Which dugout is the new Arsenal manager in?

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The real leadership news cycle can begin again after being rudely interrupted by the British Election of 2019.

Today is tantalising because there is very strong chance that two of the candidates in the stadium today could be made Arsenal’s manager fulltime by January 1st.

Freddie Ljungberg has an opportunity to show that he can make us hard to beat and resilient against a wounded Manchester City side. The Swede has so far conducted himself with absolute class, showing a calm head in a tough situation, though not really moving the football forward by any margin.

In the other dugout, you have the great unknown in Mikael Arteta. His reputation in the game is fantastic, his PR has been propagated by stories of his great coaching, elite communications skills and his thorough approach to analysis and all-round problem-solving. He is the moon-shot hiring we hope could bring us some of that City IP and a future worth waking up for.

A few things to note. It’s clear a lot has happened this week, the club is speaking to everyone, but I still think the leads are Arteta, Freddie and Patrick. I think stories of Nuno are just being put in the press for his sake and I pray to Gods of Football that Martinez was kicked to the curb with the full force of a very nice leather boot. His name being linked to the club makes me dry-heave. There are also sensitivities, Arteta is coaching against us today, we have to behave. There will also likely have been conversations around Pochettino and a few other bottom of the barrelers hanging around like a pathogen in drinking water.

Holding out for Pochettino is a gamble. He’ll not be committing to any club before he needs to and the chances are that every top club in the world might be chasing him this summer. He’ll have a choice of Bayern, PSG and maybe even Manchester City if Pep decides he wants to leave. All of those clubs put the chances of an Arsenal choice at a very low ‘probably not.’

I think the other factor that has to be a consideration is the realisation we have the chance to make top 4… still. Win the game today, we’re 4 points away from a stuttering Chelsea. That’s not beyond the realms. If we bring in a manager that can stabilize us and move the team forward, we could be in with a shout at the end of the season. If Freddie doesn’t have a chance of the job longterm, then you need to put it with someone that does so the squad all know the new coach has real authority.

Big decision, I am hopeful we’ll not wait until the end of the season and my view is we should be putting our chips on Arteta.

Another big story doing the rounds in the press is the one about Mesut Ozil speaking out about the Chinese treatment of the Uighurs. The problem is a serious one, sports clubs from around the world have been tripping over themselves to deal with players speaking out about it, and they’ve generally been fucking up… Arsenal engaged the comments and said they don’t do politics and disassociated with the issue, just like the teams in the NBA have been doing after cultivating lucrative relationships with the Chinese.

A few things to note here. Mesut Ozil needs to work out what he stands for. Though his stance on China is correct and noble, it looks a bit embarrassing when just a few months ago he had Erdogan at his wedding giving him away. The Turkish leader, who purged many innocents from their jobs and put them in prison after an alleged coup attempt, also has a terrible human rights record. If there was anyone Mesut should have been standing up to, it’s a leader doing bad things to his own people.

Anyway, the Arsenal game has been cancelled from CCTV today. The Chinese using the full force of the Government to crush Western dissent. It’s extremely grim. It’s also hard to know what to make of it, unless all football clubs in Europe stand behind a movement against the violations going on, a valiant stance does nothing for your financials or your growth. On the other hand, football clubs are supposed to have some sort of moral backbone and stand for something. They have an immense platform to raise awareness of human rights abuses and should be good global citizens.

The big problem is this: How far does a football club go over an indirect issue? It’s easy for me to say stand with morals and ethics, I’m not CEOing over a -£23m loss. There’s no simple answer, but the problem Arsenal have now is they apologized, so they’ve put a stake in the ground which is not going down well on the internet.

Back the game, we have an injury list for the ages. Tierney, Bellerin, Pepe, Ceballos, Xhaka and Holding are all out.

City had problems last week against United who stretched them with their pace and width. United were lucky, but every side has to be if they want to beat Peps back to back Premier League champions.

I think rocking a front three of Saka, Martinelli and Auba would be smart. Make them think twice about pushing a high line against us. Midfield will likely be Matteo, Torriera, with Mesut in the hole. Then the defence probably picks itself again, have my doubts he’s going to risk Luiz in a game with lots of fast technical players.

