Mikel Arteta is a Xhaka fanboy

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Well, this is awkward… Mikel Arteta is… a… Xhaka fan.

“When I was going from Arsenal to City to start coaching and we were looking in that position, he was one of the players on my list,”

“This is how much I liked him. I was happy when Arsenal signed him because I thought he was going to be a terrific player.

“ He has done some really good things and now he has got stuck in a very difficult situation that, I think, was growing and growing and growing and one day it exploded. But I have been amazed as well by how this relationship is starting to come back a little bit and I think the fans have been very, very positive about him. Obviously it is difficult to change completely the scenario from where he was to a magnificent one. But I think we are in the right direction with him.”

This certainly appears to be the dead body under the patio the entire exec team missed when they interviewed him late at night when it was clearly too dark to see!

I mean, there’s only one thing to do here, look for the light that shines on this turd the best.

There’s no one else in the squad that can play the better bits of Xhaka’s game like he does, so unless there’s a spare £50m in the pocket of the Kroenke’s, it’s very likely this is as good as we can do right now. Just to double down on the claim that we spent next summers money last summer, Raul said this to the press.

‘It is in general. The strategic window by definition is the summer window that’s when you plan the season ahead. ‘Last summer we did an incredible effort where we were very grateful to the support we got from our ownership.

‘We went really one step further and made a real investment that increased our expectations for the season.’

Doesn’t sound like he’s keen to splurge. I’m also not sure I trust the club to do good work in January, so unless there’s a player we can loan, I’d rather us save what little powder we have for sharp moves in 5 months time.

Back to Granit.

You either build him up, or you cut his throat right away. If we’re in the hearts and minds phase at the moment, there’s no one that needs as much heart as the player who told us to fuck off in a shit fit the other week. It’s also clear to anyone that’s been paying attention that Xhaka is a big personality behind the scenes… he managed to bulldoze his way to the most undeserving captaincy of all time. It makes sense that anyone who is feeling out the squad would give him a chance to make good on his ‘potential’ because he really does have to show some of the players his words mean something (they didn’t under Emery who flip-flopped).

I really do think we have to take a lot of the press talk with a pinch of salt over the next few weeks. Arteta has to win over big names in the squad and he has to make the best of the mess he picked up from Emery. I would imagine he’ll also fancy himself as a proper coach, he needs to have case study signed off over the next 6 months, no bigger player to take on than one of the most misunderstood (as in, WHAT DOES HE DO?) and mistake-ridden players of the decade.

This following quote kind of confirms my thinking, but as it’s Boxing Day, I’ll be honest, I read the below quote and built my blog around it to make it seem like I’m insightful.

“I don’t want to change everything drastically in two days,”

“I want to put my feelings slowly, I want to see what is going around, and in the right moment I will make the decisions for the benefit of the team and the club. At the moment I don’t think it is the right time, with the amount of games coming up and the amount of things that have to be done, to change too many things.”

The most important thing for today is the win (also insightful). Bournemouth is in a mess, they’ve won 2 games in 8 and lost the rest. Sure, they beat United and Chelsea in that time, but they’ve been awful. Their confidence is shot to pieces, they’ve conceded 10 in their last 6. Literally the worst team in the league right now… but remember, we are normally a gift for struggling managers, and it’s not a given that we’ll get a new manager bounce.

That said, we are still only 4 points off 5th –  if we beat Chelsea, we’ll be 3 points away from top 4 at the start of January, which is unreal. There is certainly a very real chance we could make a power play for the Champions League this season if Areta gets things to click. Again, it feels unrealistic considering the drama, the contracts and the confidence… but hey, crazier things have occurred. Spurs are going to be up and down, Jose struggling to impact them like you’d have thought. Chelsea boasts a young squad with a young manager that will be inconsistent, and United are shite.

I still think the brief to Mikel is simple… find out who is worth keeping, deliver a quick appraisal of the kids, and lay the foundations for next season.

“The context is very important, and the context right now, here, is not Manchester City. It is completely different. So I can’t demand the players to do some things because I will expose them and that is the last thing I want to do. I want to give them confidence, reassurance and guidance. But slowly, slowly, slowly, hopefully we will get to where I want.”

Today is a huge first step and it’s exciting. However, I want to stress over and over, the next 6 weeks are going to be very difficult. We could well be replacing 7 first-team players this summer, he has to find out if the kids have the mustard he needs, and he has to win over the fans. Arteta has to somehow build a culture, lay technical foundations, and make brutal decisions all without a preseason.

Bear with it… it’ll come good. I’m certain. See you in the comments and listen to my podcast if you were rude enough not to have already.


