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A very quick post from me this morning as I am heading in for my first game of the MIKEL ARTETA ERA GET IN CAN’T WAIT WOOO #1 FAN OVER HERE WITH THE A4 BANNER SAYING #ARTETAIN!

I have no idea what to expect. The manager is dealing with something of an injury crisis, we could be missing a lot of players today. Tierney, Kola and Sokratis are certainly out. There are also doubts over Gabriel, Holding, Ceballos and Hector… there also might be questions over whether Xhaka plays if his mind is on the Hertha Berlin move.

The players he did have ready trained on the pitch yesterday. I like that. For no reason. If Emery had done it I’d have lodged a complaint with the local council, Arteta does it, I find it the sort of elite thinking a progressive young coach should be showcasing.

Chelsea are in a bit of a mess at the moment. They followed up a super defeat of Spurs with a shocking show against lowly Southampton. Some of their fans are predictably on his back, but I think the bleating will be ignored, Chelsea are building up with kids and shit performances are part of the deal there.

Arteta spoke about getting his players to think quicker and work harder off the ball. We saw a taste of that against Bournemouth, today, I hope that continues. I’m looking to see good structure, I’m hoping that against a really good counter-attacking team, we can concentrate, and I’m hoping the players put it in until the very end. Wouldn’t it be great to see us pressing for a second game in a row? I’m living for it.

I think we’re up against it today, it’s going to be hard to extract anything from the game, but at the moment, I’m just looking for progress as we build to a brighter future. A win would be exciting though, can’t say it hasn’t passed my mind.

It’s absolutely freezing out, so if you’re going, wrap up warm and hope the football on show gives us an added boost of warmth.

Right, that’s me out, see you at the game. xx


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  1. Marko

    The double training stuff was never proven beyond preseason. We’ll just add it to the pile of lies you’ve accumulated over the years right next to Steve Rowley back at Arsenal.

    It’s truly amazing though I never seen those complaints on training and subsequent injuries under Wenger. Weird that

  2. Champagne charlie

    “And Charles backs him up, he is one of the good guys. Never seen an adult with such a playground mentality“

    I’ve made no comment on how we are physically, I’ve only dismissed absurd rebuttals about how physical fitness and performance is nurtured. Keep up.

  3. Receding Hairline

    What is the correct dosage of training Valentin do tell.

    How come you know the correct level of training yet you are reduced to sharing your expertise on le grove while others are actually working in the field

    Pro athletes that’s what footballers are. Not desk workers called together to face Chelsea.

    Your throwing in the Ramsey nonsense is shameless

    Ramsey has broken down countless times at Arsenal and now at Juventus. Apparently it’s still Emery’s fault. He was a crock before emery and remains one till date

  4. Marko

    Any hint of criticism of Emery and you are straight in throwing insults and bringing Wenger in the discussion.

    No it’s not that it’s your lies and consistency that gets me. You’re a hypocrite to boot

  5. Valentin


    Last summer our conditioning specialist was fired by the club despite being overruled by an external person brought by Emery himself.

    That external conditioning specialist brought by Emery was then subsequently let go (I believe it was in October) so clearly even Emery was not happy about him.

    So there are reasons to believe that this team was improperly conditioned. Within the next two weeks we will start hearing stories about players not being fit enough to play Arteta’s demanding football for 90 minutes.

  6. wattsy

    Got to give Arteta time massively let down by several players today, Comfortable 82 mins same old Arsenal.

    No winnable game until 16th Feb Home to Newcastle, have to hope for a few draws along the way, to avoid dropping into bottom three, have massive 6 pointers among them.

    Cannot watch United game, not angry about today, just hugely disappointed about individual errors. Make no mistake we are in the relegation battle, and must adjust our game plans accordingly.

    Never thought we would be struggling to reach the magic 40 points

  7. Dissenter

    Arteta needs to drill the art of tactical fouling into the team.
    Mustafi didn’t have a a yellow card so why didn’t he take one for the team.

  8. RodneyKing

    @TR7 After we played against Chelsea away and lost 3 – 2, many Arsenal fans rightly felt it was a game that we didn’t deserve to lose. There was renewed optimism around the team and then they went on that unbeaten, albeit unconvincing, run.

    Even then, there were clear signs that our players were struggling as a result of the physical demands of the game. Didn’t Emery try to get them to press? How long did that last?

    I know there’ll be marginal improvements under Arteta but it will have more to do with new manager bounce and players wanting to impress than sheer ability.

    Take some time out to watch other EPL teams, especially the ones currently around us, and you’ll quickly realize that there’re lots of players out there that are much better than the ones we’ve amassed over the years and are currently at the club. As we know, the league table doesn’t lie.

    So player poverty was a real thing under Emery. Yes, things got progressively worse with him in charge which wasn’t unexpected.

    Arteta is already starting to see the same things that Emery saw himself – e.g. individual errors leading to goals and players not being up to snuff.

