Arteta close. Don’t f**k it up.

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You gotta love Arsenal.

Vinnai: ‘Yoooo, where shall we meet?’

Arteta: ‘Come to mine, but please, be discreet’

For fuck’s sake, Vinny. What are you playing at? You look like you’ve just performed a tactical chunder after Jaeger Bomb number 6 – the concerned look of a man worried he’s just soiled the tyre of a local gangster.

There are conspiracy theories doing the rounds that the above etiquette was so outrageously amateur, it might have been a ploy to flush out Pochettino.

Don’t be ridiculous. This is just a mistake. Top execs never want to be perceived as sloppy.

Also, let’s square this noise with Poch. The man wasted the last two years of his Spurs career so he could be the first manager in the new stadium. Do we really think that this summer, when he can freely move, he’s going to turn down City, Bayern and PSG to pick up our shit show for half his market value? I very much doubt it.

… but, back to the main story. All the winds are blowing in the direction of Arteta. He had Huss and Vinnai over to his house. I hear he laid on homemade sangria to set the tone… left Shakespeare, Orwell, and Amis on the coffee table to denote the sophistication of his British prose, and he had the Gervais series of The Office running in the background as a subtle dig at some of the goings-on of Unai Emery. The man gets it, he truly does, he even rocked a Savile Row 3 piece, the boy knows what the fans want. Taking the meeting in a home location as well, stunning, the man clearly rolling hard on the 3 free articles a month on HBR, Mikel, may I suggest Team of Rivals; Doris Kearns, a leadership classic, it blew my fucking mind. What a man Big Abe was, could he organise a back four on a cold night in Stoke, no doubt, no doubt.

This appears to be the 2nd or 3rd round of interviews according to reports. We are shifting into 5th gear heading into the final straight, Carlo Ancelloti has just swerved off the road into an Everton shaped puddle, this could be the real deal.

Never underestimate a gigantic fuck up, but this time, it looks like we could see Mikel Arteta at The Arsenal.

Rumours have it that City are upset about how Arsenal conducted themselves, so we’ll be paying out a fee to release the Spaniard, but they’re going to play ball. I would guess there might also be some conversations about when the start date needs to be as well. Does he step into the flames considering the next two weeks worth of fixtures? Or do the club start him in the new year? My guess, the sooner they can get him into the club, the better. We’re a complete mess.

I also suspect he’ll fancy his chances at making the top 4 this season.

This move is absolutely huge for Arsenal. It’d be a step in the right direction. We’re at a low ebb as a club, we’re not going to be able to buy our way out this summer, our only chance of a bright future is to rely on a coach that can develop our exciting young players and see out the senior dross in a Game of Thrones blood bath.

If Arteta signs, which I hope he does, he basically has a 7 month preseason (similar to Klopp). He’ll have to survey the wreckage of what he’s inherited, begin to implement a vision, and partner with the powers that be on what the rebuild will look like.

The OUT list:

  • Mustafi
  • Sokratis
  • Luiz
  • Ozil
  • Auba

All the above players are in the final year of their deal this summer and all bar Mustafi will be in their 30s by next summer. That makes them easier to move on, see Koscielny’s shit-fit last summer for confirmation that older men worry they are one injury away from having their future value halved. I would also suspect we’ll see exits for Xhaka (shite) and Lacazette (2 years left on deal). There could be £150m in fees up for grabs and £1m a week in wages.

With all that in mind, it is absolutely essential Edu and Cagigao know exactly what they are recruiting for. It’s also important they know the sort of staff they should be building around the new coach.

Mikel Arteta needs to be the real deal. We’ve had the fall guy post-Wenger in Emery. Freddie doesn’t really count. We’ve pushed all our chips onto someone that we hope embodies everything we want out of the game. Possession based attacking football of the future. This could be incredibly exciting if it works out.

The great news is the fans have been primed for the job Arteta has to do. There are no illusions about how hard things are going to be. It’s going to take some time, we’re going to see some bad results, we’re not going to have a title-winning side by March. I’m ok with that because at least we’ll be safe in the knowledge we’re building towards something exciting. No more bums at Arsenal, no more frauds that don’t love the club, it’s all about building a modern superclub with a young, innovative coach.

I think the Bundesliga is a great place to look when it comes to up and coming coaching trends. Klopp was my hipster favourite before Thomas Tuchel, now he’s blowing shit up at Liverpool. The top two teams in Germany are RB Leipzig, who have a sub-35 Nagelsmann at the wheel, and Gladbach, who hired in my RB Salzburg fave, Marco Rose. Both managers, total unknowns 3 years ago, now toppling the mighty Bayern. RB doing it with a squad with an average age of sub 24.

Hiring in Carlo would have been a disaster, the game has passed him by. You need modern thinkers that can see football from a different viewpoint, not Galactico relics. Arsenal needs a coach that work effectively with technology, scientists and analysts to gain a critical edge over their opponents. People that don’t subscribe to old fashioned notions, like ‘making more tackles wins you games.’ The sort of talent that’s moist at the concept of cognition in football. Someone that really pisses off Paul Merson and Matt Le Tissier.

Arteta loves the club.

He understands the culture. He’ll know all the things that are right and he’ll have an idea on how to fix those that are wrong. One thing you’ll never be able to accuse him of is doing things that work just for him. Emery chasing Europa League instead of top 4? Felt like he was doing that for the record books. I’m hoping we have a manager that has the right amount of Arsenal DNA. Remember, he took a pay cut to join and won trophies with us. He cried because he loves us.

Look at that video again, right now.

You back… all welled-up? Wonderful.

As for the players leaking their concerns to The Mirror (supposedly). Fuck em’ if they are real. Pep G took over at Barcelona and shipped out the problem children in his first major job at 38 years old. He told Eto’o, Deco and Ronaldinho to leave, then he built a team for the ages around Messi, utilising exciting young players to make him great. Who cares what our senior players think, they’ve been awful, we need a refresh.

A few people have mentioned that I’ve put my neck on the line for this coach. No doubt, because I believe in the idea. I’d rather shoot for the moon than settle on something that’ll ‘might’ move us a few percentage points forward if we’re lucky. Fuck that. We’ve spent 14 years playing it safe. Our meek fanbase has celebrated ‘influencers’ that warned us to ‘be careful what you wish for.’ How did that pan out? Settling for Wenger’s ‘top 4 trophy’ didn’t move us forward. We let him sink our club into mediocrity under the guise of class, he wasted disgraceful amounts of money, built a soft boy culture, and allowed elite players to leave for nothing because his ego couldn’t handle that top names would earn more money than him. Falling into Emery’s Europa League safety blanket didn’t make things better, his Europa experience wasn’t a benefit, it was a low benchmark our players happily sank below. Freddie is a dreamboat, but we knew he wasn’t right. So let’s try something bold, let’s push the needle, let’s see what all the fuss is about with the most hyped assistant manager in world football.

Could it be any worse than what we have now? No chance… and the upside could be incredible.

