboszlai (RB Salzburg), Boubacar Kamara (CB who has played FB and DM… Marseille), Dani Olmo (Dinamo Zagreb), Phil Foden (City), Kai Havertz, Dejan Kulusevski (Parma), Ryan Gravenberch (Ajax), Bruno Guimaraes (Athletico Paranese)

Established talents

Name: Fabian Ruiz
Position: CM
Age: 23
Height: 6ft 2
Club: Napoli
Nationality: Spain
Potential fee: 55M

About: Much like Rabiot, see Xhaka, think upgrade. Faster feet than both and more likely to use all surfaces of his golden left foot. Fabian also excels in his ‘second touch,’ the one that accelerates you away.
His fine form has seen him as a staple in the Spanish national team. An achievement that Granit Xhaka would never touch (if he were Spanish), due to his lack of mobility.
Real Madrid have been sniffing around but Fabian must be careful if he were to move as he has established himself. Could return to being an after thought at RM.

Name: Houssem Aouar
Position: CM
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 9
Club: Lyon
Nationality: France
Potential fee: 50M

About: Smooth. Graceful. Makes the hectic look simplistic. Small of frame and light on his feet, Aouar is a natural footballer. Much like Weigel at Dortmund, he makes me a little insecure as he looks too lightweight but he seems to glide effortlessly away from physical pressure.
You may remember Mikel Arteta teaching the players the concept of ‘ball, opponent, space and teammate’ at the first session. Aouar plays this way.
I was trying to think of a comparison to a player we’d all know and then I watched the video again and saw Arteta himself in his Everton days. Interesting.

Others in this category ….. Doucoure (Watford), Pellegrini (Roma), Van De Beek (Ajax), Zielinski (Napoli), Koke (AM), Ruben Neves (Wolves), Isco (RM), Sami Khedira (Juventus), Merino ( Real Sociedad), Nandez (Cagliari), DePaul (Udinese), Sanson (Marseille), Cyprien (Nice), Pulgar (Fiorentina), Bentancur (Juventus), Weigel (Dortmund), Saul Niguez(AM)

Possible for different reasons

Name: Federico Valverde
Position: CM
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 10
Club: Real Madrid
Nationality: Uruguay
Potential fee: £50M

About: As hot as fire in the Spanish capital right now. Valverde has broken into a super competitive midfield with his all-action style.
Valverde is a supremely athletic box to box #8 who has recently been called a ‘jack of all trades and a master of ALL.’
So, why would they sell a youngster that has broken into the first team when they normally ship out youngsters on loan?

It’s not likely as I’m sure they’d offer players they don’t want, but if Arsenal have the upper hand in negotiations, never discount a Real Madrid president from doing something that the coach and fans oppose, just to get a star player he wants.

Name: Santi Cazorla
Position: CM
Age: 35
Height: 5ft 6
Club: Villarreal
Nationality: Spain
Potential fee: loan or £10M

About: I wasn’t going to profile Santi but I went on YouTube and I couldn’t resist!
I think that this is a very real possibility for a variety of reasons.
The long term fix is likely to not have PL experience. Cazorla would give us this. If you are concerned about his age and form then recognize that he was not in Spanish squad whilst in his latter years at Arsenal. At the age of 35, he is now.
Five goals and four assists in 15 LaLiga games. A goal against both Barca and Real too. On fire!
Is it coincidence that he has mentioned many times that he didn’t say goodbye? Just saying.

Others in this category….. Allan (Napoli), Alcantara (Bayern), Lallana (Liverpool), Vidal and Arthur (Barca), N’domble and LoCelso (Spurs), Paredes (PSG)

Upcoming midfielders

Name: Kalvin Phillips
Position: DM/CM
Age: 24
Height: 5ft10
Club: Leeds
Nationality: England
Potential fee: 35M

About: Wow! How is he not playing in the PL? How??
I understand that he’s not played at higher levels but to my eyes he is quite easily England’s most talented defensive midfielder. That’s England’s weak point. How is he not in the squad? Watched the video yet?
Kalvin Phillips should become a top player at a top team. Hard as whatever is harder than hard. Fantastic feet too. Converted from a CM to DM but so talented , he could play either. Not entirely sure what PL refs and those lovely VAR folk will make of his force of tackling but they say Arsenal are too soft so..?
The modern day argument is, do you want a deep lying play maker or a ball winner. Kalvin Phillips says, ‘do you want both?’

Others in this category…..

Sander Berge (Genk), Mwepu (RB Salzburg), Aribo (Rangers)

Potential Attacking Mids in a 4-3-3

Ziyech (Ajax), Maddison (Leicester), Fekir (Betis), Mooy (Brighton), Grealish (Villa), James Rodriguez (Real), Yazici (Lille)

My choice

Initially after researching, I had a list of 48 options. Amongst a list of supremely talented midfielders, there was one stand out choice for the circumstances Arsenal are in.

I’d choose Santi Cazorla.

Arsenal have a young group of midfielders made even younger if Xhaka leaves.
A PL experienced player on a short term deal, who clearly wants to play for Arsenal again AND here’s the big one…. we’ve had an awful season so far. You want to lift the fanbase?
Can you imagine the happiness?!?

I’d also attempt to buy N’didi to initially partner Cazorla and Szoboszlai and send him on loan to a PL team to understand the physicality. I’d also buy back Bielik as a very useful squad player.

What will Arsenal do?

I think we will sign Rabiot on loan and buy Szoboszlai. I think we will sign Fernandinho and Thiago Alcantara in the summer.


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  1. Luteo Guenreira

    Laughing at Bamford avoiding responding to Bill’s last comments like the plague after that stoning he took. I’ve seen Bamford take many a bitch slap around here but that was a heavy backhand yesterday.

