Arteta takes in the grim reality of Arsenal’s ground zero

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Freddie Ljungberg signed off with with a middle finger to some of the senior players in the side. Ozil was injured again, but the manager made it clear he wouldn’t have played after throwing his gloves at the bench last week. He went all out to play the kids, introducing ESR into midfield, with Saka at left-back, and though the attacking football we’d hoped for didn’t bear fruit, we certainly put in a more solid defensive performance.

Say it quietly, but Xhaka had an impressive game…

There’s really not too much analysis to be had though. This Arsenal side have been playing with the handbrake on all season, now they need a huge injection of energy from Mike Arteta and Steve Round.

A few things are a worry though.

Auba looks very, very uninterested. Mikel said before the game that he was going to observe for body language, if that were the case, he’d have been shocked by how little energy his captain had on display. His movement was disengaged and he just looked like he’d had enough. He clearly has a move on his mind, which is troubling unless Madrid are coming armed with money in January, and Arsenal has Timo Werner lined up as a replacement.

Our midfield, regardless of the combination, lacks power, energy and structure. This has been going on for the best part of three years and continues. The biggest challenge the new regime is going to have to master is how to train some sort of know-how into a group of players that struggle with the basics. I’ve never seen an Arsenal midfield so slow and clueless. The gap between attack and midfield is always far too stretched, no one moves for the ball and the passing lanes always need a Hollywood epic to make something happen. We are almost incapable of moving the ball between the lines and more often than not, we have to opt for sideways or backwards passing because even the lightest of pressing puts us off balance.

We’re also going to have to work out what we do with the forward line. I’m starting to worry about Pepe, what exactly is going on there? Are we really in a situation where two managers of Arsenal football club can’t convince our most expensive signing to do some tracking (assuming that is why he’s benched)? There’s no such thing as ‘he’s not that sort of player’, because in this era, you simply have to be if you want to be positioned in the top tier of the footballing elites.

The standout players for me were the kids. I though Saka at left-back was pretty positive. He looked assured on the ball as ever, his pace really bailed him out of some tricky situations and his defensive game was positive as well. Point with Saka, he has the energy and drive you want. He never stops, he’s always sprinting, and when he gets forward into dangerous positions, he thinks about what he’s going to do next. I really love him, I hope Arteta has a Sterling like plan for him.

Though it wasn’t Martinelli’s best game, he still showed up in terms of energy. He’s very rough around the edges, but he has all the ingredients you’d want if you were a new manager. There’s a lot to work with. Aggression, power, pace, technique, great in front of goal… I am really excited to see what happens with him over the next year.

ESR and Reiss didn’t have their best games, but again, they didn’t give up. I was impressed that Reiss was trying more things, he didn’t shy away like he has been. ESR made some rough decisions, but you can see there’s plenty of potential there. Under the right coach, which we have, I expect to see these kids make huge strides.

So overall, we’re in very bad shape. Arteta has 5 days to at least bring a bit of energy to proceedings. I do think that’s absolutely key, if the training ground has been soulless for the last 2 years, an injection of positivity is going to help. The players need reminding of their talent, they need someone to paint a picture of where they’re going, and they need to be plunged into high-intensity training that stretches their thinking about how the game should and will be played.

I’m excited, the real work starts now. It’s going to be a very rough 6 weeks, we’re starting from scratch midseason, but if you look at the next 2 months as a bit of a write-off, it’ll be easier to stomach. By March, we should start to see the shape of what Arteta and Round have to offer, and we’ll see what good coaching can do for a squad everyone now thinks is shit. I’m hoping a few players will prove us wrong.

My guess is Arteta will work hearts and minds to start with, so nothing too drastic. Everyone will land a new chance, then he’ll begin to shape from there. I don’t think he’ll wait too long to assess who the bad eggs are, from the videos, it’s clear he knows a lot of people at the club who will fill him in on the history. Then we move on from there.