… before any of that can happen, let’s see if Arsenal can seal the deal. I was asked on Love Sport yesterday what Josh K would be looking for in a new coach. My guess? Someone that can deliver on ‘be excited’, hopefully, he feels that vibe from Mikel. Let’s see what happens, a young coach with vision took LA to the Super Bowl.

P.S. I’m back in London this week… get in! Now listen to my damn podcast and rate it 5*.


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  1. Mr Serge

    Cesc just on twitter and news now it’s gonna be a 3 and a half year deal and he is bringing in Burrell as his assistant who was at Barca and Liverpool and their talent scout plus one other
    Freddie staying and Gilberto could be part of the back room

  2. Marko

    Hopefully these ‘transfer discussions’ include at least two central midfielders and wide left-sided attacking option.

    If a RB isn’t targeted in January I’m pulling my hair out. One RB in the whole squad and he’s been injury plagued the last two seasons and a bit shit the last 4.

  3. Joe

    I can’t believe Pedro is putting his whole reputation on the line for Arteta.

    Hope it turns out well Pedro.

    You’ve been banging on and on and on for almost 2 years about Arteta.

  4. Marc


    There’s limited funds and several positions that we can all argue are critical to be strengthened.

    Believe in the Messiah he will save you if you follow him and also send me a cheque for £10,000.

  5. Valentin

    Pierre may have an unhealthy obsession with Özil, but there are a group of people who have also an unhealthy obsession with Wenger. For them whatever problem the club suffers, it is always Wenger’s fault. Anybody pointing that some problem were caused by the current management, and straight away the foam at mouth Wengerite and AKB name calling starts.
    Earlier, there was an idiot who was seriously complaining that Arsenal had been in decline for more than 15 years. According to his absurd need to up on Arsene Wenger’s hatred, Arsenal was in decline when the invincibles won the league.
    Whenever people pointed that Emery was not up to the job and that he had history of failing of handling the man management of star players, it was because they were closet Wenger supporters.
    Same thing when people pointed that the current management were just rank amateur, it was agenda driven.
    Bad recruitment this summer, it must be a personal vendetta against Raul.
    Unfortunately for them now most people accept those facts are true. The recruitment did not solve the major flaw of the squad. There is no arguing that Getting caught tapping up a premiership rival coach by newspapers just show incompetence and sloppyness. However most are still giving it large expecting most of us to have forgotten about their absolutely stupid previous opinions.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    There are budget restrictions, true. But that means the club has to do something it has never been good at and that is make tough choices.

    Many people on here were calling for Lacazette to be sold to fund a CB and/or midfield purchase this summer and it is these kinds of choices they have to make this January.

    Perhaps Kroenke may even need to put his hand in his pocket because he needs to pull this club out of tailspin right now.

  7. Valentin

    The most interesting thing about Arteta coming to Arsenal is the information that he is coming with his own scout.
    Either the scout is in fact going to do opposition analysis or it really means that Arteta does not trust Arsenal scouting department.
    Hopefully that would be the later and the start of the end of Raul’s scouting by contact approach.

  8. Marc

    “but there are a group of people who have also an unhealthy obsession with Wenger. For them”

    who ever replaces the Lord of all things Arsenal will never be good enough. They will forever accuse others of constantly bringing up Wenger and his failings whilst never accepting that he was finished, washed up and so past it it’s shocking. They will bring up the money spent on new players in the last couple of years but deny the money pissed up the wall by Wenger who insisted on having control on every aspect of the footballing side of the club.


    People who live in glass houses etc.

  9. Marc


    Sanllehi pulled the Ramsey contract offer the moment he took control and was widely slagged off on here for it.

    I don’t think you should confuse the Gazidis period and Sanllehi.

  10. Marko

    There’s limited funds and several positions that we can all argue are critical to be strengthened.

    Not sure I buy the limited funds stuff (mainly because you don’t try to sign Upamecano for 50 odd million spend 8 on Luiz and become skint all of a sudden) but irrespective there must be strengthening in January there must. If there isn’t he’s dumb as hell for taking the gig and we’ll be sacking him inside 12 months so what’s the point. They need to get their priorities straight. Meager budgets and a declining squad isn’t going to get us back to being a serious club again and making serious money.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I still think they need to be far tougher when it comes to selling players and squad turnover.

    We’ve bought, but people tend to linger either in the squad or on loan.

    We also need to look at the attitude of players and make sure we have the right kind in the squad.

    Right now I imagine the training ground is a nasty place at times with some of the characters.

  12. Marko

    I’m not even talking about war chests available instead I’m talking about looking at the squad and finally saying okay he’s not working he’s not working let’s replace let’s address the imbalance and lack of quality. Fucking get rid of some of this lot finally

  13. Paulinho

    First words from Arteta, impressive stuff:

    “First of all, I’m so happy to be manager of Arsenal. I hope I can transmit, from first minoot, our capacity to impose our game on the opposition. Most of all, be protoganistic in our approach.”

  14. CG


    “””Ramsey has not even played 10 games for juve is he injured as usual ?”””

    Thats more more games than Tierney then and he cost £30 000 000.

    Thing about Ramsey- he dont get injured in the big games when you need a goal or two.

    He scored 2 beauties the other week for Wales.

    Fact is :

    Arsenal have not played well for over a decade with him out of the team.

    We have seen this year alone- how much he is missed.

    Arteta being an inexperienced manager will need the best captain he can find.

    The return of Ramsey and as captain should be his priority no.1

    It would also be a good move politically because it would further humiliate Raul.

    And Raul will be doing his best to undermine Arteta from the off.

    Raul and Arteta will not last in tandem for too long.

    I’ll give it 2 transfer windows – before Raul is finally sacked.

  15. Marko

    Either the scout is in fact going to do opposition analysis or it really means that Arteta does not trust Arsenal scouting department.
    Hopefully that would be the later and the start of the end of Raul’s scouting by contact approach.

    First off the City scout we’re bringing in used to work here and he’s a youth scout he looks like a Morrow replacement. Secondly Raul’s scouting by contact approach? We’ve an analytics department and Francis Cagigao at the club. It’s a load of bollox the fear mongering about contacts and super agents.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Martinelli, Saliba, Tierney, Pepe, Dani Ceballos, Luiz.

    End of story for ‘contacts approach’ argument.

    Don’t let facts get in the way of a good agenda though.

  17. Luteo Guenreira

    I don’t know the intricacies behind how club finances work, but I just know Arsenal spent a bunch of money over the summer, even paying early to buy for future players like Saliba, basically financing Pepe etc and there had to be several reports explaining the wizardry behind how all that was even possible. Regardless of how much money there actually is, Arsenal don’t want to spend a lot. This will never change, expecting it to suddenly change is pretty optimistic.

  18. MidwestGun

    I’m very ok with and slightly excited about the prospect of some City knowledge up in our system. I think as long as the Club gives him the proper backing and weeds out the bad attitude fucks.. we all know who they are then Arteta could prove to be a good move.. Lets face it we tried stable with a good Emery. And we don’t want to do a quick fix thing Like Mourinho or an Ancelotti .. which usually crashes hard in about 2 seasons.
    So why not try young and up and comer? Arteta was on hand to witness the meltdown last match he knows the issues.. He saw Ozil disrespect the entire coaching staff and the fans. He knows how easy it was to waltz through our midfield and defense. So.. I’m very much behind a new approach.

