Arteta deal waits on backroom team

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Quick post this morning because I feel like I’ve been trapped in a time loop on this Arteta thing.

The deal has been agreed with the man, 3.5 years. The hold-up is waiting on the final backroom team, what that looks like and what it costs.

Apparently, the assistant won’t be Borrel, who is being promoted to Pep’s assistant. There are names circulating around the internet, Iñaka Caña Pavón (via @DarrenArsenal1) is being mentioned as a goalkeeping coach. I think there are some names that’ll potentially be joining from City and maybe another rival in the league.

There’s also an interesting story about Michael Flynn of Newport joining him as an assistant. He saved the club from relegation and he’s overseen a number of giant killings. He studied his badges with Arteta. He’s also young 39 years old, but clearly an impressive guy willing to do what it takes to make a name for himself. He even had an invite from Klopp to watch a coaching session at Liverpool.

It’s all very exciting, there could be an announcement as soon as today, but don’t be surprised if it runs across the weekend.

The Freddie press conference being cancelled yesterday would indicate something is going to be announced before the Everton game, but from the noise, it would seem unlikely Arteta will be in the dugout for that game.

There are some other favourable stories doing the rounds, the hottest one for me is that Granit Xhaka has told friends that he’s off in January. I couldn’t be more thrilled, Hertha Berlin is being earmarked as a go-to club for him, bottom 6, about his level. Great news there is Arteta must know about that, so I would imagine there have been discussions about replacing him, because we’re very light in midfield from a seniority level.

The bad Auba press keeps going as well, which makes me wonder if he’s trying to force his way out in January. He moved in January to us, so he’s not against that kind of thing, there are quite a lot of clubs in Europe that could do with his goals, so you never know. I would imagine Mikel will be doing all he can to keep his clinical edge in the side, at least until the summer.

See you in the comments, keep them crossed something happens today.

P.S. Flynn not part of the staff. Steve Round is.


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  1. Victorious


    Hopefully you don’t run away from the blog with your tails inbetween your legs if Artertained smashes it

    You seriously have no clue how it’s going to turn out but then nothing has stopped you yapping away today

    You really have nailed your colour to the mast today,no hiding from now on

  2. MidwestGun

    There were only a very very few managers we could have hired which would have guaranteed improvement, imo. And they were not coming here. So to get mad we didn’t hire Simeone or Poch or somebody seems pointless.

  3. Henry Root

    I’m assuming that everyone who posts on here is an Arsenal fan and tgat on day one of the tenure of a new coach we are all united in hope that he will be a success and restore the club to its former glory.
    That is much more important than the personal agendas and the desire to say ‘ I told you so’. So , no, it won’t be funny if Citeh pick up and we go down the U-bend because our club will suffer. Who wants that ?
    Jose Mourinho won the Champions League as coach without having top-level playing experience and no senior experience at a major club. Great careers have to start somewhere and Arteta’s coaching CV looks pretty impressive so far

  4. Jeff


    It’s the sheer irrationality of it that gets me. How is it that a club worth £2 billion cannot find a better manager than Arteta who only a week ago was playing with cones? The only explanation I have is that they weren’t prepared to fork out for a proper manager. I know it’s difficult mid season because you have to pay the donor club if the manager is already in a job. But even if it took £20+ million outlay to bring in a proper manager – we should have done it. We should have no hesitation over money. But that’s been the problem.

    The hierarchy keeps going for cheap and cheerful and then wonders why we fail. It’s total madness on their part but what is even more baffling is the fanbase who are willing to “get behind” any old Tom, Dick or Harry so long as they’re new “hope springs eternal”. Nothing’s going to change – I can almost guarantee it.

  5. Ishola70

    ” the thought of Xhaka leaving must have made u jazz your undies already? What a time to be alive for u I’d imagine”

    Said with a tinge of resentment eh.

    It always makes me chuckle at those that respond with these kind of responses relating to Xhaka.

    It shows that it still irks enough with some that he was pointed out as a liability player and early.

    Back a better horse next time Vic.

  6. alexanderhenry

    I have to say Arteta gets a lot of praise, notably from Pep, but also Pochettino, guillame Ballague, Gabriel Jesus- even from Emery, which is big of him.

