Replacing Aubameyang

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A final scouting blog of the decade from the unstoppable Mike McDonald. Follow him @mike_mmcdonald

Who could replace Laca/Auba?

Pete asked me to start writing these transfer blogs a few months ago.

I thought I’d have the privilege of writing maybe two as at that time it looked like we needed a DM and a CB or two.

A DM, CB, RB, LB and CM blog later it looks like Arsenal could be selling the whole squad, so happily I get to continue writing!

So, why a striker blog?

Got a feeling that Lacazette could be off to raise money for our club who aren’t flush with it. Most would choose a DM, a CB or two and a CM as a priority.

Aubameyang could be off too due to his age/contract demands, wanting to give ‘a Real Madrid’ a shot and quite honestly, I think his relationship with Lacazette dramatically affects his mood and maybe the #1 reason why both play together (too often).

At this point a decision has to be made about Nketiah and Martinelli in particular. No doubt John-Jules and Balogun want to see a pathway too.

If the decision is to promote one of them to replace Auba/Laca or both (unlikely), then perhaps we buy a winger (a blog for another day).

Before you read the striker profiles there are possibilities in players that you already know.

Barcelona are considering replacing Luis Suarez with Lautaro Martinez. If that happens then I see Suarez going to Inter Miami as Beckham’s star player. Either way, don’t rule out Luis Suarez.

Is Gabriel Jesus finally going to give up trying to become first-team regular?

Looks like Edinson Cavani, who is out of favour at PSG, is off to A.Madrid. Shame. Could be a superhero at Arsenal.

Thomas Muller is more of an AM, but I’ve always wondered if he’d be a top CF. Has all the qualities.

Finally, if Auba or Laca leave in January there is a certain Frenchman down at Chelsea who is trying to get out at Chelsea to secure his Euro’s spot. Giroud on loan?

Here are 8 to consider:

The obvious choice

Name: Moussa Dembele

Position: CF

Age: 23

Height: 6ft

Club: Lyon

Nationality: France U-23

Potential fee: £50M

About: Somewhat of a Lacazette clone except less clumsy, more comfortable with the ball and quicker.

I think Lacazette is an 7/10 striker. I think Dembele is an 8/10.

Taller and better in the air as well. Dembele has done his apprenticeship at Fulham (did they have two Moussa Dembele’s at the same time?) then Celtic then onto Lyon so Arsenal seems like a logical step.

May rule himself out of a move to a team trying to press from the front if he can’t demonstrate a keener willingness off the ball, however.

There is just something so logical about Dembele replacing Lacazette though.

Others in this category…. Timo Werner (RB Leipzig), Andrea Belotti (Torino)

The beast type

Name: Duvan Zapata

Position: CF

Age: 28

Height: 6ft 1

Club: Atalanta (on loan from Sampdoria)

Nationality: Colombia

Potential fee: 40M

About: If Duvan Zapata was 23 he’d be one of the hottest, most expensive prospects in Europe.

It’s not easy to score lots of goals in Serie A and Zapata can’t stop.

The Colombian is hard to handle.

Arguably his best quality is his determination in the box. He comes alive. Most strikers want to score but don’t feel like they have to score. Most centre backs play like they have to clear the ball.

Zapata has a centre backs mentality. You get the impression that he feels like he hasto score.

Would also offer Arsenal the physical option that’s needed especially when playing out of the back becomes too risky.

Currently recovering from an abductor strain.

Others in this category…. Hulk (Shanghai SIPG), Milik (Napoli)

The Henry conversion

Name: Rafael Leao

Position: LF but….

Age: 20

Height: 6ft2

Club: AC Milan

Nationality: Portuguese

Potential fee: £35M

About: AC Milan are again in a financial mess. Gazidis.

Remember how we snaffled Vieira, Bergkamp and Henry from Serie A?

All were struggling.

We converted Henry from LW to CF.

I’m not saying Leao is as good. I am saying that he has HUGE potential.

Like Henry, he is an athletic specimen like few others. An inverted winger. Quick, fast and skilful and currently plays with his right foot on the left-wing. Much like Martinelli, he looks like he should be a CF. Similar lightning acceleration.