    That said we are going to be utter crap for more then a little while until we can get things in order.. so y’all keep that in mind.. There wont be any miracles by Saturday I’m afraid. So hold your fire for awhile is all I’m saying.

    #Vote for Pedro.

  19. Marko

    Thats more more games than Tierney then and he cost £30 000 000.

    Tierney has more games and nearly double the minutes than Ramsey this season actually

  20. Marko

    Don’t let facts get in the way of a good agenda though.

    It’s a joke. Literally Pepe and Luiz signed by using super agents and people would have you believe that we’ve sold our soul. Don’t worry those pathetic Arsenal values are still intact. Know how I know? We’re still painfully shit at the moment

  21. Valentin


    Again the lies.

    It is fitting that you felt that my comment was about you. Recognise yourself in my description of unhealthy obsessed about Wenger, unreasonable men.

    I have criticised Wenger for his failing, but you have never accepted any criticism of the current regime. Any Emery or Raul criticism is viewed via the prism of pro or anti Wenger.

    Remember when I stated that if Lichsteiner is too old for Serie A, he had no chance in the more aggressive and more relentless EPL.
    Raul like Emery could do no wrong at the time. Because they were not Wenger they had to be better.

    Emery requesting a CB and a defensive midfielder and getting Denis Suarez was clearly Wenger’s fault, same thing with David Luiz.

    I find it funny that you pretend to objectively judge Arteta when until 1 month ago, you and Marko were still defending Emery.
    In fact earlier this week, Marko was still defending Emery when it is clear for everybody that he was out of his depth. Earlier today Marko was still arguing with CC about the concept of coaching and improving the team by coaching and not just by buying new players.

  22. Valentin


    I also thought that Martinelli had been spotted by Edu, however I have been told that he had recruited by our own head of scouting. So not by contact.
    I am not arguing again on Saliba’s purchase but again not by contact as he had been spotted by Sven the previous season.

    We recruited Pepe not by contact but by offering £12 millions more to his agents. It does not take a special type of genius to buy an one season hit wonder from the French league to overpay for his services and to then bribe his agents to join the club. Any idiot with somebody else chequebook can buy players under those circumstances.

    Tierney may be a good long term acquisition, as soon as he fit to play. We could have bought a decent fit left back who would have been able to play for £7 millions from the French league. So right now Tierney does not look like a great deal.

    The jury is still out on Dani Ceballos. However the jury is not out on David Luiz. Freddie is now dumping him into the Europa League.

    So yes end of discussion with regard to the contact approach. No great success on the pitch and financial mess off the pitch.

  23. Marc


    Oh dear,

    I never thought the comment was about me – I thought it was about your denial of the truth.

    I said I’d judge Emery at the end of last season – he didn’t achieve his KPI’s, was given new players this summer and got worse.

    You’ve never been able to keep your own story straight let alone pull others up on theirs.

    “I find it funny that you pretend to objectively judge Arteta ”

    All I’ve said about Arteta is I think that he’s a risk but I hope he does well – not sure that would qualify on anyone’s radar as objective more cautiously optimistic.

    You on the other hand were born full of shit, spend your days full of shit and will die full of shit. At least there’s something you can say you were consistent with.

  24. Marko

    So yes end of discussion with regard to the contact approach. No great success on the pitch and financial mess off the pitch.

    You do realize that you just referenced 6 players and said not by contact 3 times. What kind of a point are you trying to make. Still talking shit about Saliba but what’s new there. Oh and why do you think referencing the Toulouse LB for 7 million is smart. He’s ever present in a team bottom of the french league. Sounds dim to me

  25. Marko

    In fact earlier this week, Marko was still defending Emery when it is clear for everybody that he was out of his depth. Earlier today Marko was still arguing with CC about the concept of coaching and improving the team by coaching and not just by buying new players.

    Eh. Defending Emery? Here liar you’re clearly struggling but that’s okay

  26. Marc

    ” however I have been told that he had recruited by our own head of scouting. ”

    You mean someone else on here said so!

    Fuck me name a source or shut the fuck up.

  27. Marc


    You just don’t understand Valentin’s level of knowledge – it’s beyond you.

    I mean you could never comprehend “yes I said Tottenham would compete for top 4 but I also saw their downturn coming”

  28. Marko

    Marc I never told you but I was on some other blog a while back there and there was this know it all chatting absolute juvenile bollox and he too was called Valentin. I’m telling you he gets his kicks pretending to be knowledgeable on a bunch of different blogs.

  29. Valentin


    Did he ever occured to you that good untaped players tend to play for lower place teams? That how good players are discovered. They play well for lower league or lower level team. Better team spot them and buy them.
    Barcelona bought Jean-Clair Todibo from Toulouse. Does that invalidate his quality?

    Basic understanding of scouting seems to escape you.

  30. Valentin


    Which blogs, because Le-grove is the only blog I regularly post about football.
    Sounds to me that usual you smear people in order to make yourself bigger. Sad little village idiot.

  31. Marc

    On a completely different note – an episode of True Detective season 1 has just started on Sky. I’d forgotten just how good it is, anyone who hasn’t seen it should really make the effort – seriously top quality TV drama.

  32. bennydevito

    I hope we get Arteta over the line, very exciting.

    Also doesn’t matter that we apparently have no money because the consensus from the Emery outers was that we easily have a top 4 squad so no new players need bringing in.

    Excellent. Can’t wait for attacking blisterin football once more and CL football for next season.

  33. Marko

    Did he ever occured to you that good untaped players tend to play for lower place teams? That how good players are discovered. They play well for lower league or lower level team…Barcelona bought Jean-Clair Todibo from Toulouse. Does that invalidate his quality?

    Sylla is 25 you dickhead. Todibo was what 18 when he was signed and is being linked with Milan in January. Great point as per usual.

  34. Marko

    Did he say it was all Sanllehi’s fault?

    Can’t remember. It was some waffle I didn’t pay it any attention but I recognized it as him though

  35. Marko

    Basic understanding of scouting seems to escape you.

    Sure. Kieran Tierney at 22 has been highly rated and linked with major clubs in Europe for the last 4 years he depending on what site you visit has a current value of 20-30 million. Issiaga Sylla at 25 has made more or less the same amount of appearences as Tierney and has a value of about 3 million? Now which one do you think is an example of smart scouting? I’ll wait…

  36. Valentin


    I blame Gazidis and Raul for this mess.
    Gazidis because Wenger was out of contract and he gave an new contract which he did not have to. Stupidly he gave him a 2 years contract with the clear intention of replacing him after one year. But when he had to make the big decision he blew it and gave into Raul’s preference.
    Regarding Raul, I am still at a loss to see what positive he brought to the club. Got a job at Barcelona because he was mate with one of the director. Bought expensive failures for them and left before he got kicked. Then got a job at Arsenal after obviously impressing Gazidis who is now showing his talent spotting ability by tanking with another club in Italy. Since his arrival, Raul hired somebody who proved to be out of his depth, kicked the German headscout to increase his power within the club. Recruited expensive flops for Arsenal. Hire Edu and hide behind him. Dithered on hiring a replacement for the out of his depth headcoach he championed. Finally settling on the original candidate that he initially rejected.

