Arteta deal waits on backroom team

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Quick post this morning because I feel like I’ve been trapped in a time loop on this Arteta thing.

The deal has been agreed with the man, 3.5 years. The hold-up is waiting on the final backroom team, what that looks like and what it costs.

Apparently, the assistant won’t be Borrel, who is being promoted to Pep’s assistant. There are names circulating around the internet, Iñaka Caña Pavón (via @DarrenArsenal1) is being mentioned as a goalkeeping coach. I think there are some names that’ll potentially be joining from City and maybe another rival in the league.

There’s also an interesting story about Michael Flynn of Newport joining him as an assistant. He saved the club from relegation and he’s overseen a number of giant killings. He studied his badges with Arteta. He’s also young 39 years old, but clearly an impressive guy willing to do what it takes to make a name for himself. He even had an invite from Klopp to watch a coaching session at Liverpool.

It’s all very exciting, there could be an announcement as soon as today, but don’t be surprised if it runs across the weekend.

The Freddie press conference being cancelled yesterday would indicate something is going to be announced before the Everton game, but from the noise, it would seem unlikely Arteta will be in the dugout for that game.

There are some other favourable stories doing the rounds, the hottest one for me is that Granit Xhaka has told friends that he’s off in January. I couldn’t be more thrilled, Hertha Berlin is being earmarked as a go-to club for him, bottom 6, about his level. Great news there is Arteta must know about that, so I would imagine there have been discussions about replacing him, because we’re very light in midfield from a seniority level.

The bad Auba press keeps going as well, which makes me wonder if he’s trying to force his way out in January. He moved in January to us, so he’s not against that kind of thing, there are quite a lot of clubs in Europe that could do with his goals, so you never know. I would imagine Mikel will be doing all he can to keep his clinical edge in the side, at least until the summer.

See you in the comments, keep them crossed something happens today.

P.S. Flynn not part of the staff. Steve Round is.


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  1. bennydevito

    GentlebrisDecember 19, 2019    22:07:21

    ‘CG in conjunction with Graham flagged up Grealish about 2 seasons ago- now the rest up catching up.’

    All hail the two kings!

    By the way fella, I must warn you that you are gonna spend on Arteta the precious silver points you won for making the most accurate call re Emery.


    In Wenger’s last season then in the summer before Emery got the gig , I was championing Grealish. Got a lot of stick for it too, apart from CG who I recall congratulated my vision.

  2. DigitalBob

    Its happening Pedro, don’t worry, as with everything Arsenal’s management team are slow as fuck.

    If Captain Auba wants to go then let him, great striker but we’ve had greater ones.

  3. PieAFC

    I love all the comments about some of the players looking to jump shit down to “inexperienced” Arteta.

    Read between the lines, they just know they ain’t gonna be able to stroll around like they own a place under his and his coaching staff.

    Good riddance. You don’t want to play for the club. FUCKING SEE YA.

  4. InsideRight

    If Auba goes I think Martinelli will benefit and step into that central role. With his pace and strength and a decent technical coach behind him, I think we could absolutely smash it. He looks to me like the Auba replacement we would have needed to plan for (given Auba’s age, contract, resale value).

  5. Dissenter

    We need to let some problems sort themselves out.
    The best ways to sell these errant players is to let them leave in desperation, that way they will leave money on the table.
    Let Auba go, tired of the back room drama. He’s a great guy but his goals aren’t gonna get us CL this season and he has only 18 months left on his contract.
    Same as Laca, let him engineer his way out of the long as we get a good fee.
    Add Ozil and Xhaka.
    The goal for this season is to see cohesive team football. We need to stay out of EL football for one season to sort ourself out.

  6. Muyiwa

    I’ve been doing some thinking.

    When we eventually sign Arteta up, he’s going to need all the backing he can get. Do we genuinely think Don Raul/Edu will provide that, giving Arteta isn’t from the super agent stratosphere?

    If and when Con Raul moves on with his contacts based approach, who’d be the right appointment? David O’Leary?

  7. Dissenter

    I’m surprised Arteta doesn’t have a team lined up. He’s had 1.5 years to sort this out.
    That’s why I’m glad we didn’t hire him in 2018. How do you succeed without a your own team?