The bad days aren’t behind us, but at least they can be time-boxed. I think the fans need it. I watched the drama unfold after the game. Seeing fans gunning for each other was horrendous to watch. As a writer that loves the club, I genuinely couldn’t think of anything worse in the world than having the away fans round on me during a game in front of the world. I would be devastated if there was anti-graffiti on the Holloway Road about me. In their defence, the negativity they spout is merely an extreme reflection of what we feel. They don’t create that vibe, the shite football does.

That said, they do have a problem they can’t ignore. Matchday fans don’t like them. That mess yesterday looked like it could have turned violent, which would be be a terrible look for us. You can’t blame racism, you can’t blame jealousy, you have to look deeper and ask if the direction of your platform is in the service of the fans, or the wider internet that likes watching people incoherently vent and throw their weight around the internet.

A delicate situation to have to manage, but hopefully a proper coach will mean the fans spend less time worrying about things they could ignore and more time engaging in a beautiful game.

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  1. Dissenter

    Given that he was taking over a well coached team that knew how to do so many things right, Mourhino isn’t doing great.
    Spurs,don’t look,good,when they play a decent team wtth pace.
    Lampard is actually out-maneuvering his former boss too easily. Mourhino can’t even keep up.

  2. Wasi

    Sad he couldn’t get the confidence back into the team. Would of been great for Arteta to start with motivated and confident players rather than the deflated players he’ll have to inherit.
    Freddie should have started with Pepe yesterday imo. Why was he even dropped? He was very good against West H and then poor like every other player against City. + He was starting to get his confidence back.

  3. Paulinho

    When they had Dembele in midfield they weren’t so reliant on playing at a high pace He had could accelerate their game on his own, and gave them a different dimension, now it’s play at a high pace or look a bit shit.

    They will probably set a high pace after the break and look a different side. At least that’s what you would expect if Mourinho gets a reaction from them.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Watching Chelsea, to begin with that is what Arteta has to get out of this team. Energy and work rate.

    That will mean dropping certain players and never letting them return, luckily January is close and he can get rid of the type of players who get injured by cotton gloves.

  5. Dissenter

    If that’s then Mourinho is the last person to re hold a squad.
    He’s the one who gets the max out of an existing squad that’s close to the end of the cycle. That’s what he did at Porto and Inter.

  6. Dissenter

    I would be profoundly satisfied with Arteta if he replicated anything close to Lampard’s first half-season at Chelsea.
    You can still see the rawness of the Chelsea youth but you know they will get better.
    We need to scour the championship for young midfielders like Mason Mount.

  7. Chris

    Chelsea have been terrific in that half, playing with energy, directness and enthusiasm.

    It’s what I hope to see from an Arteta inspired Arsenal in the coming weeks. It would be great to see is playing with an urgency and high tempo again.

  8. jwl

    I reckon Freddie played the kids yesterday because there new coach was watching and gave them a chance to shine and show Arteta what they could do. Youth were not to blame for yesterday drab performance, they didn’t hurt their chances.

  9. Dissenter

    If the club keeps Freddie on staff to assist Arteta then surely Ozil has to go.
    I can’t think of any permutation that’s will make me keep Ozil around.
    The only senior player that showed up to impress a new manger was Xhaka, limitations regardless.

  10. Paulinho

    “You can still see the rawness of the Chelsea youth but you know they will get better.”

    Those raw youth players have all spent 2 or 3 years on loan learning their trade. Mount spent a year in Holland with Vitesse and then a year at Derby. Abraham 3 years learning the ropes at different clubs.

    We don’t have youth anywhere near their level of experience.

  11. Wasi

    Ndombele was bought to replace Dembele and not add creativity. Spurs always had Eriksen, Son, Alli creating chances . Dembele was there to dominate the midfield and that he did very well. Was definitely one of their best 5 under Poch. Top player.
    Dont know why Spurs let him go at 30/31 years of age. And why didn’t another big team target him?

  12. CG


    “”We need to scour the championship for young midfielders like Mason Mount.”””

