Arteta signing imminent, here’s what to expect + new scout details (Long Read)

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We’re nearly there people, the Arteta stories have moved from…




… towards, who will he sign and who will he steal from Manchester City.

It’s being reported that Arteta will pick up £5m p/a on a 3.5 year deal.

There are lots of suggestions about who his potential assistant could be, perhaps Domènec Torrent, Pep’s 57 year ex-assistant from Barca B, Barca, Bayern and City. Or 48-year-old Rodolfo Borrell, a 13 year tenured youth coach from Barca (Pique, Pep, Messi), who worked his magic with Liverpool (Sterling) and later as a Global Tech Director with Manchester City. There’s even a story that we’re stealing one of their top youth scouts, Sam Fagbemi. According to his LinkedIn, he’s a massive Gary V fan, and specifically the Manchester City youth team scout for the South of England. He actually appears to have officially spent 15 months at Arsenal, he’s also listed 6 years prior to that with us, which might have been part-time while he studied.

Here’s how he describes himself (edited to reduce words).

I hold a strong enthusiasm and passion for the industry of sports, part of this passion and drive is identifying talents in relevant sporting areas; and a contribution in terms of development. One area of this contribution involves scouting and recruiting for ages 5-16, in specific areas in London, for football. Many who know me know my passion is scouting and recruitment. I’m an out and out scout! I also follow up on every lead given!

I am always striving to improve my performance and my knowledge, whatever you put into your work, in most cases, is what you get out of it. I aim to put in a 100% at all times.

I have very unique methods of scouting and a strong determination and hunger. I’m blessed to be part of a very good team of experienced staff, which I learn from on a day to day basis.


Sam, any man that uses block capitals to power home a message is a friend of Le Grove. Me, you, Donald Trump… what a team.

Here’s some of the stuff from his Arsenal job he rocked prior to moving up north in 2017.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identifying players at the required level through the use of video and numerical analysis.
  • Researching identified players in-depth using rigorous methods.
  • Building a video scouting capability, liaising with the Chief Scout but also the Player analytics team and the scouts in the field.
  • Identifying Players with whom his Club may wish to enter into negotiations with a view to securing their
  • Working with PROZONE and/or SPORTSCODE, Microsoft Excel and Sony Vegas and/or Final Cut Pro.
  • Working as part of a recruitment department at First Team/Academy Level.
  • Leading the storage, maintenance and collection of data regarding Player performance in training and matches.
  • Managing and overseeing an online scouting data resource.
  • Interfacing with some of the football analysis software vendors contracted by the Club.
  • Developing new and insightful initiatives and practices for evaluating Player and team performance.
  • Initiating and conducting ad-hoc research projects for the benefit of team and individual performance.

Sam seems to be up to lots of things, he reads like an innovative. Scouts, coaches, has dark arts. I’m sold. This guy definitely drinks oat milk lattes, has an opinion on how you pronounce trequartista, and he reads Mundial.

I think I’d be slightly worried if I were a City fan, not because Arteta is going to snatch the league this year, more because it seems like the staff are making moves before something drastic happens this summer to the main man Pep G.

Back to Arsenal. This move, when it happens, is a huge step forward for the club. They could have taken the easy option that’d placate the ‘safety’ crowd, but they didn’t. Carlo was passed by, Martinez was rightly told where to go, Raul gave up on Nuno, and we dodged anything Kia J could throw at us.

We moved for the hottest young coach in the world. We opted for the moon-shot. Arsenal has positioned itself as a forward thinking football club and they should be applauded for the boldness of this decision.

Rumor has it Arteta will be in dugout for the Everton game this weekend, fitting, wouldn’t you say? One club has opted for the future, the other has anchored itself to the past.

So what should we expect?

Hearts and minds

Wenger (Merson), Emery (Cech) and Freddie (Xhaka) all did it. You have to play the hearts and mind game with the squad to start with, that means the unsuitable big names will likely feature. Go in dick swinging early, the senior players will down tools on you, and you’ll have a miserable start to your career. I have personally made the mistake. I started a big job, disliked the talent and the process, so I tried to make changes early. My intuitions were right, but my early actions made me the enemy of a lot of people. Always give people a chance to fail. Everyone will likely have the opportunity to prove themselves to Arteta, and so they should. This is not a caretaker situation, so hopefully we’ll see performances move up a level, if not, then the action will be taken.

Statement of Intent

I would suspect a huge part of interview process would have centered around the type of football we’re likely to see. The fans want to see excitement, it’s a simple as that, we are not about pragmatism, never will be. Mikel Arteta will have been hired to bring back Wengerball with a modern twist. He will go on the charm offensive with the fans early on and rectify all the wrongs of Unai Emery’s inane jabbering. Expect him to wax lyrical about style and vision when he sits in that first press conference, be assured that he’ll play up his Arsenal DNA, and let’s hope he can articulate a sniff of what the future holds. Maybe he’ll shed a tear? I’d like that.

No one ever cared about Emery, he couldn’t speak to us in English, let alone in authentic terms. Arteta will be different, he’s a trophy winning excaptain with a formula we want. He’ll hopefully have a ‘Mourinho walking through Chelsea in a Spurs tracksuit’ like moment that we can all get behind. Maybe a knuckle duster in his pocket at The Toilet Bowl? Too far?

