Arteta signing imminent, here’s what to expect + new scout details (Long Read)

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We’re nearly there people, the Arteta stories have moved from…




… towards, who will he sign and who will he steal from Manchester City.

It’s being reported that Arteta will pick up £5m p/a on a 3.5 year deal.

There are lots of suggestions about who his potential assistant could be, perhaps Domènec Torrent, Pep’s 57 year ex-assistant from Barca B, Barca, Bayern and City. Or 48-year-old Rodolfo Borrell, a 13 year tenured youth coach from Barca (Pique, Pep, Messi), who worked his magic with Liverpool (Sterling) and later as a Global Tech Director with Manchester City. There’s even a story that we’re stealing one of their top youth scouts, Sam Fagbemi. According to his LinkedIn, he’s a massive Gary V fan, and specifically the Manchester City youth team scout for the South of England. He actually appears to have officially spent 15 months at Arsenal, he’s also listed 6 years prior to that with us, which might have been part-time while he studied.

Here’s how he describes himself (edited to reduce words).

I hold a strong enthusiasm and passion for the industry of sports, part of this passion and drive is identifying talents in relevant sporting areas; and a contribution in terms of development. One area of this contribution involves scouting and recruiting for ages 5-16, in specific areas in London, for football. Many who know me know my passion is scouting and recruitment. I’m an out and out scout! I also follow up on every lead given!

I am always striving to improve my performance and my knowledge, whatever you put into your work, in most cases, is what you get out of it. I aim to put in a 100% at all times.

I have very unique methods of scouting and a strong determination and hunger. I’m blessed to be part of a very good team of experienced staff, which I learn from on a day to day basis.


Sam, any man that uses block capitals to power home a message is a friend of Le Grove. Me, you, Donald Trump… what a team.

Here’s some of the stuff from his Arsenal job he rocked prior to moving up north in 2017.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identifying players at the required level through the use of video and numerical analysis.
  • Researching identified players in-depth using rigorous methods.
  • Building a video scouting capability, liaising with the Chief Scout but also the Player analytics team and the scouts in the field.
  • Identifying Players with whom his Club may wish to enter into negotiations with a view to securing their
  • Working with PROZONE and/or SPORTSCODE, Microsoft Excel and Sony Vegas and/or Final Cut Pro.
  • Working as part of a recruitment department at First Team/Academy Level.
  • Leading the storage, maintenance and collection of data regarding Player performance in training and matches.
  • Managing and overseeing an online scouting data resource.
  • Interfacing with some of the football analysis software vendors contracted by the Club.
  • Developing new and insightful initiatives and practices for evaluating Player and team performance.
  • Initiating and conducting ad-hoc research projects for the benefit of team and individual performance.

Sam seems to be up to lots of things, he reads like an innovative. Scouts, coaches, has dark arts. I’m sold. This guy definitely drinks oat milk lattes, has an opinion on how you pronounce trequartista, and he reads Mundial.

I think I’d be slightly worried if I were a City fan, not because Arteta is going to snatch the league this year, more because it seems like the staff are making moves before something drastic happens this summer to the main man Pep G.

Back to Arsenal. This move, when it happens, is a huge step forward for the club. They could have taken the easy option that’d placate the ‘safety’ crowd, but they didn’t. Carlo was passed by, Martinez was rightly told where to go, Raul gave up on Nuno, and we dodged anything Kia J could throw at us.

We moved for the hottest young coach in the world. We opted for the moon-shot. Arsenal has positioned itself as a forward thinking football club and they should be applauded for the boldness of this decision.

Rumor has it Arteta will be in dugout for the Everton game this weekend, fitting, wouldn’t you say? One club has opted for the future, the other has anchored itself to the past.

So what should we expect?

Hearts and minds

Wenger (Merson), Emery (Cech) and Freddie (Xhaka) all did it. You have to play the hearts and mind game with the squad to start with, that means the unsuitable big names will likely feature. Go in dick swinging early, the senior players will down tools on you, and you’ll have a miserable start to your career. I have personally made the mistake. I started a big job, disliked the talent and the process, so I tried to make changes early. My intuitions were right, but my early actions made me the enemy of a lot of people. Always give people a chance to fail. Everyone will likely have the opportunity to prove themselves to Arteta, and so they should. This is not a caretaker situation, so hopefully we’ll see performances move up a level, if not, then the action will be taken.

Statement of Intent

I would suspect a huge part of interview process would have centered around the type of football we’re likely to see. The fans want to see excitement, it’s a simple as that, we are not about pragmatism, never will be. Mikel Arteta will have been hired to bring back Wengerball with a modern twist. He will go on the charm offensive with the fans early on and rectify all the wrongs of Unai Emery’s inane jabbering. Expect him to wax lyrical about style and vision when he sits in that first press conference, be assured that he’ll play up his Arsenal DNA, and let’s hope he can articulate a sniff of what the future holds. Maybe he’ll shed a tear? I’d like that.

