Mikel starts with a draw, but lots of positives on show

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The Mikel Arteta era started with a 1-1 draw away from home. The 1 point wasn’t ideal, but I think most fans felt very good about what they saw. It was a first step, but for 5 days work, it’s hard to argue there wasn’t progress on the basics.

We conceded a customary goal, looked shaky at the back on occasions, but the team showed far more fight than they have in a long time. We pressed, the boys looked hungry for the ball, they actually turned up for an away game. I enjoyed myself, which felt weird.

Arteta was fairly happy.

“I’m very pleased with some of the things I’ve seen in terms of attitude, character and the passion we showed, and the fight and the spirit the team showed. Spot on, and probably better than I expected over 90 minutes,” Arteta said. “A lot of things that happened in the game [that] we prepared and I think they [the players] understood them and they tried to take them on board and we liked the final product at the end.

“I did not know how long the players would last at that rhythm with the demands I made of them but the attitude was spot on. There are no negotiables at this club, there are standards that have to be done at this club and they held them.”

Outside the simple basics like effort, we also controlled possession like we used to. Our movement going forward had more purpose to it. We only landed 2 shots on target all game, but we had 17 attempts. I think our poor efforts in front of goal were more down to rusty players, youth, and a lack of confidence over anything else. Our chances were in good places on the pitch, and on another day, we’d have scored 4. I’m still having nightmares about Willock at the end. Just blame the rain and too much vegan turkey.

Our delivery was also really bad, even for us. Saka and AMN are not even full-backs, so to be expecting them to deliver like Liverpool was always a big ask. Had we started Hector and Kola, it might have been different. I also thought we missed the power, drive and confidence of an on form Martinelli.

There were a lot of people grumbling about Pepe not starting. For me, if the Ivorian record signing has been ignored by 3 managers all under huge amounts of pressure, I would suspect he probably trains very badly. If you’re not putting the effort in under Arteta, it’s clear he won’t play you. That said, Nelson is way off the pace. He looked a bit more confident than he usually does but his decision making was woeful and his delivery is nowhere near where it should be considering he went out on loan last season.

I also thought Lacazette was off the pace. He made lots of incorrect decisions and his timing was well off, that one-on-one he blew was nailed on in 2016… but he’s been Emeryfied and it’ll take some time to shake that off.

Things I liked…

Arteta managed to get a performance out of Mesut and he talked about it to the press.

 “He worked and could have been the difference; we could have scored three or four goals from his balls through,”

“To be fair his attitude in training since the day I walked into the building has been incredible. I said I was going to give a clean slate to everybody and I went to give it to him.

The German was instrumental playing between the lines. His quick passing and clever movement off the ball was a real nuisance. I liked that when he was subbed off you could see his face was blotchy from all the effort. He might not be the #10 of the future, but if we can get him firing, he’d be very helpful to our end of season run… and yes, I am aware Bournemouth are very good to players like Mesut.

Full backs tucking in, a City special, was on show yesterday. It seemed to give our defenders more options as they moved forward and made us a bit more resolute when being countered.

I also thought Torreira had a really solid game, he’s gone from being anonymous to an absolute brute in a week. Long may that continue.

… and say it quietly, Xhaka did a very solid job. Bournemouth are perfect opposition for him, but still, his pass completion was 94% and there was some ambition to his play. Shite defensively and not suited to the league, but you have to give praise where deserved. Word has it he still wants to leave to go to Berlin and I really couldn’t care less, as long as we have a replacement lined up.

So overall, a shite result, but plenty that points to a brighter future. This season might be a write-off (I hope it’s not) but we should start winning if we continue creating that many good opportunities… it’s a promising start. The players responded well to the new demands and the early signs are that Arteta has a good vision of what he wants to do, with the authority to get it done.

I went hard on Emery who couldn’t create an identity in his first 4 months (or ever), many thought I was unfair for this. I personally believe any coach worth a sausage will have his players showing serious signs of their ideas within 3 months. I will stand by that view with Arteta. It’ll take longer for results, because we’ll need better players, but this is a good coach who will take us to a far higher level than Emery or latter years Wenger could. I think we’ll see good things this season, even from these players. I am still excited. You should be too.

Onwards and upwards, a very messy Chelsea next, could be a good home debut for Mikel.

See you there!

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  1. Champagne charlie

    “What defense? Has he or has he not won ten career trophies as a coach? If yes then shut it.“

    Emery’s won ten career trophies so his time at Arsenal wasn’t a colossal failure. Got it. Cleared that right up, glad he’s still manager….

    Skip all my posts, would suit me just fine. Your assessment on my entertainment value is about as relevant to me as whether or not I left the toilet seat up last time in there. You’re bored because you’ve been sorely exposed by the man whose inner thigh you called ‘home’ for 18 months.

    Time’s a healer though, you’ll pull through.

  2. Marc


    All things being equal I’ll be in the Tolly.

    If you do make it look for the well dressed good looking Arsenal fan and I’ll buy you a pint – not fuck oak milk OK!

  3. Pedro

    RH, it was a lazy view. It wasn’t analysis.
    If all he saw was a shit performance, perhaps he wasn’t paying attention or maybe he had an agenda?

  4. MidwestGun

    Marc, if he fails to bend the knee to Arteta,
    Whoaaaaa Your not gonna make Receding walk around naked whilst an ugly nun rings a ginormous Shame bell are you, Pedro? Cuz I think I can speak for everyone when I say nobody wants to see that.

    That said bend the knee already Receding … there is no point in arguing for Emery as a “good coach” … cuz he wasn’t for us. Some of the worst football I have ever had to witness. And really what exactly is the point? He isn’t coming back .. Thank God.

  5. Bill

    Well done, Peds.
    You can clear out the rubbish about Emery.
    He was a good coach for Sevilla, an ok coach for Valencia, an underwhelming and problematic coach for PSG and a pretty catastrophic coach for us.
    We can’t let anyone rewrite history. Lets not forget that Emery’s awful tenure included the worst start in 25+ years and that this was preceded by 18 months of tumbling football stats that clearly I dictated what was to come. To add to our misery, no style to act as a compass, no man-management skills at all, no communication skills and no coherence or consistency in his football.
    So happy to get rid of him and his greasy hair.

  6. Receding Hairline

    Henry: “In all fairness it’s very difficult to judge someone after one game & only a few days of training. They are trying to learn under a new manager so we will see” #Arsenal

    That was the concluding part of the quote

    No Agenda

    Just not blown away by a team weaving pretty patterns under no pressure but failing to pick the right pass or make the right decisions in the final third .

  7. Marc


    I get the feeling that as Pedro is back in the UK he’s been watching the back to back run of Game of Thrones they’ve been doing on Sky recently.

    Of course I could be wrong and he could just be flirting!

  8. Receding Hairline

    Midwest what exactly am I bending the knee to?