    It’s looking like a genuinely exciting appointment.

    Also, as a player for us, he was better than I think a lot of you remember.

  7. Aussie Gooner


    You are not alone in worring about Arteta’s lack of experience. I think the club may have appointed someone they will be able to control (and who is cheap, a recurrent theme at Arsenal!). He is after all Head Coach and not Manager like Wenger or Ferguson. An experienced manager like Mourinho would not take that kind of direction and would make demands. I hope Arteta is a great success!

  8. Marc


    “on day one of the tenure of a new coach we are all united in hope that he will be a success and restore the club to its former glory.
    That is much more important than the personal agendas and the desire to say ‘ I told you so’”

    Well that’s what should happen – just like it did when Emery took over.

  9. Romford Pele

    Midwest, all good buddy, how you been? Life very busy these days but i’ll try and be here as and when. Arteta got a a massive job on his hands but i’m excited by the unknown. Let’s hope the board fully back him!

  10. Jeff

    Yes, the only defence for the people who would like to shoot the messenger is “this is an I told you blog”. Never mind that we just made the worst decision in footballing history.

  11. Wasi

    Even after Being a Novice Arteta was the choice for all of our execs. And they interviewed top class candidates according to them. + Arteta has top top football people vouching for him. Football like any other business is about risk and reward. Barca took a risk with Pep and then went on to form the best team the world has ever seen playing a type of football which would be near impossible to replicate. Zidane was a risk for Madrid. 3 consecutive CL. Nagelsmann was a risk for Hoffenheim . CL with Sub 40 mil budget. The list goes on

  12. Elmo


    Was hilarious when we’d have a big European away match on a Wednesday, and Bergkamp would be rested for the previous weekend’s match because he’d be setting off by car with a member of the Arsenal back-room team on the Sunday, and it was felt he needed a day or two to recuperate from the long drive before the match.

    Didn’t he play at USA ’94? Did he go by ship?

  13. habesha gooner

    Arteta wasn’t my choice but now that he is here I am behind him a 110 percent. What he has got as an advantage is fans now know some of these players are very poor or have a poor attitude. they didn’t even turn up for Freddie after Emery left. So if he bins anyone everyone is gonna be behind him. I really hope this works out because I would rather have league titles than an I told you so. Thank God it wasn’t Mourinho though.

  14. Bob N16

    Midwest summing it up.

    Jeff accusing others of being intellectually challenged and at the same time lumping in our Invincible season as part of our malaise. Great stuff.

  15. Wasi

    Yall dont want a conservative safe manager , you’ll dont want to take a risk with a manager who can genuinely be the next big thing. What do you want?
    We can definitely not attract the likes of Klopp , Pep , Nagelsmann in our current state.

  16. MidwestGun

    Been good.. almost fully retired now… Moved down south to Texas on the Gulf.. 5 minutes from the beach. Thought no way there is any Gooners down here.. First day was wearing my Invincible throw back shirt at the Grocery store and met about 2 or 3 Arsenal fans. Guess they really are everywhere.

    That’s why we need to get our shit together. Club has potential to be back at the top.. I have very little faith in Kroenke but you cant say he hasn’t spent money recently . We just have to be better at spending it.

  17. Receding Hairline

    Dunno why CG is hung up on the name of the rumored assistant… Really weird fellow

    Well we have our man let’s all hope for new beginnings, being a serious club again. Nothing like a hungry young coach wanting to make his mark

  18. Marc


    No he flew out but that’s where the problem started. He’d always been a nervous flyer but he was on a flight that had a bomb scare, he’s refused to fly ever since.

    I love Bergkamp – one of my favourite players of all time but he just can’t be a future manager unless someone events teleportation.

    Let’s hope he’s not afraid of Flies as well as flying!

  19. MidwestGun

    Really weird fellow
    Yep… hahaha to be honest I know he is typing English.. but most of the time have no idea what he is going on about. Just assume he is bashing Spaniards or something and skip over it mostly.

  20. Romford Pele

    AH Midwest you’re really living life mate. Hope you haven’t killed your liver yet.