  2. Valentin

    Even before we consider his astronomical price, I doubt that Arsenal could get Cavaminga this winter. Every clubs know the potential of Cavaminga, whose French citizenship application was fast forwarded. Rennes is still involved in the Ligue 1 Champion’s League position, so unlikely to accept less than an outrageous amount for him.
    Also he has an outside chance of making the Euro 2020 French squad, leaving mid season will put paid to that. So any decent agents would tell him to sit tight and make a decision in a summer.
    Real Madrid may then decide that he is the better alternative to Pogba.

  3. Valentin

    Gazidis and Raul should be blamed for Arsenal current financial woes and poor squad. Unai Emery should be blamed only for the turgid messy football.

  4. Luteo Guenreira

    I would take Boateng on a loan paying just his wages for the rest of the season, but paying any kind of fee is ridiculous.

    Maybe this is all just tabloid bullshit but hopefully there is truth to some of these rumours. The noise from the club regarding any January moves is pretty positive if they are to be believed.

    Now really is the time to make a move if it’s there’s one that makes sense. The energy around the club is on an upswing, a top signing will reinforce everyone even further. The timing is now for the biggest impact.

  5. Bamford10


    I responded to both of his comments, and at length. Anyone who wants to see the exchange between me and Bill can read it himself and make up his own mind regarding who is in the right and who is not, who is talking sense and who is not. That you dislike me and come here, in part, to say insulting things about me was established long ago. You are not some impartial observer here. In truth, you’re one of a handful of guys (like Bill) who doesn’t like me and who comes here, in part, to say so. That you spend some portion of your life this way, i.e., insulting someone else on the internet, is … well … interesting.

  6. Luteo Guenreira


    He responded further, go ahead and keep at it then.

    Also fuck off with your condescension, it’s so easy to insult you it’s literally like breathing, trust me that there’s nothing I’m missing out on by hurling one liners at you a few times a day.

  7. Valentin

    Houssem Aouar is a big No for me. There is no doubt that he is talented, but also very lazy with the bad habit of perfecting his disappearing act when things don’t go his way.
    People complain about Özil and his lack of effort off the ball. When he is not in the mood, Aouar is worse on that aspect. He was benched by past Lyon and France U21 manager for that reason.
    We have enough moody player, we need more fighters, players who take game by the scruff of the neck and by sheer willpower and talent make you win.

  8. Marko

    Shame about Reinier. Really thought with Edu it’d see an improvement in getting in South American prospects. I’m sure we tried and ultimately it’s the players own fault if he wants to risk his early development being dicked around by Real Madrid. Just ask Vinicius Jr Lucas Silva and Odegaard off the top of my head if they regret moving to Madrid so early.

  9. Marko

    Am I missing something here, why is Unai Emery being blamed for all of Arsenal’s financial woes?

    Because he’s not Wenger I suppose. He’s public enemy number one he’ll be remembered for a hundred years

  10. Bamford10


    OK, I’ve just read Bill’s “replies”. There is literally not a single thing there that is of any value or merit whatsoever. All he has done is make a complete mess of all of the arguments and of everything I said (and frankly that he said). There is literally not one single thing worth replying to in what he wrote. Zilch.

    I will post my replies to him again below. If he wants to try to reply to what I’ve said in a meaningful, honest and coherent way, he is welcome to do so.

  11. azed


    Anyone who mentions the name Boateng should be banned. Like Romford has said, we already have Sokratis, Luiz and Mustafi. Any defender coming in should be a proper defender and not a stop gap.

  12. Bamford10


    “I know no-one who thinks Emery ‘over-achieved’. Even Emery, in his own words, admits he didn’t know how to fix Arsenal.”

    Whether anyone agrees with me on that point — plenty of people do, btw — is irrelevant. That’s called the fallacy of the majority, and you’re resorting to it.

    Emery had something less than the fifth best squad in the league last season and yet he managed to finish 5th. That’s over-achieving. He had nothing like the quality that Spurs or Chelsea had, yet he finished 1 point and 2 points below them, respectively. That’s over-achieving. Objectively.

    “I know no-one who rates KSE more than you. Who do you think is responsible for the players bought?”

    Except that I don’t “rate” KSE. I just don’t think they are the problem some people think they are. And there are many Grovers who think the same as I do on this point, i.e., who don’t think that KSE are the problem some think they are.

    Who bought the players, you ask? Ummm, well, when Arsene Wenger was in charge, Arsene Wenger bought the players. And KSE gave him plenty of money to spend; he just spent it poorly.

    As for who has purchased the players since Wenger’s dismissal, well, the answer for the most part is Sanllehi and Edu. I guess Mislintat weighed in on a few of those, and Emery had some input as well. But primarily Sanllehi, Edu and Mislintat. Do you have a point? Are KSE somehow to blame for the decisions these three men have made? How so? And what decisions have they made that are so bad? Please explain. I don’t get your point here at all.

    “Who do you think is responsible for the disappointing growth in revenue of the club?”

    Arsene Wenger.

    “You can’t pin it on Wenger.”

    Yes, I can. And I do.

    “Who do you blame for keeping Wenger on for 6-7 years too long?”

    Stan Kroenke and the AKBs. Kroenke was absolutely wrong to continue on with Wenger as long as he did, but he did this for the same reason the AKB continued to support Wenger: he believed in Arsene Wenger. He got this wrong. Wenger was past it, out of touch and incompetent, and no one was more correct about that than Le Grove.

    However, we have turned the page on all of that and we find ourselves in a new chapter now. It’s going to take some time to dig ourselves out from the mess that Wenger made, but I’m confident that Arteta, Edu and Sanllehi can help the club do this.


  13. Valentin


    You should have a little more introspection.

    Also like Bill and many others have repeated you have a tendency of repeating your opinion without ever presenting facts to argue it.

