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A very quick post from me this morning as I am heading in for my first game of the MIKEL ARTETA ERA GET IN CAN’T WAIT WOOO #1 FAN OVER HERE WITH THE A4 BANNER SAYING #ARTETAIN!

I have no idea what to expect. The manager is dealing with something of an injury crisis, we could be missing a lot of players today. Tierney, Kola and Sokratis are certainly out. There are also doubts over Gabriel, Holding, Ceballos and Hector… there also might be questions over whether Xhaka plays if his mind is on the Hertha Berlin move.

The players he did have ready trained on the pitch yesterday. I like that. For no reason. If Emery had done it I’d have lodged a complaint with the local council, Arteta does it, I find it the sort of elite thinking a progressive young coach should be showcasing.

Chelsea are in a bit of a mess at the moment. They followed up a super defeat of Spurs with a shocking show against lowly Southampton. Some of their fans are predictably on his back, but I think the bleating will be ignored, Chelsea are building up with kids and shit performances are part of the deal there.

Arteta spoke about getting his players to think quicker and work harder off the ball. We saw a taste of that against Bournemouth, today, I hope that continues. I’m looking to see good structure, I’m hoping that against a really good counter-attacking team, we can concentrate, and I’m hoping the players put it in until the very end. Wouldn’t it be great to see us pressing for a second game in a row? I’m living for it.

I think we’re up against it today, it’s going to be hard to extract anything from the game, but at the moment, I’m just looking for progress as we build to a brighter future. A win would be exciting though, can’t say it hasn’t passed my mind.

It’s absolutely freezing out, so if you’re going, wrap up warm and hope the football on show gives us an added boost of warmth.

Right, that’s me out, see you at the game. xx


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  1. Receding Hairline

    Edu surely you don’t find it strange there are fans of a football club not convinced appointing a coach without experience was the way to go? I don’t find that unreasonable at all nor do I consider them lesser fans.

    Trust me everyone will love it if he turns out great.

    Enough with the divisions. Humans are allowed to have doubts

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Forgot bout him…

    Team yoot all the wAy to go next season…

    We didn’t take advantage of the 7 min over time the ref gave us…

    Laca can’t start against united… for sure.

    Either gabs or tyreece.

    Up front.

  3. Marc


    From where I was sat it didn’t even look close to a pen – no idea how people watching of TV with the benefit of replays are claiming it should have been but I will watch the highlights later and give an honest response.

  4. bennydevito

    ValentinDecember 29, 2019    18:43:10

    Last season Emery overtrained and overused the same players resulting in injuries during the winter month.
    This year, he changed the conditioning to a lower regime and the result is that the players are 70 minutes players. Past the 80 minutes mark, they all suffers from cramps and can’t run. That was already the case when Emery was still here. Today we could see that Saka could not run. The fact that a 18 years old boy can be over ridden of cramp when his much older direct opposite winger is still running is entirely due to poor conditioning.
    Team like Burnley run more on average than Arsenal yet none of their players collapse after 70 minutes.
    Arteta will need 4~6 weeks to have his change fully integrated by the squad but he will also have to change the training regime.
    Emery has really left us a complete mess.


    Total bollocks. You’ve got no idea about the training regimes because you’re not there. This is nothing but anti Emery, pro Arteta propaganda and spin.

    ValentinDecember 29, 2019    19:15:43


    The idea that you don’t need to have a proper conditioning training regime to be fit is laughable.

    You clearly have no idea how training regime work. If you overtrain you run the risk of injury because you are tired. if you undertrain you can’t compete after 70 minutes.
    Everybody could see that our energy level severely dropped after the 70 minutes mark.

    And yes players do suffer from bad conditioning training six weeks later. Fitness regime is not instantaneous. Football training camp for world cup is 6 weeks before. If conditioning was immediate, why would team reconvene so early. Also why do you think that teams have pre-season conditioning training?

    Last season I mentioned that people at Colney were unhappy about the double training session in November. You went ape shape about that. Unfortunately for you Emery confirmed later that Arsenal had to reduced the training regime because of the increase of injuries and players in the red zone. Emery also acknowledged that he overruled the advice of the medical team and overplayed Ramsey leading to his injuries.


    Again yet more bollocks. Nowhere was it reported that there were “double” training sessions. Intense sessions yes, but not double.

    Also what you’ve deliberately omitted in your anti Emery smear campaign is that Rsmsey insisted on playing and said to Emery he was fine to play.

    You should be a politician.

  5. Receding Hairline

    Wenger was here for 21 years.

    Wenger brought Xhaka, Mustafi and co to this club at considerable expense

    Wenger mismanaged the contracts of Ozil,Sanchez and Ramsey we ended up offering one a ridiculous contract to save face, the other a swap deal that didn’t really work out and lost one for free ( no emery didn’t force Ramsey out of the club, young man wanted out).

    Funny thing is my beef has always been with the players their attitude and application.

    I was a Wenger fan but saw his flaws too. I wasn’t really an emery fan but appreciated his hard work.

    You on the other hand spend all your time here either running down Raul, emery or tonight’s special Leno.

  6. Valentin


    “Well that would mean he’d be responsible for 4 (I’m rounding up) PL goals a season – we’ve conceded 30 and he’s made more than 4 point saving saves already this season.”

    I am clutching at straw, I am looking vat the stats.
    Strangely enough last season’s he was directly at fault for 5 goals in the premiership.
    This season 20 games he is directly responsible for 2 goals already.

    Again you confuse the number of saves made with the quality of the saves. I remember only one game where he made saves that I did not expect him to make.
    I know that a lot of people keep mentioning the 1v1 situation in which he saved, but statistically in 1v1, the goalkeeper saves more often than not. Only world class marksman have a long term ratio higher than 50% in those situations.

  7. terraloon

    According to BBC after 13 minutes Arsenal had just 3 shots but none on target

    Think about that

    Once Lampard sussed what was going on it was only a matter of time.

    Far more likely relegation than CL.

  8. Marc


    My point is that according to your stats Leno will be responsible for 4 odd goals a season that he shouldn’t concede.

    We’ve already conceded 30 goals in 20 matches.