    100% Accurate

    But dont you think the lower leagues are beneath Edu and co.

    Its so 1980s

    I Just cant see The Preening Peacock slumming it at Cold Blow Lane or Brisbane Road on a Cold Tuesday evening.?

    And if your honest- can you?

  13. Dream10


    Ndombele is the guy to make passes into the final third and provide press resistance, dribbling. They still need a creator. Dembélé couldn’t play at high level anymore because of injuries.

  14. Unai

    Wasi, that’s what worries me about Pepe, hes been poor but hes not the only one yet hes the one whose struggling to get a game.

    What are the coaches seeing in training that we don’t? What’s his attitude like? Is he struggling to settle at Arsenal or in London?

    Something doesn’t feel right.

    Arteta is going to have to find a solution quickly, we cant afford another luxury bystander.

  15. Dissenter

    Chelsea have had the arguably the best youth academy in the country for a while. They are the only English club to consistent go far in the European youth CL.
    That said we al know they wouldn’t be playing this many of them if not for the transfer ban. I always thought the transfer ban would help them more than hurt them.

  16. Wasi

    If its training performances I dont think he would be worse than Ozil, and even Auba recently who most definitely starts every game. When Auba is happy you seem him posting so many dressing room snippets messing around with Players during training. That too has drastically reduced. Circumstantial but evidence nonetheless of his recent attitude and energy.
    Hope Mikel does with Pepe what he did with Sterling and Sane. The quality is there.

  17. Spanishdave

    So right many Ray Parlour type players in the CL. that put in 90mins.
    But we have to get Jonny Foreigner in for mega bucks.
    Lazy scouting

  18. Paulinho

    Dissenter – I think Abraham and Mount would’ve got a shot regardless. It’s not a blanket policy of just rejecting young players because the transfer window is open, it’s about differentiating between a young player that is good enough and a young player that isn’t. It’s only in the last few Chelsea have started producing youngsters good enough to make the grade at this level.

    Someone like Tomori or Zouma might not have played as much if they transfer window was open but Abraham is simply a much better player than Giroud at this point.

  19. CG

    Thank You Spanish

    Sheffield United showing that the talent is there.
    Having a storming season with mainly British Noblemen.

    I don’t know Fleck
    Pierre does.

    And Pierre knows more than the Dopes we have currently in charge.

  20. Alexanderhenry


    ‘The players need reminding of their talent’.

    .. Or maybe we need players with more talent.
    I’m on board with the Arteta hire but my god he’s got a giant task at Arsenal if- as you’ve intimated–he ‘s not going to have access to much cash at all.

    The idea that he’s going to transform the members of our current squad into contenders by sheer coaching brilliance is a little far fetched.

  21. Marc


    Edu hasn’t got to scout the lower leagues – we employee other scouts to do that.

    Either they aren’t spotting the talent or the management aren’t acting on the scouting reports.

    Which of those is true I have no idea.

  22. Marko

    Can’t believe some Arsenal fans were turning their noses up at Kovacic. Lad is absolutely vital to Chelsea. Very tidy and comfortable on the ball

  23. Marc


    Is it with that world renown German company Kuntz?

    Proud to be Kuntz – We’ve always been Kuntz and so on – you know I should work in marketing!

  24. Champagne charlie

    VAR is a joke.

    That’s a red card now, but you have guys talking about “leaving one on him” and flying in aggressively but making contact with the ball to justify it.

    Such a confused governance.

  25. Dream10

    Class all around display from Abraham.

    Red for Son. Watch every podcast, radio station and tv program defend him all week

  26. Dissenter

    Always thought Son got away with a lot because he has the demeanor of a nice guy with a cute smile.
    Dives as much as the rest, makes nasty tackles too and won’t stop smiling.

  27. Dissenter

    Anthony Taylor’s biggest error would have been to disallow the most obvious penalty anyone could give. Had he not been overruled by VAR, spud pull gave gotten away with that 45th minutes penalty.
    The spuds crowd can cry blood in their expensive toilet bowl, who cares.?

