Robbed, but the future is bright.

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Arsenal frittered away another 3 points against a top 6 side when they were downed by two late Chelsea goals. The result is very disappointing, the way it went down was very us, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many fans in that ground that weren’t happy with the way things are moving.

When it came down to it, there were some very fair mitigating circumstances the new manager was dealing with. We were missing Granit Xhaka, say what you will about him, he starts in this midfield. We were missing 3 full backs, plus Holding, Ceballos and Gabriel. That’s 7 players, which is a crisis. Then when we lost Cal Chambers, who was having a great game, and had to replace him with the absolutely dreadful Mustafi, well, you’re always going to struggle.

Both goals we conceded were very poor. I think the context, outside our limited set of players, was the amount of effort we were putting in. The players simply haven’t worked at that sort of level for a very long time, after 45 minutes, the energy levels noticeably dropped. In the second half that meant the players started to defend a lot deeper, which gave space for Chelsea to roam. We gave up our first goal from a hideous Bernd Leno error, he came racing out of his goal for a one-handed swipe at a cross, he missed, Jorginho was in at the back post for a finish he didn’t know much about. He’s been our best player this season, you just don’t expect that.

I don’t like to complain about reffing standards, but there’s no way Jorginho should have been on the pitch. In general, the tactical fouling on the halfway line was ignored by the ref for most of the day… arguably, if we’d been street smart enough, we’d have engaged in some of it for the second goal. Matteo G went for a header he was never going to win, he should have been sitting far deeper in my opinion, which is something I have no doubt will be fixed. Chelsea were allowed to run at us, Luiz and Mustafi dropped, and dropped, and dropped, the ball switched wide, Abrahams didn’t have Mustafi tight, he turned and put it past Leno. A shoddy piece of defending, but look, we’re not going to shake that in 2 weeks.

If there was a criticism to be had, I think it was about making aggressive subs a little earlier. Lacazette and Nelson weren’t offering much, I think there was a limited case to made that we could have brought on Pepe or John-Jules to bring more energy to the frontline. That said, when Pepe did come on, to watch and £80m winger spurn a chance because he couldn’t shift it onto his correct foot was quite depressing. Jules, well, an unknown quantity for a big game.

If we go to the first half, there was a lot more to be happy about. Firstly, the atmosphere is directly linked to what the fans are seeing on the pitch. We are energised by the efforts of the players, it’s fair to say the fans were buzzing for a large part of the game. Even after the game, there weren’t any boos, everyone respected the fight on show.

Arsenal were very compact. It was very refreshing to see our defenders a lot further up the pitch, people knew their positions, everyone was putting in a shift. I thought this new attitude was typified by the selfless performance of Auba. He held a very wide position all game and he actually tracked runners. A lot of people constantly rattle off the ‘not that sort of player’ line… well, Mesut Ozil and our best fox in the box are doing yards and making tackles now.

There wasn’t a whole lot of creation in the first half, but I think the purpose was more about containing Chelsea and nicking a goal where possible. Building from a solid foundation is what we’ve asked for over the years, we know we don’t need a lot of chances because we have elite finishers, so it was an interesting game from that purview.

I also thought we were very good in possession, again, it didn’t lead to much, but the passing in general was unrecognizable at times. We were seeing a different team that could move the ball out of the back fluidly, and shift the ball between the lines with relative ease. Chelsea were mostly chasing shadows for that opening 45, but what I loved is that were starting to reap the rewards of good off the ball positioning… Chelsea players were ratttled into making unforced errors just by where our players were positioned. Not perfect by any means, but you could see that we were difficult to attack.

Our goal came from a George Graham inspired setpiece. Cal Chambers, who is a beast in the air, nodded on for Auba at who was hunting in the box. It really was a shame he limped off with what looked like a serious injury.

A lot of people lay the genius of Chelsea at Frank Lampard’s feet when he switched Chelsea to a back 4 and brought on Jorginho. I’m not sure that was the difference-maker, I think Arsenal running out of steam was. When you’re tired, your body defaults… as a team, we defaulted to habits that Arteta hasn’t fully dealt with yet.

The game finished, but there were no boos. That was a heartening performance from a depleted team that’s about 2 weeks into a journey. We felt robbed, a bad feeling, but I didn’t expect to feel like that considering the circumstances. That’s a good sign.

I’m positive, I know most will expect me to be, but I think I’ve seen enough to know we’re heading in the right direction.

Arteta has taken over Arsenal in a chaotic fixture pile-up, with a broken squad, and very little confidence.

We’re seeing a huge amount of effort already. I read some people pondering whether Arsenal are capable of playing with intensity… absolutely. We’ve been playing with the handbrake on for well over a year, Arteta isn’t pushing Arsenal players to unachievable levels of effort, he’s bringing them up to a normal standard. It’s going to take time. We have a World Cup winning S&C coach who will be frontline shaping our intensity, we will be fine.  Key thing for me, I was unsure if Arteta would be able to motivate players to push themselves to breaking point, he can, that’s good news.

The players are responding well. I thought Luiz had an immense game, Torreira is playing like a proper DM, and Mesut Ozil has turned up for the second game in a row, Auba is defending, and AMN is looking very solid.

David Luiz had this to say.

“For me he will be one of the best coaches in the world,” Luiz said.

“I am lucky to have have had many good coaches in my career, he is intelligent, he is clever and I think he will be one of the best.

Sure, I can take that with a pinch of salt, but no one was saying this about Emery. My point here again is that the players are showing you they believe in Arteta with the effort, but they are saying they believe in his ideas, which is even more important. It takes time to learn a new way of playing. It took Klopp and Pep a while to bed in the way they wanted to play, it’ll take Mikel a while, but you’re seeing good signs.

I’m also positive that the manager can raise the level of the squad. We have good players, saying we don’t is lazy, it’s also usually peddled by people that liked Emery. We matched Chelsea fairly comfortably with 7 players missing, with a brand new manager… they’re 5 months into their project with a fully fit squad. We haven’t had proper fullbacks for two games, even the addition of Kola will help. Holding is going to be immensely welcome when he joins, a ball-playing centre back with athleticism. I’m sure Arteta will draw more from Ceballos and I’m pretty sure Martinelli is exactly the mould of player he wants in his side.

The second part of having fit players is being able to select from a bench. A lot of criticism was levelled for his subs yesterday, but really, how many game-changing options did he have? Pepe can’t get a start ahead of Nelson, we can keep hoping he’s the real deal, but all logical indicators point to him not being that player right now.

We’ve also lost our ‘ex-captain’ to Hertha Berlin. 1) This is his level 2) We will have to replace him. Hopefully we find someone with the power and pace he lacked. They also need to be able to pass. That signing needs to be a game-changer, there has to be a good plan there.

Results have to come, they will come, but there need to be a level of realism. We’re in the most intense part of the season with a new manager who is having to communicate most of his ideas in meetings and one on ones. Still, we’re seeing the beginnings of an identity, which is what we all wanted. The players are fighting for the club, something we’ve not seen for years. Fans in the stadium are backing the approach, lots of positive sentiment during and after the game. Good things will come, the next 6 weeks will be rough, but we are moving towards something very exciting.