  37. China1

    Just announce arteta already so we can all move on and get behind the new direction

    It shouldn’t need to be this much of a circus to hire a guy who has never managed a football match before, who likes the club and is interested in joining.

    Arsenal are absolute masters of making anything and everything look like the hardest thing ever

  38. Tee


    You sounded bitter up there.

    Don’t you think it’s high time you do away with Emery and face the future?

    Hope you will support Arteta if finally appointed or you are going to make everything all about your dear Emery?

    If Arteta works well so be it and if he doesn’t he gets fired.

    It’s only at arsenal that people are scared of firing any underperforming employee.

  39. Marko

    China agree. Announce him and let’s hear what he has to say in his first presser. Woo us Mikel. Woo me look into my soul through the tv camera and tell me that you’ll fucking sack off Xhaka and sort out the defence. Make me wet Mikel

  40. China1

    Was that the same gazidis who said he looked high and low and there was no better manager in world football than arsene?

    Gazidis barely even had a job to do with wenger there and was gone within months of wenger leaving when the responsibility suddenly fell at his feet, but you think he didn’t want wenger to stay?

    Strange. What’s the source of this info?

  41. China1

    Yeah despite not wanting arteta I am willing to back him but arsenal just get on with it already.

    We have always seemed to revel in these boring protracted sagas.

    Meanwhile ancellotti comes available and Everton, a club with half our resources, clout, money or prestige can almost have him signed up within a week.

    What’s our excuse?

  42. Tee


    Hope you remember Arteta is an employee of man City? Due process must be followed to wrap up the whole thing.

    Also, Pep has just said Mikel will be there with him in the dugout for their EFL cup match.

    I believe the announcement will come up any moment after the match

  43. Valentin


    The announcement that Wenger was sacked was leaked by Jack Wilshere in early 2018. The club then hastily arranged a release to state that Wenger was going to leave by mutual consent at the end of the season.

    It has now been confirmed that the idea was for the announcement to take place at a much later date. But clearly the decision to remove Wenger was taken early. Within the six first month’s of his new contract. With no early contract termination we ended up having to pay for his second year contract.

    My take is that Gazidis was hoping for a bounce and that he wanted a year anyway to plan for the post-Wenger era, which was not necessarily a bad thing. But he blew it. Instead of selecting Arteta he let himself to be convinced by Raul that Emery was a better candidate. We all know how things turn out.

    I also suspect that he chose Emery because he knew there was a good possibility he was leaving and he did not want to impose his candidate while he was leaving.

  44. Bojangles

    “I just get fucked off with people on here telling others how they should support their team.”

    Have to agree with this. Everyone supports their team the way they choose. Don’t need dickheads telling you how you should go about it.

  45. TheLegendaryDB10

    Having had a good think, as much as I feel the lack of experience was not a good point on one’s CV, Arteta is the next best thing to Pep in terms of football style. This is all conjecture at this point, of course, but there are 2 pointers to this: he was trained at la Masia, he has played at The Arsenal. The Arsenal who still back then was known for our good pleasing to the eye/ technical football. We weren’t pitted vs Barca for nothing. There was always a hint of a football spectacle in the build up and we failed consistently every time (we played them 3 times in a row in round of 16 iirc?).

    That comment by RR that we don’t have the style of players for Pep/ Arteta style football early on is correct.

    This is why I have this gut feeling that most senior players currently playing now are not going to last long.

    I’ve said it before. I want this team gutted (of the failing senior players) and the youth played. At least they will have some ceiling to improve, the motivation to play for the shirt, and who then can be replaced with better players when the right fit is found.

    We are really lucky with Martinelli. I think Arteta can work around him.

  46. BacaryisGod

    Lovely post Pedro, and I guess I’ll hop aboard the Arteta train.

    No time for evolution at this point, and I agree with shipping out all you listed but Lacazette.

    We have to sell Auba unfortunately. He’s been great but now showing signs of late Thierry with his gestures and openly yelling at teammates for a missed pass etc. I think we sell Auba and bring in Zaha. That would give us a frontline of Zaha, Laca and Pepe with Martinelli ready to step up. Zaha and Laca can play through the middle and Martinelli can play through the middle and out wide too. Bring back Eddie for depth and that’s a pretty good key five man rotation.

    Of course, that’s just the start, but we’ll be bring in Saliba next year and should keep Chambers (not right back, please) and Holding. Maybe keep Sokratis as Master of Dark Arts teacher.

    Plenty more needed, but that’s a start, Mikel.

  47. China1

    Arteta being at city is not the primary bulk of our slowness to date

    He was interviewed presumably multiple times before emery joined just over a year ago. We’ve now interviewed him three times only a year later. If arsenal knew what they wanted they wouldn’t have such a drawn out process with him. In total interviewed probably 5 times in the last 16 or so months. Making a deal with city is just a formality

    Don’t tell him they’re worried they can’t win a carabao cup match without the assistant manager when they have pep in charge and a squad that good and expensive. It’s a misnomer. What impact would arteta have on their ability to win that match?

    Arsenal are simply indecisive and have been for decades and the consequence is everything takes twice as long as it needs to.

  48. China1

    Valentin what’s your point in that?

    Where was your evidence that gazidis wanted to kick him out after 1 year but offered him two AND no early termination clause instead?

    That’s your point, who leaked what is irrelevant

  49. China1

    Also why would gazidis offer him two years and no early termination clause if he wanted him out within 1?

    Meanwhile it was widely reported that it was the kroenkes who had intervened after the cup win to give him that contract….

  50. Nelson

    Just get to know Mikel Arteta a little bit.

    – He describes himself wanting his players to give 120% “if not, you don’t play for him.
    – He wants the football to be expressive, entertaining. “We have to dictate the game, we have to be the ones taking the initiative, and we have to entertain the people coming to watch us.”
    – You can have an idea of a system, but you need to be able to transform it depending on the players you have.
    – You have to look at how you can hurt whoever you are playing against. Is there something they don’t like to do? If so, we’re going to make them do plenty of it.

    It all sounds nice and intelligent. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  51. Useroz

    Pep reportedly saying Arteta may not be able to turnaround a struggling arsenal…

    If pep’ positive comments on Arteta are relied upon by many as justification to hire should his latest one be counted and thus raises concerns over the shitty condition of the squad

    If pep feels that way God helps whoever is coming in …

  52. Aussie Gooner

    Arteta can only work with what he has got at hand. I would not expect an influx of transfers any time soon. The real scandal here is how come we are in this situation? No RB/LB cover, not even in the academy, no decent CBs for years, no leaders on the pitch, no midfield options, team full of over paid journey men etc etc. Who should take the blame for this debacle?