    We do need to get our act together. Tbh in the last two years we’ve spent the profiles just haven’t always been right. But now we need to back Arteta with this rebuild and the right athletic players which can hopefully take us forward. Fingers crossed.

  21. Chika

    “Mikel Arteta a bright, positive appointment for Arsenal and one they can look upon with foresight. This isn’t interim or safe pair of hands, it’s a coach that Arsenal can build with and forge a new identity. It’s bold but it’s also common sense for a club in need of an overhaul.”

    David Cartlidge

  22. Jamie

    Time for our asshole players to turn up with a good performance to impress the new boss watching from the stands.

    I’m naively expecting a win tomorrow.

  23. azed

    Nice little welcome from Mesut, looks like he is looking forward to playing some fast free flowing football…

    Ozil will be out of the team by end of season if Arteta is half as good as they say he is.

  24. Leedsgunner



    It’s the sheer irrationality of it that gets me. How is it that a club worth £2 billion cannot find a better manager than Arteta …”

    Yep, I hear you.

    It’s bad timing on our club’s part again. Emery should have been let go after the 4-1 humiliation at Baku… Emery was brought in to win the Europa Cup because of his reputation with this competition and I can’t believe we kept him on even though he failed miserably. That was weak from the club leadership.

    I hope this decision was motivated by courage rather than because it was a path of least resistance.

  25. MidwestGun

    I think anyone who thinks about it rationally has reservations. But it isn’t the worst thing we could have done by far, imo. Keeping Freddie around and waiting until the summer could have been worse. And as I said.. it takes two sides.. doesn’t matter how much money you have if nobody wants the job.

    We didn’t have many candidates. Ancelloti was a big no for me.. Vieira was not doing very well in France.. his teams were struggling to score goals.. Maybe he is too defensive minded .. I don’t know.

    My liver hates me.. but still functions. I have slowed it down a lot. The pace here is much more relaxed so no need to throw back shots in a limited time frame.
    Sippin margaritas mostly.. Kind of girly… I know. This is what happens when you get older.
    Very good to have some of the old Le Grovers back. Feels very nostalgic. Where is Keyser when you need him.? Hope that old Geezer is still alive.

  26. Romford Pele

    “To be fair, Arteta is coming across very well in his first press conference…”

    Very. Good clarity of ideas and communication. Making it worth in practice will be the challenge

  27. Pierre

    Ozil will be out of the team by end of season if Arteta is half as good as they say he is.”

    Surely you , as an Arsenal supporter, should be hoping that Arteta can help Ozil produce his very best form, or is that too much to ask.

  28. Mr Serge

    Pierre that bug eyed fool is a lazy bastard the sooner he is out the better only you with your childish love affair sees otherwise

  29. Marko

    Basically right off the bat talking about going in a direction and if people don’t get on board it sounds like they’re fucked. He obviously is aware of the toxic influence of some players and wants to address that. Not a coincidence then that Xhaka and Özil are linked with moves away

  30. Wasi

    Arteta giving Wenger vibes in his first press conference. Intelligent, clear and most importantly loves the club.
    Take us back to the glory days and beyond.

  31. Tom

    Yes, the only defence for the people who would like to shoot the messenger is “this is an I told you blog”. Never mind that we just made the worst decision in footballing history.

    “We” didn’t make the decision, the club did.
    You’re not a messenger, at this point you’re a nag.

  32. Leedsgunner

    It’s a bit unfair on Freddie but to me, Arteta gave the impression that Freddie will not be part of his backroom staff.

    Hopefully I’m wrong though… he has done a good job with our youngsters.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Perhaps ott, but that felt like a real watershed moment since Wenger left.

    In one presser I’m totally convinced the guy running shit knows what he wants, and that what he wants is what this club desperately needs.

    Excited at what’s to come.

  34. MidwestGun

    He obviously is aware of the toxic influence of some players and wants to address that.
    Yep Arteta had a front row seat for when Ozil stripped off his gloves and kicked them in the stands. Hopefully Josh K gave him some assurances he can implement his plan and doesn’t hang him out to dry.

  35. Chika

    Arteta doesn’t seems like the sort that fucks about. He has that aura of authority that you sometimes hate to love but ultimately admire.