  9. Receding Hairline

    Fatty with a dodgy hair…lol now we are down to burrowing insults off Un na nai.

    How low can you sink on here Charles?

    Anonymity is no excuse for bad behavior.

    And no I am not fat nor is a receeding hairline a cause for shame, it’s genetics.

    Grow up man you are shaming yourself on here

  10. Guernsey gun

    Calm down everyone, we’re gonna smash United 4 0, laca hat trick. Cool your jets the Arteta factor is about to land…and it’s gonna be massive.👍🍺👊🏿

  11. Dissenter

    “Last summer our conditioning specialist was fired by the club despite being overruled by an external person brought by Emery himself.’

    You aren’t privy to confidential personnel decisions being made at Arsenal.
    Just stop this nonsense.
    You don’t know why he was let go.

  12. Sid

    Hard work should be left to stoke f.c,
    we need a minimum 2 very technical players to control the tempo so that we dont keep chasing the ball
    It will solve most of the problems. If the are athletic it will be a plus.
    Im telling you this for free!

  13. Graham62

    Although there were some positives to be taken from today’s game, we have to be honest with ourselves, we are in a shite position.

    Forget top 4. Forget even top 8. As it stands we will struggle to make top 10 and unless major changes are afoot, we could find ourselves in a relegation dogfight.

    Our shape in the first 45 minutes was excellent but in the second half we struggled physically and mentally and paid the price for a horrendous lapse in concentration from Leno.

    I personally don’t think Leno is good enough. His distribution is far too slow and ponderous and his vocal command of the back line is nonexistent. Martinez should be given a chance.

    A quick note about the fans who, once again, left when the things started to go pear shape. Who are these people? With the score at 1-1 seats started to empty and as soon as Chelski scored their second there was a mass exodus.

    Embarrassing and shameful.

    No wonder we are where we are.

  14. Receding Hairline

    Conditioning isn’t our problem Valentin.

    Enough with that already.

    All these excuses.

    70% of the players playing for this football club aren’t fit for purpose one way or the other. You can condition them all you like.

    Arteta will make changes to this squad, wholesale changes

  15. Champagne charlie


    Oh shit up you colossal fanny, this “bad behaviour” talk because I mock your moniker?

    You must’ve been bullied.

  16. Dissenter

    “Im telling you this for free!”

    I love this guy already.
    I smell snake oil salesmanship every time I read that.

  17. Sid

    Dozi should be playing of the bench and he’s not ready for CM he’s better of at number 10, problem is we have no other player to play CM, an injury to Torr is likely because of amount of games he is playing now, thats when all hell will break loose.

  18. Guernsey gun

    Wake up folks we are getting dragged into a relegation scrap. Some poncy fuck kunckles on here scoff at that, but we are straight up in relegation form. But hey we ran around a lot, our wing backs tucked in……and we got 1 point from Bournemouth away and a Chelsea team that just got gobbed 2 0 at home by a team below us.

    40 years watching arsenal this is dark times, but be excited folks cebaillos is coming back….oh happy days.😂👍👋🏿

  19. Receding Hairline

    Lol Valentin now borrowing un na nai insults too to make a point.

    How nice.

    The only idiot on here is one who talks with so much authority on things he knows nothing about.

    I didn’t get angry at Don, I simply told him shaming someone for being fat is immature. And calling someone whose moniker is receding hairline baldy in an attempt to insult him is plain stupid.

    If I cared about my hair I won’t pick it as a moniker.

  20. Valentin


    The fact that Emery brought his own conditioning and that he excluded the Arsenal conditioning team from his training sessions was public knowledge.
    In fact it was initially mentioned by Emery as proof that Arsenal was moving on from the Wenger’s era. 4 months later, there was loud rumours about the extraneous training sessions.
    After the Baku debacle, the club did a review of what went wrong. One of the conclusion reached by that review led by Emery was that the Dean Burgess the director of high performance should be let go. That increased the influence of Shad Forsyth. I believe that he was the man who forced the external conditioning specialist out.

  21. MGooner

    @ Rodney

    Player poverty is nothing new here

    Wilshere, Walcott, Bendtner, Denilson were not world beaters. Bur we have always had CL football with them.

    The issue is that we were lucky for a long time as it was the outlier, not the norm

    The thing is that Stan Kronke has not provided funds to the club to buy players. We are still on that self sustainable model nonsense.

    Anyone think Liverpool, Manure, Chelsea or City would win trophies on a self sustainable model?

    Look no further that Everton. They hired a proper manager and will support him in the window. Keep an eye on that club

  22. Pierre

    I’ve told this lot about the art of letting the ball do the work , but they dont quite get it.

    Technicians are exactly what we need in midfield .

    Look at Ozil in that first half , who is the master at letting the ball do the work , dummies, flicks , feints, slide rule passes.

    He was a joy to behold

    The opposition again had to change their formation to negate Ozil’s influence on the game and this where Arteta failed to react.