Right, see you all in the comments. x


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  1. Valentin

    I like the fact that the scouting department for the academy is being revamped with arrival of that ManCity young scout.
    However I would also hear more about change in the coaching staff and a bigger emphasis made on the defending side of the game.
    Like I have repeated numerous time Arsenal not producing a single premiership quality CB since the days of George Graham is systemic failure. One defensive midfielder (Isaac Hayden) playing regularly in the top division is further proof of that ingrained neglect. I don’t consider Coquelin, and others as real products of the academy as they have been purchased when already in or near the first team of their purchased club.

  2. habesha gooner

    Dejan Kulusevski is about to sign for Juventus. Surely someone has to leave now from the Juventus midfield. Can and Rabiot are the ones with the most to lose considering sarri likes Pjanic Matuidi and Bentancur. Even Ramsey had more taste of first team football than both. Whoever they are willing to let go we need to get.

  3. azed

    Right now this Arsenal team can’t play 90 minutes at the intensity that Arteta wants. You may not like it, but that’s a fact that Arteta readily acknowledges.


    You said Emery under trained the players but still haven’t shown any proof.

    If Arteta wants the players to run more, how is that Emery’s fault?
    Was Emery supposed to train the players to Arteta’s stand?

    Bottom line is you LIED. Be a man and own up.

  4. habesha gooner

    One name arsenal fans don’t think about is Felipe Anderson. A very good attacking midfielder who can also play as a winger. I would love it if we were to sign him to replace Ozil.

  5. Valentin

    Rabiot may be the better footballer, but Emre Can is the better suited to the EPL. He is a fighter not afraid to put his foot in. He also already know the EPL, so outside of the conditioning due to his Italian mid season break, he could be nearly immediately ready for us.

  6. CG

    I just state the Truth. A.J

    Gets me into a lot of trouble though

    We aren’t really 6 points of the bottom 3, mind.

    We have not really lost 4 home games in a row for the first time since 1959 too.

    We have not really won 1 game in 15.

    Raul didn’t really arrive at Arsenal when we were 5th and are now 12th….and spend 1/4 of a billion.

    Pepe is wonderful too.

    I off course made that all up.

    But we have Steve Round to coach us.
    Wonder if Moyes goes in for his old mate?

    Man Utd and and Rashford coming to The Emirates Wednesday.

    Loose that and that will 5 home defeats in a row…… worst since ????

  7. azed

    This was your post Valentin

    Last season Emery overtrained and overused the same players resulting in injuries during the winter month.
    This year, he changed the conditioning to a lower regime and the result is that the players are 70 minutes players. Past the 80 minutes mark, they all suffers from cramps and can’t run. That was already the case when Emery was still here. Today we could see that Saka could not run. The fact that a 18 years old boy can be over ridden of cramp when his much older direct opposite winger is still running is entirely due to poor conditioning.
    Team like Burnley run more on average than Arsenal yet none of their players collapse after 70 minutes.
    Arteta will need 4~6 weeks to have his change fully integrated by the squad but he will also have to change the training regime.
    Emery has really left us a complete mess.

  8. Ishola70

    habesha gooner
    “but if it were for the long term Rabiot would suit arteta’s style than Can”

    It won’t be for the long term.

    He will be on a very big wage at Juventus

    And what style do you speak of relating to Rabiot?

    Dandy style?

    He strolls around the pitch. Strolls.

  9. Valentin


    Let’s agree to disagree.
    You are not arguing anything that make sense, just complain that I dared say that Emery left us in a mess.
    Arteta is also arguing that the team is not fit for 90 minutes of his high intensity football. Who do you think he is blaming for that sorry state? Himself, Freddie or the conditioning guy from the previous regime?
    Having a go at me for share his opinion does not change the fact. This team is not fit enough to play 90 minutes of high intensity football.

  10. Ishola70

    It’s crazy isn’t it.

    We talk of Xhaka not being good enough off the ball and now some are championing Rabiot.

    Let’s be clear. Rabiot falls again into this luxury department.

    I thought we wanted to get rid of these type of players.

    Looks nice when he is in the mood. Other times too much nonchalance about his play.

  11. habesha gooner

    I really don’t think people who say Rabiot is like Xhaka have seen enough of him. He really is good at holding on to the ball and progressing play. He is not defensively poor either. He 7sedbto play as a DM for PSG some times He also contributes further forward. It would be like having a better kovacic. He is not Lazy. He just needs the right management.

  12. Ishola70


    Rabiot has more facets to his game than Xhaka for sure but he is still too nonchalant in his play too many times.

    And it’s not a coaching issue.

    It’s his character.

  13. Valentin

    I am not so sure that Rabiot would be a better fit to Arteta style of play longer term tan Emre Can.

    Listening to his interview, it looks like Arteta is not so attached to possession football than Pep. reading his past says I would surmise that he wants a style more likely to be a mix of Klop and Pep. Less based on possession and more vertical, quicker going for goals.
    In that style Emre Can may be closer to the type of football that Arteta wants. Rabiot is a 8 who dreams to be a 10. But I don’t think that long term Arsenal will want to use a regular 10.

  14. Marko

    Juve bid for Dejan Kulusevski. Another club making a shrewd progressive move. Meanwhile at Arsenal Arteta is trying to convince Xhaka to stay and fans are suggesting players like Fleck and waiting for the summer before having our pick of the relegated players.

  15. Ishola70


    “Listening to his interview, it looks like Arteta is not so attached to possession football than Pep. reading his past says I would surmise that he wants a style more likely to be a mix of Klop and Pep. Less based on possession and more vertical, quicker going for goals.”

    Don’t say that Valentin.

    You’ll crush the dreams of some posters on here lol

  16. bennydevito

    I really don’t think Rabiot is what we need at all. Another luxury player in the mould of Ozil is the last thing we need.

  17. Valentin

    Arteta is his own man. He may have worked with Pep, but that does not mean that he share exactly the same philosophy.
    They have been raised in Barcelona, but Arteta has spend most of his playing career in leagues that were a lot more competitive and physical than la Liga.
    I don’t think people will be disappointed if Arteta has his own style. What most fans want is a successful and enjoyable football. Few if any are bound to specific tactics. Unless of course Arteta decide to become the Spanish version of Allardyce and Tony Pulis.

  18. Ishola70

    Well the headline is misleading for a start.

    One of the best midfielders in europe but who can’t pin down a first team place at teams for a few years now.

    But yeah he is misunderstood.

  19. Champagne charlie


    Felipe Anderson is a good player, only trouble is West Ham paid circa 40 mil and they don’t sell cheap. Is he that good for our needs? Not for me. Grealish the better option from Villa, younger and more traits that suit us imo.

    Rabiot and Xhaka getting put in the same category now, absolutely mind blowing…

    oh wait, I see who said as much…

    as you were.

  20. Valentin


    Rabiot has been played as a 8, sometimes as a 6 by most coaches, but he has made clear that wants to play as No10.
    Most of the tension between PSG and Rabiot came from that refusal to accept that he is a 8 and his agent’s mother inflated view of his worth.
    His stats show exactly that. His defensive stats and pre-assists are very good for a 8, while his goal scoring and assists stats are not good for a 10.