  36. Romford Pele

    Arteta – “I don’t want people hiding. I want people taking responsibility for the job. Anybody that doesn’t buy into this is not good enough for this enviornment or culture.”

    Pretty ominous

  37. Wasi

    Looking at the tweet of Freddie he will most probably be staying. The club wont turn their back on Freddie after all the good work he has done since return to Arsenal.

  38. Marc

    “Perhaps ott, but that felt like a real watershed moment since Wenger left.

    In one presser I’m totally convinced the guy running shit knows what he wants, and that what he wants is what this club desperately needs.

    Excited at what’s to come.”

    Really nice comment Cc

  39. Marko

    He was quite firm. I don’t think we saw this aspect to him as a player tbh

    He has to. Straight off young inexperienced he has to come in and show them cunts who’s boss. Show them they don’t get to work under him he’ll get rid of them. We need that more than anything after Wenger and Emery. You always got the feeling with Wenger it was a creche and he had his favourites while Unai felt like an intern trying to give out orders. He has to come in drop kick Sokratis straight away, slap some sense into AMN and really slap Lacazette’s titties to get taken seriously.

  40. Guns of Brixton

    You have to be ruthless, consistent and fit every day the culture of the club to create a winning mentality. Every day is important, every act is important.

    “His work rate is incredible… For me the secret is that the players and staff have to believe what you’re trying to deliver.”


  41. Marko

    Arteta – “I don’t want people hiding. I want people taking responsibility for the job. Anybody that doesn’t buy into this is not good enough for this enviornment or culture.”Pretty ominous

    It’s a very good sign for me. Much needed these last few years

  42. Leedsgunner


    “Arteta – “I don’t want people hiding. I want people taking responsibility for the job. Anybody that doesn’t buy into this is not good enough for this enviornment or culture.”

    Saying the right thing easy. Doing the right thing is where he will start to win the fans over.

    I hope we start to see the likes of Xhaka and Mustafi out finally. To be fair to the club, we’ve done well in jettisoning loads of deadwood recently.

    It will be interesting who his first signing will be….

  43. Wasi

    Arteta said he only met with Freddie for 10 mins. That too when he was meeting the players and the staff. That probably means they didn’t get time to talk as Arteta said. The Freddie tweet was just out a few minutes ago. Arteta has surely haven’t seen it yet. So Maybe Arteta doesn’t know what Freddie wants yet. Hope he stays along.

  44. azed

    Surely you , as an Arsenal supporter, should be hoping that Arteta can help Ozil produce his very best form, or is that too much to ask.

    The modern is game is about what you do both on and off the ball. Ozil doesn’t have that in his locker and expecting him to have it at 31 is wishful thinking.

    Ozil cannot function in a Klopp or Pep team and those are the teams we should be aiming to be like.

  45. Wasi

    Tbh Silva is very much close to Ozil as a player. And Pep succeeded in making him work in that system as a key player . No reason why Arteta couldnt do the same. + Ozil has already shown a welcoming nature towards Arteta. On the other hand Arteta said he knows what Ozil can do when he ticks and its his job as a manager to get the best out of him.

  46. DigitalBob

    Marko – yep its understandable.

    Does anyone think we will sell any of the players we want rid for a profit? I doubt it in all cases and that includes Auba and Laca should they leave.

  47. James wood

    Arteta praising Wenger.
    I just hope he has a stricter
    Philosophy than Wenger had
    in his final years and the easy ride players had
    and have continued to have under Emery.

    Players like Ozil and Xhaka should in every sense been sacked.

  48. Wasi

    Yeah. But Saka was not bad against City. If he can deputise at LB until Kola returns then we should be really looking to get a good central midfielder in thay suits Arteta ball (whatever it is).

  49. MidwestGun

    Well I for one hope it works out.. Even if it means Pedro will be insufferable. Will be interesting to see what it all means in regards to manager, owner, and the suits.

    Lots of moving parts. That and games hot and heavy over the holiday season..Anyhow … Pedro’s next post should be epic. hahahaha He is probably shooting oatmeal milk coffee latte straight into his veins while furiously typing.

  50. Batistuta

    What’s the point repeating yourself that we made the wrong hire, we heard you the first time around, now you’re first in line for the “i told you so crowd”.