I’ve also been wondering if we need to find a friend for Pepe to get the best out of Pepe. Leao and Pepe had an excellent partnership at Lille.

Others in this category…. Sane (City), Rebic (AC Milan), Traore (Wolves), Hee Chang Hwan (Salzburg)

The hidden superstar

Name: Josef Martinez

Position: CF

Age: 27

Height: 5ft 7

Club: Atlanta Utd

Nationality: Venezuela

Potential fee: 35M

About: I’m not sure if I’d go for JM as a first choice as that is a big gamble.

I will say this though… I’d definitely get him as a back up at CF for Arsenal. A Lacazette replacement. Definitely.

Before you discount the fact that he is an MLS player understand that the standard is better than you may think. In a league where Zlatan had his way, Josef Martinez scored 31 to Zlatan’s 32.

A diminutive dynamo. Quick, beautiful feet, elusive movement and ice cool in front of goal.

For his height he is extremely good in the air.

Martinez would not be intimidated by playing in front of big, noisy, passionate fans either. I’ve been to see Atl. Utd three times in their world class 70,000 maxed out modern Mercedes-Benz stadium.

If it helps, his stature and style is most similar to Sergio Aguero and Lautaro Martinez.

If you are going to watch only one of these videos, watch this one.

Others in this category…. Jan Fiete-Arp (Bayern Munich), Odsonne Edouard (Celtic), Myron Boadu (AZ Alkmaar, Gian-Luca Waldschmidt (Freiburg)

The rumour

Name: Kevin Volland

Position: Flexible forward

Age: 27

Height: 5ft 10

Club: Bayer Leverkusen

Nationality: Germany

Potential fee: 22M

About: It makes good sense that Arsenal have been linked to Kevin Volland. A versatile forward who has player all across the front line and seems to be equally comfortable in all three areas. A modern day pressing trigger with a fine left foot. A barrel-chested, strong and quick striker. Been in and out of the German squad.

Others in this category…. Dries Mertens (Napoli), Donyell Malen (PSV, former Arsenal)

The available ones

Name: Krystof Piatek

Position: CF

Age: 24

Height: 6ft

Club: AC Milan

Nationality: Poland

Potential fee: 30M or possible loan

About: A risk as he’s gone off form this season but last season he was one of the fire strikers in Europe. The perfect build for a CF.

I see a very possible short term loan situation as Ibrahimovic waltzes in the door at AC Milan.

Piatek, if he worked out, could really add to Arsenal. His willingness to come on loan (he’s a Gooner) would add to his desire, but it’s his aerial ability and his age that is most appealing. Arsenal have almost zero aerial threat unless Martinelli is in the box and sure need help at defending set-plays too, as we tend to only have 3 on the field that are able to help. His age (24) is perfect for the upside of resale and years of service.

Piatek is a little of everything.

Two footed, fantastic deceptive Van Persiesque movement coupled with willing and able link play.

He will be highly motivated to play these last three months or he will sit the bench at the Euro’s and watch Lewandowski and/or Milik.

Only risk I see is recovering his form.

Name: Paco Alcacer

Position: CF

Age: 26

Height: 5ft 9

Club: Dortmund

Nationality: Spain

Potential fee: 20M

About: Paco Alcacer wasn’t on my list to profile. He was in the short list below. I then saw that Haland has signed for Dortmund and looked at who was going to be expendable. Reus has always seemed like an Arsenal player but he’s club captain and at a better team. By the time you read this, Alcacer could be on his way to A. Madrid. That’s fine. We can have Cavani 🙂

Alcacer has had a weird career of late. Made choices that others looking on knew would see him be an impact sub and little more. The thing is though, he is one of the best in Europe at this role. Who doesn’t want that type in your squad?

A hungry, energetic, diminutive striker who is as clinical as the best (goals per minutes played). Quick and capable of scoring from anywhere including set plays. A club that trusts him could get a treat as I don’t think he’s been trusted at Barca and BD and he’s probably hungry. A potential bargain too.

Name: Luka Jovic

Position: CF

Age: 22

Height: 5ft 11

Club: Real Madrid

Nationality: Serbian

Potential fee: £35M or possible loan

About: In short, the right-footed version of Piatek. On fire last season in a highly successful front line at Frankfurt but was tempted by Real and took the chance when most saw his chances as limited. Capable and proven at scoring with both feet as well as aerially. High-level acceleration too. Nightmare for defenders as he adds pressing as a weapon to aggravate.