    Good luck Arteta, you will need it! Just collect your 10m salary and hope it doesn’t ruin your fledgling reputation!

  53. Useroz

    “– He describes himself wanting his players to give 120% “if not, you don’t play for him.“

    Arteta could fire the entire squad probably bar Martinelli

    Does anyone recall watching other players giving 120% or thereabouts on the pitch this season … effort not antics though?

  54. Tony

    So almost done then?

    “Mikel Arteta set to be announced as Arsenal boss as Josh Kroenke flies back to the US after approving three-and-a-half year deal worth £5m a season

    Mikel Arteta is on the brink of being appointed as Arsenal’s new manager

    He is in advanced talks with the Emirates hierarchy and is the clear favourite

    Club director Josh Kroenke is back in the the US after the recruitment process

    Ex-Gunners midfielder Arteta could face his former side Everton on Saturday”

  55. Aussie Gooner


    If Arteta is looking only for players giving 120% then he is going to be pretty lonely in the dressing room!

  56. Tony

    Guess we’ll find out soon whether we’re entering the next stage of the managerial abyss or hiring the next material legend by hiring Arteta.

  57. Tony

    A lot will depend on the support Arteta gets from Raul & Edu buying the players Arteta wants to bring in and the Kroenkes making enough funds available and Del Boy Raul selling Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Auba, Luiz, Mhiki, Bellerin, Kola in that order.

  58. Tony

    Carlo stalling at Everton over how big his cheque book is going to be for the next 2 transfer windows.

    Still a cheque book manager then and really not for us.

  59. Tony

    This could be interesting with Arteta bringing his own scout/talent spotter: wonder what Cagagio thinks about that?

    “Arsenal closing in on Manchester City double swoop with talent-spotter Sam Fagbemi set to join… as talks continue over Mikel Arteta becoming new boss

    Sam Fagbemi is currently Manchester City’s leading recruitment specialist

    The 25-year-old leads City’s youth scouting strategy in the south

    Arsenal have offered him a stronger grip on their youth recruitment than City”

  60. Marko

    Tony he’s a Morrow replacement not a Cagigao one. No way they’re binning the guy responsible for Martinelli and Fabregas for a 25 year old who specializes in kids

  61. Joe

    Love how some of the posters on here go on about “ well you backed emery”. Well yeah of course he came in and went 21 undefeated but as soon as I Could see he wasn’t good enough I was happy to see him go

    It’ll be interesting to see how many of you who have been blowing Arteta for 2 years will react when it doesn’t work out and he’s not the special sauce you think he is. Especially Pedro

    Wonder how much time you’ll afford him.

    After all. This is a top 4 squad. As a lot of you say.

    Now saying all that. I hope Arteta comes in and kicks ass and takes us forward

    But he wouldn’t be my choice. At all

  62. SP

    Carlo is just waiting for the Arteta announcement. He was interested in the Arsenal job earlier as well . He joined Napoli after Arsenal officially announced Emery.

  63. Tony

    “But he wouldn’t be my choice. At all”

    Nor mine, I wanted Rogers or Nagalesman

    I’m highly skeptical of Arteta but will support him and hope for the best.

  64. Pedro

    Joe, you didn’t just back Emery, you went to war for him. Shot down anyone that doubted him, attacked people’s character, called them losers.

    How did that work out?

    Arteta is picking up a squad that was brutalised by Emery, in the middle the worst run in 38 years.

    This isn’t the same situation, but I’ve no doubt he’ll kick us on this season.

  65. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Arteta is picking up a squad that was brutalised by Emery”

    Seen this a couple of times now, how were they brutalised exactly? Yes, he switched lineups and personnel far too often but the shit players were shit before he arrived and will be shit after he leaves, no brutalising involved.

    If Arteta is required to rely on the same failing senior players and untested youths he will fail to move us forward, hopefully the execs have seen enough to understand we have to accelerate the squad rebuild now before it’s too late.

    Never was a fan of Arteta but if he’s the new manager I’ll get behind him until he proves he can’t handle it, just like every decent fan will.
    There’s a lesson in there for some people.

  66. Pedro

    Freddie, he over trained them in season one, breaking Ramsey in the process.

    He didn’t coach them, so they all regressed.

    He broke their confidence. So now, a team that finished 5th, 2 points from 3rd, looks like relegation fodder.

    Great coaches make players better, the fact he didn’t tells you all you need to know.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg

    Broke Ramsey? Again with this bullshit Pedro, he’s gone you can stop the smear campaign. Ramsey has been broken for many many years.

    We sold off PL experienced albeit flawed players who had reached their ceiling and replaced with untried youths or players that has hardly played or adapted yet but has a much greater ceiling.

    If you think players like Ozil/Xhaka/Mustafi/Sokratis/ etc has another level in them it’s going to be interesting to see them improve now. I’m just hoping for the clubs and Artetas sake we move them on instead, the experiment with those wasters has run its course.

  68. China1

    Lol Pedro

    I guess wenger and now sarri are also over training Ramsey considering he was a crock before and since emery

  69. China1

    And yeah our worst players this season aren’t so because of double training sessions for a couple of months A YEAR AGO

    At least try to be objective Pedro. Emery did a wank job himself without needing people on here to add additional criticisms that patently don’t hold up in decemberv2019.

    Excuses in for arteta already?

  70. Dark Hei


    You are smart guy; you probably could read between the lines that Ivan clearly didn’t want Wenger around.

    The transfer of Mavropanos behind Wenger’s back. The photo of Ivan, Huss and Sven looking at Aubameyang’s car. Ivan sitting on Wenger’s chair when doing his eulogy, I mean farewell, for Wenger.

    Valentin clearly had it right. Ivan didn’t want Wenger. BUT, he didn’t have any infrastructure in place. Sven and Raul came in only when the season was on its way. So he had to keep Wenger around, and I guess Wenger said 2 years or no deal.

  71. China1

    When every manager you’ve ever had breaks you with ‘brutal’ over training one has to look at the player as the problem

  72. Aussie Gooner

    Over trained Ramsey? The bottom line is that Ramsey always has been and always will be injury prone due to inherent weakness/past injuries.

  73. China1

    Dark hey I see your point but I’m not convinced

    All reports were stan enjoying the cup final win and wenger dealing directly with him as usual

    After Stan gives the go ahead, the contract details become more of a formality and Ivan is basically irrelevant to the process

    If you recall, the second half of that season was a complete circus with wenger always explaining that he will decide whether or not he stays etc. there was never any indication that wenger didn’t have the (unofficial) authority to give himself a new contract irrespective of Ivan and co. All it would take is a decision to stay from arsene and a phone call to Stan (or as we saw a meeting after the cup final win)

    Even then at Ivan’s peak of power relative to arsene he was still mostly just a figurehead Lame duck with just a few limitations put in place on wengers club managerial dominance

  74. China1

    That new contract would’ve probably been signed a lot earlier but wenger seemed to take issue with being challenged by the media and fans and seemed to revel in stringing everyone along

    I think Ivan was irrelevant

  75. Sid

    Now that Arteta is coming lets stick to the narrative that we have good players as it has been told here.
    One more thing overtraining Ramsey is him bending to tie his shoe laces. Its happened again at juventus.