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  1. Wasi

    Nelson played with confidence which is the first step. We didn’t see a lot of that before. His final ball was lacking sure but he was clearly playing very much better than Laca. And we didn’t have any other winger option other than Pepe on the bench.
    I thought Pepe should of come on for Laca at 60 min.

  2. DUIFG

    Paulinho – most football is done on the counter, that’s why transitions are so important. Only elite elite elite teams carve open teams who are parked. Fergie didn’t even play like that, he was a counter specialist.

    The bare facts show improvements, 61 percent possession. I don’t know the xg figures, that will be interesting. I’d be surprised if it’s not materially higher than under emery

  3. Spanishdave

    We are at the peak of a trough.
    Stuck in the mire and today we had a chance to push on.
    But heh ho no cigar.
    No sauce just shite instead. Arteta please show some balls , ruthless what a laugh.!

  4. Pierre

    Some very negative comments on here.

    The know nothings have exceeded themselves today with their ignorance of the game.

    Luiz, Xhaka, Ozil and Torreira were our best players on the day but looking at the dumb comments you would think they was watching a different game.

    Lots to be positive about , just a shame that we were poor from wide positions with the final ball.

  5. Ishola70

    “bar the result you saw nothing Improved? So performance means nothing.You were probably with bamford last year screaming over 22 unveated when in reality we had no cohesion or discernable style. “But don’t worry we are getting resukts” haha. Let’s get pulis in to get a new manager bounce is it? Get a win playing route 1 probably. Get real”

    No I wasn’t screaming about the unbeaten run last season.

    There are new manager bounces from the off in terms of results. Arteta didn’t have that today.

    Arsenal needed a win today and didn’t get one.

    It’s a disappointing result however you want to dress it up in regards Arsenal’s situation atm and by your take it shows how far the bar has lowered now among the fans.

    Let’s hope he can improve on this result today going forward.

  6. Batistuta

    I do like the Xhaka- Toreira axis, a lot more solid base out of what we’ve got but I’d rather Guendozi gets the game time Willock is at the moment, lad is just not up to scratch

  7. Wasi

    Ancelotti dominated Dyche today.
    68%possession 21 shots. Burnley had 6 and 0 on target.
    P.S- Everton have been the poorest team this season from set pieces and Burnley are arguably the best.

  8. Batistuta


    Fans are allowed to criticize yea? If so then let people see what they want to see….Better in parts than previous games but still fundamentally poor at the basic stuff

  9. CG


    Bournemouth 1 Arsenal 1

    6 points of bottom 3.
    Counter attacking specialists Chelsea and Man Utd on the horizon

    X 2 Goals against Bournemouth this season
    Ugly goals & Ugly performances the norm
    Club in peril with FFP.

    And Arsenal have not played well in one game since Ramsey left.

    Raul and Edu now in the locker room
    Players disgusted by their two- faced antics.

  10. Wasi

    Ozil was our best attacking player without doubt.
    What game were you watching. Without the ball not good but we had 60% possession and didn’t have to do a lot of off the ball work which was better for him and the team.

  11. Paulinho

    DFUIG – Of course it’s better than late Emery fare, but in Emery’s second game we should’ve scored five in the first half against Chelsea. Bournemouth gave us similar space today. Second half in both games it’s the usual scrappy play and any semblance of sustained patterns of play disintegrates.

    You can control a game, be cohesive, and still get done on the counter. Judging us as equals to Bournemouth collectively is not the benchmark, so the end to end thing nature of the game is not something we should use to excuse our performance or take comfort from.

  12. Champagne charlie

    “Of course it’s better than late Emery fare, but in Emery’s second game we should’ve scored five in the first half against Chelsea. Bournemouth gave us similar space today.“

    He had a full pre-season and we started the campaign with peak optimism/confidence for the new era – we also never scored the 5.

    Arteta is working with a deflated squad on-the-fly and has had 3 days. Asking a bit much no?

  13. DUIFG

    Ishola I-I get your expectations point but I’d rather die a 100 times this season trying to improve looking down the road to season 2 and 3 than cry over not picking up 3.points in Brighton on arteta FIRST game in charge. We need to get a shape and a plan for next year , this one is gone .

    Klopp finished 7th or so in yr 1, bossing the manager for not winning is so incredibly short sighted.

    If this was some guy starting a normal.job le grove basically expects on 1.week the guy has dominated his team and is the CEO of the company, it’s not even based in reality. We are poor because of years of bad desicions, today you could see the cleansing if some of them. That’s more than enough for today.

  14. CG

    57 league games after our Wenger has left us and a quarter of billion has been spent on mostly garbage players – Arsenal are 6 points of the Relegation Zone.

    Going Well Post Wenger.

    But the Head of Football Operations is still in his job.

