Arteta close. Don’t f**k it up.

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You gotta love Arsenal.

Vinnai: ‘Yoooo, where shall we meet?’

Arteta: ‘Come to mine, but please, be discreet’

For fuck’s sake, Vinny. What are you playing at? You look like you’ve just performed a tactical chunder after Jaeger Bomb number 6 – the concerned look of a man worried he’s just soiled the tyre of a local gangster.

There are conspiracy theories doing the rounds that the above etiquette was so outrageously amateur, it might have been a ploy to flush out Pochettino.

Don’t be ridiculous. This is just a mistake. Top execs never want to be perceived as sloppy.

Also, let’s square this noise with Poch. The man wasted the last two years of his Spurs career so he could be the first manager in the new stadium. Do we really think that this summer, when he can freely move, he’s going to turn down City, Bayern and PSG to pick up our shit show for half his market value? I very much doubt it.

… but, back to the main story. All the winds are blowing in the direction of Arteta. He had Huss and Vinnai over to his house. I hear he laid on homemade sangria to set the tone… left Shakespeare, Orwell, and Amis on the coffee table to denote the sophistication of his British prose, and he had the Gervais series of The Office running in the background as a subtle dig at some of the goings-on of Unai Emery. The man gets it, he truly does, he even rocked a Savile Row 3 piece, the boy knows what the fans want. Taking the meeting in a home location as well, stunning, the man clearly rolling hard on the 3 free articles a month on HBR, Mikel, may I suggest Team of Rivals; Doris Kearns, a leadership classic, it blew my fucking mind. What a man Big Abe was, could he organise a back four on a cold night in Stoke, no doubt, no doubt.

This appears to be the 2nd or 3rd round of interviews according to reports. We are shifting into 5th gear heading into the final straight, Carlo Ancelloti has just swerved off the road into an Everton shaped puddle, this could be the real deal.

Never underestimate a gigantic fuck up, but this time, it looks like we could see Mikel Arteta at The Arsenal.

Rumours have it that City are upset about how Arsenal conducted themselves, so we’ll be paying out a fee to release the Spaniard, but they’re going to play ball. I would guess there might also be some conversations about when the start date needs to be as well. Does he step into the flames considering the next two weeks worth of fixtures? Or do the club start him in the new year? My guess, the sooner they can get him into the club, the better. We’re a complete mess.

I also suspect he’ll fancy his chances at making the top 4 this season.

This move is absolutely huge for Arsenal. It’d be a step in the right direction. We’re at a low ebb as a club, we’re not going to be able to buy our way out this summer, our only chance of a bright future is to rely on a coach that can develop our exciting young players and see out the senior dross in a Game of Thrones blood bath.

If Arteta signs, which I hope he does, he basically has a 7 month preseason (similar to Klopp). He’ll have to survey the wreckage of what he’s inherited, begin to implement a vision, and partner with the powers that be on what the rebuild will look like.

The OUT list:

  • Mustafi
  • Sokratis
  • Luiz
  • Ozil
  • Auba

All the above players are in the final year of their deal this summer and all bar Mustafi will be in their 30s by next summer. That makes them easier to move on, see Koscielny’s shit-fit last summer for confirmation that older men worry they are one injury away from having their future value halved. I would also suspect we’ll see exits for Xhaka (shite) and Lacazette (2 years left on deal). There could be £150m in fees up for grabs and £1m a week in wages.

With all that in mind, it is absolutely essential Edu and Cagigao know exactly what they are recruiting for. It’s also important they know the sort of staff they should be building around the new coach.

Mikel Arteta needs to be the real deal. We’ve had the fall guy post-Wenger in Emery. Freddie doesn’t really count. We’ve pushed all our chips onto someone that we hope embodies everything we want out of the game. Possession based attacking football of the future. This could be incredibly exciting if it works out.

The great news is the fans have been primed for the job Arteta has to do. There are no illusions about how hard things are going to be. It’s going to take some time, we’re going to see some bad results, we’re not going to have a title-winning side by March. I’m ok with that because at least we’ll be safe in the knowledge we’re building towards something exciting. No more bums at Arsenal, no more frauds that don’t love the club, it’s all about building a modern superclub with a young, innovative coach.

I think the Bundesliga is a great place to look when it comes to up and coming coaching trends. Klopp was my hipster favourite before Thomas Tuchel, now he’s blowing shit up at Liverpool. The top two teams in Germany are RB Leipzig, who have a sub-35 Nagelsmann at the wheel, and Gladbach, who hired in my RB Salzburg fave, Marco Rose. Both managers, total unknowns 3 years ago, now toppling the mighty Bayern. RB doing it with a squad with an average age of sub 24.

Hiring in Carlo would have been a disaster, the game has passed him by. You need modern thinkers that can see football from a different viewpoint, not Galactico relics. Arsenal needs a coach that work effectively with technology, scientists and analysts to gain a critical edge over their opponents. People that don’t subscribe to old fashioned notions, like ‘making more tackles wins you games.’ The sort of talent that’s moist at the concept of cognition in football. Someone that really pisses off Paul Merson and Matt Le Tissier.

Arteta loves the club.

He understands the culture. He’ll know all the things that are right and he’ll have an idea on how to fix those that are wrong. One thing you’ll never be able to accuse him of is doing things that work just for him. Emery chasing Europa League instead of top 4? Felt like he was doing that for the record books. I’m hoping we have a manager that has the right amount of Arsenal DNA. Remember, he took a pay cut to join and won trophies with us. He cried because he loves us.