    Really looking forward to Mikel and more importantly what players we’re flogging and what type we might be bringing in.

    Season’s not over for me, still lots to play for.

  51. Marko

    Well I for one hope it works out.. Even if it means Pedro will be insufferable.

    I mean he’s already insufferable but at least in that scenario the club we all love would actually be doing well. Plus and this is very important to remember if Arteta does well and Arsenal does well then Raul looks like a Don again.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    He spoke well, I like the bit where he was saying the players essentially have to show they want to be part of this and that means meeting his standards.

    I can already guess who isn’t going to meet the standards of effort required.

    Hope he sticks to it.

  53. azed

    Tbh Silva is very much close to Ozil as a player.


    The above is not true. David Silva started as a winger and played under Emery in early days at Valencia.

  54. Paulinho

    “Tbh Silva is very much close to Ozil as a player”

    Only at a very base level. Silva thrives in congestion, Ozil needs space.

    Very impressive from Arteta so far. Best choice we could’ve made. Need someone that wants to get under the car and get his hands dirty and he looks well up for it.

  55. shaun

    I am warming to Arteta as you can almost feel the discipline and jesus lord that is what those petulant children need , the lack of football discipline is near unbelievable at arsenal

  56. Major_Jeneral

    When I hear someone says things like “we need to be ruthless and need to cut out the excuses”, it feels me with hope that the person means business. #WelcomeBackArteta

  57. Elmo

    Now that Tets has made clear his outlook, I wonder if Auba, as club captain, will get the players to club together to buy him a watch.

    That would be a nice touch.

  58. Unai

    Title ain’t out of the question now we have super Mik……

    Seriously though, very impressed with what I’m hearing from him and if he can create anything like what’s going on at City, Pool or Leicester I’ll be over the moon.

    The club have to back him now, get the right players in and the wrong uns out.

    I know I’ve given Pierre some shit over Ozil but would be over the moon if he can get something out of him, cant see it but would love it if he could.

  59. Marc

    The major thing Arteta does have going for him in regards to laying down the law is that this team has been shit this season.

    Outside of Leno and some of the kids I can’t think of a player who’s been really even close to playing well, Auba’s picked up a decent goal tally but if he’s not going to fall in line and sign a new contract he’s gone anyway.

  60. Marc


    Any fan wants to see players do well – if Ozil was ripping it up do you think anyone would give a shit about the size of his contract?

  61. SUGA3

    I have just watched the presser, he says all the right things and shows more charisma than I would give him credit for. Convincing delivery, right body language.

    Huge gamble. But he may bring the sharp winning mentality in.

    Hoping that the new manager factor will whip them into shape a bit, so that they would not want to embarrass MA in front of his old club.

  62. Edu me a favour

    What a presser !!!!

    The guy is a pure winner – “I know what a winning culture should look like “ – no question there – b2b prem champs proved that statement

    The sincerity in his words is telling , it’s like we now know that what the manager says is what’s going to happen , a far cry from emery’s “ we want to be protagonists “ and then we ended up shutting ourselves against every single team we faced.

    Can’t wait for Arteta to get started !

  63. MidwestGun

    The thing with Ozil is it has gone beyond just playing badly or the size of his contract. He is disrespecting the Coaching staff and the fans by being a petulant brat. Act like a damn professional. Your not playing well enough to act like a douche when getting subbed … same goes for Xhaka. Immature asshats who are supposed to be senior leaders of the Club and both have been Captains. And for those reasons you have to go, imo. If Arteta can fix that attitude.. then he really is the baby Jesus.

  64. Unai

    Marc, I’m not overly fussed who earns what provided they dont hinder the club.

    My biggest issue with Ozil has been that after rewarding him with a top contract hes actually regressed and has in many ways been a ball and chain around the clubs ankles.

    Morally, I couldn’t accept a wage I didn’t feel I earnt and feel Ozil has basically taken the piss out of us.

    Some application, work ethic and output would do a lot to quell those feelings.

  65. Dream10

    Superb stuff from Mikel.