No one ever cared about Emery, he couldn’t speak to us in English, let alone in authentic terms. Arteta will be different, he’s a trophy winning excaptain with a formula we want. He’ll hopefully have a ‘Mourinho walking through Chelsea in a Spurs tracksuit’ like moment that we can all get behind. Maybe a knuckle duster in his pocket at The Toilet Bowl? Too far?

A shift in style

Freddie is a fan and a solid coach. He wanted to move our football to the next level, but he lacked the resource, time, and backing to do it. Arteta is a different beast. He’s the man that controls the future, players that want to stay will know this. He’ll be confident he can move the club to another level this season. Expect a rough 3 months, but don’t be surprised to see glimpses of very exciting football well before the 3 years most of you were willing to give Emery to change things up. He’ll want to prove to the fans and the board he is a coach, first and foremost. Good coaches make magic happen with whatever tools they are handed. Jurgen Klopp had Liverpool in beast mode early on, though intermittently, with a far worse squad. Nagelsmann saved Hoffenheim from relegation in his first season, then took a team with a sub £40m wage bill to the Champions League with elite coaching. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect to see the makings of a footballing identity early on. Just don’t expect consistency this year.

Focus on Youth

Part of the hearts and minds offensive strategy will be to woo the fans with his approach to youth. I see there being two key initiatives. Firstly, like peak-Game of Thrones, there will be some senior heads that will roll. Not immediately, but rest assured, he’s taking someone big down. The solve for the molten-steel-on-the-head slaying will be bringing a kid into the mixer that we didn’t expect, or one that we didn’t expect because they’ve been average. He needs a poster child for his elite coaching to prove the fans he was worth the hype and to show the best kids in world football that they should give their early careers to us. We need to be the Ajax, Atleti or Dortmund of the Premier League. There will be a huge clear out of senior players this summer, we have to bring in replacements like Brandt, Haaland and Aouar if we’re going to push on next year. You only do that if those names are convinced by the coach.

A brutal summer

There are some great people at the club and there is some real shite. I fully expect the club to use this next 5 months to reshape the way we operate. Expect exits from the backroom team, be sure that there will be a very busy summer of players on the cards, and understand that there will likely be a lot of ‘who the fuck?’ people signing on for Arsenal.

Raul needs to make this work, he’s under pressure. Edu needs to show the fans he’s more than a well dressed, beautifully groomed, elitely (word?) fragranced man. Arsenal need some wins.

We do not have time to fuck around. The next 3 years will be the difference between us being a super club like Liverpool, or falling into complete irrelevance like Spurs in the 90s.

If Arteta is the man to take us forward, the vision is clear, the Arsenal way is about high intensity pressing, attacking football, geared around exciting young players. Now we know that, the technical team has to work their magic and make sure there are no excuses for failure.

This is it. It’s the future we’ve been waiting for. This is the most exciting move we could have made. Back it, because if it works, this really could be the next level Wenger was talking about.

I am absolutely thrilled, I hope you are too.

See you in the comments x

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  1. Northbanker

    Dissenter – nothing on AFC
    Graham – don’t agree with you on Europa – we through your knock out and should want to win it

    Can never see an argument that a trophy isn’t worth winning esp with a champ league place up for grabs

  2. MGooner

    @ Marc

    Not from the States but often go to Manhattan for business and interract with people from different states.

    Trump is popular because he is divisive. He understand human psychology better than most. In fact he is creating a new generation of politicians when you look at what is happening across the world.

    He has also been very cunning on the economy and done things his predecessors could never have dreamed of. Tax cuts, confidence boost to markets, trade tariffs – long way to go but he is out all guns blazing.

    Unfortunately in situations like trade wars, there is no winner and the last time this happened we had WWII. We have exciting times ahead!

  3. Graham62


    Not disputing what you say.

    Just think Everton away is far more important, at this moment in time, than playing Olympiakos.

  4. Guns of SF

    Dissenter- bro
    I cannot say that Trump has fixed the economy- he inherited a strong economy brought from the pits of hell from Obama. He has been riding that train all along.

    He will offer tax cuts prior to the election. He will start a useless war prior to the election to get votes

    He is a criminal and ameoba

    How this person is even president is completely baffling.

    As I said, he doesnt come near Cali- he knows better.
    He came for one hour during the fires last year, surveyed the damage and left.
    My man Jerry Brown could not even stand 20 feet from him…

    Republicans are hedging their bets on this catastrophe. I mean, there might be more moderate republicans that can actually do something and win the election cleanly but nope- McConnel and his gang unwilling to budge or see truth for what it is.