    He should have changed his position to give him more chance of getting on the ball, instead he left him in a congested area and consequently was starved of the ball.

  23. Thorough

    I personally don’t think Leno is good enough. His distribution is far too slow and ponderous and his vocal command of the back line is nonexistent. Martinez should be given a chance.

    God bless you sir.
    Arsenal VS Bourne mouth, last minute, a Bourne mouth player intercepted Leno from kicking out the ball, referee duly booked the guy and gave us a free kick. What did Leno do next? Passed the ball to the defender beside him.
    For those that are deceives Leno is mint because of his few world class saves, we must know a top. Lass goalkeeper has other duties like organizing the defence and initiating attacks when needed. Leno has that irritating puppy look about him, takes extra few seconds every time and let the opponent regroup. And of course in the absence of Emry he’s stuck to playing out from the back.

  24. Pierre

    Not good I would imagine , I saw at one stage it was ten shots to one in their favour in the 2nd half.

    First half i saw it was 5 to 2 in our favour

  25. Dissenter

    You don’t think it’s possible that Burgess was let go because of a duplication of roles with Shad Forsythe. The physio situation looked top-heavy so it wasn’t unexpected.
    You simply don’t know but to start throwing out number like you’re doing now is undignifying

  26. Thorough

    I personally don’t think Leno is good enough. His distribution is far too slow and ponderous and his vocal command of the back line is nonexistent. Martinez should be given a chance.

    God bless you sir.
    Arsenal vs Bournemouth, last minute, a Bournemouth player intercepted Leno from kicking out the ball to start a final attack, referee duly booked the guy and gave us a free kick. What did Leno do next? Passed the ball to the defender beside him.
    For those that are deceived Leno is mint because of his few world class saves, we must know a top class goalkeeper has other duties like organizing the defence and initiating attacks when needed. Leno has that irritating puppy look about him, takes extra few seconds every time and let the opponent regroup. And of course in the absence of Emry he’s stuck to playing out from the back.

  27. Marc

    Just a small comment on the fitness / training debate etc.

    It was widely reported that the Poch used to have the Spud’s doing really tough training including double sessions.

    What Emery did or didn’t do is irrelevant – he’s gone now.

    It’s all about where we are now, the players we have now, players we might manage to bring in in Jan and what Arteta can do.

  28. Valentin


    I don’t think that Leno is a great goalkeeper. He is a decent shot stopper, but can’t distribute quickly the ball both with his feet or his hands. He is also not vocal enough to properly organise the defense.
    I said when we bought him that we should have gone for Alban Lafond for half the price. He lost his place in the German international team due to his regular howler. He made less than during his last year in Germany, but still too many.

    Even the so called world class saves are saves that any goalkeepers playing at club with aspiration of top 4 should make. The incompetence of our defense gave him more chance to shine.

  29. Pierre

    Leno is not and never will be a keeper that dominates his area.

    Earlier in the game a Chelsea striker had a header from about 6 yards out that luckily went straight at Leno….he’s reluctant to leave his line , maybe today we found out why.

  30. Thorough

    And our most important need now may actually be a goal scoring box to box midfielder. In two consecutive games I’ve seen Willock lose us points. His tame shot against Bournemouth and today he couldn’t even get it on target when he had all the time in the world. At 2-0 up I’m not sure Chelsea would have recovered.

  31. The backpass


    “should have changed his position to give him more chance of getting on the ball, instead he left him in a congested area and consequently was starved of the ball.”

    Where do you think Arteta should have put Ozil?

  32. Valentin


    Pochettino also used to rotate players a lot more. He also used to forgo all the other domestic competitions giving his players extra rest. Being eliminated on the first round of both domestic Cups.
    Two years ago, Spurs was the only premiership team who did not suffer a single long term muscle injury during the entire season.
    It is just a question of both the coaching team and the conditioning team working together and not being afraid of benching a player if there is a risk of injury. Prevention is always more effective treatment.

  33. Guernsey gun

    Shit….just as we get the Arteta bounce we realize our keeper is a clueless German clown on shrooms. Got help us. In Arteta we trust.👍🖕🏿🍺👊🏿

  34. RodneyKing

    @MGooner Player poverty (this is the last time I’ll mention it, lol) has always been a thing at Arsenal. A necessary fallout of the stadium move.

    Times have changed though. The league has gotten more competitive. There are now 6 teams challenging for top 4 places. And with the likes of Leicester and Wolves making a case for themselves, it’s is no longer as straightforward as it once was.

  35. Pierre

    The backpass
    I would have told him to play deeper and come towards the ball .

    We were outnumbered in the midfield area and needed someone who could link the play as they were pressing high.

    The 2nd half we had too many passengers in Ozil, Aubameyang and Nelson .

    Torreira, Guendouzi and Lacazette battled well, but they dont have the necessary quality to avoid the high press.

    To be honest, when Ozil went off I thought willock improved things as he was playing a little deeper and we started to get a little joy, however their first goal killed us and then we went into panic mode.

