Auba pushes the exit button

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Where there is smoke, there is sure to be a player crying in the changing rooms begging uncle Stan to release him from the horrors of N5. The latest is apparently Auba, who wants to move to another country to play out his final days in the sun.

This could be the fastest turnaround of two captains we’ve ever seen. Xhaka looks near certain to be leaving after skulking his way out of the organisation like a baby to take a much shittier job at a club that matches his level. Auba, his replacement, looks like a more measured move, but one that has a bit of the inevitable about it. If you marry someone that cheated to be with you (Jan transfer window), don’t be surprised to catch them in bed with another club the same way (Madrid, you savage).

He’s 30 years old right now, which is often the peak of a striker from a physical perspective and a finishing one. Next June, he’ll be 31, it’ll wipe half his value away purely from a Sporting Directors psychological perspective. Moving in the summer also takes away the premium fee you land when clubs urgently to the make something happen in a stuttering league season, or the push they might need to do something in the Champions League.

For me, the potential of the move is very depressing. Mainly because I know it makes sense. If there’s an offer on the table and he doesn’t have it granted, he’ll sulk and be useless. I’m also thinking about the potential lack of cash we know is pending this summer. It’ll also be very, very hard for us to replace him if we do elect to take a big cash payment for him now.

All in all, this is exactly the sort of contract disaster we were promised we wouldn’t have to deal with when the new regime took over… the question really is whether we just rip the plaster now, or persuade him to hang on, see us out of the relegation battle, and go in the summer.

One thing is for sure, I’d not be offering him a new deal. It’s evident that the pace is starting to fade, it’s also clear that he’s not the complete striker you need to push forward in the Premier League. I love him as a player, but I think we need someone with a more well-rounded game for the future. I’m not sure who that is, but I have another Mike McDonald blog this afternoon where he’s gone on a scouting mission to alleviate some of the concern.

One point a friend rasied last night was the 2007 Henry reaction. We lost a striker who wanted to leave, someone who could finish half chances, a legend of the club. He went to Barca, our team reacted, scoring started to be more evenly distributed and a young striker called Adebayor came into his own.

It was quite interesting reading through some of the comments yesterday, there’s still a lot of doom in the fanbase about Arsenal at the moment. We’re in bad shape, no doubt, but I am of the firm belief that if we’d had Arteta in for preseason, we’d be in a far better position as a club and we’d be challenging hard for top 4 right now. The players we have are coachable, as you’ve seen in the space of 2 weeks. We’re seeing major effort from Mesut Ozil, who looks a different player. David Luiz just gave us a towering performance. Reiss Nelson, though still raw, improved game over game. Here’s the thing, if the players aren’t coachable, no one was going to change our fortunes. That’s incorrect though, elite athletes can always be improved. Especially when they’ve had as little coaching as ours.

This is Saka on Arteta:

“He’s someone who understands the players, understands the club and all the ideas that he’s bringing in,”

“He has a clear strategy of how he wants us to play and we’re just really excited to work with him.

The next 6 weeks are going to be rough, no doubt. We’ll see some exits, we’ll hopefully see some more modern players coming into the setup, and then we’ll start to see some wins.

“Maybe one thing that I’ve picked up straight away is that when nobody’s pressing you, you don’t need to pass the ball. What you can do is just get the ball, drive the ball forward a bit and wait for someone to come to you, commit a player, then pass it.

“He has his own way, his own philosophy and he’s even talked about bringing his own philosophy to the club, to try to bring the club back to the direction we need to be in.

“We need to win games and win trophies, so I feel like he has that vision and that strategy. He knows how he wants us to get there. If we can be on board and do what he wants us to, we’ll do well.”

Sounds like basics, but if you’ve not been taught them, you do your own thing. Players want to be told how to get better, you can’t teach yourself. Now we have a whole coaching staff dedicated to making amends for the last ten years of neglect, using modern techniques, spoken in ways that resonate.

