Arteta deal waits on backroom team

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Quick post this morning because I feel like I’ve been trapped in a time loop on this Arteta thing.

The deal has been agreed with the man, 3.5 years. The hold-up is waiting on the final backroom team, what that looks like and what it costs.

Apparently, the assistant won’t be Borrel, who is being promoted to Pep’s assistant. There are names circulating around the internet, Iñaka Caña Pavón (via @DarrenArsenal1) is being mentioned as a goalkeeping coach. I think there are some names that’ll potentially be joining from City and maybe another rival in the league.

There’s also an interesting story about Michael Flynn of Newport joining him as an assistant. He saved the club from relegation and he’s overseen a number of giant killings. He studied his badges with Arteta. He’s also young 39 years old, but clearly an impressive guy willing to do what it takes to make a name for himself. He even had an invite from Klopp to watch a coaching session at Liverpool.

It’s all very exciting, there could be an announcement as soon as today, but don’t be surprised if it runs across the weekend.

The Freddie press conference being cancelled yesterday would indicate something is going to be announced before the Everton game, but from the noise, it would seem unlikely Arteta will be in the dugout for that game.

There are some other favourable stories doing the rounds, the hottest one for me is that Granit Xhaka has told friends that he’s off in January. I couldn’t be more thrilled, Hertha Berlin is being earmarked as a go-to club for him, bottom 6, about his level. Great news there is Arteta must know about that, so I would imagine there have been discussions about replacing him, because we’re very light in midfield from a seniority level.

The bad Auba press keeps going as well, which makes me wonder if he’s trying to force his way out in January. He moved in January to us, so he’s not against that kind of thing, there are quite a lot of clubs in Europe that could do with his goals, so you never know. I would imagine Mikel will be doing all he can to keep his clinical edge in the side, at least until the summer.

See you in the comments, keep them crossed something happens today.

P.S. Flynn not part of the staff. Steve Round is.


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  1. G8

    There is only one person here who is obsessed with ozil!

    I am still not sure about Arteta’s appointment, hope he does well and gets us back on track..
    Is he in the dugout tomorrow!?
    Did he get involved with the preps today or even has a say on tactics and selections tomorrow!?
    Should we play 3 at the back?

  2. Marc


    In a strange way the fact we’ve so poor might be a help to Arteta. How many of our “senior” players have been any good so far this season?

    It very much gives him a strong hand. When Wenger joined it’s been widely reported that senior players were really sceptical but a bunch of those guys had won league titles and cups for the club, there were also some serious personalities in the mix.

    Right now I’m not sure the squad have the fight to take on a group of Girl Guides.

  3. Gentlebris

    Behind every necessary agitation is a realizable expectation. You don’t agitate just for the sake of it. The man has been given the job, kicking dust now seems to me a waste of time.

    We felt he couldn’t do it, what if he can do it?

    We must realize that Arteta’s appointment mandates us to support him, that’s what being a supporter is mostly about.

    He’s here already, let us hope he does well.

    It’s really depressing reading negative tales now. What is the point?

  4. TR7


    Something tells me Artera already knows who the bad apples are and wants Freddie to reveal it all when he sits with him to discuss what transpired in the last 18 months or so.

  5. Marc


    The most depressing thing about Ozil is that there are kids out there who if given a 10th of his talent would work to make the most of it to try and achieve as much as possible.

    Ozil looks to me as if he’s switched off and turned his back on football.

  6. bennydevito

    I think that picture Ozil posted of him with Arteta is a hugely desperate and quite frankly embarrassing cynical attempt to kiss Arteta’s ass as he knows his days at Arsenal are numbered after the way he treated Emery, petulantly kicked his gloves and lost Arsenal huge revenue in China.

    His goose is cooked and he’ll be first out the door, all he’s doing now is trying to creep.

    Quite pathetic really.

  7. Marc


    A strong leader gives people a chance to correct their behaviour – I’ve got a strong vibe that’s the exact angle Arteta is taking – I don’t think however his patience will last that long.