    I think Biden and Bernie will turn things around. The blue collar states will come back to blue Dissenter.

  5. Dan Ahern

    Considering we’ve totally gone to shit it’s a great time for Arteta. Obviously it would’ve been nice to appoint him the first time around, but in a weird way this might be better for him. Expectations will be massively lowered for the rest of the season at least. Good opportunity for an unknown full of upside.


  6. Guns of SF


    Im a socal native… lived in SD, Riverside and Pasadena.
    My wife is from bay area… I moved here about 15 years ago.
    I like it- yes different from LA… but not too much…

    Even the california republicans seem to be a mild sort…. rarely do I ever see anything MAGA in the entire state

  7. RodneyKing

    I guess the clamour for a discernable style of play is the fallout from the days of us trying to play like Barcelona. It worked for a while and some of the play was breathtakingly unbelievable.

    But we won zero league titles playing that way.

    Sadly, too much emphasis was placed on intricate passes, one-twos, handbrakes and the much-vaunted mental strength… while completely ignoring the good, old-fashioned aspects of the game like shooting, tackling, defending and goal keeping.

    In my opinion, expecting Arteta (or whoever is appointed) to develop a discernable style of play anytime soon, would be asking for too much, too soon.

    At the momnet, what the team needs more than anything else, is to stop conceding shots/goals and to start winning games. And of course, confidence.

    Eventually, a discernable style of play will emerge. But first things first.

  8. Dissenter

    He hasn’t fixed it. The thing runs itself but he has been a good custodian of it. He does know how to manipulate the market.
    There’s always a corrective recession once every decade. It will come after the presidential election, by then Trump will in his second term. None of the Dems on the ticket can beat him.
    Like I said, I wouldn’t vote for anyone of them if matched against Trump…and I’m a Trump-disliking independent.

  9. Guns of SF

    What you smoking bro? Give me some of that!

    The election was won in the rust belt. Dems turn that around again, and its curtains.
    Trump has done nada for them. Fake promises.

    that is Biden country… not some chump with a silver spoon in his mouth country.

    Dems take it…

  10. MGooner


    I work on markets and have seen analysts forecasting a recession since 5 years or so.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately when central banks globally have so much fire power as they have now, postponing a recession is not a big deal. The US is around 2% year on year gdp growth atm and Europe is plodding along with just over 1%.

    Tech innovation can really be a catalyst to keep the US on top of the world. They have the best talent from all over the world and especially India in that space to help them. They will put on a fight.

  11. Luteo Guenreira

    The amount of talent at the forwards positions compared to the defense is highly imbalanced. You have to think the attack has a better chance to improve than the defense even if left to their own devices. The question is whether Arteta can coach a defense or not. Getting things tighter at the back will be the quickest way to ensuring a higher points total for the season.

  12. MGooner


    The wheels came off after the Ramsey leg break.

    Also, go back to the end of that season and watch the matches if you have time – you will be amazed by the amount of ref decisions which went against us.

    The stars aligned to make us lose.

    At that point no one wanted us to win as we were playing great football, spending nothing and still on the cusp of winning the PL.

  13. Luteo Guenreira

    “The 37-year-old Manchester City coach got reassurances on the direction of the club as well as a transfer budget.”

    Let’s hope this is true. If so then it’s now up to the man himself, perform well and he’ll be crowned for life.

  14. Pierre

    Dont get me started on refs decisions, because of the hate for Wenger on here all le grovellers were blind to the many dodgy decisions that robbed us .

  15. Pierre

    Rodney king
    “But we won zero league titles playing that way.”

    Another entitled one who believed that it was our right to win titles with one armed tied behind our backs .( financially)

  16. Vladdy P

    Shouldn’t SF be worrying about its rampant homeless problems instead?

    Cali used to be such a wonderful place, but it really has become a bum-infested shit hole. So depressing when you see pics of how it was in the 60’s/70’s.

  17. RodneyKing


    There were many points where the wheels came off. Surely the injuries (Eduardo, Ramsey, Diaby, Rosicky and even Wilshere) didn’t help. But some of it was our own doing.

    1. Recriuting poorly. If we had the right scouting framework in place, there were always bargains to be had. We didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

    2. Selling our best players and not replacing them. I remember Wenger saying that big clubs don’t sell their stars and that if Arsenal sold Fabregras and Nasri, they should no longer be regarded as a big club. I half expected Wenger to quit then.

    I personally think that losing Fabregras scarred Wenger deeply. That was the beginning of the end – when the wheels finally came off. RVP’s departure was the last straw.

  18. MGooner


    But you have to admit it was more sophisticated that year.

