Vacancy has to be filled this week

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Hard to be too dramatic after another lose, but, THIS IS REALLY BAD.

Freddie Ljungberg is dealing with the impossible caretaker role. The club allowed Unai Emery to hire in 9 of his mates, now they’ve all been chopped, Freddie is having to fix a broken squad with Per Mertesacker who is working two jobs at the same time. He has no experience to call on, he’s lacking resource, and he’s trying to fix a squad that doesn’t seem to care about the basics.

He is not going to be the future manager of Arsenal football club, so the exec leadership team needs to make a decision on the future of the vacancy this week.

I think they will, and I’d be very surprised if the name they pick can only join at the end of the season.

The three end of the season managers would be Brendan, Thomas Tuchel and Pochettino.

The now managers are Arteta, Vieira, Nuno and sadly, Martinez.

The decision should be an easy one, but my word, don’t write off Raul steaming in last minute to ensure another 2 years of Arsenal hell with a curveball mates rates type of paint job.

Arsenal look a disgusting shambles on the pitch, but it’s fixable. This is football, it’s not that complicated. We have more than enough good players in our squad to correct the season. Sheffield United are firing and its December. Leicester are at the top of the table. Wolves are robust with a small squad. We need organisation, a sexy vision, and a coach that can deliver his message clearly with a lot of energy.

Then we can push through to the summer and make the more drastic changes that we need to really reboot Arsenal.

The Manchester City game is hardly worth talking about. Bernd Leno proved his worth with some exceptional saves once again, he really is looking like a £100m keeper at the moment. Martinelli played really well, he’s the only player in our front four will to put a shift in for the midfield. Saka and ESR also showed some flashed when they came on.

Ultimately though, there was no shape, no strategy on how to press, and no commitment to play like a team. The football we play is a little bit better than it was under Unai Emery, but there’s still no confidence in the system.

City breezed past our midfield with ease. They all knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing on the pitch. They destroyed us with devastating precision. KDB looked like the best player in the world, but really, could he take any value in that statement when he was playing against a bunch of boys?

I don’t want to pick on Ozil, because there are lots of poor players in our squad, but no one stinks out our starting 11 quite like him in a big game. He was subbed off early and he strolled off the pitch, then threw his gloves on the ground. What a little bitch. I think I speak for most of the fans, I’ll be overjoyed to see the back of him this summer, he’s the worst £18m a season any club in the world spends. That World Cup really did destroy any ambition he had to be a footballer.

We are lost as a club. 10 years of neglect have taken their toll. We haven’t had a stable manager since 2008… but things can change very quickly.

Problem for Arsenal is we’re like a neglected trophy wife. Plenty of cash has been pumped in, but the husband hasn’t been paying attention to where it’s being spent.

The Kroenke’s have sunk net $330m in the squad over the last 5 years. That’s more than double Liverpool ($123m), Leicester ($163m), Spurs ($120m) and Chelsea ($140m) have spent. We have let drunk partners fritter away bucket loads of cash as we’ve watched on in hopeful fashion that there’s some sort of thought behind the outlay. There hasn’t been.

I think a good place to start is with a great coach with exciting ideas.

Here’s the thing, I don’t think Edu knows what he wants for Arsenal, which means the coach he hires is doubly important because they will be the vision. Let’s hope it’s someone exciting.

Then the hardwork starts, we have 7 months to get ready for next season. Everybody needs to work around the new coach. He needs the best staff, the most advanced analysts, and an operational structure built to get the best out of him and the players.

… most importantly, the summer transfer plan needs to be perfect. It’s going to be busy, but we can’t afford mistakes, we need to make sure the players lining up next season are fit to wear the shirt.

So let’s get this hire right, no fucking around with the bottom feeders.

We have to hope we’re at ground zero with Arsenal, we’ll only know that when we hire in a new coach. Make a bad decision, the next ground zero will sadly be one where the current leadership is swept out in another revolution. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, fingers crossed Raul and Edu do the right thing this week.

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  1. Valentin

    Aussie Gooner,

    No you get a golden handshake as an inducement to join the shit show.
    You get a golden parachute to keep your mouth shut about the shit show when they kick you out.
    Anyway you are golden before and after.
    During your stay all you get is a golden shower!