Look at that video again, right now.

You back… all welled-up? Wonderful.

As for the players leaking their concerns to The Mirror (supposedly). Fuck em’ if they are real. Pep G took over at Barcelona and shipped out the problem children in his first major job at 38 years old. He told Eto’o, Deco and Ronaldinho to leave, then he built a team for the ages around Messi, utilising exciting young players to make him great. Who cares what our senior players think, they’ve been awful, we need a refresh.

A few people have mentioned that I’ve put my neck on the line for this coach. No doubt, because I believe in the idea. I’d rather shoot for the moon than settle on something that’ll ‘might’ move us a few percentage points forward if we’re lucky. Fuck that. We’ve spent 14 years playing it safe. Our meek fanbase has celebrated ‘influencers’ that warned us to ‘be careful what you wish for.’ How did that pan out? Settling for Wenger’s ‘top 4 trophy’ didn’t move us forward. We let him sink our club into mediocrity under the guise of class, he wasted disgraceful amounts of money, built a soft boy culture, and allowed elite players to leave for nothing because his ego couldn’t handle that top names would earn more money than him. Falling into Emery’s Europa League safety blanket didn’t make things better, his Europa experience wasn’t a benefit, it was a low benchmark our players happily sank below. Freddie is a dreamboat, but we knew he wasn’t right. So let’s try something bold, let’s push the needle, let’s see what all the fuss is about with the most hyped assistant manager in world football.

Could it be any worse than what we have now? No chance… and the upside could be incredible.

… before any of that can happen, let’s see if Arsenal can seal the deal. I was asked on Love Sport yesterday what Josh K would be looking for in a new coach. My guess? Someone that can deliver on ‘be excited’, hopefully, he feels that vibe from Mikel. Let’s see what happens, a young coach with vision took LA to the Super Bowl.

P.S. I’m back in London this week… get in! Now listen to my damn podcast and rate it 5*.


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  1. Champagne charlie


    Imperative Arteta comes in with a bit of his own sort though I feel like. Only helps anchor him amongst the group as alpha given the lack of managerial clout he’s working with. Be stacking it against him to hire a bunch more club guys and just say ‘you’re in charge’, needs 2/3 already embedded on his side imo. Gutted for the coach driver long term though….

    Imagine how he conducts himself and the professionalism he delivers will go along way to tackling large personalities. This ‘big players wanted Carlo’ murmur is something I hope he pisses on right quick if true. He needs backed to cut that dissent out the project altogether if need be.

  2. fell

    Arsenal have not criticised Ozil for making the comments, instead posting on their page on the Chinese social media site Weibo that the club ‘always adheres to the principles’ of not getting involved in politics.
    1. Your name is Mesut Ozil and have a view on China
    2. Your name is Bellend and feel the need to tweet ‘f*ck Boris’


    3. Your name is Arsenal and Paul Kagame offers you £30mil to clean up his name

  3. MGooner

    All hail Arteta, our new Messi 😉

    Let’s hope he can get this bunch to start playing again.

    Still think Carlo would have been a better choice – tried and tested, 3 CL trophies. Knows how to manage big egos.

  4. Versus

    Don’t get me wrong. Arteta probably is a good coach and future successful manager. But Arsenal right now is a different beast. Its the naughty kids in the classroom scenario. Mikel won’t be tested on his tactics, he’ll be tested on his man management skills. He’ll make enemies in the dressing room. It’s really the battle of the dressing room. Emery lost. Freddie is losing.

  5. Wasi

    LT, Danny
    I dont think its fair to judge Bellerin on the few poor performances he’s put in since coming back from the injury. I agree he was not so good during Wenger’s final year but He improved a lot under Emery and offensively he had become a good outlet until the injury hit him. We should bring a Young backup option for Bellerin who can possibly challenge him in the future. Someone like Youcef Atal or Max Aarons.

    I think Ornstein recently said that the lack of backroom was not the reason Arteta wad overlooked. It was just Emery and his super PPTs.

  6. Guns of SF

    A big question is how Auba will respond.
    His lead will influence the others.
    I dont care about Luiz or Xhaka or Ozil they will all be gone.
    However, Auba needs to stay and be committed.
    If Arteta can make him a better striker without stepping on his ego, I think Auba will buy into that… after all… another Golden Boot in EPL and maybe Madrid come sniffing…

  7. Bob N16

    Arteta needs time and support. One would assume he is on the same page as Edu with regards how to play and player recruitment.. I would hope and expect him to be ruthless.

    Our deficiencies are obvious, player turnover is inevitable. He must have had assurances that he can do it his way. He doesn’t need to be popular with his inherited squad, but he does need to gain their respect. They are footballers but that doesn’t make them imbeciles; they know changes have to happen after the shitfest of this season.

    I am excited by what’s ahead.

  8. MGooner

    Versus, this team can play for a EL spot. It’s a question of man management as you say. These big players have big egos – they have to be nurtured like babies, not sure Arteta can do that.

    Carlo will put Everton in top 4 contention if he gets a budget – See how fast they moved there, no mucking around. Compare that to us making 3 interviews apparently, its a joke. AFC HR had apparently lined up 12 potential candidates – they think they are running an admin office or something.

  9. MGooner

    Jamie, the yoga guys in the West usually have some whacky version of the original.