    Emery slander seems to be a thing here just like Wenger slander. Both men did their best, heck Wenger created this entitlement mentality with his style of football and his first ten years. People keep referencing this team finishing 2 points off third as a sign of their quality, who coached them that period?

    Saying give Arteta time to work without imagining improvements or looking to lower expectations to the minimum isn’t slander. Let the man work, he knows what he wants to see and when he wants to see it.

  9. Pedro

    RH, Thierry gave the sort of detail a bang average analyst would. He has an agenda as clear to world as yours.

    Bill, amen. He should have done far better with this squad of players, the mess he left is worse than the one he inherited, but I think Arteta will move it forward regardless.

  10. Receding Hairline

    I have no agenda against Arteta. I back his appointment and believe given time he will build a good team if his words are anything to go by.

    The only person seeing cautious optimism and a demand for more ambitious expectations for the rest of the season is you.

    Emery has been sacked, he is an insignificant footnote in the Arsenal story. Pointing out it wasn’t 18 months of torture as some like to paint it isn’t an agenda. It’s just the truth.

    Have a nice night

  11. Marc

    “Emery has been sacked, he is an insignificant footnote in the Arsenal story. Pointing out it wasn’t 18 months of torture as some like to paint it isn’t an agenda. It’s just the truth.”

    Emery will go down much the same as Bruce Ricoh.

  12. MidwestGun

    Receding –
    My point is who cares? It isn’t going to make the team any better or the fans look at anything any differently if there is some sort of “fairness quota” applied to how we look at Emery or even Wenger’s career. It just leads to circular argument..So bend the knee in giving Pedro his glory moments in regards to Arteta.

    I think someone can fairly call Emery’s career at Arsenal shit… to be honest without it being slander. Depends on how you look at it. Anyhow.. I don’t think its unfair to say there was improvement either in one game over what we had been seeing in regards to shots raining on our goal and an open midfield.
    Also just my opinion but I don’t see what benefit there is to bringing up Emery’s past record as it didn’t help him here. And I also don’t think Emery did his best as you say…. He clearly didn’t fight for the type of players he wanted nor did he try to fix the defense. Wenger is a whole different subject covered ad nauseam on here.. Tale of two cities. But really it was just banter … man… plus it’s fun to say “bend the knee”

  13. Pedro

    Marc, Rioch gave us Dennis. He’s a legend.

    Mid, agree, he didn’t put the effort into learning the language, pretty basic, but shows how little he cared about the details.

  14. Valentin

    Repeating what I wrote before achieving 74pts assuming loss to ManCity and Liverpool and a draw at White Hart Lane would require more points (49) than is available (48pts) in the remaining 16 games. Lowering the points target to 64 pts would still require Arsenal to win 13 out 16 games. Highly unlikely.

    Circumstances have clearly changed since Emery’s sacking. Taking into account the reduced number of games and the gaps in points, achieving top 4 is near impossible now, it was still achievable 5 games ago.

    Not only the proportion of games Arsenal need to have a better result than Chelsea is obviously smaller now and therefore more difficult to achieve than it was 5 games ago. But Arsenal also need those other teams between us and Chelsea not to gain too much on Chelsea.
    Arsenal does not just need to better 3 games more than Chelsea and get top 4, we need to better the result of 4 teams. So we need to beat Chelsea, ManUtd, Spurs, Wolves while hoping they suffer two defeats more than us but not by any of those teams. There is no benefit in gaining 8 points over Chelsea if it is to let ManUtd, Spurs or Wolves get the remaining top 4 position.

    The fact that some are genuinely arguing that there is no difference between trying to regain 8pts in 24 games versus trying to regain 8pts in 19 games reveals the extend of blindness suffered by Emerysta.

  15. Marc


    “Rioch gave us Dennis. He’s a legend.”

    Not sure that wasn’t a David Dein signing but Bergkamp is and always be an Arsenal legend, probably my favourite player.

  16. Jamie

    As a footnote, Pep’s German when he took over at Bayern was no better than Emery’s English.

    Not convinced it was the transmission of ideas that was Emery’s problem, more the ideas themselves.

    In the end, he was far too muddled in any language to make a positive impact at Arsenal.

  17. Redtruth

    Hopefully we’ve hired a world class coach and if not world class then why have we hired him.
    Arsenal are a better side than the current league table suggests so it should not be a problem for our excellent coach to achieve top 4..

  18. Champagne charlie

    I think had we put Artetavin charge day one of the international break we could’ve arguably still harboured genuine thoughts for a top 4 push.

    Sadly we sat on our hands and wasted 6 weeks and a further 7/8 games or whatever it’s been. That international window was *the* moment, two weeks pure training and a restart against 4/5 lesser sides to grab some points/momentum.

    Top 4 now becomes a massive outsider. Hopefully we avoid defeat in the next two vs Chelsea/United, and put in good performances to spark some goodwill and confidence. Smelly period to takeover though.

  19. Valentin


    I think that Arteta may decide to play very defensively against Chelsea and ManUtd. Both teams are counter-attacking teams. They look very good when they score first, however when confronted with low block teams against which they can’t exploit the pace of their front men, both teams struggle.

    I also think that defensively both teams are very suspect. Outside of Rudiger, I don’t think that Chelsea’s CB smell danger, so a ball right in the middle splitting both CBs could result in a goal or a red card.
    Regarding ManUtd, I think that Maguire is overrated and that Nelson and Pepe would fancy their chance against Luke Shaw. My only concern would be Pogba long ball over the top to Martial, Rashford or Lingard to open us up.

    I hope that we could get better results than you think.

  20. MidwestGun

    I’m not optimistic about Chelsea or United. The only positive I can see is they both tend to play to the level of their competition at the moment. Small thing but maybe it will work to our favor.. also we have been the king of 1 pt draws. all season… it is what we do. So could see getting a draw out of one of them. If we do get a win.. we should all bend the knee.

  21. Valentin


    Numerous Spanish reporters have made the remark that even in his native tongue Emery communication was muddled and sometimes near incomprehensible.
    The language barrier may have contributed to his sacking, but I believe that the main factor was the fact that he did not have a consistent coherent message.
    Also because he kept changing his mind, he lost any aura of authority he initially had with the players. And once players stopped respecting him, they just stopped fighting for him and the club. They may not have downed the tools per se, but the extra 5% they did not leave on the pitch made all the difference.
    Özil left the pitch against Bournemouth cheeks puffing from exhaustion. He made as many tackles and interceptions in one game than he did in half a season. That has nothing to do with training session or any tactical switch, just effort. Same with Aubameyang who was still lazy, but at least made more defensive sprints and track back than in any previous games.

  22. Marc


    Fuck me

    “Numerous Spanish reporters have made the remark that even in his native tongue Emery communication was muddled and sometimes near incomprehensible.”