Then it’s up with the gods. I’m hoping we don’t take a pasting, but if we play like we did against West Ham and Standard, we’ll lose by 4 goals. If we channel the good 10 minutes from both of those games, we’ll be in a better place.

Fingers crossed everyone, see you in the comments. x


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  1. Marc


    I haven’t watch Serie A for years – used to really like it back when it was on Channel 4 though – Juve have been dominant for some time but what I couldn’t get was “moving on” Allegri for Sarri.

    Just didn’t make sense to me at all.

  2. Ishola70

    It really is pom-pom waving to keep pretending that this present team are good.

    Pure and simple pom pom waving.

    Many fans are not silly. Many fans don’t have their heads in the sand.

    They see these individual players and don’t see real quality.

    But we have this “special” coach that is coming to save the day.

    How lucky we are.

  3. China1

    Graham you just don’t get the genius nuances of ozil’s slow walk off

    I’m with Pierre on this one – ozil is allowed to slow walk off when we are getting smashed because … actually I can’t even think of a joke reason why that would be okay…. never mind

    Fuck ozil

  4. China1

    Sarri is lightweight. As good a job as conte is doing, one must look seriously at sarri when Juve literally dominated the league for 8 odd seasons and he’s going to lose it

    He was crap at Chelsea and crap at juve

  5. China1

    Ozils nunber obe problem is he isn’t self aware

    If he actually played well each week then people would be accommodating of him. But he has put in about 5 good performances in the last 2 and a half years and still behaves entitled whilst actually bringing trouble to the team

    He’s a wanker that needs binning off just as fast as xhaka

  6. Ishola70


    “Leicester is currently second on merit, but also because they don’t play in Europe. The moment they have to handle two competitions, they would fall down.”

    And how does this relate to Arsenal this season?

    Arsenal have clearly played second XI teams in the Europa League group stage.

    If they can’t handle competing in second tier europa league group stage matches along with the EPL this may tell us what this squad is really about.

  7. Marko

    When I predicted that Conte’s Inter will win the league against a Sarri led Juve, I was mocked by several posters.
    Now it’s not so funny is it?

    Have inter won the league already? Must have missed that

  8. Marko

    It really is pom-pom waving to keep pretending that this present team are good.

    I’d say stupid. We went into the season with Xhaka protecting a back 4 that had Luiz and Sokratis as first choice CB’s and one RB in the whole squad who happened to be out with a serious injury. Imagine going into a season with just Bellerin at RB. Shocking

  9. Marc


    I love that she’s quit twitter because it’s a voice for the far right.

    It’s the complete lack of understanding that in supporting Corbyn she’s on the far left and on twitter as well.

    She really is a moron of the highest order.

  10. Left Testicle

    I saw that. How is twitter going to survive without her bullshit? I’m going to quit talking politics now as I don’t want to feel Pedro’s wrath. I’m going bye byes now. Love to all. x

  11. Ishola70


    Why did Arsenal manage to finish so close to Spurs last season?

    Would it have something to do with Poch’s team being so horrible in form away from home for half of that season? In fact we can chart Poch’s demise from that very poor run he had away from home last year in the league and his Champions League run to the final hid that.

    Spurs fans can talk about under acheiving in regards to top four. Genuinely.

    Their squad is clearly overall stronger than Arsenal’s.

  12. Dissenter

    The jejune Wenger crowd are coming to the realization that the squad is really piss poor. Manager apart, we have spent so much money acquiring square pegs for round holes.
    I’m not in support of appointing a novice manager because another managerial error will devastate this club for a decade. That said, Arteta will be wise to get iron clad assurances from the club about getting the players he needs. That nonsensical approach of being force fed with junk from a DoF will kill his career.
    I’m pretty sure emery was stiffed as well.

  13. Dissenter

    Freddie Ljungberg; “With Lacazette and Auba, we tried in my first two games, but we looked really vulnerable defensively. They are both great players that’s why I wanted them on the pitch, but we were vulnerable defensively”

    We’ve been saying both strikers can’t playbill together
    The same goes for so many permutations of other combinations in the squad. It’s like building a house from the roof downwards. We acquired a squad without any idea of what we were trying to do
    We need a major rebuilding, a proper gutting and rebuild.

  14. Gentlebris

    Martin ell I

    8 first team players in 18 months!