    Better get rid of them as they are fakes.

  10. Guns of SF

    I hope they do the hire fast and announce it.
    Get it over with.

    January cannot come fast enough…if Arteta is in now, he can identify targets…
    I certainly hope that he demanded he has a say in transfers unlike Emery

  11. Marko

    I’ll take my oat milk Latte with Arteta on it.

    Who writes this? Weird.

    Pedro genuine question but what do you have against managers bringing their own staff?

  12. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is offloading Aubameyang to reinvest in midfield is a good idea on paper, but it means Lacazette has to step up…not convinced he can do that. Personally think he’s very overrated.

    Would much rather see Lacazette sold.

  13. Wasi

    Nagelsmann, Rose are bossing the Bundesliga with young squads with no big egos.
    Brendan is doing the same in the PL.

    If the Players dont jive with Arteta they have to be shown the door. The board needs to back Arteta 100% and give him all the tools to succeed. A team doesn’t need big egos for that.

  14. Wasi

    Laca’s full potential has still not been tapped in at Arsenal+ He has always played second fiddle to Auba bar the first 6 months when we was still acclimating to the league. We’ve seen his talent and he also always turns up against the big guys. His goalscoring record at Lyon is very good and also adds a lot in the build-up play.
    He is not overrated imo possibly even underrated by neutral supporters.

  15. Unai

    When you sit 10th in the prem you have no right to express your ego.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand the current situation should be ostracised from the squad.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    He should have no problem stepping up and carrying the team as Aubameyang has then if Aubameyang gets his wish and leaves.

    Very overrated player in my opinion. Average goal scorer, dawdles on the ball and blows very hot and cold. Very Anelka like attitude as well I think.

  17. Bob N16

    CA accept your concerns about keeping Laca and selling PEA but feel if the price is right, we sell the older player and try and get value with the cash. Lacazette may benefit from being the first choice CF and have two widemen either side.

    Let”s see what Arteta thinks!

  18. Unai

    If we can get 100m for both Laca and Auba we should take it.

    Another 50m from around the squad we have a proper rebuild on our hands.

    150m would see us a new CF and change for either CDM or CB.

  19. MGooner

    We should of hired Sam Allardyce.

    He says he can fix our defence, has done it everywhere he has been. Remember Bolton?

    Why was Sam Allardyce ignored? He has the track record.

  20. Guns of SF

    Laca brings a difference to the box attack. He is a fighter and how many time have we seen him power through one or 2 defenders to get a shot off… and score.?
    Auba? Nah… he is more a clean shot finisher… not physical in the box whatsoever.

    If Arteta can get them to play well together we might be fine.
    My issue is with Pepe. This guys is pathetic… plays for himself… gives the ball away constantly. His moves are easy to read…

    He is not worth the price tag but more importantly, his skills levels need to improve.
    Would rather have Zaha any day over him

  21. Marko

    I don’t understand how certain players get rightfully criticized for their performances and attitude during our current struggles but players like Lacazette get a pass. It’s a joke. Excuses for his poor goalscoring return and his mythical hold up play still gets mentioned regularly despite him playing poorly for the last couple months. He’s a stroppy midget as well. Bit of fairness wouldn’t go amiss Ozil and Xhaka get criticized for taking being subbed badly while Lacazette gets a pass. Can we just sell him to Sevilla and be done with it

  22. Bob N16

    Mgooner, because he’s a grade A dinosaur with a walrus head.

    We’re shit right now but not that shit, Sami Allardici Jeez! We really would be a laughing stock.

  23. Gentlebris

    ‘What can he really say to Ozil. Smh. Intl.Caps, cups, trophies, medals, leagues, elite clubs. What the fuck can Arteta tell him? This is a disastrous appointment’

    Arteta: Hey Mesut, I think you should work more for the team so we could win some major titles.

    Ozil: You remember my work in Brazil 2014? That reminds me, you were still an active footballer back then, why weren’t you in Brazil? Your country didn’t trust you? Your country never trusted you anyway.

    ****Ozil walks off frog eyed, croaking happily like a toad.

    Arteta cries after him…….’But Ozil you no longer have a football country.’

  24. MGooner

    The board should back him with all the tools…

    And some money for a change – We are talking about a major chnage in squad here. Our only forte is the forward line and that too seems shaky as players want out.

    If Laca and Auba leave, we will need at least half a billion to become top 4 contenders again. Unless we can find Wenger’s younger brother.

  25. Joe

    SamesongDecember 17, 2019 16:41:05
    Joe Please stick around for awhile this time your sin bins like Diaby footballing career 😆

    I’ve actually been a free man. Pedro pardoned me ages ago. Just haven’t been on here

  26. Wasi

    Laca very much looks like a confidence player. When he is firing his overall play is also very good as compared to when he is having a drought. And knowing that he will always be second fiddle to Auba surely affects his confidence even if they are bros. If Madrid come in for Auba with 30mil + Jovic I would be happy with the deal. Give Laca the center stage and let him show what he can do.

    Guns of SF
    If Arteta is any similar to Pep, I doubt he would ever move Auba out wide which means only 1 of the 2 will play. Pep likes his wingers to maintain width and drive inside something Auba is very poor at. Players like Pepe, Martinelli, Saka are going to be the go-to wide options under Arteta i think.

  27. Guns of SF

    With the pussies we have in the team, we need more fighters. Laca is a stay for me unless he is pining for a move.