  21. Ishola70

    habesha gooner
    “Any one seen Bruno Guimaraes live? is he any good? there are some links to him aswell.”

    No but there will be a few on here that pretend they have lol.

    I’ve only seen highlights of him.

    Again he has far more facets to his game than Xhaka.

    Don’t know how good he really is defensively though.

    I’d rather take a plunge on Guimarães though than Rabiot.

  22. habesha gooner

    Isohola 70 who would you like us to target as a midfield reinforcement?
    Charlie yeah they paid 42 mil, 26 and in his prime. He has had absolutely outstanding games for them though.

  23. Marko

    Filipe Anderson would be a great signing. Wasted at West Ham. Not a priority though. Maybe West Ham can get relegated and we can talk about nabbing him and Haller

  24. Valentin


    From Xhaka camp it is clear that Arteta is willing to let Xhaka go in the summer, just not right now.
    I am firmly in the camp that Xhaka is unsuited for the EPL, but I also firmly believe that letting him go without a proper replacement is suicidal.
    I perfectly understand Arteta position on the subject. I think that most reasonable fans would also.

  25. Ishola70

    habesha gooner
    “who would you like us to target as a midfield reinforcement?”

    It’s most likely to be a loan so as a few others have said I would prefer to see Can come in until the end of the season than Rabiot.

    Longer term and in the future why not this Guimarães. Get a deal done now that will see him arrive this coming summer. As said seen only highlights of him but he looks like he could have a bit of the Casemiro’s about him.

  26. Champagne charlie

    Marc if your estimation of a coach is based on his decision to keep a player you dislike it says a lot more about you than him.

    Arteta won’t suffer for the sake of a player, he wants Xhaka for the now, the summer is entirely different. You’re another that needs to suspend his petty axe against this or that player and let the managers decisions and actions bear whatever fruit.

  27. habesha gooner

    Valentin, You see Rabiot is a very good 8 though. I think he would improve our midfield. Him and torriera would be as creative and as solid as a CM pairing can become. Ishola 70 I like can too. He is a physical CM. he would improve us too. whichever we pick it would be better than Xhaka.

  28. Marc

    Cc / Valentin

    None of us know who we could get as a replacement in Jan – even a loan.

    Sorry but the only thing Xhaka brings is 1 good (by his usual standards) performance a season on average and a cluster of major fuck ups.

    His piss poor attitude, disrespect to the fans and general lack of being able to cope in the PL means that keeping him is a seriously bad idea.

    I don’t form opinions on players because I personally like them or that they are “trendy”.

    If anyone needs to see why Xhaka should go re watch the Nelson substitution on Sunday – that should tell you everything you need to know. A kid showing up the Club Captain on how you should do the basics.

  29. Champagne charlie


    Yea, you’re clearly riding your vendetta against him hard because he told you to fuck off. The irony of such snowflake behaviour.

    Yes, Xhaka drops one good performance per season and the rest of the time it’s fuckups. Sounds entirely like it.

    Do as you please mate, adjusting your view of Arteta because he picks a player you don’t like is about as embarrassing a position to take as I can think. You’re welcome to it.

  30. Marc


    I didn’t even know he’d sworn at the fans until the next day, that was just petulance . If you think that’s what pissed me off you’re so off the truth it’s a joke.

    As I said re watch the Nelson sub on Sunday.

  31. Valentin

    Rabiot is a good 8, but I am not sure that he suited to the EPL. He may be tall, but he does not like physical confrontation. I would also question his temperament. He has the bad habit of reacting to being kicked, which he would on a regular basis in the EPL.

  32. Marc


    “He has the bad habit of reacting to being kicked, which he would on a regular basis in the EPL.”

    If that’s the case as soon as opposition teams realised he reacts badly they’d spend the first 15 minutes kicking the shit out of him.

  33. Dissenter

    Arteta will be daft to let a functional midfielder like Xhaka leave without knowing who the replacement will be.
    I think he’s handled the Arteta situation excellently. He’s talking up the player he has available.

  34. Champagne charlie


    You’re holding up Nelson being subbed as some virtuous stance for condemning Xhaka. I don’t care much how a player is subbed, I care that a player can contribute to us winning games and potentially winning the EL.

    Xhaka can do that, whereas not having him means we have to find a replacement. If there is one, like Rabiot, then I’ve already stated I’m all for it. But this absolute bollocks about ridding ourselves of Xhaka whatever the weather is utterly embarrassing.

    Even more so altering a view of the manager because he dare want players on hand that can help him achieve his immediate goals. But you sit there true to your convictions because Reiss Nelson exited the pitch better than Xhaka that one time.

  35. Valentin


    Arteta is not a fool. He wants Xhaka to stay now because he knows that he needs him now. There is no way we should be relying on just Guendouzi and Torreira staying fit and not receiving a ban until the end of the season.
    See what decision Arteta takes next summer.
    Plus maybe Arteta may succeed in transforming Xhaka into a decent EPL worth a lot more in July!

  36. Marc


    OK you clearly don’t know what I’m talking about when I say reference the Nelson substitution – why not ask what I mean rather than try to take the high road as if you know everything?

  37. Dissenter

    Publicly saying he hopes he stays is the best way because his exit is not as easy as it seems.
    The buying club has to meet our valuation and then we have to sign a replacement, not that easy in January.
    He has to find a way to get the best out of him if he’s still here by the end of the window.

  38. Champagne charlie


    There’s no high road. Didn’t Nelson come off at the nearest available spot so we got on with the game quicker?

    Do tell.

  39. Marc


    I do not believe that there isn’t a player out there who we could bring in either on loan or as a permanent signing in Jan who wouldn’t offer more than Xhaka does.

  40. Marc


    Exactly – so a kid had the nous to do that whilst Xhaka ambled off half way across the pitch when we were chasing a result.

    Remind who was Captain at the time? Remind who should be setting the example to the other players?

    Fuck me Chambers was moving faster with an injury that almost required a stretcher than Xhaka did.

    Xhaka is a liability – let’s make the scouts and Sanllehi earn their money this Jan.

  41. Valentin


    That was exactly one of the issue he had first at Toulouse (which people overlook because of his young age) but also at PSG.
    His arrogant attitude also has the habit of annoying opponents who were more than willing to kick him or wind him up.
    Unless 6 months in Italy has calm him down, I can only see that being worse in the EPL.

  42. Marc


    I agree with your comment in principle but Xhaka is so far up his won arse that if we refuse a bid his petulance – something we’ve already seen will hit new heights.

    He was fucking useless when he was happy – fuck knows what we’ll get if he’s pissed off he’s been forced to stay.

  43. Champagne charlie


    So I understand exactly what you were angling at then…

    Why don’t you just let the manager be the manager and see how it plays out instead of changing tact based on what actions you think he should take?

    This nonsense about estimations going down if he doesn’t sell Xhaka in Jan is entirely driven by personal dislike. HE wants him here to fulfill immediate goals, that should be the end of it but the modern fan thinks he’s within his rights to chirp up about literally everything.