  28. Marko

    Volland must mean Auba or Lacazette off then. He’s decent though 27 with 7 goals and 7 assists on the season. 15 goals and 16 assists last season and 14 and 4 the previous. Seems like a proper team player

  29. Cesc Appeal

    These links to bargain STs suggests Aubameyang is going and the club do not trust Lacazette…if he’s staying that is.

  30. James wood

    If Sons was a yellow?
    Why was Sissoko not sent off for a reckless
    tackle on the Chelsea Goal keeper.

    This VAR and the amateur interpretations of the amateur officials have a lot to answer for.?????

  31. Samesong

    Why was Sissoko not sent off for a reckless

    Could argue the same for the spurs keeper not getting sent off for reckless tackle?

  32. Marko

    These links to bargain STs suggests Aubameyang is going and the club do not trust Lacazette…if he’s staying that is.

    Bargain ST is a bit harsh. To be fair to Volland he’s probably much better suited to us than Lacazette. He can also play on the right and left of another striker. Looks a proper second striker if you will. Makes sense honestly.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Precisely.. petulance and a bit of competitive edge is treated like GBH but actual dangerous or reckless play is part of the game?

    Ok then.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Lampard looks to have absolutely nailed this.

    Right set up, right selection and a great work rate in the players.

  35. Marc

    Fuck it send all the Spud cunts off.

    Technically I believe the Spud keeper couldn’t be sent off as they’ve adopted the no double jeopardy rule where a player won’t be sent off as well as a pen.

    But I’d still do it!

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Lampard saying in transfer dealings he’s looking for work ethic, the will to run and desire to win.

    That is missing from the majority of our squad.

  37. Marc

    “Eriksen is so overrated, he’s incredibly limited”

    But has a £40 million price tag according to Levy even though he can sign a pre contract with an overseas club in just over a week!

  38. TR7

    ‘Eriksen is so overrated, he’s incredibly limited’

    Eriksen, Dele Alli and Hugo Lloris – all average players but incredibly overrated.

  39. Champagne charlie


    What is wrong with you? Having a dig at Spurs players and in you swoop to throw an Arsenal player on the pile? Some guy.

  40. CG

    12 points of Top 4
    18 games Gone

    Even 2 points Behind Mike Ashley’s Newcastle- managed by Steve Bruce.

    How is the Head of Footballing Operations still in his position?


    The fatter he gets the quicker we seem to be sliding down the table.

  41. Receding Hairline

    Go take several seats Charlie

    Having a dig at Spurs for having overrated players, who have actually pulled their weight or dare I say over achieved relatively speaking in recent times but you don’t want our 13 goal a season forward mentioned, well he gets a Mention because he keeps getting called world class and he is nowhere near world class.

    So again piss off you clown sir

  42. Pierre

    “Such character from Chelsea. When last did an Arsenal team play with such desire and discipline”

    All one and 2 touch football , letting the ball do the work , chelsea a far superior team technically than Tottenham .

  43. Champagne charlie


    Yea, again, makes absolutely no sense to start flinging shit at our own players when the topic was having a dig at Spurs.

    Guess some aspects of being an Arsenal fan are lost via email.

  44. CG

    Chelsea immense.

    They look and play like a happy team.
    They enjoy their soccer.

    Keep Buying Lampard shares.

    What has Emeryism done to our players?.
    No wonder they all want to leave and are all damaged.

    And The Spiv wanted to extend The Clowns contract!!!
    Give me Strength.

  45. Redtruth

    “Such character from Chelsea. When last did an Arsenal team play with such desire and discipline”

    Man City 2 Chelsea 1
    Chelsea 0 West Ham 1
    Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1
    Everton 3 Chelsea 1
    Chelsea 0 Bournemouth 1
    Spurs 0 Chelsea 2

  46. Chris

    It’s early days for Mourinho there but Spurs looked very flat from the off today. Even before the sending off they didn’t look like getting a foothold in the game. That’s testament to how good Chelsea were but all the same Spurs failed to impose themselves on the match.