    Auba does need to develop his game more. Not physical enough in the box… hardly wins headers on the long ball. Hell even TH was more physical than he. RVP, too.
    Ade, Giroud etc.

    Need to have him get stronger and better at challenging defenders. Better at having at least one or 2 moves in the box.

  28. Marko

    So it’s a ‘no’ from Marko for Lacazette.Let”s see if our next coach agrees with you.

    Bob do any of the senior players deserve to be at the club? After they way they’ve performed? It’s only fair if we’re criticizing this and that player for downing tools you can’t come along and make a case for someone like Lacazette who’s been as bad as anyone. Ideally we should look at replacing all of those players who have let us down not just the ones we dislike.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Bob N16

    I think you’re right.

    If Madrid come in with a straight £80 Million offer or £40 Million and Jovic or whatever I think we sell and I wouldn’t blame the club if we did and then landed a £40 Million or more CDM/CM.

    I just have reservations about Lacazette.

    The thing is, I suppose, if the deal was £40 Million and Jovic then Lacazette might be sold anyway to fund a CB purchase or another midfielder.

    He’s got one year left on his deal in the summer and the club haven’t really made noises about extending.

    Ljungberg bowed to seniority. I hope Arteta doesn’t just want all senior players contracts extended because it’s a safety thing.

    If you got £80 Million and Jovic from selling Aubameyang and Lacazette and that got you a CDM, CM and CB (selling Xhaka, Mustafi, AMN etc as well) then you’ve done quite well really.

  30. MGooner

    @Bob 16

    Don’t know if he is lost but we badly need one like him atm.

    Re, Sam – it depends what type of players we will have in the coming years – if we have no money and have average players, we will need an average manager who can overachieve with a limited budget – hence Sam. Pity he did not get a longer run with the England team.

    @ Joe, there was that Portugese chap who went on to manage Real Madrid – he was highly rated by Fergie.

  31. Marko

    Would not be surprised is there were no changes made to the squad in January. Saying they’d like to see how the new manager does with the players we have sounds very, very Arsenal.

    Well that’d be stupid considering everything that’s gone on despite people thinking it’s top 4 quality we need signings in January.

  32. Pierre

    Do t worry, that’s a good sign , it’s only the know nothing’s and they have got it wrong time and time again and will probably get it wrong again.

    Because that is what they do.

  33. Joe


    As their should be.

    options based on what is in front of us.

    Arsenal are at absolute mess. And to expect Arteta to fix it in the hardest league on the world is laughable

    We are meant to be a top team. We need a top level manager to right this ship.

    It’ll be interesting to see what Pedro says after 15 matches

    Remember he was ripping emery even as he went 21 undefeated.

    And says the players are there for a top 4 finish.

    Arteta should win is Europa as well I’m assuming. Because he’s so special sauce

  34. Luteo Guenreira

    Well that’d be stupid considering everything that’s gone on

    Something being stupid has never stopped us before. It was stupid to leave Freddie in the lurch with no coaches but it happened. It was stupid to carry two strikers that can’t really play with each other for two seasons but it happened. Pinning your hopes on the club doing something because it would be stupid otherwise is an easy path toward disappointment.

  35. Graham62

    The PR machine at AFC just beggars belief.

    What exactly are the perceptions of these people? Do they not realise the consequences of their inept decision making and their total lack of business acumen when it comes to promoting the clubs image.

    Ever since we left Highbury this problem has intensified. The total lack of transparency is frustrating enough but the neglect and patronising treatment of the fanbase goes beyond a joke.

    As I’ve said on here before, it’s as if we’ve got the Abbeyfield Care Home committee overseeing the clubs operations.

    The worst run club in Football.

  36. TR7


    Which top managers are available or willing to take over at Arsenal ?

    Ancellotti is a past his sell by date manager who needs a well settled team to perform.

    Allegri plays dour football, can’t speak English and is perhaps not even interested in the Arsenal job.

    Poch was and still is my first choice but looks like he is holding out for Bayern/United/Real.

    There are some exciting names such as Rodgers, Wilder, Ten Hag, Rose etc. Rodgers has signed a big contract at Leicester. Ten Hag is already working at a historically big club. Rose probably doesn’t know much about EPL and perhaps is not even interested. Looks like we are not interested in Wilder.

    Unless we are hiring one of Klopp, Pep, Poch, Conte and Simeone, any managerial appointment is going to be a rather risky appointment. Pep, Wenger and Poch have praised Arteta lavishly, so may be they see something in him. Several City players have praised his work too. Let’s see how it goes. We hired an experienced guy in Emery and it didn’t work. Let’s try something bold this time, there’s no quick fix anyway. We regressed a lot under Emery, let’s hope Arteta moves us forward.

  37. Luteo Guenreira

    There is a quick fix, it’s called spending a shitload of money. But since that’s not an option, we prop up the guy with nice hair.

    I don’t see how it gets worse under Arteta though. Could be wrong of course but hard to see how it gets worse than this.

  38. Graham62

    Don’t forget Graham Potter.

    Has got Brighton playing really great football in just a few months.

    Of course, he’s not saucy enough for Arsenal.

  39. Champagne charlie

    I’m intrigued how Arteta is going to tackle our defending, which when you consider Man City are the ‘least tackling side’ in the league it could be a real cultural shift for the club.