    Also, let Nelson succumb to the pressure and abuse Xhaka got before that eruption of emotion, it’s such a flaccid argument. Say whatever you like about Xhaka in terms of ability, but he’s been a model pro at Arsenal 99% of his tenure (corroborated by numerous on the training ground) and you’re trying to equate him entirely to that one outburst. It’s petty.

  44. Marc


    I don’t get how posters on here can watch matches in such detail, produce such scrutiny and then tell me that we can’t get even a loan player in in Jan who could replace what Xhaka does.

    If he’s denied his move that he clearly wants his performances will get worse – and I struggle to even get my head round what that would entail.

  45. Champagne charlie


    Did you see Sarri’s comments about Rabiot being introverted which he hinted hadn’t helped his integration into the Juve squad?

    Found them A) a bit odd to be publicly shared, B) kind of surprising given the chat about Rabiot as a strong personality in previous exchanges aired through the media.

  46. Marc


    ” that should be the end of it but the modern fan thinks he’s within his rights to chirp up about literally everything.”

    Well firstly kettle and pot. Secondly I couldn’t give a shit if he got on the stadium sound system and personally called me a cunt – I care about performances and he’s awful.

    If you think I’m reacting to him saying “fuck off” get a grip. He’s a truly awful footballer who is a liability and will cost us in so many ways if he stays.

    You’d keep him till the summer – you’re stark raving bonkers.

    An opinion you’re allowed to have just the same as I’m allowed to want him gone – forever.

  47. Champagne charlie


    And there it is in a nutshell, you don’t like him so all balanced views are out the window and he’s a footballer with no redeeming quality whatsoever.

    Must’ve been sheer luck that he’s been our best passer since being at the club, most passes, most forward passes, most passes through the lines. He was easily among our best performers in the last two games, mitigating circumstances for that naturally blah blah.

  48. Marc


    The only thing Xhaka been best at in the three and a half seasons he’s been with us is player most likely to fuck it up.

    If he was great why wouldn’t I like him? If Xhaka was a hangman he’d use a 30 foot rope on a 20 foot gallows.

    If you really need to know how bad he is ask a few Spud supporters if they think we should keep him?

  49. Champagne charlie

    “You’d keep him till the summer – you’re stark raving bonkers.“

    And no… I’ve said id be rid of him, I’ve just said he needs replaced in Jan or it would be stupid to sell him before then. Which is what I imagine Arteta thinks if I read between the lines of his assessment of the situation around him.

  50. Marc


    Yes we would need to bring in another player if he goes – the difference between us is you think getting a replacement will be difficult – I don’t.

    Getting a top quality long term CM is another story. Xhaka is like a bucket with a dozen holes in it – technically a bucket with 6 holes is a huge improvement.

  51. Ishola70


    “Must’ve been sheer luck that he’s been our best passer since being at the club, most passes, most forward passes, most passes through the lines”

    No it’s not sheer luck.

    It’s because 99% of Arsenal’s play in first/second transition on the ball is through Granit Xhaka.

    This also makes Arsenal one dimensional and predictable.

    We were talking about Man City earlier.

    Their midfield play is light years ahead of Arsenal because they have the combination passing play between several players in the midfield.

    No relying on one midfielder for them.

  52. Champagne charlie


    I didn’t say he was great, I’m just not going to flat earth a player because he doesn’t get me reaching for the hand cream.

    Xhaka is the best passer we have in midfield, he’s one of the best passers from deep in the league. Those things don’t suddenly make him great, he’s got warts that are well documented.

    But ridding yourself of a player with those characteristics mid-season when nobody else compares is simply not smart. I’ve not even bothered talking about a potential upturn in performance levels under Arteta (as we’re seeing from some players). Just look at the stats from his last two games here and tell me we’ve got oodles of options that can compare.

    Do you want to win the EL this season? I do, and if Xhaka can help even 5% then fuck off to any sale if its not what Arteta wants.

  53. PhD2020

    MarcDecember 30, 2019 21:58:57
    ” he’s a footballer with no redeeming quality whatsoever. ”That’s actually not true – he wants to leave.Halle fucking lujah
    I wish you would do away with the blaspheming..

    It’s horrible, you old decrepit whinge bag.. 🙂

  54. Champagne charlie

    “Yes we would need to bring in another player if he goes – the difference between us is you think getting a replacement will be difficult – I don’t.“

    Humour me and name some of these players that are available.

    I’m absolutely on board to replacing him, I want Rabiot.

  55. PhD2020

    I see Perez Hilton aka Bumford has been keeping a low profile these days, whilst still popping up to bang the same drum about player poverty..

    Just a matter of time before he spreads his poison..Give it another week or so..He’ll soon be up and running in full flight mode launching his bile in your direction.

  56. Slade

    Emery Can would be a great signing, but, I would rather sign Rabiot so Valentin can start every comment with “I told you so” for the next 6 months.

  57. Mr Serge

    Hillwood Lille only played Pepe on the right of a three most of his goals were cutting in after outpacing s player and scoring with his left

  58. PhD2020

    Arsenal is screwed as a club…
    Don’t know of any club,that has a monopoly on lowering expectations over the last decade or so,whilst the fans take the baloney fed to them by the hierarchy..

    First, it was I’ll take second place for the next 20 years under Arsene.

    Then,it was Top 4 is a trophy,the fans swallowed that also.

    Followed by us being out of CL for almost three seasons..Finishing out of the top 4.And the fans resigned to taking this up the anal rectum.

    Now,we are at that juncture,where we could possibly be in a relegation dogfight.And the fans are now saying,well,let’s just write off this season.First things,first.Let’s remain the EPL.
    Screw Europa,let’s hit the reset next season..


    My,my,my..Look how far the bar has fallen…
    And people are squabbling over player recruitment,coaches hired,the mess left by Arsene,etc,etc..

    Just wondered,if failure of leadership, accountability, ambition,etc,etc at the highest level might have something to do with,where we are at now-non?

    Think about it,for a nanosecond…
    You reap what you sow…

  59. Apeman

    First time commenter long time reader .

    You lost me at suggesting John-Jules should have come on for Laca. Come on man.

    I saw loads of positives from this game but please dont be an apologist for everything that went wrong. Arteta looks like he will come good, bur just because you backed him from early doesnt mean you have to justify every error that happened.

  60. PhD2020

    Quite shocking reading that comment from Saka,about Arteta teaching them the basics about when to release the ball,etc,etc.

    I was in shock.I mean this is stuff that is taught at high school level.And even if it is not,it is something that is instinctive,if not logical.

    Makes you wonder what do they teach them at the Arsenal Academy and even still,what does the 1st team do for practice in training?

    I mean,is it simply jumpers for goal posts they’ve been indulging in for about the last decade or so?

  61. alexanderhenry


    Quite right.
    A depressing assessment but I don’t know what other conclusion any fan can reach really.

    The only hope is that Arteta turns out to be some kind of genius.

