Arteta arrives. BE EXCITED

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It finally happened, Mikel Arteta has returned home to manage The Arsenal. I’m over-joyed, you should be too.

The Spaniard turned up in a sharp suit, he looked the part and delivered an electric press conference. The sentiment amongst a fractured fanbase was unanimous in its positivity. We’re all excited to have a coach in place that speaks our language, literally, footballistically, and spiritually.

First and foremost, Arteta is here to fix the culture of a club that’s been going off the rails for the best part of 10 years. He said he felt low after coming here last week to give us a spanking at The Emirates. He’ll have seen that the team was flat on the pitch and he’ll have felt the toxicity in the stands. He has to change both those issues, but clearly, he recognises that the two are intertwined… not in a chicken and egg situation, in a great-football-means-great-vibes with the fans kind of way.

We have to try to engage everybody, I have to try and convince the players about what I want to do, how I want to do it, they have to start accepting a different process, a different way of thinking, and I want to get all the staff and everybody at the club with the same mindset.

We have to build a culture that has to sustain the rest. If you don’t have the right culture, in the difficult moments, the tree is going to shake, so my job is to convince everybody that this is how we are going to live, and if you are going to be part of this organisation it has to be in these terms and in this way.

And after that, we can talk about other things. Obviously now we need an immediate impact, we need to start winning games, we need to start to raise the level of confidence of the players, and finally we need the fans.

A culture is a set of desirable behaviours or actions you expect from a group. The trouble we’ve had over the last decade is there has been very little direction. A culture has to be in service of something. If there’s no vision or philosophy to believe in, it’s very difficult to expect players to behave in accordance to whatever views of culture we have in our own heads as fans.

A lot of us have pondered aloud ‘what is the Arsenal way?’ I think Arteta is about to bring some colour to that. He wants fast, free-flowing, attacking football. He wants players to be accountable, he wants to create a ruthless culture built around high performance. That was never clear under the last regime, or the one before that.

What I’ve learned mostly is that you have to be ruthless and you have to be consistent and you have to fit every day the culture of the club to create a winning mentality.

To sustain it is even harder, so every day is important, every act is important, every organisation is important. His work-rate is incredible, how inspirational he is to people is incredible.

But for me, the secret is that the people, the players and the staff, have to believe what they’re trying to deliver. You have to be able to transmit it, and people will buy into that.

The above is so important. Don’t just live your culture on warm summer days, or when you fancy it. Every day is important, every moment is an opportunity to prove yourself. This is what high performance is all about. One broken spoke at the highest level takes the machine off the road. He has a lot of broken spokes to mend, both amongst the playing staff and the backroom team.

I thought he handled most of the questions really well. He saluted Arsene Wenger and his impact on his own career. He celebrated the history, style and values of Arsenal, likening us to Barcelona. He held his hands up to the lack of experience accusation. He doesn’t have it, it’s a weakness, but one that he wants to address with passion, great ideas, and energy.

What I love, love, love is how much he wanted this job. He mentioned that he always yearned to return, he sees us as his club. He has Arsenal DNA.

When Arsenal knocks on any door, it’s difficult to say no. When it knocks on my door, this is my house and it makes it very difficult.

It was a very difficult decision, it’s true, but also I felt that the club needed someone to appoint. I saw that and they transmitted that.

They were so convinced that they wanted to go with me, that I had to take the challenge.

Love it. He is grateful for the opportunity. He respects the shirt. He desperately wants to make us great again. You bring in Jose, he’s bigger than Arsenal and he’d let you know. You bring in Allegri, he’s above the job. You flunk out with Nuno or Martinez, the ceiling is low, you’re going nowhere. Arteta is the future of football. Listen to him talk about the game here.

“Football is about habit & angles. It’s much more simple for a player if you can process the image of where your team-mate will be before receiving the ball.If I am in the kitchen and I know the glasses are always in this cupboard, I get my glass of water more quickly.”

He’s talking about cognition in football. Players learning patterns and movements so complex systems become second nature. Owning territories, seeking out playing signals, sensing danger. He’s painting complex ideas with simple words, can you now see why Emery had such a rough time?

He’s only been with us ten minutes and he’s asking where the drones are at so he can see training sessions from more angles. He’s an innovator, a deep thinker, and an absolute obsessive. The Athletic had a piece about him living on his own and people worrying about him because he’d have loads of games on TV with Beautiful Mind like tactical diagrams all over the place.

Now, cute stories in the media mean fuck all. Being young isn’t a skill. He still has a huge job on his hands. A great press conference isn’t going to win him points, it’s just a good start.

Reality is this: He is going to have a very rough 3 months. We’re going to lose games. He’ll fall out with players. There will be Youtubers shrieking about how they’re abandoning the vision just so they can be the first. As fans, we can’t cave, we have to show faith. There is an idea here. We are on the path to better. By the end of the season, I have no doubt we’ll be seeing a sharper identity. If we have a great summer, we will be competing for top 4 next season. From there, who knows where we could go.

We just need to keep the faith, accept the job is a big one, and believe in a new manager that is burning every drop of blood he has to make this work. I’m also hoping that Edu, who has taken ownership of this decision if his .com interview with Raul is anything to go by, is in lockstep about what the plan is. We need him to build an elite staff around Arteta, from what I gather, there are lots of moves in the pipeline, but some clubs are being tough about releasing staff. Steve Round is the assistant, he knows Mikel from his Everton days. We also have an exBarca goalkeeping coach. Most importantly, we have to address some of the player problems. If Xhaka is off in January, who is the dynamic midfielder we have lined up to replace him? If we’re losing big names in the summer, do we have a robust list of players we want to backfill? Who are the kids he’ll bring in?

I sound like a full-kit-coach-wanker saying this, but I believe great coaches make statements early on by bringing an unexpected kid through the ranks (Wenger > Anelka), making an average player great (Conte > Moses), or by killing a senior player (Mourinho > Mata). I pondered if Xhaka could be the average player, but I think he lacks physicality and pace. AMN could be an opportunity? ESR looked very good the other night, maybe he’s the kid? Could the senior player ready for the axe be one of our star strikers? Could Arteta revive Mesut Ozil?