    Regarding tmrw, I think Freddie will opt for a back three. No LBs available till the end of January

    Chambers Luiz Sokratis
    AMN Torreira Guendouzi Saka
    Pépé Martinelli

    Can see Aubameyang and Özil being dropped tmrw.

    Our biggest problem last was that Torreira and Guendouzi were awful. Players constantly sprinted past them right thru the middle. There is also a massive distance between them. We are not compact enough. Freddie has seen this for a few matches and he hasn’t corrected this.

  66. habesha gooner

    Knowing I didn’t want him the press conference was great. If he is as ruthless as he says which he learned from pep it might not be bad. I so want him to succeed. He said all the right things, lets just hope he has an actual plan to make those plans come alive.

  67. Edu me a favour

    Anyone else think Ozil posting pics of them playing together was a bit like “look mate we played together don’t try and tell me what to do “

    that’s the vibe I got from that , hope I’m wrong though …

  68. Wardo

    Could this be the moment things change?

    I know it will not be over night but I think Arteta is a great signing

    He will need two years minimum!! But Ancelotti would take two years for all to realise he’s not going to move us forward. Then what? Another two year project?? If we support Arteta and give him two years, we’d have progressed and will then have the best manager available given our situation

    I fully support Arteta and will be patient for him to move our club forward!!

    It won’t happen overnight but then there is no manager on the planet that could simply turn up and change our fortunes. Hire pep or Klopp and we’ll still be shit in 6 months!!

    Arteta is the future. Let’s all understand his challenges and that this is long term. He will come good

    I’m so excited bout this I might even start going to games again!! It’s been 4 years since I went regularly

  69. Wardo


    If that is his intentions, I think our new head coach will give him his responsibilities or will get rid

    This he already knows it’s the latter

  70. Dissenter

    Whatever you think of Artea […I for one I’m very cautiously optimistic ]

    This is a special job for him.
    It means a lot for him.
    Hope for the best, all we can hope for is to keep hope.

  71. Pierre

    “My biggest issue with Ozil has been that after rewarding him with a top contract hes actually regressed”

    Very true ,though the same can be said with every other member of the squad under Emery…

    If Arteta’s football is half as good as the way he talks about the game , then that’ll do for me.

    Interesting times ahead and the good thing is , if a player is not pulling his weight , they will be out , no questions asked.

  72. Augustine Mwicharo

    Rookie manager getting it all wrong with talk of being “ruthless “. Will alienate the dressing room early
    Players hold all the cards in today’s inflated transfer market
    They managed to get rid of a heavily decorated Mourinho at Chelsea and Utd

  73. Spanishdave

    Just listened to Arteta interview ad he definitely is focused and knows the task has.
    When he said you have to be ruthless that says it all for me.
    When he watched us play Man City last week he felt bad he knows who the slackers are.
    Good luck to him .

  74. Dissenter

    That Arteta interview was very good.
    He’s a good communicator. I hope the club gives him all the help he will need.

  75. Chris

    It’s already noticeable how most people are excited and behind Arteta’s appointment. There is a genuine buzz in the air again. Hopefully the fan base will be as united as it has been for some years. For Arsenal right now this is almost as important as the right players and tactics etc. The relationship between the fans and the players and by extension the club has been suffering and when this bond is repaired we will only be stronger for it.

    It will be interesting to see how the players respond in tomorrow’s game. I have little doubt they know that they are truly playing for their Arsenal careers.

  76. Freddie Ljungberg

    “I have my ideas that I would like to keep to myself because I have to corroborate them when I see them act, when I see them behave, when I see them live together. I want to do things my way but by convincing them that’s it’s the right way for everybody to live better. Everybody has to respect each other first of all, and I want people who are accountable for what I’m asking for them to do. I don’t want them hiding, I want people to take responsibility for their jobs and I want people who deliver passion and energy in the football club. Anyone who doesn’t buy into this, or that has a negative effect or whatever, is not good enough for this environment or this culture. There are things to change, absolutely, because they’re not performing at the level that we expect them to. I will have to help them and to help them I need to know what’s happening, I need to understand how they’re feeling, what they’re lacking. If I get to reach that point, then I can help them. Then they will trust me and then they will follow me.”

    This is promising, he seems to know who the bad eggs are, he just needs it confirmed.