    It is a shame because some time I agree with your opinion. I also thought that ManUtd even with OGS at the helm would finish above Emery’s Arsenal. With Arteta now in charge I believe that Arsenal has a good chance of finishing above them.
    However my opinion of OGS is that he is a mediocre coach. Somebody who knows only how to implement a counter-attacking tactic. Tactic that works because he has Martial, Rashford at his disposal to be fed by Pogba. Whenever he is faced against a low block team, he does not know how to set ManUtd up to open the opposition. Which is why more often than not they will have great results against that want to play and then fail the following against ultra defensive team. They also really rely on Pogba for creativity.
    I also don’t think that ManUtd has a great squad. Luke Shaw is back on ‘I am eating all the pies’ diet. Jesse Lingard spend all of 2019 without a single goal or assist in the premier League. IMHO Harry Maguire is overrated. Where he not be English, he would be viewed as a decent but nothing extraordinary CB worth no more than £35 millions.

  14. Un na naai

    woes?Because he’s not Wenger I suppose. He’s public enemy number one he’ll be remembered for a hundred years

    You mean the bloke who hoarded money into the clubs coffers and was told to get his cheque book out by the fans?
    It’s his fault

  15. Luteo Guenreira

    “There is literally not a single thing there that is of any value or merit whatsoever. All he has done is make a complete mess of all of the arguments and of everything I said (and frankly that he said). There is literally not one single thing worth replying to in what he wrote. Zilch.”

    I think your biggest mistake in life has been you telling yourself that if you can’t understand it, it doesn’t make sense.

  16. Valentin


    I think that Bill has proven it is not possible to have a sensible discussion with Bamford. How can somebody alledgedly teaching debating skills do not understand that the basic tenet of debating is presenting argument not repeating ad finitum eternam an opinion?

  17. Marko

    Bamford I’ll be honest one paragraph in and all I can ask if for you to stop. You’re talking such nonsense you’re not nearly as smart as you think especially on the topic of football which makes your utterly dismissive attitude to people that more infuriating. Here’s a thought stop getting into rigid pointless arguments that you never win and you’ll get along with people

  18. Bamford10


    I already accepted your “olive branch”. That is clear from what I said in my comment at 19:40:53 (January 2). However, you continue to be hostile, unfair, dishonest and unfriendly, so I’m not terribly sure how valuable or sincere your “olive branch” is or was.

    Nothing you’ve said above accurately or fairly represents what I said in my reply to your long comment.

    So again, here are the basics, Bill:

    1. I base my conclusions on what I glean from watching a lot of football. Just like everyone else here. I don’t rely on some database or metric or formula — although I obviously use stats to think through this or that question; I rely on my eyes and my understanding of the game. Again, just like everyone else here.

    2. Yes, I tend to think I am right about this or that, but I don’t treat my opinions as facts any more than anyone else here does. The only difference is that you don’t like my opinions. For example, I think that Wolves have a better squad than we do. Champagne disagrees. Champagne is no less certain of the correctness of his view than I am of mine. He is just as dogmatic about his view as I am. The only difference is that you prefer his view. This notion that everyone here states his opinion in modest or circumspect terms whereas I am dogmatic about things is complete and utter hooey. Everyone here is confident in the correctness of his views. You just don’t like mine.

    3. Your clear implication was/is that fans who watch the games in-stadium have a better understanding of things and that fans who watch on TV (like myself) should defer to the in-stadium fan. I reject this claim completely and absolutely. If you were not implying this, if you were implying something different, please clearly what it is that you were implying.

    4. I brought up my seven years here not to bolster the weight of anything I have to say but to highlight that in my seven years here I have never come across you or your commentary once. It was only two weeks ago that I saw your comments for the first time, and in these comments you were saying as many nasty things about me as you could. That was my introduction to “Bill”. Bill was a guy I had never seen here before and I had never discussed anything with who was on Le Grove saying as many nasty things about me as he could.

    So again, Bill, if you are “extending an olive branch,” then how about GENUINELY extending an olive branch. Don’t come at me at the same time with this or that criticism, don’t be hostile or unfriendly, and don’t ask me to accept your bogus assumptions about football or fandom — e.g., those watching on TV have an inferior understanding to, and should defer to, those in the stadium. I don’t accept that and I won’t accept that.

    I am happy to “make peace” with you — whatever that means in this context — but not on the bogus terms that you have dictated. Sorry. No.

    So here’s the deal, Bill: if you would like me to accept this supposed olive branch of yours, you’re going to need to agree to the following statement, namely, that your views and opinions on football and Arsenal carry no more weight or standing than mine do; that my views and opinions, like all Grovers’ views and opinions, have equal standing to yours.

    If you can affirm that statement — i.e., that your and my opinions on Arsenal and football have equal standing — then I would be happy to accept your olive branch. If you can’t affirm that statement, however, if you want to continue to assert that your opinions are somehow more valid or more credible than mine, then I’m afraid I can’t accept your olive branch. And for obvious reasons.


  19. Bamford10

    Thanks for your input, all, but I’ll stick with my interpretation of the exchange and of things in general.


  20. Luteo Guenreira

    “Thanks for your input, all, but I’ll stick with my interpretation of the exchange and of things in general.”

    If you only knew this was the root of all your loneliness and lack of friends and lack of sex.

  21. PhD2020

    Third day into the new year -2020 and he’s still going…

    Quite sad and tragic at the same time.Like a punch drunk boxer,keeps coming back for more hammerings.

    The jig is up,the fans feel sorry for him,the opponent takes pity on him,tells him to quit having busted up his nose,closed both his eyes,broken both his ribs,broken his jaw.Absolute carnage in the ring..