  62. Champagne charlie


    The foundation’s of football have been absent a good long while at the club. It was assumed/expected that a modern manager like Emery would driver that on the most basic level. The fact he never speaks to just how poor a choice he was given our needs.

    Huge sense of relief and confidence knowing Arteta is working from the very ground up and not taking anything for granted at the club. Perhaps that’s his prior knowledge coming to the fore? Either way, sad indictment, but duly needed correcting.

  63. Gentlebris

    ‘Man Utd and and Rashford coming to The Emirates Wednesday. Loose that and that will 5 home defeats in a row…… worst since ????’

    The boys brigade here would just make more excuses…..that’s all. Like most of them did for Emery until they turned on him.

    Arsenal fans are great, most don’t believe in avoiding a disaster but would cry and cry when things go wrong.

    I pray we don’t lose the next two games, because if we do, you are gonna see some serious 360s on Arteta here.

  64. Gentlebris

    ‘Emery Can would be a great signing, but, I would rather sign Rabiot so Valentin can start every comment with “I told you so” for the next 6 months.’

    Emery Can?

    Must be Unai Emery’s son.

  65. Marko

    Arsenal will provide Mikel Arteta with funds in next month’s transfer window to plug the defence. The club are prioritising a centre back. RB Leipzig’s Dayot Upamecano is high on their list and the German club could be persuaded to sell for around £40m. (@SamiMokbel81_DM)

  66. Bamford10

    Yes, be sure to listen when “Champagne Charlie” talks about football. He told Le Grove that Arsenal have a “top four caliber squad” and that Leicester City do not have the quality of any of “the big six”.

    Leicester are second in the PL and 18 points above 12th place Arsenal.

    Charlie will blame the above, of course, on Unai Emery, but this not a claim that stands up to any serious scrutiny. Charlie’s takes on football are as sound as his use of apostrophes.

  67. PhD2020

    Champagne charlieDecember 30, 2019 22:42:17/Alexander Henry

    PhDThe foundation’s of football have been absent a good long while at the club. It was assumed/expected that a modern manager like Emery would driver that on the most basic level. The fact he never speaks to just how poor a choice he was given our needs.
    Hiring Emery or Arteta,is just papering over the cracks..

    There are fundamental or structural issues that need to be addressed.

    I don’t think it is by mere accident,we find ourselves where we are..Almost the possibility of being sucked into a relegation dog fight.

    This ,has been a long time coming.Arteta can only do so much..Taking a pen knife to a gun fight..

    At the root of this,is the hierarchy.An absentee owner with no clear vision,blueprint of how to take the club forward,in terms of competing at the highest level.

    All this talk of having a modern structure in place,was a reactionary move forced upon us.Most clubs around Europe,already had this modern structure already in place.We were always behind the curve,just playing catch up,in order to consolidate our position at the time(top 4).
    Look,where we are now..?

    All in all, where we currently are at ,is a reflection of the lack of leadership,accountability and ambition.This filters down to the players..

    This is the culture of the club,do enough to sustain us in the EPL and possible yearly sojourns into a Europen Cup Competition,thus safeguarding our cushy positions..Anything else achieved over and above the remit is a bonus..No pressure,no cut throat environment.Just a fornicating baby creche.

    Mediocrity at it’s best.Yet,we can’t even do that right.
    Now, it’s a survival dog fight,and to be honest these guys are a bunch of homers/bottlers.

    Don’t think they will have the backbone to weather the storm,if we are unable to string a few wins together.
    The longer that goes on,the worse it will get.Our only saving grace is, if this scenario were to happen,would be that the teams below us,perform just as badly,if not worse than us.

    How damning the situation!!

    All in all,what we are seeing now,is a consequence of lack of leadership,accountability,ambition and vision by the hierarchy.

    I saw this coming a few years ago.Think,I might have mentioned it before on here.During Arsene’s last season I think.I got odds back then of 150/1 to be relegated.
    Unfortunately,would not wish to see it happen this season or ever,but I would not be entirely surprised should it come to pass.The writing is on the wall.

    Hinging the future of Arsenal club on a novice manager in Arteta is foolhardy, when the real issue is the guys above him.

    As long as they remain,we will always be papering over the cracks,whilst the house that Jack built,slowly starts to crumble, possibly culminating in a total collapse.

  68. Bamford10

    Champagne also told us about how much he was looking forward to Lacazette returning to the XI, about how much Lacazette’s return to the XI would bring Arsenal.

    How has that worked out?

    Lacazette has been fucking gash.

    Lacazette is short, slow, unreliable and inconsistent in his finishing, and average in pretty much every respect. Yet along with Xhaka, Lacazette is one of the players Champagne has championed most.

    Neither would start for a single top ten PL team today.

  69. Valentin


    Yes, Pepe was used on the right with Lille by Christophe Galthier. The previous season under Marcelo Bielsa he was tried as central striker, but it was not so successful. Lille was nearly relegated and Bielsa was sacked and saved by Galthier who the following season helped Lille finished 2nd and qualify for the Champion’s League.
    Christophe Galthier has a very specific way of coaching. He prefers to teach his players precise predetermined attacking team moves that they will practice until it become second nature. For example when playing a counter-attacking move after an opposition corners players will know exactly what to do at incredible speed, making his team very efficient in those situations.
    Galthier team can be devastating under some specific circumstances. Also his method can make average players look much better than they are under normal circumstances. Like a guitarist who knows a few riff very well but can’t actually read music sheets.
    Pepe’s role was to be on the right. Their main striker was used as anchor point so Pepe could do 1-2 give away move and score from his left foot coming from the right. Another regular move was Jonathan Bamba overlapping on the left to the byline and giving a cut back to Pepe to the penalty point to score from. The same way ManCity and Sterling score a lot of goal with him unmarked in front of the goal.

  70. Pierre

    “ValentinYou said Emery under trained the players but still haven’t shown any proof.”

    What proof are you looking for ….

    Secret videos taken undercover at London Conley.
    An interview with Emery admitting his crime.

  71. Bamford10


    “Just a matter of time before he spreads his poison.”

    Since when did the truth become “poison”? Don’t worry, I get it: the truth is always poison to the bad man, the dishonest man.

  72. PhD2020

    And up pops Perez Hilton..

    Brace yourselves folks…

    Be careful in responsding to him.Should you disagree with him,he’s likely to sneer at your comments,followed by embarking on a smearing campaign, culminating in him snitching on you also.Like he snitched on Pedro..

    Should call Perez Hilton -Triple S also..(Sneerer, Smearer and the Snitcher).

  73. Bamford10


    Yeah, this guy is seriously bizarre. If I thought he lived anywhere near me, I’d look into filing a restraining order of some kind.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    Upamecano rumours picking up now.

    Could just be recycled stories but we will see.

    He’s a very athletic CB, some holes in his defensive game to sure up but critically he uses the ball well as a CB which is going to be key to Arteta’s strategy.

    I also think a move for Can would be smart. Always liked him as a player, one of those decent all round type midfielders.

    As long as the price was right for him.

    A January window of Upamecano and Can would actually be pretty smart, stabilising. Adds some athleticism to the side and by March time we will know what to be looking for in the summer if that has all stuck.