  8. InsideRight

    I loved Spider as a player, but after his time in management I wouldn’t want someone with his mindset around the club.

  9. Dream10

    When Aubameyang and Lacazette go, we’ll be looking for a new #9. Moussa Dembélé, Jovic, Raul Jimenez will probably be on the list. A player that I rate is Sébastien Haller. Quality all around centre forward. Not sure we’ll be able to sign a Timo Werner. Although a different type of #9, the guy has more G/A than Robert Lewandowski in the Bundesliga. That is ridiculous.

  10. Dissenter

    If the Jovic rumor is true, then we should jump at it.
    I think he’s at the top of the list for young strikers and he has the attributes of a good premier league striker.
    He scores all types of goals and needs a bounce back from making the mistake of going to Madrid.
    Zidane did a number on him. They purchased him before Zidane agreed to return back to Madrid and he used the lad to vent back at the club.

  11. Dream10


    Jovic is an outstanding finisher. But, to have a goalscorer like who has no physical advantage in terms of pace/mobility or size,.you need to have other players in the side to compensate for that. Haller and Rebic played a great part in his success at Frankfurt. We don’t have that.

  12. Muyiwa

    Why aren’t we talking about Ante Rebič? That dude is a beast! Quick, strong and good in the air.

    I just hope he hasn’t picked up on the Ivan Mediocrity Syndrome after his ill-advised and poorly thought through loan move to Milan.

  13. Micheal

    The defence is down to the bare bones tomorrow – even without discussing the quality. We have no recognised full-backs available, except AMN who is makeshift in the first place.

    We may have to switch Chambers to RB, bring back Mustafi or Luiz with Sokratis and play AMN at LB.

    Onwards and upwards !

  14. Muyiwa

    Dream 10,

    I think he’d do a great job for us.

    A front three of Rebič – Jovic – Pẹpẹ would be devastating, assuming we’re able to move Auba and Laca on.

  15. Muyiwa


    Why can’t we just draft an U23 left back? How bad can it possibly get? Surely can’t be worse than any of the first team players who can’t be arsed!

  16. China1

    The weird thing about Werner is every time I’ve seen him play he’s been absolutely piss poor

    Yet he apparently is doing something right in all those games I’m not watching lol

  17. NJ Gunner

    Squad player number?


    Why’s nobody mentioning bringing Eddie back from his loan? He’d be fit enormously from Arteta’s coaching, especially if Aubameyang leaves.

  18. NJ Gunner

    Squad player number?


    Why’s nobody mentioning bringing Eddie back from his loan? He’d be fit enormously from Arteta’s coaching, especially if Aubameyang leaves.

  19. habesha gooner

    Damn Mourinho just convinced Alderwield to sign a new contract. I was hoping they would build an entire defense from scratch. Now rose, eriksen and Vertonghen left. I am only worried if eriksen signs the other two are past it by now.

  20. Micheal

    “Saka is deputizing at left back till January”.

    Sadly he is no full-back, bless him. Any decent team will target the full-backs.

  21. David Smith

    Strange choices of backroom staff- with respect, but Newport County and Brentford are not illustrious hotbeds of football achievement
    Just hope Gerry Peyton / Primorac dont get call

  22. shad

    Any player who wants to abandon ship citing Arteta lacking in experience should be quickly shipped out. They are the reason we are in this shithole in the first place. Wenger was making top 4 regularly with Chamakh, Bendtner and Ade-barn-door, so these players who want to get an easy ride or a malleable manageer like Ancelloti can fuck right off.

    Only players who get some leeway to the new Arsenal are Martinelli, Leno and to some extent Pepe (still bedding in).
    I’m excited how some of the youngsters like Saka and Tierney and Martinelli will turn out under proper coaching.

  23. CG

    We moved new stadium for Steve Round!

    And folk scoffed at my Sean Dyche suggestion…..

    If Round is no.2 at Arsenal -we will be the Laughing Stock of English Soccer

    has he ever been successful?

    I mean anywhere

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Seems as if Xhaka, Aubameyang and Lacazette all want to leave.

    No problems with that at all.

    Xhaka has never been suited to the EPL and it speaks volumes a lowly Bundesliga team is the one interested in him. I will say, NO LOANS, just sell him. Should be able to get at least £15 Million for Xhaka.