    The crowd baying for the trainer to throw in the towel..Nope our resident punch drunk boxer refuses to quit, believes he has one big punch in him to deliver the knockout blow.When,in actual fact he’s toast.

    A bit like a horse that has suffered a serious fall.And is in so much pain,you just have to do the honourable thing,put it out of it’s misery and pull the trigger.

    Quite tragic actually…

  22. Champagne charlie

    I remember when it was said with great vigour that I “bullied” Banford. I’ve purposely kept mostly at arms length more recently. Safe to say the finger pointing is best served for a mirror from our resident student of the game.

    Absolute state of him, apparently a handful of people that don’t like him and come on here just to express that….let that level of narcissism sink in.

    Oh, and stunning example of NOT wanting any attention like professed yesterday. You want so little at enticing you’ve reposted two great essays from earlier. Very low key.

  23. Marko

    You mean the bloke who hoarded money into the clubs coffers and was told to get his cheque book out by the fans?
    It’s his fault

    He pissed hundreds of millions away, gave underserved contracts to broken players, didn’t sell players at peak value and was responsible for the club going out of the Champions League.

  24. Valentin


    “If you can affirm that statement — i.e., that your and my opinions on Arsenal and football have equal standing — then I would be happy to accept your olive branch.”

    You do realise that this response is wrong on so many level.
    1) that show you as an arrogant idiot more concerned as being accepted as important as anybody else on the blog than on the debate itself.

    2) you don’t understand the basic concept of debate. Not all opinions are equivalent, some are not even valid. You are entitled to think that the earth is flat. But I am telling you that for free that outside of a few lunatics nobody will consider that opinion as equal to the other.

    One of the tenet of debating is arguing an opinion with fact. Stating a belief without any argument is not debating.
    You behave like the lunatics at the exit of the tube station preaching that we should all repent because the end of the world is coming. They are also convinced that their opinion is valid. Most people just avoid them and take care of their business and it looks like that is exactly what most people on this site are doing to you. Treating you like the lunatic that should left at his own device and avoided like the pest.

  25. Marko

    Thanks for your input, all, but I’ll stick with my interpretation of the exchange and of things in general.

    So you’ll stick to being wrong and stubborn with zero humility? Shocking

  26. PhD2020

    JamieJanuary 3, 2020 17:06:49
    No man in the history of the world has ever needed to get laid more than Bamford.
    The 40+ year old virgin??That’s yet to be broken into!! 🙂 ?

  27. Marko

    No man in the history of the world has ever needed to get laid more than Bamford.

    You just know there’s a rigid and stubbornness to him that he’d never eat any pussy. Ever. Would probably insist on the lights being on and have mirrors everywhere.

  28. Luteo Guenreira

    You just know there’s a rigid and stubbornness to him that he’d never eat any pussy. Ever. Would probably insist on the lights being on and have mirrors everywhere.

    Actually I think he would eat OGS’s pussy.

  29. Bamford10


    What exactly am I “wrong” about in what I’ve said to Bill? Please highlight a couple of these things. Be specific, and please stick to what I have actually said.

  30. kristoman

    am not a fan of bamford neither do i agree to some of his claim. But he is right when he says some of infers that your opinions are fact just because you have majority of le grove support your claims

  31. Un na naai

    He pissed hundreds of millions away, gave underserved contracts to broken players, didn’t sell players at peak value and was responsible for the club going out of the Champions League.

    Oh so the £200m in the coffees makes us broke now does it?
    Kop on Marko, Wenger made millions for afc. His net spend is better than any other top club in his time at arsenal.
    This is a man who wouldn’t spend that little extra on hazard, kante, higuain, Suarez, Ronaldo and you think that this is the guy that’s frittered the clubs money away? Nothing to do with the £200m spent by emery or the £100m on Aubameyang and and Lacazette?

    Also, it’s horse shit that the club has no money.
    We are making £60m per season in additional sponsorship and television fights are through the roof meaning clubs like Brighton, palace and West Ham can afford £30m players and regularly outspend us while £200m sits in the bank.

    It’s bullshit.

  32. PhD2020

    MarkoJanuary 3, 2020 17:15:50
    No man in the history of the world has ever needed to get laid more than Bamford.

    You just know there’s a rigid and stubbornness to him that he’d never eat any pussy. Ever. Would probably insist on the lights being on and have mirrors everywhere.

    What makes you think he’s that way inclined in the first place?
    Now,now-you can’t just make an assumption without backing it up with factual evidence.. 🙂

  33. Graham62


    History will clearly state that Arsenal’s financial woes started to materialize as soon as we left Highbury.

  34. kristoman

    Marko what did bamford wrote that is wrong. He has an opinion, whether you like it not does not make your opinion right just because you have people here agreeing with you. Mind you he didn’t say his opinion are fact neither are yours

  35. Marc


    That’s a little unfair – the club knew that taking on the stadium debt would hold them back for a time. It was planned and considered debt the criticism of Wenger is in his last few years at the club and how he handled transfers and contracts.

    No matter how much you love Wenger you have to accept that his conduct with financial matters and squad management in those latter years was poor.

  36. Luteo Guenreira

    “But Luteo brought it up, and I needed to reply.”

    Oh did you really “need” to? How rude of me to bring it up, I didn’t realize I was throwing crack at an addict.

    I’m kidding. I actually did know 😀 You simple crackhead.

  37. Luteo Guenreira


    That’s fine for a stand alone comment, and you’re right that many do it. It’s hard not to, it’s the nature of speech. But once you start engaging in debate over a specific topic and the opposition offers points that dispute what you say, it’s incorrect to dismiss those points as meaningless and just repeat (or copy/paste) what you wrote previously as if it suddenly makes sense this time around. That’s the nuance we’re talking about.