    As it stands our major defensive issue isn’t Leno making 4 cock ups a season, although todays was beyond frustrating.

  9. azed


    With the players we have, it’s not hard to figure us out.
    Ozil thrives in space, block the space and we are down to 10 men because he’s a non factor of the ball.

    Aubameyang is not a winger that would put the opposing defender under pressure.

    We have zero athlete in midfield so we get over run easily.

  10. Valentin


    You are trying to resuscitate a discussion in which those claims have been later confirmed by Emery interview. There were extra training sessions. Emery admitted that they stopped the afternoon sessions. BTW some of those sessions were used to play games against the U21 in the same configuration than the opposition.

    Regarding Ramsey, if your medical team tell you the headcoach that the player is in the red zone you bench him. No matter what Ramsey tell you. Of course he wants to play, but Emery’s role as a manager is to tell the player sit down.
    Wenger made exactly the same mistake of overplaying the same players over and over until they broke down. And the he would act surprised and shocked.

  11. RodneyKing

    So Jorginho didn’t get his marching orders and that’s why we lost? Did we need Chelsea to go down to 10 men in order to make the 3 points safe?

    I generally don’t complain about referees because sometimes decisions go against you and sometimes they’re in your favour.

    For instance, against Leicester, Guendouzi was lucky not to concede a penalty early in the game when he needlessly tugged on a Leicester player’s shirt.

    He needs to cut out such stupid and blatant fouls. Again, he was lucky, just like Jorginho, not to receive a second yellow himself today.

  12. Champagne charlie


    Yea I’m not sure I but that as anything more than your own preference. I mean talk about distribution being slow is only relevant if the game plan is for quick releases – I’ve seen very few cases of that being our mandate.

    The crosses/commanding aspect again feels overblown and more a question of your own tastes for a goalkeeper.

    You talk quality of saves etc but the Arsenal GL should’ve be making the 2nd most saves in the league, that’s a clear and obvious suggestion the protection afforded is minimal at best. That means shots, crosses, general pressure in our own third.

    What was the other howler from this season can you refresh for me?

  13. Guns of SF

    Guen is such a liability at times. He does chase and press but not much else it seems. Im getting a little irriated watching him do the same shit over and over.

    Torreira today was like the Torr we expect. Great intensity and aggression.

    We need Diogo Jota in Jan to help our midfield.

    Mustafi must be sold in Jan.

    Arteta using fitness as an excuse

  14. azed

    For those who were expecting Arteta to change something, the question is what do you change?

    The options were ERS, Willock and Pepe….

  15. Nelson

    “I think with a Ceballos today, we control the midfield better.”

    Guen is still a boy and Ceballos is a man. Guen forgot how to play football once the pressure was on. In the last 30 minutes, almost every player (except Nelson) was in panic mode. Even Auba didn’t hang on to the ball. He just booted the ball away. I was surprise to see that Nelson still had energy to go up and down the wing. Unfortunately, he still need to improve his skill quite a bit to be more efficient in the final third.

  16. Receding Hairline

    Azed bring in Pepe much earlier and find someone to sit on Jorginho. We beat Chelsea here last season because Ramsey sat on Jorginho, hassled him all game.

    Maybe Willock on earlier to mark him as no one in the starting eleven could do that job.

    The pressure kept building , that they would score seemed a matter of when not if. I expected us to hold out for the draw though

  17. Valentin


    You are right that GK is not our main issue. However he should be part of the discussion , because even we discard the occasional howler, he does not command his box like he should. Also he does not organise his defense. In the stadium on corners or set pieces you can hear opposition GK screaming away, Keeper. Leno hardly says a word.
    That does not contribute to a more coherent defense. The less said about his distribution the better.

    My point regarding the recruitment was that this summer we had an opportunity to upgrade our playing personnel in the main problem areas.
    My view were 1) CDM, 2) left CB, 3) GK, 4) left FB.
    Instead we went and overpaid for Pepe and Luiz.

    I am not saying that Leno is a bad goalkeeper, but he is not a great goalkeeper. For the price we paid we could have had a better option. Fabianski is currently a better goalkeeper than Leno, was cheaper, qualified as a HG (in fact qualifies as a club grown player in Europe).

  18. Nelson

    Guns of SF

    Good observation. Willock had a very good chance to score for two games in a roll. The first time, he kicked a softie. Today, he went for power but missed the net.

  19. Valentin


    Maybe we like different style of goalkeepers, but for me a good goalkeeper has to be more Pro active than Leno.
    He has to be vocal, be a good organiser on top of being a good shot stopper.
    The world class one can use their feet nearly as good as an outfield players. For me a good goalkeeper should be able to kick the ball with both feet to bypass the press. Everytime Leno is pressed I am tense thinking that he will concede with a stupid block a la Foster at Watford last season.

  20. Edu me a favour

    “”” surely you don’t find it strange there are fans of a football club not convinced appointing a coach without experience was the way to go? I don’t find that unreasonable at all nor do I consider them lesser fans.”””

    Of course there will be some fans that aren’t convinced , of that I’m well aware , and it is perfectly reasonable to have doubts — but for me , it’s the way they voice their concern and jump on any little thing to try and prove that Arteta isn’t the guy for us , before he’s had a significant amount of time to have the judgement made either way – it’s the negativity and it’s the way they ignore clear improvement that’s visible for all to see. Basic improvement but improvement none the less. We really need to be realistic with what’s happening right now.

    I don’t consider them lesser fans , that would be stupid of me to have that opinion , I just think it’s a shame that we can’t all come together and back the guy. I’ve read some really ridiculous posts on here since Arteta took over , Some seriously crazy expectations after a week of training and 2 games.

  21. azed


    Emery said Ozil was dropped because of his work rate but you were part of the people that wanted Ozil to play because you felt Emery dropped him because of ego.

    If the players are not fit, it’s because they bailed on Emery knowing they had an army of fans behind them ready to throw Emery to the Wolves.

    I played basketball at college level and I can tell you for a fact that if players are not physically fit 4 months into a season, then it’s on the players not the coach.