    Very different to the early nineties when Gary Neville was butchering Marc Overmars and every time he was dumped on the advertising boards the tv commentators would explode with joy and declare “Welcome to England” 🙂

  19. MGooner

    Agree Rodney.

    But the writing was always on the wall.

    Wenger tried something similar when he was at Monaco in the later eightees. And it failed. So it was bound to fail but it was a slow motion train wreck.

    If Wenger was removed in 2005, AFC would have been owned by Usmanov and maybe Zidane would have been our coach today 😉

  20. Un na naai


    There is a serious problem in your rancid, democrat run shit hole. Piss shit drugs needless and bums everywhere. Ah. Good old sanctuary cities
    Not even the gays will be safe there soon

  21. Un na naai

    Vladdy P

    Oh don’t worry. Socialism has infected France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark. Italy and now Spain

    When the leftists take over your country expect them to our non natives first who then take full advantage and piss, shit, fight and fuck everything

  22. Northbanker

    BBC reporting that block is agreeing compensation with City re release clause

    Apparently clubs have still not made contact

  23. MGooner

    @Un na naai

    Thatcher pioneered the mixed economy model and broke away from Socialism which had run its course at that time. Some of the measures she took were brutal and lacked compassion.

    Unfortunately, the measures of Hayek (total liberalism) against which she fought have gradually entered the economic landscape in the UK.

  24. Dissenter

    Unai na
    You realize that that democrat run shit hole that you call California is wealthier than the entire UK right?

  25. RodneyKing

    Hahaha! And the peerless Pierre strikes.

    Seriously, Pierre. Although we’re yet to see Arteta take full charge of a team, we can guess that it will be relentless pressing from the front and midfield. And we know he loves immensely talented and intelligent players who know how to thread a pass through the hairy legs of defenders.

    How do you think Ozil is going to fit into his playing philosophy?

  26. Guns of SF

    Just a matter of time before Unnai chimed in.

    Unnai, didnt we battle this out last year?

    How things in your racist, knife stabbing,terrorist harboring, filthy conservative run country?


  27. Vladdy P

    Lol true, Unnai, true… but eventually when there are no more places for the people who vote for it to run to is when things get interesting.

    Anyway, I won’t say anymore on that to try and respect Peter’s wishes about turning this blog political and all that.

    Looking forward to Arteta’s first game.

    Despite what people say, I think a first line up says a lot. Let’s be real. When we saw Freddy’s first line up against Norwich the writing was already on the wall it’d be a disaster.

    If Ozil or Xhaka are anywhere near that first game line up on Saturday my goodwill to Arteta will be down the toilet.

  28. Dissenter

    I laugh when I read European conservatives like Unai na bash American Democrats.
    The UK Tory party will be a centrist party if situated on the American landscape.
    Upholding the NHS, generous maternity leave, adequate holiday time for employed labor and state provided housing are bipartisan concepts in the UK polity.
    Give the modern US republican control of your politics and ALL these things will be whittled down in four years.
    Lets see how you fare with a system where a post-partum woman goes back to work within days, you don’t have vacation attached to most jobs or the first major medical emergency bankrupts you.
    Your right wing are tantamount to blue dog democrats who are centrists or moderate republicans.
    You don’t have anything close to the republican party in your politics.

    Lets forget idiotic stand-your ground laws, arming teachers, making it easy for anyone to buy guns and all the other nonsense.
    Come to this side of the pond to see why some detest right wing politics, what you call conservative is moderate by our standards.

  29. MGooner


    Have you been to France?

    What is their view on the US and the difference between the standard of living? They have one of the best medical infrastructure globally, a great education system, a rather resilient economy, better distribution of well compared to the US.

    The European model is one of a mixed economy. The US is total capitalism – a jungle.

    On a side note, Madrid looking good.

  30. Dissenter

    I agree with those sentiments but Dems do go too far which is off puting for me. They’ve even banned homework for kids because some disadvantaged kids don’t have anyone to help them with after-school work. Their solution is to slow down everyone else so the parents from ore stable backgrounds don’t use that advantage. .
    What do think of the Green new deal nonsense.?

  31. Marko

    When the leftists take over your country expect them to our non natives first who then take full advantage and piss, shit, fight and fuck everything

    expect them to our non natives first


    Christ Don you’re one dumb cunt.

  32. Pierre

    Vladdy p
    “If Ozil or Xhaka are anywhere near that first game line up on Saturday my goodwill to Arteta will be down the toilet.”

    Lets hope they start then .

  33. Vladdy P

    A++ for trolling, Pierre. You’re dedicated. I’ll give you that.

    Does Ozil employ you, by any chance? Always wondered what he did with 350k a week.