  36. Receding Hairline

    Now all the saves Leno has been making all season are being downplayed because he made an error in a game.

    You really are a very vindictive person Valentin. Very malicious too. Very petty.

    Would really hate to know you in person.

  37. Paulie

    If Arteta agreed to come in without being promised January reinforcements then I’m afraid we are f””””d. He cant be too ambitious if he took on a job with this bunch of gutless chokers. All they are good for is mouthing off the same bullshit excuses and promises endlessly in the media.

  38. Marc


    Agree – it’s also nice that someone can make an observation / comment without it having some kind back story – of course other than wanting Arsenal to do well!

  39. Valentin


    That is the one.
    Fiorentina lost their main goalkeeper and decided that Drawgoski was not yet ready so they needed a stop gap goalkeeper for a year. Lafont was excellent at Fiorentina last season. However they had already promised the top Jersey this season to Dragowski. As Lafont did not want to go back to be an understudy. They agreed to let him go on loan to Nantes. He is one of the reason why Nantes is having such a great season (currently 5th despite having a poor attack with only 3 teams with a worse attacking record).

  40. The backpass


    I dont think that will work,because Ozil was getting easily dispossed high up the pitch, imagine him close to our box and getting dispossed. I dont think that would have worked.

    “To be honest, when Ozil went off I thought willock improved things as he was playing a little deeper and we started to get a little joy, however their first goal killed us and then we went into panic mode.”

    Yeah, except Willock was constantly losing the ball and making wrong passes.

  41. Tee

    Tony Adams as this to say on artera

    ‘Steve Bould told me during his five years at Arsenal and he spent most of his time with the technical analysts looking at players,’ said the former Arsenal captain.

    ‘He’s more a coach than he is actually a player during those five years.
    ‘He’s totally obsessed with the game and if there’s a man who can do it… I’ve got to be a little bit positive here.

    ‘He’s very, very conscientious about the players and the staff he wants so hopefully he has a big say in who he wants to bring in.’

  42. The backpass


    There were lots of weakness in lafont’s game last season, admittedly, I haven’t watched him this season in France but i just dont think he can cut it in the EPL yet. Maybe in five years time

  43. DaleDaGooner

    More I think about it, more depressed I am. We’ve been awful but I really didn’t want us to lose to the Chavs

  44. Pierre

    The backpass
    “I dont think that will work,because Ozil was getting easily dispossed high up the pitch, imagine him close to our box and getting dispossed. I dont think that would have worked”

    You obviously watched a different game to me.

    As you were

  45. The backpass

    Lol Pierre

    Yeah Ozil was dispossed at least thrice during the second half and that doesn’t mean he had a bad game.

    Good to know you see what you want to see.

  46. Valentin


    The stats that Leno is the goalkeeper who has made the greatest numbers of errors that directly lead to a goal in the top 5 European league cannot be washed out by but he make terrific saves.
    Before the world Cup, He lost his place in the German team exactly for that reason. When we bought him, I was one of the few who had doubt about him saying that even if he could curb the howler his distribution in general was poor.
    I made the comment about the 4 positions that need to be upgraded. Goalkeeper was in 3rd. Looks like I was right.
    It is not being petty to indicate that Leno cost us more points than Xhaka, it is a fact.
    Xhaka btw is the OUTFIELD player who has committed the most errors that lead directly to a goal in the top 5 European leagues.

    I am not downplaying his stops, because he made a costly mistake. I have just never rated this stops. Yes he spread himself big, but in that exercise I rate Kasper Schmeichel better and I don’t consider him as a world class goalkeeper. Same thing with Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford who is very good at spreading himself big in 1v1. However being good in one aspect of goalkeeping does not invalidate the fact that he commit howler on a regular basis nor that his distribution and organisation skill is poor.

    Talk about petty , whenever AMN has a good game you stay schtum about him, but as soon he make one mistake You keep banging how crap AMN is. Compare you assessment of Bellerin and my assessment of Leno and see who is petty.

  47. Marc

    “Xhaka btw is the OUTFIELD player who has committed the most errors that lead directly to a goal in the top 5 European leagues.”

    I’m not having that – that would imply he’s a complete fucking liability who would be out performed by a cardboard cut out.

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It appears that
    Are the main benefactors of var and getting the decision

    They won’t abandoned it , but they need to revise it that the manager can call for var to view a decision not the ref.

    2 call per half for goals tackles corners offsides etc…

  49. Pierre

    At.least one of those he should have had a free kick ( maybe 2 ) ,but as we know, the ref was giving Chelsea a little helping hand and that’s putting it mildly.

  50. Elmo

    It was actually similar to the Ropey League final how the players were completely tanked from an energy perspective in the final half hour against Chavs, after an encouraging tactical showing in the 1st half.

  51. Receding Hairline

    Maybe you need to take up the AMN thing with Marko…. I don’t have a fixation on any Arsenal player as I consider 80% of them not good enough or suited for this league. Some both.