    Confident he’ll be much better versed in teaching us how to defend territories and work space than anything we’ve seen for half a decade. Could be a really exciting thing to witness the evolution of the club from the ground up.

  40. Receding Hairline

    Interesting reading to say the least

    Gentlebris is pissed off and disgusted

    Marko is Marko

    Jamie wants fairness (kind of with you on that) will be amusing to read the excuses though now the saucy one is in charge

    Joe is angry for angry sake

    Imagine getting yourself all worked up over something that’s meant to bring you joy.

    I for one am excited. We will know the true snakes in the squad soon enough, the wasters and idlers who are just here because Arsenal boosts their sorry profiles and have an avalanche of fans willing to blame anyone but them for their crap performances.

  41. TR7

    As Ishola said if Arteta or for that matter any manager can improve our off the ball play, it will significantly improve us. Against City in the first half, except Martinelli not a single Arsenal player was working hard off the ball. Bar a few games, our off the ball play was poor even under Emery. One of the reasons behind demise of Arsene was our poor off the ball play. When Wenger had great attacking teams, poor off the ball play was compensated for by great ballers in attack but as quality of our attack worsened over the years, we couldn’t cope up. For me off the ball play is mostly a tactical and managerial thing, not overly reliant on player’s quality. Yeah, having fast and strong players help but still a good manager can help us a lot in this regard.

  42. Marko

    Marko is Marko

    What’s that supposed to mean. I’m not waxing his pole and sceptical as hell big whoop. He comes in and actually does a good job that’s one thing he replaces Ozil and Xhaka in the team I’ll be firmly on board but as of now I have absolutely nothing to get excited about he’s done fuck all to get excited about.

  43. Pierre

    It’s difficult to press as a team if your centre backs are too deep as Arsenal have gee this season.

    A good pressing side defend on the front foot and take risks, we don’t.

    It has been even more noticable this season with Luiz at the back, we have defended deeper and deeper.

    This will of course leave too big an area for the midfield to cover and gaps will appear all over the pitch.

    I’m hoping Arteta will implement a positive way of playing instead of this negative style we have been watching for the last 18 months.

    That means being positive on the ball as well as off the ball .

    We have been reluctant to play any one and 2 touch football through midfield and it has hindered us.

    Hopefully Arteta will encourage the players to be more expansive on the ball and play with confidence whilst at the same time be aware of their defensive duties and defend on the front foot.

    On sunday , city conceded 24 fouls( we had 9) against us due to them being on the front foot , they stop counter attacks at source and it is a very successful tactic that I would like arteta bring into our game .

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Sam Fagbemi is apparently joining Arsenal as well.

    A scout from City.

    That, if true, suggests Arteta has his own players lined up to sign.

  45. Guns of SF


    Liverpool and City lead the league in fouling to stop counter attacks.
    When they lose the ball high up, they foul to avoid the fast counter.

    What do we do?
    Watch the player dribble 50 yards into our box and send 3 players to chase him.

    He passes to the runner and then its over!

  46. Cesc Appeal

    He’s only 25 and is their leading recruitment specialist. City do not want to see him go.

    Sounds a good move.

    This is the kind of thing Arsenal need to do in terms of PR. Now we need the ‘war chest’ leak and ‘squad overhaul’ leak to calm some nerves.

  47. Words on a Blog


    The tactical fouling from Man C to stop counterattacks early was a very, very effective tactic.

    You do need disciplined players who will take a yellow card for the team but not follow it up with another stupid yellow for nothing in particular or after a sudden rush of blood to the head.

  48. Marko

    Sam Fagbemi is 25 and a youth scout though. Guarantee of more power/influence is how we’re getting him apparently. Christ if Emery pulled something like that you can imagine the headline. Not necessarily a bad thing though he looks like a Morrow replacement

  49. Gentlebris

    ‘Jose was Bobby Robson’s assistant …he didn’t do too bad did he.’

    If Jose had been thrown into a big chaos in a big club for his first gig, you would have had to google Jose Mourinho today to discover he once worked in football.

  50. Nelson

    “For me off the ball play is mostly a tactical and managerial thing, not overly reliant on player’s quality. ”

    I was saying that for a few days. Manure did that very well against MC. You need a team structure and every player knows exactly where he is supposed to be.

    I remember a few posters defended the high press. We don’t have the players to do it effectively. The result is, our midfield became an open book. Players were scattered all over the place. The defense was over powered.

    The team needs to defend with 10 men. All forwards have to track back to help out. Don’t just blame the three midfielders.

  51. Marko

    Phil Antwi of wolves is also being linked. Not sure these are connected to Arteta though these are names that have popped up when Morrow and a few others got binned back in October November

  52. MartinellisHead


    ‘ Christ if Emery pulled something like that you can imagine the headline. Not necessarily a bad thing though he looks like a Morrow replacement’

    What would it be? Why would improving the back room staff be viewed as a bad thing?


    ‘ This is the kind of thing Arsenal need to do in terms of PR. Now we need the ‘war chest’ leak and ‘squad overhaul’ leak to calm some nerves.’

    What a big baby. You’ll only be calm once you get the promise of some shiny new toys?

  53. Chika

    I wanted Arteta to replace Arsene and my desire for us to get him as not waned.
    Btw people who believe certain senior players at the club would give him a hard time are in for a rude shock.

  54. Major_Jeneral

    Any other information about the team Arteta is planning to assemble for Arsenal? This can give us a bit of an insight on how things will be done during the new manager’s term.
    Pedro any news from your sources.?
    Although Raul must give him autonomy to operate.