  2. Gentlebris

    ‘Pedro is adamant it is the correct move.’

    Pedro has been persuading us for ages to jettison the obvious facts and trust his hunches.

    It’s only decent that Pedro expects he would be heavily called out should Arteta gets and tank the gig.

  3. Unai

    Graham, I think were in ‘beggars cant be chooses’ territory at the moment.

    Its either a washed up has been (Carlo type), B-Lister (Nuno type) or a punt on a high risk, high reward type (Arteta).

    We weren’t getting an A list manager considering the mess were in and our current lack of prestige.

    I’m not happy with the potential appointment, I’m uncomfortable if I’m honest but also excited, if it goes well it could be amazing and frankly, it cant get much worse that it is currently.

    This is probably the right time for Arteta.

  4. Jeff

    There is only ONE little bit of a silver lining for Arteta being brought in now. And what is that? When we are wallowing in the bowels of the table come April, the summer break won’t come any sooner. And what will the arseholes at the top do? Either they will be brought into the 21st century and start thinking about putting in the necessary investment (and I mean spending big on a new set of world class players as well as a proper manager), of they will just sell up and fuck off. If I had the choice, I’d go for the latter but we can’t always get what we want.

  5. Unai

    GBris, only Pedro on GoH were fully on the Arteta train.

    He was on my list 18 months ago but my no means first pick.

    I think everyone, including Pedro will be both nervous and excited about Arteta.

    Anyway, what’s the worst that can happen, cant be any worse that Emery right?

  6. Pierre

    Everton at the weekend.

    Let’s hope Ancelotti is brought in in the next couple of days as Everton under duncan Ferguson would be formidable opponents.

    Arteta, if he has any sense , should have nothing to do with the Everton game if big dunc is on charge …we will be steamrollered.

  7. Gentlebris

    ‘Its either a washed up has been (Carlo type), B-Lister (Nuno type) or a punt on a high risk, high reward type (Arteta).’

    In other words the best we can do is to hire a guy who has never led any team in coaching capacity? Not even a youth team! A guy whose playing style and coaching ethics we can not asses but must take his words for it or assume he’s Pep lite just because he has been working as Pep’s assistant?

    Then of course we must realize that there is no way we can convince young chaps like Marco Rose, Steven G or Nagelsmann, even when we must really believe that if we offer Rodgers £10m a year plus assurances of major investments but that he must come now as he must realize the club can not afford to wait, and Rodgers knowing that the reality is that his Leicester honeymoon could end anytime, he would still say to us fuck off?

  8. Unai

    GBris, that’s kinda my point, no decent manager worth his salt wanted the gig.

    May as well take a punt on an unproven but potential high ceiling coach over a washed up has been imo.

    Let’s be honest Stevie Gs not exactly proven his worth either, 6 months in a 2 team pub league is hardly stellar.

  9. Leedsgunner

    My basic problems with Arteta?

    Too much hype… is there any substance behind him?

    Why aren’t any other club approaching him? (If he’s that good?)

    Happy to be proven wrong though

  10. China1

    Arteta if you get the job mission number one is to bin off the cunts as fast as possible

    The football side will probably be tolerated somewhat if less then great if your legacy is cunting off those bellends

    I don’t want arteta either but if he walks through that door I will back him 100%. Those lazy prick players who have been absolutely wank for us trying to undercut him seriously pisses me off

    As with some others on here, there would be a great satisfaction if he comes and does well whilst shitting on those who tried to fuck him

    Have you ever heard of players doing this before? What a pack of pricks

  11. Unai

    Leeds, rumours are the Arteta turned down both Newcastle in the summer and had been A
    approached by Everton in the last week or so.

    Unsure if true but it could be more about him wanting a top job.

    On the hype thing, I agree however …. what if the hype is real? I’d be very happy if it was.

  12. Bojangles

    If the choice was Ancelotti, Viera or Arteta, I’d go with Arteta. No experience but there is the prospect of something new and exciting. A bit like a young player at the start of the season. Could turn out to be a Martinelli or an AMN, just wait and see. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned there is nobody else available worth shit so let’s take a punt and see where it leads us.

  13. Guns of Hackney

    A couple of salient points to remember.