    You are petty and vindictive because once you state an opinion on something you twist facts and tell outright lies to be proven right.

  52. Dissenter

    Leno half a reputation for those the type pf blunders he did today. That’s part of his constitution.

    He’s been good for us and has been a bright spot in a dismal season. That said, his blunder today can’t just be washed away. He was not even under pressure. He was surrounded by four Arsenal players and lost track of the ball. It’s not even a case of punching it to a dangerous area…he missed is altogether.

  53. Marc


    The ref was a fucking disgrace today. Guy sat next to me said he’d seen a stat that Chelsea made more fouls in the first half than any other team in a single half of a match for a decade.

    The ref then manages to book Laca instead of showing a 2nd yellow to the guy who not only won the free kick that lead to the goal but was also the one who scored.

  54. Valentin


    You and Marko are the one who keep accusing people of lying when you disagree with other people opinion.
    You are known for deliberately misconstruing what people wrote in order to score cheap points and starts arguments.
    You rate Leno. I don’t. Let’s agree to disagree on that one.

  55. Thorough

    We’ve had 3 games this season where we’ve looked good. 2 under Emery (Tottenham 2nd half and Leicester late first half and early second half) and 1 under Arteta (1st half gainst Chelsea).
    If Arteta can take the positives in today’s game and improve on them we may be headed somewhere. We actually looked a proper team in patches. If Laca and/or Willock had scored their chances we prolly would have been celebrating 3 points now. Even Ozil and AMN looked like they knew what they were doing.
    I’ve just become an AKB.

  56. Valentin

    BTW, the free-kick that the referee gave against Lacazette should not have been a free-kick because the ball was already out when the contact with Lacazette took place. And according to the laws of the game a free kick or penalty cannot be given when the ball is not in play.
    Hence cards can be given to defenders before a corner take place without the referee having to indicate a penalty.

  57. Valentin


    To be fair,
    There was some transport issues around the stadium. If you travel on a cold day and see a collapse like that, you may not want to stick around and be stuck with Chelsea fans for the next 30 minutes on your way home.

  58. Spudnik

    If we’re going to be managed by an Anakin Skywalker look alike, then let us please go to the dark side and win some fucking games

  59. Receding Hairline

    The walking out thing didn’t look good at all. Told most of you wins and not improved performances is what will get the fans onside. I got upset watching them walkout. In one of the shots one guy was even being restrained from leaving by someone sitting down but he left anyway .

  60. Elmo

    “Our next 5 PL fixtures:”

    The problem is that you can’t look at a single fixture now and see it as anything other than a tough battle to win points, with recent precedent of us being overturned by the team. Can’t remember that being the case for our club for a long, long time.

    What we need is to get a couple of wins on the board in the next month so that we can confidently assess that we won’t be relegated, and then the manager can experiment more and get rookie mistakes out of his system over the last few months of the season.

    If we continue with the form of the past 4 months over the next few games, we absolutely will be fighting to stay up from March onwards. No room for complacency.

  61. terraloon

    To a degree the game reminded me of a 3rd round FA cup game where the plucky underdogs are the better team for most of the game but when that extra quality kicks in then the first 80 odd minutes become irrelevant

    Far far too many of the Arsenal players look ok technically but they struggle to concentrate for the full game

    Lampard had the ability to change things , he had the resources but very very few of that Arasenal team are good enough

  62. Pierre

    This has been going on since old trafford all them years ago .

    Today was a joke, he gave a card for our first foul whilst allowing Chelsea to foul with impunity and it continued throughout the game.

    The thing is , sky BT or the media only bring it up whenever Arsenal, on the rare occasion, get a decision in our favour.

  63. Marc


    As I said the other day I’m not sure we can afford the loss of revenue. We’re already losing money but as it stands I don’t think it’s a case of what we want it’s a case of what will be.

  64. Upstate Gooner

    The ref was a fucking disgrace today.

    Enough of this BS already. The ref also didn’t give Guendouzi his well deserved second yellow and a subsequent penalty earlier in the game. Chelsea outplayed us, and Lampard outmanaged Arteta who was very conservative after the first half hour or so, as well as with his substitutions.

  65. Pierre

    “The ref was a fucking disgrace today. Guy sat next to me said he’d seen a stat that Chelsea made more fouls in the first half than any other team in a single half of a match for a decade. ”

    Even city committed 24 fouls 2 weeks ago at the Emirates and nothing is said .

    The average is about 10/12 fouls a game…

  66. Jamie

    If Arteta can get us playing like we did during the first half consistently, we’ll be fine.

    The worry is how quickly the players looked gassed, and how a couple of Lampard tweaks undid our game plan.

    Lots of positives, same negatives.

    Guendouzi, Laca, and Nelson were our most wasteful players today. Fair play to the rest of the squad.

    Onwards and upwards. We desperately need a win on the board. Makes it so much easier for the players to buy into Arteta’s style.