A shift in style

Freddie is a fan and a solid coach. He wanted to move our football to the next level, but he lacked the resource, time, and backing to do it. Arteta is a different beast. He’s the man that controls the future, players that want to stay will know this. He’ll be confident he can move the club to another level this season. Expect a rough 3 months, but don’t be surprised to see glimpses of very exciting football well before the 3 years most of you were willing to give Emery to change things up. He’ll want to prove to the fans and the board he is a coach, first and foremost. Good coaches make magic happen with whatever tools they are handed. Jurgen Klopp had Liverpool in beast mode early on, though intermittently, with a far worse squad. Nagelsmann saved Hoffenheim from relegation in his first season, then took a team with a sub £40m wage bill to the Champions League with elite coaching. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect to see the makings of a footballing identity early on. Just don’t expect consistency this year.

Focus on Youth

Part of the hearts and minds offensive strategy will be to woo the fans with his approach to youth. I see there being two key initiatives. Firstly, like peak-Game of Thrones, there will be some senior heads that will roll. Not immediately, but rest assured, he’s taking someone big down. The solve for the molten-steel-on-the-head slaying will be bringing a kid into the mixer that we didn’t expect, or one that we didn’t expect because they’ve been average. He needs a poster child for his elite coaching to prove the fans he was worth the hype and to show the best kids in world football that they should give their early careers to us. We need to be the Ajax, Atleti or Dortmund of the Premier League. There will be a huge clear out of senior players this summer, we have to bring in replacements like Brandt, Haaland and Aouar if we’re going to push on next year. You only do that if those names are convinced by the coach.

A brutal summer

There are some great people at the club and there is some real shite. I fully expect the club to use this next 5 months to reshape the way we operate. Expect exits from the backroom team, be sure that there will be a very busy summer of players on the cards, and understand that there will likely be a lot of ‘who the fuck?’ people signing on for Arsenal.

Raul needs to make this work, he’s under pressure. Edu needs to show the fans he’s more than a well dressed, beautifully groomed, elitely (word?) fragranced man. Arsenal need some wins.

We do not have time to fuck around. The next 3 years will be the difference between us being a super club like Liverpool, or falling into complete irrelevance like Spurs in the 90s.

If Arteta is the man to take us forward, the vision is clear, the Arsenal way is about high intensity pressing, attacking football, geared around exciting young players. Now we know that, the technical team has to work their magic and make sure there are no excuses for failure.

This is it. It’s the future we’ve been waiting for. This is the most exciting move we could have made. Back it, because if it works, this really could be the next level Wenger was talking about.

I am absolutely thrilled, I hope you are too.

See you in the comments x

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  1. TR7

    AMN is a very talented player. He gets a lot of stick from people and to be honest he has underwhelmed in a lot of games but the guy has got genuine ability. Martinelli is obviously good. Saka has got a good technique although he will have to become a more rounded player. ESR has done well in a few cameo performances. Let’s see how much can Arteta’s coaching improve these talented players.

  2. Thorough

    I’m sorry I will judge Arteta after 3 matches max. I said Freddie was up to no good after the first game and people didn’t get it. Any coach worth his onions should at least make some bold moves immediately because our problems are so obvious.
    We’ve discussed the need to restructure the defence ad infinitum and I won’t bother with that. What I will however expect our coach to do straight away is to correct the imbalance between the attack and midfield, which would go a long way to help the defence.
    1. Midfield is powder puff for lack of players/physicality.
    2. The attack suffers because of square pegs and round holes because of the need to shoehorn the too many talents at our disposal.
    What I’ll do straight away if I were the coach is to decide who between Torr, Ceballos and Guendozi should sit in front of the defence (I’ll go Torr and Ceballos). I’ll give the third midfield spot (10/8) to the only physical playmaker in our team who won’t shirk his physical duties- Lacazete. This will then leave Auba to concentrate on the striking role and two among Martinelli, Saka and Pepe to play on the wings.
    If Arteta doesn’t come in and make a bold move to address the powder puff nature of our midfield and resolve the confusion between the role play of Auba and Lacazete then we should count this season out.
    Our problems are too glaring we need to see an improvement with what we’ve got before we start thinking of the transfer window.
    We’re not as poor individually as many of us think actually.

  3. kristoman

    you remmeber when united where leading manc by 10points with 4 matches to go only for city to win league with go difference. That is called handing over because it was not city’s to win in the first place.

  4. Leedsgunner

    What a huge huge risk. I since hope it works but I personally wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

    Taking over a well trained and well financed club like Man City is one thing. Arsenal has multiple problems. I’m not sure Arteta has the experience (in fact I know he doesn’t) to handle problems in a divided dressing room.

  5. Romford Pele

    There’s only so much you can do if the personnel aren’t up to scratch, especially dfeensively where we need athletes. Do you guys remember how often the narrative around Liverpool was “good going forward bout you can get at them defensively”. The VVD signing was transformativre and allows Liverpool to play the type of football where they can defend on the high way line because of the athletic potential at the back. We need that. Saliba is a start but we need another.

  6. salpardisenyc

    Takes a big personality to leave the confines of Man City and Peps cocoon to take over this club in state its in. Going to be no easy task trying to find the buried pulse in a peak December run with everything coming think and fast. And thats the task at hand with side virtually on life support. If Arteta manages to get club breathing it will be huge with many supporters beat down after the 12 months.

    High risk move for Arteta and a major dice roll from Raul who got first one wrong, so one has to suspect everything riding on this one as far as his Arsenal tenure is concerned.