    Going to have a nice long chat with Freddie to understand exactly what’s been going on the last 18 months (although our problems started much earlier) and there’s no doubt he’s going to confirm where the problem lies. Almost all the senior players are toxic and/or useless.

    Too much onus on the kids to pull out performances when the supposed leaders can’t be bothered or doesn’t have the ability to do it.

    Less than 2 weeks until the window opens, hope he makes his assesment quickly and the club backs him. Need to build for the future now.

  77. Elmo

    Interesting BBC interview with Gudibini (who has backed Arteta to succeed). Sounds like the decision-makers at the club are now very concerned about keeping the bulk of fans onside:

    “And what is true is the social mass of Arsenal, which is very big, couldn’t see it, couldn’t connect with what was happening and it is true that in this situation, as happens in every country and with every team, the coach finds himself targeted.

    “I spoke to the players three or four weeks before the process began to tell them that things were not going well and that I couldn’t see the team I pictured on the field of play, I couldn’t identify what I was looking for. We looked for solutions but results still didn’t come.

    “The club made its decision and that was passed on to me by Raul Sanllehi with much regret because he also felt his share of the responsibility and we were very united. But the situation had become unsustainable as regards to the protests of a section of the fans.

    “That said, I believe there was another important section who believed we could have been shown more patience and carried on with the project. I think we could have turned things around but I also understand those at the top have to take decisions and take responsibility.”

  78. Freddie Ljungberg

    High leg

    Of course he needs it confirmed, he’s only been on the outside looking in, shouldn’t take long though. It’s pretty obvious to everyone, bar one or 2 trolls.

  79. Dream10


    The club seem to be swayed by fan sentiment. Pretty sure if it was up to Emery, Xhaka would still be captain. That was Raul and co telling him what to do

  80. Marc


    They’re worried about empty seats and season ticket renewals and rightly so. You can have a waiting list of a thousand years but if no one takes up the option because what they signed up for doesn’t exist anymore then you’ve got an empty stadium.

    I’ve said my piece on Arteta, we all need to get behind him and hope he does well. That includes the management and owners to give him the resources he needs to sort out a squad that needs a serious overhaul.

  81. CG

    A promising start from our St.Mikel.

    Certainly the soundbites were not too cheesy.

    Comes across a tad idealistic , mind.

    When Calvert -Lewis,Richardson and Iwobi run riot tomorrow- that will perhaps stop that talk in its tracks.

    (We dont need more ideas.We need points.)

    (Would nt he better suited as our Teck Deck??)

    My biggest gripe – no Suit at the press conference.

    Even The Clown wore one.

    But all this good work – is ruined if Steve Round comes on board.

    He cant have it both ways.

    Talking about Winning culture and Ruthlessness and then the next breath employ one of lifes Loosers.

    So St. Mikel are we finally going to be ruthless as a club or we going to employ one of lifes journeyman?

    Ruthless or Round?

  82. Marc


    Fuck me talk about seeing what you want to see with that article.

    If you look at Ozil quotes all Arteta does is say what any coach would coming into a new club about big name players. If you read the other quotes they are very much saying no excuses anymore.

    If you think Ozil’s going to get an easy time of it under Arteta you are severely misguided.

  83. Marc


    In the modern world it’s daft to talk about what someone is wearing as an indication of their ability but I’m 100% with you on wearing a suit.

    Look like a professional earning £5 million a year, if you want to wear something more casual pitch side, especially in the cold weather then fine but your press conference announcing you as manager = really sharp suit.

  84. Scott

    I see the biggest critics of the appointment need to cite Paul Merson as their leader.
    Well that just says it all lol
    Pep, Poch, Yaya, KDB,….the list goes on…..all are Arteta advocates but hey, when those gents are lined up against the genius that is Paul Merson, surely, the club have it wrong lol
    My goodness, we really do have some the most ignorant fans in the planet.
    Support the man.
    Get behind him.
    If things start falling apart then fine, but ffs, what fan with any live fit the club would be calling Arteta our already?
    I go back to the fact that these people only can find Merson to carry the flag for them.
    Great footballer-let’s leave it at that.