  76. Mysticleaves

    Note to Valentin and Dark Hei.

    At no point during the Wenger Gazidis years was Gazidis ever able to boss Wenger. Wenger had a direct line to Stan so IG didn’t matter to him. IG for all his failures, wanted to move away from Wenger (or at least his way if doing things)much earlier than we did but was hamstrung because Stan was loyal to Wenger. That last deal was all Stan. Nothing to do with Gazidis. Infact it took the intervention of Josh for Gazidis office to command any sort of respect within the club.

    Also, IG, Raul and Diamond Eye made a vote and IG being the CEO (who could have still overruled the outcome of the vote and gotten his own candidate in) ratified the process and selected the coach. Raul had nothing to do with hiring Unai Emery.

    But agendas eh…

  77. Mysticleaves

    As for Arteta, if he comes in, I will support him. I think everybody will. It was just stupid that Pedro and his gang weren’t willing to support Unai from the go.

    Txiki and Soriano took Barca IP to City and got them where they are with pep. Hopefully Raul is taking Barca IP and Man City IP and we’d be all the better for it. One can only hope

  78. Tony

    I get your need to drive traffic here, Pedro, but don’t stoop to Pierre’s levels of irrelevant BS and obsessiveness re Emery/Ozil/Wenger.

    Kudos to you for calling Emery out for what he was right from the get go, but your Arteta backing/arguments are becoming embarrassing for you.

    If Arteta goes tits up as it could well do, you should leave a bigger hole to crawl into than you had for your Gazidis debacle.

    Let’s clean slate it from here and no more excuses Pedro, such as Emery ruining the squad.

    What will be next nasty Raul got Arteta the wrong players or cheapskate Kroenke not supporting Arteta with the necessary funds?

    Oh wait the latter doesn’t apply because the squad is good enough for 3rd/4th, which to be fair I backed at the beginning of the season, but with caveats of Emery getting his shit together and not playing Xhaka and Ozil.

  79. Gentlebris

    Man United have gone crazy again, chasing Haaland with £76m.

    £76m for a player that is very untested on the big stage? Crazy!

  80. Receding Hairline

    No need making excuses for Arteta with terms like brutalizing and lacking confidence.

    You keel referencing a team finishing two points off third last season, who coached that team? Yea the same man who brutalized and sucked them dry of confidence this season.

    Some jobs don’t work out. Emery has paid the price with his job and moved on. Let him be. Now the players and the new gaffer should do their jobs.

    Just like the constant reference to Wenger, the Emery one has gotten old. If the players were willing to do their jobs without whining we wouldn’t be were we are. The new manager must be backed to change that culture. Make no mistake about it these players will rebel, consistency of performance requires an attitude and application 70% of them lack.

    They are coasters

  81. Mysticleaves

    For the guy hoping Arteta would make anything of Ozil hear what Freddie said after the City match

    “But I’m the coach at the moment and I made the decision I wanted more energy in the team. We want possession but sometimes we need to run and tackle and win the ball back. I think Emile did extremely well in Belgium on Thursday, and I wanted to give him a chance. I think he did well when he came on.”

    I think we need to sell Ozil in January. He undermines any coaches that we have and is quite frankly a bad egg. He also doesn’t perform. I don’t see his need anymore

  82. Mysticleaves

    Receding on point. Unai wanted to change that culture but the fans revolted and sang for the greatest enabler of the coasting culture, Ozil. The players cried that they were asked to work too hard and fans like Valentin and Pedro ran with it.

    I think Unai didn’t actually fail cos he was shit, hes far from shit. There was a resignation on his part that these players mentality is trash and that fans don’t even understand how bad they got, they can’t be coached. They won’t have the patience to see it change either.

    It was clear to see he had a plan for Arsenal. It was also clear to see he abandoned that plan after 6 months and just got by with whatever till he was sacked.

  83. Gentlebris

    ‘I can’t believe Pedro is putting his whole reputation on the line for Arteta.’

    This is actually about a reputation war for Pedro, he got his rep dented on Gazidis and he’s staking it all in a win or burst wager on Arteta. Never have I seen a man this intelligent refusing so much reasons.

    Maybe he thought luck would reject his bet and Arteta wouldn’t be hired so he could continue waving the Arteta flag in a stance of superiority. But now his bet seems placed.

    Let’s pray for Pedro…..the stakes are too high.

  84. SP

    Arsenal’s performances became worse after Emery included Ozil in the squad.
    Ozil fanboys even held Emery responsible for destroying Ozil’s career lol…
    Emery should have never backtracked on his decision of dropping Ozil. It turned out to be a big big mistake which even costed Emery his job.

    I hope Arteta manages to get rid of Ozil somehow. Its not going to be easy but Arteta doesnt seem to be a coward from what I have been reading about him from the past few days.

  85. Graham62


    “they can’t be coached”

    I beg to differ. Anyone can be coached irrespective of age and ability. The thing is with these group of players went from one extreme,under Wenger, to another under Emery.

    Wheras Wenger allowed players the freedom to express with zilch attention to tactical awareness, Emery overplayed the tactics but nullified the positive aspects of the game.

    Playing sport at any level can become boring and mentally draining if you become too concerned with doing things just for the sake of doing things. I believe this was Emery’s failing.

    Emery killed the enjoyment factor in his training methods. Seeing him putting out the cones and high fiving the players during the sessions suffocates the players. Give us a break!

    Progressive coaching is based on simplicity when working on your strengths and weaknesses. All these players are professional athletes and are capable of doing things we can only dream of.

    I sincerely hope Arteta is as good as some on here seem to think he is and that he gets the players to work on their weaknesses but also at the same time remember their own skills and strengths when combating the opposition.

    Watch this space.

  86. Bishans

    u/Mao14351h posted this on Reddit..

    Hard to be a Chinese Arsenal fan these days

    After the Ozil incident, as you might’ve predicted, the Chinese cyberspace these days is not exactly kind to someone who doesn’t buy into the palaver paddled by the government. Anyone who actually reads foreign press and knows a bit about Xinjiang’s history knows that all the official rhetoric about the internment camps being “reeducation centers” is about as plausible as Nazi concentration camps and gulags being “re-education centers”.

    But oh my god all the people here are so brainwashed by years of patriotic education and internet censorship. Ozil is openly called a terrorist, and believe it or not, Arsenal is now pretty much persona non grata, guilt by association. You have neutral fans cheering on Man City’s battering of Arsenal because that somehow satisfies their desire to see Arsenal get its comeuppance. My fellow Arsenal fans in chat groups openly burn their Ozil shirt (the same group of people just days before commend Ozil for charitable activities). I got grilled by colleagues who “inquire” about my lasting loyalty to Ozil and Arsenal and I have to fudge my through the conversation.

    Man it feels good to let all this out. People like me wouldn’t dare to voice our opinions on the Chinese social media. We don’t even dare to voice such opinion in front of friends we’ve known for years because again, believe it or not, most people sincerely believe the lies proffered by the government.