  22. Guns of SF


    Our midfield contributes no Goals to the team
    Only dependent on Auba. That is what you call pressure.
    I hope Auba stays and we upgrade our midfield
    Sell laca- im done with him now

  23. Guns of SF

    This entire fitness thing is just an excuse. These fellas are fit as can be.
    We do not have the players who are strongly built for the pressing game Guen yes but not much else he brings…
    Torr yes- improvement today

    The rest? not really

  24. Guns of SF

    This is a season where the young guns are really getting a lot of experience.
    Im am so baffled at how far we have fallen? Basically the same team as last season and its just collapsed.

    Why and how??

    3 coaches and the same results.

    It must be the players are not good enough

  25. Valentin


    Three points

    1) I did not want Özil to be reinstated just for the sake of it. I said if we play better with him, then it is obvious that he should play. Regarding Özil ostracism, he had no credibility because the way he flipped flopped on the reason for it.

    2) Emery’s story with regard to Özil changed every week. One minute he wanted him out and the next he was part of the vice captain. It was clear that there was an interpersonal issue there. It was the same at PSG and in Ukraine. Emery tried his tough man in charge act and it backfired on him. It is a question of man management. He does not seem to be able to handle big ego. Either by imposing his will or by getting them on board.

    3) if one player is unfit then it is in him. If the entire team is unfit then it is on the coaching staff.

  26. Guns of Brixton

    “Arteta using fitness as an excuse”

    Because in the 2 games he has had he somehow should of whipped this team into PL title challengers who take 12Km marathons for a warm up.

    The Arteta haters really are opportunists.

  27. Guns of SF

    I dont hate Arteta but to use fitness as an excuse is a new one in the playbook this season

    These fellas are like fine tuned race cars… look at Auba- 30 years old and still going all the time.

    Its not fitness- the team sucks shit. the defense sucks the most and that is why we lost. Boneheaded plays.

    Arteta should be honest and call it what it is…. defensive blunders for 2 goals… that could have been prevented

  28. azed


    Our players are not built to press.
    Ozil shows up for 30 mins.
    Aubameyang is not a player that runs around.
    Wenger used to take Lacazette off after 65 mins.
    Torreira is all action but doesn’t have the stamina for the EPL.

    Saka has played the last 3 games at left back, this is his first season in the first team and he’s playing more games than he should play.

    Nelson actually did well today and was the only one still running till he was taking out.

    Tell me how it’s Emery’s fault.

  29. Valentin


    Last season at the beginning of the season the team was top in term of average distance run during 90 minutes, we were also top in number of sprints run by 90 minutes. However because the extra training session took their tolls, Arsenal level dropped.
    This season it has been the complete opposite, we don’t run. The conditioning training has changed from one extreme to another:
    From too tough to not hard enough.

  30. azed


    You are just making stuff up.

    Aubameyang was superb in tracking back today but do you think he can do it for a whole season?

    Like I said, our squad is not fit for the pressing game.
    If you think professional footballers don’t know the required level of fitness to last 90 mins, then I have nothing to say to you.

  31. Pierre

    If VAR was the judge on whether Emery has left us in a complete mess.
    It would be in the affirmative and would deem it “clear and obvious”

    It wouldn’t need 2 minutes to come to that conclusion , more like 2 seconds..

    Anyone that would defend Emery’s at Arsenal football club is fooling themselves as he has possibly set the club back at least 2 years.

    Arteta , in the limited time he has had at the club has made improvements in our all round game .
    However, if there is a fitness problem ( and there may be ) then that will take a little longer to rectify..

    Watching the game today, we did appear to run out of steam about the hour mark.
    Chelsea looked sharper to the ball all over the pitch the longer the game went on, which is concerning.
    It may have been that the players used too much mental Emery as it was a very intense game.

    I’m hoping that within the next few weeks the players can prove that they have the energy levels and that today was just a one off, which is a possibility.

    We shall see.

  32. Mr Serge

    Laca is useless he needs to be sold and give auba a new deal
    He hardly presses him and ozil don’t work well as they are both lazy

  33. Just Another Customer

    yeah just look at Saka he can’t keep up with Willian after 80+ minutes the kid’s gassed already for that second goal

    shows the stamina that he lacks and the fitness level to be improved so he can achieve the intensity required for full 90 minutes

  34. Guns of SF

    I said it yesterday
    Play martinelli in the hole
    Pepe starts and Nelson put Pepe on the left

    Auba in the middle

    Gabby can create and press from that position and use speed to attack the box

  35. Valentin


    “If you think professional footballers don’t know the required level of fitness to last 90 mins, then I have nothing to say to you.”
    Ditto if you think that every players will be professional and stay in peak conditioning form all season.

    Sometimes it is the player’s fault, sometimes it is the coaching staff’s fault. Look at Saka who was gassed out after 70 minutes. For the second goal, He had cramps and could not come back quickly enough to help out. Meanwhile his direct older opponent Willian was leaving him in his trail. That is not talent that’s conditioning and please spare me that it’s on him and that he is not doing the effort during training.

    Also you don’t seem to realise that different managers have different style of play, so they have different level of fitness requirements.
    When OGS replaced Mourinho, he complained that the ManUtd team was unfit. They were last in term of average distance covered and number of sprints per 90 minutes. Mourinho defending style was low block very static, so he was more concerned with their positioning than their conditioning. OGS style was different and could not extract enough energy from them.

    I said that the team could not play 90 minutes at the intensity level of football that Arteta wants.
    Now Arteta is complaining about the level of fitness of the team. So I would say that my comment was pretty much on the money.

    BTW Arteta is not playing the Gegen-pressing system that Klopp tried to implement in his first year at Liverpool. That was very demanding physically. He is playing a physically demanding system but still a reasonable one. There is no reason why this team if properly conditioned could not play 90 minutes at Arteta’s required intensity.

  36. Aussie Gooner

    Just Another Customer

    Yes I to noticed that he fell off and couldn’t keep up with Willian. Not a good look for a youngster! I was a crap player at that age but I had energy to burn! What is going wrong with the training? Where are the fitness coaches? Lack of energy across the whole team in the later stages.