    Aubameyang is unfortunate and a bit of a worry because he carries our team. We must get £70 Million for him at least in January to reinvest elsewhere. Maybe Cagigao and this new City scout can find us an ST from South America?

    Lacazette I couldn’t care less about. So overrated. If we can get £30 Million for him I’d be happy. Likely he goes back to Ligue 1 but not sure where.

    Along with them Ozil is going to be shown the door, whilst on loan that still means at least £8 Million a year freed up (half of his frankly shocking wages).

    Mustafi should also be moved on, even if for £5 Million or less, even if for free. AMN I would sell and Nketiah as they are likely to fetch above their worth being young (ish in AMN’s case) and English.

    Then the club needs to add to that, Kroenke may need to put his hand in his pocket and double whatever we make in player sales to allow for a full and well thought out rebuild of this squad.

    If you managed to lose Xhaka, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mustafi that right there are the very senior players and frankly all their attitudes I question at times with Ozil and Xhaka having particularly poisonous attitudes.

  25. Major_Jeneral

    I hope the backroom staff are good enough.
    Michael Flynn sounds like the former CIA or FBI director. Doesn’t sound good, I say no to that option.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    I like that the two coaches we know of so far are experienced in the EPL or Championship.

    They know how football in this country works.

  27. Micheal

    “Kroenke may need to put his hand in his pocket and double whatever we make in player sales to allow for a full and well thought out rebuild of this squad.”

    And Santa is coming down my chimney as I write.

  28. Elvis Kitone

    Get rid of the entire defence just like Man City did when Pep came. Leave New players Tierny and William Saliva. The other defenders have got to go.

  29. shad

    Cut it any how you like, the rebuild process will be painful but all we ask as fans is to see a structure/pattern to our play and some pride and passion from the players end. Klopp was able to create a discernible style of play in his first season despite finishing 8th.
    I’d take finishing 10th with the kids as long as we have a semblance of what we had back.

  30. PieAFC

    100% CA.

    The senior players should be leading from example. I can they know Arteta won’t take shit. The younger players I bet are excited. I would be. Long term innovative project. He has his style, it could fail. But I can get behind this by next season than another tepid boring appointment.

    Let them all go. Watching Martinelli chase and hustle every ball, like he remembers he was playing division 4 football in Brazil every game and look we’re he is now. THAT’S WHAT WE WANT.

    Cull them all. I’d be happy to watch the youth buy into a project for the rest of the season than watch these prima donnas stroll around and whine.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Well he’s got to decide.

    A very conservative approach to spending is one of the (not the only) reasons we are where we are. Why the squad is filled with the type of players it is. We never struck with ambitious spending when we should have, when the squad was 70% of the way there and since then it’s sort of felt like desperately trying to patch holes.

    People called this for a while. If you don’t condone moderate spending ever now and then you will eventually be left with an enormous bill.

    The fans aren’t going to tolerate them trying to readjust Arsenal financially to be a 7th or lower placed club so he’s got a bit of a problem.

  32. CG

    Cesc A

    “”””I like that the two coaches we know of so far are experienced in the EPL or Championship.They know how football in this country works.””””

    I agree Cesc- they will come in very handy when we are in the lower leagues.

    If these 2 Loosers* come aboard- Arteta ain’t The Cutting Edge Coach – I certainly thought we were hiring.

    All jump aboard the Arsenal Gravy Train!

    *lets hope it just rumours.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    This season is gone already and in truth if we sold both Aubameyang and Lacazette for combined £90-100 Million in January I’d have no problem giving Martinelli the ST role until the end of the season and using that money to buy a CDM and CB.

    If we manage to sell Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil (fee not likely) and if Torreira goes as well we could look at a LW player or another midfielder as well.

    Personally I’d like to see Partey/Zakaria, Grealish and one of Godfrey/Lascelles/Dunk/Mings or similar at CB. If we were to push the boat out I’d like Jota as well for the LW position.

  34. Romford Pele

    Steve Round was at Everton when Arteta was there.

    As CA alludes to, Arteta bringing in people who know what football in this country is like. But then again he himself played in the country for over a decade so he’s well aware of the demands too. I was initially wary we’d have a backroom staff of all Spaniards.