    Saliba obviously arriving as well in June.

  75. PhD2020

    Bamford10December 30, 2019 23:14:29
    PhD“Just a matter of time before he spreads his poison.”Since when did the truth become “poison”? Don’t worry, I get it: the truth is always poison to the bad man, the dishonest man.
    Says Perez Hilton, who went on social media trying to discredit Pedro to his journalistic friends.Simply because he banned you.

    Man,you have some balls though..No shame whatsoever.

    You basically tried to take food away from Pedro’s table,by trying to smear him to his professional colleagues.
    Going on a rival site to continue your smearing campaign of Pedro..

    What happened,they soon got tired of your ways and kicked you off that site also?

    And then after you did the damage,begged for him relentlessly to be let back on..

    I think you should simply fornicate off dude.You are what we would call a bottom feeder…To put it politely.

    Have a good night..

  76. Gentlebris

    £72m smartly spent would solve a lot of problems…..even in this crazy market.

    Imagine a very smart fella taking that bread to Brazil, Portugal and Argentina.

    But we spent all of it on one of the hypes of the summer!

    Great management…..but let’s ignore all of that and debate whether Can is better than Rabiot.

  77. RockyRoe

    From the article

    David Luiz had this to say.
    “For me he will be one of the best coaches in the world,” Luiz said.
    “I am lucky to have have had many good coaches in my career, he is intelligent, he is clever and I think he will be one of the best.

    Sure, I can take that with a pinch of salt, but no one was saying this about Emery.

    Pedro, is it a lack of research or your rose tinted glasses or do you think no one but you has access to google?

    Here is what Bellerin had to say about UE

    Arsenal “feels like a new club” on the watch of head coach Unai Emery and his “very detailed” and “very professional tactics,” which are a far cry from the methods of predecessor Arsene Wenger, according to right-back Hector Bellerin.

    Here is Sokratis saying UE is a better coach than anyone he has ever had

    Arsenal defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos believes Unai Emery has done more for his development in a single season than former mentors Jurgen Klopp and Massimiliano Allegri.
    “He’s the best coach I [have] had in my career,” the 30-year-old told The Guardian

    It took me maybe 3 mins to pull those up. Players when asked about their coaches on record will hardly ever say anything blatantly negative, it doesn’t take a degree to figure that out. But in your attempt to clutch at non existing straws you are now resorting to fabrication.

    Sure we had a decent game in the 1st half and i don’t disagree with you that the rub of the green seems to be going against us, but damn man, don’t resort to half truths and blatant lies to claim a point.

  78. Marko

    CA I can see it happening. 18 months left, rumours of them having a replacement lined up and Konate and Orban back after the winter break. Also he missed the beginning of the season and no injury was cited so it would seem that perhaps he wasn’t happy that he didn’t get his move to Arsenal late last window.

    I personally would love him. Very assured very intelligent defender with excellent ball skills. Great prospect.

  79. Gentlebris

    Bamford must have hurt PhD bad, he can’t seem to let go.

    The absolute explosion when you are obsessed with a crazy fella like the Bam.

  80. Cesc Appeal



    £40 Million isn’t that bad at all in this market either.

    Very likely 3 CBs are sold as well in January/summer with a new CB recruit in January and then Saliba arriving in the summer.

    Likely Mavropanos, Mustafi and Sokratis who will be sold.

    If we can get £10-15 Million for the lot of them than Upamecano’s fee looks even better with long term vision at £25-30 Million net for the CB position.

  81. Gentlebris

    ‘Pedro, is it a lack of research or your rose tinted glasses or do you think no one but you has access to google?’

    When it comes to Arteta, you can’t save Pedro from excessive illusions. Pedro has been ultimately enrolled…….there is no helping him.

  82. Cesc Appeal

    Upamecano and Can and then as others have said, picking up Deulofeu in the summer if we can get a good price if indeed Watford go down would be a good move.

    Allows us to focus our summer money on a CAM and RB if the signings have worked out.

    I think if we land those two in January then Arteta has enough to play with especially when players return from injury to climb the table a little and restore confidence to then have a real go at the Europa League.

    As shit as this season has been even if we finish 8th in May a Europa League win totally changes the picture.

    Enormous chance for Arteta to turn himself into an instant hero in May and for Pedro to get some kind of face tattoo.

  83. Valentin


    Yes I have read some of Sarri’s comment. Looking at French and English translation of the same interview is funny because the mental aspect is not presented the same way.
    Having to learn the language, a completely different culture and environment and living for the first time away from his family may have been a shock for Rabiot.
    More than an introvert, in France journalist presents him as a loner who like to be with his family. Despite spending nearly all his career at PSG, he was never close to people there, so expecting him to be immediately open and friendly at Juventus was always unrealistic.
    I also think that not

  84. Valentin


    Watching BBC press review, your blood will boil as newspaper have a big article on Greta. According to her father activism helped her coping with her diagnostic of Asperger’s syndrom. Working on saving the planet helps save her.

  85. Champagne charlie


    I’d stick to lecturing 10 year olds on poetry, your football patter has long caused raucous laughter on both here and Twitter.

    – 10th best squad in the league
    – Emery overachieved and not at fault
    – Calvert-Lewin/Richarlison better than Auba/Laca
    – OGS and United excellent
    – Lacazette wouldn’t start for a top 10 PL club

    All this spanning just the past few weeks….minutes in some cases.

    You’ve a cheek to comment on Phd too btw, you never have any answers to me when you’re questioned or engaged on a particular topic – but here you waltz in to cast aspersions.

    Guess this is part of your ‘less argumentative’ guise in which you’ve returned? Personally I think you’re the same jumped up Ted Haggard doppelgänger that floats about here hoping to own the space because you’re a subordinate to a faculty of women day-to-day and this is your man-flex.

  86. Champagne charlie


    That’s a bit of a questionable character trait possibly then. He’s gifted AF, but you do wonder what’s held him back quite so much.

  87. Marko

    Jaime with impeccable sources has to be said.

    Rabiot is 24 with over 20 appearences for PSG. He’s a cocky shit who doesn’t get along with Deschamps otherwise he’d have more caps for France

  88. Ernest Reed

    “Yeah, this guy is seriously bizarre. If I thought he lived anywhere near me, I’d look into filing a restraining order of some kind.”

    You never change, do you Bamford. You really are a seriously disturbed individual, not altogether there is putting it mildly. Why Pedro allowed you back on can only be attributed to seasonal goodwill, but you’ll manage to wear out that courtesy as well.

    Here’s the difference – If you lived anywhere near me, I’d ignore you.

  89. Aussie Gooner

    Not sold on Rabiot, used to be, but he has failed to progress and does not show the fight to compete in a league like EPL. I think he would find the attentions of some defenders on a cold night ‘up North’ too much to handle! We are crying out for players with physical and mental strength, energy (who will not run out of steam after 30 minutes!) and skill. Not a lot to ask for I know but other clubs seem to unearth gems from all over the place – why can’t we? It is no use waiting until they are established players as they will be well out of our budget range by that stage!