    Some times the best way to deal with a trouble maker is to give them enough rope to hang themselves. I think Ljungberg made a start on that.

  8. Scott

    Arteta clearly said he wants to understand the players issues and then remove their excuses.
    If people don’t appreciate that then they shouldn’t be commenting on football lol

  9. TheLegendaryDB10

    Well Arteta is in. Not my first choice of manager in terms of the work that needs to done but it’s not an impossible job for Arteta.

    We’re out of contention in the PL, still in the EL and the FA Cup is just around the corner. Plenty of games for Arteta to find his first XI.

    I think Arteta’ s best bet in making things work out is to kick out the weak links. We know who they are.

    For me, we need to do down the youth route. Arteta will definitively get my seal of approval if he quickly gets rid of those who are not ready to play his style and fight for the shirt. We need a team who are motivated and that have room to learn and progress.

  10. bennydevito


    You’re right.

    At the end of the day we need to rip things up and start again. Ozil at 31 is the past. His best days are long behind him and were long behind him when he left Real Madrid for us. At 31 and £350k a week, the sooner Ozil is gone the better.

  11. Major_Jeneral

    As he mentioned in the press conference, Arteta backroom staff or coaching team are yet to sign as the lawyers are still sorting out the paperwork. Secondly he came back to the club and only exchanged greetings with everyone. He has told Freddie to go on with the Trainings and selection for the match against Everton.
    Thirdly he is yet to have a long conversation with Freddie regarding the state of the team and players.

    These are the reasons he won’t be in the dugout. Officially, the Bournemouth match will be his first game.

  12. TR7


    My sense is Xhaka won’t last long under Arteta not because of his attitude but if Arteta really wants to play fast attacking football and most of it in the opposition half, Xhaka is going to be totally out of sorts. We will see.

  13. London gunner

    You guys are underplaying it.

    Arteta’s interview was sensational, the clarity, the cool cold calmness, the charisma, the calculation.

    He is a much better speaker than remembered from his Arsenal days where he seemed robotic and more basic. Guys obviously developed some killer communication skills.

    Also what I liked is that he came across as a logical strong ruthless leader yet balanced with fairness and the understanding of needing to understand the players and the club’s mindset.

    It wasn’t just the style but the substance he delivered.

  14. Marc


    I think you’re over complicating matters. It’s not about playing fast flowing football or even attitude.

    Xhaka is just a poor footballer on every level, the fact he’s added a bad attitude to that borders on a comedy sketch.

  15. CG

    See the Spiv and Edu showed their true colors today.

    Unable to face the music in the press conference .

    Hiding – like the True Cowards they are.

    Never seen a Press Conference before where there is no one else present but the new guy.

  16. DaleDaGooner

    Didn’t he play at USA ’94? Did he go by ship?

    Re Bergkamp, that was when he developed the phobia of flying…during that time

  17. Un na naai


    This just feels so right. This is our guy. This is what we’ve been waiting for. I can feel it in my bones. If the club backs Arteta I really feel I can have us challenging at the top of the game. This is a man about to break into the the upper echelons of the game

    He was my choice 18 months ago for the short list and I had my doubts thatbhe calukd handle the poisonous older players in this team but he’s come in and washed any of that uncertainty away immediately. This is our guy

  18. Un na naai


    This just feels so right. This is our guy. This is what we’ve been waiting for. I can feel it in my bones. If the club backs Arteta I really feel I can have us challenging at the top of the game. This is a man about to break into the the upper echelons of the game

    He was my choice 18 months ago for the short list and I had my doubts that he could handle the poisonous older players in this team but he’s come in and washed any of that uncertainty away immediately. This is our guy. When Pedro said king maker, this is who he was talking about

  19. TheLegendaryDB10

    Just watched the arsenalmedia interview.

    Oh man! I am really liking what I am hearing. He sounds passionate and sounds like he really loves the club.

    His appraisal of the fans was quite something to hear.