  85. Merciless

    My first and probably last utterance on the subject of Arsenal on Le Grove.
    May not even get on, too many words maybe.
    I am supremely chilled about life but my old club are taking the piss.
    So foolishly I put pen to paper.
    Venting, good for the soul.

    A very recent and prescient observation from YaYa Toure.
    He just said “football fans are becoming more stupid than before.”

    Different context. But he is absolutely right. Should have changed tense to “…are more stupid..” Witness some of the drivel paraded on this site by so called fans and the host/lead writer/purveyor of the podcast. Other sites I visit are worse. I find the contributions here in general witty, angry, ironic, perverse and very funny. But this is serious.

    This obsession with teeth, hair, suits, smiles and perfect English is idiotic and pathetic.
    Such people are generally vacuous, incompetent and hide behind their looks to shield ineptitude, cowardice and more.
    The most successful, intellectual, savvy and brilliant people I have known, worked with/for and observed have none of these attributes.
    A multitude of other brilliant people are not defined by any of the above.

    That these qualities are something required in a future Arsenal manager, by this site and many fans, intrigues me.

    This attitude is one of the reasons I don’t want to watch anymore – surrounded by whining lightweights and tourists.
    Bollocks to that – too many more interesting things to do with my time and money.

    In the weeks after we have lost 2 proper stalwarts of the English game in Ron Saunders and Jim Smith – you lot are spouting meaningless platitudes about some spanish c**t with NO MANAGERIAL EXPERIENCE! Just what Arse need, right?

    Anyone remember Bob Paisley – one of the greats? Slippers, mumbling, shyness and scruffiness! Did not do too badly did he.

    I dislike the man but I honestly believe Sam Allardyce would have sorted Arsenal. Would have been perfect to stabilise and build to the end of the season/maybe 2 years and after that – who knows.

    Yes, the man who had a plan for Arsenal when he was managing Bolton and others.

    I can hear myself being drowned out by the juvenile excitement generated because one Xabi Alonso is being touted as arteeth’s assistant. Wankers the lot of you who think that. You may well get the ticky tacka continental shit you lot crave.

    Finally, you lot give more credence and respect to a spanish lightweight who has won jack shit, than one of our very own heroes, Patrick Vieira, who has managerial experience and the “sauce”. PV has everything the old Evertonian has and more, in buckets, but he does not get any props – wonder why?

    My rant and I am pissed off. Will now find out what our new manager has to say.

    I won’t be the first to congratulate him if he does well. but he will have earned my respect if he does.
    Merry Christmas!!

  86. Pierre

    “If you think Ozil’s going to get an easy time of it under Arteta you are severely misguided.”

    It’s just a bit of banter , lighten up a little.

    All I’ve heard the last 3 or 4 days is how Ozil will be binned by Arteta and how he is going out on loan…

    How many of the Ozil obsessives will be true to their word and withdraw their support for Arteta because he has the temerity to try to get Ozil to play to his full potential…

  87. Dream10


    He is the former Everton, Man Utd assistant coach and Aston Villa sporting director. He was at Everton when Arteta was a player there

  88. Marc


    If Ozil starts performing it doesn’t matter one jot what anyone on here thinks or says.

    I’d love Arteta to get the team working and Ozil getting a couple of assists a match – I just can’t see it.

  89. TR7

    Man I was curiously optimistic about Arteta but his interview as Arsenal manager and his press conference was so fucking impressive that I am kind of getting excited. This guy already talks like he knows exactly what he is going to do and he is very assertive and has firm conviction. I was apprehensive that he would have difficulty in dealing with some of our senior players but now I know if anyone tries to mess with him that guy will be gone. Again nobody knows whether he will be successful or not but he looks very impressive.

  90. Marko

    Pierre those Arteta quotes on Ozil seem very generic from a manager yet to take on the job. We’ll see if he feels the same way when he continues to stink out the place game after game. We’ll also see how massive Ozil is when his wages and his being at the club hinders Mikel from making moves in the transfer market. I actually feel like that particular situation is going to tell you alot about Mikel as a manager. Will he stand up to Ozil? Will he suffer him for another year and a half? Will he insist on replacing a declining player for the good of the club? If Ozil gets binned it’s a great sign if not Arteta is not a man of his word.