    The guy won trophy’s for crying out loud. He didn’t work out at Arsenal and wasn’t the right fit but you’ve got to stop making shit up.

    If you were an F1 fan and didn’t like Ferrari you’d be telling us that Schumacher actually didn’t win anything.

  23. Marko

    I just can’t believe what I read sometimes. The same people who have argued incessantly about the squad being good enough now have absolutely zero expectations in the new highly rated coach to get any sort of results in games. It’s incredible really.

  24. RodneyKing

    Although Emery wasn’t a good fit at Arsenal, I strongly believe that his job was made more difficult by the quality of the players at his disposal.

    Even then, he nearly got “4th” and got to the EL finals after overcoming the much dreaded Napoli in the quarters.

    Perhaps his greatest undoing was his inability to endear himself to the players – something that Arteta is obviously trying to do. He may have had his faults but he was a man under pressure to achieve CL qualification with a bunch of players who, for the most part, weren’t on the same page.

    As for Arteta, he’s got an uphill task as he’s not going to win many games with the likes of Luiz, Chambers, AMN, Xhaka, Ozil, Nelson and Saka making up the core of the first team.

  25. Pedro


    You have trouble parallel pathing two fairly simple narratives at the same time. That’s why you are struggling with a real basic here..

  26. Pedro

    Valentin, both teams look there for the taking, but I think it might be a bit too early.

    Still, happy to be surprised. Would set a great tone if we picked up 6 points.

  27. Marko

    You have trouble parallel pathing two fairly simple narratives at the same time. That’s why you are struggling with a real basic here..

    Nice. Fairly simple then explain how the squad was top 4 quality and now there’s literally no faith in Arteta to get results in the short term. Is it because that squad argument has been shown to be bullshit from the get go or what? When should we expect Arteta’s first win? When he signs some players I suppose. Maybe after a preseason.

  28. Marko

    So here it is plain and simple because I’m consistent and not a hypocrite I wouldn’t write off this season just yet I think if he gets us to January and makes some signings that we can still salvage something from the season. I’m not about to make excuses if we don’t win another game until the end of the season

  29. Bamford10


    Actually, what Marko is struggling with is the two contradictory narratives you lot are spinning. On one hand, you claim that this is a top four caliber squad, that it is just as good as a Chelsea or United; on the other hand, you have zero confidence that our new and excellent manager can get any kind of result against either team. Why is this? Please explain.

    To me it looks like you lot are beginning to realize how weak and inadequate this squad is, so you’re getting your excuses in early.

  30. Dissenter

    Hope you realize that the posters urging some restraint before we suspend all reasoning for Arteta do support him.
    We want him to succeed and will extend to him the courtesy we gave the last manager.
    It’s just that you and the faithful want us to pretend that the arguments you made over the last 18 months never happened.
    I expect Arteta’s coaching to improve the pikes of Mustafi, PapSok,and Ozil. Now Pepe must be lazy because Arteta doesn’t rate him, what happened to man-management skills?
    All Arteta will get is a replacement for Xhaka [if we sell him] and a loan move for another midfielder.
    Let’s see how he fares with the city IP without the Sheik’s purse.

  31. bennydevito

    PedroDecember 27, 2019    23:02:34

    RH, Thierry gave the sort of detail a bang average analyst would. He has an agenda as clear to world as yours.

    Bill, amen. He should have done far better with this squad of players, the mess he left is worse than the one he inherited, but I think Arteta will move it forward regardless.


    Pedro, I’m sorry but you talk of Thierry having an agenda then follow it up with Arteta inheriting a worse squad than Emery did when it’s actually the other way around.

    Emery took over a team that finished 6th and got to a EL semi final.

    Arteta has taken over a team that finished 5th, got to a EL final and has had £200m spent on it and blooded a lot of good academy prospects as well. There’s absolutely no way Arteta has taken over a worse team than what Wenger left behind.

    All of last season and this, you and many others have said we easily have a top 4 squad and all we need is better coaching.

    You’ve said how great Arteta is and how much better he is than Emery so he’s got no excuses as far as I’m concerned to not get us climbing the table quickly, none whatsoever.

    I really want Arteta to be everything you say he is because I love Arsenal first and foremost and want the club to be a success regardless of the manager.

    Emery wasn’t good enough for us but despite that he has the most wins in his first 50 games in Arsenal’s history. Put that next to his 10 trophies and it’s fair to say he was a decent coach.

    Will be interesting to see how Arteta measures up in his first 50. I hope he smashes it.

  32. Bill

    Actually, what Marko is struggling with is the two contradictory narratives you lot are spinning. On one hand, you claim that this is a top four caliber squad, that it is just as good as a Chelsea or United; on the other hand, you have zero confidence that our new and excellent manager can get any kind of result against either team. Why is this? Please explain.

    Explanation? It’s staring you in the face. Emery has left his successor playing catch-up. We’ve list needless points due to muddled and, at times, incomprehensible line ups and tactics. Emery was a car crash in the last few weeks of last season and for this season.
    The decision to sack him was made months too early by a dysfunctional executive committee. Consequently, it’s as if the club was deducted points.
    Please don’t start the false narrative of Emery over-achieving on a limited and self-selected data set. It’s inconsequential. The underlying stats indicated there would be a dramatic fall off and there was.
    Also don’t bring up Emery’s history of success. It’s just that – history at different clubs, in a different league in a different country. Outside of Spain he’s been a flop – and yes I include PSG. You don’t agree, Bamford? Well the owners of PSG didn’t think he was up to snuff in a one-hour race.
    In short, Enery’s Arsenal looked bad and performances smelt bad. He was a bad coach for Arsenal and he won’t be missed. Don’t bring your revisionist shit here, it feels like the Ozil supporters’ defence of Ozil ie forced and manufactured with highly selective “evidence”.

  33. Champagne charlie

    “Emery wasn’t good enough for us but despite that he has the most wins in his first 50 games in Arsenal’s history. Put that next to his 10 trophies and it’s fair to say he was a decent coach.“

    Pop ‘worst start to a league campaign in 40 years’ in there too for good measure.

    Emery had how many dead rubber EL matches amongst his first 50 games? Also, the very nature of Emery’s tenure tells you how utterly irrelevant that stat even is. He was muck, we’ve moved on.

    You’ve said how great Arteta is and how much better he is than Emery so he’s got no excuses as far as I’m concerned to not get us climbing the table quickly, none whatsoeve

    “You’ve said how great Arteta is and how much better he is than Emery so he’s got no excuses as far as I’m concerned to not get us climbing the table quickly, none whatsoever”

    What in the world do you do for a living where you think new management (let alone mid project) yields results instantaneously?

    You were one of the ones giving Emery time after time, this after a full preseason. Now Arteta gets none at all to impact positive change mid-season of all things. Love to see it.