There aren’t many managers in the world of football that could take a team missing 7 players and turn over Chelsea. I think we’re going to be hard-pressed to do anything against United, factoring our 8th player being out (Cal), along with the fatigue. But after that, things will brighten up. We’ll have Leeds in the FA Cup after they’ve just had a beastly top of the table clash with WBA… I suspect the league will take priority, so that’ll be used as a resting opportunity, giving Arteta a clear week to work closely with his squad. Then we go to Palace, followed by 7 days to prepare for Sheffield United. By then, we’ll have players returning that are important. We’ll have more player to rotate, a stronger bench to call upon, and more positivity when we bring in a couple of players.

The goal for Arteta is to have the team in good shape for the Europa League last 32 vs Olympiacos. We have a tough game against Everton wedged in there, followed by the Manchester City game. Hopefully, we’ll have a settled squad by then, then fitness levels will be up, and we’ll have begun to transition to the Arteta way of thinking. We should be competitive from then on in, the football should start to be consistently exciting, and we’ll be an aggressive team with an identity. Results will still be inconsistent, but we’ll know where we’re heading.

It’s the last day of the decade today. I was pondering who the best player was, because there really aren’t a lot of worldies to choose from. I think Theo Walcott is in the top 5 scorers, that really sets the tone for what a mess it was.

For me though, if you’re basing your selection on pure joy, how can you look past Alexis Sanchez? What a player he was. We really kicked things forward with him in the side. The football was electric at times. Mesut Ozil was playing with a smile. Aaron Ramsey was lifting FA Cups. I loved everything Alexis embodied, he was a Chilean Roy of the Rovers. Probably not an ideal player for a team looking to compete for the highest honours, but at that moment, with a manager in decline, you can’t deny that he was what was needed. Someone that could just force a result through sheer bloody-mindedness.

Moment of the decade was certainly when we awoke to Arsene Out! I never thought the day would come. It was a game-changer in the history of Arsenal football club. He was fired after overseeing the slow demise of his once-great squad. It was the right thing to do, it still managed to upset people despite the barrage of evidence in favour of the move, but my oh my was that a great day.

We’ve still not quite recovered. Somehow, we managed to find a replacement willing to take the club backwards, but look, let’s just write Emery off as our David Moyes.

The real deal starts now, the future is Arteta and that means the football will go back to the glory days. We’ll be competitive again, going to watch the football will be a joy, Arsenal will have a good chance of being relevant again.

As a final sign off, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for clocking in for a read this decade. 2019 was the busiest ever year, we added over a million new reads which for an old website is big, clearly I perfected the clickbait and drew you in like fools, but thankfully, you stayed and read. The comments section went through the roof, 180,000 of them have been logged, that’s a massive commitment from you. I want you to know, I regularly read and repurpose them as elite opinions of my own.

I’m looking forward to spending the next ten years writing and creating for you. Thank you for making the effort, it’s a truly humbling experience to know that in an era of short attention spans, there are still people willing to spend 5 minutes a day reading about oatmilk and new era latte formats.

On that note, have a wonderful New Years eve, stay safe, drink like powerhouses, and raise a toast to future football. You’ll be meeting it in 2020!

Cheers, Big Love, Le Grove xxx

P.S. Striker blog comes later.

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  1. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Game of the decade for me was last season’s home win against the spuds. One nil up within 15 minutes, 2-1 down at half time and a final score of 4-2 to the Arsenal after Rambo came on at half time.

    Icing on the cake was Vertonghen being sent off and Torreira scoring his first goal for the Gunners and going bonkers celebrating it. Being there for my first NLD with my nephew made it even more special.

  2. DM

    Totally agree with Sanchez as our player of the decade btw. For a couple of years that guy was absolute fire, probably our most flashy player since Henry, he had it all.

  3. CG

    Here is a prediction- that by the end of the transfer window- PEA is sitting on an Ozil-esque contract for the next 3 years.

    Thats how The Spiv works……..

    Scintillating post…..many thanks

    And a very Happy New Year to you all.

    PS. This would have been my last post today on here but remember:

    CG 1 The Clown 0

  4. CazOnARola

    My first comment, can someone please approve so that i can continue to post.

    We would be tempted to cash in on Aubameyang but there is a possibility of being drawn in a relegation battle of we very a couple of long term injuries to lay players so i can understand if we hang on to him till the summer.