  35. CG


    “”””Steve Round in.””””

    He is one of those- who walks around carrying clipboards.
    He gets the sack wherever he goes..

    How must Freddie feel- when he sees Round taking over from him?

    He is David Moyes mate.
    Steve Maclarens buddy.

  36. Spanishdave

    Oh dear.
    Steve Round not exactly sauce Pedro?
    Hope we are wrong but what will his contribution be for our revival?
    No announcement today as Arteta doesn’t want to go to Everton, coward.

  37. HighburyLegend

    “No announcement today as Arteta doesn’t want to go to Everton, coward.”

    A coward with Sauce, that’s totally different.

  38. CG

    When you start any high profile job- its all about first impressions and perception.

    Whats Arteta gone and bloody well done.

    He has given us this curve ball

    Steve Round.
    Imagine if Wenger appointed him??

    Recipe for Disaster.

  39. Valentin

    David Smith,

    Gerry Peyton😱😵

    You are not allowed to scare the children and adult alike with the mention of Gerry Peyton coming back to Arsenal as goalkeeper coach.

  40. Romford Pele

    “Freddie set to become coach of Malmo.”

    Doubt it. I know a couple Swedish journalists and they said that publication it was reported in is very unreliable. Also flies in the face of most who have said he’s staying as part of the coaching staff. Sure we’ll find out in a few hours anyway.

  41. KAY Boss

    Pedro, I feel you’re being emotionally stressed with the delay of the announcement of Arteta.
    One poster has been angry with himself that its Arteta and not Mourinho who will be in the dug out.
    I personally have reservations on the Arteta appointment. But you know, there ain’t any negatives in life but rather opportunities.
    Honestly, I’m not interested in what people say about Arteta. I want to be convinced with my own eyes.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    With the transfer links, it seems 2/3 of our midfield are senior Hertha Berlin, Fenerbahce level players.

    Bit shit really.

  43. Ishola70


    The point was is that certain people are going apeshit over Grealish as if he is the sole answer to the midfield.

    He isn’t

    .A more all rounded midfielder would be more beneficial to this midfield than a Grealish atm.If you get Grealish plus a better all round midfielder all well and good.But not just Grealish.

    He isn’t going to solve in any way Arsenal’s terrible weakness.

    This is about just being offensive minded obssessed again.

    He also has a tendency to overplay and get caught on the ball as well. Another one that overplays to add to Pepe.

    We need to see some good two way midfielders in the side.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    In January you have to be looking at a Partey and Grealish combination buy for this midfield with Xhaka and Aubameyang sold and Ozil off the books.

    Partey deep locking up the CDM position with Dani Ceballos and Grealish in midfield has the potential to finally add some much needed balance and strength to the side.

  45. Micheal

    “The fans aren’t going to tolerate them trying to readjust Arsenal financially to be a 7th or lower placed club so he’s got a bit of a problem.”

    Cesc, I do not disagree with your argument. However Kroenke has never invested a single penny in AFC and shows show no signs whatsoever that he any interest or passion for football. We are spread-sheet data.

    Also, there is no evidence he is going to change his mind or his outlook and ambitions. I sincerely hope he does and would welcome a change. But I will not be holding my breath.

  46. Gunnernet

    Xhaka off to Germany would be as thrilling as a successful Arteta appointment. Exhilarating news. I hope it holds water. Can he share a taxi with Ozil please??

    I am a bit disspaointed with Auba’s action nonetheless. He hasnt distanced himself from the buzzle around him lately. Remember he is our captain.

    I really hope we see a change of attitude when everything is done and dusted as we usher Arteta era.

  47. Ishola70

    If it’s one or the other it has to be Partey over Grealish.

    He is so much more of an all round midfielder than Grealish.

    Could easily do without a little no.10 in comparison to getting in a powerful central midfielder who provides in both sides off the ball.

  48. Bergkamp63

    Bergkamp63December 17, 2019 15:48:38
    I would imagine we will make announcement on Thursday or most likely Friday.

    Not sure why anyone thought this was going to happen quickly, there is always more to it than meets the eye.

  49. Champagne charlie

    “The point was is that certain people are going apeshit over Grealish as if he is the sole answer to the midfield.“

    Oh really? Where was this even remotely stated?