    And Arsenal became as poor as this? Yet no one in senior management was fired.

    Little wonder Arsenal is so Arsenal.

  15. Emiratesstroller

    What a shambles!

    Many of the regular season ticket holders around me left at half time. I held on until 75th minute, but could not continue beyond that point.

    We can debate ad infinitum who is to blame for the current situation, but the reality is that we are now in serious danger of dropping like a tombstone into
    relegation zone. The club and team is now in “crisis”

    The owners needs to make some very rapid decisions. Messrs Stan and Josh
    Kroenke need to stop sitting on their hands in USA and come to London and
    sort out the mess before it is too late.

    It is clear to me that the current management and coaching staff is not fit for
    purpose. That applies also to the team as well which lacks quality, direction and experience.

    We need to recruit TODAY and not TOMORROW a head coach who can stabilise the team. If none available in short term then find someone who can
    sort out mess in short term until at least end of season.

    Second Mr Kroenke needs to dig in his pocket and make available funds to invest in team. We need at least two new players in January to stabilise both
    CB and CMF positions.

    I have also concern about the full-backs. We have lost both Bellerin and Tierney through what looks like long term injuries and Kolasinac went off

    The club needs to complete a serious cull of personnel.

    1. The starting point is Ozil. In the past I have been sentimental about his talent, but he has become toxic. He sulks and is lazy on the pitch. Periodically
    he produces an excellent pass, but the reality is that he shows no commitment
    or leadership.

    2. Other players who need to be offloaded are Mustafi, Sokratis, Luiz, Xhaka and Maitland-Niles. None of these players have a future at the club based on
    what I have seen over last two seasons.

    Finally unless the mess is sorted out very quickly I can see not only an empty stadium this season, but the probability that many regulars will not be renewing season tickets in the summer and that includes my two.

    Furthermore I can see the sponsors also pulling out if nothing is done about
    current situation.

  16. Nelson


    Just to let you know that Stan and Josh are lacking their wound in LA tonight. The RAMS has just been eliminated from post season.

  17. Dissenter

    “1. The starting point is Ozil. In the past I have been sentimental about his talent, but he has become toxic. He sulks and is lazy on the pitch. Periodically
    he produces an excellent pass, but the reality is that he shows no commitment
    or leadership.”

    You vacillate about Ozil a lot. I expect you to be singing his praises very soon.

  18. Nelson

    Freddie Ljungberg; “With Lacazette and Auba, we tried in my first two games, but we looked really vulnerable defensively. ”

    SMH. Couldn’t he watch how Manure defeated MC. Once they lost the ball, everybody moved back to establish a defensive shape. They have 10 men behind the ball. The defensive shape has nothing to do with two strikers on the pitch. I admit that the attack works better with one striker and two wingers.

  19. Guns of SF

    What a shitty day.
    I swear supporting this team is a real test of ones love

    I think we need a new coach asap.
    Ancelloti, ARteta whoever

    The owners need to spend in Jan. Sell Mustafi please! Ozil too.
    Get what we can for a new CAM, CM and CB

  20. Guns of SF

    Freddie saying that laca and auba are a liability defensively?
    Like WTF

    laca and auba track back often. Laca in particular is not afraid to give a hard foul if needed.

    That comment makes no sense

  21. RodneyKing

    @Nelson I get what you’re saying but it’s Arsenal we’re talking about here.

    On the day, Lindelof and Wan Bissaka were immense. Fred had one of his best games in a United shirt. James was busy as usual. Recall that they were the away side so they were always going to defend and counter. Something they haven’t been shy to do, especially in the “big” games.

    Should we have played as the away side vs City? Maybe. Would our players have been able to hang on for the entire 90 minutes? Not so sure.

    The fact is United themselves can’t play like that every week and they caught City at the best possible time. We had the same opportunity.

  22. Aussie Gooner

    Of the players avaialable that was probably our best side (sans Ozil). Now that is very sad. No amount of tweaking from a ‘sauced’ manager is going to propel that lot into the top four. We need better first 11 players full stop! And reliable back up players either home grown or from lower divisions/leagues. Time to clean house I am afraid and with the Krankies in charge it won’t happen. Looking forward to years of mediocracy and avoiding relegation!