    1. It’s not Real or Barca. He is not joining a winning machine so the pressure will not be as great.

    2. Arsenal are the equivalent of Everton or Newcastle and I doubt anyone would bat an eyelid if Mikel cut his teeth with them.

    3. He’s a fabulous communicator.

    4. The fact that city are so pissed off about losing the ‘cone guy’ should tell you all you need to know. Clubs DONT really care about losing an assistant so why would city, the club who has been smashing prem records give a damn. Exactly.

    5. He’s unknown and this will be his greatest strength. No one will see him coming. No one knows how he sees Arsenal. Under Arsene and Unai we became predictable and therefore, easy to nullify.

    Remember 1996! Arsene was practically in the same position, an unknown. Give Arteta a chance and I’m sure, at worst, we will have an identity.

    Let’s hope Arsenal make this appointment and don’t get swayed at the last minute.

  14. Samesong

    5. He’s unknown and this will be his greatest strength. No one will see him coming. No one knows how he sees Arsenal. Under Arsene and Unai we became predictable and therefore, easy to nullify.

    Great point.

  15. Victorious

    Looks like we’ve incensed City by ‘tapping’ up Arteta and that is obviously making negotiations tedious and looking to drag unnecessarily

    We really do have some incompetent fvcks running the club.

  16. Leedsgunner


    It’s a huge huge risk.

    What I don’t want is for Pedro and others to be making excuses about giving him time and about him being inexperienced blah, blah, blah if it goes wrong.

    I don’t want it to go wrong but if Arteta wants to take that risk.. he needs to be willing to take criticism like a seasoned manager.

    The problems at Arsenal, as this season has shown runs deep and wide. It would be a challenge for the best of managers to get to grips with never mind a complete novice.

    If we were going to give someone a fresh start I rather we gave a former club legend like Vieira or Bergkamp proper resources to get this club back on track. I would have loved for all of us to sing their name again and see them behind our bench as our head coach. At least it would a unity candidate we could all get behind.

    At the moment this appointment reeks of desperation.

  17. Victorious

    Still no new post

    Pedro not done with the Arteta wank job since news broke out or can’t seem to find the right words to conclude the love in monologue coming our way soon.

  18. China1

    Pep himself has been talking up arteta to go be a manager just in the last week

    What we did is probably illegal and highly stupid, but city really don’t care, this is papertalk

    Pep has spent the last 2 months talking up artetas chances of being a manager at city or elsewhere and how he’s a candidate for other teams etc. no one would be more annoyed than pep if it’s true and yet pep has been talking it up

    Anything else is just paper talk for clicks

  19. China1

    I for one am excited to see if LEGO hair is the next big thing… or if we can mercilessly mock Pedro for gazidis 2.0

    It’s win win!!

  20. Left testicle

    In all seriousness where has Pedros faith in Arteta come from? Is it a hunch or does he have inside information that Mikel is the dogs testicles?

  21. Left testicle

    Arteta better come in and drop kick Ozil in to touch. If he selects Ozil for Everton we’re in for more of the same.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Those who advocate Ancelotti should take a close look at his recent career.

    He has averaged just about 2 years in his last 4 jobs, but more importantly the
    last two were just one year in duration. This suggests to me that he is very much in decline.

    Arteta may well be a risk, but that applies more or less to every manager/head coach in the business.

    When you look at the track record of most managers who have won trophies they have been at the right club and at the right time.

    For the record that applies to both Guardiola and Mourinho.

  23. Unai

    Vic, that shit is as China says, just paper talk, honestly the objections from our senior players could well be too.

    Pep has openly stated he wouldn’t stand in Artetas way, a £10m compensation package would probably constitute a blocker so seems like bull to me.


    Leeds, sometimes experience can jade people, it could be that Arteta coming in, untainted and full of enthusiasm counts for more than experience. (Big sam has experience….).

    Your right about excuses though, he gets till summer than next season, if he fails to bring identity and some form of success he will need to be moved on like anyone else.

  24. Victorious


    We’ve totally gone about it the wrong way

    Thought we’re Classenal.

    Embarassing the way our exec team was caught pants down and hats in hand pleading for a prospective coach to join the club in his HOUSE, it’s just so desperate and embarassing

    How have we sunk so low?

  25. Bojangles

    Pepe seems to get it,

    Nicolas Pepe, though, insists it is up to the Arsenal players to “wake up” as he refused to point the finger of blame at Ljungberg.