    I brought up Grealish. I did so because a buyout clause was uttered and I said Ozil needs binning, plus I wouldn’t make Ceballos’ loan permanent.

    Marko interjected and claimed an argument that wasn’t made along the lines of wanting me Grealish over a defensive player, and now you’re jumping on board to claim he’s been labelled the “sole answer” to our midfield.

    Just another example of the lying bullshit that goes on around here.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Everything is resting on Josh Kroenke to see the errors of the last decade with regards to spending.

    It might be that this squad’s attitude forces change.

    Would be the only good thing they’ve done for us.

  51. Gunnernet

    @ Cesc appeal

    Actually these are rumors about Xhaka/Ozil. I am still a bit sceptical about concrete interest and serious pursuit..

    Apparently this means they are below Hertha/ Fener level…

  52. Paulinho

    Ishola – The problem in our midfield is one of chronic indecision borne of average footballers not having a scooby what to do to progress the play. Guendouzi plays fetch and carry, Xhaka can only play behind the ball, Torreira is good but can’t elevate the game on his own ala Ramsey last season.

    Grealish or someone of his type brings much needed dynamism to that area, and also puts less emphasis and responsibility on the likes of Guen and Torreira to do things that they are not wholly comfortable doing, at least consistently. Also, Willock should be nowhere near the squad and another offensive arrival puts him where he should be in the pecking order.

    A Grealish or Soumare is ideal. If we can’t get my dream player in Arthur Melo, or a Grealish, then Lobotka of Celta Vigo is one we should be able to get who brings much needed qualities.

    Our defence comes under so much scrutiny in large part due to inability to sustain momentum in the opposition’s final third.

  53. Ishola70

    What is ideal Paulinho is to get in more all rounded midfielders and good ones.

    Partey would be an excellent purchase.

    This player keeps getting mentioned a lot as well but why he would leave Atletico Madrid at this time to join Arsenal seems strange to me.

  54. Bergkamp63

    I think we will get beat up on prices for our dross players, the salary they are one will mean we may have to literally give them away, in Ozil’s case, we will have to pay half his wages.

    That’s the price of neglect.

  55. Micheal

    “Everything is resting on Josh Kroenke to see the errors of the last decade with regards to spending.”

    I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever in Josh Kroenke. The power base at AFC is entirely in the hands of Stan Kroenke – not his wet offspring. Get him to pour the gin & tonics, maybe.
    Josh is daddy’s boy who had to fly home to the US to get Stan’s permission to sign Arteta. If Josh is the saviour of Arsenal then we are in deeper shit than I thought.

  56. Romford Pele

    “Our defence comes under so much scrutiny in large part due to inability to sustain momentum in the opposition’s final third.”


    10 years ago Arsenal used to allow max 5 shots on goal . We were honestly camped in team’s areas and they struggled to get out. Need to improve our ability to retain from the midfield onwards so we can station the defensive line higher.

  57. Romford Pele

    We used to have athletic technicians. Now we neither have athletic players or technicians. It’s sad man.

    We used to be so press-resistant. nasri/Rosicky/Hleb/Wilshere and even Diaby were so adept at dribbling away from pressure. Far too one-paced and static in midfield now.

  58. Paulinho

    Ishola – Partey would be great but we still have the issue of not being able to pass through the lines. So he would stop an attack, and five seconds later be tasked with stopping another due to giveaways, and then another. You get the picture.

  59. InsideRight

    FFS I wish some people would get some fucking perspective here. Steve Round was assistant manager under Moyes at Everton and went with him to United. He was DoF at Villa. He clearly has experience and Arteta must see something in him that he wants in his coaching staff. Slagging the bloke off and declaring a state of emergency before a single training session is just ridiculous. Wise up FFS.

  60. Paulinho

    Romford – Willock and Guendouzi make Diaby look like an obscene talent. He was in some ways a great talent albeit frustrating and flawed.

  61. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ozil only have 18 months left of his deal, 27m in wages in that time.

    Any club that gets him would have to pay him a wage anyway (100k ish?) so in reality he would cost them about 20m + wages if they get him on a free in January.

    Is he really that useless that he’s not worth that to any club in Europe?

    That’s what a below average player goes for nowadays.

    If so even more reason to get him out by any means necessary.