So many questions. Reality is, this time, we have a world-class coach built for the Premier League. If Arteta can’t extract greatness, as he appears to have done with some big names at City, then the player isn’t going to work for Arsenal.

I am nervous about this hire. As they say in politics, it’s easy to be in opposition. I’ve been in opposition for 18 months, not really expecting Arsenal to make an incredibly bold and ambitious move. Now they have, I have to shut the fuck up and back this until the end. I’m confident though. Settling for a has-been would have been regressive. I don’t want a super-agent bitch at our club. There was no way we could have waited until the end of the season. Arteta is a very smart risk, he’s our moon-shot, the upsides to this are electric.

So in the words of Josh Kroenke, be excited, this is the next chapter we’ve been waiting for, it’s going to outrageous amounts of fun, I can’t wait to share the good times with you. He’s in the stands today, his first game in the dugout will be Bournemouth, his first home game, against Chelsea, which I will be at!

See you in the comments. x

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  1. Dissenter

    Good post Pedro
    It should read that be cautiously excited and don’t go overboard.
    A good speech and interview no doubt but be very careful about the guy with zero defeats as manager.
    I hope the club backs him with the players so that when he banishes the likes of Ozil for poor application bloggers like you won’t bully the manager to take him back.

    It feels like it’s your day as much as Arteta. Enjoy it… you’ve earned it.

  2. Dissenter

    I do agree with you that the Arsenal job hold a special place for Arteta. The fans won’t have to worry if he’s on their side and I just hope he gets the backing to transmit it to the players.
    Emery seemed disconnected and came across as a journey man just passing through. This one feels different like a true home coming.
    It’s just that for all the tough fighting words, Arteta is only as good as the club backs him. It’s more difficult now that he answers to Raul and Edu, if they don’t help him then this moment won’t mean anything.

  3. gonnerram

    I am super exited. This season is a waste, but if we start winning and getting some of the free flowing attacking verve then we we should be fairly OK for the next season. ESR as an attacking No:10 might be very good, he could be our KDB.

  4. BacaryisGod

    Near flawless performance from Arteta. He needs time and the fans need to keep the pressure off him. Have a much better feeling today about him after hearing him at length. Emery’s first Press conference was a mess (explaaaaaaiiiinnn).

    This might be a fun ride.

  5. Graham62

    Were all those serious/ moody expressions on his face, whilst on the bench at MC, Arteta’s way of saying I wanted that fudging Arsenal gig?

    It all makes sense now.

  6. habesha gooner

    habesha gooner
    December 20, 2019 09:10:58
    I can already guess the title of the piece pedro
    is going to write in a few hours. “Saucy arteta
    has arrived” or “the sauce master is here”.

    almost guessed it right.

  7. Bojangles

    I hope the player’s mood mirrors the mood in LG. Apart from one negative bastard this is the most positive I’ve seen LG. It’s great.

    Let’s hope the positivity is continued by the in game crowd in here, although that may be asking too much.

  8. Receding Hairline

    Pedro this is the move you wanted and you will back it to the hilt.

    I have no issues with the hire, experience is valuable but it isn’t everything, look at Nagglesmann and how far he has come as a coach.

    Out of interest though how long do you expect it will take for us to see improvements no matter how slight? How long before we really start to judge?

  9. Graham62

    We have to be patient with Arteta, nevertheless the work starts today at Goodison.

    How will the players react? Will it give them the kick up the backside they all need? Will it have an immediate positive effect on their demeanor and body language?

    Any player that shows an inkling of negativity today, even without Arteta prowling pitchside, will I sense suffer the consequences in the days ahead.

  10. Champagne charlie

    Jesus Christ, some people simply squirm at the presence of excitement in others.

    Dissenter trying to quell a modicum of good will gained from an impressive curtain raiser to Arteta as manager, what a clown. I’ve witnessed nobody extrapolate what was said to anything more than a hope that it’s delivered.

    Speaks volumes that some are doing their utmost to dismiss the relevance and claim it’s a false dawn previously witnessed – which is false in itself as Emery never once delivered a snapshot of the intended future.

  11. Pedro

    RH, I think Arteta is going to have a very tough 6-8 weeks, but by month 3, we’ll start to see flashes of where the football is heading.

    Summe is going to be huge. Lots of bad actors will be moved on, then we’re at the mercy of Edu and Cagigao.

    I’m confident that now the vision has been set by the hire, we’re in for a more positive two years. Champions League next year for sure.

  12. James wood

    Absolutely The club will be “backing him hard.”
    He would not be here if they wasn’t.
    Best of luck to him and the renewed optimism
    he has given the fan base.
    And good call Pedro.🤞

  13. Chris

    Awesome, great post Pedro.

    It was mentioned yesterday but repairing the crack (or chasm?) in the relationship between the club/players and the fans in the stadium and beyond is so important for Arsenal right now, and the press conference Arteta gave yesterday was a huge step in the right direction. Now it is time for the players to give the best account of themselves.

    And patience is important. Personally I think Arteta needs at the least until the end of 21/22. I feel after that we can truly assess whether we are close to being where we all as fans truly want to be, and that is seriously challenging for the title and Champions League.

    I never got the strong feeling that is where we could go under an Ancelotti or a Nuno. However I do with Arteta and that is due to everything you read and hear about him, from in the media and from some of the top figures in the game and nicely topped off by the presser yesterday.

    I am more than excited.

  14. Pedro

    Chris, I’m with you there. We should be challenging for major honours in 2.5 seasons. Football should be consistently pleasing next season. We should see an clear identity within 3 months.

  15. Gunnernet

    I ve watched both press conference and his 1st interview as a manager. Far more descriptive than Emery, ising his hands a lot trying to be illustriative and talked about winning mentality, values and culture.

    Clearly, he relies hugely on communicating with the players. He looks convinced that he can take the maximum of them if he develops an intimate connection with them. Apparently a very different approach to Emery who relied mostly on how to counter the opposition team.