    Top 4 or he should get sacked I say.

  34. bennydevito

    I live in the same world where Emery was expected to be an instant success also, despite never managing in England before.

    Arteta has played for Arsenal, knows the club and many of the staff and has extensive knowledge of coaching a top premiership club u der the tutelage of one of the best managers of all time. Add this to so called top 4 squad then Arteta has no excuses for failure.

    It’s absolutely incredible the 180 flip of expectations from the Emery outers.

    The agenda is so obvious, it’s hilariously ironic and oh so predictable.

  35. bennydevito

    And where have I said Arteta should get no time or get top 4 or the sack?


    As per usual you spin and twist more than a pro figure skater.

    I’ve said I want Arteta to succeed and I’ll give him the same time I gave Emery, at least a full season. I certainly don’t expect top 4 this season but I do expect obvious improvement in performance and results, or is Arteta not as good as people are saying he is?

  36. Champagne charlie

    “I live in the same world where Emery was expected to be an instant success also, despite never managing in England before.“

    Who said that? What was “instant success” defined as?

    “And where have I said Arteta should get no time or get top 4 or the sack?“

    I didn’t claim you said top 4 or he should be sacked. As far as giving him no time, it’s what you state in the following:

    “You’ve said how great Arteta is and how much better he is than Emery so he’s got no excuses as far as I’m concerned to not get us climbing the table quickly, none whatsoever.“

    Does “quickly” mean something else to you?

    “It’s absolutely incredible the 180 flip of expectations from the Emery outers.The agenda is so obvious, it’s hilariously ironic and oh so predictable.”

    Tell me more about the agenda (as you’re wanting rapid improvement from Arteta or you’re claiming some right to disparage the praise that was given to him pre-appointment).

    I didn’t demand top 4 from Emery in the first season, I wanted to see a change in style, improvement in defence, and a glimpse into future Arsenal. My expectations of Arteta are no different, only I recognise he’s not got the luxury of a preseason to bed his ideas and has walked into a group flat on confidence vs raring to go into a new season.

  37. Tony

    Latest on Xhaka’s Hertha interest: hopefully he’ll be gone by the end of next week.

    “Hertha Berlin step up pursuit of Arsenal rebel Granit Xhaka and hope to complete cut-price deal by NEXT WEEK after agreeing personal terms

    The Germans are now managed by former Tottenham striker Jurgen Klinsmann

    Hertha Berlin want the Swiss midfielder for their mid-season training camp

    Hertha fly to Florida next Friday with the transfer window opening two days prior

    Granit Xhaka has reiterated his desire to leave after his fallout with his own fans”


  38. Tony

    Any players you think in China would be suited to us?

    “Chinese Super League facing exodus of foreign stars after officials impose salary cap of £2m a year after tax… so, will Marko Arnautovic, Marouane Fellaini and Co return to the Premier League at the end of their deals?

    The Chinese Super League could see their foreign stars heading for the exit door

    A new salary cap will limit players to approximately £42k-a-week in CSL

    The cap does not affect current contracts, but there is still a predicted exodus

    Former Chelsea man Oscar is the leagues highest earner on £400k-a-week

    So, which former Premier League stars could be returning from Asia?”


  39. Tee

    Emery’s goons out in full force.

    Go on and dress it the way y’all like, the fact remains Emery oversaw our worst start.

    I know this day would come up when Emery’s goons will come after arteta with their shortsightedness to score cheap points but alas! Y’all ain’t fooling no one but yourselves.

    What in the world will make a man with functioning brain think and reason like these lots?

    Emery had full pre season to work with these players but still messed up big time but you want to use the same yardstick for arteta who just had less than a week with them.

    You guys are worst than the so called akbs because the akbs have something tangible(Wenger’s first half) to hold on to unlike you who are catching at straw saying he had the best start of all arsenal managers when the meaningless El matches are added to pad such useless stats.

    Whinge all you like, Emery isn’t coming back and he will always be remembered as a manager who left arsenal worst than he met it.

    Even the the last three years of Wenger didn’t give room for the team to be bombarded with shots left and right by even relegation teams.

  40. MidwestGun

    Arteta has had about 15 mins with the Club.. Knives are already drawn and lines been drawn in the sand. . So y’all want to put constraints on whether you support or how you judge the new guy based on what some dude on a blog said about the last guy? Think you need to check yourselves.
    Think its pretty clear why anyone wouldn’t be positive about beating Chelsea or United right now..Has jack shit to do with what our perceived squad level is . Our new manager literally just got here… We have had significant injuries and we just came off a historically bad run of games. In like forever And our so called Captains have been throwing a fit. It might be difficult… Emery got a whole preseason and a season before that… and he got worse and not just a little worse… Terrible. I guess that makes him a decent manager, somehow, now..and we can’t “slander” him.
    Why do some of you need some arbitrary (Same as Emery) set of guidelines to gauge your level of support for Arteta.?. Sorry but he has my full support and I don’t give a flying fuck about what Pedro said about him or Emery on a blog for the last 2 years. Why is that even relevant? I don’t get it.

    Unless you are arguing we should have kept Emery .. and he just needed more players and money.. and if that’s your argument I disagree strongly . He was gash this season and had totally lost the plot. I would argue he totally lost it the last bit of last season and in the Europa final. When and if Arteta loses the plot I will say the same things.. has not to do with what I think the squad level is or anything Pedro said for that matter. I have not given up on this season… but I also don’t expect a miracle by dude with the perfect hair.
    After all as I said earlier we still have Xhaka, Ozil and Mustafi. They are the icebergs on the sea dragging the good ship Arsenal down. Wenger brought them in and Emery championed each of them at various times and I dont want Arteta to suffer the same fate as them.. Also, Don’t care if Emery could have done better without them … he didn’t get rid of them and made Xhaka captain. So basically did the opposite.

    Bottom line.. I like what I have seen from Arteta so far mainly what he has said… I’m gauging whether he is in over his head for a new dude and so far I haven’t seen signs of that. Could care less what Pedro said about Emery 18 months ago. .. Pedro was mostly more right then wrong if you ask me over the last 2 seasons. Let him have his moment FFS. Who cares about squad poverty versus Sauce coaching? Sick to death of that to be honest. There has been so little to be positive about as a fan for some time now why cant Pedro have a sunny outlook about the new guy is it because he doubted Emery from the start? seems very petty to me if your using arguments about that to decide your level of support for Arteta.
    Some of y’all are buzz killers. I swear… lol

  41. Tee

    Just hoping we will find players that suit our play this January window because teams hardly release their players around this time of they are to sell such players, it will be at a very high price range

  42. Tee


    I concur with everything you posted.

    No manager is greater than arsenal.

    If arteta ends up fumbling, he will also get the Emery treatment.