  47. Globalgunner

    Redruth. The table doesn’t lie. Despite all their defeats they are miles above us. Our players last had bottle in the 00s

  48. habesha gooner

    Congratulations to Lazio. Simeone Inzaghi has been a wonderful coach for Lazio this past few years. Really Impressive work To win the coppa Italia and compete with Juventus. And they are on a winning run of 7 consecutive games in seria A if I am not mistaken. Definitely one of the coaches I am keeping my eye on the next few years.

  49. Pedro


    Reference your comment earlier in the day about the LG / Youtube thing.

    1) I don’t do this for profit. I take that accusation off the table and lose money to write for the fans of Arsenal every day. You can find my work sensationalist, provocative, whatever… but you can never accuse me of writing for money or ulterior motives. I write what I think and go to war for my opinions. I don’t even play to the Le Grove crowd, as you saw with the Emery stuff.
    2) I am one person, I can’t moderate all the comments. I try to give everyone a chance. This is a global blog, every country has different standards, it’s hard to have a vibrant multicultural comments section if I take an aggressive ‘THIS IS HOW IT IS.’ I prefer to ban when needed and let people back on in the hope they don’t go back to making the same mistakes. I’ve got Bamford on here after he savaged me to my journalist friends and went onto a rival site to sell the story on Le Grove like some sort of undercover agent. I could never be accused of homophobia or racism from my editorial.
    3) I offer up analysis. I very rarely, if ever, vent without providing an idea as to how to fix things. I feed off well-sourced info, I read about different ways clubs work, and I try and give people things to think about.
    4) I am not anonymous. I do TV work, go to the fan pubs, I did a lot of stuff with the AST back in the day, people recognize me in London (not a brag, just reality of writing for a popular club). I pissed off a few Wenger fans in the early years, but overall, the response in the stands, where I sat for years, was hugely positive… because what I was saying was correct.

    Fans like Le Grove, even if they don’t like the work, they respect the fandom. The club, despite my criticisms, invite me to things. I have only had one problem with a fan in 13 years, that was because I banned someone’s mate for being a cunt in the comments.

    Your assessment of the situation is inaccurate, which I suspect, is because you aren’t based in London.

  50. Champagne charlie


    Topic was Spurs players, and you dropped one of our own in because shitting on Spurs somehow doesnt sit well with you.

    Not a jibe, my only rationale for a supposed gooner wanting to interrupt the flow of Spurs mockery with criticism of our own. You’re saying that’s not the reason? Well I’m not sure why you’re such a massive fanny then, feel free to enlighten.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting the links to Mertens and now Volland.

    Suggests that if Aubameyang is to be sold then Arsenal/Arteta/both are looking for a more industrious if less glamorous type ST.

  52. Paulinho

    Not hugely surprised Chelsea won today. Said a few weeks back they are set-up in terms of personnel to play away from home, where they don’t have to create against low-blocks.

    They will probably go back to struggling at home again in the next few weeks.

  53. RodneyKing

    Jota, Jimenez, Neves, Moutinho, Traore and Saiss may not be house-hold names or players we would like at Arsenal but they’re quite good on the ball. Norwich have quite a few good ball players themselves. I like Cantwell. Grealish would walk into this present Arsenal team.

    Arsenal no longer have excellent ball players like Hleb, Rosicky, Carzola and Cesc. It’s really the reason why the football isn’t free-flowing anymore. Mangers have little or no control over players’ natural abilities but obviously, if players keep playing in the way the manager wants them to, they’re bound to get better.

    Back at Liverpool, it was clear that Sterling was special but his final ball was often lacking. That aspect of his game has improved in leaps and bounds at City. Fingers crossed for Saka and ESR, both of whom obviously have some talent.

  54. Marc

    ” I have only had one problem with a fan in 13 years”

    Yeah but that doesn’t include the abuse you get when it’s your round and you try to worm out of it – again!