    Above all he has shown maturity while talking balanced with honesty. He admited flaws and wasnt afraid to speak about emotions in working envrironment.

  16. Pierre

    Ideally, what most fans would like to see happen is for Arteta to bring the kids through to reach their full potential.

    If Emery had stayed , we would have missed seeing the progression of players like ESR, Nketiah,Martinelli, Saka, Nelson, Willock and Guendouzi as one by one they would have been discarded due to playing under Emery.

    These kids will find it so much easier to reach their full potential playing under a manager with a clear style of play .

    Over the coming 12 months will be the time to judge them.

    It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that in the next 2 years we could have a midfield consisting of willock, Guendouzi and ESR, and a front 3 of Martinelli, Saka and Nketiah/Nelson.

    The skys the limit for these players…

    In the past 18 months, they have been asked to play in a dysfunctional system under a negative manager.
    In the next 18 months they will be playing under a manager who is the polar opposite to Emery.

    I would imagine these kids are buzzing at the thought of playing under Arteta.

    At least if they fail to make the grade, it will be due to their lack of ability instead of a lack of good coaching.

  17. Þorkell Einarsson

    I am hopeful that Arteta will recognize the talent already at the club; ESR and
    Z. Medley and help them in their development instead some of our senior
    players .. also nketieah jules balonga saka and more

  18. Moray

    If the rhetoric from Arteta doesn’t give you at least a semi then I suggest you find a cash cow club to support instead.

    I’m interested to see how he deals with the captaincy/lack of leadership on the pitch question. No doubt we have to buy some in. There is little proper leadership in the whole club, never find the squad. That bitch boy Xhaka being captain is evidence of that.

    In other words, who is the captain’s voice on the pitch going to be?

  19. CG

    I don’t know what was more impressive PedRo s post or St. Mikels press conference yesterday…..both exceptional.

    Maybe 9/10 for PedRo
    Maybe 9.5/ for St.Mikel.

    But a cautionary tale.

    Alex Ferguson who achieved greatness at Aberdeen before he headed down to Old Trafford took 4 seasons to win his first trophy. He spent millions during those seasons.

    Arteta without any funds or experience or indeed competent executive knowhow has a humongous task ahead of him.

    Looking at the fotos yesterday- Raul (who has definitely put on weight) looks like he is sulking.


    Whoever manages Arsenal in these conditions has an impossible task- so we might as well give it to one of our own.

    I note with interest- Ramsey was one of the first to congratulate him.

    First task.- resign our talisman.
    (It would improve morale immediately.)

    Second Task- cancel the Drones Order.
    Its something I expect The Clown to come out with.

    Get a pair of binoculars instead-if you need to see who is slacking out there.

    We dont need them because :

    Its only soccer – keep it simple St. Mikel-
    And you ll be fine.

  20. Champagne charlie

    Thrilled to hear what Arteta has had to say, none of them were platitudes or media developed answers. He was passionate, resolute in his thinking, but he has a clarity, and that’s really very reassuring.

    The question now is how deliverable he is, and that’s what’s intriguing to witness as fans. The trials and tribulations of that will be something to behold, but there should be a level of confidence in the fact that the man in charge now has a very succinct ideology he wants any and all to abide to.

    On a personal level I’m really warmed reading and listening to more layers of ‘Arteta the coach’, whilst simple, the call for drones, and particularly the theory of football played on auto-pilot are concepts I’ve long suggested are key to playing to a level we aspire to. This is coaching, it’s hardwiring an XI to know their roles and deliver them without conscious effort (to reach for the cupboard with the glasses).

    I’ve said for a while that were a side that when challenged we wilt because we enter a state of flux or chaos as there’s no framework we’ve had drilled into us to rely upon when stressed/nervous. This is the first unequivocal statement that this sort of thinking is a priority, and that’s really encouraging to hear.

    Wish Mikel all the best.

  21. Pedro

    CG, Raul let Edu run the show on the hire. Partly, because that’s why you hire a technical director, partly, I’m sure, to position Edu as a fall guy after his shocking Emery suggestion.

    Good stuff regardless.

  22. Graham62

    I’m far more intrigued to see what influence Arteta has on players like Willock, Martinelli, AMN, Guendouzi, Saka, Nelson, ESR, Pepe, Mavropanos and Ceballos, not the senior players.

    They(the seniors) should lead by example.

    That’s what Arteta expects.

    That’s what he demands.

    Be afraid.

    Be very afraid.

  23. Graham62

    What’s all this shite about “drones”?

    Bloody hell, you can get an eight year old to oversee the training sessions and he’ll give you more relevant data.

    Who’s idea is this?

  24. Gunnernet

    I bet Ramsey is unhappy at Juve.. Revival of Arsenal identity is on the cards. Incorporation of Arsenal DNA is a must. He would come back on loan definitely. I wouldnt even have second thoughts on him. We can only hope CG!

  25. jac0bski

    Arsenal are the team to followwwww
    Cos there’s nobody better
    Than Mikel arteta
    He’s the best fucking Spaniard I knowwwww

    I’d replace the Swiss buffoon with that sander berge from genk. Proper young talent that looks built for the prem. affordable and maybe signable.

  26. Carts

    Arteta saying all the right things is extremely reassuring. I really do hope that transcends through the club. I’m sure it will.

    Similarly to Emery, Arteta will need 3 transfer windows at minimum to get his players in, and those that don’t want to be a part of this journey out.

  27. Freddie Ljungberg


    You know what a drone is right? One of those little flying thingies with a 1080p/4k camera on them. It just gives a birds eye perspective of the pitch, it doesn’t provide any other data.

  28. Freddie Ljungberg

    Big fat no to bringing Ramsey back and pay him 2-300k a week to only play half the games because he’s injured the rest of the time. How about actually moving forwards and bring in players that doesn’t break down trying to tie their shoe laces.

  29. Graham62

    Most of Arteta’s rhetoric yesterday was geared at not just the past 18 months under Emery but specifically, at the past 14 years.

    The culture of “accepting the status quo” manifested for over a decade. A defeatist attitude to where the club was. Excuse after excuse was laid at the door. Stadium debts, financial restrictions, Chelski/ Man City, biased referees, too much sugar in the coffee. You name it, we accepted it.