    There is a very very slim chance of us getting relegated, but we if we get long term injuries to Torreira, Sokratis and leno for e.g. it will land is in trouble.

  5. Minden Raider

    Am I the only one worried about relegation. If Auba goes who scores the goals. The Krankies will just bank the money with no replacement.

  6. Justin Peter

    Game of the decade for me was the 2-1 victory over the mighty Barcelona Feb 2011 . 1-0 down , RVP equaliser and then the Arshavin finish to make it 2-1. The Emirates was in ecstasy ! To top it all my 9 year old son Matthew was a mascot and walked out holding Iniesta’s hand . Magical night and for me the peak of Wenger’s second decade in charge with Jack Wiltshire running midfield . Happy New year to all you Gooners COYG !

  7. Moray

    By the end of next summer we will be looking at a completely different squad. Deficiencies addressed and the players who stay properly coached.

    It’s been a miserable decade for the club but for me, ending on a high. Maybe we even win the UEFA Cup and get into the CL next year. Who knows?

    Happy new year all, and thanks Pedro for the continued effort, even through the dark times.

  8. Mark

    Well done on a really great blog and the Arteta support which must at some level helped us move forward to a progressive coach.
    I do admire your usual optimism as well. Not sure if that’s natural to you or maybe it’s the Yank influence?
    One of the wonders of being an Arsenal man is the sheer volume of Arsenal blogsites . So much better than any other team. Even Untold plays its part for those End Days Cult loonies amongst us.
    Here’s to a bright new decade , Wenger’s shackles released and onto a bright future

  9. Aussie Gooner

    More New Year injury good luck! Chambers out long term with possible ACL damage! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!

  10. Sid

    Arsenal need to release all fake arse bit***z, xhakalson, ozil, Auba, we need players that will die for the cause, players that will smack your face with their longstuff in the changing room if you are not acting right
    Im telling you this for free!

  11. Graham

    I worry that Le Grove is becoming for Arteta what Untold was for Wenger. Already the “it’s all a refs conspiracy” meme is being rolled out after two games.

  12. 5am

    Nice one LeGrove – thanks for all the reads.

    Been doing so now near enough from the start and appreciate all the contrasting views at most times too :-]

  13. Marc

    I don’t think it’s a major shock that Auba is looking to move on. A combination of one big last move plus missing out on CL football again makes it feel inevitable.

    Do we have enough goals in the squad to cope though? Laca looks all huff and puff with no end product at the moment. Martinelli looks to be a real talent but he’s still young and inexperienced. Pepe could be moved to CF but he can’t get a match on the wing at the moment. Midfield does not contribute goals and with our inability to defend it’s not as if we can look to win matches 1 nil.

    Sanllehi and Edu have a big January coming up.

  14. Marc


    For fuck sake – I couldn’t see the tackle clearly and they didn’t show it on the highlights I saw – was it a bad tackle or just crappy luck?

    That’s 3 players in a season and a half who have had an ACL now.

  15. Freddie Ljungberg


    He just landed awkwardly on his foot, bad luck more than anything.

    So now we’re down to Sok, Luiz, Mustafi, Holding and Mavrapanos. Top 4 material right there.

    Lease let the Upamecano rumour be true, hope we can recall Saliba too but might be too risky bedding in 2 young CBs at the same time.

  16. Aussie Gooner


    Just bad luck by the look of it – the way he twisted and fell. ACL damage has not yet been confirmed but reports suggest it is a season ending injury.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Upamecano is looking like the main target of this window then.

    Very quiet in terms of midfield which means even if Upamecano is brilliant when he arrives our defensive ability will only improve so much. Though Arteta does have Torreira playing much better (at least in his first two games in charge).

    Could be a case of if Xhaka does go only then would be we see something…makes it worrying Arteta wants to hold onto him. No doubt in a slow paced league Xhaka’s attributes will shine. But he is not suited to the EPL.

    Of course if Aubameyang goes that will likely prompt 1 or 2 signings alone.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    I’d leave Saliba where he is.

    He’s had surgery this year and I’d rather he recovered at St Etienne and arrived fit and in form in June.