  37. Versus

    Just thought I’d mention. Oles “new manager bump” delivered a little bit more than draws at Bournemouth and losing leads with 5mins to go. Just saying.

    If this is our “new manager bump” in performances? Then man oh man we better get ready for a serious relegation fight.

  38. China1

    Yeah I wonder to what extent the players mailing it in all season after the summer break has impacted their fitness. As well a distinct lack of sprints this season

    Ofc the players could run a marathon tomorrow so they are ‘fit’ but not necessarily conditioned as Valentin said. All of those sprints chasing down and tracking back seem to really add up and the players are barely able to run by the 70th minute

    This is a big issue tho as we all know the PL is unforgiving on those who can’t or won’t run like hell

    This tells us 3 things

    – the training intensity needs changing to build up stamina
    – arteta must be much better with subs as he’s too passive and waits too long (two games in a row this happened)
    – we need to get efficient at blowing teams away early before the players get knackered and we are exposed in our fatigue

  39. China1

    Pepe has been here a few months now and arteta said he needs to train properly if he wants to achieve his potential

    It’s mad how lax the club has been on its players fitness this season

  40. Thorough

    And to be clear about Leno, it wasnt just a howler, it was foolishness at its peak. That was not a shot, it had no power, it was dropping, that’s the type of ball you open your arms and gather/catch. There was absolutely no reason to even think of punching that ball.

    And we need a goal scoring midfielder as fast as we need a physical partner for Torreira.

    I’m 100% impressed with what I’ve seen from Arteta and I think we finally have a manager worth backing. I don’t care if the Kroenkes will spend us into missing UCL due to falling foul to FFP, but we need to give Arteta the players he wants. Nobody can argue that if we had Suarez/Benzema in place of Lacazete and Debruyn in place of Willock we wouldn’t have been out of sight by taking out chances.

    I said I would judge Arteta after 3 games, sorry I’m doing it after 2 and I’m extremely impressed.

  41. SP

    The problem with Arteta is lack of experience. We needed someone who can steady the ship for couple of seasons. Arteta should have gone to Spain to coach a mid table team before taking up the Arsenal job.

  42. SP

    These players are not used to playing a high tempo game. Its apparent that they will fizzle out. Ozil cannot last for more than 30 mins in a high pressing game. We clearly need better players.

  43. azed


    Saka is 19 years old play his third game in a row at left back in a week. He would have cramps because its normal.

    I played basketball at college level and I know what it takes to get fit.
    You cannot train Ozil or Aubameyang to the fitness level required to play in a Pep or Klopp team because it’s not in them.

    You hatred for Emery is making you talking bullshit. First it was last season Emery over trained, this season, it was Emery under under trained.

    Do you think fitness and conditioning is the same for all players?
    Are you telling that you would run the same training regimen for Ozil and Kolasinac?

    If the fitness and conditioning training is different for players, are you telling me that Emery and the conditioning coaches are so dumb they managed to over train each player individually last season and this season under train them?

    Is that even statistically possible?

    Even if you put all the players on the same training regiment, common sense should tell you that it would be perfect for a number of players, it would be too much for some and too little for some.

  44. azed

    “Also you don’t seem to realise that different managers have different style of play, so they have different level of fitness requirements.”

    So was it Emery’s job to train the players for Arteta’s style of play?

    Has it occurred to you that Emery realised a lot of this players are not built to press so he decided to change training to suit the players he had?

  45. Gentlebris

    I hear they call Arteta the art on le grove now…..good imagination.

    You wanted the art, you have the art, the art is our head coach now; so I have to try to support the art.


    When you purposely ignore wisdom, and go on an unreasonable adventure, you will have to live with your decision.

    I don’t know about Joe and a few others who also registered their reservations about Arteta, but i don’t wanna see Arsenal losing, Arteta or no Arteta, I have no time for I told you so; but if things really dive south because we hired a head coach who was not a head coach, well it’s on you fellas who helped him in. It doesn’t matter how you try to make Arteta look good, if he doesn’t deliver, at some point you would begin to look stupid, no matter how good you are at spinning.

  46. Receding Hairline

    Azed bless you, you really went at it all night with the resident know it all.

    By the way Valentin Emery didn’t work in Ukraine, he coached in Russia. Spartak Moscow I believe. And it didn’t work out there because the club were stupid. They sacked a club legend as coach and made him DOF, his shadow loomed all over Emery in his short stint there and the players still had loyalty to him, he was promptly reinstated as coach after Emery was sacked.

    When it appeared arsenal will sign Thomas Munier this summer you changed your story on the Munier Emery relationship, you make a lot of shit up and bury it in long paragraphs.

    Every coach has tension with a member of his squad, that’s normal in the work place. If results don’t improve don’t expect Arteta to keep hugging everyone after games.

  47. Guns of SF

    I liked how Arteta hugged the players. Connection is important and team spirit and morale

    Can someone tell me how we came to fall so hard? Same team with wingers this season!

  48. Receding Hairline

    For those talking about Arteta we are facing an injury crisis. And the ones we have fit aren’t exactly fit as we all saw. We had players running on fumes at minute 70.

    The games are coming fast, same for every team I know, but the players at this football club just need one excuse and the levels drop.

    Maybe now is the time to tap into Freddie’s knowledge of the academy. Chelsea brought on a kid that looked like he should be in school yesterday and he had an assured game.

    John Jules was on the bench, highly rated and a well built lad. Can play too. I would have brought in on for an out of sorts lacazette. Guess the Chambers forced sub didn’t help too.

  49. China1

    Gentlebris how did anyone here help arteta get this job?

    No disrespect to Pedro and his blog but we are a grant total of zero on the relevance scale for arsenal’s decision making

    They approached arteta 18 months ago as the higher ups thought he was an interesting gamble, tho didn’t give it to him and returned again this time to him for the same reason

    Do you really think Raul and edu are logging on to Le Grove each night to help inform their decision making process based on a group of angry online warriors (and yes that’s us lot!)