    Arteta clearly highlighted that he wants everyone in the club to buy into his philosophies and to stop moaning and groaning about things all the time. Bravo Mikel!

    This has been the Arsenal culture( values?) for far too long and we’ve all had enough of it.

    A massive task for Arteta but something we should all be 120% behind.

  30. CG


    “”CG, Raul let Edu run the show on the hire. Partly, because that’s why…..””

    Well we will never know- because no one could ask them. ………they are cowards.

    The Teck Deck and HOFO 100% out and out Cowards.

    They could nt as I predicted- face the scrutiny yesterday.

    I reckon it wont be the only time – Arteta will be left feeling isolated and exposed with these two charlatans.

    And the thing is the players know this too.
    They would be commenting on.

    That’s why the morale is so low.

    Those two empty chairs might not seem to say too much yestrday- when off course they tell us everything we need to know.

  31. habesha gooner

    Competing for major honors in two and half years? That is a steep expectation pedro. I just hope you are not disappointed if it comes crashing down. You will be the most disappointed if he fails because you have this lofty expectation and you have been batting for him for two years.

  32. Graham62


    I’ve got one. I used it up at Gatwick earlier in the year.

    Just saying you don’t need a fudging drone to see the frigging obvious..

    As highlighted, an eight year old could do the same for you.

    “David Luiz’s hair looks nice but basically he’s rubbish”

    “Mesut Ozil is just an embarrassment”

    “GX should go home”

    Don’t need a drone to see these things.

  33. Mandy Dodd

    Can only be optimistic here.
    In his conference yesterday, he hinted very strongly he knows what has gone wrong. He talks with reverence about Wenger, but will also be well aware how an all powerful but fast fading managerial legend has set us on our current path , aided and abetted by an ownership that seems only to be getting properly engaged with Josh increasing his role substantially.
    Arteta will fix this, and anyone who resists it being fixed will be out , no matter who they are, been a while since that could be said

  34. Dissenter

    It’s funny how things work out.
    Had we appointed Arteta in May 2018, I just think he will be the one out of the door now and another manager will be giving this press conference
    He’s has another 18 months to develop himself and keep learning the art of management. It’s a lot easier taking over when there are low expectations and with the entire fan base coming to realize that our squad is largely utter shite. The expectations were different in 2018.
    Arsenal is truly a long term project now, some thought it just needs a quick,turn-around in 2018.
    The right time for every thing is seems. It is good to have a good communicator in charge. He does have to earn everything that comes his way because he’s the youngest and least experienced manager in all four divisions of English football at the moment.

  35. Dissenter

    It’s nice to know that the fan base are 100% behind the manager. That’s hasn’t happened in a while and we all know that our squad isn’t good enough.
    It took the entry of a manager that’s favored for some to realize that.

  36. Edu me a favour

    Dissenter are you really going to quote Mourinho at such an exciting time for our club ?

    Mourinho is clearly bitter he didn’t get the arsenal job so he came out with that ‘zero defeats’ bullshit

    Trust Jose to try and stick the knife in

    For the first time in 10 plus years we have a guy in charge that wants to bring us into the 21st century how can anybody not be mad excited for this ?

    Arteta batted away any doubts yesterday , he thinks exactly what the fans think about this whole situation and he knows 100 percent more than we do how to fix us

    I’m backing him for as long as it takes – for me it’s ground zero – just keep us up this season and let’s see some glimpses of the philosophy on the pitch – then go from there. People might think its a bit extreme thinking about the possibility of relegation, but I think we’re very very fragile at the moment and I don’t want to take anything for granted.

    As for today’s game , I’m not expecting too much. Our record there isn’t great. Would take a point tbh , then the real work can start on Monday 😀

  37. Romford Pele

    Arteta to Arsenal players: “I will be in the stands at Everton. I want you to know that I will be watching your attitude, your efforts, your body language. I will see what you do when we lose the ball, what your attitude is. Also, what you do when we have the ball.”


  38. Graham62


    “The revival of the Arsenal identity”

    “Arsenal DNA”

    What are you on about?

    This all disappeared the day we moved to the Emirates.

  39. Ernest Reed

    Arteta is the guy and has a clear vision, its now up to the players to buy into it and put in a true shift. In all of this a true leader on the pitch will emerge and it may surprise some, but he will be obvious and has earned it and will lead by example.

    For me this is the defining moment for Ozil. If you cant give a shift for Arteta then you have no business ever seeing the pitch again, especially with that obscene salary. Personally, he’s finished and has been even before he signed that ridiculous contract. This is one mistake that will hamper the organization for years to come – what they could have had for that outlay would have made a difference for the better. Is what it is, but they now know what they have and Arteta should either be able to get value out of him or the organization should take the loss and rid themselves of the misery. Simply put, Ozil just isn’t worth it.

    Better days ahead.

  40. Edu me a favour


    So should we expect pep to throw his drones in the bin and hire in an 8 year old then

    Surely the boss should try and use every single tool at his disposal- how can you not see the value of a birds eye view of a training session ?

  41. Romford Pele

    Arteta: “If Bernardo Silva, David Silva or Kun Aguero doesn’t get bullied it’s because they defend the position like animals and they don’t allow the opposition to do that.”

  42. Freddie Ljungberg


    Sure, they don’t need a drone for those obvious things, but having a birds eye recording of the sessions to go through afterwards could probably provide data that would help with positioning etc. We need every edge we can get and since Arteta is now apparently the future of football we should help him implement his ideas if possible. I’m guessing the use of drones is something they did at City as well, can hardly hurt can it.

  43. Thanos

    Pedro / Pete great piece today I was always one that said we should bring in a young innovative coach and not a fossil, so I am all the way in too.
    The article inspired me even more and I am so excited for the future
    I can’t wait to see what happens.
    We need to back him in the stands and on the blogs this is not an overnight fix
    But if Brendan can do it at Leicster in 10 months and potter can change Brighton in 6 what can Arteta do with the juggernaut that is Arsenal ?