    Exciting times as we head into the unknown.

    Hoping he goes youth as much as possible, set the tone.

  7. Thorough

    to the only physical playmaker in our team who won’t shirk his physical duties- Lacazete”Lacazette as a playmaker? Dash that whole post in the bin mate.

    There’s nowhere else I’ll play Lacazete in that team except behind Auba. Call that 8 or 10 if you like.
    Where else would you have him, on the wings?

  8. Marc


    Why wait 3 matches? Why not judge him after 30 minutes or even 3 minutes? In fact I think you’d be better off judging him before a ball is even kicked.

    Thank fuck no ones taking a knee jerk position this time.

  9. Thorough

    He still watch us on Sunday, if he’s not figuring anything up now then I’ll be surprised.
    Or you want him to wait and experience the shit show firsthand for another 6 months before he decides some things needs changing?

  10. Romford Pele

    Thorough – he doesn’t play in my team. Either as a striker or on the bench. And i’m not selecting him ahead of Laca. I got tired of us shoehorning Auba wide to force Laca in the team. Auba is the better striker and has scored more and at a better rate in a shorter time frame here. It’s a no brainer.

    Tbh there’s too many tangibles because we don’t know how he’s going to set up at the moment. We can only project it but by his previous comments and what he’s said as a coach he’ll favour a 433 imo which is what we need to translate too. The pivot can often be too flat and leave CMs having to cover too much space if theyr’re not athletic enough. The only CM we have that can run is Willock and he’s not that good (still young though).

    There needs to be an acknowledgement that is is a project. I agree with you that we need to be less indvidiual reliant and play better collectively. That requires good coaching and that doesn’t come overnight. Even with good coaching you can’t legislate for idiots (see Mustafi here and his twin Otamendi at City). My only hope is that he’s backed accordingly in the transfer market. I have no hopes for the rest of the season bar seeing an improved style of play and better individual performances like he helped with Sane and Sterling.

  11. Marko

    AMN is a very talented player. He gets a lot of stick from people and to be honest he has underwhelmed in a lot of games but the guy has got genuine ability

    Promised myself I wouldn’t get into a AMN debate anymore given that I thought it was pretty obvious how shit he is. Explain to me this talent he has please. Cause all I see is someone who’s braindead all the time. Doesn’t attack well enough certainly cannot defend to save his life. Poor and ponderous on the ball. Biggest indignation of him is at what 22 he doesn’t know what his best position is. Neither RB or RW definitely not a CM. Do teams play with RM’s anymore? Lad is is championship bound I swear to God

  12. Gentlebris

    ‘It was a joke and you are a cunt.’

    Marc, you absolute moron!

    You think I didn’t know it was a joke? And you think my response was not suppose to be a joke, funny or not?

    You silly beer starved gooner.

  13. Marko

    Takes a big personality to leave the confines of Man City and Peps cocoon to take over this club in state its in.

    Big personality. Career aspirations. 5 million a year. Take your pick.

  14. Thorough

    Romford Pele.
    That’s fair then but that midfield needs help badly. If our midfield was more rounded I would have towed your path too.

  15. Romford Pele

    Thorough. I don’t disagree. I think we need to transform our CB and CM options with more athletic profiles. Tired of seeing us get overworked and overrrun in the middle. It’s pathetic.

  16. Gentlebris

    ‘My info is that Arteta’s appointment will be confirmed tomorrow.The delay is so that he can say goodbye formally to staff and players at
    Man City’s game tonight.’


    I could have given you that hot info if you had my direct line. The rogue who gave you that info is just taking you for a cheap ride. If my dog read Pep’s talk he would understand Arteta will likely be announced on Thursday morning.

    I have had my say, the club has chosen their bed, let them sleep on it.

  17. Marc


    Beer starved? You don’t know me do you.

    I made a 2 line crack and you went on a multiple paragraph rant which you posted twice and then apologised with:

    “Sorry for the double post, Marc really got on my nerves”

    So no your response wasn’t a joke and you calling me a moron is about as close to funny as you could attempt. Everyone else realised it was a joke funny or not except you – even CG joined in with the joke.

    So it turns out that not only are you a cunt but you’re a cunt with no sense of humour.

    Remind me where you’re from? Is it India?

  18. Un na naai

    Big personality. Career aspirations. 5 million a year. Take your pick.

    Kind of shoots holes in your theory that he’s a fine man and no big clubs want him though doesn’t it marko? If you’re talented enough you’re good enough as the old adage goes that I just came up with right now.

  19. Romford Pele

    Lmaoooo Un na naai, enjoy me while i’m here mate. Often travelling loads due to work so can only post when I can. In fact if anyone even wants a ticket to the games from time to time, hit me up as I often can’t go.

  20. Marc


    Just about everyone would be happy to see more physical specimens in the team, problem is we’re not going to be able to do it overnight so the question is how do we get the team to function with what we’ve got / or a small number of additions?

  21. Champagne charlie

    “Big personality. Career aspirations. 5 million a year. Take your pick.“

    Haha gone from being derided for not taking a job outside the ‘comfort of Pep’ to having his ambition dismissed for taking the Arsenal job because it’s well paying.

    How typical.

  22. Gentlebris


    All of it was a joke, the got on my nerves, the dagger under the pillow, the eye for Josh, the beer starved(when you proclaim here often you live by the bottle). Everything.

    Seriously if you took any of that serious then I’m wrong about you and you are a first class jerk.

