Arteta deal clogged up over politics and PR narrative

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Predictably, things are taking a little bit of time. As fans, we’re being whipped into a frenzy by newspapers and journalists trying to maximize their share of the attention carcass.

The latest odd story doing the rounds states Arsenal are yet to make formal contact with Manchester City about a release. I find this one a little weird. Arteta let Guardiola know what was happening last week, per Pep in his press conference… so it’s hard to believe Arsenal’s leadership didn’t speak with the City top dogs despite sharing a box with them at the 0-3 defeat, or after spending the night in Manchester after a botched stealth job at the assistants home.

… but let’s be honest, it’s exactly the sort of weird oversight you wouldn’t put past our leadership team.

I suspect what we’re seeing is a bit of hardball. No one wants to seem like they’re getting fisted in front of the world of football via a hidden camera. No club wants to lose a top coaching talent everyone is raving about. I imagine the posturing is about making a go of it to their own fans who might be wondering why he’s moving. They have to be seen to do something. The release fee is ranging from £500k to £2m. I am sure we can handle that sort of payment and I’m sure City don’t really care about the compensation, it’s more about the PR perception. City don’t often lose.

There are more positive stories elsewhere. Great news that the club is going to keep Freddie onboard. He’s done a fantastic job under very grim circumstances. He’s not thrown anyone under the bus, he’s largely protected the kids, and he’s spoken with eloquence and love in the media. He’s a very, very impressive guy, I hope he’s looked after.

I doubt he’ll be given the assistant job. I think that needs to go to someone with experience, so there’s a counter-balance to Arteta’s relative youth. Torrent and Rodolfo Borrell seem like very obvious candidates, but it’s not clear what positions they’d take up. There might be other names under consideration, still can’t get my mind off the idea of Xabi Alonso in the dugout, it’d be far too saucy, it might even be a distraction.

One person that isn’t happy with the move is Willy Aubameyang. The brother of our captain complained on the internet that Arteta lacked experience. Quite the opinion the drop considering the prestige position his brother holds in the team and in the hearts of the fans. I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise to many, but there are a lot of bad eggs at Arsenal, young and old, that will find their way out of the club this summer. You can’t pin this on Pierre, but really, can you imagine Harry Kane’s family slagging off ‘past it’ Jose on Insta before he started? No chance. There’s just a level of professionalism Arsenal have lacked since Wenger left. Hopefully the new regime will bring a bit of discipline and pride back to the Arsenal operation. Huss, Edu and Raul need to gain a bit of control of the squad. Arteta will need to be given time and a huge amount of visible support. If the players sense they can overpower him, his tenure is dead. I think the 3.5 year deal is important, it says we’re committed to the project. I can’t help but think Emery’s break clause dogged him, particularly in year 2 when the players knew they could end him.

Word has it that Carlo will sit out the game at the weekend, opting to take a seat in the stands and let Ferguson run the game. I’m really struggling to see the benefit of Arteta leading the team out if he’s had no time to work with the players… maybe just having him in the stands will be enough to see a performance from the players? Maybe it doesn’t matter. He’ll only have 5 days with the players before the Bournemouth game, then it’s 3 days before we host a struggling Chelsea, then we have United on the first day of the decade. Quite the baptism of fire, but at least the run is fairly breezy until we go to City at the end of February after that.

It’s great to see the fans are behind this move. I even saw some people retract statements of disgust around Arteta because of the backlash. This move is a smart one for Arsenal. Fan expectation is very low. We’ve hired in a world-class coach, that part can’t be denied, he has the reciepts to prove it. We’ve hired in someone that can speak the language of the country and the league. We have someone with Arsenal DNA in the dugout. We hope the coaching credentials will translate onto the pitch. There is lots of work to do, there are going to be rough patches, but at least there’s some direction now. The rest can be worked out over our 7 month preseason.

I’m keeping this short today, I need to keep some powder dry for the actual announcement of the coach. Fingers crossed he lands today, if he doesn’t, don’t panic… I think it’s too far down the line for even Arsenal to balls it up.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    An exodus of players, already this january ??

    They can all go fuck themselves anywhere they want to.
    We need only players that love the shirt.

  2. Dissenter

    The poster arguing to give failed players another chance has an ulterior motive that’s obvious to most posters.
    He just wants to preserve Ozil, that’s all.
    The last thing you want to burden a young manager learning his trade is bad apples that will spoil the bunch.
    Honestly, very player that approached the board to seek a particular manager being signed should be eased out of the club.

  3. DigitalBob

    Pierre – other than Ramsey all those other moves had to be made regardless of the manager.

    Cazorla is still a baller but logically it made sense at the time.
    Elneny never ever had it. Bang average footballer
    Welbz is a great guy but again logically what was he contributing to the team?
    Mhki – Just doesn’t cut it in this league for me.

  4. Paulinho

    Good to see Romford back in the fray.

    Ishola – We are shit both on and off the ball. Grealish is comfortable moving ahead of the ball and receiving the ball in tight pockets and carrying it forward in little ten yard bursts. We need all the help we can in term of bridging the disconnect between midfield and attack and he can help. £45 mill is a bit steep but not so much to completely put off. I think he said something about the Emirates being his favourite ground as well so he might a be rarity; a player that actually wants to be here and feels at home in the soulless surroundings of the Emirates.

  5. Batistuta


    Yea, if Arteta is going to be successful here, as much as his tactics and style will be important, it’s having a dressing room of players that aren’t beyond control that will be key plus he needs better, some are just not good enough and need to be upgraded on

  6. Dissenter

    Regardless of what we think about Arteta, be it cautious optimism [me], subdued anger [joe] or heightened elation [Pedro, et all]…. we can all agree that he does love Arsenal
    I recall the flood of tears rolling down his cheeks on his last game. Playing for Arsenal was the pinnacle of his career. He doesn’t have the same sentiment for Everton, me thinks

    I’m not suggesting that loving Arsenal makes him a better manager for us, just that the Arsenal job may be special for him.