  15. DUIFG

    Paulinho – not sure what to say there, rederwncjng one vague game 18m ago when each side carved each other open. Sari was new to the league and so.was emery. It was basically a free for all and you are using that as a barometer to whack arteta with .

    Look if you don’t want to see an improvement fine. I believe stats have already proven me out. You do you though.

  16. Majesticgooner

    Cabellos in the Ozil role probably gives us more attack and defence wise, laca has not been the same since his ankle injury early in the season and pepeneeds to watch out, seems opponents want to do his cruciates . That’s three matches they have scissors tackled him, twisting his knee. Arteta has also got to address the fitness levels at the club , sometimes it just seems they lack energy.

  17. Marko

    Encouraging performance, disappointing result. That’s what comes with a slower burn project we’ve embarked on.

    It’s the same project I’m afraid. The new guy doesn’t more time to impress simply because you like him more than the last one

  18. TR7

    For me this season is a write off. All I am interested in is seeing us improve. If by the end of season, we have improved our passing, pattern of play and defensive shape, I will be more than happy.

  19. habesha gooner

    That performance lacked killer instinct and the final ball. It is promising If we can press a little better and do more we the space we get. Saka had a blip. Lacazette had a poor performance. Xhaka and torriera had a good game. Bottom line is we need better players.

  20. DUIFG

    Tr7 exactly – if we wanted new manager bounce we would have got Allardyce in not arteta. This is a long term play and its looked kore positive already

  21. Ishola70


    New manager bounce is a thing. It happens quite regularly.

    We didn’t get a new manager bounce today in terms of result.

    If Arsenal were on a good run of form and real close or in top four then a draw today is not necessarily seen as a disappointing result.

    But Arsenal are not in good form. The opposite. So Arsenal need to win football matches at this time.

    It’s all about circumstance when we talk about whether a result is disappointing or not when you play a team like Bournemouth.

    As said previously hopefully Arteta improves on this result today.

  22. Unai

    Pretty sad train of thought Marko, but if you need to score opinion points fair enough.

    Can’t blame Arteta here, threadbare squad and only 3 days to improve it, unrealistic to expect much.

    The fact there have been improvements says a lot, particularly as it was a bad habit from Emerys reign that cost us the match.

  23. Champagne charlie

    “It’s the same project I’m afraid. The new guy doesn’t more time to impress simply because you like him more than the last one“

    The projects of Emery and Arteta are not the same. The paths of each differ greatly given their respective profiles, Arteta and Ancelotti were two different projects and we chose less experienced and more of a developmental route to the same/similar destination.

    I’m not going to bother saying anything else on that front, everyone who reads the blog knows what you’re waiting in the wings for.

  24. Samesong

    We need results at this stage. Yes improvement today. But you can only take that on a game to game basis.

    Chelsea will probably beat us.
    Man U game is going to be a bore.

  25. Ishola70

    “Xhaka to Hertha Berlin is apparently done.”

    Seems so according to his agent.

    Arsenal really should be in the market for a CM/DM of good standard in the next few weeks.

  26. Batistuta


    We do need to win games though, style of play e.t.c is great and all but that’s 1 win in 13 now… We have to start winning games

  27. Alexanderhenry


    ‘It’s the same project I’m afraid.’

    Yes it is. Project youth and arsenal ‘values’. The brief will be get us back to where wenger had us for most of his tenure- top four on a budget.

  28. DUIFG

    Tbh the only results which are important is in the Europa league. Unless you genuinely think we are relegation contenders, which with a team of however you characterise them are or have been international class players would then point to me to a rotten individuals team dynamic than a managerial issue. We toyed then have to do a Newcastle and come back ul clensed of the bad apples. I don’t think this outcome is likely.

  29. Freddie Ljungberg


    Don’t you say that if it’s not true!

    I’ll take that over 3 points any day.

    If Elneny to Milan is true as well, (reported 12m?) We have more than enough cash to buy a replacement for Xhaka. Hope we have someone lined up already.

  30. Goonah

    December 26, 2019 17:26:03

    Xhaka to Hertha Berlin is apparently done.


    Thank fcking god!!! Finally a positive!

  31. CG


    “””Cg What you mean by your last line ?””””

    Put it this way- the players know what Raul is all about.

    Money men- should never be in The Locker Room.
    Never,never, never.

    Out of interest: Why do you think our morale is so Low.?

  32. Receding Hairline

    TR7 Emery isn’t my idol….nice try though

    And the weaknesses of lampards Chelsea is clear for all to see. They struggle at home against teams they are supposed to beat, like Ole with united. Not really the traits of a very good manager.

    You are the one who looks for avenues to shit on Emery while blowing air up the ass of managers who have won very little and in one case nothing at all.

    I have already said Arteta gets this season as a pass as some in this squad are beyond useless, the radical jibe at the resident headmaster was a residue of his attacking dissenter today on the topic of radical changes or expectations of one.