    What rational posters are saying is arteta must be given time and backed by the BoDs owing to the fact that he has a lot of work to do.

    Even most pundits were worried that the task is too much for an inexperience coach. They know the task at hand.

    This and many more make fans to conclude that arteta must be given time to flush out whatever deficiency we have in the team and this won’t happen within a short time.

    For all the Emery’s supporters, can they at least tell us Emery’s style of play? Do Emery’s arsenal team have a known play pattern other than over complicating things?

    The team was so confused even iwobi had to ask xhaka which formation we were playing when he came in and some posters want to push it down our throats tht Emery was ok or he should have been left to carry on

  43. MidwestGun

    Basically it just gets me a little worked up when people start trying to put conditions on how I should support or feel.. about things. If Arteta doesn’t make CL this year I’m not going to be shocked or outraged. . Who cares what Pedro said about our squad ratings.. or if he didn’t back Emery from the jump? doesn’t change my opinion about what Emery did. He was gash. And I don’t feel bad about backing Arteta in the least bit, even if Pedro hugged his nuts for 2 seasons based on very little before this.

  44. China1

    Supposedly upemecano can be had for just 40m in January

    I know we don’t have mountains of cash available for January but in all seriousness that looks like one hell of a good investment.

    At his age and with Saliba coming in the summer and holding and chambers as backup we’ll be absolutely set for CB for years to come that would leave CM as the only gaping hole in the squad which I’m just hoping the club can pull a rabbit out of their asses and spring is a peak wenger random cheap unknown beast

    Come on arsenal, upemecano would be a fabulous signing

  45. China1

    If we sold mustafi for just 10m in January and we use that then upemecano would be just 30m. That would be immense business…

    Pleeeeease arsenal. What a great late Xmas present that would be. One can hope

  46. China1

    I could forgive arsenal for not touching our midfield this January if we went out and got a really classy CB like upemecano

    I don’t expect arsenal to solve all our problems in one window, but it would be great to see us really hit either CB or CM hard with a real difference maker for the long term

  47. China1

    I sorely miss the days when we could just write off positions because the players were just so obviously good enough and consistent enough that there was no point even discussing them

    Players like Sagna, RVP, cesc, Sanchez for example from some of our previous semi-recent squads

    With those players you didn’t need to constantly fret about which system to use to accommodate them, you didn’t need to care about if they got coaching etc. they were the easiest players in the world to utilize as they were so consistently effective in their positions. All our energy could be invested elsewhere where it was needed rather than worrying about them

    With this current squad we sorely lack those kinds of players who can just write a position off as their own and let us focus on other areas

    I don’t think it’s healthy for a team to have so many question marks over so many positions. We need a few more bacary sagnas to lighten the manager’s work load I tell you…

  48. Sid

    Nobody will buy Mustafinovs for 10m the best we can hope for is a loan
    We badly need an athletic midfielder who is technical to play with ceballos and Torr, Dozi & ESR should be rotated, loan willock, Ozil should only play on thursdays.
    Xhakalson should be sent to antarctica to scout for talent equal to him.

  49. Receding Hairline

    Winning against United and Chelsea is no big deal.

    Chelsea just lost at home to Southampton who are in a relegation scrap. United can be beaten by anyone (remember when a draw against them at Old Trafford caused so much anger?).

    No one expects Arteta to chase down Leicester or even Wolves. What we are saying is we need to start winning games to boast our confidence as a team and as fans.

    This writing off two games before they are even played thing is worrying, too much effort is being put into lowering expectation. We have lost the same number of league games as City.

    If Duncan Ferguson can go into back to back games with Chelsea and emerge with four points why can’t we do the same? Everton weren’t exactly flying with Silva.

  50. Batistuta

    Pretty weird seeing Pedro say he doesn’t expect anything from our next two games, where has that come from?

    Chelsea are good on the road against the big teams but we’re home, and we’ve got a pretty good record against them in recent years…

    United are also bloody inconsistent and ate probably just going to come and play on the counter but again, we’ve not lost to them in the league at home for a while now so again, where does the whole not expecting anything from those games cone from?

  51. Batistuta

    Arsenal fans are the most patient and I’m sure Arteta has the support if a good number of the fan base but unless we start winning games, you’d pretty much start to see that support disappear.

    Again, whatever style any manager is trying to implement only works when it’s gotten alongside results which we badly need at the moment

  52. Tony

    Would be great if it works out for us to get him – Mirror reports

    Arsenal ‘dealt Upamecano boost’

    “Arsenal have been dealt a potential transfer boost in their pursuit of RB Leipzig defender Dayot Upamecano.

    The 21-year-old has been linked with a move to the Emirates for some time, and could now be free to move in January.

    Reports in France suggest Leipzig are happy to let Upamecano leave the club, providing they can tie up Tanguy Kouassi’s contract.

    “Kouassi, 17, is set to snub current club PSG to sign professional terms with Leipzig.

    The youngster is seen as the long-term successor to Upamecano, but Leipzig are prepared to start the process early, according to Le Parisien “

  53. Unai

    It’s alright setting expectations on Arteta, most are simply expecting to see a more coherent style of football and improved individual performances, we saw a glimmer of that against Bournemouth.

    What some posters seem to be unable to do is apply any context to their expectations, weirdly they have become EKBs….

    So, context;

    It’s a decent squad that should be in and around top 6.
    We have some specialist players capable of good things but collectively dont compliment each other.
    Confidence is absolutely shot and there are divides in the camp.
    Key players have been consistently injured and we’re overly reliant on inexperienced youth.
    Emery coached in some really bad habits, playing out from back regardless for example.

    We all agree that Emery was dealt a tough hand by Wenger, unfortunately it didn’t work out and in many ways, he made things worse.

    I gave Emery a years grace, I’ll give Arteta the same, surprised so many are wed to Emery and seem excited to see Arteta struggle.

  54. Moray

    The Koulibaly/Upamecano rumours are very exciting.

    If we can have two excellent prospects at the back next year bolstered by proper coaching and then hopefully some midfield strengthening, we could be in a decent place. Find a young pairing that works, complements each other, and then it’s up to us to find a way to keep them at the club.

    Our spine has been pretty shit for years, so it would be good to see a strengthened spine, and even more exciting if it is comprised of young players with a high bar. Sometimes the shit times give you the mandate to build from youth.

  55. Dissenter

    The club shouldn’t sell Xhaka off cheaply.
    He shouldn’t be sold unless Hertha Berlin’s billionaire owner is ready to pay market price for him. It shouldn’t be difficult to sell him in the summer since he’s so desperate to leave and he has to leave money in the table.

  56. Receding Hairline

    Very weird post Unai…very weird

    Context is everything

    If we keep watching games just to see patterns and expecting no results we are not doing Arteta or the team any favours.