    Could destroy him if he turns up with Arsenal fans wanting him to be Van Dijk in a much more difficult league anyway, young, inexperienced and unfit as well.

  19. Marc

    Freddie / Aussie

    Never rains but it pours eh!

    If Chambers is out for the season then realistically that leaves us with only Sok and Luiz. Mustafi is another walking fuck up waiting to happen and Mavropanos is too much of an unknown quantity. I think Holding can’t be relied on this season as it looks as if his recovery is going to be a slow one.

    There was talk that a CB was a priority before Sunday – it’s a bordering on a panic situation now.

  20. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s back training now, but yeah, probably best to leave him there for now. Get Upamecano/Another up to speed in the PL before Saliba gets here.

    Like you say, it won’t matter much anyway if we’ll still have Xhaka “shielding” the defense, poor Torreira and his little legs can’t run for 2 for another 5 months.

  21. Marc


    Someone posted the other day that we can’t recall him early – don’t know if that’s true but I’d guess that if we could and we were going to it would’ve been announced already.

  22. Left Testicle

    I approve. 😉

    Welcome to the madhouse. It’s just a matter of time before someone calls you a c#nt.

  23. PieAFC

    Congrats Pedro.

    Been reading this blog since 2007. Living abroad for many years over the decade, kept me in the loop with Arsenal affairs.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    He would arrive in a shitshow and likely it would severely dent his progression.

    Very excited about Saliba and we need to give him a full summer with the club and a competent midfield.

    Fans really are missing the point when they say CBs are what is required. What is in front of them totally exposes them.


    Quite possibly, or there is a large financial penalty for early recall.

  25. Edu me a favour

    “” Am I the only one worried about relegation.””

    No mate you’re not alone , I’m very worried , we have to be realistic.

    5 more wins and a draw gets us to 40 points and we have 18 to do it in , but we should pick up a few more wins than that towards the end of the season.

    We’ll probably draw with United tomo , they are inconsistent but they are finding some really good form and they love playing us.

    I’d like us to really focus on our home games and get the place buzzing – we need every advantage we can get and home advantage is massive whe. You’re scrapping.

    Happy and healthy new year to all 🥳🎉

  26. Marc


    Agree – you put Tony Adams, VVD, Keown, Sol Campbell, Kompany or any other pairing of CB’s behind the midfield we’ve been fielding this season and they’d all look poor.

    That’s without the psychological effect being added in.

  27. Nelson

    Aussie should be hitting the new year soon. Then comes Asia and so on. I’ll save my greeting until it hits midnight here.

  28. Thomas


    “ending on a high.”


    How so? 12th in the table with a goal difference of -4. One win in the last 15 games or so. Four straight home defeats.

    Some high that

  29. CG


    “” Am I the only one worried about relegation.””

    Last 2 games of the season:

    Aston Villa v Arsenal
    Watford v Arsenal.

    Squeaky, leaky bum time.

    Dont think Saliba thought he would be playing at Barnsley when he signed for us.

  30. Cesc Appeal



    Just like Leno being worked to the point of ridiculousness the same is true of our CBs with this shitty midfield. It also isn’t helping our forwards.

    Our midfield is good for nothing.

    The defence stands alone and the forwards stand alone. The midfield just sort of floats around in the middle.

  31. Nelson


    I heard that some of our Mounties are over there helping on the fire fighting. Hope that everything is under control now!

  32. Wasi

    What a player Sanchez was. Sad to see how his Arsenal story ended.

    Manu being linked with Gedson Fernanded with loan and option/obligation to buy. I think we should be sniffing around.Fits the profile club is looking for. Has got pace to burn. Exceptional technical ability. Box to Box in every sense of the word. Just not the physically imposing player we would want to replace Xhaka but the lad has everything to make it big. OL are also said to be lurking. This 6 month of pre-season will get him ready for the next season and if there’s a chance of a loan with option we should go all in on him .

  33. Wasi

    Habesha gooner
    Cazrola was magic. IMO the most underrated player ever. All his colleagues speak very highly of him. He was already an elite footballer and also made others better(Ozil specifically).