Most interesting part of his game is when watching him attack crosses. Most CF’s hit the six yard box. Jovic has a tendency to delay his runs and attack the space between the defensive lines.

Again, like Piatek, a short term loan leading to a possible transfer could prove to be valuable acquisition for Arsenal. Real Madrid are the least shy club in world football at buying the in vogue player, sitting him on the bench after losing patience after 3 minutes, selling and doing the same again. Clubs like Arsenal can benefit from their impatience.

Others in this category….Kevin Gameiro (Sevilla), Junior Morares (Shaktar Donetsk), Mariano Diaz (Real Madrid), Angel Correa (A. Madrid)

My choice:

I’m less concerned than others at PEA dropping off physically in his 30’s. He’s rapid and not slowing down it seems and he’s already 30. I’d offer him another contract.

I’d sell Lacazette to raise money to buy N’didi.

If Auba leaves, I’d initially go for Edinson Cavani. Been a goal scoring machine everywhere.

I think we’ve missed out on him so I’d go for Adama Traore and convert him to a striker. Frightening player.

If both leave I’d sign Josef Martinez too.

It was hard to ignore Rafael Leao as he is going to the top. He will end up at Wolves with the rest of the Portugal national team.

Arsenal will go for…

I think the first round of big money goes on a CB and a midfielder, so I think if Lacazette leaves in January, Arsenal will go for Arsenal fan, Kysysztof Piatek, on loan from AC Milan who will be surplus to the ego of Zlatan.

I just don’t think it’s smart to sell Aubameyang as we’d be in the relegation zone without his goals and I feel sure Arsenal feel the same way.

In the summer I see Arteta wanting the type of forward that City had so I see Arsenal trying to tempt Gabriel Jesus.

Check out my review blog ‘Positives, Needs and Hopes’ @mike_mmcdonald after every Arsenal game!

Tell me who YOU would sign in the comments.

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  1. Champagne charlie


    I’m not explaining myself again. You and your cronies are free to manipulate the view ive shared all you like. It’s there in black and white, reasoning and all.

  2. Pierre

    “When Emery stopped playing Pepe…he was ruining him
    When Arteta refuses to start Pepe, it was justifiable because the last two managers [including Emery] didn’t start him.”

    I feel Pepe has been a little unfairly treated all round really.

    He came off the bench and scored 2 very good free kicks to win us the game in the europa and then has been used very sporadically.

    Played at home to palace and his 2 corners led to both of our goals .

    Played away to west ham and scored a cracker and made a goal.

    Played away to Vitoria and made a goal.

    The only other game he has started was at home to city.

    Obviously the fact he loses possession too easily is a factor but he does possess that important element in his game that every team needs , assists and goals which is what I thought we bought him for.

    I will be surprised if Arteta doesn’t integrate him into the side in the coming weeks.

  3. Marko

    You don’t have to watch Scottish football to know to avoid Morelos you simply have to look at his stats the amount of yellows and reds he gets to know that he’s not to be touched. Some dickhead absolutely dripping in blue can’t be trusted in this conversation

  4. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Your view of me is utterly irrelevant thanks. Keep getting all your info from fan forums and gossip rags, don’t whatever you do seek a view of your own.”

    Yes yes, we’re all beneath you and you’re just misunderstood every time you’re caught out being wrong/making shit up, we know.

    It’s not about opinion you simpleton.

    2 reds in his last 3 games, oozes stability that.

    How about instead of buying a confirmed nutter from the scottish league, who I admit looks talented, we buy someone that isn’t crazy and gets suspended every couple of games? I know, radical right.

  5. Champagne charlie


    I’ve said all I’m saying on the subject, you’re welcome to read a card count and make concrete views on that and I’ll have my view informed by watching him yea?

    As for the bollocks about being beneath me or misunderstood, that’s your own shortcomings being pasted over. Spare me.

  6. Freddie Ljungberg


    For someone always ragging on Bamford for being dismissive and arrogant and wrong about oh so many things it’s a bit ironic that you’re all of those things just on another level completely.