    The emery coached bad habits think is old. Duncan Ferguson didn’t lose with a worse Everton team in back to back games against united and Chelsea.

    We have played quite a few games since sacking emery, surely whatever abuse he subjected the squad to they should have gotten over it by now. Football is a simple game.

    Fortunately this throwing in the towel routine isn’t universal among fans. And there is no such nonsense as an EKB. Nor is anyone excited to see Arteta struggle, he has been here all of two minutes.

    Ole won quite a lot of games after taking over at United and he isn’t much of a coach.

  57. Pierre

    Arteta took over a team that was rock bottom in confidence and has had no pre season.

    Last 15 games
    Won 2
    Drawn 7
    Lost 6

    Let that sink in .

    Emery took over a team that the previous season had won their last 5 home league games ,scoring over 3 goals per game and had a pre season .

    The situations are like chalk and cheese.

  58. Dissenter

    Emery was a passing journeyman. The people who asked that he be given enough time we’re doing so on the basis of principle; that any manager cleaning out Wenger’s mess be given enough time to do their job.
    He wasn’t owed any allegiance and doesn’t deserve nothing but a tiny footnote when the last decade of Arsenal’s history is reviewed. This latest EKB smear doesn’t hold any water.
    Arteta would have gotten the same defense had he been appointed in 2018. Arteta is already getting an even cushier defense with all but a few willing to dismiss all commentary that’s not celebratory or doting.

  59. Dissenter

    Most agree that European places appear out of reach.
    However we ought to expect a pattern of results to follow any improvement of team organization and playing style. How do you measure performances without results.
    Case in point, Brendan Rodgers; The was an appreciation of performance metrics after he was appointed in the spring- Jamie Vardy started scoring agin and Schmeichel suddenly, had less saves to make. These translated into results at the end of the season.
    If Emery is a bad as you say, then the upturn should be easier and more obvious.

    Arteta has talked about the need to WIN games, yet you all are lowering the bar for him, why is that happening?

  60. Unai

    Receeding, if context is everything surely you have to account for Arteta taking over from our worst run in years with a team low on confidence and strapped by injurys.

    You also need to temper expectations as he doesn’t get a pre season.

    That’s not to say I dont expect to see tangible improvements in performance, team chemistry and in results.

    I don’t expect top 4, just as it would have been unfair to expect it of Emery if he was in this situation but I do expect us to end the season above Palace, Newcastle and Sheffield United.

    Top 8 would represent a reasonable expectation
    at this stage.

    I completely disagree with your assessment that Emerys coaching should already be bleached from the squad, Freddie and his team of 1 coach will have done little to erase it and Arteta had less than a week.

    We conceded against Bournemouth because of one of Emerys biggest errors, playing out from the back under pressure, Arteta even alluded to it after the game, I’ll paraphrase but he said something like ‘if the picture is clear, ok, if it’s not clear then no, don’t’.

    I’m not sure what OGS or Duncan Ferguson have to do with our specific situation but I don’t think OGS is a bad coach at all.

  61. Receding Hairline

    Still talking about last five home league games under Wenger are we? Nice.

    Its five games after Emery left, players have gotten over worse than six draws and five league losses. Counting losses in a Competition we topped our group in is nice too.

    Heck Pearson is getting results at Watford in two games beating United in one. Ferguson did even better with Everton. Nothing that happened at Arsenal is so special or so disastrous we need therapy. Its football

  62. Sid

    Man u wont beat arsenal 8-2 thats an improvement
    Chelsea wont beat arsenal 6-1 thats another improvement
    Im telling you this for free!

  63. Pierre

    “If we keep watching games just to see patterns and expecting no results we are not doing Arteta or the team any favours.”

    Not really.

    Emery started his spell at Arsenal with very good results but it was obvious to the more perceptive fans who understand the game that he wasnt addressing our weaknesses .

    So no, results are not the most important thing when a manager first arrives .

    What is important , is that the weaknesses are addressed .
    The problem is now our weaknesses have multiplied, in that the offensive side of our game is floundering and the midfield has no balance , plus the defence is still as vulnerable as ever.

    The job is much harder now than 18 months ago .

  64. Unai

    Dissenter, your right on the EKB smear not holding water, I dont think many were ever in love with the guy, certainly not in the way Wenger was loved.

    What I dont understand is the reasoning.

    X called for time but Y said Emery was shit, now Y likes Arteta so X must be sceptical of him.

    Just feels like a massive points scoring excercise.

    This is coming from someone who defended Emery for 3/4s of last season.

  65. Receding Hairline

    No Pierre the job isn’t much harder. The job is still to win football games against inconsistent teams in a league plagued by inconsistency. You guys are writing off games before we play it against teams who have lost to West ham, Southampton and Watford just a few days ago. Jeez

    Unai what are you talking about? Playing out the back? Playing out the back is nothing special and we will be seeing a lot of it under Arteta albeit a better version. A bit dishonest to pin the goal conceded at Bournemouth on a coach sacked weeks ago. What’s so bad about this squad that they can’t start doing their jobs properly under a good coach? What exactly did emery do to them? Win 48 of his 70+ games in charge? Is that so traumatic?

  66. Dissenter

    I’ve been impressed by Arteta’s conduct since his appointments. He has said everything right and conducted himself properly 100%. He has showed svelte and subtleness that older managers will struggle with and does not try to avoid talking about difficult issues like his lack of experience. His full face frankness has been impressive, nothing is off the table with him.
    I just wish the Arteta-ultras will approach discussing Arteta without so much defensiveness. Especially when the perceived critics want him to succeed as much as anyone.
    I expect Arteta to make his fair share of mistakes, like most young managers make.
    I expect him to stink out the place every once in a while because he’s still learning his trade. That’s what we signed for.
    I definitely expect that’s some of the criticism that will come his way won’t be ulterior based.
    He will still have my support overall, when all is considered because he does not call all the shots.

  67. Receding Hairline

    Points scoring is writing off two games before they are played so as to seem a massive supporter of Arteta Unai. You seem hell bent on dragging up who supported an Arsenal coach and how wrong it was. You are simply playing to the gallery and offering nothing constructive.

    United and Chelsea have lost to Everton,Southampton, Watford and West Ham, teams having worse seasons than we are but we are to write off games against both of them before it is played and simply blame it on emery PTSD. Solid argument that. Elite

  68. Pierre

    “Arteta has talked about the need to WIN games, yet you all are lowering the bar for him, why is that happening?”

    Good results can fool people into thinking things are going well, the prime examples are Emery and OGS when he first arrived at United.

    First and foremost, address the weaknesses in the team

  69. Unai

    Receeding, “What’s so bad about this squad that they can’t start doing their jobs properly under a good coach?”

    You say Emery was a good coach but he couldn’t get a regular, coherent performance in 18 months.

    “A bit dishonest to pin the goal conceded at Bournemouth on a coach sacked weeks ago.”