  34. Un na naai


    Right to buy was the single greatest policy in post war history
    Gave wealth to anyone who had enough self ambition. Gave my family a route out of a life of working class rent.
    A similar policy is required now for young/first time buyers

  35. Guns of SF

    Dissenter- nice rebuttal.
    Folks in UK don’t nearly have to deal with what we have to here… These republicans are a nasty bunch led by that POS McConnell.

    Lindsay Graham, Guiliani, all of those crooks and vile ppl. Anyone in Trumps cabinet – whats left of his cabinet- now only his cronies and yes men

  36. Graham62

    Let’s have one last hurrah for Arsene and his regime.

    Apparently we had “one hand tied behind our back(financially)”

    Remind me again, how much were we giving the likes of Bendtner and Denilson, when we had our hand tied behind our back?

    Why couldn’t we afford Cahill or Samba when they were going for peanuts? Was it because we had our hand tied behind our back?…………I don’t think so.

    The excuses will always be there.


  37. Un na naai


    Did you also know that if you separated African Americans from the rest of America they have the 9th largest economy in the world?
    It means nothing though.

    Take Hollywood out of the equation and government handouts and what is left? Inglewood, a load of Mexican gangsters and sanfran homeless junkies

  38. Un na naai


    I’d be happy to lose the NHS for 5% less tax along with the welfare system for another 5% tax and deffo wouldn’t mind sending the wives back to work, if they ever went in the first place

  39. Un na naai

    How things in your racist, knife stabbing,terrorist harboring, filthy conservative run country?

    Racist against natives. They call us gammon here. As for the knives and terror, ask the socialists and non natives
    That comes from them.

  40. MGooner

    @ Dissenter

    US politics has become very immature unfortunately and it will continue to deteriorate.

    My view is the Green new deal will not work as the circumstances are different to the 30’s.

    We need structural investment to reduce the burden on monetary policy. The idea of the green deal is perfect – Remember that Kennedy engaged in the race to put a man on the moon. The USSR took the challenge and we had global investment into technology. This avoided war and the technology was used for other stuff to improve our lives.

    The issue now is that the US no longer has the clout it had. Emerging economies have recovered from the damage of the past 2 centuries and want to regain their previous influence. So they will not buy into the New deal. They want a bigger share of the global GDP but on their terms or at least where they benefit most.

    Also the damage done to NATO over the past 4 years is irreversible. If EU countries start to invest into their defence, why would they then need the US and why would they accept the dollar as the global reserve currency. We are already seeing replacement mechanisms for payment systems like SWIFT.

    The US is not able to impose its ideas on the World and cannot make this work by going alone.

  41. Graham62

    Over the past five years I’ve had a total hip replacement as well as a hernia operation. I have lost both my parents to cancer and my wife recently had her gallbladder removed.

    I will not say a one bad word when it comes to the NHS.

  42. Vladdy P

    Sorry about your parents, Graham.

    Also lost my mum to cancer too. But the NHS is shit. Don’t get me wrong, the nurses really are great and doing their best, but they are swamped. There are too many people abusing the system. It’s crashing and burning as we speak and it can’t be solved just by throwing money at it.

    If you have self inflicted problems like obesity, are an excessive smoker, drinker etc you should have to pay. It’s not the taxpayer’s responsibility to fund others’ bad choices.

  43. Dissenter

    Unai na
    A lot of the homeless people you like to use to make fun of California are the products of a capitalistic hearth care system.
    Ever seen people become bankrupt and homeless because they had a major medical problem in the UK? Our so called medical insurance doesn’t cover most things…that is if you have insurance.

    You just repeat a lot of garbage from right wing media without understanding the nuances of everyday life over here.

  44. Dissenter

    Un na
    Be happy you live in a modern society that works for people and not for corporations.
    “I’d be happy to lose the NHS for 5% less tax along with the welfare system for another 5% tax and deffo wouldn’t mind sending the wives back to work, if they ever went in the first place”

    Why are you lot trying to shield your NHS from any trade talks with the US?. Why not invite good ole American capitalists to take it over and be listed on the FTSE?
    You don’t mind sending your wife or sister back to work a few days after child birth?
    Talk is cheap. Let American capitalists into your health care system and give them unrestrained access for 2 years then lets have a repeat conversation.

  45. Un na naai


    Ooooh. Ok. Capitalist health care. One size fits all. That must be where our homeless come from too then. Nothing to do with zero accountability and addiction issues? No. It’s all down to health care

  46. Marc


    It’s only the moronic left who claim a trade deal with the US is about selling the NHS. Of course the US wants other countries to pay more for their drugs and extend patents.

    It doesn’t mean we have to agree to it.