  33. Champagne charlie

    “Granit Xhaka v Bournemouth

    •108 Touches
    •90 Acc Passes (94.7%!!!!)
    •3 Key Passes
    •1/1 Crosses
    •11/12 Long Balls
    •1/1 Dribbles
    •6 Duels Won, 8 Poss Lost
    •2 Clearances
    •2 Blocks
    •2 Tackles”

    From Twitter.

    One of the “shit” players we wouldn’t miss and could be replaced by a manikin. Similar stats from the last game too.

    No issue with us replacing Xhaka, I think we should because he’s become a lightening rod of negativity, but complete nonsense to suggest his output doesn’t need replacing within the side.

  34. DUIFG

    Tr7 let’s hope so, he had one of his better games today but a weak mentality infects the wider group.

    Have any valuations been touted? Get soumerre now please

  35. Paulinho

    Charlie – It’s the old-age new manager bounce versus progression due to coaching question. At what point does the new manager bounce baton get passed to the coaching one and does it actually lead to improvement once it does.

    Anyway, I’m babbling, I didn’t expect anything different today and that in itself is a continuing frustration; watching the same infuriating things again and again.

  36. TheLegendaryDB10

    I agree with DUIG @ 17:17:49

    For me this season is totally written off. All I am hoping to see is some gradual improvements regardless of whether we win or lose over the course of this season. Arteta has a shit ton of work to do with this team and I feel that he’ll have realised this after today’s game.

  37. Ishola70

    I can envisage what may happen here.

    Xhaka does a runner and Arsenal continue to falter without him.

    Then there will be posters telling us that Xhaka was under-rated.

    It’s been said before though that the midfield options as a whole are limited.

    Arsenal should look to get in a midfielder of requirement in any event of Xhaka leaving.

    Now would be the opportune time to do it.

  38. TR7


    We won 22 games in a row under Emery and yet we were regressing. That’s why I am not fussing over results. We won’t be relegated and we won’t get CL come end of the season. If we improve our game, results will follow. And it is not like the team did not try for a win today. In the 2nd half we were the better team and should have won the game.

  39. Rambo

    “All I am interested in is seeing us improve. If by the end of season, we have improved our passing, pattern of play and defensive shape, I will be more than happy.”

    And some people think the board are a bunch of buffoons.

    Pretty soon they’ll have Arsenal fans ‘happy’ to be part of the Premier League.

  40. Marko

    Charles it’s the same project. Literally everything is the same expectations the same. Mikel is expected to improve us and get us back into the Champions League. He probably gets a pass for the first few months having come into the club midseason but if a year into the project there’s no signs of a Champions League potential then there’ll be doubts of him. I don’t know why you brought up Ancellotti btw. We’re talking expectations at Arsenal.

  41. Paulinho

    DFUIG – Where am I whacking Arteta?

    I’m just repeating the same old stuff about our crap squad. Guilty as charged in that respect.

    I’m referring to the Chelsea match because similar guff was spouted about chances created/performance in that game and what did it lead to? Nothing really. This Bournemouth game will probably be looked back by you in 18 months with similar insignificance as the Chelsea game is now by most.

  42. Unai

    Rambo, are you seriously expecting us to go from a terrible run of form, serious injury issues and an incoherent team to world beaters in a week?

  43. Champagne charlie


    New manager bounce is a work rate/result based thing.

    I wasn’t watching the game fixated on any of that frankly, I was looking at the structural changes, the positional cues, the shape of the side etc to see if/what Arteta was demanding from them off the rip.

    It was encouraging from that aspect, a few notable quirks that seem like a platform for future performances whatever they may be. It’s a hard judge this season, I’d put little stock in it until March time tbh. I’m fine with the remainder being a learning process and “starting” next season, line drawn. But remains to be seen what occurs.

  44. Ishola70

    I hope people realise that this Xhaka to Berlin possible move is most probably Xhaka forcing the move now and not the club.

    How ironic.

    Xhaka himself breaking out.

  45. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, that’s the thing with Ozil and Xhaka, when they have time and space on the ball they can look decent, good even. How many times in a season do teams in the PL afford us this much space? Not many.

    This is like last year when Xhaka bossed a couple of EL games against teams that just sat back and he was suddenly the second coming of Pirlo. No, just no.

    No one is saying we don’t have to replace him, that’s the whole point of selling him, getting cash in so we can buy a replacement…

  46. Marko

    I have absolutely no idea why people keep talking about the season being a write off it’s absolutely stupid as fuck we’re 8 points off 4 if Lacazette wasn’t a deceptive turd we’d be 6 points off Chelsea in 4th and playing them next. We still have a chance of top 4 shockingly if we can just get enough points till January and strengthen.