  34. Moray

    Thomas, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Having a manager who seems to know what he’s doing is a high for me after a decade of Wenger decline and Emery misery. That for me is a high.

  35. Stew

    New topic – So – you see, as I have said before, this VAR offside problem is all Mike Riley’s fault. The head of Ifab states that if you spend multiple minutes deciding if it’s offside or not, then it’s not clear and obvious and the original decision must stand. Abroad the refs all use the monitor, here they never do. It’s just our use of the system which is wrong and causing the problems.

  36. Goonerresponse

    Definitely Santi Carzola. We were a completely different team when he was in it. And when he went back to that deeper midfield position, OH MY GOD, for me, in that position, he was once of the best players on the planet.

    Our seasons crumbled whenever he was injured.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Wonder if Leipzig will ask for Smith Rowe on loan again as part of any Upamecano deal?

    Certainly he needs the experience.

  38. alexanderhenry


    Happy new year to you too.

    I respect your quasi religious belief in Arteta.
    He may well be that good, but for me the best outcome for arsenal entering the new decade is a change of ownership.

    It is Kroenke who has personally overseen a systemic decline at Arsenal Football club since 2007 when he first got involved.

    He has contributed nothing to the club- no money, no ambition, no urgency and he doesn’t pitch up for games- not even a European final. Sending errand boy Josh doesn’t count I’m afraid.
    His arrogant, aloof attitude is just more salt in the wounds left by his inaction and general negligence.

    It’s Kroenke that defines the 2010s at arsenal, not wenger.

    What a disappointment it’s been since we moved stadium. All that’s hapened is a downsizing of the club – all aspects of it, including expectation.
    Arsenal fans who bitterly complained as wenger secured the 4th place ‘trophy’ are now clamouring for exactly the same thing.
    Some are ‘hoping ‘ for top six.

    Depressingly, it looks like Stan will never sell so I’m aware that my position is a bit of a cul de sac,.
    Arsenal will have to limp on in spite of him and pray that Arteta or whoever can perform coaching wonders.

  39. Uwot?

    My guess it’s one poss two transfers.first choice :upemencano.been on the radar awhile now & the need has become more urgent due to chambers injury.could be a blessing in pointed out by Freddie ,an opportunity to bed him in & along with saliba next season could be very 😋.If hacker goes(p.god) expect a move for smoke without fire there or poss partey.If true & these arrive we’ll be starting to cook.

  40. Stew

    Oh and by the way – thanks Pedro for a great website. I read every day and enjoy the cross field passing of opinions. Cheers – have a brilliant new year.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    I think the cup-tied rule is gone as well?

    So if we did manage to bring in Upamecano and someone like Partey, with our players returning from injury, we should be very well placed for a real go at the Europa League.

    Even if Arteta finishes 6th, 7th or 8th in the league if he wins us our first European trophy (albeit second tier) and gets UCL qualification that way then his stock will be huge among fans going into next season and his summer budget will likely go from £30-40 Million to £80 Million plus.

  42. James wood

    Nice to have a few of those players the home crowd adore.
    I see none in our side.?
    Only players that we want to get rid of.

    Anyway into a New Decade and I am more optimistic than I
    have been for a good while.

    A happy New and Healthy year to you All
    On the blog that tells it as it is.

  43. Graham62


    Have always felt with our EPL referees that they are trying to prove they know better than everyone else, when they clearly know nothing. Basic common sense doesn’t seem to apply.

    Sometimes sit and shake my head in disbelief when I listen to Dermot Gallagher on Ref Watch(Sky Sports). It’s as if they’ve never played the game, which is often the case.

    VAR is ruining the game.

  44. Gentlebris

    I wouldn’t just push the exit button, I would call the fire department.

    A new set of wrong transfers and Arsenal fc are done for a pretty long time.

    And you know what…….

    These blank brains and gamblers are very capable of delivering any quantity of disaster transfers you may order for.

    But let us keep discussing new paintings for the ship even as she sinks!

  45. Marc


    You’d be seen as a fair more credible poster – even if we ignore previously wishing us to lose matches – you didn’t sound so orgasmic at the thought of us being relegated.