    But what I really loved was: his wish to make us a team to be feared at the Emirates.

    I really hope that he finds his way because he sounds like he knows what he wants.

    Welcome to The Arsenal Mikel!!

  20. Thorough

    From that presser, it looks like only Martinelli and Torreira will survive the incoming culling, if Arteta is still here in 3 years’ time.

  21. CG


    “”””If the club backs Arteta I really ..”””

    Well they were not backing him today.

    They left him isolated at the press conference.

    Players feed off this type thing.
    They know what’s going on….

    Why do you think morale is so bloody low?

    When you have cowards and charlatans in the club( Raul) you have not got a chance.

    when was the last time a manger introduced at a club and took to the stage alone.?

    He looked ridiculous…..especially holding the shirt up.( not his fault, mind)

    What’s the opposite of holistic?

  22. CG

    Thanks Legendary

    I know it in my bones.

    He is what’s killing us.( Raul)

    More importantly the players know it too.

    That’s why they all want out……

  23. Marc


    How do you know that it wasn’t a case of giving Arteta not only the lime light but also sending a signal to the players that he is the only authority, you can’t run behind his back to Edu or Sanllehi. Arteta is the man.

    His way or the high way.

  24. TheLegendaryDB10


    His way or the high way.

    This is what I am liking about Arteta so far.

    I also really appreciated the fact that he wants to do it his way. Not Pep’s, nor AW way.

    Where is Pedro? Is it a case that as well as dislocating his right elbow, he has also dislocated his left elbow?

    Pedro, you do know that text-to-speach exists!!!

  25. Marc


    I didn’t know Pedro had dislocated his elbow?

    Sounds painful but I did warn him about excessive masturbation once Arteta’s appointment was announced.

  26. Jamie

    The players who have been mailing it in for 3 years must know the jig is up.

    Emery was an easy sacking. Kroenke has handed Mikel a 3.5 year deal out the gate, so the club appears to fully backing him and his ideas for the long-term (in the sporting sense..).

    I get the feeling half our starting 11 will be playing for other clubs this time next year.

    Solid press conference and interview earlier. I wonder who he’s bringing into his coaching team. Shouldn’t be be paying Bergkamp whatever he wants to join up and teach the players liquid ball control?

  27. TheLegendaryDB10


    I don’t trust the Spiv for one very good reason. This whole story of him suggesting, then backing, to the point of offering to renew his contract, followed by the board desperately trying to get David O’Leaey on the Board, says it all. They were trying to prevent the Spiv having to much power.

    I feel he was trying to create his little Spanish power base. After all, his only remit is to ensure top 4, CL and an appreciating asset for that bastard Kroenke.

    As much as Arteta does speak Spanish, he definitively knows our club and will be a good footballing counterpoint to the cluelessnees of the board and CEO.

    The above does have it’s caveats if that board is not rejuvenated with some football minded heads as well as your conservative fat cats (we can’t do away with them, can we?).

    I am yet to be convinced by Edu. But having Arteta in should help quite a bit I suspect.

  28. Ben D

    Welcome back, Arteta. We will support you fully, and hope you are extremely successful.

    I have listened to his first press conference over and over. Very impressed. Fingers crossed he succeeds in turning us around.


  29. TheLegendaryDB10


    I was really expecting some triumphant post from Pedro by now.

    He is probably so drunk (with joy that his wish has come true and Peroni), if he did write, we would be wondering: is Pedro on his 15th or 16th pint when he wrote this.

  30. Marc


    Well that does explain, if he’s only got one arm that’s working he had a choice type or drink.

    Nice to know he too fucking lazy to even manage a “see I told you so”!

  31. Pierre

    The less Raul, Edu and Vinai are involved the better.

    To me , Arteta already looks and speaks like a leader of men.

    It’s his way and and his way only , as he said, it’s not negotiable.

    If any player can’t hack it , they’ll be gone and rightly so.

    I cannot imagine Arteta taking the job without assurances that he will be allowed to have the final say on incomings and outgoings.
    And that is how it should be.