    Football is a very simple game – to win you need to score more goals than you concede! Forget all your stats for possession, number of passes, kms travelled etc. They stand for nothing if you don’t have the players to score goals (forwards), defend goals (defenders) and transition from defence to attack (midfielder). There I hope that explains the situation to some on here!

    All this talk of moving players on and buying new stellar players in this window is BS and we all know this – let’s not kid ourselves. The squad will look pretty similar after the window closes as it does now. Maybe a few loans in/out if we are lucky. The Krankies won’t invest, other teams will not pay top dollar for our unwanted cast offs and there is little sign of our scouting team unearthing some cheap gems in this window. In fact our worldwide scouting footprint has been reduced in recent years and now relies heavily on amateur word of mouth rather than paid professional input.

  90. China1

    Re those crazy saka comments about learning basics, you have to remember most of these young players will have been raised under wenger years preparing them for a career under him

    Which means you’d expect the extent of the tactical and strategic education our kids got was ‘express yourself’ and given a formation in which to do it

    I really doubt when the first team barely had a plan that the kids were being taught much

  91. Tony

    Dayot & Partey as many have said here will make a huge difference to the rest of our season:

    This from the DM the morning.

    “Arsenal lining up Dayot Upamecano as Mikel Arteta’s first signing to shore up leaky defence – and RB Leipzig could be persuaded by £40m January bid

    New Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is hunting a new centre-back in January

    Red Bull Leipzig youngster Dayot Upamecano is high on Arteta’s wish list

    Calum Chambers’ knee injury has accelerated the need for a new defender

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is stalling on a contract extension at the Emirates ”

  92. Dark Hei

    Rocky Roe

    Here is what I will say about Emery.

    His reactive, no discernible personality style of football is totally unsuited to the mercurial attacking talents within this football club.

    He might be indeed the world’s greatest coach but setting up a squad and having a vision of it are different skill sets from pure coaching.

  93. Tony

    Reported that Auba wants CL football next season so maybe his stand out performance against Chelsea was nothing more than Auba putting himself in the shop window for January.

  94. Dark Hei


    I think Wenger’s emphasis is on technique first over tactics and formation. Which is why guys like AMN, Saka, Willock can play multiple positions.

    But you bring up an interesting and relevant point. Should Big Per raise these kids to play football with Arteta’s vision in mind? Or create generic units of footballers who can then be fitted slotted into the first team, in case we have a managerial turnover?

    I watched Atletico’s match against Arsenal in Singapore where they played the youths. Atletico’s youths know Simeone’s football inside out. The entire team seem to move together as 1.

  95. China1

    Dark hei yeah I agree fully

    And I think it’s best if we have a bit of diversity in our youth

    If the manager or direction changes you don’t want all your eggs in one basket. Power, stamina, technique are eternally useful Tho I think at least core tactical and strategic awareness is a must.

    For example the kids should quite literally be taking classes on the strategies of not only the senior team but also other opposition teams too. The kids should be able to discuss at length what Chelsea just did against us both before and after Jorginho and what the differences were relative us and why they were effective

    It’s not enough just to be physically good imo

  96. China1

    Dayot and partey would be really exciting

    With those two I think all talk of squad poverty would have to evaporate. We’d have more than enough to salvage our season and make a push up the table to at least EL places. And we’d be one of the favorites for the EL which would take on extra priority

  97. China1

    We’ll probably just get a couple of suarezes on loan tho lol

    Maybe we can go in for a late loan for kallstrom if he hasn’t yet retired!

  98. Tony

    Wonder what people think here about this VAR solution?

    “MARK CLATTENBURG: My five-point plan to improve VAR – remove offsides from the process, define what’s ‘clear and obvious’, allow captains two challenges a match, make must use pitchside monitors and let us ALL hear what they say
    VAR was the major talking point after a number of incidents over the weekend
    Premier League games were overshadowed by marginal offside decisions

    The use of video technology has divided supporters up and down the country
    Sportsmail’s refereeing expert Mark Clattenburg would make five changes… ”

  99. Receding Hairline

    Dark Hei then maybe this football club should move away from mercurial talents to more dependable players. We can’t keep indulging them because as history has shown they will always come up short.

    Rocky roe had a point, whatever our players say about the coach now is irrelevant, we just need them to start winning games.

  100. Freddie Ljungberg

    That Morelos fella seems like a lovely chap though.
    Well done to the posters wanting us to buy him…

    “Another Glasgow Derby has come and gone. Alfredo Morelos has still not scored against Celtic. Instead he found another way to cause controversy, first by being sent off for diving in the 96th minute of the game and then making a slit-throat gesture towards the Celtic fans, to be watched by millions of viewers around the world. And now the Colombian is expected to be hit with further punishment by the disciplinary committee.

    So much for his ‘improved discipline’ as he has now been sent off twice in the last three games. First, he was sent off against Motherwell for his celebrations after scoring the winner. And on Sunday, he was sent off after receiving a second yellow card for diving despite being clean through on goal. The Rangers assistant manager, Michael Beale, was sent off in the aftermath as well following which Morelos made the infamous gesture. And hopefully the Colombian gets the punishment he deserves.”

  101. Freddie Ljungberg

    The Upamecano rumours keep coming, it really is a no brainer, our CB pairing would be set for a decade with him and Saliba.
    No point waiting for the summer if we can pull it off now.

    Does anyone seriously think Arteta is sitting there in his office, helmet hair off, thinking he needs another 6 months to evaluate if Mustafi, Luiz and Sokratis is the future of our defense?

    Same with midfield, players like Guimaraes, Sangare, Szoboszlai all either openly on the market or playing for smaller clubs that we can bully into selling, all in the 20-30m bracket and all an improvement on what we, all young and with plenty of scope for improvement.

    No, let’s just keep Xhaka, he’s not fast enough, he makes numerous mistakes and wilts under any kind of pressure but at least he’s got a nice back pass, Smh.

    Put a 100m into the team smartly in the next 2 windows and we’d be transformed, most of that can be offset by selling Xhaka, Laca, Mikhi, Elneny and Mustafi and letting Ozil leave.

    Still need Pepe and Tierney to step up and Martinelli, Saka etc to keep taking strides forward

    This is the main problem for the club and why many still blame Wenger for the mess we’re in, for every player we have to buy we have to sell on average at least 3, that number is only kept down because of players like Iwobi and Laca that are actually worth money. It would be 5-6 for every 1 we bought otherwise.

  102. Sid

    Rabiot is a primadona, mummy’s boy, no thank you, after enduring ozil,
    No one in their right mind will buy mustafi and Miki. Elneny at most would be 5m

    Get one of those midfielders with a longstuff he can smack sissy players in the changing room with it Viera style.
    Im telling you this for free!

  103. Freddie Ljungberg


    Elneny is rumoured to move for 12m, Mikhi has done reasonably well in Italy which is more his level so should be able to get a fee for him, maybe.
    Mustafi, well.

    Either way, that was my point, of the 30 players in around our first team squad 18 months ago only 4 or 5 would bring a decent fee, the rest we would struggle giving away. That’s a big problem when you have to do a complete rebuild. But apparently it was Emery who broke the whole club/squad/universe in 18 months.