    On that note, please get lost!

  23. salpardisenyc


    Easy take from the keyboard.

    How every you paint it, its the type of move that takes guts and confidence. I welcome that.

  24. Un na naai

    ThoroughDecember 18, 2019 15:49:30
    I’m sorry I will judge Arteta after 3 matches max.

    You should have gone to spec savers
    Very short sighted
    I thought you were an ideas man who thrives off tactical nous and enthusiasm

    Both of which emery lacked along with the ability to communicate and not scratch his chin for longer than 7-8 mins, with his rotten old teeth sticking out like that kid from the poltergeist

  25. Romford Pele

    Marc, agreed. That will be Arteta’s challenge. We can still be more compeititve with this set of players though. We had arguably a worse squad last year and just missed out on top 4 because of mismanagement. This is why I always say the value of coaching is the most important because with our squad cost and wage bill we’re vastly underperforming. A good manager can always make the team greater than the sum of its parts. I spoke earlier about being more compact and intense on and off the ball. Those are changes you can start seeing pretty early imo.

    Klopp took over around this stage in 2014/15 and Liverpool were 10th. Their league form didn’t improve much. I think they finished eighth at season end (with a worse squad than this one) but they reached EL final and CC final with some poor players but you still saw Klopp’s strategy coming through. And overtime it naturally improved with smart recruitment.

  26. Marc

    Cc / Marko

    Is there any chance you two could not have an argument about whether it’s either “fucking freezing cold at the Artic” or “freezing fucking cold at the Artic” tonight?

  27. CG

    The One Player to watch under the guidance of St. Mikel is the extremely talented ANM

    Perhaps – if we play the player in his central midfield position we will see the player reach his undoubted potential.

    I expect to see him in the central midfield position at Goodison Park at some stage.

    He Has The Lot this one.

    Athleticism, poise, grace and technical ability.
    Needs to have a touch more self belief granted.

    I am sure ANM will be a vital cog in St.Mikel Wheel going forward.

  28. Edu me a favour

    “” you remmeber when united where leading manc by 10points with 4 matches to go only for city to win league with go difference. That is called handing over because it was not city’s to win in the first place.””

    You’ve lost me , I literally don’t know what your point is

  29. Un na naai

    Lmaoooo Un na naai, enjoy me while i’m here mate. Often travelling loads due to work so can only post when I can. In fact if anyone even wants a ticket to the games from time to time, hit me up as I often can’t go.


    I’d love to mate but usually on the clock on wknds in one way or another
    Also, I’m not sure I can bear to walk into the stadium until we drop the soppy sponsors and call it what it is
    Ashburton Grove

  30. Un na naai


    I wouldn’t go that far but he’s a lot better than some of the dick heads on here make out. A useful player with plenty to offer and a love of the badge after being a young gooner for over 10 years

  31. Thorough

    So if he comes in and reinstate Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and keeps Auba on the wings you’ll be saying ‘He’s on his way?’.
    Because you’re thinking longterm doesn’t mean you have to totally throw away the present. He’s got to do something in the immediate. Stamp his authority. Kick some butts. Put some mouthy lazy players on the bench. Try new things. Maybe we should just appoint him today and tell him to resume in June as only the transfer window can save us?

  32. Champagne charlie


    Agree about the profile of player we should target, but don’t think it’s vital to being defensively solid.

    I think of Arteta wants a high press, front footed approach then it’ll no doubt help to have athletes in there for recovery speed etc. But City aren’t blessed with athletes like that, they’ve one or two exceptions ones like Walker, but largely they’re based on intelligent cohesion and work as a unit.

    That said, always valued a physically impressive spine of a side and myself and Weagle were banging on about adding a CM this past summer to fill that void.

    What are your thoughts on Grealish btw? Not a physics specimen so forgive the segway, but he’d be my pick to replace Ozil and Ceballos. Think he’s ready to be a really good player for a top 6 side after this season where he’s stepped up a level.

  33. Marc


    The current squad has been seriously underperforming this season – whatever you think of individual players the group is better than what we’ve seen.

    I really think Emery hit a patch of bad form and didn’t know how to fix it so tried to change things, when that didn’t work he changed more and so on and so on until the players not only didn’t have a clue what they were supposed to be doing but just gave up.

    If Arteta can get the basics right the rest will fall into place in good time – some will be coaching some will be new players.

    Let’s just hope Pedro’s not just some full of shit marketing guy!

  34. bennydevito

    TeeDecember 18, 2019    00:42:01


    You sounded bitter up there.

    Don’t you think it’s high time you do away with Emery and face the future?

    Hope you will support Arteta if finally appointed or you are going to make everything all about your dear Emery?

    If Arteta works well so be it and if he doesn’t he gets fired.

    It’s only at arsenal that people are scared of firing any underperforming employee.



    Fuck knows what you’re talking about; I wanted Emery out after the Wolves away game last season.

    My point is that our abysmal form goes beyond Emery and Freddie and is very much also to do with our squad being woefully inadequate in defence and midfield where our squad is 6th or 7th best at best.

  35. Un na naai


    As Pedro alluded to earlier, he’s going to have to come in and keep our current squad engaged. He won’t do that if he drops the big dicks. And they are dicks. But he will have 3 more years to shape this team from the summer and then we can start to judge him

    Who knows? He may get this team popping so why not wait before you nail your colours? Too many of your kinsmen have embarrassed themselves here over the last 18 months with such short sightedness and now they are clinging to a scrap of wood while the titanic disappears beneath them.
    Don’t mug yourself
    You’re better than that

  36. RGG

    “I am sure ANM will be a vital cog in the St Mikel.Wheel going forward”

    Cheers mate, that’s made me even more excited about Areteta coming in!