    The Libs Dems managed a huge fuck up during our election when they ran a Party Political Broadcast claiming BREXIT would deny Diabetics insulin from the EU and then straight after had one of their “shadow ministers” claim that a US trade deal would cost Diabetics a fortune because we can only get Insulin from the US.

    Left wing politics = Too many morons telling too many lies.

  47. Redtruth


    The international fact-checking organisation First Draft reported this week that nearly 90% of the Conservatives’ 6,000-odd Facebook advertisements last week were misleading – against next to none of Labour’s, although another fact-checker found that some Labour efforts were also at fault. Then there was the doctored Keir Starmer video, the fake websites and other dirty tricks.

  48. Marc


    You were on here denying Corbyn was an anti-Semite, you were on here denying he was a terrorist sympathiser, you were on here claiming Diane Abbot could manage to put on a pair of shoes.

    The Labour Party is now tearing itself apart as huge numbers all claim that they knew the claims about Corbyn were true.

    Where were they before or during the election?

  49. Dissenter

    “Left wing politics = Too many morons telling too many lies.”
    I actually agree. Liberals can be very toxic.

    I would make the same case against right wing politics too. Go read about the Kansas experiment and see what happens when a state privatizes everything.
    Like I said, your conservative Tory party would be a center right/left party in American politics. What you call right wing is very moderate

  50. Dissenter

    It seems Ancelotti was dithering on signing for Everton because he was hoping that Arsenal will change their mind the second time about Arteta and come for him.

  51. Pierre

    Posters on here who say things like , if Arteta picks such and such a player or if he doesn’t play a particular player, then he will lose their support are pretty stupid..

    At this present time every Arsenal player is playing well below their full potential(Martinelli the exception), so every player should start with a clean slate.

    I haven’t a clue who he will select or which formation he will play..

    I will be interested to see how he will set up against an Everton team managed by Duncan Ferguson.
    One would expect a barrage of long balls and intense pressure put on our back 4 with Everton competing fiercely for the 2nd ball.

    Will Arteta do a Wenger or a Guardiola and pick a team to play the way he wants his team to play whatever the opposition, in that he would want the players to be brave in possession of the ball and try and dominate the opposition with technique and intelligence.
    This will be a brave ( some would think stupid) move as we could get a hammering.

    Or will he play extra physical defenders to thwart the barrage of long balls and maybe even put Luiz in centre mid for protection and fight fire with fire.
    This would be a safer bet to try and get something from the game.

    If Ancelotti is manager of Everton, it would probably suit Arteta as I don’t believe Ancelotti will get the team fired up as much as Ferguson.

    I think the true tests will be in the 3 games following the Everton game ….Chelsea and united at home and Bournemouth away .

    These are games that Arteta could show us his capabilities as a coach …

  52. Redtruth

    “The Labour Party is now tearing itself apart as huge numbers all claim that they knew the claims about Corbyn were true.”

    Over 10 million people who voted for Corbyn would disagree.
    Bin Laden would have won a landslide had he run on a Brexit ticket..

  53. Marc


    “I haven’t a clue who he will select or which formation he will play..”

    Most honest comment on here all day and one that applies to everyone. Well said.

  54. Marc


    Well me and every Tory voter in the country would be happy to see Corbyn stay on as Labour leader.

    How’s the Venezuelan economy getting on?

  55. Marc

    “Over 10 million people who voted for Corbyn would disagree.
    Bin Laden would have won a landslide had he run on a Brexit ticket..”

    17.4 million voted for BREXIT – it’s strange how you only recognise numbers that support your politics of envy.

  56. Redtruth


    THE Conservative Party won 365 seats, giving them a Commons majority of 80. This has been described by some (either ignorant of or careless about the truth) as confirming the 2016 referendum result – that we should leave the EU.

    The facts are that in terms of share of the popular vote “Leave” parties polled 47 per cent whilst parties in favour of “Remain” polled 53 per cent (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, December 14).

  57. Marc


    The far left could fuck up a cold bottle of beer on a sunny day hence my comment on Venezuela.

    That country should be so prosperous socialists everywhere should hang their heads in shame.

    It’s an extreme warning but one that could have happened here under Corbyn.

  58. Marc

    “Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, December 14″W

    Not the world renown Tom Richmond – you know the one who’s been heard of outside of his local chip shop?

  59. Redtruth

    First, it is important to realise that Chavez chose to call his transformative project “21st-century socialism”, but Venezuela’s economy remained market-based and private-sector dominated throughout his time in office.

    Though the social economy and the public sector were heavily promoted – including through nationalisation – the private sector was expected to remain dominant, and it did. A centrally planned socialist economy like Cuba’s was neither the aim nor the reality.