    And no, not in a good way, just so I’m not misunderstood here, I know it’s your thing, not going to encroach on your turf.

  7. Marko

    It could be that he is misunderstood

    Oh absolutely. Just to confirm since joining Rangers he’s gotten 35 yellow cards and 7 reds. That’s 3 seasons btw. Definitely misunderstood and not a braindead cunt.

  8. Marc

    Can’t make my mind which is the funnier comment

    ““I’ve got cronies”

    Is it catching.”

    Very good – or

    ” Just to confirm since joining Rangers he’s gotten 35 yellow cards and 7 reds. That’s 3 seasons btw. Definitely misunderstood and not a braindead cunt.”

    If his behaviour is improving what the fuck would he have got if it wasn’t – a murder charge?

  9. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Rangers legend Kris Boyd was outraged by Morelos’ latest transgression, saying: He was asking for VAR, but it’s probably good for him that there isn’t VAR!

    “It’s a straight red – there’s no defending him. It’s incredible that someone who has performed this season, and is arguably the player of the season, has been sent off five times for stupid things. It’s things he doesn’t need to get involved in.

    “I’m sick of hearing Rangers fans say he gets wound up. That’s why they do it. It’s a disgrace. Players throwing their arms about at this level, is a disgrace.

    “Because there’s nobody who can come in and replace him,he thinks he can get away with anything. Whenever he comes back from suspension, he’s straight back into the XI.”

    Bloody Celtic fans twisting the truth, oh wait.

    Only 5 red cards this season though, that’s a sign of a man on the path to redemption, hallelujah a sinner has repented, blessed be Bergkamp who art in Holland. Etc etc.

  10. Freddie Ljungberg

    Sorry the 5 red cards was last season, still 2 in the last 3 games, he’ll probably beat it this season with a bit of luck.

  11. Champagne charlie


    I’m dismissive and arrogant but here you are dishonest out “simpleton”, “cunt”..

    What are you then mate? Picture of balance and sense?

  12. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m all about the facts. It’s kind of an open secret that you’re a cunt, no shame in that.

    Yeah, simpleton when you keep going on and on about the Celtic article when the facts remained the same, 2 red cards in 3 games, and the throat slitting gesture nothing else mattered.

  13. Lego Hair

    Is Freddie Ljungberg judging Morelos and Scottish football when he hasn’t seen a minute of either?

    Oh dear. A bit embarrassing isn’t it?

    Almost as embarrassing as posting in the middle of the night in Thailand on New Year’s Eve. Have you not got better things to be doing tonight?

    Tony could hook you up with a convincing lady boy if you asked nicely or complimented his home cinema system 👍

  14. Champagne charlie


    Oh you’re all about facts, you’re the hero we all aspire to be. That open secret another one of your facts? Or just the view of a group you like to fraternise with on here?

    Tell you what, I’ll give myself a long hard look in the mirror following your sound appraisal. I value what you say after all.

  15. Freddie Ljungberg

    Lego Hair

    Pipe down Don, or is it aubergine in his 47th guise? Gotta be one of you cunts, can’t hide that much stupid under a new moniker.


    Thanks, I think that would be appreciated by many. Good that you’re finally taking constructive criticism on board.

  16. Freddie Ljungberg

    Who is judging Morelos or Scottish football btw?
    I mean the Scottish league is ranked where it is for a reason but I haven’t said a word about that.

    Saying someone is a nutter for having 35 yellow and 7 red cards in 3 seasons is embarrassing now? Have to have a degree in SPL to figure out that that is not normal? Some of you people are unreal.

  17. RodneyKing

    When Mourinho took over at Spurs, he couldn’t stop talking about how good the squad he inherited was. Of course, new-manager speak and all but most managers would have thought and said the same too.

    On the other hand, Arteta has talked more about what this Arsenal team lacks than it’s strengths. You wouldn’t think he just inherited a team that nearly got top 4 and reached the EL finals some 7 months ago.

  18. Nelson

    I am wondering about players insurance policy. When a player is injured and can’t feature, whether his salary will be covered by the insurance company?

  19. Rich

    How about Pepe replacing Aubameyang?

    He’s a better dribbler, and quicker over longer distances.