    Probably best to scroll back and have another read as that’s not what I posted.

    Playing out the back is nothing special and we will be seeing a lot of it under Arteta……

    …..Drum roll….

    ….. albeit a better version.

    Thanks for reiterating my point.

  70. Gunnernet

    Anyone having watched Raul and Edu’s interview about MA appointment? Raul stated that short term the goal is Mikel to talk to the players trying to change their attitude and boost confidence. Clearly they rely a lot on communication and bond creation between manager and squad

  71. Dissenter

    Arteta’s success or lack of it will depend on the competency of our new DoF.
    We have a relatively inexperienced DoF backing up Arteta. There are so many variables that will determine Arteta’s success.
    He’s going to have to do with gruel until the summer, in my opinion. Rushing through transfers in January may be a mistake. Let him use the rest of the season to establish his style of play. So long as we reach the 40-point park by the end of winter, I’m good with that target. Then he will be free to define his brand.

  72. Gunnernet

    Mikel Arteta is quite charismatic person, making his presence felt in the room. It seems so from his 1st press conferences as a manger as well. If he can sell it to Edu and Raul he can certainly do so with the players..

  73. Batistuta


    It’s weird really, the thing with how poor the league is any team who can put together a 3/4 winning streak will suddenly find themselves very high up the table, that’s how congested it is so trying to downplay the importance of getting actual results or saying we should not be expecting results against 2 of the most inconsistent teams in the league is frankly being dishonest…

    Of course Arteta needs time to implement his ideas but football is game if results and if those new ideas are not reflected on the score board at the end of the game, no one would give a toss….

    Do we have players who need to be tossed away immediately? Yes we do

    Do we have players who should be playing better than they currently are? Absolutely and i believe that is why we have a new manager, to instill confidence and set us on the right path both results wise and style and pattern of play wise…

    I mean we’ve been having a poor season and yet our top striker is chasing the golden boot again, liked what I’ve seen last 2 games defensively so shows that the players can go up a level so that’s a good base to work from.

    What is absolutely imperative though is that we start to win games

  74. Ishola70

    “Anyone having watched Raul and Edu’s interview about MA appointment? ”

    I saw that Edu has a habit of clicking his fingers together at the end of his sentences more than enough times.

    Bit naff tbh. Very corny.

  75. Dissenter

    ‘ First and foremost, address the weaknesses in the team’

    I find this talk of ‘addressing weakness’ that don’t translate into improved results to be oxymoronic. It’s gouged in 5-star contradictions.
    If a team isn’t doing well because of a lack of player fitness. A new manager comes in and improves that specific problem- would you expect that I,proved player fitness will translate to improved results?
    Professional football is a results-based business, that’s the bottom line.

    I also think you’re under-estimating the colossal psychological impetus that wins can have on a demoralized team…not to forget wins for a young manager.
    Maybe that’s why Arteta talked about need to win games.

  76. Pierre

    “No Pierre the job isn’t much harder.”

    Sorry, but it is.

    If Emery had come in and addressed our weakness, the defence , he would still be in a job.

    Instead he has left the whole team in a proper mess.
    Our attack is devoid of any confidence, the midfielders have to re learn the art of playing the game and the defence is weaker than ever.

    Arteta has so much work to do to erase the Emery DNA from our play.

  77. The backpass

    Why are people writing off the Chelsea and united games? They are not Liverpool and City FFS, and we are at home.

    Honestly, I think people want to lower expectations so that any positive result would be seen as magical.

  78. Receding Hairline

    Yes Batistuta

    And what more will get everyone on board and positive than a win against United and Chelsea on our own turf. Something far lesser teams have achieved this season.

    @Unai you don’t have much to offer, you are playing to the gallery, have at it. We had the third best home record in the league behind City and Liverpool last season beating both United and Chelsea at home. Nothing you write is based on actual facts just the nonsense narrative we have been a crap team for the past 18 months incapable of winning football matches which is frankly nonsense as we won quite a lot of games in the past 18 months

  79. Ishola70

    You don’t dismiss the importance of results just because there have been examples of coaches that didn’t build on unbeaten runs.

    There will be plenty of examples of coaches that did have unbeaten runs in their first stretch of management and that did build on it.

    You won’t get many coaches now that tank early and then recover later onto become a great at the same club just for the simple fact that the game is so cut throat now and the demand for instant “success” is higher than it has ever been.

  80. Dissenter

    The backlash
    ‘Honestly, I think people want to lower expectations so that any positive result would be seen as magical’

    …maybe it’s a psychological defense to mitigate a poor start. If Emery was as horrendously bad as some believe then surely the fixes should be that drastic, that’s why OGS got a major new manager bounce at United.
    I’m pragmatically supporting Arteta. A good start makes his work a lot easier but he will still have my support regardless, same way Emery losing his first two games didn’t change anything at the time.

  81. Unai

    “just the nonsense narrative we have been a crap team for the past 18 months”

    Ffs, look at my handle, I gave Emery all the time he deserved.

    Playing to the gallery? What because I wont pin unrealistic expectations on a new manager, in the same way you and I both did for Emery?

    We were both wrong on Emery, at least I can admit it.

  82. Receding Hairline

    Pierre there is no emery DNA. One of the reasons he was sacked was because we were not winning home games everyone deemed winnable.

    It was on this same blog an away draw against United was treated as an abomination now we are playing them at home and some of you are preprint our minds for a loss and telling us it’s ok. They lost at Watford a few days ago. We should expect some pride and a performance. This group of players owe us that. This is not even about Arteta.

  83. Receding Hairline

    Except this has nothing to do with Emery. Nothing at all Unai.

    We are not forming some wrong about emery support group.

    We are expecting footballers pulling on the Arsenal shirt to play with pride and the intent to win. You are the one hung up on a wrong about emery confessional

  84. Dissenter

    You honestly dint want a media narrative developing that Arteta is still looking for ‘his first win as manager’ after so many games. We have to win one of the two home games at home to get the c]buzzing going and silence the anti-Arsenal vibe that runs deep in the media.

  85. Up 4 grabs now

    Morning people,

    Top four is written off already through the league places. If we get 6th this season I’d be surprised.
    In fact it would be better to miss out on the europa next season completely.

    We’re still in it this year, arteta should go all out for this and might get the backdoor route to champions league. and for a bonus try for the fa cup.
    Forget the league use it for trying out new systems blooding a few younger players and returning injuries.

  86. Ishola70

    Let’s give Arteta some elbow room though.

    Not beating a Chelsea or Man United at home is not the same as losing to Brighton at home however much they are seen as erratic. They may be erratic but both teams clearly have a higher ceiling than a Brighton and if they click on the day both Chelsea and Man United Arteta could be in trouble.