  38. Marko

    Don he literally wasted away hundreds of millions, was responsible for a wage bill that was out of control, was responsible for holding onto players for too long instead of selling at peak value (off the top of my head not selling Campbell for 10 million to Milan holding onto him and not using him until he left for nothing) and he was responsible for our demise as a Champions League club. All that meant that our finances suffered greatly. It’s beyond disgusting to suggest that Emery or the current management was responsible for this. It was Wenger and Ivan. I think his record departure is Oxlade Chamberlain which is really awful

  39. Marc


    If your saying that leaving Highbury coincides with Kroenke buying into the club and it’s Kroenke that is the issue why not just say our financial issues go back to Kroenke buying into the club?

  40. Pedro

    Bamford, I have warned you at least three times about returning to old arguments and you have been repeatedly told by me to stop making the blog swirl around your arrogance.

    You come back here, tell everyone you’re going to change, then you unite the comments in disdain against you.

    This is a new era, the conversation has been so good over the past few weeks and you’re poisoning it again.

    You can sit in the sin bin until further notice.

  41. Graham62

    Wenger was responsible for our financial predicaments.

    Gazidis aided and abetted and the Krankes let it all manifest.

  42. CG


    “””Am I missing something here, why is Unai Emery being blamed for all of Arsenal’s financial woes?”””

    …only your marbles ( have a peek in the shed)

    Well , Mr.Wenger in 18/20 seasons balanced the books and made the CL.

    Wenger didn’t post losses of 50 and 100 million either.

    Wenger beat Chelsea in Cup finals and didn’t loose 4 zero.

    This club will take years to Recover from the Clown.

    And as a consequence the man who chose him- should be sacked.

    That man also is fat Spiv.
    Exactly like Pogba s fat Spiv agent.

    And We should all want fat Spivs out of the game.

    Surely we can agree on that???

  43. Bill

    Oh dear, I post on the yesterday’s piece from Pedro, realise my mistake, shrug my shoulders and get in with life. I come back to today’s subject and Bamford reposts his opus from the early hours. So, in the spirit of balance, I’ll do the same and address Bamford’s posts and unravel the muddled and dishonest precis.

  44. Jamie

    How any AKB can still love Wenger after he sold RVP to Utd for £25m (!!!) and handed them the title blows my mind.

    Giving him and the scum Mancs the guard of honour that season was the ultimate humiliation.

    Genuine cucks.

  45. MGooner

    Marc loves the Kronkes

    Graham does not like the Professor.

    Pedro does not like Bamford

    Bamford does not like a lot of things.

  46. Bill

    (from earlier today on Pedro’s piece yesterday)


    I’m well aware of the fallacy of the majority. I don’t think you have used this correctly to undermine my argument. If you read my post you will see that I expose your opinions as just that – opinions. You dont use statistical data, in fact you think evidence is “impossible” to obtain. My view with my academic background, is very different. I believe that data is essential in coming to a conclusion. The data must be filtered to ensure it is reliable and accurate and then needs to be interpreted.
    You dont use this process. You rely on what you see. Fair enough. I point out that what you see in a stadium is more informative than watching on TV. You countered by saying that i imply that TV analysts are downgraded. I rebut this by stating that i know no-one who does not use tv highlights and data to SUPPLEMENT their in -stadium analysis.
    The reason for my reprise of the debate is that you, by your own words, solely rely on watching tv. Your view differs from the vast majority by using a tiny sub set if available information. So having drawn put what you base your opinions, i then draw out the fallibility of this view by its reliance on an inadequate dataset.

    You then undermine your argument by falling into the fallacy that you incorrectly attribute to me.
    Laughably you state:
    1. Whether anyone agrees with me on that point — PLENTY OF PEOPLE DO
    2. just don’t think they are the problem some people think they are. AND THERE ARE MANY GROVERS WHO THINK THE SAME AS I DO ON THIS POINT.

    You therefore rely solely on the support of (unidentified) others without any logical argument.

  47. Marc


    What’s that got to do with it?

    You made a vague point which I clearly misinterpreted, I offered another take on your view and now you’re referring to Wenger’s educational background.

    What was your point?

  48. Bill

    Further, you don’t understand the point of me raising the poor recruitment, which you often write about, and the linking of this to KSE.
    You don’t understand the point of me raising the ineptitude of KSE’s role in continuing to employ Wenger for 6-7 years too long.
    Well, I’m surprised by you not understanding the reason I raise these points. I’ll explain. If KSE was run properly and there was a performance culture, then this will not have happened.
    Same with the woeful financial results- even worse when set against out rivals.

  49. Valentin


    Sorry to disappoint you, my use of tenet has nothing to about movie, but it is due to my reading a book about belief and religion. And how belief and religiosity was making a big come back.

    The author was arguing that contrary to the popular belief that the religion such as Islam extremist or evangelical movement would pass with more technology the opposite would ring true.

    The less people feel in charge or in control of technology and their life, the more likely people would turn to religion and cultist belief to give a sense to their life.
    He was a little over the top in his condemnation of internet and social media, but his take on the danger of belief over science was interesting.

    Of course I understand that discussing belief and debating with a flat earther such as you is pointless, but thanks for inspiring me to Google tenet and movie. Seem interesting. I like Denzel Washington’s son as an actor.

  50. MGooner

    Jamie, RVP wanted to go to Manure – He even went on trike to force his move.

    We could not have had more for him unfortunately.

    I am a fan like you – But I always look at things objectively. I may disagree with a lot of things Wenger did but it does not mean that I will blame him for all our woes. He has been a great servant to this club.

    The problem of the past was that we took on building a stadium which we paid for from our own resources. Kronke did not put a cent of his own money to help with player acquisition during that time. Even though the capital gains on his investment has been phenomenal.

  51. Marc


    “but his take on the danger of belief over science was interesting.”

