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A very quick post from me this morning as I am heading in for my first game of the MIKEL ARTETA ERA GET IN CAN’T WAIT WOOO #1 FAN OVER HERE WITH THE A4 BANNER SAYING #ARTETAIN!

I have no idea what to expect. The manager is dealing with something of an injury crisis, we could be missing a lot of players today. Tierney, Kola and Sokratis are certainly out. There are also doubts over Gabriel, Holding, Ceballos and Hector… there also might be questions over whether Xhaka plays if his mind is on the Hertha Berlin move.

The players he did have ready trained on the pitch yesterday. I like that. For no reason. If Emery had done it I’d have lodged a complaint with the local council, Arteta does it, I find it the sort of elite thinking a progressive young coach should be showcasing.

Chelsea are in a bit of a mess at the moment. They followed up a super defeat of Spurs with a shocking show against lowly Southampton. Some of their fans are predictably on his back, but I think the bleating will be ignored, Chelsea are building up with kids and shit performances are part of the deal there.

Arteta spoke about getting his players to think quicker and work harder off the ball. We saw a taste of that against Bournemouth, today, I hope that continues. I’m looking to see good structure, I’m hoping that against a really good counter-attacking team, we can concentrate, and I’m hoping the players put it in until the very end. Wouldn’t it be great to see us pressing for a second game in a row? I’m living for it.

I think we’re up against it today, it’s going to be hard to extract anything from the game, but at the moment, I’m just looking for progress as we build to a brighter future. A win would be exciting though, can’t say it hasn’t passed my mind.

It’s absolutely freezing out, so if you’re going, wrap up warm and hope the football on show gives us an added boost of warmth.

Right, that’s me out, see you at the game. xx


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  1. Graham62

    habesha gooner

    I thought Mustafi did reasonably well when he came on yesterday.

    Yes he can be a liability but he was not culpable for the first goal and he was left exposed for the second.

    Also, as a general point, it was of no surprise that David Luiz was up for the game yesterday.

  2. S Asoa

    In spite of it being so obvious there are a couple of dense persons defending Emery over here.
    That Fraudulent S.o.B. has taken the team backwards at least 2 years with his muddled logic often generously explained as lack of knowledge of English .

  3. Victorious

    Chavs didn’t dominate shit until Leno’s brain fart happened

    We naturally had to sit back and wait for the counter as the players were physically sacked after the first half effort

    Simply put without the Leno howler we would have easily seen out the win

    That first performance was unreal though, we totally outplayed Chelsea playing some orgasmic football, we could have added a second if we didn’t have a very average ST in Laca

    One thing is though clear Arteta is a wonderful hire and time will prove as much

  4. kristoman

    It is not how you started but how you ended that matters moron.
    lampard saw the flaws in his setup and change things towards end of first half and they dominated from there on. You know why he saw that if he make the mistake of waiting till half time before changing things they would have conceded another and by then the match would have been over before he could change things. So kudos to him

  5. terraloon


    Why not try and read what I said .

    No where do I say in my opinion wether it was or was not a second yellow a second yellow what I posted was what the ref has to consider.

    Torreira wasn’t booked for pulling back Mount nor was Guendozi punished for pulling back Abraham a tug of a shirt or the arm is not an automatic yellow,

  6. Useroz

    Can’t agree more about the prolonged lack of brutes ( good ones of course) in the team that plagued our results.

    Physical and aggression aside we have fuck all aerial abilities beyond MF and renders long ball useless practically. Doesn’t exonerate Leno’s consistently slow and poor distributions though he did more long kicks yesterday.

    Youth teams are not going to solve the physique issue. The few tall kids aren’t big just lanky and probably easily brushed aside in PL games. And yes it’s a Wenger legacy problem that would take time to eradicate.

    Guendouzi is one of the tall lanky type with no strength. Hope his football brain is as smart as his look! Or another kid to cash in when stock is high. Fast money for Arteta to buy those fit for purpose.

    If Xhara left with no realistic replacements that would be criminal. And may be Arteta knows something we don’t when he says he urges Xhara to stay…. Xhara still better than guendouzi atm

    Unless we tap into cash reserve seriously need to consider offloading as many as possible to generate the much needed funds to buy in January. The squad can’t wait till summer. Even with some retuning from injuries should be sold eg Kolac, Sok. It’s difficult but must tidy up loose ends like Elneny and Mikhi. Raul earns his mega wages for a reason surely?!

    Use Ceballos but don’t buy. You can’t coach physique and pace.

    If nothing else must get a minimum two in; buy or loan don’t care. Ideally 2x MF and 1xCB. Then take stock and regroup in summer.

    Like some say here we aren’t built to scrap for relegation battles and we aren’t far away. Nothing is impossible esp with the mental strength of this squad.

    God forbids if we were in a worse position starting Feb I bet most of the players would be calling their agents…. Arteta may need to think about registering as a player manager!