    He should have finished his interview with this is Spaaarataa. Lol

  44. CG


    “”””No way should we bring Ramsey back.Look forward, not back”””

    It’s not looking back- its moving forward

    We need good eggs in the locker room.

    Our inexperienced manager needs a captain he can trust on the pitch and one he knows will the keep the troops happy off it.

    Not only is Rambo a great professional and the right captain.

    He scores goals. Especially important ones.

    The resigning of Ramsey is absolutely paramount for Arsenal to be successful again.

    The fog about the place would be lifted immediately.

    100 % Guaranteed and I know these things.

  45. Romford Pele

    Graham for sure.

    I’ve been reading all the articles about him in the last 18 hours as a player. He was quite standoffish. Managers loved him because of his professionalism and attention to detail but players didn’t as he wasn’t always the playful type. There’s an article in 2015 on the Arsenal website about Wenger hoping Arteta went into management

  46. Spanishdave

    Very positive stuff today.
    I think he will quickly tighten up our positional playing as it is very loose, hence all the shots conceded.
    The great thing was that he wants to be at Arsenal , not for the money but the love of the place, he feels back at home.
    It’s just a shame that the club didn’t do this earlier it has cost us dearly, but heh better late than never

  47. Dissenter

    Mourhino wasn’t saying anything that’s not obvious to any vertebrate; Arteta has no experience as head coach.
    I thought Arteta was particularly impressive in that interview when asked about the lack of experience. He said he knows he can’t convince anyone that he has experience.
    Take a hint from the manager’s candor my friend. Let go of the edginess, facts are facts.

  48. Black Snake

    Mourinho is probably upset because the spotlight is no longer shining on him so he does what he does best, sniping comments cos he’s an embittered cunt. I’m glad he never came to this club!

  49. Ernest Reed

    “The resigning of Ramsey is absolutely paramount for Arsenal to be successful again.”

    Not at his ridiculous salary, CG. What part of the Ozil lesson has escaped your thoughts?

  50. Alexanderhenry

    Well done arsenal (for once).
    It’s been a while since the club has done anything this exciting or perhaps risky.

    Let’s hope Arteta gets some proper backing as well.

  51. Romford Pele

    Those Jose comments strike as someone who wanted a bigger role. He can’t get that anymore due to how he bombed at his recent roles. Still think he can work well at Spurs though. Not many egos there and they’ll buy into his underdog mentality

  52. Romford Pele

    Love Rambo but he ain’t taking a pay cut from his Juve wage, he’s getting on and is consistently injury prone. Shouldn’t be targeting players above 26 imo.

  53. Freddie Ljungberg

    With the squad we have there will always be gaps, our defenders are too slow and are incapable of playing a high line and our midfielders lack the legs. At least we can improve on positioning and effort until the personnel gets sorted.

  54. Graham62


    Sorry mate, don’t agree.

    I’m convinced Arteta wouldn’t want it either.

    Let’s not forget, Ramsey was also a part of our regression over the years.

    Bringing him back will not help matters.

    First priority, sort out the mess and get rid of the dross.

  55. Champagne charlie

    “It’s a lot easier taking over when there are low expectations and with the entire fan base coming to realize that our squad is largely utter shite. The expectations were different in 2018……….. we all know that our squad isn’t good enough.
    It took the entry of a manager that’s favored for some to realize that.”

    You’re such a slime ball, stop trying to elbow your own views into consensus amongst a feeling of good will.

    What’s “good enough” is yet to be determined, because what Mikel brings to the table has yet to be witnessed, particularly who is/isn’t capable of delivering it.

    However none of that detracts from is us having the requisite quality to make top 4, which was our goal the previous season. We did, we didn’t have the manager and he’s now been sacked as a result and replaced with someone already seeking to deliver more.

    Keep your own views as your own and stop attempting to speak on behalf of the rest.

  56. Chika

    I was convinced Arteta was the man for us 18 months ago, and now I’m even more convinced. I sincerely hope he’s properly backed by the club. No messing around this time, all hands firmly on deck!

  57. Pierre

    “. How about actually moving forwards and bring in players that doesn’t break down trying to tie their shoe laces.”

    Like Tierney do you mean,

    He will cost us probably 50 million over the next 5 years .

  58. China1

    Well Pedro you called this one 18 months ago and the spotlights are now on you and your man

    I’d rather you were write than him fail and say I told you so.

    Here’s to hoping

  59. Bob N16

    Love to be a fly on the wall listening to Edu and Arteta discussing the type of players they’re going after. The task is clear, scouting will need to be excellent; summer transfer window will be really interesting.

    The rest of this season it’s mostly about ‘weeding’, identifying and removing those players who aren’t going to fit in. As Pedro rightly says, this next few months could be turbulent as egos are questioned. Would be not be at all surprised if Ozil and Xhaka get moved on, setting an example to the rest of the squad.

    Exciting times.

  60. China1

    Tierney has had a crap start with injuries but it’s still a bit early to write him off as a sick note

    If after recovering from his shoulder he still keeps picking up this and that then we’ve found ourselves a diaby, but there’s still a chance we’re just looking at bad luck. It can happen

  61. China1

    Ramsey is not the only talented action man player in world football. Our success needn’t hinge on singing any one specific individual.

    Especially one who is injury prone and not young anymore. Then there’s the wages…

  62. Graham62

    Could be worse though Pierre.

    We could be offering a player £350k a week for three and a half years, who has a piss poor attitude and doesn’t give a monkeys.

    Oh shite, we’re doing that anyway.

  63. T

    Good write! Anyone else here think that the future of our midfield could be built around willock, torreira, matteo, AMN and ESR? I think that there is some serious unrealised potential in it.

  64. Chemmer

    We have to be patient with Arteta?

    I’m not sure what people mean by “patient”?

    I say we need to start winning games now, especially against lower ranked opposition.

    The fancy football and all can come with time. Arteta should start winning by Bournemouth, no excuses what so ever.

    If we couldn’t progress by hiring a coach mid season, then we should have just stuck with Freddie eitherway.

    Let’s support the new coach 100%, but let’s not abysmally lower our expectations in the process.