  55. rollen

    Pedro, how dare you destroy our dreams lol!
    You said it was just sauce less manager.
    Easy top four squad. What happened?

    Jokes aside Arteta must be successful and given absolute power over players. No way Ozil Luiz etc will respect him othervise.

  56. Distant legrover

    I hope people aren’t expecting Arteta to come in and have the exact same style as Guardiola. The dark haired man is entitled to have his own style as long as it’s effective and progressive

  57. Unai

    As much as I’ve beaten on Ozil I’d love it if Arteta comes in and makes something of him.

    As things stand, hes our best (only?) true creative midfielder.

  58. Unai

    Guns, I’ve managed people twice my age.

    Difficult but not impossible if you have the right personality, show results and help them improve they get on board.

    Age is only an issue if you have no authority.

  59. Dissenter

    I don’t understand where all the BS about city demanding money from Arsenal to release Arteta or a 25 year old scout.
    Contracts have exits, mostly give your employer a month or so notice and you walk away. It’s no indentured servitude or something. Employees have rights too, one of which is a right to change jobs.

  60. Dissenter

    Can we stop trying to change the goal posts.
    Arteta should not have “absolute authority” . He should own the dressing room and training ground, nothing else. He’s the head coach….remember, not the manager.
    Pedro used to argue that the technical director be present everywhere and should be the one making all the big decisions off the field. It shouldn’t be any different with Arteta.
    He should be allowed in with only a portmanteau. He shouldn’t be allowed to bring in a single scout, physio or assistant…that’s what Pedro argued for ages under Emery.

  61. Gunnernet

    @ TR7 18.53

    Indeed off the ball footvall is of utmist importance. I am really looking forward to witnessing MA’s approach rectifying our defence and midfield crisis. As Pep has said for attck you need innate talent, for defence you need to work your socks off.. and everything starta from defence!

    And dont fall into trap guys. MA is not Pep. He has his own ideas and ambitions. He will try to implement his philosophy.

    I mean it would be stupid trying to imitate Citys Pep football with these units/tools at disposal anyway.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    ‘As much as I’ve beaten on Ozil I’d love it if Arteta comes in and makes something of him.As things stand, hes our best (only?) true creative midfielder.’

    I think this argument is over, isn’t it?

    He’s a spineless pussy who doesn’t want to do any work at all.

    Look at what Arteta is coming from in terms of CAMs. Players like De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva who get through massive amounts of work…to Ozil.

    No more indulgence of the flange.

  63. Unai

    Diss, employers can contractually state who you join next, I’ve had clauses similar in my employment. I took a bit of advice on it when I first joined a competitor.

    If City so wished they could seek compensation directly from Arteta or seek to prevent him from actually working for us for a period of time. The fee to Arsenal would effectively be a fee to release them from their contracts.

    My understanding of the law is they cant stop him signing a contract with us but can make it messy.

  64. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    Players and backroom staff usually sign fixed-term contracts, which means they can’t turn in their notice and walk away when something better comes along. They need to be released from the club, and can demand their wages for the remainder of their contract.

    That’s why it’s so hard to shift players/backroom staff who don’t want to be there any longer without paying up. Reciprocally, players can’t just hand in a month’s notice and walk away, or you’d have players walking withing the first 6 months of their transfer for free.

    In the States, players can be ‘traded’ to other teams under the same terms of their contracts and can’t ‘oppose’ the move either.

    It’s not the same as a permanent [ordinary] employment contract in other industries.

    Pretty sure that’s how it works, but someone can correct me if I’ve got it wrong.

  65. Marc


    “Diss, employers can contractually state who you join next”

    They can state that you can’t join a competitor within a timescale but under European Law there are restrictions that it has to be reasonable otherwise it’s restraint of trade. The normal course of action is for someone to be put on gardening leave.

    Where this is an unusual one is I’ve never heard of this happening with an Ass Manager.

  66. Unai

    I think playing and backroom contracts are different.

    Could be totally wrong but sure with a player the club owns effectively the rights for the player to play.

    Wasnt that what all the Tevez fuss was about?

  67. Jamie

    Unai –

    Yeah, probably. At a minimum, I don’t think backroom staff can hand it any sort of notice and leave for another club without the new club compensating the old club with the remainder of the staff member’s salary.

    I assume clubs can protect themselves from having their best coaches/scouts poached by offering long-term, well-paid contracts. Perhaps the staff can buy themselves out of their contracts? X annual salary times Y remaining years of their contract and they can leave?

    Again, not sure this is how it works..

  68. Pierre

    “Unfortunately I think your spot on Cesc!”

    I thought you would have learnt by now that cesc appeal is never spot on.

    He is the archetypal modern whinging fan who thinks he knows it all but in reality knows nothing.

    Slagging off all our players is not my idea of an Arsenal fan…

    3/4 months ago he was crowing from the roof tops about how wonderful our transfer window was and how Emery was going to lead us forward to success.

    And now he has turned full circle and along with the rest of the know nothing’s decide that it’s all down to our players and not the dysfunctional set up they have been asked to play in .

    Come back to me in 3 months time when the new manager has settled in and these same players are playing in a proper system and playing to their full potential.

    Sell Aubameyang and Lacazette…yeah right.

  69. CG

    Artetas In Tray.

    If he wants to be a success- Just do this lot.