    I think people are writing off Pepe too quickly, he won’t be the first or last player to take a season to settle into the PL.

    Bielsa played Pepe as a central striker originally.

  20. RodneyKing

    RE: Pepe

    Pros: He has the basic ingredients to be a top player.

    Cons: Holds on to the ball longer than necessary. Much better dribbler than Nelson but not as direct. One-touch football and combination play don’t appear to be part of his toolset, at least from what I’ve seen of him so far.

    He’s not going to get as much space to operate in the EPL as he did in France. But he’s one player that ticks all the boxes in terms of massive potential for improvement once he adapts to the league.

  21. Biggles

    I admit that Morelos is a nutter. No doubt about it. But he scores loads of goals despite that. And 35 yellow cards in 3 seasons isn’t *that* much more than Vieira getting 95 in 9 seasons.

    Besides, as an Arsenal player he’d get redzoned and miss loads of games through injury anyway.

    Don’t dismiss it out of hand.

  22. Lego Hair

    Freddie Ljungberg

    Pipe down and stop
    Talking about things you don’t understand.

    That’s stupidity. Try adding some context or even watching a game that Morelos has played. Novel idea I know before you judge a player.

  23. Champagne charlie


    Happy New Year to you mate, wishing you the very best in all you’ve got going on in 2020 (that sounds weird). Also, appreciate the aggro you go through to give us lot a place to frequent online, so for that a big thanks on behalf of of many.

    As for the rest of you scummy cunts…

    Happy New Year to each and every one of you, best of luck in all your goals for the forthcoming year…..even you Banford you oddball.

    Enjoy your evenings and stay the fuck out the ER please.

  24. Gentlebris

    ‘I am wondering about players insurance policy. When a player is injured and can’t feature, whether his salary will be covered by the insurance company?’

    The premiums for that would make you blink hard…..repeatedly.

  25. TheLegendaryDB10

    Happy New Year 2020 to all of you motherfuckers, erm, Le Grovers!

    Tough year ahead, but you know, it’s The Arsenal. What do you expect? An easy ride? Come on! That’s not The Arsenal way!!

    All the best to you all and take care!

    I am Arsenal till I die!!!

  26. Gentlebris

    “He needs help and the team to play in a certain way to facilitate and take his strengths more and more every time in the games. That is what we are trying to do.’

    -Arteta on Ozil.

    Very soon Pierre will claim Arteta from Pedro…..all of Arteta, leaving nothing for Pedro.

  27. Marko

    Mikel Arteta has told Mesut Ozil he faces being axed at Arsenal if he doesn’t buy into the manager’s work ethic. ‘The moment this changes, he won’t play’ [@SamiMokbel81_DM]

    Happy new year cunts

  28. China1

    My home is we get a solid foundation and geberal progress this season and win the EL for a CL back for

    Does winning the EL get your CL spot ahead of 4th in the league? If so it would be marvelous to get in at the expense of spurs (or frankly any of those cunts) at the death

  29. China1

    Nelson clubs pay the salaries for injured players in any regular contract. Some players have pay as you play if they’re a known total crock so unless they want to get spendy they better go to the NHS for rehabilitation haha

    The sad reality is we paid more than £15m in wages alone over the austerity years to diaby alone despite the fact he was good for about 12 minutes a season. Same for wilshere. In those days that money could’ve been useful as well…

  30. Tony

    Don I liked Cutter’s recent view of you but good to see you’ve still got all your multiple personalities.

    No doubt you’ll develop new ones for 2020.

  31. Tony

    I guess Arteta’s first KPI will be to avoid relegation starting with beating United this evening.

    Good to see in the DM Arteta laying it out to Ozil that any drop in effort from the Chav’s game will see him benched.

    Shouldn’t be hard for Ozil to do for up to 60 minutes in a game.

  32. Sid

    Happy new year pedro, Pierre, bamford, CC, Marko, Marc(long lost son), CG, redtruth, Graham, HL, dissenter, Ishola, WOAB, Bojangles, PHD, DM, Gunz, Tony, china, Bris, Freddie, receding, N5,
    racist guy who keeps changing monikers, racist guy whose grandfather killed peasants, and everyone

  33. Nelson

    New year is finally arriving in the east coast. Auld Lang Syne to 2019 and all the bad luck with injuries and Ref’s decisions.