  32. China1

    That is really weird that edu and Raul were not st the press conference

    They obviously back him to the extent they gave him a 3.5 year contract which is pretty long.

    But it’s still bad form not to even show your face at the first press conference. As with all things arsenal, it mostly just looks amateurish. Probably a careless oversight from them

  33. izzo

    The standout comment from the press conference with Arteta is when he mentioned ruthlessness. That is what we need to move forward. He doesn’t seem like the type to take shit and that is a relief as I expect the likes of Ozil, Xhaka and the other leeches to be sent packing. I get a feeling of ease for the first time. Hopefully the club and Kronke fully back him in the rebuild.

  34. Marko

    Dunno why people are still in on Raul he’s doing great. Since Ivan left we’ve hired a popular manager and since Sven left our transfers have gotten better. Don Raul

  35. Gentlebris

    Well I have seen the clips and I must say our guy oozes confidence.

    He seems a guy that will be easy to follow.
    Also his youthfulness should be an advantage.

    Maybe he will become the best coach in the world.

  36. KAY Boss

    CG, you seem too fixated on Raul and the other execs. Honestly you are hard to please. Get over it, your Lord is gone and he ain’t coming back.
    You say Round isn’t good enough to be in the backroom staff. Haven’t you ever failed in an endeavour? You’ve been too repetitive just like the Jeff guy, and is boring!

  37. Gentlebris

    It’s just being reported that a popular arsenal blogger was seen crying happily into a bottle while pissing at a wall down town. Reports confirm he was muttering the word ‘sauce’ continuously.

  38. TitsMcGee

    There is a lot of work to do. Hopefully the fans are patient because we all know the love-in will be over after our first poor result.

  39. TitsMcGee

    Arteta looks confident and one must believe that having worked at City he’s had a bird’s eye view of what a successful club needs to do to be successful.

    Hoping he’s absorbed some of Pep’s insight as well. I’m relatively happy with the hire. Honestly would have preferred Poch but we can’t afford to wait for him and he’ll certainly be waiting out jobs like Bayern etc.

  40. TitsMcGee

    Arteta looks confident and one must believe that having worked at City he’s had a bird’s eye view of what a successful club needs to do to be successful.”

    *Arteta looks confident and one must believe that having worked at City he’s had a bird’s eye view of what a club needs to do to be successful.

  41. Edu me a favour

    “”Jose Mourinho has taken a sly dig at Arsenal’s decision to hire Mikel Arteta as their new head coach, saying clubs now think the best candidates are the ones with ‘zero defeats’ rather than ‘more victories.””

    Ahhhh is someone bitter because they didn’t get the better job …

  42. Carts

    Good luck to Mr Mikel Arteta. Massive challenge ahead if him.

    Thankfully for him, Emery has left the bar quite low so any incremental improvements should be recognisable early on.

    My apprehension, like most, is our lack of quality. The quality needed to implement an affective style; whether it be high press or whatever.

    Sooner we clear out the not so good players the absolute better.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Arteta apparently asked whether the club has drones to get a better view of training.

    Somewhere Pedro’s penis just exploded.

  44. TitsMcGee

    Cesc, I do not disagree with your argument. However Kroenke has never invested a single penny in AFC and shows show no signs whatsoever that he any interest or passion for football. We are spread-sheet data.”

    That was when we were finishing in 4th by default. We were bringing in UCL money and weren’t splashing the cash to do it. Then Spurs and Liverpool got their act together and we fell out of top 4.

    Kroeke must realize you have to spend money to make money. There is ZERO point in owning Arsenal if we continue to falter.

    This isn’t the NFL, if we falter too far we will drop down to a lower league. In American sports you can be putrid for years and still stay in the top league of the respective sport.

  45. TitsMcGee

    Sooner we clear out the not so good players the absolute better.”