  62. Micheal

    “We used to be so press-resistant. nasri/Rosicky/Hleb/Wilshere and even Diaby were so adept at dribbling away from pressure. Far too one-paced and static in midfield now.”

    We play possession football without the technical ability to exploit gaps or weaknesses. We rarely surprise opponents. Too many sideways or crossfield passes which allow the opposition timne to organise.

  63. HighburyLegend

    “Mauricio Pochettino will not commit to Real Madrid – because he is waiting to see if Manchester City come calling next summer.”

    Ah ah ah.
    (too soon ??)

  64. Romford Pele

    Paulinho – I don’t rate Willock at all. He has ok athleticism but his general footballing ability is poor man. I don’t see it. Guendouzi has some good qualities but he needs to improve. Hopefully Arteta can coach him well. What do you think? Diaby annoyed me immensely I can’t lie.

  65. Ishola70


    Partey is a capable passer. And forward passes as well.

    His all round game is very mature in many aspects.

    You make it sound as if passing through the lines is some massively difficult process. It isn’t if you get the right profile players in coupled with the right coaching.

    Besides Grealish is more about on the ball driving at defenders than any great eye catching precise passing.

    What you have been watching for so long is an Arsenal team that have had Xhaka as it’s fulcrum in midfield who could either pass very slowly sideways or ping a few longer passes. No consistent quick sharp passing going on there.

    btw Pedro wants this team to be all about possession based so there is no concern from some about “between the lines” passing. More like just keep the ball.

  66. Bergkamp63

    Who knows, if he can get the youngster going and we add one or two additions in Jan transfer window, we may have a shot at the EL ?

  67. Guns of Brixton

    “My first task is to get to know the players better and get them playing fast flowing attacking football that Arsenal fans around the world want to see”

    Mikel Mikel easy son.

    You gonna give me a heart attack with those comments

  68. Wasi

    Soumare being linked to Spurs, Chelsea , Valencia with a reported price tag of 50 mil.
    If we can bin Xhaka for 25-30 mil this January we should look to replace him with 1 of Partey or someone if the same ilk. Highly unlikely Partey will join us in our current state when he is an established starter at Athletico . This Jan I would look for Temporary Loans from the big clubs across Europe or very good players playing in smaller leagues available for a small price. Players like Ceballos looking for game time. Id be looking at Carlos Alena at Barca . La Masia graduate , highly rated , good technically, better than Xhaka is what I mean. Or if we could make an offer of a loan signing with obligation to buy for Partey, et al selling them the Arteta vision id go for that + Alena loan preferably with option to buy.

  69. Paulinho

    Romford – I don’t see a future of either Willock or Guendouzi.

    I hope Arteta is ruthless in that respect and doesn’t just play these guys because they represent some supposed golden generation of youth, when in fact they are a pretty unremarkable bunch on the whole.

    From last season Smith-Rowe has been my favourite. Saka can be decent in a deeper role, something like a Thomas Lemar I mentioned earlier in the season.

    Nelson, Willock, AMN should be binned sharpish.

  70. CG

    Inside right

    “””FFS I wish some people would get some fucking perspective here. Steve Round was assistant manager under Moyes at Everton and went with him to United. He was DoF at Villa. He clearly has experience and Arteta must see something in him that he wants in his coaching staff. “”””

    He lasted 8 months at Man Utd
    Aston Villa got relegated.

    He sure does have experience. Experiencing of persistent failure.

    Arteta has a blank canvas – he can go out and choose any assistant coach he so desires…….. the world is his oyster.

    He chooses Steve Round.

    When you surround yourself with duffers- you will FAIL.

    Its an appointment that smacks of mediocrity. He will settle in well in Arsenal 2019 then.

    Imagine if Wenger appointed Steve Round- you would all be apocalyptic

    You know it
    I know it.

  71. Gentlebris

    Pep just officially confirmed the deal, no more doubts.
    Prevention is no more possible.

    Welcome, MR MIKEL ARTETA.

    I hope, no , I pray I have been blatantly wrong about you.

    I have a responsibility, no, a duty to support you and your staff.

    Hope you become an envy of the best clubs.

    Up The Arsenal!

  72. Ishola70

    Frank Lampard summed it up very well in one of his latest post match pressers.