    Still can get my head round it. In the position we are in, nows the time to bring in a profile like Arteta’s?

    Then why not when Wenger left? Why Emery if Arteta really is the next big thing?

  37. Romford Pele

    CC, agree, hence why i spoke about approach to defending and shape off the ball. Intensity on and off the ball is required. City, in comparison to Liverpool, play a more positional based game where they are looking to pick locks so it requires players to hold their spot a bit more. Liverppol use their FBs for a lot of build up and creativity so station loads of people high up the pitch, hence why they have three athletic workorses in the middle usually. There isn’t a specific right way to do it and it’ll be interesting to see how Arteta goes about addressing it. I’m not opposed to either though we definitely have to speed up the team in midfield and defence. City don’t go for power in midfield. They rely on their technicians which is finr but we’re not even technically like we used to be in midfield say a decade ago under Wenger. Gundogan, Foden, KDB , Silva x2 etc can all pop it round midfielders at ease but all of them aren’t adverse to sticking their foot in. And even if they’re bypassed they’ll make the foul.

    Love Grealish btw, so classy and elegant on the ball but great engine. Him and Soumare my shouts for CMs. Improved athleticism but retains a good technical base too.

  38. Marc


    My only point was you and Marko are like oil and water. Not saying either of you is right or wrong but good grief can you get into it!

    For the first time in a few weeks there’s something new and hopefully positive to talk about – surely that’s more interesting for the pair of you?

  39. Romford Pele

    Marco, agreed mate. Some of these players definitely need to be held accountable which is why I hope Arteta pulls no punches. Apparently he wasn’t universally liked as a player because he came across a bit ‘bossy’. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. Some of our players think they are above telling off and that’s poisonous for the squad long term

  40. Marc


    “And the artic is freezing fucking cold, everyone knows this now. ”

    You know what with climate change in full progression maybe I should have picked a different analogy!

  41. Un na naai

    Cesc AppealDecember 18, 2019 16:44:01
    But how does Arteta feel about juice in the canteen?These are the big questions!


    Don’t be silly
    We went in our best run in our history after juice was ceremonially banished.

  42. Gentlebris

    ‘Are you an HGV driver because I can here some seriously loud beeping in your comments at the moment?’

    I finally figured out what the problem was, Marc.

    A 5 year old would understand that those comments of mine were mere banter, and you obviously did.

    However, I mentioned something about marriage and it did set you off.

    Ladies don’t like you enough to want to marry you?

    I’m sorry, but don’t take it out on me!

    Wipe your tears.

    And assuming I live in India like you presumed, would you like an Indian bride since the Brit ladies think you unfit?

  43. CG


    “””I wouldn’t go that far but he’s a lot better than some of the dick heads on here make out. “”””

    This Lad has The Lot……his only weakness is lack of self belief.

    Tell him – he is the best centre midfielder in the prem,
    And he will start playing like it.

    He downed in tools in the end under The Clown.

    Played at Right back- injured
    Played at Left back- suspended.

    The Clown and his cronies have gone- we have someone coming in- who knows soccer.

    Someone dashing, articulate and who knows the game and more importantly knows what makes players tick.

    Arteta don’t Do Clipboards…..or 5 Captains or Chameleons or Protagonists.
    Arteta has nice teeth too. He goes to his Dentist regularly for a check- up.

    Arteta is Arsenal. The Clown Aint.

  44. Un na naai

    MarcDecember 18, 2019 16:45:22
    RomfordWere you replying to me or Marko?We aren’t the same person!

    Well you have been snivelling to each other a lot lately
    I was beginning to wonder myself

  45. Marc


    I always think comparing what a person will be like based on his playing career is short sighted. Our very own George Graham is renowned for being almost two completely different personalities between player and manager.

    On the other hand some discipline / tough love is differently needed.

  46. Thorough

    He would be the coach. He doesn’t have to do what does not move the team forward. If that means getting rid of some major guys by first benching them now and then selling them when the opportunity arise, then so be it.
    If Pep hadn’t kicked out Eto, Ibra and the other players he did in Barca maybe he wouldn’t have had the success he did. And those are players that are a lot better than the dunces we currency have. Lampard jettisoned Luiz without having the luxury of the transfer window. What needs changing must be changed asap. What’s the point of change if he’s coming to maintain status quo? And I didn’t judge, that was you imagining things. I said if he doesn’t come in and change things around then we can discount this year.

  47. Marc


    “Someone dashing, articulate and who knows the game and more importantly knows what makes players tick.”

    No mate they’re going to appoint Arteta not me!

  48. China1

    ‘If you’re talented enough you’re good enough’ haha un that’s the same thing

    It’s ‘if you’re good enough you’re old enough’

  49. salpardisenyc

    “But how does Arteta feel about juice in the canteen?”

    Arteta has to be going back to his Basque routes, Kalimotxo!
    Nice lil mix of Coca Cola and vino tinto.

    Impossible to run with the bulls on the Pamplona cobbles without bathing in its glory.