    Obviously two losses on the bounce will be seen as very disappointing but then if that does occur then I’m afraid the heat is very much going to be turned up on Arteta to make amends for those losses in his next EPL games against Crystal Palace and Sheffield United.

  87. Pierre

    “Pierre One of the reasons he was sacked was because we were not winning home games everyone deemed winnable.”

    You forgot to include ,

    we were not winning away games

    The quality of the football was dire.

    We were conceding 20+ chances to opposition.

    The confidence of the players was shot to pieces.

    We had spent over 200 million and had regressed alarmingly.

    Fans were deserting the team in droves.

    Our attacking play was non existent.

    No balance in midfield.

    Relegation was becoming an option.

    Need I go on….Emery was a disaster for Arsenal football club and Arteta has to clear up the mess he has left behind.

  88. Up 4 grabs now

    In some ways arteta might be happy playing Chelsea and utd, there two big games at home with the crowd desperate to beat them.

    The players won’t need much raising for it.
    And if the effort they put in is the same as a few days ago, which is what we’ve all wanted, some urgency and grit we could come away with two wins.
    If we lose both its not the end of the world we aren’t getting top four this year, we regroup and go again.

  89. China1

    Well I know you guys have been eagerly awaiting updates on my latest holy vision, but I can confirm arsenal are going to beat Chelsea.

    If I get this right my accuracy % will rise to about 4% so worth taking a punt on my tip off

  90. Up 4 grabs now


    I have a good feeling about tomorrow.
    Even though it’s the Christmas period I think the fans will be back on side and we could see a near full ground again. Wanting to see Artetas first home game.

    The players should be up for a derby game, like the fans will be. And it lays down a marker for the rest of the season if we can beat a top six side early under arteta.

  91. Pierre

    Conceding the first goal in every game is a killer confidence wise.

    We need to break this sequence as physcologically it is so damaging to the team.
    It’s like ” oh no, here we go again” and the team have to fight there way back into the game.

    To score the first goal v Chelsea will break the sequence and then maybe we will see the real Arsenal.

  92. Up 4 grabs now

    Your definitely right about the first goal.
    It’s such a psychological blow, you ending up chasing the game leaving more gaps as well.
    It’s a bad habit that has to stop quickly.

  93. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m not sure why there is such a love in when it comes to lampard.
    Yes they lost hazard, (who looks bang average at Madrid)
    But they brought back all their loan players, he has a side that finished third, a lucky third admittedly.

    Yet he’s got off lightly in the press because he’s English.

  94. Graham62


    That will always be the case but there’s no disputing that under Lampard Chelski have been playing some great football.

    They struggle at home because I feel the pitch at SB is not big enough and is too restrictive for their style of game.

    They destroyed Spuds at the Lane but were woeful at home against Southampton and Bournmouth. It remains to be seen what will happen tomorrow but I also have a good feeling about these next two home games.

    Watch this space.

  95. Nelson

    It is important that the home fans get involved tomorrow. They have to create an atmosphere and make Emirate a fortress again. Our team needs your support.

  96. Graham62


    The EPL has changed dramatically these past few seasons.

    Liverpool and MC have distanced themselves but the rest are now much closer together in terms of quality and style of play.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Watford climbing out of trouble over these next few weeks, which will put pressure on those teams above them.

    Ourselves included.

  97. RockyRoe

    If things would have gone just a little different, Arteta would have had a win, sometimes the ball just wouldn’t fall for you. On a different day, saka’s delivery (which is normally quite good) would have found a red shirt atleast once or kaca would have scored one of the many chances he got, it wasn’t to be.

    It was a good start for Arteta, quite a few positives to take home.

    I don’t get this Arteta needs time to get emery dna off these players system or he is coming into a team with low confidence and we should write off this season and chalk it up as cone practice.

    Plenty of managers who came in during a season have shown good results can be had, Pulis had done it multiple times, Pardew did it with Newcastle, Di Matteo did it, Dalglish for Liverpool, Big ‘ol ‘arry did it for spuds, Guidolin did it for Swansea, going back a little there is Gregorry for villa and ofc Sir Bobby Robson and this season we have seen the same from big Dunc

    All these appointments were in teams that were struggling wih bad results losing games in droves and yet a lot of these managers came in and got some form going.

    Giving Arteta a complete pass on results based on our performance in the last 2 months is, sure Chelsea and United might be too soon, but we need to start winning matches as soon as possible because patterns and tactics only look good for a while without the 3 points supporting them.

    Also, pep and Klopp can come in change a system get mixed results and continue doing it for a while and he players will still buy into the system, why? Coz they are pep and Klopp they have won trophies and are legendary, the self entitled prima donnas that masquerade as football players these days, would stick with these managers because of their history.

    With Arteta however I’m afraid players will start to question the tactics, training etc if they don’t start seeing results since Arteta doesn’t have a history of building and managing squads. Arteta needs to show the lads the new system works and the only way he can do that is by getting results since he can’t tell them “barca believed in me and i turned them into the greatest team on the planet”

  98. Pierre

    Arteta has some very good options offensively.

    Martinelli or Pepe can come into the side, will be interesting to see who Arteta goes with .

    I think definite starters are Aubameyang and Ozil , I also think Xhaka and Torreira will continue their partnership in midfield.

    So it will be a choice of 2 from nelson, Martinelli, pepe and Lacazette.

    I have a feeling it may be Pepe and Lacazette who will get the nod.

    One would expect AMN and Saka to start, which leaves a choice of chambers, luiz and sokratis for the 2 centre back positions.

    I think he will go with chambers and Luiz who has been very good in the last 2 matches.

  99. Paulinho

    Pierre – If Joe Willock is as good as you were claiming he was at the start of the season, I’m expecting him to flourish under Arteta in short order. He’s really got no excuse now.

  100. Words on a Blog

    Sometimes performances are the leading indicator: the performances improve and the results eventually follow.

    Sometimes -but less frequently- results are the leading indicator: a team gets a few lucky results, players’ confidence improves, and they start playing better.

    And sometimes performances can improve or deteriorate with limited impact on results.

    For all the scenarios there needs to be a number of games played for a clear pattern to be established and discerned.

    Against Bournemouth, there was clear evidence of a change in tactics and style and of an improvement in performance, but no change in “Expected Result.”

    I think we all need to wait before rushing into judgement about Arteta’s effectiveness as a manager and what our expected league position should be. He has taken over a team with sustained poor performances/results and players very low on confidence and (on the basis of a single match) managed to improve performance. Hopefully (but not inevitably) the improved performance will be sustained and begin to be reflected in improved results.

    Not a fashionable thing to say, but let’s wait and see.

  101. Paulinho

    “Apparently Lampard has the worst stats of any manager in the Abra era”

    And Brighton have less points at this point of the season than the last two seasons under Hughton, and this with hipster philosopher Potter at the helm.