    Whether this move works or not falls on their shoulders, not on a couple of dozen anonymous online fans on a blog lol

  50. China1

    One thing I want arteta to change sharpish is his reluctance to make subs

    Besides us needing to sub earlier for stamina reasons, I just don’t like to see managers be scared of making a change. You don’t need to wait until 70+ minutes, the wenger year’s of subs are gone and they weren’t pretty – let’s not go back there

    It’s the one thing emery nailed early on. If it’s not working make the call in a reasonable time and be proactive.

  51. peanuts&monkeys

    Improvement under Arteta? What? Where? Except for some major defensive lapses, results after Emery are same or worse.

    Look at the SOTs. Its depleting faster than Earth’s spin. Arsenal just can’t shoot at opponents’ goals. it gone!

  52. peanuts&monkeys

    Improvement under Arteta? What? Where? Except for some major defensive lapses, results after Emery are same or worse.

    Look at the SOTs. Its depleting faster than Earth’s spin. Arsenal just can’t shoot at opponents’ goals. It’s gone!

  53. Chris

    That loss did hurt but all the signs were there after 70 mins or so. It’s just a cruel way to lose via a bad error from an otherwise sound keeper who has been doing great recently, and a break away goal when we were gassed. And especially after such an impressive start.

    That start gives me so much confidence moving forwards and that we have the right man in the dugout.

    And the best way to get over such a loss is to play another game as soon as is practical, and we have another against a big rival on Wednesday. Let’s start 2020 with a bang.

  54. Receding Hairline

    I know everyone wants to blame Leno and rightly so. But Torriera had Jorginho. He was marking him then fell over as usual.

    Leno has bailed out many errors before, if Torriera was a bit stronger with his marker he may have prevented that goal.
    Little details but they all count.

  55. Wenker-Wanger

    Why did we lose?
    Its not rocket science and nothing to do with the comparison of managers.
    We lost through defensive errors…or a calamitous show from Leno.
    Delving further, we are short of proper defenders, having sako at left back is a severe setback.
    Delving even further, the worst players on the pitch were Wenger acquisitions. Our manager-quality appears to have improved steadily , although its very early to assess arteta.
    However, I like what I hear and see from arteta.

  56. DivineSherlock

    If I had to really point out something negative about Arteta , it would be that he made his subs too late . By the 60th min it was clear Chelsea were dominating possession and Arsenal were sitting back inviting pressure. Should’ve introduced subs by then one to mark Jorginho & one extra midfielder to control the game Emile Smith Rowe maybe. Laca & Ozil off. Aubameyang up top

  57. Tony

    Arteta didn’t have much of a bench to work with, which was further complicated by losing Chambers early.

    I would have subbed John Jules around 50 minutes for Lacazette as I posted during the game. Soon after I would have subbed Nelson for Pepe leaving Ozil to be a nuisance around the halfway line and maybe get lucky with a releasing pass for Pepe to counter.

    Arteta will learn from that game and hopefully be less indecisive during the United game where hopefully he has Ceballos and Martinelli at least to pick.

  58. Up 4 grabs now

    Reasons why we lost yesterday.

    Losing chambers.

    Lacazette poor form/decision making in front of goal.

    Arteta not replacing lacazette on 70 minutes when most people could see he was struggling for fitness and puffing.

    Jorginho not getting the second yellow he deserved.

    Leno having an almunia moment.

    Mustafi not going towards abrahams and taking him out long before he was near our box.

    Fitness levels look poor after 70 minutes for a lot of players.

    The only reason I could put down to arteta was not subbing lacazette. The rest were decisions out of his hands.
    (fitness will come in time)
    Yes martinelli was injured, and he didn’t want to drop jj into that situation.
    But he could have brought pepe on and moved Auba up top.

    We played better yesterday, ozil looked lively again in the first half. But went quiet as we sat deeper and were pushed back.
    Luiz and torriea both defended well. And Auba was back helping out defending as well.

    Look at the game again neither keeper were bombarded with shots, we didn’t look like losing until Leno went walkabout. And it’s hard to really go to town on him since he’s been our best player over the last few months.

    What we need now is time, unfortunately we will continue to have results like this until fitness levels get to a decent standard.

    And players adapt to arteta, and possibly a new face or two wouldn’t go amiss.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    with so much space he got time and again and support on wither flanks every time he had the ball, he was simply wasteful. Laca is to be blamed for Arsenal’s winless run squarely, as much as Arsenal’s defence and Emery.

    Sell him,. NOW!!!

  60. Tony

    I can only assume the Arteta narrative of wanting to keep Xhaka is to keep the leverage with the club for the negotiations.

  61. Tee


    Tor didn’t fall over as usual for Chelsea’s goal but was fouled.

    Just take a look at it again.

    This isn’t about making excuses but it’s clear that he was fouled

  62. HillWood

    Seems to me the Accademy are out of sync with the current requirements of the first team
    If we are going to play a high energy pressing style we need big strong athletic players
    Whereas the Accademy is producing Willock and Sako types

  63. terraloon

    All this about the squad being top 4 is an absolute load of tosh.

    Once Lampard stabilised matters for Chelsea Arsenal offered very little going forward and as quoted yesterday after scoring in the 13th minute Arsenal only had three shots none of which were on target.

    Leno did indeed make a changer but the amount of physical and mental energy expended contains Chelsea took its toll whereas the majority of Chelsea players showed no signs of exhaustion, far from it.

    The youngster Chelsea bought on in effect nullified PEA who to be fair to him put in a shift but he isn’t going to score defending deep.

    It’s abundantly clear that reinforcements are needed the squad is creaking and far from being able to rest players the injures and underperforming players combined is a toxic mix and being just 6 points out of the relegation places is more than just a concern. As things stand only two clubs have won less games than Arsenal

    Do the squad, the club, the manager and come to that the supporters have the stomach for a relegation fight?

  64. terraloon


    What I saw was Torreira trying desperately to block Jorgino who simply brushed him aside. There was no foul there

  65. HillWood

    IF the Accademy is full of Willock Nelson Sako types of players it will take a long time to produce the type of players the current first team require

  66. China1

    Apart from running flat footed there’s very little in common between torreira and pires lol where does this comparison even come from?!

    Might as well compare xhaka and adebayor next lol!

  67. DigitalBob

    A bit worried re Arteta’s comments about wanting Xhaka to stay.