    Second, part of the problem was always that oil-rich, hyper-consumerist Venezuela was the last place you would expect socialism to blossom – and these characteristics caused grave problems for the government.

    The crucial role of oil in the international capitalist system makes oil-price volatility a central player in Venezuelan development, as Maduro has discovered to his cost.

    But more importantly, the sheer value of oil provokes the “resource curse” in undiversified economies like Venezuela’s. With boom-time windfalls favouring exchange-rate shifts that make other exports uncompetitive, “petromania” leads to lavish public spending, while distorted incentives undermine ethics, entrepreneurship, and efficiency throughout the state and wider society.

  60. Champagne charlie


    There’s nothing genuinely socialist about Venezuela, Chavez was a populist that gained power through socialist ideology and then demonstrated unbelievable levels of corruption to hold the masses at ransom whilst completely tanking nearly all branches of production.

    To suggest Corbyn anywhere close to that is complete madness. Chavez, followed by Maduro, are evil, evil men whose death I’d openly celebrate, Corbyn is an idealist with little idea of how to finance his ideas. Not remotely comparable.

  61. Marko

    I will not say a one bad word when it comes to the NHS.

    Fucking A. The work they do despite everything is remarkable.

    Lads give the politics a miss will ya. Boris or Jeremy you were fucked either way. Imagine celebrating Boris or simply celebrating Jeremy not getting in. They’re both shit cunts.

  62. Joe

    2 million compensation for Arteta. 5 million a year for Arteta. Paid out emery

    Yet we didn’t get Allegri because we couldn’t afford him.


    The club is a complete and utter mess.

  63. bennydevito

    Un nai,

    You’d happily see the welfare system go?

    What about pensioners, the disabled and people who can’t work? How would they survive?

    Or would you follow up abolishing the welfare system with euthanasia at birth for babies born disabled and gas chambers for everyone else who can’t work?

    Throw in mandatory euthanasia at retirement too.

    People like you are dangerous and a fucking disgrace. You’re soulless as well as racist.

    Pedro have a word ffs.

  64. bennydevito

    So, so far reports of Arteta being confirmed are extremely premature and haven’t actually happened. City are angry with Arsenal’s unprofessionalism and disrespect and have said Arsenal have made no official contact with them.

    Oh dear.

    Looks like plenty have been jizzing their bolts far too early.

    “It’s surprising to hear that plans are being made by Arsenal to unveil our coach as their head coach on Friday on the basis that no contact has been made by the club to discuss this matter,’ a source told the Daily Mail.”

  65. Bojangles

    This is an anti-political comment. If you think a political party or politician, regardless of left or right persuasion, has your best interest at heart you are sadly deluded.

  66. Joe

    But City sources labelled Arsenal’s attitude ‘shambolic’ and ‘disrespectful’, although they will not stand in the Spaniard’s way once compensation has been paid in full.

    City are furious, however, and the club source said: ‘It’s surprising to hear that plans are being made by Arsenal to unveil our coach as their head coach on Friday, on the basis that no contact has been made by the club to discuss this matter

    All this for Arteta. Not like we are getting Ferguson or Pep 🤦🏾‍♀️

  67. Tony

    City throwing their toys out of the pram to get around £2million compensation.

    Like they haven’t tapped anyone up in the past or been honest with their FFP antics.

    Maybe they’re concerned who Arteta is likely to want from their youth system or backroom staff.

    The Mansour boys are not used to not getting their own way.

    Wonder who’s on their New Year beheading list now?

    I’d guess Arteta heads it (pardon the pun) with Raul second in the line.

    Instead of £2million we should give them Ozil & Xhaka.

  68. Tony

    Pathetic really because it’s been reported several times that if Pep leaves they want Poch as the replacement.

    If Ozil & Xhaka isn’t enough we could supplement the compensation with camels and one donkey (Mustafi).

  69. Dissenter

    What’s the worst city can do to Arsenal to not coming to kiss their feet first?
    Go to litigation?… which will take months-to years to resolve

    I think this city antagonism is related to the left-over angry for how we treated them over the Sanchez transfer.

    Unveil Arteta tomorrow
    Let them go to court.

  70. Guns of SF

    Wow wouldn’t it be something if this Arteta stuff is bullshit? I think it will happen and the digs in the media are city being a little ticked off being kinda fleeced

  71. Sid

    45th US president becomes just the third occupant of the White House in American history to be impeached.

    Previously on MAGA…….

  72. Aussie Gooner

    Typical of the way Arsenal handle things now days. No official approach to City? Offer the job to Ancelotti then withdraw it? Telling Arteta that there is no budget to spend in January? If only half of it was true it would still be a circus!