  23. Aussie Gooner

    And this ducking disease must be catching! Can you see Adams ducking out the way of a shot? No! He would have copped in full in the face for the team! Bless him. There in lies the problem – that 5%.

  24. Aussie Gooner

    And the second goal, 5 against 2 in the box and they still made it look easy – where is the man marking, where is the following the track of their players into the box, does anyone know what they are doing? This is basic stuff I teach my under 14’s team FFS!

  25. vickingz

    Appoint pep with simeone with Brendan and whoever all together, these players won’t do any better.

    At un na nai, we have better players than Leicester? How so? In what department really?

    Before some level of appreciative improvements can be seen in these players, it will take two years no matter how competent the coach we are appointing is and if it’s Ancelloti, we are sacking him next year, so we better get at least a young progressive coach

  26. PhD2020

    MarcDecember 15, 2019 23:40:29
    LeftLost you on Gareth Bale – guy’s always looked more Simian than anything else to me.
    Just wondering, can you do what Gareth Bales does?
    Have you achieved half of what he has in a short space of time?
    Just asking?

    You know, score in CL Finals?
    Win 2+CL Trophies or is it 3? A La Liga & other trophies to count going forward…
    I’m sure you will correct me on that fact…Somehow, someway…

    Play internationally for your country and for one of the best teams in the world.
    In addition, to being set for life financially at such a young age..

    How is life for you in general? On par with Gareth Bale’s?

  27. China1

    Yes gentle it’s chinese

    Ozil thinks because of his World Cup glory, his Real Madrid link up with Ronaldo and a good number of assists years back before his new contract that he’s still some kind of relevant force in football

    That’s why he throws these silly tantrums when he gets subbed (EL final anyone). He thinks this stuff is below him

    The irony being that during arsenal worst period for a few decades, ozil has been one of our worst and most negative players.

    He’s living off his rep from yesteryear because he hasn’t even noticed that he’s part of the problem and he’s shocked to get hauled off because of it.

    Since the day he got his contract he has looked like a player on the brink of retirement, not a player still in his prime with it all to play for

    The guy is done at any serious level

  28. azed

    Freddie Ljungberg; “With Lacazette and Auba, we tried in my first two games, but we looked really vulnerable defensively. ”

    I’m not sure what Freddie means by this because he was part of the Emery set up unless Freddie like Pierre thought Emery dropped Lacazette because he complained about something….

  29. PhD2020

    Arsenal fans have to be the thickest of the bunch.
    Would say, we are the Newcastle of the South..

    Sat on our hands passively,with Arsene running riot in his kamikaze reign towards the end.Like the indicators were flashing red lights for the last 8-10 years..
    Arsene fans by large,were mute..

    Now,we have the owners…And guess what..?
    Arsenal fans circling around looking for some scapegoat to blame?
    No,not the owners yet,but some other poor geezer is going to get it…

    Dear,dear…..When will the penny finally drop,for you so called ‘Learned Arsenal fans?'”

    I suspect,not in the near distant future…

    Tragic…Absolutely tragic.

    Funny thing,was I had Arsenal down to be relegated during Arsene’s last year..
    Was given odds of about 250/1 I think..

    Point being,saw this ship sinking from a while ago…Pity,the odds have now gone down to 80/1..At least one can profit from misery and the greed of the BoD.

    The old adage springs to mind,if you can’t beat them, join them.
    And join them I will….

  30. Graham62

    Have to agree that some of Freddie’s comments “don’t make any sense”.

    As for Arsenal fans “being the thickest of the bunch” that’s been the case ever since we left Highbury.

    PhD, you are right, it is all very “tragic”.

  31. Unai

    Anyone who thinks we have a top 4 squad is deluded, our spine is is so feeble a paraplegic wouldnt swap with us.

    CD – Sok/Luiz/Calum – What the actual fuck, Chambers has a heart but as a group this is a mid table selection.

    CDM – Torr/Xhaka – Neither are suitable for the Prem, could be argued neither are CDMs.

    CAM – Ozil, our creative outlet can neither create or be aresed, a total bottleneck.

    We have some decent options, a good outline of a team but the foundations are made of sand, we need a new backbone and fast!

  32. Mark

    I get that your some great sage who can see things others can’t. But just a question , do you actually support Arsenal?