    “Us players have to do better quickly,” Pepe said. “We have won only one game out of the last 12. It is not enough, we are Arsenal.

    “It is about us, not the coach or anything else. We have to wake up quickly, starting against Everton (next Saturday).

    “Freddie tries hard, he talks to us, but nothing has changed much in terms of results. It’s down to us the players, not the coach.”

  26. Unai

    Emirates, right with you on Carlo, he would expect control and an entourage, in many ways has the potential to be much worse than Emery in that way.

    At least if Arteta fails, the damage should be easier to undo.

  27. Spanishdave

    I don’t give too much credence to the newspaper rumours about Arteta, just remember the election crap we’ve been through lately.
    We have always been slow with managerial appointments although we have only had three in 23years!
    Arteta is a brave boy but he must have confidence and balls to do it so that’s a start.

  28. Leedsgunner

    I hope Ljungberg is kept on. His work with the youth has been exceptional. Hopefully Arteta recognises this and incorporates him into his back room team.

  29. Unai

    Vic, you do get ruffled easily, they were seen in the early hours getting in a car following an interview.

    Everyone knew we would interview Arteta and he was on the shortlist…. how is getting seen doing the one thing everyone knew we were doing anyway in any way embarrassing?

    Pleading? Hyperbole switch to 10 I see.

  30. James wood

    The lust for Arteta comes from the success of Man City.

    Problem being the money Man City spent is not the budget we have.
    And the fact their purchases actually bought quality that was properly

  31. Victorious


    Oh the interviews again..Where has that exactly got us? That shit was peddled for weeks non end until landed Mr Emery,the bland one

    Was he not interviewed last time we got Emery also?

    You see how spuds conducted the process of shifting Poch and hiring Boringho?..any drama? How many pics was taken in the process?

    We’re just a joke club,Arteta should have been wrapped up weeks again if the idiots running the club know what they’re doing. He’s a panic hire

  32. Unai

    Sorry Vic, I think your getting hot under the collar for nothing.

    Nothing wrong with interviewing a few candidates and taking your time, for all the club knew Freddie could have smashed it until summer.

    Are you saying we shouldn’t interview candidates as that would be amateur.

  33. Victorious

    Are you saying we shouldn’t interview candidates as that would be amateur.’

    No but that it should be discreet and Swift enough.. We’re are one of the poorest clubs in terms of transfers,not just in terms of players but coaches as you can obviously see now

    If truly we interviewed Arteta last season how much more are we hoping to learn to justify why we’re conducting bout of interviewing process when we’re obviously languishing almost at the foot of the table

    Emery was sacked almost 2 months now and we’ve been embarassing ourselves trying to bring in a rookie coach since then

    Boringho a much more accomplished manager was brought in by spuds in a 2 week break.. Let that sink in

  34. Leftsidesanch

    ‘Emery was sacked almost 2 months now’

    It’s not even been a month Vic. Arsenal should have known who they wanted before they pulled the trigger on Emery and the whole process reeks of amateur hour but there’s no need to embellish to highlight that further.

  35. Graham62


    I thought Emery was sacked 3 weeks back.

    Victorious, get your facts straight.

    I am in agreement with your perceptions on revisiting the Arteta application. Surely our gormless bunch don’t need to know too much more.

    Only at Arsenal FC.

  36. Dream10

    I do like the idea of Arteta becoming the club’s next coach. His vision of what he wants to do is clear. Hope he is backed by the executives to implement change on the field.

  37. Dissenter

    Paul Merson can be so direct at times but he raises some big questions.

    ‘This is a big, big gamble putting someone that has never managed before in charge of a club the size of Arsenal,’ he told Sky Sports.

    ‘It’s all well and good saying he’s worked under Pep Guardiola, but let’s be honest, Guardiola would struggle managing this Arsenal team. Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp would struggle!’

    Merson went on to claim that the players at his disposal will make life difficult for him, insisting that it will be impossible for him to take a similar style of play from City to Arsenal and expect it to work straight away.

    ‘You’re only as good as your players at the end of the day and the idea of Arteta replicating Guardiola’s style of football at the Emirates just falls apart when you look at the players he’ll be working with,’ he continued.