    He said his Chelsea team were not taking enough chances in their play. They weren’t being bold enough.

    We haven’t seen bold chance taking football from Arsenal for so very long.

    The overall play has been so predictable.

  73. Paulinho

    “You make it sound as if passing through the lines is some massively difficult process”

    It is very difficult if you don’t have players comfortable receiving the ball on the half-turn or with their back to goal higher up the pitch under pressure. At the moment we are passing it square then playing it up to Auba and Laca who can’t really hold the ball under pressure consistently and build the game.

    The likes of Fabregas, Hleb made it look easy because they were insanely talented.

  74. Jeff

    Oh Mi ke ke kel Ar te te ta – nope just doesn’t work. And you will all find out very soon how going cheap and cheerful is not becoming of a club like Arsenal. Unless and until we get in a manager with better pedigree and experience than Emery, we will remain a mid-table team. Wishful thinking isn’t a plan.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    The rumour is Hertha Berlin are prepared to pay £38 Million for Xhaka.



    It’s only BILD but still…



  76. InsideRight

    Clean up in aisle Pedro… clean up in aisle Pedro.

    Has anyone got some trousers they can lend our esteemed host? 🙂

  77. Romford Pele

    Paulinho – Willock I agree. Guendouzi i’m not willing to give up on yet. He’s shown me some interesting things but he needs to improve. Look at his performances at home to Villa and Spurs. Drove the second halves himself. That said, his intensity is too slow, he’s poor in duels and positionally clueless. Needs a lot of work. Squad player for me for now.

    ESR is by far my favourite youth prospect and the one that has the best blend of attributes. Combines the physical and technical well. Say it quietly but quite like KDB. Never been too keen on Saka, decent straight line runner but I don’t know if there’s enough subtletly to his game. That said he has a decent mentality and keeps going at it even if the game isn’t going his way.

    Nelson has masses of ability but he’s very timid. Hasn’t been able to translate his performances at youth level to the senior set up yet. He has a good skillset but doesn’t play like a traditional wide player. Prefers the combinations. Needs to decide what he wants to be but I wouldn’t give up as of yet.

    The rest I don’t care about really.

  78. Ishola70

    So that’s why it was said the right profile players.

    Paulinho we have been fed a midfield where Xhaka has been the main player of that midfield going onto four years.

    Of course we are going to think certain aspects of midfield play are really difficult in such a scenario.

  79. Dream10


    Saka will probably be playing LWB/wide midfield/wide forward for the next two years. Lemar doesn’t have the same top end speed, but he’s comfortable playing central due to his agility and close control.

  80. Wasi

    Share the same thoughts with you about ESR.
    Literally said the same thing about him a few days ago.
    “Combines the physical and technical well. Say it quietly but quite like KDB”
    Hopefully Arteta can make him an even better player than KDB

  81. Joe

    There you go Pedro

    2 years of going on and on and on about Arteta.

    You finally got your man. Staking your whole reputation on him.

    Good luck Arteta. Hope you can turn Arsenal around.

  82. Romford Pele

    Wasi – he has the best profile of all the young players. His physical development over the past 12 months has been immense. If we’re not signing anyone, would like to see him get Ozil’s minutes for the rest of the season.

  83. Paulinho

    Ishola – I remember a couple of months ago quite a few on here strongly suggesting Xhaka’s expulsion from the team would liberate Guendouzi and others, and we would see a more dynamic midfield with the likes of Guendouzi and Willock let off the leash. When Xhaka did sit out games, we saw that it was quite a fanciful and inaccurate appraisal their abilities, especially Guendouzi and Willock.

    Xhaka needs to be binned, but so do others.

  84. Wasi

    Wenger continually stated that Nelson is very good at 1v1s but I think he just doesn’t have the confidence yet to transfer those skills from the U23s to the First team.
    I rate Saka too. High. Good ability on the ball. Pace.
    Excellent delivery and tidy finish.
    Don’t really rate Willock that much but I think under right coaching he could become a PL level player. But to make it at Arsenal he’ll really have to work Hard.
    Nketiah also very good.

  85. Bergkamp63

    Interested in line up in just under 20 hrs time ?

    If no Xhaka , Ozil, Mustafi or Pasta/Luis that should tell us something.