    May 2020 brings to all Arsenal fans and Le Grovers good luck and happiness!

  34. Emiratesstroller

    Happy New Year

    Arsenal’s problems this season are down to a variety of factors not least an
    unbalanced squad, brittle defence and fairly poor and inexperienced midfield.

    Emery was without question the wrong head coach to replace Wenger and
    his failure to build a solid team plus the constant turnover of personnel and
    tactics has undoubtedly impacted on the team’s performance and confidence.

    Arteta has made sofar small changes specifically in way we play and has reintroduced Ozil and Torreira to the team. Some might argue that Ozil is a
    mistake, but I think that may not be the case providing that we find a third
    central midfield option in January who will work alongside Torreira and provide physicality, mobility and work ethic. Players like Guendouzi and Willock are not the solution and Xhaka is clearly on the way out of club.

    The current article talks about replacements for Aubameyang and Lacazette.
    Frankly I am not exactly inspired by the options being suggested particularly
    if they are replacements for Aubameyang.

    I can see logic in offloading Lacazette in January or June, because he has not delivered this season. On the other hand I would be reluctant to offload Aubameyang particularly this season. In his absence we are woefully short
    of goals.

    One stat which is seldom mentioned is that our midfield as a collective has managed to score only one goal all season in the EPL. That is a shocking stat
    when in the past you had players like Cazorla, Ozil and Ramsey often scoring
    collectively between 15-20 goals a season.

    My view is that Arsenal need to see through this season without dropping into
    the relegation zone, which would be catastrophic. A replacement CB to stabilise defence and a decent CMF would not go amiss.

    Thereafter a progressive rebuild of the team/squad revolving around a gameplan is essential. What is important is progression rather than high
    expectations in short term.

  35. Aussie Gooner

    Lets be honest the squad has been rusting away for the past few years with no noticeable improvements, no solid investment structure from the owners, just panic buys to plug the gaps when players have left for little financial gain. This has left us in a perilous situation, particularly with our glut of long term injuries at present. And people really believe that top class players from around the world will be making tracks to Arsenal? When your marquee players want out only the dregs and the desperate will be incoming. So don’t ‘dis’ the notion of a striker from Scotland who can’t stay on the pitch arriving post haste. Or a semi retired 32 year old Uruguayan. Or an overrated kid no better than Martinelli. They will be welcome with open arms and chequebooks!

    The academy has not produced the finished article for a number of years and I do worry about what has gone on there. Running an academy costs a lot of money and I do not see much of a return as yet. Clubs like Chelsea have been ruthless in their approach to buying up youth, training them, loaning them out for financial gain and in many cases reaping the benefits by way of the provision of squad players or sales. What direction has our youth process been going in? Again the cheap approach, no substantial investment in any area other than executive salaries!

  36. Useroz

    Happy new year. Wish you and Arsenal a great decade ahead!

    Finally…. someone to try take on the self appointed ruler of the PL., the almighty Mike Riley Club., on VAR. See below.

    Presumably the cited frame rate is correct, PL clubs could sue the FA or better still the Mike Riley Club. Technically you cannot judge anything within 6 inches and that even assumes cameras and equipment are calibrated properly.

    —— 7amkickoff runs below (excerpted)

    What we don’t want is a 3-minute delay after nearly every goal while officials use flawed video replay to see if a player’s toe is possibly offside. Not only does it ruin the game for the fans in the stands, it actually looks like referees are searching for reasons to rule off goals, rather than simply looking for glaring errors. The VAR officials absolutely shouldn’t be making calls of less than six inches because that is the margin of error.

    First, the camera’s framerate, plus the speed at which players are running, means that one frame in either direction equals six inches of travel. That means that any offside call made this season by measuring an armpit or a toe could have been entirely the wrong call. One frame backward and the player is possibly well onside.

    Second, the framerate problem also explains why there are often what seems like arbitrary decisions made by referees as to the moment the ball is played forward. The referees in the VAR booth are forced to decide which of three frames to pick for drawing their VAR lines. This is why sometimes we see the ball clearing the foot of the attacking player and why other times it’s just struck the foot.