  46. Marc

    “It’s as if they’ve never played the game, which is often the case.”

    You don’t need to have played the game to be able to spot a basic foul.

    Our ref’s are useless because they protect each other – what’s the saying “the best disinfectant is light” or something like that.

    Let’s see a report on the ref’s performance come out after a match.

  47. China1

    A couple of hours left to the near year so all the best to you all

    Eat well. Drink well. Fuck spurs and may it be a great 2020 for all of you bastards

  48. T

    There is a lot potential income coming in if auba and xhaka both exit.

    What the club desperately need is a world class number 8 to partner torreira in the middle.

    Accuiring one would immediately lift the teams potential much more than any other position could.

  49. GoonerDave

    Happy New Year to all.
    If Aubameyang leaves, we are in deep trouble. Our best player and our only real match-winner. There is no positive way to spin this. It would simply mean that we are losing our best player again. We cannot replace him.

    Really disappointing result V Chelsea. But an obvious upturn in organisation and work ethic. Arteta does appear to have made a difference already. Let’s hope this translates into points soon.
    I doubt we will be spending very much money this Summer unless we win the Europa league. I expect lots of talented youngsters in our squad next season. Maybe with some loans or some low transfer+high wage players depending on who leaves.
    We really need Arteta to be the next big thing.

  50. Vladdy P

    When is cazorlas contract up? He’d be a great signing for a player coach role.

    As for VAR, why not just let the refs on the pitch use it to review their own decisions like it was originally meant. No need to overcomplicated it!

  51. Vladdy P

    If Madrid come knocking you have to let him go. For the most part he’s always tried his best and if he promised to his gramps that’s bigger than football.

    Need to have a younger replacement lined up tho.

  52. Graham62


    You have to remember that when you look at top 4 as being a success( “trophy”)you are ultimately giving up on winning.

    This “content with the status quo” mindset became engrained in the entire club.

    We are now suffering the consequences of years of neglect and gross mismanagement.

  53. Ernest Reed

    All eyes should be on Raul as this is clearly his mess now. Chambers is likely out for a spell with what looks to be an ACL problem and with Sok, Sideshow and Shitshow taking up the middle, a central defender is a must priority. Auba can be kept to the remainder of the season and i would expect him to be a professional about it.

    Arteta has room to play but a lot depends on the January window and what Raul does or does not do. Methinks Raul’s tenure may be a short one if he does not smarten up really quickly. Thus far his signings have been anything but inspiring.

  54. Jamie

    Jesus, Chambers out for the season.

    Not only do we lose a body, but the longer he’s out, the more he’ll be talked up as a top level CB (based on a few appearances this season), à la Marvopanos (throw in Holding too).

    Grim. We need the Upamecano rumours to be more than clickbait.

  55. Moray

    Spot on, Graham.

    We are a club that lost its edge. Our players became too comfortable and salaries became divorced from performance.

    We need to build our ethos back up. Make team shit themselves about coming up against us. It will take time but I believe the change is underway.

  56. Ernest Reed

    Talk of relegation is nonsense. AFC have too many good players to fall and fail that badly. To stay in the top 10 is likely but a place in Euro is not likely unless they do something remarkable. Confidence remains the key and Arteta is tasked with restoring it.

  57. RGG

    Disagree with post.

    Offer Auba a new deal, but obviously with 1 yr left at end of season if he doesnt sign then he has to be sold.

    Hopefully he does, then sell Lacazette (and Xhaka)

    Get a CB…..Upmencano would be good
    Get a CM….Rabiot would do? Or Partey?

    No need to replace Laca

    Then further surgery in the summer…..

    Happy New Year…….

  58. Guernsey gun

    Player of the decade….Andre santos for me, shame he was addicted to pukka pies, could’ve been a worldie.😢

  59. Marc


    Problem with that is if you make Auba stay and his performance drop off 5% just as Arteta is insisting everyone applies themselves an extra 10% you’ve got dressing room issues.

    It’s a bad situation.