    Does he really think Xhaka can contribute to his vision of quick possession based error free football? Or is he just being disingenuous about the whole thing and actually hoping for the transfer money to reinvest in the squad?

    Anything above the £21 million or so Hertha Berlin have offered should be accepted and reinvested in the back line.

  68. HillWood

    So what’s the point in spending ??milions on an Accademy/youth setup producing players not suited to the current style of play
    Might as well close it and spend the money on ready made players

  69. Pierre

    Torreira may or may not have been fouled but I can guarantee you that if the “foul” had happened up the other end of the pitch and Arsenal had scored … .it would have been deemed a foul, that’s just how it is I’m afraid..

    Since wenger left , we have become a team of screaming schoolgirls whenever there is a foul on our players , this must stop.

    Torreira, Guendouzi and Lacazette are the biggest culprits and it is embarrassing.

    It wont help to get big decisions, the opposite in fact .
    There are ways of influencing officials, you have to be clever about it , Arsenal players are not.

    There are times to let the ref do their job, like the jorginho incident yesterday…. sometimes just a look can be enough to put doubts into a refs head.

    The ref may well have given him a second yellow if he didn’t have 3 Arsenal players converging on him , waving their arms with their faces distorted ,demanding action.

    The “foul” on Torreira for the first goal was the time to insist that the ref/VAR looks at the incident as he didn’t see what happened.

    Teams like city and liverpool would have brought it to his attention that there may have been an infringement and then VAR would have become involved ,
    Whether it would have changed the decision is another matter.

  70. HighburyLegend

    “A bit worried re Arteta’s comments about wanting Xhaka to stay. ”

    lol LegoMan said that he wAnted Granité to stay ??
    But why worry ?? The Sauce is strong with both of them!!

  71. China1

    Pierre yeah I generally agree

    You wonder if laca hadn’t got in the refs face and annoyed him if he’d have just got on with the second yellow. I got that feeling that the ref didn’t give it as a kind of petty punishment to laca

    As ludicrous as that is, laca didn’t do anything wrong per say but what he did still might have impacted the decision negatively

    His best bet would’ve been to throw is shock horror tantrum without running up into the refs face or directing it towards him. Let the ref see how the foul has fucked us without doing anything to personally irk the ref

  72. Danny S

    We all need to just write of this season. No one is going to turn this squad around, it needs a major weeding out and rebuild.

    The promising thing is that Arteta has made us look better and we look like a team again.

    Now he just needs to get rid of quite a few players and buy in the right types.

    The other plus side is that we will get good money for most of the players we need to sell so we will have money to invest.

    We need to do some Leicester like business this summer.

  73. Pierre

    Everything thing about the process since Wenger was leaving has been wrong .

    The first mistake was to give Ozil a massive contract…

    Next was to employ a manager who didn’t really want to work with Ozil.

    We employed a manager who had a certain football philosophy without the players to implement that philosophy.

    To compound this , we brought in new players who were not suited to the managers philosophy.
    To have a complete change of philosophy would need a massive investment…500+million.

    The academy players , who have been coached a certain way throughout their Arsenal career, now have to learn a different way of playing.

    Arteta coming in also has a certain philosophy, without the players to implement that philosophy and with no money to bring in the players needed to implement the philosophy.

    So yes , it has been bad planning from the outset .
    Besides the Ozil contract, the worst part of the process for me , is that we have spent a fortune on players that dont fit into our way of playing and that is a damning indictment on the highly paid professionals who are overseeing the running of the club.

    I am hoping that it will be Arteta who has the final decision on comings and goings, raul , edu and vinai are clearly not up to the job.

  74. China1

    The to the academy it only needs to produce a couple of sellable assets like iwobi to more than pay for itself financially.

    And if and when an elite talent does come through it will be in the black

  75. HighburyLegend

    “I am hoping that it will be Arteta who has the final decision on comings and goings”
    So Granité could stay…

  76. Majesticgooner

    Strange how the main stream media today seems to be going big on VAR because of what they deem to be petty offside calls, at least you can say it’s the same for all teams, if you’d toe is offside, it is called offside, however the biggest crimes are the ones committed by referee Pawson and his mates, where you have a decision to make to give a second yellow card as he was instructed to do for a pull back by Jorginho and he doesn’t give it, then a few minutes later he books AMN for the same offence and then Jorginho ends up scoring . There has to be a spotlight on these referees now, they have been getting away with cheating for a very long time and the complicit media keeps turning a blind eye, just like they did with the hooliganism in matches, blaming other countries until the hooligans start getting bolder and bolder till it manifests to what is happening now in matches.

  77. Graham62

    Danny S

    As I’ve highlighted on here on numerous occasions, our “injury business” is down to two key issues –

    1. Mental/physical fatigue, which has been the case at Arsenal for a decade or so.

    2. Accumulating far too many players of the same ilk.

    We no longer have the physical athletes we once had, who were in the team to not only scare the opponents but also to protect their teammates. We have no enforcers.

    Mental defiences are brought about by doubt/negativity and a lack of self belief, which can lead to physical problems( ie mistimed tackles/ overcompensating for other teammates etc).

    Physically we don’t intimidate the opponents. Teams know this. This is why I advocated for players like Chris Samba( in his prime) and Nzonzi, who I know Pierre also went for.

    Our Academy also highlights this lack of physicality. Where are the big strong lads, with good technique?

    I blame Barcelona and Wengers deluded desire to copy their methods.

    See, I can still point the finger at AW.

    It’s engrained in our system.

    Hopefully Arteta will get around to addressing this problem.

  78. Graham62

    Watching yesterday’s game it was if the Arsenal players ran out of gas or should I say ” mental belief”.

    Imagine if we had that physical presence in the team to help drive us forward and stimulate the players.

    Also, why not give Pepe that free reign to run at opponents. Put him up top to scare the defenders. Take the pressure off our defence. Something to counter the predictability of it all.

    Anything for christs sake.

  79. Useroz

    Until referees are compelled to answer questions under an established governance framework no amount of periodic media attention or outbursts would fix the crooks running the PL referrers and VAR.