  104. Chris

    It’s mind boggling how the ref doesn’t use the pitch side monitor when play is under VAR review.

    I like the idea of both pitch side referee and video referee discussing the incident together whilst watching the same feed and coming to the logical decision together.

    Also not against the idea of ‘coaches challenge’ as in NFL, but would take some working out so it isn’t abused (in NFL a team loses a timeout of challenge is unsuccessful)

    I think the key thing is fixing these ridiculous offside calls. Define clear and obvious and improve the speed of the process. The amount of time it took to clear up Mane’s goal the other day was ridiculous.

  105. Guernsey gun

    Points now a priority, nothing else. Just looked at our haul from last 12 matches-9 from 36 or .75 a game bang on relegation form, 1 league win in 12.

    During that run we haven’t played Liverpool, United or spurs. Carry on at that rate and Auba fucks off (aside from the palace and soton draws he’s scored in every game we got points in that 12 game run)we are in deep shit. So come on big mik we need a sauce bounce now.

  106. Thorough

    Saint Etienne in Ligue 1 during 2019…

    With Saliba :
    15 matches
    12 W / 1 D / 2 L
    11 clean sheets
    6 goals conceded

    Without Saliba :
    24 matches
    6 W/ 6 D / 12 L
    1 clean sheet
    42 goals conceded


  107. Sid

    The players are so bad at arsenal we are expecting them to run around like burnley for 90 mins.
    Arsenal should work smart, working hard has no sauce

  108. Dark Hei


    “But apparently it was Emery who broke the whole club/squad/universe in 18 months.”

    Ok, lets get Emery back. It is clearly not his fault.

    Its Wenger’s FAULT! Wenger OUUUTTT!!!

  109. Pierre


    Emery’s incompetence is highlighted by how well Torreira is playing now he is back in his best position.

    Already we have seen players like AMN, Luiz, Ozil , Torreira and Nelson play at a higher level than previously.

    Emery was a disaster for the club , it will take more than a couple of games to right his wrongs.

    At least the players are not in regression anymore , the results will come as the performances improve.

  110. Freddie Ljungberg

    Dark hei

    Who said anyone wants Emery back?

    Just a bit rich to absolve the state of the squad from Wenger when he was 100% responsible for the state we were in 18 months ago.

    Almost all his players needed replacing, but because of poor recruiting/contract management we have to replace every experienced player we let go of with 1 proper buy and 2 youngsters just to make ends meet, of course that’s going to impact us on the pitch in the short term, it’s mental to think otherwise.

    Emery also takes his fair share of blame but he didn’t fill the squad with weak, injury prone, overpaid players that we’re struggling to move on.

    The reason our players are flagging this early in matches isn’t because of undertraining either.

    Ozil has been a 60 min player his whole career, Laca has been regularly taken off after 67 minutes since he arrived. Many of the others also lack the physicality to cope with a higher tempo.

    It also renders Auba less effective when he has to sprint up and down the flank for 90 mins but we need it because our defenders can’t cope without the added protection.

    On one hand it’s great to see the increased effort levels, on the other it’s just masking our lack of quality and it’s not sustainable in the long run.

  111. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Already we have seen players like AMN, Luiz, Ozil , Torreira and Nelson play at a higher level than previously”

    That’s great and all but how many of those, even playing at their best, are good enough going forward if we don’t want to be a mid table team?
    Torreira and possibly Nelson if he takes another couple of steps in his development, same with AMN as a backup if he can cut out all the mistakes.

    I’m all for Arteta, the signs are promising, we just lack quality in some very important positions, our whole spine is rotten.

    Just hope the club isn’t foolish enough to believe all these muppets need is some coaching. Would be cruel to hire a novice manager, no matter how promising, just to make him do his job blindfolded and 1 hand tied behind his back.

  112. Sid

    Laca is not good enough for the arsenal, he is bendtner levels, Giroud & Adeb are better than him, though the measure of an arsenal striker should be Eduardo, RVP, Henry,

  113. Valentin

    The comment by Saka are not surprising because the academy has neglected basic tactical coaching for a very long time.
    If you are unmarked, you push forward until one opponent comes to close you down freeing one of your teammates whom you can then pass to. Of course that teammate also need to angle himself so you can pass to him. No point in hiding behind the player who come to block you. There is nothing magical or hidden in those statements, however because the academy put the emphasis on individual technical talent rater than overall team organisation, those kids have never been told such basic information.

    Same thing about keeping watching your surrounding every X seconds based on your position. Last season Chambers made the comment that after reading a Wenger interview about the subject he started to look around him more before receiving the ball.

    Those are information that any players should have received during his academy days. The fact that Chambers did not is a indictment of the level of detailed coaching he received in England.

  114. Pierre

    Dark Hei
    “But you bring up an interesting and relevant point. Should Big Per raise these kids to play football with Arteta’s vision in mind”

    Of course he should, and that should have started from day one.

    It has gone unnoticed that at one point in the 2nd half of the Chelsea game we had 4 academy players (Nelson, AMN, Willock, Saka)on the pitch plus another 20 year old, Guendouzi.

    This is a good sign for the future and playing in these intense London derbies is good experience for these players.

    It gives Arteta a great chance to assess their capabilities and he can act accordingly .

    He obviously sees a lot in Saka and Nelson and the improvement of AMN in such a short time is there for all to see.

  115. Sid

    Not fast enough, not strong t enough as a target man, not a great finisher, not great at bringing others into play
    Thats Laca, he’s okay as a 2nd choice striker but we have martinelli now. If Auba leaves we shoul get a better striker instead. We got where we are because of lowering standards.
    Im telling you this for free!

  116. CG


    “”””It has gone unnoticed that at one point in the 2nd half of the Chelsea game we had 4 academy players (Nelson, AMN, Willock, Saka)on the pitch plus another 20 year old, Guendouzi.””””

    What didn’t go unnoticed though.

    We didn’t have a shot on goal in the second half and lost another game.

    Also Chelsea have youngsters too…..did anyone notice that.?

    In fact every club in the land has youngsters……

    Assuming they will turn out all to be Paul Scholes ‘s is another matter.

    When you have players like Saka publically coming out with embarrassing statements about when to pass the ball- you know the game is up.

    I rate AMN highly-the other lot have to improve immeasurably if they are to make top Prem performers.

    Genduzi indiscipline is an absolute disgrace.

    I think a month away being a farmhand in Bloemfontein would actually be more beneficial fo their development than what they are currently getting at Colney.

    They seem to me to be a mollycoddled , weak,meek and immature bunch…..but my golly they know where those gloves are hidden……

    Maybe get Keown and Big Tony in there….

  117. Valentin

    If Hertha is willing to pay €30 millions for Xhaka , sell him in exchange for a free hand at Julian Draxler of PSG. If Draxler is available for the same price, Arsenal should jump at the chance to get a proper baller.

  118. Mikel's Immaculate Hair

    we actually have to win our next game, if not then we might really be in the shitter irrespective of how talented arteta is as a head coach.