  47. CG


    “””It’s because of you isn’t it?””””

    Yes , I totally forgot.

    CG employed The Clown.

    And broke our transfer record on Pepe and bought David Luiz, Tierney and Cebola

    And off course , it’s my fault that at the halfway stage off the season – we are 6 points of The Relegation Zone.

    My Fault Entirely.
    Nothing to do with Raul and Co whatsoever.

    Loose the next 2- and we actually hit the bottom 3- that will be my fault too.

  48. Danny

    We won 22 games in a row under Emery
    Not quite. We went 22 games unbeaten, that’s a bit different!

  49. raptora

    Moving Auba to the flank to accommodate Laca in the middle, has go to be the dumbest decision that now what? 3rd or 4th manager has taken????

    You can call Auba uninterested or whatever you want but he brings you goals. One of the best strikers in Europe to accommodate a lesser player. Gotta let the guy score goals. Imagine if we were a proper team and we actually created some for him…

    Gotta start Auba in the middle when it matters and use Laca as a sub. If you want to play them both from the start it has to be in a much changed system where Auba doesn’t play as a winger. Simple as.

  50. Batistuta


    Winning football matches breeds confidence, doesn’t matter how it’s painted, we absolutely need to win games, with that will come more confidence and a belief to implement what the manager wants with confidence… Good performances without results is not what football is all about

  51. Ishola70

    Xhaka still had lapses today.

    He decided to give out a lazy flick in the first few minutes of the match giving away possession in his own half in front of the Arsenal penalty area.

    He was awful defensively in a play in the last 15 minutes or so on the left hand side when he completely failed to deal with a high ball coming down and let a Bournemouth player rob him that led to a dangerous cross from the opponent.

    But overall he was ok today and he was afforded plenty of time today on the ball which we know he likes.

    Bournemouth today were all about conceding territory, defending deep and looking for counters on occasions.

  52. Batistuta


    Hear hear regarding Auba, we’ve been shit all season and he’s onto double figures already, may be limited in the whole hold up play talk, but he’s the superior striker

  53. Sid

    Incase Xhakalson leaves We need a Xhaka replacement and one more midfielder otherwise we will be 1 injury away from disaster.

  54. Batistuta

    Hojberg of Southampton has been very decent for them this season, not the flashiest but a solid defensive midfielder

  55. Pierre

    The only one worth keeping. Sell the lot
    Great start but rubbish how we concede on the first real threat.”

    To me , the goal was Leno’s fault …sokratis pass to him was a little slow so he should have just put his foot through the ball instead of giving it Luiz by the corner flag.

  56. Freddie Ljungberg


    I will blame Raul and Edu for the low morale only if they read your inane comments as good night stories to the players.

    Peep and Tierney will come good, Martinelli and Saliba are hugely exciting. Luiz a last gasp stop gap signing and Ceballos a loan.

    We also haven’t spent 250m since Wenger left as you keep repeating even though you know it’s not true. It’s 200m and 26m (Saliba) of that is for next season.

    That on a squad that needed closer to 400m in players after the many years of inept transfer dealings and putting average players on wages way above their station.

    We also had to cut 30-40m from the inflated wage bill which made everything even more difficult.

    Keep whining though.

    Going to be interesting to see if Pedro sees the same bullshit you directed at Emery as great analysis again now that you’re already turning on Arteta, I’m guessing the result is going to be quite different.

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Low morale probably caused by big over paid stars throwing hissy fits..
    Can all do one if you ask me.

    No Europe for next season is what we need,
    Give art time to build his team to challenge.

  58. DUIFG

    Paulinho – I’m really not sure people were loving that game against Chelsea. We basically had 3 chances and scored 3 goals as mikki had a crazy efficient game. We looked horrendous at the back. Outside of that 15 m period we barely created anything which was a constant thought emerys reign when we basically knew we would create about 2 chanced and needs our strikers to be efficient as hell. Which they were for about 22 games but then we saw the reality when teams were our creating us by multiples and our luck ran out.

    1 is a small sample size but tangible differences today were clear, Bournemouth did not create a lot. We did but were massively wasteful. Amn was tucked it looked comfortable there, Luiz was improved in possession. Xacka actually had a good game.

    If these are all bizarre coincidences unrelated to tactics fine, it’s possible with this subset. But I saw green shoots.

  59. Paulinho

    “Hojberg of Southampton has been very decent for them this season”

    Mentioned him at the start of the summer. Good athlete, good engine, clean technically, and good mentality.