    Guendouzi is flawed but the many citing of the penalty and likely send off he got away that is used to counter the Jorginho second yellow won’t fly. VAR looked and cleared it as penalty. No foul.

    VAR is just a collection of equipment however incompetent, non qualified, even crooks are running it. The design, standard and consistency simply isn’t good enough for the PL. and seemingly nothing could be done with the monopolised referee industry.

  80. Valentin


    “Even if you put all the players on the same training regiment, common sense should tell you that it would be perfect for a number of players, it would be too much for some and too little for some.”


    For somebody who has so called played sport at a high level, you come up some “pearls” of wisdom.
    Common sense dictate that if you overtrain a team, the entire team will be be overtrained. Some will just get injured. Some will get tired.
    On the other hand if you undertrained the team, some will collapse after 70 minutes, some because of their superior natural stamina will just get on.

    The EPL is different from the European leagues. Games are played at a much higher tempo. domestic Cups competition are important, so you also have more games. And finally there is no mid season Winter break.
    All of those means that being an experienced conditioning coach on the continent is not a guarantee that you will getting it right in the EPL.
    During his first season, Emery’s conditioning coach had Arsenal initially flying. All those victory garnered during second half. But then the training regime started to take its toll. The players were leggy. By January Emery was given interview where he admitted he had to change the training regime. The training sessions with the U21 where they played as the opposition were scrapped.
    This season it had been the exact opposite. Arsenal had been consistently blown during second halves. With Arteta new more demanding style of play it is even more obvious, this team currently last 70 minutes and then collapse.
    Basically during the first season, the team was overtrained leading to injuries. this season they adjusted the conditioning. But they undershot. The entire team is undertrained.
    The fact that the conditioning guy was let go before Emery’s sacking seems to indicate that Arsenal and Emery had realised that there was a problem there.
    I trust that Shad Forsyth will have them in the proper shape but that will take times. Time that unfortunately Arteta does not have this season.

  81. habesha gooner

    Seriously people, Why are some blaming torriera? He has been one of our best players the last two games. The first goal is all on Leno. he should have timed his run better and tried to catch the ball. But Mustafi my God, he has the intelligence of a 2 year old. Tracking your Center forward when there is cover behind you and after that marking him not to shoot shouldn’t be this hard for a defender. We need to sell him Asap. Arteta has impressed me so far. United will be a tough test considering they are a counter attacking team. We need a couple of players in January too.

  82. Pierre

    Mings and Nzonzi for a combined total of 40/45 mil were my choices in the summer window.

    Both technically good, both 6ft 4 +, both physically imposing, both would fill the positions we are desperate to fill.

    The player that I would like us to bring in in January is fleck of shef utd .

    He is exactly what we need at this present time, his performances are going unnoticed this season but everytime I see him play I am impressed.
    Also have liked Aaron Mooy for a while now.

    Both are in the prime of their career 28/29 and would do a fantastic job for us at this present time and importantly, would not cost fortunes….probably 40/45 combined, which is xhaka plus ten mil .plus they would jump at the chance of coming to the Arsenal .

    Of course , these type of players are not high profile but we need technically sound players ,premier league experienced players, tough players who will do a job for the club .

    These players are better than what we have in central midfield, I can assure you , and they have the engine to last the pace and would not be bullied .

  83. RGG

    Should have put Pepe on 2nd half…Ozil was flagging by the hour mark…..stick Pepe wide right, move Nelson into midfield to help the seemingly overrun Guen and Lucas. Take off Laca…..what a load of shit he is…..maybe stupid, but how about playing our top scorer upfront instead and stick on Willock to help Saka on the left. Willock can hold and allow Saka to overlap more.

    I’m not criticising Arteta, just a little.disappointed we didn’t try something different to get some control of midfield that we lost after 25mins and never got back.

  84. Ishola70

    Torreira was good but he keeps running out of steam in the second half of matches.

    He needs to pace himself better during matches or Arsenal bring in a physical CM to help him out so there is not so much onus on him to do all the running.

    Guendouzi runs around as well but we all see he isn’t the strongest at this point neither is he consistent in his decision making.

    Torreira was losing out in some 50/50 challenges quite early in the second half which he was winning previously in the first half.

  85. Valentin

    We can blame Arteta for not making the changes early enough, but realistically there was few other changes he could have made.
    Mustafi for Chambers was enforced by the injury.
    Nelson was still running until the end, the only changes he could have made was substituting Lacazette for Pepe. But In the few minutes Pepe was on the pitch, he did not do enough to suggest that he would have contributed more.
    With Martinelli and Ceballos injured, we had nobody who could add impetus further forward.
    With Xhaka “injured” we had nobody who could have helped stabilised the midfield.

  86. Ishola70

    And Torreira at this point most definitely falls into the pressing CM category.

    Everywhere in the midfield and again pressing the opponents high at the edge of their own penalty area as well as getting back and defending his own goal.

    He has a very heavy workload in this team.

  87. terraloon

    You don’t get an automatic yellow for pulling a player back it’s a bog standard foul . The offence is elevated to a card if in the opinion of the referee the position the offence happens is promising.

    Torriea got a yellow when he pulled Mount back but that was on the far touch line . But it wasn’t deemed in a promising position . The booking was for three previous fouls and Pawson indicated so. AMN was booked in the 91st minute when he pulled Bach Hudson-Odoi who had got past the defensive line and was clearly in a promising position.

    When Georginio pulled Guendozi back it was in the Arsenal half. The debate would be was it in a promising position if not it’s a foul not an automatic yellow.

    Luiz was very very lucky not to get a straight red in the first half when he went in with a very high boot ( head height) on Kante if he had connected he would have been off irrespective he should have received a yellow.

    Torriera time after time waves an imaginary yellow card he did it a couple of times yesterday that offence is meant to be an automatic yellow.

    Was Pawson generous with Georgina? Maybe but come on Arsenal lost yesterday because quite simply they weren’t good enough over 90 minutes

  88. Bojangles

    “Teams like city and liverpool would have brought it to his attention that there may have been an infringement and then VAR would have become involved”

    VAR did get involved and decided nothing was amiss.