    What was the gist? We’re seeing evidence in this type of thing with the anti vaccine crowd.

  52. Dissenter

    Can you stop responding to the now-banned Bamford.
    No one is awarding you medals for winning the argument.
    He’s gone so you too need to let it go.

  53. TR7

    Really hate it when Le Grove turns in to Le Bamford. We have a new manager who is doing some nice things with our team and yet we all end up talking about an attention craving, insecure and ignorant narcissist.

  54. Marko

    Interesting snippet from this video on Ancelotti , it says he was in the frame for the Arsenal job but Raul Sanllehi vetoed the move for Arteta instead

    Raul responsible for Arteta. The Don is back

  55. Marc


    I do not love the Kroenke’s – my preference would have been to keep the club under mixed ownership. I do not like Usmanov – heard too many things about him.

    My defence of the Kroenke’s is only that historically they have allowed the club to spend it’s own money – I also point out to people that those who say he should put his hand in his pocket are living in dream land.

    There are also a lot worse owners out there.

  56. Graham62


    How can someone with a masters in Economics approve 50-60k a week for players like Denilson, Almunia and Bendtner?

  57. Lego Hair


    ‘ If you only knew this was the root of all your loneliness and lack of friends and lack of sex.’

    Bravo 👏 😂

  58. Bill

    Oh Bamford, you spent so much time trying to rebut my arguments with, in all due respect, an ill-thought out stream of consciousness.

    In your inferences you make huge assumptions that are not supported in the text you are critiquing. Your assumptions are legion and enduring eg I discount fans watching from tv. No I discount your view pushed as fact that is SOLELY reliant in your eyes watching TV and unsupported by data which YOU STATED would not aid analysis as it was “IMPOSSIBLE”.

    I note the changing of goalposts that you now incorporate data. Well gratis not what you said, but as you’ve done one of your 180 degree turns, please answer the questions I asked of you- how did you rate Arsenal as 10th “at best” in the Premiership.

    I’ll help you out, you’ve previously flip flopped a out the league table, so don’t use that. You’ve flip flopped about never saying this, so CC posted the evidence.

    So, just answer the questions

  59. Edu me a favour

    “ “If you can affirm that statement — i.e., that your and my opinions on Arsenal and football have equal standing — then I would be happy to accept your olive branch.””

    This is brilliant

    you lot on here don’t actually realise how much we need Bamford around – he’s like the xhaka of the comments section 🤣😂

    Please never change Bamford, never ever change

    The balls you have , to type these things AND post them , are to be admired


  60. azed

    Interesting snippet from this video on Ancelotti , it says he was in the frame for the Arsenal job but Raul Sanllehi vetoed the move for Arteta instead

    Raul responsible for Arteta. The Don is back

    This changes a lot of the narrative about Raul here.

    What has Pam said about the above?

  61. Pedro

    Raul will have had final say, but Arteta is an Edu decision. Not sure Raul was ever after Carlo… Nuno more his style.

  62. Bill

    Finally, you bristle at me giving you friendly advice and state that you won’t be dictated to and that I’m “not the mayor” of this site, but you then tell Pierre (?) not to bring up a subject again. WTF.

    You play the victim by endlessly terming disagreement as ad hominem, when the basis of rejection is logically set and NOT properly termed ad hominem because of this. True I have made personal comments, maybe I should have refrained from this, but it’s rich coming from you as you ROUTINELY label other’s views as “nonsense”, “dishonest” , “bogus” and “deluded”.

    I’ve advised you not to bring me into arguments and if you do, not to misrepresent what I say. I would appreciate it if you kept to this agreement.
    Also, please do not infer beyond the boundaries of what I have stated. It’s dishonest.


  63. Lego Hair


    ‘ How can someone with a masters in Economics approve 50-60k a week for players like Denilson, Almunia and Bendtner?’

    If you look at the economics of the above, having a socialist wage structure (don’t agree should be meritocracy) and keeping squad harmony contributed to Champions league qualification for 20 out of 22 years.

    So yes you can see why it was approved through the results achieved Graham.

    It’s a relatively simple premise.

  64. Pedro

    Azed, the idea of a veto suggests the footballing side weren’t in agreement.

    You can’t veto a decision that wasn’t made.

    Arteta the frontrunner as soon as they spoke to him. Think some wanted Poch, but that was obvious, he’s the best manage unemployed… but was never going to work with Levy.

  65. MGooner


    There is nothing to chose between the previous mixed ownership and KSE as the latter did not inject a cent of his own capital to help in player acquisitions during the time we needed it most.

    The purpose of Dein finding a new owner was to help with funds – we did not need just a pointless change in the name of the shareholders.

    I like the way you say, you do not like Usmanov as you’ve heard to many things about him. My view is that the world has changed – if the laws of the land allow Usmanov to buy into AFC, then I would welcome him without any problem. Think about all the players who would have signed for us..

  66. Dissenter

    “Raul will have had final say, but Arteta is an Edu decision. Not sure Raul was ever after Carlo… Nuno more his style.”

    Yes, Raul pretty much said that during the joint Arsenal TV interview he did with Edu.
    Raul gave Edu space to do his job, at least give Raul credit for that but.

  67. Valentin


    He used the anti vaxx movement as an example of a fringe movement that grew out of the social media. No amount of science can convict those people that they are wrong.
    His more sensible view is that science should be mandatory at school up to 16 years old. No religion should be allowed to impact the scientific curriculum.
    As a very American view, his view is that the US Empire is declining. If nothing is done the US will be overtaken over by China, Brazil, African and even old Europe. Currently most of the American scientists are in fact immigrants or children of immigrant. But with the current attack by religious zealots and crony government official on science in 20 years time, the rest of the world will have a a population with more grasp of basic science than an average Joe in the US.