    Arteta has to evaluate who the bad players are from the good. A lot of these players played well for us in stages but since we have no discernable system it’s hard to tell whether said player is just bad or a poor fit for whatever it was UM was trying to do. The poor culture doesn’t help either. Arteta will need to fix that as well.

    We were absolutely playing way beneath our talent level under UM. Sure there is a handful of players that aren’t good enough but I don’t think we need a massive clear out.

  46. Just Another Customer

    Arteta was there when the rot gets to stage 5 so he knows where to apply the chemotherapy and get rid of the cancer of the club

    as much as he could for now because we know the illness lies even deeper from within

  47. Nelson

    “he will be allowed to have the final say on incomings and outgoings.”

    I believe that Raul has lost a lot of trust in Josh’s book. He must have convinced Josh that Pepe is the next super star for Josh to approve the deal. All his deals in last TW didn’t turn out as hope. It is easier for Arteta now to have his say on the player personals.

  48. moray

    “I don’t think we need a massive clear out.”

    I couldn’t disagree more, Tits.

    Half the club are currently forcing their way out of refusing to extend their contract. the rest are sub par or completely unfit for purpose.

    Let’s not forget Elneny and Mikhi are still on our books…

    We have been terribly run for a decade plus.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Marquinhos is supposedly up for sale. We should be right in there if so. Offer them a straight swap if it is true Aubameyang wants out.

    Aubameyang for Marquinhos.

    PSG will be interested as they have been looking around for a Cavani successor for ages.

    The real sticking point will be if Marquinhos will want to drop down to us? Will Arteta have the pulling power as an unproven manager?

    To add another twist in the tale, will Arteta’s appointment convince our contract rebels to extend? If it does, it bodes well that the players are buying into the idea.

  50. Tony

    Regardless what we think of Emery this is a damning statement about Ozil.

    Saw last night Mikel had been announced.

    Let’s hope Mikel can live up to the hype.

    Met many who could talk the talk but very few could walk the walk.

    Good luck Mikel you are going to need it when dealing with the clique of petulant senior players, suits and Kroenkes.

    Man management processes take time to learn, master and and execute. This is where Arteta is going to win or fail.

    I have no doubt that Arteta has the footballing nous; it’s whether Arteta can impart that on the players and collective squad through sound leadership and truly understanding the player’s psyches to get the best out of each player.

    I’m fully behind Arteta and, as previously stated, I’ll give him until the end of the season before casting any judgement.

  51. Tony

    “Inside Mikel Arteta’s first day as Arsenal manager: Spaniard watches action alongside Per Mertesacker, asks if club has drones to capture training and steps into his ‘classy’ office (with his name tag already on the door)

    Arsenal shared footage of Mikel Arteta’s first official day as their new manager

    The 37-year-old watched action alongside former teammate Per Mertesacker

    Arteta also questioned the analysis team over their use of cameras and drones

    The Spaniard was given a tour of London Colney and conducted photo shoots

    The new boss earlier laid down the law for the club’s under-performing players”

  52. rollen

    Match going fans should stand behind Arteta against any player opposing new culture. Boo lazy twats or even more… European style persuasion lol

  53. luke

    @Leeds, would be very surprised if we landed Marquinhos but with Edu, who knows. Pretty sure he would cost the better part of 70-80 million euros, but then again his contract is up in 2022. Would PSG really sell?

  54. Leedsgunner


    PSG will sell if the deal is right. In my mind Marquinhos for Aubameyang is fair…

    We perhaps should get David Luiz on the job selling the club to the player…

    We need to sell our existing centrebacks though.

    Mustafi £10m
    Sokratis £5m
    Mavropanos £5m

    Supplement that with
    Xhaka £20m
    Özil £10m

    That’s £50m without really affecting our team at all…

  55. Dissenter

    People going way overboard with the optics of the press conference and interview.
    Lest wait for him to walk the talk, shall we.
    How long will it take for Ozil to tantrum again when substituted?

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal need to rebuild the coaching team to support Arteta.