  55. Paulinho

    Rodney – It was the same at Swansea a few years back. They didn’t have house-hold names but they used to play better football than bigger clubs, because they had possession players that complimented each-other like Britton, Allen, Hernandez. All three lack power and star quality but they were mobile and on the same wave-length. That goes a long way to trumping erratic individuals with big reputations and price tags that are incompatible with each-other and play disjointed football as a result.

  56. Receding Hairline

    Flow of Spurs mockery… Lol

    I am one poster who always plays down whatever people believe Spurs have achieved on here, I have even been abused for not falling in line with the Poch love on.

    You are shitting on Eriksen who has been very good value for money as far as Spurs are concerned but get touchy when a 50m pound Arsenal striker with more bad games than good gets mentioned.

    Oh wait,now I get it. You are protecting your all our players are mint viewpoint, all they need is better coaching.


    Now make another email fraud jibe…the last Two didn’t attract the attention you wanted

  57. Pierre

    Last 2 games 0-3 & 0-0…and to be honest, we haven’t really looked like scoring.

    Lacazette hasn’t played in either game and I think we miss him and maybe Aubameyang misses him as well as he looks lost up there by himself.
    There is more about Lacazette game than many give him credit for, I think Arteta will reinstate him back into the side.

    Taking into account he has scored 4 goals in his last 4 starts , I found it rather strange that he wasn’t one of the first names on the team sheet.

    I can see Arteta going with quite an experienced line up in the coming weeks.

    Sadly chambers is out suspended for one game so the manager will have to trust either Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding or Mavropanos..
    bellerin could be fit so he and AMN could play full back.

    I’m interested in how he will set up the midfield , will it be progressive in that he has 2 attacking and one defensive mid and try to dominate the ball higher in the pitch.

    Freddie played with 2 holding midfielders v Everton and defensively we looked more solid but I’m not sure that’s how Arteta wants to play.

    Will he go for energy in midfield in Guendouzi and willock or will he go for one holding , Torreira or xhaka with 2 more offensive midfielders like Ceballos, willock or Ozil.

    Will be a really interesting team selection on Thursday , I think there may be a lot of the usual whinging on Le Grove when they see the line up .

    I have a feeling he will go for experience.

    Personally, as I have said before , I believe all players should start with a clean slate, oncluding the usual hate figures on le Grove.

    If he sticks with the kids then he obviously saw many positives last weekend and feels that is the way forward , and who knows, he may be right.

  58. HillWood

    I actually feel sorry for The Scum
    Every business in the country dreads pikeys turning up and parking their buses on their property

  59. WrightIsGod

    From what I’ve seen from Pepe on the sidelines he’s struggling with the outright pace and physicality of the league. Sure he’s fast but he lacks power and you can get away with that easily in France. He’ll learn.

    Also when I watch him on the sidelines he isn’t yet built for the British winter weather, especially up north, you’ll find he’s usually frozen out (sorry couldn’t help myself) in away games.

    The other issue with him is he’s quite introverted so it could come across like he’s not up to the fight.

    The other rumour, and this has apparently come from Freddie, is that he’s not the hardest worker in training.

  60. Pierre

    What I found strange regarding Freddie’s short time at the club, is that when he first took over from Emery he didn’t look to really change anything drastically , at least to the naked eye it didn’t.

    It was only when he knew Arteta was taking over did he decide to throw all the kids in at the deep end.

    Maybe if he had been a little more adventurous when he first took over, we might have seen some improvement in our performances.

  61. RodneyKing


    “ That goes a long way to trumping erratic individuals with big reputations and price tags….”

    This is probably what some Arsenal fans look at and therefore, find it hard to believe or imagine that other teams have better players than us. “Better squad” makes it harder to decipher what the argument is really about. I prefer to say “better ball players” which is more obvious to the naked eye and easier to wrap one’s head around.