  67. Jeff

    I see that a lot of people (easily the majority) on here were fully expecting a better result. And that is because you had expectations over and above what reality could afford. But now you’re all having to dial down these “hopes” because we are still in many ways exactly the same. Man U will be all over us on Wednesday and we seem to have this inexorable ability to bring the best out of the opposition. I’ve never quite worked out why that is. It’s been with us since Wenger times and on it continues to this day.

    Of course part of the reason is psychological. Nobody in the league is afraid of us anymore. They treat us like a team that is totally beatable. And that is because those running the club have no real ambition, no burning desire to win which would ordinarily percolate down. We are owned and governed by a zombie – what do you expect? In fact I think that Arteta has done quite a lot of harm to his career by taking on this job. It is a poisoned chalice.

  68. Marc


    If you don’t like what Pedro has to say don’t come on here or at least make constructive criticism. Winding him up so he bans you isn’t big or clever it’s childish.

  69. Upstate Gooner

    The worry is how quickly the players looked gassed, and how a couple of Lampard tweaks undid our game plan.


  70. Marc


    Chelsea scored from 2 very basic errors from our players. One by Leno and the other when both Mustafi and Luiz both backed off an advancing attacker when one should have at attempted a challenge.

    As for a Chelsea penalty I’ll need to see the highlights but I don’t remember a case of them being denied one.

  71. Valentin

    Pierre, Marc,

    Until Arsenal as a football club continually makes the point during press conference that it is not treated fairly, nothing will be done.
    In France PSG and Marseilles used to be treated very favourably by the referees. Then Aulas the Lyon chairman started a public campaign of systematically complain about any slight injustice. It became a running joke, but it had its effect. Newspaper were reporting the injustice and pundits discussed the decisions. Now Lyon has referee with a very light touch.
    Referees know that any incorrect decision against Lyon will be noted and discussed so now they would rather be wrong on the other direction than against Lyon.
    As it was shown by the calciopoli, you don’t even have to issues instructions in favour or against a club, referees know what is the best course of action for their career. Right now they know that not giving anything to Arsenal please Mike Reily. So they will continue to act that way until something make Mike Reilly decide that Arsenal should really be on his good grace.
    If Arsenal keep calling the referee unfair disgrace, after a few commentary and Mike Reilly would not want to in the discussion.

  72. Receding Hairline

    Nelson wasn’t taken out. That wasn’t a foul.

    Guendouzi should have been sent off in the first half with a penalty to boot if the referee union was really out to get us.

    Yes on another day Jorginho sees a second yellow but such decisions aren’t set in stone.

    Let’s move on from the referee conspiracy theory

  73. HighburyLegend

    “Arteta didn’t counter that change. He lost the battle of the coaches today. He will learn from that.”
    @Receding : did he not learned enough alongside the great Pep to be able to win that battle today ?? This LegoMan is a joke, really….

  74. Marc


    Something has to change – it’s not just about Arsenal the level of officials is disgusting.

    These guy’s are on £80 odd grand a year – do you know anyone who earns that type of money who has no accountability and is continually terrible at their job?

  75. Dissenter

    I have a problem with the scouting reports that are always been served up here.
    They always highlight players playing for teams in the CL who may be out of our reach.
    We need to start buying up good players who have done well in struggling teams, especially teams that are relegated. Last season, Anguissa looked good for Fulham but talk of him was poo pooed when I raised it.
    This season, Max Aarons and Eric Cantwell are the types of players we should be signing.

  76. Upstate Gooner

    Arteta lost the battle of the coaches today. He will learn from that.

    Yes, he did. And I’m afraid, No, he won’t.

  77. Marc


    If the Guendozi “penalty” incident is what I think you’re talking about from where I was it was outside the box and a free kick was given.

    Surely VAR would have been used is the ref had called it wrong?

  78. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Martinez Amn. Saliba chambers tiernay ( for 10 games)Toor new dm Nelson. Ozil SakaTj or Eddie..’

    Are you saying we’re in the Championship?

  79. Dissenter

    Had Leno not flapped needlessly, no one will be throwing tantrums that Jorghino wasn’t sent off.
    Guen’s second yellow card offense was just as bad.
    The referee’s are incompetent, that’s all. It’s not some big vast conspiracy against Arsenal. We aren’t that important. We do the self-sabotage ourselves.

  80. Receding Hairline

    Highbury this is his second match as first team coach or manager. This is where his more experienced assistants have to earn their coin.

    I noticed it was the assistant at Chelsea that walked up to Lampard and told him something has to change and they got Jorginho ready

  81. Upstate Gooner

    Guendo was a lucky boy. Stone cold 2nd yellow and a penalty to boot. Around 35-36 minutes on the clock. Definitely check it out.

  82. Jeff

    But that’s why new managers should start at small clubs and work their way up. Win a few things, get some pedigree, some self-confidence and make the mistakes and learn from them at other clubs. This is supposed to be one of the biggest clubs in Europe but it’s not behaving like one.