  50. Champagne charlie


    Totally agree, fancy Arteta to take the territory approach because it’s possibly how he understands the game – given his playing career wasn’t a physical domination. Potentially lends itself to the technical game more in possession as seen with City vs Liverpool who play to differing strengths.

    Don’t quote me, but players like Guendouzi, Ceballos, Xhaka, Torreira could see an upturn in their efficacy because they’re all pretty competent technicians. Whether the issues over their respective physical deficiencies comes to the fore is to be seen in whatever iteration of a system we’re going to witness.

    What’s 100% accurate and necessary for City is David Silva being a physical nuisance, and that shows us that it’s imperative any and all players take that mantle on board or it’s a waste of time. Ozil is primary candidate to be powder puff, but the rest I can see learning to become a nuisance……productively this time haha.

    Would you spend circa 35 mil on Ceballos to make him permanent? Perhaps his loan really only starts when he’s back fit? It’s a no from me to date. Also like Ruben Neves as another PL ready player, think he’s well regarded and would command a chunk of money mind.

  51. China1

    Cg please enlighten us on the status of mikel’s calves

    It’s time we heard if they’re if the same ballpark level as Sean dyche’s. Or are they more ‘Allen pardew instead?

  52. Gentlebris

    ””I wouldn’t go that far but he’s a lot better than some of the dick heads on here make out. “”””

    Un, I do wonder why some people pretend to follow soccer when they obviously don’t.

    Imagine calling AMN shit, a talented young dude who maybe needs some coaching, motivation and tactical instructions.

  53. Marc


    I didn’t assume you lived in India, I thought you’d mentioned that if you didn’t it must have been someone else.

    As for being “set off” because you mentioned marriage – No last thing I want in the world is to be married, tied down or any other variation of castration.

    Quite happy being me, doing what I want when I want to do it. Clearly you can’t identify yourself without someone else to prop you up.

    Where are you from out of interest?

  54. TR7


    AMN has only one problem – lack.of focus. He can run with the ball, can put crosses in and has got physical attributes to cover a lot of distance. Even his passing is not shoddy. Can you tell me apart from his lack of focus what else is his major weakness ?

  55. Marc


    “Pick a side ya cunt, none of this ‘not saying either of you are right or wrong’. I know you have an affinity because of your names, but you know who talks sense here…”

    I thought that was me!

  56. Un na naai

    Got a little bit of employee mutiny myself right now
    I know how Mikel feels
    Sort the Cunts out. Refresh with hungry lads who perform and don’t get above their station

  57. China1

    AMN literally doesn’t seem like he’s aware of the opportunity in front of him when he walks on the pitch

    He looks and plays like he’s down the local park with his mates.

    Fewer fucks could seemingly not be given. Lapses of concentration and mistakes are common amongst young players but seeming not bothered about football at that age as a pro footballer is really odd

    I do think he played a little bit better a few times this season mind – but as someone else said he’s probably a championship player

  58. Un na naai

    And I didn’t judge, that was you imagining things. I said if he doesn’t come in and change things around then we can discount this year.


    You literally said you’re going to allow him 3 games before passing judgement
    The proof is 30-40 comments above

  59. Gentlebris

    ‘Where are you from out of interest?’

    Are you so little you can’t respect it if a man wants to keep it as anonymous as possible in a place like this?

    I can’t believe it’s still you, Marc. Something suddenly happened to your IQ?

    And pls don’t lie, it’s embarrassing. Something did set fire under you in that comment, and the only substance therein was jokingly asking you about marriage.

    No way you convince me you went ballistic for absolutely no reason.

  60. Un na naai

    Un na naaiDecember 18, 2019 16:28:57
    ThoroughDecember 18, 2019 15:49:30
    I’m sorry I will judge Arteta after 3 matches max.

    See here ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

  61. Gentlebris

    ‘I didn’t assume you lived in India, I thought you’d mentioned that if you didn’t it must have been someone else.’

    I never mentioned where I live, and no one else did. But it can happen when you are livid about being rejected by ladies that things form up in your head. I believe medical science has a word for it.

  62. Marc


    Firstly I don’t judge people on where they are from – except if it’s Liverpool.

    As for keeping it anonymous as possible on here – are you serious I’m not asking for your home address. If you were to say “Norway” (as a random example) I think your secret identity would be safe as they’re are 5 million people living there.

    As for what set me off – I have a compulsion, if someone’s acting like a cunt I get this overwhelming urge to tell them.

  63. Thorough

    Un na naaiDecember 18, 2019 16:28:57
    ThoroughDecember 18, 2019 15:49:30
    I’m sorry I will judge Arteta after 3 matches max.Thorough
    See here

    Oh the irony!
    So I said I was going to see if he does anything different from the last 2 coaches by seeing what he does in his first 3 games means I’ve judged him already?

    And BTW I thought we were done with the diatribe already?
    Guess I’ll go find my embarrassing kinsmen now.

  64. Marc


    On a serious note I will get behind Arteta and hope he does well.

    If he’s half as good as Pedro’s been eulogising for the last 18 months Arsenal will rule the world by the summer!

  65. Marc


    You said you’d judge Arteta after 3 matches – that generally means that after 3 matches you would have made a judgement on him.

  66. Gentlebris

    ‘Firstly I don’t judge people on where they are from – except if it’s Liverpool.’

    But why would you be interested in where I live and what my nationality is in the first place?

    To see if you could assume a throne of superiority from that angle as your only accomplishment in life is being born British?

    No wonder the ladies keep rejecting you.