  60. Ernest Reed

    Player of the decade for me was RVP. He carried the team on his back when he was healthy and scored many memorable goals. May not be popular but i have not forgotten his contributions.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Ideally we sell Lacazette in January and reinvest elsewhere and then if Aubameyang wants to go we sell him in the summer still for £60 Million plus and then can take our time looking for a ST.

    Might be at that point Arteta is impressed with Martinelli and then someone like John Jules or Balogun and so just wants a Mertens, Volland type safety purchase…might also be we need to splash out big time.

  62. Wasi

    Disagree with post.Offer Auba a new deal, but obviously with 1 yr left at end of season if he doesnt sign then he has to be sold.Hopefully he does, then sell Lacazette (and Xhaka)
    Get a CB…..Upmencano would be good
    Get a CM….Rabiot would do? Or Partey?

    Living the dream , Eh?

  63. Wasi

    Aubameyang wants to go we sell him in the summer still for £60 Million plus and then can take our time looking for a ST.Might be at that point Arteta is impressed with Martinelli and then someone like John Jules or Balogun and so just wants a Mertens, Volland type safety purchase…might also be we need to splash out big time.

    Another dream?
    Auba for 60m with one year left in his contract is near impossible.

  64. Bamford10


    To win the Europa title, we will likely need to better three of the following teams:

    Inter Milan
    Manchester United

    I’m not saying we can’t do it, but it’s going to be a very tall order.

  65. Marc


    We need to get a win under our belts, get some confidence back into the squad and see what we can do in the Jan TW.

    The darkest hour is just before dawn – let’s hope the New Year is the Sun Rising.

  66. Marko

    Xhaka seems off just waiting for Arteta’s thumbs up. One would imagine that he has assurances that someone will replace him. Thank God there was a moment there where it looked like they were going to dig their heels in and keep him

  67. Bamford10

    Raul Sanllehi: “The winter window is much more tactical. We are going to get our conversations now between Mikel & Edu to see what things we can do. Again, the strategic window, and the one Edu and his team are really working on, is for the long-term, and that’s the summer window.”

  68. Marc


    You could easily find Chambers isn’t a starter next season or beyond. What if we do buy Upamecano this window and then have Saliba joining us in the summer?

  69. Marc


    Sounds very much like he’s keeping his cards close to his chest – to my mind that’s corporate speak in a press release / interview.

  70. Marc


    It’s good news players are coming back – the problem for Arteta is does he rush players back chasing his first win risking more injuries or does he play the long game?

  71. Dissenter

    ‘The darkest hour is just before dawn – let’s hope the New Year is the Sun Rising.”

    Marc the Philosopher, didn’t know you had it in you

  72. WengerEagle

    Major props for over a decade of top quality content Pedro and an all important platform for long-suffering Gooners to vent.

    Like so many on here this place has become a daily staple for a hit of escapism, a laugh and for interesting all round conversation that extends beyond football. Literally dozens of brilliant posters, far too many to name that all add their own bit of colour to the blog.

    Genuinely hope that the next decade brings the official Le-Grove beer meet, for the love of Keyser it’s got to happen fellas.

    Happy and safe NYE to all you animals, fingers crossed that Arteta can keep us off the booze for over twelve hours into the new decade with the three points tomorrow eh.

  73. NJ Gunner


    Many thanks for (almost) a decade of provocative and informative blogs. I’ve keenly read them every day, “stuck in the swamps of Jersey,” as our poet laureate Bruce Springsteen described it.

    And a happy new year to all, even if I don’t like it when you get uncivil to each other! May the new decade bring collective joy to us and our cherished Gooners.

    On to business: I can’t get past two options.

    The first is a swap for Jovic and some money to spare, either used on a Real Madrid defender thrown in on the deal or on someone else more prized like Upmencano.

    The second is that we do a Thierry Henry with Pepe, moving him in from the wing and using his pace and cool delivery to terrify defenses on the counterattack.

    Are either of these options feasible?