  65. Dissenter

    Second time you cussed me out today.
    Stick to your lane of unfettered optimism. I’ll stick to view of cautious expectation.
    We both back the manager. We both want him to do well and I really don’t know if you got your prick stuck in a vaginismus cunt last night or something.
    Take your crap and direct your BS to someone else.

  66. Pierre

    “For me this is the defining moment for Ozil. If you cant give a shift for Arteta then you have no business ever seeing the pitch again,”


    Though I would expect Arteta to be more honest about it than the previous clowns who made themselves look stupid with their Ozil comments

    I would expect Arteta to be blunt and straight to the point…no bullshit.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg


    Has Tierney proven without doubt over the last 6 years that he’s a perennial crock?

    He was recovering from a hernia operation when we signed him and he’s now got a dislocated shoulder, a bit early to judge him broken beyond repair.

    You apply your super fan powers very sparsely Pierre, anyone not named Arsene or Mesut goes under the bus double quick time all the while professing to be the benchmark of fandom. Smh

  68. Dissenter

    ‘ Let’s support the new coach 100%, but let’s not abysmally lower our expectations in the process.’

    Good to know I’m not alone
    We don’t have to wave pompoms without giving context to our optimism.

  69. Receding Hairline

    The squad not being good enough has been mentioned a million times on here not just by dissenter so why the name calling champagne? That’s the thing with you, always speaking for others while accusing other posters of speaking for others

    Get over yourself

  70. China1

    Receding the money point about Jose may be true and the players as well, but arsenal are a much bigger club still

    It’s like comparing AC Milan and Napoli/Roma. Milan might’ve been wank for a good number of years now but in the grand scheme of things napoli/Roma aren’t going to win anything and nobody really cares about them. I’d rather manage at a club like arsenal or Milan than a smaller club that’s just having a bit of a upwind for the last few years

  71. salparadisenyc

    Buzzing for the club which is in dire need of new vision, philosophy and attitude after the death march we’ve been on. Mikel may not be everyone’s choice but it can’t be denied he’s got the sparkle with a potentially very high ceiling. Ideal time for the club to make this move for me.

    Take it back Mikel.

  72. China1

    Same boat for utd even tho they still have money.

    Utd’s name will always mean more than spurs having one good CL run and being reasonably close to the top of the table just one season since forever (and that was about 3 years ago)

  73. Emiratesstroller

    I think that we are beginning to see a new generation of managers appear in the EPL.

    First came Solskjaer at Man Utd, followed by Lampard at Chelsea and now Arteta at Arsenal. One suspects that Stephen Gerrard will follow eventually at Liverpool in due course.

    All this group are comparative novices, but were rated intelligent footballers and decent coaches. These four coaches have also got something else in common and that is DNA of the club that they have or are joining.

    The question is whether what is happening at these clubs is a trend, which will
    be followed by other leading clubs in the future. It is not inconceivable for example that Kompany will succeed Guardiola at Man City.

    My guess is that Arsenal may well recruit more ex Arsenal players to their
    coaching team in addition to Mertesacker and Ljungberg. Santi Cazorla has
    already indicated that he would like to return and work with Arteta.

    Young home grown footballers may well be inspired in the future by seeing
    top class players being offered a pathway to work as administrators [Edu] and
    coaches at the clubs where they have grown up.

    Arsenal have had a dreadful season sofar but the club is not beyond redemption if they get the management and coaching side of the club right.

    The current squad have underperformed. Some players are frankly beyond
    redemption and others perhaps have sent the message that they are mercenaries looking for a fast buck. Those players need to be offloaded as
    quickly as possible preferably in next two transfer windows.

    One hopes that the Kroenke family are learning quickly from the mistakes that have been made under there watch and will show in future far more
    commitment and good judgment than we have seen so far.

  74. Champagne charlie


    Called you a clown for disparaging the optimism of others and rebranding it as some blind optimism (as you’ve just done again).

    Then called you slimy because you’re trying to embed your view of an “utter shite” squad amongst the view of everyone, staying on top of that that a manager people favour has led many to suddenly change tact.

    So no, you can just go ahead and swivel for being the slimy prick you’re being and I’ll continue to point it out thanks. I’m certainly not doing so unprovoked, and I’m very much in good spirits with what’s transpired over the last 24 hours. So maybe you’ll come to realise you’re simply being a weasel and you’ll clam up.

  75. Romford Pele

    Tierney has played almos 200 games for Celtic and is still only 22? Injury prone he’s not. He’s been averaging 40 games a season. That’s not the sign of someone who is injury prone. If anything he’s been overplayed.

    Plus a hernia is something serious to come back from. We need to be careful with him more than anytbing

  76. Chris

    Tierney has had bad luck with injuries, the shoulder one he got at West Ham especially.

    He is clearly a baller, and the type of player that appears to fit into an Arteta type of team judging by him saying he wants to play fast and attacking football.

    The investment in him could still prove shrewd.

  77. Ernest Reed

    What i loved about Arteta’s introduction, he is the law!

    Every one in that dressing room knows they dropped tools on not one but two managers, they know it. There wont be a third time and Arteta has made that crystal clear. The era of Mr Nice Guy as a manager/coach is over. If you cant get excited about that then, well, i don’t know…

  78. Pierre

    “Has Tierney proven without doubt over the last 6 years that he’s a perennial crock?”

    Doesn’t look good does it…

    He wants to to tackle like stuart Pearce, the problem is he has the physique of kieren Gibbs ..

    In his first season Tierney will have missed more games injured than the much maligned Mesut Ozil who has been at the club 5 years. ..

    Just putting things in perspective, though of course I hope that Tierney will be an asset to the club for years to come.

  79. Graham

    Culture has deteriorated over the best part of 10 years. Absolutely agree. The rot really set in over 2011-2016 and it’s great to have a manger with no connection to that era …. I was concerned we would appoint someone who was involved in the club then.