    1) Get Ramsey back on Loan ( make him captain)
    2)Ostracize Luiz ( poison & ponderous)
    3) Play Ozil in home games only.
    4)Get Pepe practicing his right foot every day for 6 hours.
    5)Remind Bellerin he is an Arsenal player not a CND/Greenpeace supporter.
    6) Extend Lenos contract urgently.
    7)Ignore Edu- he is now redundant. Basically he is now a scout. Wind him up-send him out to do the Plymouth Argyle games.
    8)Outflank Raul – demand a direct line of channel to Josh.
    9) Ban anyone except the players entering into the locker room.
    10)Keep it simple…..(.and dont as Paul Merson rightly states attempt to get us playing like Man City from the beginning.)

    Do these- he will be fine.
    he might even Outdo Wengers 22 years!

  70. Marc


    As a true super fan could you give the rest of us some guidelines on how we can become even basic Arsenal fans. Let’s start with a simple one:

    How often should you attend matches / How many matches a season should you go to?

  71. Marc

    “Come back to me in 3 months time when the new manager has settled in and these same players are playing in a proper system and playing to their full potential.”

    Is Cesc allowed to come back in 3 weeks when Arteta has ostracised Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi from the first team?

  72. Jamie

    Pierre deriding Cesc Appeal is just about the funniest shit you’re likely to see on this blog.

    Lose the apostrophe in “know nothing’s,” moron.

  73. Gentlebris

    Is it not pretty to argue forth and back about Arteta? Like we are having high school debates with smart fors and againsts? Very pretty, I know.

    Here is the time we should show our collective ambition as supporters and say no way you hand our club over to a rookie with no credentials to asses, especially when for the first time in over 50 years we are swimming with relegation sharks…..the absolute experts who have seen it all.

    You see, it’s easy to say the Kroenkes are fucking the club but if we laugh merrily about and say let’s gamble on Arteta, would you be then so proud to roll out the Kroenke out banners when it all dives south like I strongly suspect it will, and having wasted another couple of years while others are getting far and far away from us and we suddenly become solid mates with Bournemouth?

    Or would you rather stand up now and say we can’t be toying with failure in hiring a zero-experienced rookie into this hurricane, leaving Pedro to dream his wild dreams? Would you?

    As supporters, we have our little responsibilities to show the colour of our own ambition for the club. We can’t fold our arms and expect an American businessman to show all the ambition for the club.

    And we also can not say let’s just condemn them when they get it wrong, no point warning them when they might be about to get it wrong?

    Good night and see you here tomorrow…..if not banned just yet.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    I think it’s hilarious that people think you need to have an immovable opinion on something.

    All players get a chance, all managers get a chance until they’ve proven they are not up to the job. Emery proved he was not up to the job and opinions change on him. Certain members of the squad got a fresh start and proved they were not up to the job.

    That really is the difference between Arsenal fans and the pro-Wenger rabble. They take pride in obstinate, dogmatic, immovable fandom as if it’s a badge of honour.

    Even when something’s shit I will call it good if it has Arsenal on it….passssshhhunnnn.

    That basically is how we’ve arrived where we are now.

    Far more sense in saying I supported this once but it proved not worthy of the support so support has been removed as opposed to I supported this once so I must now support this always regardless of evidence and reality.

  75. Guns of SF

    ) Get Ramsey back on Loan ( make him captain)
    2)Ostracize Luiz ( poison & ponderous)
    3) Play Ozil in home games only.
    4)Get Pepe practicing his right foot every day for 6 hours.
    5)Remind Bellerin he is an Arsenal player not a CND/Greenpeace supporter.
    6) Extend Lenos contract urgently.
    7)Ignore Edu- he is now redundant. Basically he is now a scout. Wind him up-send him out to do the Plymouth Argyle games.
    8)Outflank Raul – demand a direct line of channel to Josh.
    9) Ban anyone except the players entering into the locker room.
    10)Keep it simple…..(.and dont as Paul Merson rightly states attempt to get us playing like Man City from the beginning.)

    You forgot one…

    11) Ban all selfies in the locker room

  76. Cesc Appeal

    Domenec Torrent apparently is a favourite to join Arteta’s coaching staff.

    Was with Guardiola at Barcelona, Munich and City as an assistant and then was manager at New York City until November.

    Certainly much needed experience.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Sounds like you only sing when we’re winning. Don’t like it when it gets a bit tougher do you soft cock?’

    If I shared your IQ which is akin to a sock full of rocks I probably would sing and dribble along when things got tough despite obvious causes for the toughness that could be addressed.

    Alas, I was not a product of my mother fucking her brother and therefore am unable to appreciate your way of doing things.

  78. Marko

    That really is the difference between Arsenal fans and the pro-Wenger rabble. They take pride in obstinate, dogmatic, immovable fandom as if it’s a badge of honour.

    And being cunts don’t forget being cunts

  79. Cesc Appeal

    ‘And being cunts don’t forget being cunts’

    I think that is actually in the dictionary definition of ‘pro-Wenger fan’ or variants of the same.

  80. Cesc Appeal


    The big question.

    Although he was sent off to New York City which means he’s the heir to Guardiola…or does it anymore?

    Wait…was it Vieira or Arteta who was the heir…which one went to New York City…


  81. Marc


    A serious question – you say bring Ramsey back on loan. Would you:

    A) Pay all of his wages?