  74. Marko

    To be fair most clubs don’t ever plan for the January window it’s mostly used to boost the squad after injuries and other such emergencies. But this is Edu’s time to shine now and I’m interested in the type of players that he’ll be interested in. One would imagine how things have gone that we’ll be fairly busy

  75. Bamford10


    I don’t want to be a negative Nancy, but even if we see improvements in our play and in our organization, I don’t think we will see improved results unless we add a CM and a CB to the XI in the January window. Arteta can improve this group of players (collectively and individually) on the margins, but I don’t see them getting wins in the PL aside from against the bottom four teams.

    We badly need a CM and a CB in the January window. I hope Sanllehi, Edu and Arteta see this.

  76. Dissenter

    If Dayot Upamecano is signed then we are suddenly going to have a glut of central defenders.
    PapSok has one year left on his contract Jun 2021
    Mustafi has one year left on his contract Jun 2021
    David Silva is contracted till June 2021
    Holding is contracted till Jun 2023
    Mavros is contracted till June 2023
    Saliba is contracted till June 2024

    Surely we have to move out 2-3 in the summer. That number is not sustainable for a squad that has so many deficiencies elsewhere.

  77. Mics_

    Not to be pedantic, but I don’t think it’s the end of the decade? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t the end of the tenth year, 2020, be the end of the decade?

  78. Marko

    I’m not ruling out Rainier Jesus being signed. I’m telling you it could happen. In the past 8/9 months we’ve signed and registered two 18 year olds in Martinelli and Saliba and by the time they’re 21 they’ll be considered home grown. It’s not a coincidence there’s a clear strategy there and Rainier turns 18 mid January. Very possible we could sign him and loan him back to Flamengo for a season or two. It would be a clear example of a positive in the new management structure for me

  79. Cesc Appeal

    Be interesting if Guimaraes and Reinier do arrive, clearly Edu will be having a crucial input into transfers.

    Although Cagigao spotted Martinelli so it might just be a push into territory Arsenal have not really looked at before.

    Guimaraes, Reinier and Martinelli providing some samba flavour to our squad.

  80. Marko

    I’ve never understood why we have been so afraid of making moves in the South American market for years. Watching as the likes of Atletico, Benfica and Shaktar pick up and sell for big money top talent. I understand that the work permit rules are a little different in England but we have tried it before with the likes of Wellington Silva and Galindo before. It’s just that we used to target the really less likely/obvious types of talent under Arsene Wenger. Hopefully now we have a young and willing TD who listens to his South American scout instead of getting cold feet at the prospect of signings.

  81. Uwot?

    Like the cut of Artetas jib.ship out the shit & we’re cooking.a start would be turning over the hobbit & his mancs tomorrow.

  82. Gavqatar

    Awesome as always Pedro. Been coming here for the last 10 years (and probably a couple more on top to be fair). Looking forward to the next 10. Appreciate your efforts. Happy New Year 👍🏻

  83. Wayne

    Thank you pedro.
    It’s been brilliant reading your blogs, I’ve missed very few in the last 3 years, though I rarely leave a comment, your work is top notch & always with a bit of humour, keep up the good work & happy new year.

  84. Aussie Gooner

    Happy New Year from Western Australia!


    Yes the Mounties are here and quite a few others helping out from USA & Europe – the fires are pretty bad over East. Thank God here in the West we have had it easy with only a few isolated bush fires near by. I guess in the west we are used to extreme heat so not much grows anyway, unlike over east who are experiencing unprecedented hot weather and strong winds. My thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones and property.

  85. G

    “” You have to remember that when you look at top 4 as being a success( “trophy”)you are ultimately giving up on winning.””
    What people fail to realize because it suits.. Is AW made that comment because at that time he had fuck all to spend.. When we moved he was told to have a net spend of zero

  86. wattsy

    Left Field thinking buy Pucci from Norwich the guy scores for fun,just a natural striker , no need to buy a name, buy a guy who has proved he can do the job.

  87. Words on a Blog


    Arteta, who art in Arsenal
    Hallowed be thy name
    Thy kingdom come
    Thy will be done
    At Arsenal, as it was at City.
    Give us this day our daily sauce.
    And forgive us our Unai trespasses,
    As we forgive the Emeryistas amongst us
    And do lead us into temptation
    And deliver us to the Top 4
    For thine is the Kingdom of North London
    The power and the trophies.