  68. PhD2020

    I think that was a total decapitation by Bill this evening.
    Finished him off for sure..Though it never was in doubt..

    I saw that bit about the fallacy of the majority-Perez Hilton mentioned to dispute Bill’s school of thought.Then,used that same argument to support his own view of many people agreeing with him.Smh…
    Never heard so much drivel in all my life,especially from a so-called academic.

    Oh well..Can enjoy the rest of the new year on this blog now, without it resorting to-‘The Perez Hilton Show..’

    I think I gave it till Feb,before he’d be shit -canned.To be honest,I was being generous.Was thinking more this month-a few weeks from now.

    Either way,excellent stuff…Pretty chuffed.

  69. Marc


    “he’s the best manage unemployed… but was never going to work with Levy.”

    Don’t understand Levy could not stop the Poch joining us. They could put an anti competition clause in his payoff but that would have a limited timescale so it might have been he couldn’t join us till the summer or so but that’s it.

  70. Pedro

    Dissenter, nothing delights me more than Raul having very little to do with this move.

    Edu should be setting the technical side and Raul should help him drive through what he needs.

    Edu, Per and Mikel could be a mean team.

  71. Pedro


    1) Poch will have come with a hefty wage. If Jose was getting £15m, he’d have wanted the same as a more relevant and better coach.
    2) There’s a £12.5m clause in his contract. He can’t coach until next season.
    3) I think he told us to wait until the summer… but he had options and they’ll likely grow (Bayern/City/PSG)

  72. Pedro

    Luteo, damn right, I think everyone knows what I meant by sauce now. Wonder how long those youthful looks will last. Huge pressure coming his way next season.

  73. Marc


    You do know that the first thing Usmanov said after getting his first batch of shares was along the lines of “what do you mean there’s no fucking dividend”.

    You’re looking for a sugar daddy to buy the club, well I’m looking for a Supermodel to fuck my brains out and yes before anyone says it there’s not a lot of brains to be fucked out. Somehow I think we’re both going to be disappointed.

  74. MGooner

    I was blown away by our performance against Manu even if their midfield was weaker than that of Chelsea. .

    Was skeptical of Arteta and thought we have gone for him because he is cheaper than Carlo. Maybe we did sign him because of that, we will never know, but what a change we are seeing in the team.

    The team is compact, we move the ball with speed, players hunt in packs when we lose the ball. We are looking good.

  75. Pedro

    M, he was signed because he was hands down the best candidate available. Might not have had the experience, but he had the passion, the ideas and cultural understanding of the club.

  76. Habesha Gooner

    Raul is not the technical director. He doesn’t set the way we play, Edu does. Raul manages the Club including Edu. It is because of him we had a successful transfer window last summer. The only unplanned move was for David Luiz. Our scouting doesn’t fall at the feet of Raul. We have a scouting department. Anyway I don’t know why he is seen as a villain even after he gave his critics what they wanted and hired arteta. If arteta does turn out to be great he will have done his job successfully. I see Raul as an advantage to us rather than a burden.

  77. Marko

    Dissenter, nothing delights me more than Raul having very little to do with this move.

    His hands are all over it I’m afraid. I know it goes against the Boogeyman persona that gets pushed around about him but he’s the common denominator left from the interview process the first time around and whether or not you want to claim it’s Edu’s doing without Raul’s say so it doesn’t happen. In fact his appointment backs those rumours before that Raul wanted Arteta and it was Ivan the great deceiver who got cold feet and went safe with Emery. Since he’s gone Raul has hired Edu, Arteta and we’re bringing in younger talent.

    He’s a fucking Don son

  78. Marc


    As a huge fan of science in education I get so fucked off with the general lack of knowledge people have with how the basic things in the Universe work.

    It’s not a huge ask to expect people to have a very basic idea of why the sun shines!

    The anti vaccine thing is criminal – one of these nut jobs will end up getting sued for some equivalent of corporate manslaughter and rightly fucking so. The guy behind the MMR scare over here had a financial interest in a competing product but that never came out until years later – how many kids were put at risk because parents didn’t know this.

  79. Sid

    The debt will be cleared soon since the share price will rise. People thinking the Arsenal deals in arms with WW3 around the corner!

  80. MGooner

    @ Marc

    If you are a minority shareholder, you will want to fight with whatever toold you have and claiming a dividend is one way to weaken KSE and push them towards selling. Its boardroom politics.

    I’ll remind you that Usmanov is ten time richer than the Chavs owner.

    On having a sugar daddy – No, we do not want one. But hey, if someone comes banging on your door and tells you he has a spare billion to give you, believe me I would not scratch my head too much. It called being in tune with your times 😉

  81. Valentin


    I am not so sure that Pochettino will have such a choice this summer.
    Leonardo was not a fan of Tuchel, but he has also realised that the players love him. Managing Neymar to offer to Cavani a penalty in the middle of of his goal draught required psychological finesse that the next coach may not have. So for the moment if Tuchel has decent results in the Champion’s League, Tuchel may have an extra year.
    Real Madrid is fluctuating from brilliant to ridiculous on a weekly basis, but Zidane has keep them in the race to both main competition, so Fiorentino Perez may be reluctant to sack Zidane unless he hits a major crisis.
    ManUtd should put OGS out of his misery, but I don’t think that Ed Woodward will have the courage to pull the trigger. He may be forced next year after another poor start.
    Juventus will give Sarri an extra year.
    Bayern may be his only real choice.

    Anything else would be a huge climb down for Pochettino.

  82. MGooner

    @ Sid

    “The debt will be cleared soon since the share price will rise.”

    Please would you elaborate?

    KSE holds all the shares. It does not intend to sell them. So just unrealised capital gains. How does that clear our debts.

  83. MGooner


    Benitez was relegated with Newcastle. He used to manage Real Madrid, won stuff with many other clubs.