    B) Pay a loan fee to get him? If yes how much?

    If the answer to both of those is yes then surely the next question is – Why are Juve so keen to get rid of him so soon after signing him?

  82. Marc


    I’m fucking about.

    I’m not sure about Arteta – it’s a risk but I will get behind him as manager and hope he does well.

    I just get fucked off with people on here telling others how they should support their team. It ranges from “support the manager no matter what” and “dissent is not allowed” to “you should throw stuff at the manager”, “protest to get the Kroenke’s” out (still waiting for someone to suggest who’s going to fork out a couple of billion to buy the club off of them), “booing your own players makes you a vile fan” etc etc.

  83. Marc

    “Alas, I was not a product of my mother fucking her brother and therefore am unable to appreciate your way of doing things.”

    It’s even worse – it wasn’t even the intelligent good looking brother it was the one who looked like Sloth off of the Goonies and who had the IQ of a scouser.

  84. Cesc Appeal



    I think the sensible position is everyone gets a chance until there are repetitive errors, intransigence etc and it becomes clear you cannot do the job as player/manager/executive.

    Then it’s up to the fans. If they want to say nothing, fine, shout, fine, stay away, fine.

    Really just sums up this modern age I think. This kind of attitude pervades everything in society now and stems from social media.

  85. Marko

    It’s the same superfans who kept mum on Wenger all those years gave Emery dogs abuse and now perk up at people being sceptical about an assistant taking over Arsenal in 10th place. A consistent reasonable bunch

  86. Marc


    As you say no one on here would have the balls to stand in the Tolly and mouth off on how others should support the team.

    Everyone has their own view players they like, players they don’t etc but some of what gets posted on here – FFS.

  87. Cesc Appeal



    The 80s and 90s etc if you had a problem over some news article or your football team you’d talk about it with a colleague/friend/family member/an actual living person(s) right there in front of you with a physical presence and fist on the end of their arm.

    That meant there was a certain level of decorum needed, manners, non-bigotry.

    The veil of anonymity was not there to shroud you. If your boss voted for a different political party to you and you went off on him like they do on Twitter nowadays there’d be serious consequences.

    Unfortunately, this is the age we live in. And we have a generation of kids who think social media is reality. They’ve lived in an echo chamber of no consequences from the time they could work an iPad.

  88. Marc


    I’m not a virgin – I fuck your mother a couple of times per week and she loves it.

    Fortunately I always insist on wearing a rubber – she’s a bit of a skank by all accounts god knows what she’s carrying.

  89. Cesc Appeal

    Mr Serge

    Yeah starting to break everywhere now.

    Arsenal want him in charge for the Everton game.

    You’ve got what you wanted, Pedro.

  90. Marc

    You’ve got to think that Pep would take a view that whilst being happy for Arteta to move now it’s become so public that it be a distraction in the camp.

  91. Left Testicle

    Has Martinellishead been binned and comments removed? It looks as though some comments are replying to him but he hasn’t posted for a while.

  92. Pedro

    Left, yes.

    He comes back under a different name, abuses people, gets banned… repeat.

    So boring.

    Just talk football, it’s not that hard.

  93. Paulinho

    Definitely rate Arteta’s footballing acumen but to say he’s got his work cut out would be an understatement. Hopefully these ‘transfer discussions’ include at least two central midfielders and wide left-sided attacking option.

  94. CG


    “””CG….A serious question – you say bring Ramsey back on loan. Would you:””””

    You do what is required….

    We spend 30 million on players from Scotland for gawd sake….and injury prone ones at that

    Whatever Rambo costs he will be worth it.

    We need a handsome talismanic figure to go with our exciting and handsome new manager.

    Rambo as Skipper
    Arteta as manager.

    X 2 Hearthrobs in Arsenal colors.
    As it should be…… we get our lady fans back on side immediately.
    And that’s vital.

    And more importantly we start looking like Arsenal again.

    When was the last time Arsenal played well without Rambo in the team?

    11 seasons?

    Name one game if you can.

    When people talk about Arsenal DNA.

    That lad is the embodiment of it.

    He must be No.1 priortity On the Arteta To Do List.

  95. Cesc Appeal

    As well as midfielders he’s likely to ask for a fast, ball playing CB as Guardiola’s teams frequently squeeze play relying on recovery pace and having their CBs play almost like deep distributors at times recycling the play.

  96. Mr Serge

    Pedro from a scale of one to ten how excited are you ? I am an 8

    I hear he is bringing the talent scout with him and also wants 4 players in Jan

  97. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Pedro from a scale of one to ten how excited are you ?’

    Pedro is putting on fresh underwear every 10 minutes, put it that way.

  98. Marc


    First I have a name use it if you want to have polite discourse.


    You didn’t answer my question directly “you pay what it takes” isn’t good enough. Ramsey’s on £400k per week – £20,800,000 per year – chuck a loan fee of what £20 million per season that’s a player who’d cost us £120 million plus over 3 seasons, for a player who spends a third of every season or more injured and that was under Wenger as well as Emery before you re write history.

    He’s just not worth that amount of money – assuming he’d want to come back.

  99. Cesc Appeal

    Guardiola must be slightly pissed.

    He’s losing Arteta but Arsenal are apparently taking another City coach for Arteta’s staff in Rodolfo Borrell as well as Domenec Torrent who was his assistant at Barcelona, Munich and City who he might well have turned to after losing two other staff members.