  87. Receding Hairline

    SP Liam Brady said the same

    He said Emery going back on his Ozil decision which was the right decision to begin was one of the reasons he was sacked.

    We will be reading a bit about the squad Emery brutalized on here for a while before Pedro goes on an all out war against certain players

  88. Gentlebris

    Wasn’t it reported Arteta always stared down the lazy players when he was Arsenal captain? This seems a time Ozil will be highly rewarded for his laziness.

    I’m glad.

  89. Tee

    Emery’s failure had nothing to do with ozil. Emery tanked big time. End of.

    Emery decided to turn to ozil when things were going gung-ho just like he did in his first season with Ramsey.

    Ozil must be shipped out by January because he had nothing to offer again.

    If y’all could back Emery, even to the extent of making silly comments, Pedro has all the right in the world to back Mikel.

    Pedro’s reputation is not attached to whoever he fancies.

    I also observe all these Pedro’s reputation comments are coming from Emery’s goons.

  90. Mysticleaves

    Graham, you grossly misunderstood me. Or maybe my post wasn’t clear enough. I don’t have the eloquent writing skills of Bamford.

    When I said these players can’t be coached I meant mentality wise. Before you get to some tactical and physical coachings you have to get into their mind. These players weren’t ready for the cultural shift that Emery came with. So they couldn’t be coached. The fans also didn’t understand how bad things were so they flipped on Emery.

    Whoever the coach is going forward, whatever he decides to do, whoever he decides to ostracize, we the fans, starting with people like Pedro that have blogs and readership should back him and understand his processes instead of churning 2500 posts a day talking about how he has no sauce.

    Emery never had that support. Whatever he did he was criticized, in the stadium, by the players, by the blogs. So he relaxed and collected his money las las.

    I pray Arteta gets it. Cos it will get ugly before it gets beautiful. We must go through that ugly phase the fans seem to be avoiding.

  91. Sid

    The director of football is the main man.
    Thats why klopps last season at dortmund was bad. Thats why wenger did well with paddy, bergamp, henry then later was found out. Its not that his management was good at one point then bad at another. Reason emery was good at seville.
    Players over coaching.
    Im telling you this for free!

  92. Gentlebris

    ‘I also observe all these Pedro’s reputation comments are coming from Emery’s goons.’

    No, it’s coming from one of those who called Emery out very blatantly as early as Liverpool, you scrotum-scratching egg-licking wanker.

  93. Valentin


    “Raul had nothing to do with hiring Unai Emery.”

    It is well known that Gazidis wanted Arteta but lost his bottle after Raul pushed his candidate. Emery was not even on the original list of candidates. Raul put it there.
    How did Emery make his PowerPoint presentation without speaking English? Raul did the translation.

    The fingerprints of Raul are all over that appointment.

    Gazidis as further shown by his stint in Italy does not know football. He is a salesman guy who relies on the advices of other people to make football related decision.
    Maybe very good at his original role, but clearly over promoted. He keep hiring the wrong people and then blame them for his management failure.
    In what world would have any competent CEO hire a manager who can’t do man management, whose tactics were criticised by players and opponent alike and who even in his native tongue has a reputation as a poor communicator. Not once but three times.
    Look at Gazidis choice of manager/headcoach. You’d think that after Emery, he could not choose worse, he hired Gatuso. Then he fired him and hire somebody so bad, people were against that appointment before the guy even officially signed. Giampaolo lasted only 7 games.
    At least the latest one Stephen Pioli seems to know what he is doing.

  94. Graham62

    I know its all hypothetical but if Ozil was not at the club when Emery arrived, which should have been the case, it would have made his job a damn sight easier.

    Irrespective of his failings as a manager/coach, the toxicity created by having Ozil around meant that Emery was always going to have major problems.

  95. Valentin

    Emery decided to turn to Özil when things were went pear shape. Did the same thing with Ramsey in his first season.
    Nobody would have criticised him for ostracizing Özil if the team had been successful. But no the football was terrible and we stopped winning. When initially the football was dire, but the results were there, but Once we stopped winning ugly, then people started to raise the question the decision. Why ostracise our best attacking midfielder and highest paid player if the results and the play are worse without him?

    If Arteta decide to ostracise Özil and show a path for Arsenal to first win without him and then win playing pretty football, most reasonable fans would be very happy with the outcome.

  96. habesha gooner

    It’s not just pedro who has put his reputation on the line for arteta. Raul, Edu and Vinai have also put theirs on the line with his appointment. He turns out to be good and they will look like geniuses, if not Somebody has to lose their job. I know the unknown is Exciting but most times Logical reasoning trumps a hope of it turns out to be good. Pedro has also started with the excuses. If Arteta fails to improve our XG and some other stats you are going to have to judge him around 6 months like you did Emery. Consistency is needed. The rest of us who judged Emery at a year will give arteta the same time.

  97. David Garrett

    Great article, really hope arsenal don’t f*ck this up.
    Did u hear that knob Durham call Arteta “guardiolas teaboy”? Wot a bellend.
    All the people clamouring 4 Ancelloti don’t have a clue, the guy hasn’t won a trophy in 9 years and managed Napoli a team we spanked last year and we r absolute shite. Have a good feeling about Arteta. Hope if he gets the job he is given time.

  98. Graham62

    I must admit Arteta’s expression in the photo says

    “You don’t know me. You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

    10/10 for that anyway.

  99. Mysticleaves


    It is well known that Gazidis wanted Arteta but lost his bottle after Raul pushed his candidate. Emery was not even on the original list of candidates. Raul put it there.”

    No sir. It’s well known that Arteta was interviewed, likewise Emery. And Gazidis put it to a vote and all 3 selected Emery. It is also well known that what might have tipped the vote for Emery was his bravery in accepting all the conditions he would have to work it. If there was a battle, Gazidis was the top dog. No one at that point was more powerful within the decision makers or had more legs to higher ups. He hired Raul and Sven. They were under him. He didn’t lose any battle.

    So again, Raul had nothing to do with hiring Unai. All on Gazidis.

  100. Valentin


    If Özil had not been at Arsenal, Emery would have found another scapegoat. Emery had issues with Ramsey, Lacazette, Aubameyang. Even his pet protege Xhaka ended up resenting him for his treatment.

    It is telling that Emery had man management issues with senior players at both PSG, Arsenal, and in Ukraine. Also in Spain one of the players said that he left because he could not take another season under Emery.

    I believe that he does not exude confidence in his own ability and that players are like circus lions and tigers. Whenever they smell fear in the tamer, they resist his authority and in the end they attack and devour him.

  101. Mysticleaves

    “At least the latest one Stephen Pioli seems to know what he is doing.”

    So clearly Gazidis didn’t hire him right?

  102. Chika

    Emery was failing badly, he panicked and decided to reinstate Ozil into the squad. Glad the fraud is finally out. Now let’s start a new era with Arteta, exciting times ahead!