  60. TR7

    Lucas Torreira vs Bournemouth (A):

    Duels won 100%
    Pass accuracy 88%
    Passes attempted 77
    Ball recoveries 11
    Tackles made 2
    Interceptions 2
    Blocks 1
    Chance created 1
    Shot attempted 1
    Total touches 94

  61. Pierre

    “Moving Auba to the flank to accommodate Laca in the middle, has go to be the dumbest decision that now what? 3rd or 4th manager has taken????”

    It wasn’t that dumb was it , because he scored.

  62. Marko

    Xhaka said to be angry that while Arteta publicly professed his admiration for the player, he told him in private he could leave in the summer.

    Hertha believed to have submitted a bid of €25 million, but Arsenal are holding out for more.

    So Mikel isn’t a Xhaka fanboy. Phew

  63. Receding Hairline

    Batistuta they know what you are saying

    Tottenham were below us but are now knocking on the door for top four

    But we are supposed to look out for team shape etc rather than look to win football matches. I don’t accept that. Winning breeds confidence then you can implement what you want to implement.

    But this is just the first game so let’s see how it goes.

  64. DUIFG

    Torreira is a little animal, he scraps and wins a lot, tidy on the ball. Hasn’t go tbf long range of xacka but mentality and attitude is elite in comparison. Can be mocked as a soft skill but when you’re captain (or.was) is basically a cry baby it’s not going to end well

  65. Paulinho

    DFUIG – Let’s see if those ‘tangible’ differences are still there in a few months.

    Bournemouth paid Ozil no respect and he ran the game early on, as soon as Gosling stopped pressing and sat deep to block the space, Ozil disappeared and it was the usual scrappy stuff with both teams looking open and there for the taking.

    If you want to take hope from it go for it, but you’ll see how little it means with time.

  66. Receding Hairline

    Torriera also had man of the man performances under Emery Pierre.

    Scored the winning goal in one of those games.

    You guys really need to move on from Emery, the culture of this football club was wrong before Emery, wrong under him and remains wrong.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg

    If HB is offering 25m euros for Xhaka take it and run before they change their mind, don’t even risk haggling about the price, just sign the paper and run away laughing maniacally.

  68. Ishola70

    “Xhaka said to be angry that while Arteta publicly professed his admiration for the player, he told him in private he could leave in the summer.”

    I think deep down Xhaka is still simmering because of being stripped of the captaincy. Think he is a proud player.

    Of course we are going to hear different stories if he indeed does leave to Berlin in the next few weeks. Club getting rid or Xhaka forcing move. Take your pick.

  69. Ishola70

    Saka was exposed for the Bournemouth goal.

    Xhaka stood like a bollard par the course thereafter and Gosling got the run on Torreira to net.

    Torreira overall had a good game but again in one key moment he let Gosling get the run on him.

  70. Unai


    “You guys really need to move on from Emery, the culture of this football club was wrong before Emery, wrong under him and remains wrong.”

    That wont change unless we allow a manager to change it, as much as I wanted Emery to succeed it was pretty clear last spring he was wrong for us.

    Comparing Spurs recent upturn to us is a little unfair, spurs have a better squad, less injury issues and while Jose has been getting to grips with his team we have been in turmoil.

  71. Marko

    Tottenham were below us but are now knocking on the door for top four But we are supposed to look out for team shape etc rather than look to win football matches

    It’s stupid isn’t it. Just write off the season. FYI any potential scenario where Arteta is successful only exists with better players a better squad and that only exists with champions league football and champions league finances. It’s going to be a struggle for him to achieve anything in the next 3 and a half seasons if he’s continually working with 45 million budgets and wank players

  72. CG

    .Fred L

    I like Arteta. A lot.

    But you would surely agree – his 4 coaching appointments have raised eyebrows?

    Hardly cutting edge…..but he wont be the first person to surround himself with pliable journeymen…..probably leaned this tactic off Wenger.

    He must also know – that you dont win many games of soccer with David Luiz playing in a back 4.

    Pretty basic stuff.

  73. Ishola70

    “Newcastle have cyclops in goal.”

    He’s actually played well for them overall this season but is not doing well tonight.

    Greenwood goal boy shut his eyes and laced the ball as hard as he could. Straight down the middle. Took a deflection as well.

  74. Pierre

    Receding Hairline
    “Torriera also had man of the man performances under Emery Pierre”

    He did , playing as a DM, unfortunately Emery then decided ( after scoring v Tottenham) that Torreira was a box to box or even a CAM .

    Hence the clueless comment

  75. Redtruth

    The board have totally balls up signing a novice as manager.
    This isn’t time to get to know the squad or indeed whether the manager can cut it at the highest level…joke club…

  76. Batistuta


    He’s picked it up this season, isn’t afraid to get stuck in and got a good frame on him too… He’s also a very good passer of the ball too…Tend to forget he came from Bayern at the time… We need to pick up some of them prem proven midfielder just like pool did with Wjnaldum and Milner. Players other clubs would have scoffed at but who will run and put in the work in the middle of the park

  77. Receding Hairline

    Anyway Arteta should be backed

    Whoever he wants out should be forced out. Youngsters he wants sent out on loan should be sent out on loan. And if he asks for specific players he should get them.