    I like the comments of Santi Cazorla who at 35 must be near the end of his playing career. I think that he would be a great future coach and building a team of former players who are 100% committed to the club would a big plus.

  57. Useroz

    Indeed impressed with the interview. Yes it’s talk the talk but Emery wasn’t able to do even that. Would take time to walk it but if he could we should see movements in January when MA realises some of those players simply can’t engage in his ways of working I particularly like these words and the context in which they came up :

    Not negotiable
    My way
    Win games
    Do their jobs
    Culture [meaning there isn’t …]
    Has an idea but ..
    Fear [opposition coming over]
    Others don’t matter [Europe., titles aside]
    Players to execute what he wanted

    Good vibes at least. Arteta may not be an ideal candidate would be happy to see how he takes the club forward and 3.5 years sound reasonable timeframe if we’d challenge/ get titles.

    Thought MA mentioned he left it to Freddie for the Everton game but told them what he wanted. Smart move.

    Let’s rock and see.

    Btw Steve Round cant.he the only assistant seriously? Back room still up in the air. I must say MA has a clean slate to put whoever there , unlike the players, and should make it worth the whole.

  58. Pedro

    Dissenter, don’t be a misery. This time 18 months ago you were telling me I was a scum bag for critiquing the Emery press conference he did in pigeon English.

  59. Receding Hairline

    Mourinho can’t resist a dig. You want to hate him for it buts it’s a likeable quality in a way, why say what you don’t really mean when you can say what you mean?

    Not really bothered with all this press conference and interview praise, can’t wait for the Bournemouth game, see how we set up and the effort levels from the players.

    Think we will be outfought by Everton today although I am going for a draw.

    The lack of a left back for few months is really bad news

  60. Rambo

    I have seen plenty of people in my life who are extraordinary big talkers.

    Seeing the number of people here losing their minds over a bloody 15-minute interview, you can understand why bullshitting has become an art.

    Very few have the ability to actually deliver on their words.

  61. Just Another Customer

    yeah it has been schadenfreude fun watching him at United so let him vent a bit after that stint

    man still have mad mic skillz tho

  62. habesha gooner

    RH all the press conference speech isn’t going to matter much. If he gets the football right I wouldn’t care if he said as little as possible. and the left back situation is a wierd one for me because I feel more comfortable with saka there than I do kolasinac. That says a lot about kolasinac’s ability to defend when a left winger could probably defend better than him.

  63. Receding Hairline

    Rambo I once sat in for an interview, pretty high level stuff. Most of the panel were joining via video conference call so they needed support.

    Four candidates, three of whom were so well spoken, dressed the right was, eloquent and all. But it was a position for a Head of Commercial banking and they have never even headed a branch before. The fourth guys grammar was terrible, his suit was downright offensive, but he was managing a branch and his work spoke for itself. Few months later I saw he got the job.

    Saying all the right things is easy is the morale of the story. So pardon me if I don’t predict our future based off a presser.

  64. Receding Hairline

    Habesha Saka at left back doesn’t fill me with optimism. Ljunberg might play that today but I will be surprised if Arteta plays him there.

    Kid is very lightweight at the best of times, also gets caught on the ball which is normal for a kid, losing the ball willy nilly in that position won’t cut it

  65. Receding Hairline

    Loved the accountability and energy part though.

    Glad he has noticed that for months now we have had a group of footballers who have simply not been doing their jobs.

    You can talk about coaching all you want but when a player decides to phone it in there really isn’t much you can do.

    We have conceded lots of goals in the past month where we outnumbered the opposition in our own box and somehow they still score, simply because no one took responsibility when it came to preventing a shot on goal

  66. habesha gooner

    Actually fullbacks are the only position that muscular frames aren’t a requirement for me. It would be good if you had it like Walker but it is not a requirement. Look at Kolasinac he is built like a tank but has the awareness of a child. Both city’s first goals could have been prevented if he had more awareness and stayed with his man. And modern day fullbacks aren’t physical but have the energy. Dani alves, Marcelo, jordi alba have never been physically the strongest. but they are very intelligent.