  73. Un na naai


    It’s embarrassing. The only constant in all of this is Stan. New players, 3 new coaches, new backroom staff, new td, dof, new everything
    Yet we get worse and worse in every respect

  74. Aussie Gooner


    You are right – Arteta will not solve all our ills. Only a change at the very top will get us back on track. People have criticised the clubs previous ownership but I can tell you they would be completely embaressed by this current shit show!

  75. Gentlebris

    If the job was indeed given to Ancelotti then withdrawn, it shows these guys in charge have neither a particular direction nor vision for Arsenal.

    How could you jog the job between Ancelotti and Arteta, two blatantly different prospects?

    If it had been Arteta and Steven G for example, we would know that the guys in charge are looking for the next big thing with an ambition to play fast attacking football, even if such a promise can’t be assessed anywhere in Arteta’s case.

    If it had been Ancelotti and Rafa, we would know they want to hire a top level yesterday man to steady the team, even though it would still be the wrong way to go, it would be clear what they think.

    If it had been between Poch and Allegri, we would see clearly that the guys in charge are tired of failure and really wanna mix it with the elite at the top.

    But between Carlo and Mikel? It’s like trying to make up your mind between cheese and ganja… which case you are definitely deluded.

    Seems that these nobodies in charge are afraid of an elite coach for fear of being treated like pussies, how Josh could accept such cowardly selfishness from them is a topic for another time.

  76. Chris

    I think in terms of how Arteta will line up the team and how we will play., I would agree it is best guess territory. I think personally he will start as he means to go on. The system and tactics will be his vision and how he wants us to be, to claim that identity as soon as possible. All players are likely to receive their opportunities but when they don’t fit in they may be discarded more ruthlessly than before, in order to bring in the players required to air this all work. Arteta has likely stressed the need for a revamp of the squad in his meetings with the club.

    The club and fans need to have patience and get behind this, accept the road has more bumps in it before the end of the season and use it to put us on the right track for next season and beyond.

    Hopefully we see an official announcement today.

  77. Un na naai

    United are letting Ashley young go in January
    We should get in there
    Can play full back and wing on both sides
    Great utility player while both our first choice full backs are injured

  78. Graham62


    Good morning.

    MC may be “throwing their toys out of the pram” but let’s be honest here, the way we conduct business at AFC is just pathetic.

    It has embarrassed me for many years that the “values” we promote just don’t apply when dealing with any aspect of the clubs operation. A team of local business people could run the show far better.

    I mean who the fcuk are we? This is why we are a joke of a club. The Owner/Board/ Wenger/ Gazidis all culpable in their own unique ways for this unbelievable state of affairs.

    As Gentlebris highlights, “these nobodies in charge” are just “cowardly selfish pussies”.

  79. Un na naai


    At the very least Arteta can improve on pitch performance and give the players some much needed tactical frame work and coaching. Not to mention confidence. Something which emery obliterated in his time at the club.

  80. Guernsey gun

    3 weeks since dick sacked and our clueless shitshow of a club struggling to get an assistant manager released and announced. Utterly pathetic the way we are run, which unsurprisingly transmits itself on the pitch. Joke club.

  81. Bojangles

    You won’t be seeing too much of his tactics on Saturday. If he is unvieled today he’s only going to get one day with the squad. Just hope he’s given a bit more leeway than Freddie on his first game in charge after two days training.

  82. Chris

    I am sure Arteta is a stronger communicator and won’t suffer fools, however some of the players who have been letting us down constantly recently also need to take some responsibility on Saturday and motivate themselves also. Play for the shirt.

  83. Bojangles

    Un na

    I’ve been here long enough now to see the reactions from many of the posters at LG. If we lose on Saturday and Arteta is on the dugout, I’m expecting a few here to be all over him.

  84. Un na naai


    Aubameyang, Ozil and Luiz have terrible attitudes

    It’s been the case almost wherever they went
    It was well documented that Aubameyang was a problem at Dortmund and lamps didn’t push Luiz out of the door without reason.

  85. Tony

    Good morning Graham
    Couldn’t agree more.

    I’ve been banging the hierarchy incompetence drum since I first posted here.

    As Dissenter posted there has been discontent since the Sanchez debacle, and I’d say it will rumble on for some time, especially if Arteta starts poaching from City.

    City are not blameless in this either even though we have been thoroughly discourteous in our pursuit of Arteta.

    One minute City want Arteta to take over from Pep and are waxing lyrical about Arteta, and then when rumours pervade that Pep is not happy and might move on, it’s reported that City want Poch etc.

    City didn’t issue a statement denying the articles.

    I’d say that’s about as disrespectful as one can get towards a supposedly revered part of the coaching team.

    Not sure if City believed Arteta would actually leave hence the cry of foul now.

    Interesting times ahead.