  80. Dissenter

    Disparaging the optimism of others?
    What in the world are you talking about?
    I’ve expressed as much optimism as anyone here and wished the manager well, talked about the club backing him to the hilt….but that’s nit enough for you.
    I guess I should just copy and paste exactly what you’ve posted so that the great CC can be satisfied.
    Next time use a good lube is that you don’t go around looking for a meaningless argument.

  81. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s been at the club 5 months, we knew he was recovering from an operation when we bought him, he was obviously bought because he’s young and expected to hold down that position for many years to come.

    Bit rich comparing him to players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby, Rosicky that we persisted with for years and years despite overwhelming evidence that they were never going to play a whole season for us, some not even half a season.

    If Tierney plays 10 games a season for the next 3 years and we still give him an extension you can complain that things haven’t changed.

  82. Dissenter

    I have to say Arteta’s candor was very refreshing in that interview. He’s not as insecure as the posters who relentlessly championed his appointment.
    He was forthright about his perceived weaknesses, didn’t try to weasel out of tough questions, a lot better than the posters trying to whip everyone into 100% compliance.

  83. Graham62


    Like your posts.

    Always nice to remind those so called superior supporters when the rot set in.

    Any prediction on today’s game?

  84. Bob N16

    Although the vast majority are really excited about positive change, there are always a few ‘Eeyores’ who feel the need to be contrary and choose to highlight the negative possibilities.

    Can’t really understand why they feel they have to express their ‘half empty’ fears, possibly for a ‘told you so’ moment in the future. Everybody knows that there are no guarantees.

    Even though there are reasons for optimism, we all know it’s not going to be a linear progression to former glories. It just feels that this is a new, promising chapter and that sense of deja vu of defensive capitulation can now gradually be removed.

  85. Champagne charlie


    I’m not looking for any sort of an argument, I’m pushing back against your pathetic attempts to score cheap points as I’ve stated above. I’d drop the pretence, you’re a liar at the best of times as evidenced this week already, and what I’ve said to you is incredibly simple and easy to digest.

    Don’t speak for others, your view is yours.

  86. Biggles

    I agree with Dissenter’s point that if Arteta got the job last year instead of Emery, that it could be Arteta getting replaced now.

    Some of the things that needed to happen at the club have been done now – appointment of a technical director, binning of some dead weight in the squad, a realisation that Wenger was gone, some new players in. Maybe Arteta could have done all that and improved us in the meantime, but I tend to think that it was a bit of a poisoned chalice the way it was for Moyes at United. At the very least for Arteta, the comparisons he will face will be against Emery as his predecessor, not Wenger.

    I also think that Arteta is inheriting a better squad than Emery did. Not perfect, but we have a great goalie, we have a (will be) great left back and a fast right winger, plus Martinelli who is the dogs bollocks. Whilst the coach obviously gets a say in transfers, it’s generally higher ups who make the decisions now. You think Arteta would have preferred to keep Ospina? Maybe keep Iwobi instead of Pepe? Me neither.

    At this point though some of the battles will have been fought and won. It has been proven now that Xhaka is rubbish, no need for more chances.

  87. Pierre

    What I like about Tierney and Saka is their delivery from wide positions.

    They must be a dream for a striker or attacking midfielder arriving late into the box.

    Trent Alexander arnold has shown the way with his superb assists from a wide position.

    We need to recruit on the right side a player of similar quality , I always thought Mhkitaryan had the ability to pick out a player with the cut back from wide positions.
    Martinelli’s final ball is also very good.

  88. Freddie Ljungberg


    Not optimistic, we’re shite away and littered with injuries. No fullbacks available could cost us.

    Hoping for a reaction from the players that wants to stay at the club today so maybe I’ll be surprised and we snatch a point or 3.

  89. Chris

    Tierney’s appearance stats for Celtic suggest he has played a large amount of games per season for the past few seasons. He has then suffered from an unfortunate series of injuries this past year or so.

    He is due back in January and as long as the club are careful with him initially there is no reason to believe that he will suffer a career riddled with injury if you take the last 12 months in isolation.

  90. Romford Pele

    Wow supposedly Freddie going with a lot of youngsters today according to Ornstein. That’s already a clear sign to Arteta that the senior players aren’t to be trusted. Martinelli, Saka, Nelson, ESR all in the mix to start apparently

  91. Champagne charlie

    Bob N16

    Totally agree, find the desire by some to temper enthusiasm a bit of a joke. But as you say, there’s a few laying foundations for a ‘I told you’ moment later down the line. Sad

  92. Cesc Appeal


    Do you have girlfriend?

    I’d honestly be worried if I was her.

    Someone might want to tell her…and the London Metropolitan Police.

  93. Receding Hairline

    Bob posters should feel free to post what they want

    It’s their opinions and they are entitled to it

    If they have doubts and want to share it by all means let them, if you can dispel of those doubts feel free to do so

    No call for abuse or asking everyone to “get on board with the optimism”

    As i always point out nothing written here has a bearing on what goes on at Arsenal FC

    By the way Spurs have a brand new stadium, brand new training facility and a very good squad, i repeat Jose has zero reasons to cast envious glances this way, it’s just the “we are Arsenal” pride that makes some of you believe he does.

    He says Arteta has no experience and has lost zero games nor has he won any, which of those statements is false?

  94. Pierre

    Not being negative, but I wouldn’t expect Tierney to be back until late Feb, early march at the earliest .

    The last thing we want is for the shoulder to go again, it must be 100% strong enough .
    If it takes 3 months to get right , so be it.

  95. Cesc Appeal

    Arteta is going to get the same slack as Emery, but he can make a massive statement by selling a senior player or two (Xhaka and Ozil) in January and bringing in a CDM and CB.

    Regardless of topsy turvy results, if he did that and you could see what he was trying to do on the pitch the fans would be right behind him.

    Pedro, you go down his bins. Any correspondence in there about transfers?

    Everything’s electronic these days though isn’t it!

    Have you managed to get up the courage to sneak into house while he’s out yet? Check his emails if you do. Doubtless you know his kid’s names, probably the password.

  96. Biggles

    It’s kinda already been said, but Tierney has played 193 games in his career by the age of 22. Diaby played 214 in his entire career.