  103. Mysticleaves

    Also would also like to point out that Emery has done wonders and actually overachieved in almost every club he has been in since he started management. Only blips are Arsenal and Moscow who are institutionally unstable. Psg was per the course.

    He’s not a dud. He’s a very good coach.

  104. Mysticleaves

    Think we should start using what Zlatan or few other players have said about Pep to judge his prowess too. Or what a few players have said about Wenger, or Jose, or Ancelotti or every fucking coach in the world.

  105. Receding Hairline

    Massively exposed as what?

    As a man who stepped into a struggling team and took them to two points off third and a European cup final loss in his first season?

    As a man who picked up 7/10 trophies on offer at PSG despite language difficulties?

    As a three team European cup winner?

    He has been sacked so what? Almost every coach in the world has been sacked once upon a time have they all been exposed?

    You offer very little in any conversation Un na nai and that’s bad for a supposed adult

  106. Ishola70


    You are making a defence of Ozil.

    Freddie L in his post match presser after the Man City match when asked why he subbed Ozil answered that he wanted a player on the pitch that could run and tackle.

    That is openly publically dissing the player.

    How many managers/interim managers do you want to think Ozil is a cunt before you agree with them or would you rather keep taking the side of the player and blaming the managers?

  107. Receding Hairline

    Tony Carlo Ancellotti was literally fired a few days ago but we have fans crying for him to take the Arsenal job.

    Mehdi Benatia just criticized Pep Guardiola for his people skills. You can’t get along with everyone so this constant harping on Emery’s relationship with players past and present is nonsense too. Pretty sure many Arsenal players got along with him.

    They all love Freddie I am told, how has that helped us exactly?

    Emery is gone, he will get another job in no distant time because he is a very good coach, he doesn’t need anyone’s recommendations on le Grove for that.

    Let’s focus on the man coming in. The future.

  108. Pierre

    I have been noting how le Grove have been flip flopping regarding Ozil over the last couple of months and now the ozil obsessives have decided to go after him with both barrels.

    Before he was reinstated back into the side, there was a clamour from probably 80% of posters to bring him back into the side.

    He was mom v liverpool away and everyone was singing his praises.
    Since then he has played ok , nothing special , just ok .

    Results haven’t been brilliant have they , lots of draws , some defeats and a victory or 2 during this spell.

    I think it’s fair to say that not one outfield player ( Martinelli the exception) has done themselves justice during this recent spell.

    All the players confidence are rock bottom, the team is totally dysfunctional and the quality of the football has been very poor.

    It looks like the fans have decided that it’s Ozil’s fault even though he has been no worse than anyone else on the pitch.

    To me , by blaming ozil , it shows a little ignorance of the situation.

    These same people were calling for Ozil to be reinstated to the team 6 weeks ago, all we heard was ” the team are lacking creativity , bring ozil back”….it didn’t work out due to Ozil not being able to make an impact and the dire performances of the team as a whole .

    But, of course, it has given the Ozil obsessives the ammunition they need , which is to be expected.

    They need to make up their mind instead of continually flip flopping .
    We were crap without him in the side and we were crap with him in the side.

    Will he play under Arteta, maybe….will Arteta prefer the more technically gifted players who can pass and retain the ball , maybe….

    All I know is that Arteta will set us up in a way that will help all players play to their full potential.

    It may or may not include Ozil and to be honest, if Arsenal are successful and ozil never kicks a ball for the club again, it wouldn’t bother me .
    I just think the ozil obsessives need to look at the bigger picture and ask themselves why have ALL our players regressed so alarmingly during the last 18 months.

  109. Sid

    TonyDecember 18, 2019 08:13:56
    Wasn’t Wenger fired from Monaco and Japan before coming to Arsenal?

    This right here is why im telling you the director of football is more important than the manager.
    & im telling you for free!

  110. Ishola70

    Mesut Ozil only showed petulance against Man City and mouthed off Ljungberg after the Brighton match because he thinks he can get away with it. He is up his own arse.

    And why shouldn’t he be. We had a fair size of the fanbase screaming for his return and idiots on here celebrating that he outlasts a manager.

    Fucking player fanboys.

  111. Receding Hairline

    Don you toddler

    That last 50 games crap will always be just that crap

    This is how Emery stats will read as Arsenal coach

    Played 78, won 43,lost 19,drew 16. A win percentage of 55%

    He will also be the man that finished 2 points off third in his first season in English football, outscoring Pochettino and Sarri(two supposed attacking powerhouses) in the process.

    He will also be remembered as the man who got sacked after a very poor start to the new season, nothing overly dramatic there, just par the course in football.

    No massive exposure either… So shut up.

  112. Ishola70

    Why don’t people just wait and see how Arteta does in his first period with Arsenal before implying all will be well now and slagging what went before.

    This is 4th place sewn up, chance for third place and great summer transfer window all over again.

    Some never learn.

    Hold your horses.

  113. TR7

    ”Why don’t people just wait and see how Arteta does in his first period with Arsenal before implying all will be well now and slagging what went before.This is 4th place sewn up, chance for third place and great summer transfer window all over again.Some never learn.Hold your horses.”


  114. DigitalBob

    Ishola70 – Exactly, he is a complete unknown all we can do is hope he is the right appointment, as the saying goes a smooth sea never made a skilful sailor, he may be just what we need.

  115. TBone

    If Arteta does come in, the first thing he needs to do is tell Ozil that he is as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool and he can fuck right off in January.

  116. Mysticleaves

    I am not sure no one is writing him off. People prefer other people but will still give Arteta his fair chance. More important than his coaching skills, however should be his communication skills to the media.

    These our fans still think we can make top 4 this season with signings in January. Although this could be possible, it shouldn’t be our goal. January should be targeted at our rebuild. From scratch. If we happen to name top 4 by the end of the season, better.

  117. Chika


    “More important than his coaching skills, however should be his communication skills to the media.”

    Yes his communication skill is very impressive. However, why do you think his communication skills to the media should be more important than his coaching skills?

  118. Chika


    “I am not sure no one is writing him off. People prefer other people but will still give Arteta his fair chance.”

    errm your first line actually confirms people are writing him off.

  119. Gentlebris

    ‘As a man who stepped into a struggling team and took them to two points off third and a European cup final loss in his first season?’

    Wasn’t expecting you to talk up a Europa final failure when you would so much condemn a C.L final miss.

    Double standard?

  120. Freddie Ljungberg

    The daily star claiming we’re not buying anyone in January and are just looking to offload Ozil and Mustafi. Really hope that is not true, it’s not even close to enough and if Arteta has any input on that decision he will struggle the rest of the season.

    Xhaka must be included in that list and we have to buy a CB and CM at least to give us a chance to turn this around. If that means we have to sell one of our strikers to finance it then so be it.

    Lots of rumblings we’ve agreed a deal with Fenerbache to take Ozil off our hands, loan at first and then permanent in the summer, not sure how that would work though, surely we’re not getting a fee for him? Would be amazing if we did though.

  121. Chika

    We definitely should try to get a CM and CB in January. Are there interesting loan signings we could consider?

    At this point, it’s in the interest of everyone that Ozil moves on.