  67. Aussie Gooner

    It won’t matter if Arteta is the next best thing if he isn’t given the resources to compete. A lot of people on here are saying ‘get rid of so and so’ – fine, but are the Krankies going to spend any money? Let’s face it most of the players we need to be shot of are not going to generate much income. The Krankies only see Arsenal through the eyes of an American sports franchisee. No such thing as demotion as Tits eluded to. It’s the same in Australia, in fact in the AFL teams near the bottom often tank to finish last to get the best draft picks the next year! There would be no such Leeds Utd outcomes here or in America!

  68. Pierre

    Should be horses for courses today against Ferguson’s Everton.

    The most important aspect of our play today is competing and winning the 2nd ball as that is what Ferguson’s game is all about.

    If we don’t compete we wont be able to play our football.
    Brave off the ball and more importantly brave in possession of the ball.

    The full back situation can be resolved today with a solid back 4.

    mustafi /chambers right back
    Sokratis /mavropanos
    Mustafi/ chambers centre back
    AMN left back .

    Possibly luiz as DM , to defend in front of Calvin Lewis who Everton will look to hit at every opportunity.

  69. KAY Boss

    This is the character of Mourinho which pisses me off. Guy loves to take digs. He forgets he was once appointed as a manager when he was a novice with no defeat. And to think some wanted him as our gaffer. Maybe,just maybe ,he’s building momentum for the next NLD.
    So even an interview upsets some of u. Smh.

  70. TR7

    ‘Seeing the number of people here losing their minds over a bloody 15-minute interview, you can understand why bullshitting has become an art.’

    All the corporates in the world hire fresh college grads based on interviews. An interview is often the most reliable way to get a sneak peak in to the character, ideas and attitude of the interviewee.

  71. Receding Hairline

    Still reading this Luis as DM bit?

    Why? He has been horrible as a defender why will he improve in midfield? He will simply be further up the pitch to be bypassed more easily.

    I guess Luiz as DM has little to do with his defending.

    If you want him to defend against Calvert who happens to be a striker then play him in defense

  72. Aussie Gooner


    “The full back situation can be resolved today with a solid back 4.

    mustafi /chambers right back
    Sokratis /mavropanos
    Mustafi/ chambers centre back
    AMN left back .”

    If that is as solid as it gets we are in real trouble!

  73. Chemmer

    Glad to have a new coach that brings new ideas and one that seemingly has all the sauce and recipe to succeed.

    I want to see ‘small’ instant marginal changes. I need to start sensing that the sauce in the arsenal stew is changing by the Bournemouth game.

    I’m not one to say give him the whole season to start making progress. We need to start feeling the Arteta effect immediately. Win, lose or draw, we can’t have players skiving on the pitch anymore.

    100% behind Arteta! Optimistic about Arsenal again.

    Also, Freddie sign out with a win today!

  74. BacaryisGod

    Everything the club does just annoys me right now. According to the club’s announcement on, he is our new ‘head coach’. Then there’s a graphic showing our ‘permanent managers’ with him on it and still another pic with him listed as ‘Head Coach’.

    Is it so hard to just call him the new manager? Or does that make our ‘Head of Football’ insecure? Corporate nonsense is killing this club.

  75. Up 4 grabs now

    The king is dead, long live the king!

    I must admit I wasn’t enthralled with the idea of Arteta as manager, and I’m still apprehensive about his lack of experience, but after watching his press conference he seemed very focused on what he expects and wants.

    Like Emery, Wenger, Rioch and Graham before him, he has my support. Everyone now needs to get behind him and hope he can take Arsenal back to the top.
    But he should have the same scrutiny as his predecessors,as long as the board back him, there should be no excuses.

  76. Dissenter

    ‘ All the corporates in the world hire fresh college grads based on interviews. An interview is often the most reliable way to get a sneak peak in to the character, ideas and attitude of the interviewee’

    Irony in steroids
    Remember …[rubbing chin]… the last definitive manager was bashed over and over again for having a successful interview where he used a power point.