  97. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Can’t really understand why they feel they have to express their ‘half empty’ fears, possibly for a ‘told you so’ moment in the future. Everybody knows that there are no guarantees.’

    Many on here did it when Emery was appointed. Including the author of the blog. It’s always going to happen. People have their preferences.

    I’m really not sold on Arteta, but I’m right behind him.

    At the very least I liked what I heard and I can see how much he cares about this club which is a massive positive. I liked the ‘ruthless’ comments (no pussies tolerated) and much of what he said about culture and being consistent etc but as long as he sticks to it and the board backs him when he inevitably says this squad of poisonous pussies can’t do it.

  98. TheLegendaryDB10

    I am loving it. You can sense that we are all buzzing. As much as I was for Allegri, hearing Arteta talk has really made me do a full 180 on Arteta.

    I really share Pedders enthusiasm.

    We are definitively getting The Arsenal back. The one the opposition feared!!!

    Traveling, so I won’t be watching the game today. But will be following it via Arseblog live.

    I am glad we’re keeping Freddie. I liked his honesty and his courage in trying and getting this team playing.

  99. Useroz

    “ …Reality is, this time, we have a world-class coach built for the Premier League. ”

    I think there’s a typo somewhere. I think Pedro meant to say potentially world-class coach…

    Fact is, a great interview and all eyes on what and how Arteta walking the talk during rest of the season.

    Hopefully the statement would be made during the Jan TW by which time he ought to know who amongst the players wouldn’t tag along in his Arsenal journey and asa result who he wanted.

    Don’t expect big signings necessarily but useful ones that can mend holes , cover injuries, and toughen us up.

    With 60%+ of the season left and how competitive games become all is not lost as long as Arteta could get the team winning.

    let’s start with some visual, tangible differences from those Freddie chooses to put on the pitch in a couple of hours.

  100. Bojangles

    Pedro, you half convinced me about Arteta prior to him being approached by us but you just couldn’t sell him the way the man has sold himself. After viewing his presser and interview I’m convinced he’s our way forward. It’s only words at the moment but they are very impressive words. If he’s able to get the players believing in him, there are surely exciting times ahead.

  101. Mr Arsenal

    The squad won’t know what hit them, I could see the fire and passion in Arteta eyes. For the first time since 2008, I’m generally exited for what lies ahead.

  102. Gentlebris

    Experience or no experience, I feel confident that Arteta will find a Sterling somewhere among Saka, ESR, Nelson and Martinelli. Probably a Sterling and a KDB.

  103. Bob N16

    As you were, Receding, personally in my Arsenal-biased world, Spurs and anybody connected with them should always be envious of all things Arsenal, even if those very few years when they might be temporarily ahead of us in the table.

    If you want to get all rational and big up Spurs, that’s your prerogative.

    Of course I can’t dictate what other posters choose to write. This is a forum for differing opinions which is as it should be. There is a major difference between questioning someone’s view and saying that they are not entitled to that opinion. By disagreeing with a viewpoint, I’m not suggesting that any post that disagrees with my viewpoint doesn’t deserve the light of day

    Respectably grow some Receding.

  104. Gentlebris

    Then instead of going back after Ramsey, activate Jack’s release clause.

    Ozil’s talents belong in the football of the past. The modern football demands technique, pace and power. Even if Ozil wanna turn up, he has just the technique(and there was a time when just that was enough), no pace, no power.
    It would be a waste of time asking a guy to give what he absolutely doesn’t have.

  105. UTarse

    I think most Arsenal fans would be lying if they said Arteta was their first choice .

    However, after yesterday and his slick baptism, if you can’t get energised, enthused or excited then best to give football a swerve, it isn’t for your types.

    Good like Mikel, Up The Arse.

  106. Gentlebris

    Anyone of those seniors playing today would have his shirt burning him hard from Arteta’s gaze.

    Arteta looks the kind of guy who will never start you in a game based on your name, you would have to spring real sweat in training to get named.

  107. Receding Hairline

    Whatever Bob

    Not in the mood for aimless back and forth today

    We have a very tricky game on our hands

    Ancellotti has just been announced by Everton, weird timing, is that designed to boast their players today? Will Duncan F be his usual animated self now he knows this is his last game as caretaker? Will our players play to impress the new coach?

    A lot of intrigue upcoming to be dragged into a baseless argument

  108. Bergkamp63

    Well I am also on record on here as wanting Arteta from way back,

    I guess Pedro won’t be alone in looking a right plonker if this all goes tits up !

    Hoping for a point today, anything more will be a massive bonus.

  109. Nelson

    Arsenal XI confirmed: Leno; Maitland-Niles, Chambers, Luiz, Saka; Xhaka, Torreira; Nelson, Smith Rowe, Martinelli; Aubameyang

  110. Receding Hairline

    “I guess Pedro won’t be alone in looking a right plonker if this all goes tits up !”

    No one looks a right plonker if that happens

    Yes Pedro oversold it a bit but the move has it’s merits and well done to the club for trying it.

    It works Great and we all have a team we can be proud of

    It doesn’t we try another way

    Life basically…no guarantees

  111. Champagne charlie

    “Not in the mood for aimless back and forth today We have a very tricky game on our hands“

    Lol Hairline part of the coaching staff apparently.

  112. Edu me a favour

    “” Jose is in a big role with a salary we probably can’t afford now and arguably a better squad of playersWhat exactly does he have to be envious over when it comes to Arsenal?””


    Did you actually type that and press ‘post comment’

    No matter what he’s getting paid and how good their current crop is , you really think that Jose doesn’t know that we are bigger we will always be bigger and we are the more prestigious job out of the 2 ?

    No manager in world football would pick spurs over Arsenal FACT

  113. Marc

    “They have to. Raul can’t flunk this one, nor can Edu.”

    If Arteta doesn’t work out = particularly if it’s because he’s not backed in the transfer market (and I don’t mean with £100 million players) then neither Sanllehi or Edu will get away with “it was the managers fault”.

    We’re all in this together. Let’s get behind the club, let’s get behind the new manager, let’s get behind the players who show they want to be part of the new era.