    Who is Poch?

  84. Valentin


    One of his better example on how people have lost touch with basic science is the dwelling number of repair shops.
    Most appliances or motor vehicles either cannot be repaired at all or need electronic connection to do so.
    He said that Toyota sell cars in Africa that are repairable, but that in the US it does not. He mentioned that he complained about that to a Toyota executive and that the executive shot back that half the Americans can’t change a tyre or know where to put water in the car radiator.
    Not letting them put their hand in the car is as much saving Toyota bottom half than saving themselves from bad reputation and lawsuits by good intentioned idiots.

  85. TheBayingMob

    I’d like to see us fuck off the FAC this weekend, I know it’s historic and all but we have a bunch of injuries and it will give MA more time either senior squad. I don’t think it’s important in the scale of things this season

  86. Marc


    I’d be highly cynical of that – My view is that Toyota will take a view that they can sell a replacement car in the USA say every 5 years in Africa it’d be 25.

    Obviously making up the numbers there being anyone produces stats etc but it shows how a company will take a commercial view.

    It’s been long reported that light bulbs could be made that would last a life time problem is you’d only ever sell 10 or so per property.

  87. MGooner

    @ Marc

    Bloomberg estimates he is worth just under 17 billion. He is the 77th richest man on the planet, ahead of Ray Dalio who runs the largest hedgefund in the world.

    Since he sold his shares in AFC he has become closer to Everton. If Moshiri asks him to become a shareholder, Everton will have the richest shareholder in the league. It’s early days yet, but keep an eye on that club.

  88. Marc


    Well if we rotate and use a mixture of youth and some of the players returning from injury then it’s productive. If we get through even better.

  89. Marc


    I didn’t say I disliked Usmanov because of his personal wealth – I’ve heard too many things about him that have nothing to do with money.

  90. Pedro

    Marko, you have to give up telling me what goes on at Arsenal. You get your info from Google. I do not.

    Valentin, forgot about the United job. Pocha and Fergie used to dinner date… would be a great move for them. But Woodward is a forever joker, so wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4 year deal head the way of OGS.

  91. Dissenter

    There are 1990s Toyota cars still on the road in the states. They are highly reparable everywhere. People don’t keep old cars because we live a debt driven lifestyle.
    The American spec of cars is the most highly sought after in the international used car market. It’s more durable and loaded with a lot more specs than the Asian or European versions.

  92. Valentin


    I also share your scepticism, however I do believe that there is some truth in the diagnostic tool he was referring to.
    Better for all concerned that no untrained personnel can mess the internal of an expensive car.
    Ever hear about the apocryphal story about the Luxemburg banker working in Germany?
    McLaren cars have a diagnostic program, so that whenever a car returns to base it automatically send the information to McLaren.
    A Luxemburg based Banker was driving every morning about 200km on German motor way at an average speed of 180km/h. Alledgedly a week after he took possession of the car, McLaren called him, because they though that there was some issue with their calibration.

  93. Un na naai

    You know
    You can just ignore Bamford. You don’t have to tango with him every time he lifts his skirt and flashes his knickers

    Let him have his arrogance and condescension. He’s not really hurting anyone. He can be a dick don’t get me wrong but if the conversation is circular then opt out and discuss something new with someone else

  94. Dissenter

    It seems Harry Kane will be out for a long long log time.
    Lets all grab the popcorn and watch Mourhino slowly melt over the winter.

  95. The backpass

    Bamford is binned because he doesn’t believe arsenal is a better squad than man.u

    He was actually saying his reasons for this, even though you are in agreement or not doesn’t mean people have think he is a troll.

    He has been posting for close to 7 years here, i dont like him but i enjoy reading debates and differing views.

    Some actually come here to write only about Bamford and claim he is looking for attention ( which is quite true). While some try to wind him up ( like the poster who said he was avoiding bill questions) which i believe, he answered yesterday.

    There have been worse posters than Bamford that i have seen for the past 9 years or so.

    P.S I don’t like the guy

  96. Marc

    I’ve just realised we’ve really missed out on a bit of banter entertainment that would have gone down as an all time hit on here.

    Why didn’t someone find out where Pedro was flying from / to and report he had a stomach full of drugs.

    Full body cavity search baby!

  97. Danny S

    Personally, in the short term we should call Elneny and mikki back from loan as I think in the current system they would be a lot better than they have looked under Wenger and emery.
    Get a CB in jan and go big for the uefa cup and hard for 4th.

    It’s not beyond this current crop, and I’m hoping Leicester will have a second half of the season melt down.

  98. James wood

    Surely this Boateng signing speculation is type for
    some second rate reporter.?
    He was at MC in 2010 when he received a bad injury
    the guy has more miles under his feet than a Black cab.?

  99. Pedro

    The backpass, this blog thrives on free-flowing opinion on football. Bamford makes it about himself. He’s condescending, he’s rude and he can’t move on from being hideously wrong about Unai Emery. I can’t have the same argument dragging on into month 3, pissing every single commenter off.

    He’s been warned. He ignored it again. He is in the sin-bin, again.

  100. Chika

    Who is our back up for Torriera?

    If he doesn’t play against Leeds, I’m curious to see what Arteta does with the DM role. He is very integral with the way we play.

    I can’t think of any player in our squad that is capable of replicating what he does.

  101. Cesc Appeal

    Talks about Mkhitaryan are apparently ongoing.

    The ultimate context dictates efficacy of any given decision. Outrage at rejecting £10 Million doesn’t look bad if we end up with close to £20 Million.

    Didn’t we reject the initial offer for Iwobi?

  102. Cesc Appeal


    Roma apparently.

    If we end up with anything close to £20 Million for Mkhitaryan it is a serious bonus.