    But we really need to start winning football games on a regular, when last did we win back to back games?

  78. InsideRight

    If that’s what Arteta can achieve with only a couple of days with the team, the rest of the season should be better than what we’ve seen so far. There was a clear difference in approach for large parts of the game. The ball was moved quicker, there were more forward passes, there was more pace in attack.

    It was a definite improvement based on the mindset alone. Time spent with the coaches, improving positional sense and improving the passing in the final third will bear fruit.

    I wasn’t convinced about Arteta, but that was the best 90 mins in a while. I’m definitely backing him to the hilt.

  79. Tee


    Can you actually make a non xhaka comment?

    Jeez! 99% of your comments has been on xhaka.

    In your comments, You let off players like laca who messed up to attack xhaka who was one of the better performers.

    You are as obsessed with xhaka as Pierre is to ozil.

    I pray the rumour he is off to HB.
    I can only hope that then, you won’t still blame xhaka who is playing elsewhere

  80. Ishola70

    No Tee

    I have commented on plenty of other players as well as Xhaka today.

    Only Xhaka sympathisers like yourself get irritated.

    I actually said that Xhaka was overall ok today.

  81. Marko

    What’s wrong with mentioning Xhaka when the article is Mikel Arteta is a fanboy and news is breaking of his agent saying that he wants to join the mighty Hertha Berlin.

  82. Batistuta

    Receeding and Marko

    I share the same sentiments, if course with a new manager who has new ideas, you’d want to see some changes, no matter how minor or slow it may came though in our case, we’d be better off with better players but ultimately we need to start winning games, don’t think we’ve won up to 10 games all season… Also, don’t see why top 4 should be claimed to be out of reach… We’re not that far off behind and the teams above us are as inconsistent as we are so we could have a chance but that comes with winning games..Can’t say season is a wrote off and just crawl along drawing game after game, we’ve also got the Europa league and there are some very tricky teams in it now but we should be looking to win that too, can’t sniff at that competition when it’s not like we are European royalty….

    Still lots to at for in my opinion

  83. Tee


    Hope your comment isn’t for me?

    I was only pointing out what I observed and the person in question said he had commented on other players.

    You can mention xhaka all you like but my comment was for ishola which he has maturely replied me not you.

  84. Marko

    Bati agree with everything there. You can’t write off a season and say all these other things matter for what remains of the season because we’re still struggling to get wins. Mikel I guarantee you isn’t thinking of writing it off. He knows that he needs points and victories and he’ll know that we need something in January.

  85. Gentlebris

    Arteta has got to get more than he gave today.

    Pepe benched again, has Raul wasted all that money?

    Our team is a Norwich team in Arsenal colours.

    But then playing Xhaka and Ozil in same team made us lesser than Norwich today.
    How did you expect to win doing that?

    Bournemouth were piss poor or they could have won 3-1.

    Let’s see what we do to Chelsea, or more appropriately, what Chelsea do to us.

  86. London gunner

    Guys did we actually play better?

    Or is this just watchful thinking.

    If we did play better, how? Give some details other than just generic statements like fluidity or dynamism.

  87. Graham62

    Didn’t watch the game, so can’t comment on things.

    As per the radio commentary, it was highlighted that Arsenal were moving the ball better.

    I’ll watch MOTD later.

  88. Chris

    Seemed like we had a higher tempo and moving the ball between the lines far quicker. Even playing out from the back a lot better. Some familiar frailties still there however we are not climbing out of this rut in one week, maybe not for a month or so.

    The patience needed that was spoken of on Arteta’s appointment is still needed. We all wanted the win today but it didn’t happen. However the first signs of a brighter future were visible.

    This team will be radically different a year from now, in terms of both personnel and style.

  89. gonnerram

    My Review of the game.
    I think we have show a lot of progress and the players knew what to do with and without the ball. The Goal we conceded was very lucky for Bournemouth. There were phases of play in 1st and 2nd half where we just could have taken them to dippers but our crossing & finishing were poor (blame it on the rain). I think we will see massive improvement soon form the team as I think if Nelson or Saka had their crossing boots on we would have easily won the game.

  90. TheLegendaryDB10

    Thanks Chris and gonneram for your reviews.

    Reading through here and Arseblog’s live commentary makes it hard to have any judgement on how we are faring when not watching the game live.

    Looking forward to the Chelski and Manure game to make my own mind up.

    It does sound like Arteta is having an impact.