    Recall that you once attacked another successful material applicant for having a good interview power point presentation.
    Let’s wait and see, shall we. Please don’t go overboard. Don’t lose the clarity of vision that’s made your blog successful

  77. Rambo

    “All the corporates in the world hire fresh college grads based on interviews. An interview is often the most reliable way to get a sneak peak in to the character, ideas and attitude of the interviewee.”

    Yeah sure mate, what Mikel Arteta had in front of the camera and the press conference was like a campus interview. I’m sure they give out premeditated questions in campus interviews

  78. Graham62

    Under Emery I think we can all agree that absorbing what was being said was a complete waste if time( if you could actually decipher what was being said that is).

    Under Wenger, most us knew that what was being communicated was nothing more than rhetoric that didn’t ring true. You remember, ” desire, self belief, quality, values blah blah blah” All very boring and predictable.

    Arteta inspired me more in just a few minutes than anything that’s come out of Arsenal FC for the past 13 years.

    I know it’s just talk but, the thing is, it made perfect sense. No bullshite, no sweet talking crap, no promises. Just straight talking logic and honesty.

    Any player that shows little or no interest from now on is in for some serious shite.

    Everton today.

    Can’t predict.

  79. Dissenter

    The club should have hastened his appointment so that he could take over before the Everton game. I]
    The game feels like an amnesty game, like the last days of world war 1 when the generals knew there was going to be an armistice but still sent the poor saps to go die for no reason.

  80. Unai

    Ffs Dissenter, everything around the club is so negative, lets enjoy this for a few hours until we make Everton look like Barca.

    It’s the first time in (10?) years we have had a relitavly united fanbase.

  81. Rambo

    Anyway, Arteta has done what was required of him thus far in his new role and he’s done it well.

    I just find the over-exuberant praising with sentiments like ‘Oh this guy is the real deal’, ‘I could tell from 1 interview this is what we have been missing for years’ etc etc fvcking cringeworthy.

  82. Pierre

    “Still reading this Luis as DM bit?”

    under Ferguson, calvin lewis is who Everton feed off , either into his feet or the long high ball .

    Negating that area of their play will render them 50% ineffective as their game is all about winning the 2nd ball in and around calvin Lewis

    Luiz ( or chambers) sitting in front of calvin Lewis will cut out the service to him and take the pressure off our defence .

    Having that extra defensive player in the team also aids our defence at set pieces, which is an area that Everton are particularly strong.


  83. Unai

    Bang on Graham!

    Between Wengers handbrake ramblings and Emerys gibberish we’ve been crying out for a straight talker.

    I just hope the limitations of the club don’t hold him back, they absolutely need to support him or his ideas will count for nothing.

  84. Ishola70

    Top of the league then in relation to presentations.

    I just hope his vision isn’t fused with naivety in regards what tools he has at his disposal at present at Arsenal in comparison from where he has directly come from.

    I hope some street smart is also included in his vision as well.

  85. Tony

    As far as I can see at the moment the only thing wrong with the Arteta appointment is that it should have been completed over the last summer.

    How the future pans out is going to be interesting to witness whether Arteta is going to be the villain or hero.

    I’m hoping with every fibre of my being it’s going to turn out to be hero, but a part will of me will also be bracing myself for him being the villain.

    The next 5 months should give us the answer.

  86. Ishola70

    Luiz is not suitable for DM and I don’t know why he keeps being mentioned as such.

    Slow, doesn’t like players running at him.

    Also Chambers is also too slow as well to be really good defensively in at DM.

    If they are put in as DM is only a temporary option and will not lead to them owning that position on the pitch.

  87. Graham62

    I guarantee that most of these “slow” players are sub 12.5 second 100m runners, probably quicker.

    Luiz is a coaster and most of the time, needs a fudging kick up the backside. Whether Arteta can get him and a few others to show commitment and a passion to give it their all, remains to be seen.