    We fans, the pundits, the announcers, and even the players and coaches have been bamboozled into believing that what we see on our screens is “black and white” evidence that, for example, Teemu Pukki was 3.4cms offside. Someone drew a line, “it’s inarguable,” some folks crow “offside is offside, you just hate technology”. But it’s not inarguable: 3.4cms – one stinking inch – is well within the six-inch margin of error.

    That’s why it’s not a surprise that IFAB, FIFA’s governing body for the Laws of the Game, have taken the unusual stance of issuing a statement today telling the Premier League that they are using VAR incorrectly. Because the technology cannot definitively offer a ruling on offside IFAB is reminding the Premier League of their advice from earlier this season:

    “Clear and obvious still remains – it’s an important principle. There should not be a lot of time spent to find something marginal. If something is not clear on the first sight, then it’s not obvious and it shouldn’t be considered. Looking at one camera angle is one thing but looking at 15, trying to find something that was potentially not even there, this was not the idea of the VAR principle. It should be clear and obvious.”

    The technology will get better. Perhaps we will increase framerates or even better, there will be GPS locators on the players and the ball will be fitted with GPS and an accelerometer. But until the technology catches up, the Premier League and their match officials need to stop using VAR in a way that was never intended. They need to just use it to overturn clear and obvious errors.


  37. China1

    If the cameras are running at 30fps minimum then how fast does a player have to be moving to make 6 inches of ground in 1 frame?

  38. China1

    Also re any FPS issues, is there a reason why we can’t use 60fps cameras in 2020? Wildlife documentaries have been using these and probably higher for a solid decade

    I don’t think frame rates needs to be a serious issue in 2020

  39. T

    I think that there is a big chance that auba leaves this TW and perhaps lacazette too next summer.

    Not a big deal thou. What the club needs isnt them both atm but rather a world class number 8 ala cazorla and a monstrous CB to partner luiz in defence.

    Socratis has been a dissappointment as a signing and now that chambers looks to be out there is a dire need for someone fast and agressive to partner luiz who can pass the ball too.. not an easy player to find….

  40. China1

    So Chelsea have reported a 100m loss for 2019 but are still FFP compliant yet last January we couldn’t sign players outside of a loan because of FFP

    If anyone can explain the above in a way that makes sense and is fair I’ll be impressed

  41. TR7


    There are two important rules in FFP :

    1.Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR) – This rule aims to ensure that clubs do not obtain uncontrollable debts by stating that clubs are only allowed to lose £105 million within a 3-year period. Cumulative loss of both Chelsea and Arsenal in last 3 years is less than £100M. Thus, this clause doesn’t impact either Chelsea or Arsenal.

    2. Short Term Cost Control (STCC) : This rule ensures that clubs wage bills do not grow to an unsustainable level. Currently clubs are only permitted to increase their wage bill by £7 million per season, however this figure can be increased if the club increases their 3 core revenue streams, including match-day income, player sales and increased commercial deals. Core revenue of Arsenal is declining year after year and yet wage bill was going up until last year. Thus, we had to streamline our wage bill before we could sign new players.

  42. Kay

    Maybe this Jan transfer window will show us if we turn into a new liverpool or not.

    In the negative sense i think we may have to wait until we luck out with a suarez/coutinho kind of sales.
    Dont see our owners injecting any more money.

  43. alex cutter

    ‘The technology will get better. Perhaps we will increase framerates or even better, there will be GPS locators on the players and the ball will be fitted with GPS and an accelerometer.”

    Blah, blah, blah.

    VAR is working just as it was intended:

  44. Pierre

    Looking at the first 2 games under Arteta, our best spells in the games have coincided with Ozil being at his most influential.

    Bournemouth and Chelsea had to change their formation to counter Ozil’s influence on the game.

    This sets up a bit of a conundrum regarding Ozil for Arteta.

    In both games Arteta allowed the opposition to nullify Ozil’s game which also nullified Arsenal’s game ,without reaction from Arteta.

    The opposition closed down the passing between the lines to Ozil, meaning Arsenal had to play more down our left side , especially against Bournemouth and Ozil faded In both games due to lack of time on the ball.

    If Ozil can only play for 30/40 minutes, which personally I dont think is true , then he is of no use to the team and shouldn’t start .