    It will take time. But it will be interesting to see how we progress comes the end of the season.

    I personally just want to see the team play good football and not this panicky, reactive football that became the norm under Emery.

    I just hope that Arteta has realised how under-coached our team has been until now.

  91. Ishola70


    “David Luiz has improved a lot on the ball and has added something that wasn’t there in the first few months of the season.”

    That’s never really been the criticism of Luiz since he has joined Arsenal. On the ball.

    It has been off the ball that has alarmed specifically players running directly at him with the ball.

    He can still do his bit of sweeping up.

  92. G8

    The football was better on the eye, but in crucial moments we did fuck all..

    The goal conceded was another self inflicted one playing crap from the back

    Lacazette was really awful and fucked up few moves and scuffed few shots.

    Full backs remain a problem
    Saka was poor at crossing and link play
    Nelson was also poor and shouldn’t have started the game

    Midfield including ozil and xhaka were decent, but Bournemouth gave them a lot of time and space

    Willock was a waste of substitution
    Pepe did really well in his 10 mins cameo, he should have started or at least brought in at half time

    Mikel Arteta first game 6/10 for me..

  93. Pierre

    Conceding the first goal all the time is killing us , especially as we have a confidence issue at the moment.

    I look forward to see how we react if we can actually get our nose in front .

  94. Ishola70

    Sokratis had a better game defensively than Luiz.

    Put in more blocks and tackles.

    But it seems posters are more concerned with on the ball with the CBs.

    Both CBs had relatively error free matches today but Luiz will remain a problem defensively going forward and we know Papa Sok was past his best when he signed on last season.

  95. Dissenter

    We are six points off the relegation zone and posters like TR7 are still writing that results don’t matter.
    Thankfully, Arteta has said that we have to start winning so I’ll just ignore such nonsense.

  96. Chris

    Dissenter, results matter if we want to be qualifying for Europe, among other things, but not in terms of going down. You can’t seriously think we are actually in danger of getting relegated.

  97. Guernsey gun

    Xhaka looking like prime Alonso according to some on here….fuck me he was shit under wenger, shit under dick and guess what…he’s gonna be shit under Leggo head.

  98. Guernsey gun

    Haha….yeah we nicked a draw against a team in the bottom of the table, who have lost 6 out of 8had 10 first team players out……but…..loads of positives our full backs tucked up their arsehole blah blah bullshit bullshit. I’ll judge on what’s delivered early days, but I’m sure fat Frankie ain’t shitting the bed about playing us in a couple of days, despite their shambles today.

  99. bennydevito

    First of all good ebening,

    I thought we played quite well for large periods of the game and were unlucky to go in a goal down.

    I think we could see quicker more direct passing and there was a much more general sense of urgency in our play.

    Still very early days but promising signs.

    However, we’re now only 6 points off the drop and we seem to have a severe lack of quality in defence and centre midfield.

    Ozil was, well, Ozil. Easy to forget he was even on the pitch at times. Going forward our CBs and Ozil need replacing.

  100. azed

    I understand what TR7 is saying and to me, he is right. The season is a write off.

    I also think we did better today ( may be the players understand Mikel better).

    Sokratis rarely took more than 2 touches as did most players except Nelson.

    A big change was tucking AMN inside when we were higher up the field.

    Not the greatest first game, but there was progress.

  101. Dissenter

    Of course the season is a write off but don’t forget that we could easily get sucked into a relegation dogfight if we don’t start winning games very soon.

  102. Guernsey gun

    Relegated……with Ozil, xhaka, Luiz and mustafi, surely not…….oh fuck, yes yes we could. Still at least the full backs are “tucking in” now when “we’re off the ball” so we can all sleep soundly in our beds knowing that the full back sauce is strong…so it is.

  103. Paulinho

    “That’s never really been the criticism of Luiz since he has joined Arsenal. On the ball.”

    Ishola- He has been horrendous. Playing like he had been drugged or something, seemingly incapable of using his left foot and just facing the right back all season and passing to the right centre back or back to the keeper. Sheffield United game was particularly bizarre in that respect.

    Today and Everton last week he’s actually started coming out with the ball and using his left foot down the line, as well drawing players towards him before offloading. All season we’ve not been doing that quite basic tactic of moving into space with the ball before playing the pass.

    Being dropped seems to have awoken him from his slumber somewhat.

  104. Samesong

    Ee can’t do 4-5 game runs anymore. 1 win in 13. That’s shocking. If results don’t matter so to speak. No team should ever fear us home or away. That makes winning games every bit tougher.

  105. Batistuta

    Can’t be deluded or so ignorant to think we can’t get sucked in down there, the key point is we’re not winning games and teams that don’t win games get relegated or at least are involved in relegation scraps