    Yes of course it has a few decent players dotted around but nothing to write home about. In fact, you wouldn’t even call us a top 7 team anymore. And given that we also made a financial loss of about £23 million in the last set of accounts, I don’t think Kroenke is going to sanction anything significant on new players. He’s going to insist we keep the net spend to a minimum which means we have to sell probably around 3 players just to get 1 good one. Arteta was a mere distraction – the club is really in a lot of trouble in my view. We are at a very low point right now.

  83. Dissenter

    I think the officials should earn a lot more than 80k weekly. Beating them up for that relatively paltry salary [compared to the amount of money the league is making] is a bit silly.
    They have to maintain the same level of fitness as the players and it takes a lot of of work to become a premier league referee.

  84. Receding Hairline

    Marc it was a second yellow nonetheless and VAR did look at it but felt maybe Abraham went down too easily. If they wanted to “please mike Riley” to keep their jobs it was a decision many wouldn’t argue with

  85. HighburyLegend

    “I noticed it was the assistant at Chelsea that walked up to Lampard and told him something has to change and they got Jorginho ready”

    Lol receding, you just gave an idea of excuse to Pedro for his next post.
    It was Lampard assistant who made us lost the game… Bravo!!

  86. Marc


    I would look to take a chunk of the TV money from each club – say £2 million that would give you a £40 million a season fund to both pay, train and recruit new refs, ones who don’t perform are binned.

    The only conditions are that we get rid of the useless fuckers we have now and a performance review made public after each match.

  87. Hitman

    The players need to man up. Why are they so unfit, weak and slow? They get paid a fortune.
    Get in the gym. Put the playstation aside. Your meant to be ‘professional’ footballers.

    Let’s see if Arteta has the balls to tell them to shape up.

  88. Jeff

    And as for the referee conspiracy theories against Arsenal, these are really scraping the barrel. We are already 12th in the league – what need is there for dark conspiracies? Whatever happens to us is the result of our own mistakes and misfortunes period. Remember Occam’s Razor – the simplest answer is nearly always the right one.

  89. Champagne charlie


    Think your Leno breakdown is overboard. Thing about these base level stats is they are rarely, if ever, weighted to reflect anything resembling a bigger picture.

    Leno has the most errors in Europe’s top 5 leagues?

    – What constitutes an error?
    – How many shots is he facing per error?

    Because we had conceded the most shots on goal in all of Europe early in the season, and his ‘saves made’ is the highest number in the PL. Stands to reason he’d make more errors by virtue of having greater interaction with the ball.

    7 errors in 200 saves isn’t the same as 4 errors in 50.

    I’d be curious to know what an error is classified as for a GK, because todays was a bonafide game influencing error. He’s not dropped numerous of those since being here as far as I recall. This seems a bit too data driven if you don’t mind me saying.

  90. Marc


    As I said to the guy next to me – If you saw 6 skin heads kicking the shit out of a PL ref not only would you buy them a drink afterwards but you’d give them an alibi as well!”

  91. Valentin


    You could clearly see that the Arsenal players were getting upset by the persistent niggling rotational fouling that was not punished by the referee. Lacazette got a yellow card for complaining too vehemently about it.

    Some fans are so skewed for or against managers or players that demanding to be treated fairly and competently is now viewed as an excuse.
    It is not.
    The club made mistakes, our players made mistakes but to have a constant negative treatment at the hand of referees should still be investigated and stopped. Pundits are unknowingly part of that conspiracy, because if Liverpool or ManUtd was at the receiving end of so many bad calls, most of Sky Sports pundits would be in their soap box demanding Mike Reily’s head.

  92. Marc

    Just so I’m not labelled or caught up in a “ref watch conspiracy” my position is that the refs are shit full stop.

    I want to see the right decision given as often as possible whether it’s Arsenal playing or any other team.

    There will be decisions that got for us and decisions that go against us.

  93. Dissenter

    Rotational fouling is indeed an art of the game. City are masters of it so I expect that Arteta will have thew players imbibe it at some point.
    Had Mustafi [who was not on a yellow card] dragged down Abraham, they may not have scored the winning goal . Good players read the game and also the referee.

  94. Receding Hairline

    Chelsea were cautioned for fouls in the first half and we had fouls awarded to us. Guendouzi was cautioned first because he made two fouls in quick succession.

    Frankly I don’t think failing to send off Jorginho was such a big error. Rotational fouling is a tactic if done correctly and maybe we should give it a go.

    We are not any more hard done by that any other team in this league.

  95. Champagne charlie

    Jorginho should’ve been sent off. He got booked for pulling back Lacazette, there’s no sense in him being spared for pulling back Guendouzi.

    AMN was booked for pulling a player back and Neville said in commentary it’s for this reason folk tear their hair out about consistency.

    Having said that the game changed because of a huge error in the 83rd minute, the remainder of the game plays out differently without that. The lack of a sending off became relevant following that moment and not before. Shitty, but we move on.