    Three incidents in the match could have had or did have a bearing on the result. 1 Willock’s missed chance. 2 Jorginho not receiving a second yellow shortly after Torrrira had received yellow for a similar foul. 3 Leno’s crazy attempt at punching a ball he had no chance of reaching. 2 & 3 are closely related, obviously had Jorginho been given his marching orders he couldn’t have scored.

  89. gnarleygeorge9


    I watched The Arsenal from the 24th minute onwards, missed the goal, coz I was watching Rangers demolish that Irish team. Wow what an occasion.

    I will say this, unless the sole shareholder doesn’t invest in the team going forward, The Arse will get the arse from the PL. Arteta has worked with Pep, he will have plenty of suitors going forward if he decides enough is enough @ Ashburton Grove. Also, to all those who jumped on during the Wenger years, if there is a lack of investment in the team, over the next possibly 15 to 30:years of mundane, you are going to find out just how much you care for The Arsenal.

  90. Ishola70

    And David Luiz is the unofficial captain of this side.

    I think we all know Aubameyang isn’t a traditional captain.

    The players grouped together before the game started on the pitch and there was no talking from Aubameyang. He was listening in the pre-match huddle. And he was listening to David Luiz.

    Luiz as it turned out had his best match since he has arrived at Arsenal yesterday.

  91. Ishola70

    I would like to see more of Chambers and Luiz combination at the back.

    We used to talk about aggresive and more passive CBs and their partnerships when Mertesacker was playing. He was the more passive who used to drop back and let the other CB be the front foot aggressor because of his lack of pace and that combo worked many times.

    We saw signs of this yesterday again when Chambers was on the pitch. Chambers the front foot aggressor, Luiz the more passive dropping in behind him.

  92. Pierre

    Taxi for Terraloob

    I think its time for you to go and support another football team.

    Guendouzi was in a promising position as he had just taken Chelsea’s defensive midfielder (jorginho)out of the game , leaving the defence with no protection.

  93. terraloon

    Bojangles. Torrential didn’t get a yellow for a similar offence he picked his yellow up for persistent fouling. Pawson indicted that very fact.

  94. CG


    4th home defeat in a row – worst since 1959
    6 points of the Relegation Zone
    Record signing not being selected- because he is Garbage and dont train properly
    1 win in 15.
    Steve Round looking like a Pudding on the Bench.
    Edu and Raul still hiding from the media.
    £250 000 000 spent on overpriced Garbage

    Wenger left 58 games.

    How on Earth can the Head of Footballing Operations still be in his post.?

    I would not trust him to operate a toaster

    A Reminder- we were 5th when The Spiv came aboard – now entrenched in 12th..

    How is his statue coming on?

  95. terraloon


    Hey I posed a question

    Irrespective if a full defence is set between the offence and the goal then rarely is it considered a promising position.

    As for supporting another team sometimes you really have to rake the blinkers off

  96. raptora

    teraloon: “Was Pawson generous with Georgina? Maybe but come on Arsenal lost yesterday because quite simply they weren’t good enough over 90 minutes”

    Yeah and also Chelsea had a total of 33 chances of any kind until the 83rd minute when we basically scored an own goal.

    We got totally outplayed. Leno made at least 14 saves. We could have conceded at least 5 goals.

    Oh wait…

  97. Pierre

    “Bojangles. Torrential didn’t get a yellow for a similar offence he picked his yellow up for persistent fouling. Pawson indicted that very fact.”

    Chelsea persistently fouled throughout the game …19 fouls is confirmation of that .

  98. Ishola70


    Chelsea made a recovery in the last 15 minutes of the first half after being dominated by Arsenal in the first 30 minutes.

    From the start of the second half Chelsea dominated the game.

  99. Pierre

    “Irrespective if a full defence is set between the offence and the goal then rarely is it considered a promising position.”

    In your world no , but in the real world,once the midfield is breached with 3/4 attackers in front , then it is without doubt a promising position.

  100. CG

    Arteta is clearly a great coach with some zany ideas.

    But he better learn quick the basics.

    Eg. Team Selection.

    “””You dont win many games with David Luiz in a Back 4 – but you sure make a lot of money buying opposition goals when he plays there.”””

    Who says that ,time and time again.?

    Apart from scabby home wins against Villa and Bournemouth- I can only recall 2!.

  101. raptora

    terraloon:”When Georginio pulled Guendozi back it was in the Arsenal half. The debate would be was it in a promising position if not it’s a foul not an automatic yellow.”

    You must be blind mate. 2 hands grab cynical foul, 5v4 situation in our favor with plenty of space behind Chavs defence. What a wanker.

    You should really go and support another team. I’d say it’s a yellow card all day long if it was our player and not Jorginho. I wouldn’t be pissed off as I am now, but I’d say it’s a clear, clear as night and day clear yellow, 2nd yellow or whatever.

    The more I look at it, the more it’s a 2nd yellow card.

  102. Major_Jeneral

    Apparently Arsenal need new reinforcements. The moment chambers was injured it was only a matter of time before Chelsea had the breakthrough.

    What Luiz did in the first half was quite okay for a defender so far he connected with the ball to clear it out. We have have players from other teams(including Chelsea yesterday) defend or clear ball physically like Luiz did and fans have advocated Arsenal do the same. Rather than dilly dallying on the ball, the players ought to be smart about it. Kante on one ocassion also went hard for the ball but didn’t connect smartly with it and he got a yellow for it.

    There was no doubt the game was very aggressive and physical. And due to the fact we have injuries and we played almost the same team that played Bournemouth 48hrs ago it was only a matter of time before the arsenal player run out of physical exhaustion.

    Someone mentioned that the fouls commuted by Chelsea in the 1st half was the highest receorded for a half. How true is this?

  103. kristoman

    how many england ref do you want in world cup valentin. How many french ref where in the last world cup. Must english ref or spanish ref appear in world cup for them to be competent? The level these fans sunk to just to prove a conspiracy theory is beyond stupid and borderline idiotic.

  104. Ishola70


    You don’t need loads of shots on goal to signify domination.

    Chelsea had so much more of the ball in the second half as well as territory in the Arsenal half.