  62. Marko

    Despite being binned multiple times for a difference of opinion I think Pedro is an alright sort. Keeping this shite going on top of a career, a latino girlfriend and a stalker from Harvard can’t be easy all the while ordering soy lattes and gluten free muffins. It’s a lot to ask really

  63. WrightIsGod

    As for Arteta it’s real simple:

    Get rid of the flimsy, pampered bad eggs.

    Replace with young, hungry, powerful and athletic. They don’t have to be superstars, just talent and an open mind.

    Monaco 2016-2018.

  64. Champagne charlie


    Sorry for not rating Eriksen as highly as you. I dont think it’s worth even touching on your embarrassing take there as far as our players are concerned, Laca not being good enough for us to be considered top 4 quality is a new one. I dont need to desperately peddle my view that we need better coaching, the evidence is mountainous.

    And idk what you’re on about with my comments getting attention as I’d like, they were addressed to you and you got them both. You struggling a bit with how this place operates?

  65. RodneyKing

    Glad that Mourinho and Spurs lost but then Chelsea won. I was hoping for the most exciting score draw in premier league history.

  66. Sid

    We badly need ballers in midfield.
    You can get away with defenders like djourou, squillaci, senderos, eboue, and the current crop if the midfield is right.

  67. Paulinho

    “This is probably what some Arsenal fans look at and therefore, find it hard to believe or imagine that other teams have better players than us”

    Yeah, you can have four Aubameyangs(extreme example) and have £250 million worth of players yet that’s not a better squad; it’s better to have a Jimenez, Neves, Saiss, Moutinho, that make your team well-rounded with different attributes that accentuate the strengths and offset the weaknesses.

    Also better squad is about physical and mental elements. Talent in terms of skill is only aspect, but when you buy players you’re also buying physical power, and attitude and leadership.

  68. Samesong

    Maybe if he had been a little more adventurous when he first took over, we might have seen some improvement in our performances.


    Experience or not theres alot of individuals in this Arsenal team that are not very good at playing as a team. Is this down to confidence?

    This team is really lacking in confidence, and it shows.

    We need a win.

  69. Valentin


    That Monaco team was full of extremely talented players, not just athletic cloggers.

    However you are right that we need more hungry athletic powerful players. They still need to be talented as well.

  70. HighburyLegend

    “I’m excited”
    No shit, Pedro ?? No one here could have noticed that fact!!

    In other news, no tweet from Auba’s brother about PEA’s awesome performance and body language yesterday ?? What a cunts duo…

  71. Pierre

    “Replace with young, hungry, powerful and athletic. They don’t have to be superstars, just talent and an open mind.”

    Are Guendouzi, Willock, Saka, Smith Rowe , Martinelli, Nketiah, Salibas not young , hungry , powerful and have an open mind.

    Taking into account that most are teenagers and not fully developed physically yet , they seem to tick most of your boxes .

    The question is , are they good enough…time will tell

  72. KAY Boss

    Auba isn’t scoring bcoz he’s not getting the needed services. How do expect a striker to score goals with him getting the balls to make them happen. Sometimes, our criticism of our players is way overboard.
    Funny that some are saying Lacazette is average bcoz he hasn’t been scoring 20gaols a season after joining us. But they forget to account for the number of minutes he’s had and the assist he gives to the team.
    DB10 never scored 20 goals in the PL,(I stand corrected) so did it make him an average player?

  73. Dissenter

    I have a lot of respect for you, don’t ever forget that
    When you penned guest articles for the DM at the end of the Wenger tenure, the comment feedback was vile and hateful.. I would wager a bet that the idiots cussing you out for disloyalty would have gotten in your face if you were easily identifiable like the ASTV guy.

    … hey, I wished you made money from this because of the work you’ve put in. You’ve devoted a big chunk of you here. You just happen to be bossing a non-money making platform.

    I hope you got what my post was saying though.

  74. HillWood

    I don’t think Freddie wanted to be
    Or was prepared to be launched in the deep end
    He was a victim of the Club’s infamous forward planning