  7. Romford Pele

    Paulinho – how are you my man?

    And yes, totally agree. Big big fan of Jack Grealish. High creative numbers, one of the most fouled players in the league, press-reistant, athletic and is pulling numbers in a poor Villa side. Would love him and Soumare to help transform our midfield.

    Interested to see what Arteta picks as his first midfield trio. While it won’t be perfect, it will tell us a lot about the style he’s going for.

  8. Dissenter

    Of all the senior players we’ve released, only Cazorla went on to still be effective.
    The rest were good choices, even Ramsey is not exactly pulling up trees in Serie A and his injury woes persist. [Paulinho sheath your sword]

  9. Batistuta

    Mikhitaryan has looked much more comfortable over here though, watched him against Inter at the San siro and he put in a shift, has what 4/5 goals already. It’s been good for him over here

  10. Freddie Ljungberg


    Ah, So Soumare signed an extension, must have been in the last couple of days, well that sucks.

    Maybe you’re right and we don’t see much movement, would be a waste of 6 months though. There’s still a lot to play for and we already know which players won’t cut it.

    And if any of the multiple reports are true some of the unwanted are pushing for an exit anyway so that makes it impossible for us to not go out and buy replacements.

    Better to get players in now if possible to get them adjusted to the league and the way Arteta wants to set up.

  11. Paulinho

    Romford – Not bad.

    Fingers crossed Arteta has already got a few midfielders in mind to move for in January. As much as I cannot stand the squad, a couple of dribblers or ball-carriers in midfield can go a long way in ameliorating our problems, so hopefully we are primed in that regard.

    I think Arteta will try to involve Ceballos and Torreira as much as possible in any midfield combinations. His sort of players I’d say.

  12. Batistuta


    Mikhitryan is a player who failed to cut it at both Manchester United and Arsenal…Has nothing to do with Emery to be honest with you

  13. Marko

    Romford it’s a catch 22 situation we’re in. We need champions league football for better finances but to get it we need to spend money.

    Also anyone talking this clean slate nonsense needs to fuck off honestly. How many more seasons and managers do we need before we realize that Ozil is shite and Xhaka was a poor signing. Let’s move on

  14. Elmo


    We better get at least modest transfer fees for Xhaka and Mustafi. We’ve paid >£30m for 7 players since 13/14 and the bigger spending era. If they go for nothing, the first four of that group will have effectively left without a fee, with the next two (PEA / Laca) signalling they will do the same. That is completely and utterly unsustainable for ANY club.

    13/14 Ozil £42.5m
    14/15 Sanchez £38.25m
    16/17 Xhaka £40.5m
    16/17 Mustafi £36.9m
    17/18 PEA £57.4m
    17/18 Lacazette £47.7m
    18/19 Pepe £72m

  15. Freddie Ljungberg


    Mihki is an ok player that never adjusted to the PL, he wasn’t good for Man U and he wasn’t good for us under Wenger, hardly going to get better with age either so what’s the point of keeping him. Same goes for your lover boy Ozil.

  16. Batistuta


    Chris Smalling is practically a Maldini incarnate over here but he always looked a mistake away when he played for United especially last season… Do you think United regret letting him go considering Maguire and Lindelof have been fairly good for them this season

  17. Romford Pele

    Paulinho – yeah you’d hope so. Was listening to a podcast which said that this is the job Arteta has always wanted and he rejected Newcastle, Everton and Lyon roles in the hope we’d come again. I don’t know if it’s by choice or design but we’ve probably done it because he was immediately available to start. The fact that City tried to block it is telling though.

    If we’re projecting i’d assume he’s a 433 guy. His quotes in 2015 back that up when asked about his philosophy. Ceballos definitely a combination player that might improve under him. I hope the guys we do target though are more athletic. We need more ball-carriers. ten years ago we had so many of those players but we literally have none now.

  18. Romford Pele

    Marko – yeah good point. We’re eventually gonna have to spend so it’s whether they choose to spend now or wait until the summer. Essentially we’re gonna have to see if we can improve through coaching in the short-term and that’s where i’m hoping Arteta adds value. But you’re right, we need new players essentially.

  19. Paulinho

    Romford – Yep, it’s been a slow drip-feed loss of quality players who actually possessed the multitude of qualities in midfield. We could see the signs when Rosicky used to rise from the ashes every Spring and inject pace and purposed into our play. His departure left on Cazorla and Ramsey as ‘game-changers’ in midfield, and with those two onto pastures new, there is nothing left but mostly limited plodders.

    We’ve been unlucky that over the last decade all our best midfielders have been injury prone or suffered big injuries. Wilshere, Rosicky, Ramsey, Cazorla. All unavailable at various times and we’ve been badly compromised as a result. Throw in haphazard recruitment around that and we find ourselves where we are

  20. Romford Pele

    Paulinho, yep the engine room really needs replenishing and i’d assume Arteta will follow pep’s idea in prioritising that. Right now it isn’t good enough. No xFactor players in the middle. Too once-paced and not enough game changers as you allude to. Not sure how much of an opportunity he’ll get in Jan to address that but I wanna see him imprinting his style (even if it’s not perfect) by the end of the season.


  21. Ishola70


    The point was is that certain people are going apeshit over Grealish as if he is the sole answer to the midfield.

    He isn’t.

    A more all rounded midfielder would be more beneficial to this midfield than a Grealish atm.

    If you get Grealish plus a better all round midfielder all well and good.

    But not just Grealish. He isn’t going to solve in any way Arsenal’s terrible weakness.

    This is about just being offensive minded obssessed again.