    If this is the case then why not use ozil for the last third of the game as this appears the time when we start to lose control of the game and having Ozil coming come on along with maybe Martinelli and/or Pepe, then we will retain control.

    However, if Ozil can play for the full game or thereabouts , then Arteta needs to react when the opposition change tactics/formation to nullify him.

    Drop Ozil deeper or subtlely change his position to bring him into the game because if Ozil is not involved in the game , he is of no use to the team.

    I do expect the know nothings to argue these points, but no one can dispute that both performances under Arteta have been influenced most by whether Ozil is on the ball or not.

    We have looked a much better team with Ozil on the ball, whether that is a good thing or not remains to be seen .

  45. Lego Hair

    Arteta wants Ozil to maintain a work ethic and for the players to play to their strength not once in the article does it say he will build a team around him.

    ‘ Asked whether he wished to build his team around Ozil, the Arsenal manager answered: ‘No, I put him in the team if I see every day that his attitude, desire and understanding of what we’re trying to do is there. He has the will and if he is in a better moment than somebody else, I will pick him. The moment this changes, he won’t play.’’

  46. Habesha Gooner

    Happy new year Everyone.

    The Auba puzzle.
    He is a lethal striker but not a lot to offer other than that. That’s why he sees so little of the ball when we are under pressure and he is playing upfront. In a well oiled machine he really looks great. but In a team like ours he also compounds our weaknesses. He can’t create his own chances, He doesn’t have dribbling ability and he can’t hold the ball up to bring others into play.

    Lacazette has been poor no doubt about that this season. He isn’t as lethal as Aubameyang. But he Comes out on top in every other category. And one of the reasons Our attack is so imbalanced is we keep playing players out of position. Whenever Lacazette is uptop Aubameyang is playing left. That Starves us what we could get from a real winger.

    I think Aubameyang is Scoring a lot just because he is lethal. Not a lot else he brings to the table. That in turn doesn’t help our other players score goals because we lack a focal point upfront. So we collectively score less and Aubameyang gets all our goals. It was the same with Sanchez. He lost a lot of balls and misplaced a lot of passes just because he played the way he was playing.

    If Aubameyang Leaves and we get a great winger I think we could replace his goals by scoring more collectively. And I don’t think Lacazette and Martinelli are Average strikers. Benzema was deemed poor before Ronaldo left and now he looks like a superstar. I think we should sell Auba and Reinforce the midfield and Winger positions.

  47. RockyRoe

    Thanks useroz.

    Interesting read on the framerate bit, some quick calculation with a average speed of 30km/h (keep in mind quick players like pea can get upto 35-38km/h) gives 1181000 inches travelled by the player per hour or 328 inches/second.

    Even assuming 60fps that still 5.4 inches per frame at 30 fps close to 11. Which essentially means the video ref can never know for sure the distance travelled between 2 frames.

    Unless we get upto 240 fps, measuring inches on a video screen is essentially the ref picking a frame they are comfortable pointing to and actually has nothing to do with the actual feet/body position at any given point of time.

  48. Nelson

    Let’s not just copy part of the message that fits one’s agenda. Arteta had also this to say during the post game interview.

    “He needs the team to play in a certain way to facilitate and take his strengths more and more in the game. That’s what we are trying to do.”

    I see why Arteta wants to keep Xhaka. He offers another channel to send the ball to the final third in case the opponent puts more manpower to close down Ozil.

  49. Pierre

    Lego Hair
    “‘ Asked whether he wished to build his team around Ozil, the Arsenal manager answered: ‘No, I put him in the team if I see every day that his attitude, desire and understanding of what we’re trying to do is there. He has the will and if he is in a better moment than somebody else, I will pick him. The moment this changes, he won’t play.’’

    Right rules ..its the team that matters .
    Personally, I am 50/50 as to whether Ozil can maintain the energy levels that Arteta requires and probably Arteta feels the same.

    Maybe Ceballos coming into the side will give us more control in the middle.

    Tonight’s game I believe we will have to start slower and try to pace our game or we may get the same situation as the Chelsea game.

    Hopefully the bench will be stronger, Martinelli and Ceballos on the bench will be a massive boost.