  67. azed

    “Would you spend circa 35 mil on Ceballos to make him permanent? ”

    Nope. I would rather spend that money on a more athletic midfielder in the mould of Diaby(combine technicality with strength).

  68. alexanderhenry

    Looks like it’s done. Let’s give Arteta a proper chance and some support.
    I’m cautiously optimistic about the hire anyway.

    I’m not sure that the current squad has the quality to finish top four- not this season-, but we should all expect to see some improvement.
    Better football too hopefully.

    Also, I look forward to seeing the back of our overpaid, dead wood.

  69. guest man aka WW

    AMN seems to get the same polarised opinions as the ox did. We are now seeing the proper oxlade poerform, as many of us felt was always potentially there at arsenal.
    But if arteta can kick out the dross, lazy and awkward players, we may see the young talent rise up.
    Its simple: players having to play with OZil xhaka and others just lose their desire……its like theyre thinking..”why should i slog my guts out when these wankers stroll around and fail to put their bodies on the line”.
    Hardly an ADAMS inspirational demonstration of commitment is it!

  70. Champagne charlie


    Anyone in particular you fancy mate?

    Have to agree re:Ceballos, but he’s every opportunity to earn his contract under Mikel. Same with Torreira who has been flirting to leave, Xhaka the same although might be good time to chuck him for some money to fund a rebrand.

    Grealish, Neves, Doucoure are PL ready midfielders we’d benefit from for differing reasons imo….don’t rate Rice who’s often touted. Grealish my obvious fave as a number 8.

  71. Gentlebris

    ‘I think Mentalbris would be a more apt moniker.’

    Rambo, I actually think myself gentle and i like everybody here(except an acidic guy I try to avoid)no matter how aggressive I might seem to react to your posts.

    To me it’s sport being here, something I do to take my mind off work for as long as possible.

    But you can’t go ballistic on me for no reason and be demanding to know my nationality in the heat of that argument.

    No, you can’t.

  72. Marc

    Any of our American friends on here?

    Just curious on their take whether Trump will be impeached or not?

    Will it have any major effect on his re-election campaign etc?

  73. Thorough

    So if he keeps picking these relics and bench graffers like Martinelli and Torreira you won’t doubt if he’s the messiah?
    After Ljungbergs first line up didn’t you get pissed?

    And by the way three matches is 270 minutes away. If he gets his line up wrong and gets the subs wrong then you won’t doubt him? He’s he never to be judged because we’ve been shit for so long?

  74. guest man aka WW

    what is the fuss with Declan rice.?
    England teams greatest ever passer of the ball…100% accurate…………..but 90% back passes, the other barely forward.

  75. Marc


    There’s a difference between making an assessment of his early performance and making a final judgement on him. Your 3 matches which include 2 away matches as well as a home match against Chelsea over the Christmas period when he’ll have only a handful of training sessions for all 3 matches is being overly critical.

  76. Marko

    Can the cheerleaders relax he hasn’t even started yet and the battle lines are being drawn. Look it is courageous sure but he’s getting paid 5 million a year and jumping from assistant to manager of a top whatever club in world football. You make it sound like it’s a tough decision when in fact he’s lucky to be getting the opportunity. Lad basically skipped a stint at Celta Vigo or Hoffenheim and went straight to a big club.

  77. MGooner

    @ Marc

    Trump has a majority and will not be impeached.

    he is a showman and has energized his base. This along with the paucity of Democrat candidates will ensure his re-election.

    Trump is good for the world.

  78. Marc


    Didn’t realise you were from the States.

    From my where I see it it does strike me as if the Democrats are doing it without a long term strategic plan in place.

    They don’t like Trump and see an opportunity to land a win.

  79. Thorough

    Firstly let me rephrase, I’ll start doubting his perceived abilities if this team don’t look like they’re going somehwre.
    And BTW I’m not talking about results at all. Chelsea lost their first few games under Lampard but if you watched any of the matches you’ll realize he had a philosophy and had an inkling what he was doing. He doesn’t even have to win or draw any of those games for me to think he’s on the right path. I think you’re just getting bogged down with semantics. An Arteta team shouldn’t look as disorganized and rudderless as we’ve looked this season. An Arteta team shouldn’t be getting out shot by minnows. That’s all I’m talking about. A defence with the right shape. A compact midfield where everybody knows their role. An attack with the right mixture of pace and guile.

  80. Guns of SF

    Fuck Donald John Trump

    Piece of shit.
    He will be impeached in the house, but McConnell that lame little dick will likely drop all charges against him, or if it goes to a vote, the senate will save his bacon.

    I think that he will lose the election… riding the coattails or Obama’s economic growth. Trump has done jack shit for the US. Created chaos in the world mostly.
    Racist bigoted criminal he is.

    Need any more opinion on that Marc?
    I think that

  81. Marko

    TR7 all I can say is that I clearly don’t see this great talent in AMN that you see. All I see is an error prone idiot with no attention span. His passing is basic his dribbling is hit and run based. He’s fast I’ll give him that which makes his trotting back into position all the more frustrating. I’ll leave it at that because honestly given his performances over the last couple seasons it’s beyond stupid to even debate such a player. Worth noting though this right here is why we’re shite and why people think the Arsenal fanbase is full of idiots (not necessarily you). It’s Wednesday evening we’re sitting in 10th struggling and people feel the need to have a debate on the talent of AMN. It’s beyond me

  82. Marc


    I agree with the post above but it’s a million miles from what you posted earlier.