  96. Tee

    What’s all these lampard outwits artera when we had to make an unexpected forced substitution?

    Who do you think was on that bench that could have changed things apart from pepe?

    The whole team is in its skeletal state owing to the injuries we have.

    Agreed artera could have done better but let’s be frank with
    ourselves here, the team put out today is bare to the bone.

    I think I read a poster who complained about our bench today.

    It’s left to edu and Saul to try and support arteta by trying as much as possible to locate and buy CM and CB that fits into arteta’s football philosophy

  97. Tee

    I just pray the players, due to the fact that they are Lilly livered, don’t give up on artera.

    He should start working on their stamina.

  98. Valentin


    Those are errors, not grey area of maybe he should/could have save it.
    This season he has committed two big howlers that directly resulted in goals. The same number than David de Gea.
    The problem is that people confuse good shot stopper with great goalkeeping. Leno is second in number of saves made during the season. But the number of saves does not indicate the quality of the saves.
    My problem with Leno has always been the following points:

    1) his distribution is poor and slow. By hand or feet. Martinez may not be as good shot stopper than Leno, but his distribution is much better and quicker. After an opposition’s corner, Leno rarely throws the ball to kick-start a counter-attack.

    2) he is quite often rooted on his line, so he makes more reflex saves than other simply because he does not command his box and catch decisively crosses enough time.

    3) he is not vocal enough and does not organise the defense

    4) every 5 games he will commit a big mistake. In 50% of the cases, he will get way with it, but in 50% he won’t. So on average every 10 games he will commit a howler that will lead to a goal. While in Germany, lots of people questioned his ability to play for a big club because they thought that he had too many lapses of concentration. He has improved on that front, but as proven today he still has not eradicated those.

  99. Tee


    The poster was actually saying we had nothing on the bench. The poster wasn’t using it as sticks to flog anyone but just saying there was nothing in it.

    If players like martinelli, and rest were available, I believe things would have been a little easy

  100. azed


    I can’t believe you are blaming Emery for the fitness level of the players. That’s lower than low.

    We are four months into the season and any player not in shape should be blamed.

    Like we saw last year, Torriera is not cut out for the pace of the EPL, same as Ozil.
    Lacazette never played 90 mins under Wenger
    We do not have a team fit for purpose but you had an agenda against Emery so you were blind to the player issues.

    I think with a Ceballos today, we control the midfield better.

  101. Edu me a favour

    We can’t seriously be blaming the ref for today – what we need to do is get that 2nd and 3rd goal and not make stupid mistakes – we can’t be trying to defend a 1 goal lead when we have been so poor defensively.

    I was so happy to watch that first half but I just knew we couldn’t sustain it , as that’s how top clubs play for 90 minutes , we’re not at that level , and haven’t been for a while.

    For me it’s highlighted some in game fitness issues , we can’t be wilting like that , Chelsea also played the 90 yet they powered on and took control , so what is going on there ?

    Very positive signs in the first half , Arteta will get us going — I haven’t been this dejected after a loss for a while and I think that’s testament to how well we played for a time in the game.

    Clear clear improvements, this guy is going to prove a lot of doubters wrong , it’s just a shame a lot of the doubters are in the form of arsenal fans.

    After 2 games you can see the way arteta wants to play , you can see an identity forming , some of our football today was excellent.

  102. Marc


    Sorry but your grasping at straws now.

    “So on average every 10 games he will commit a howler that will lead to a goal.”

    Well that would mean he’d be responsible for 4 (I’m rounding up) PL goals a season – we’ve conceded 30 and he’s made more than 4 point saving saves already this season.

    I’m not saying he’s the greatest keeper going but we have plenty of other more pressing issues.

  103. Guns of SF

    We need a player in midfield like Diogo Jota.
    What a player. Technically skilled, quick and always looking to link play and attack.
    Great dribbler too.

    We need him or this type badly

  104. Marc


    That’s a reasonable balanced view of todays match.

    You do realise that this is a football blog – we don’t’ do balanced or reasonable OK!

  105. Valentin


    I made my view known at the time we bought Leno. Same about Pepe, Emery, Raul I made my view known.
    The difference with you is my opinion are unpopular because they dissent from the main stream. But your opinions have systematically proven to be wrong.

    Leno is a great goalkeeper – Goalkeeper with highest numbers of errors that lead to a goal.

    Emery is a great coach that will revive the club – worst start of the club in decades.

    Raul is a great man who will recruit intelligently – saddled the club with extra debts without fixing our problem positions

    Pepe is a great addition that will hit the ground running – inconsistent one trick pony winger whom 3, THREE managers have decided to leave on the bench

  106. Marc


    I can’t even be bothered to list of the number of players we have missing due to injury at the moment.

    It looks as if we’ve added Chambers to that as well.

  107. Valentin


    “Azed three years from now Valentin will still blame Emery for anything negative about this club.”

    Are you not the one still blaming Wenger for all the woes of the club?
    People in glass house…