    I won’t be making instant decisions but will take each match as it goes, it’s the wrong time of year to give a manager 3 or even 6 matches. Hopefully we’ll see signs of improvement.

    Of course if we don’t win them all by a huge margin playing scintillating football and keeping clean sheets in every match I’ll give Pedro a huge amount of abuse!

  83. Marc


    Was curious about the general take on it in the states.

    I don’t have an opinion to be honest.

    Has there ever been a more divisive figure in politics?

  84. Thorough

    Pardon my communication, English happen to be my second language.

    Funny enough I have a good feeling about Arteta. I just think coaches should be judged no matter what. If Arsenal were Leicester, Ranieri would still be here.

  85. Luteo Guenreira

    Objective judgment of a manager is nigh impossible at Arsenal, it seems like. I’d be surprised if Arteta received any. Outlandish, undeserved praise and equally baseless derision, maybe. But objectivity? Yeah right.

  86. Elmo

    Domenec Torrent? Rodolfo Borrell?

    Would it surprise anyone here if Tets announced his new assistant and it was none other than our esteemed author and friend, Peter Wood?

  87. Luteo Guenreira

    If Pedro gets to the bench he will take Arsenal places. The stamina of those boys after a season of oat milk, can you imagine. Maybe some increase to the calf portion of the fitness regimen as an ode to CG.

  88. Marc


    I’m not sure Hitler or Stalin were divisive – 99.9% of people have much the same opinion of them.

    As for Thatcher – she was a fucking God.

  89. Guns of SF

    Whatever, I live in the SF Bay Area… we dont listen to maniacs like this fella.

    I do feel for others in other states who have to endure this asshole and his fans with MAGA hats and shit and confederate flags and such.

    Rump doesnt come near this state…

  90. Thorough

    Thanks for not sending me back to my embarrassing kinsmen like Unnai for daring to have a differing opinion.

    And I’ll be the happiest man on earth if Arteta smashes it…after Pedders that is.

  91. Luteo Guenreira


    There’s lots of Trump supporters around the Central Valley, I think. It’s made for some awkward wine tastings, I’ll tell you that much.

    “I do feel for others in other states who have to endure this asshole and his fans with MAGA hats and shit and confederate flags and such.”

    But their votes still count just as much and I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump won again. There is no Democratic candidate that compels the narrative in nearly the same way. Politics and voting is rarely actually about politics and voting, that kind of sauce matters a lot.

  92. Guns of SF


    You live in CA? We have family in Modesto, so I know exactly what you are saying. My sister lives in socal- Temecula… I cringe when I go there… its a different world from where I live but nevertheless it could be much worse elsewhere!

    the Dems need a dynamic candidate… someone who can go toe to toe with this maniac and embarras the shit out of him… the debates is where it will be determined I feel…

    Biden has sauce still- although Bernie can also take him on… notice Trump doesnt touch Bernie at all with his incessant tweets and commments

  93. Graham62

    IF it’s going to be Arteta then I’m going to be 120% behind him. Infact, we should all be 120% behind him.

    Lets all hope and pray for a sprinkling of fairy dust at Goodison on Saturday, just so he can show us that he has a touch of magic that has been missing from our club for oh so long.

    Fingers crossed.

  94. Rambo

    “Is Rambo the same poster as Rambo Ramsey?”

    Yes, there was shouting, there were tears, it was painful but I had to let Ramsey go.


    Relax bruh, it was a reference to Friends, the TV show. Are you familiar with MentalGeller?

  95. Dissenter

    The club needs to back Arteta all the way.
    The fans will definitely get behind him 100%.
    I think it’s been formally announced because it’s breaking everywhere now.

  96. Graham62

    Let’s be honest, based on current form, we are bottom three material.

    Bearing in mind Watford pulverised us at Vicarage Road, I’ll just be happy this season if we reach the 40 point barrier.

    If Arteta can get us top six it would be an astounding achievement.

    As for the Europa League, I feel it is totally irrelevant at this stage.

  97. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    Bro…you need to get your blue head of out SF.
    The democrats don’t have a candidate, have no message and have been hijacked by the left-most part of the party. Trump will usher in an era of conservative hegemony that will change the States for long time to come. Already, he’s appointed more judges than the last two presidents before him.
    I do think he should get impeached just to establish that vile behaviors aren;t acceptable. He crossed the line and should pay a price. The senate won’t remove him from office but let him be the third ever president impeached by the house.
    I detest the guy as a human being- he’s vile and lies more than he breathes but I will admit that he has been effective as president. I’ve never seen anyone know how to manipulate the markets better.
    I cannot vote for any Democrats on the ballot. It’s either I stay home or close my eyes and vote Trump. He’s been effective as president.

    Enough politics since I’ve had my say.

  98. Luteo Guenreira

    I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over ten years now, spent a year in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale before that. I have a good friend who currently lives in Fremont for work so I’ve visited the bay area a few times over the last couple years. Always felt like a little East Coast city on the Pacific. Different energy than LA.

    That’s exactly what I meant about the Central Valley though, or any place that’s a little off the more developed areas. How quickly the general world view of the population changes is alarming sometimes. The disconnect within the people is real, and it’s not just the US or Britain, it’s everywhere.

    To be honest I don’t really care who wins, the only thing that’s really changed about my life since Trump is the content of the news alerts on my phone and my taxes for the better.