  33. Un na naai

    Funny thing,was I had Arsenal down to be relegated during Arsene’s last year..
    Was given odds of about 250/1 I think..Point being,saw this ship sinking from a while ago…Pity,the odds have now gone down to 80/1..At least one can profit from misery and the greed of the BoD.The old adage springs to mind,if you can’t beat them, join them.
    And join them I will….


    Another educated fool.
    We’ve changed most of the playing staff.
    None of them are really wenger players outside of Ozil, Xakha and Bellerin.
    Aubameyang and Lacazette only played half a season each under wenger and we still did better in his last 50 games than emery achieved.

    We were in a far better place until we sacked Wenger.
    He is an infinitely better coach then emery or Freddie and now the chicken are coming home to roost.

    Careful what you wish for

  34. Emiratesstroller


    I have never advocated until now that Ozil should be offloaded. The wages Arsenal pay him are excessive, but the club made that decision.

    However, recent events now make it a necessity that he leaves the club whatever the cost.

    His recent Twitter Statement about China may have been well intended, but
    the cost is prohibitive not only for Arsenal.

    Also his football performances are now a luxury we can ill afford with so many
    young players in the club. A player of his experience and talent needs to show
    commitment and leadership, which is clearly lacking.

    Arsenal is now a massive rebuild job and it should in my view start today with
    a top class head coach appointment and followed by the departure of deadwood including sadly the offloading of Ozil.

    My expectation for this season is now sadly zero. The best outcome for the club is to finish outside the Euros and rebuild the club over next couple of years.

  35. SP

    The best option is Poch and we need to do whatever it takes to get him. Rafa would have been a good choice as well but he has made it clear he is not coming back to the PL.

    Looking at the mess we are in, Carlo Ancelotti doesnt look to be a bad choice as well. Atleast he will try to get us back in the top 6 this year. If we terminate Ozil’s contract and add couple of defenders in Jan, top 6 is very much possible.

  36. Un na naai


    No no no no no. Haven’t you been reading? We need a billion pounds to spend and change the entire squad. Then all we have to do is re hire emery. Winning has fuck all to do with the coach. Didn’t you know?
    We’ve changed 70-80% of the playing squad but fuck it. Let’s do the lot. Let’s change it all. Make sure there’s not a sniff of wenger at the club whatsoever and then we will stop losing. I say don’t even bother to hit a coach. Just let Raul or josh pick the team
    That’s all coaching is anyway. Buying players and picking the first 11

  37. Un na naai

    Indeed, Arsenal’s performance was so bad and their embarrassment so complete, that it should serve to inject urgency into the club’s hierarchy to find the manager to halt the drift and decay this giant club is now suffering.

    Didn’t anyone tell this guy that we don’t need new coaching staff?
    We just need an entirely new squad.
    Let marko at it. He’s dab hand after 3 decades of playing computer games

    Not that he will be up to read this for another 4 hours

  38. Un na naai

    Go and get big Dunk. Ozil would not be walking off the pitch if he were waiting on the sidelines
    He’d be running into the stands and out if the stadium.

  39. Vladdy P

    Been really disappointed with Freddie. Thought he’d be chomping at the bit to prove his worth but he just sits there on the sidelines being a typical surrendering swede.

    And why is mert in charge of the academy again? What’s his actual qualifications?

  40. Un na naai

    The Gunners have now gone six games without a home victory, winning three and drawing three – their longest run without a home success since George Graham’s side had an eight-game winless streak between December 1994 and February 1995.

    Look 👀
    Form so bad it predates Wenger
    I guess both those runs lay at the feet of the French Maestro some how though

  41. Un na naai


    1) he’s being hung out to dry a bit by the suits
    2) he’s being hung out to dry by senior players
    3) he’s not very good anyway. No ideas, no enough inspiration and not enough discipline.

    I really don’t think Arteta is going to get the ear of the likes of ozil, Luiz and Aubameyang.

    I also really don’t think he’s going to be able to get us defending as a unit. He may have been an inspirational choice 18 months ago but emery has destroyed what he was handed and now we are 7 points from the relegation zone.

    It’s too much for a guy taking his first managerial post in my opinion.
    We should have pulled the trigger on Jose Mourinho when we had the chance.

  42. Un na naai

    We need to keep ozil and Aubameyang away from the team now. Along with Luiz.

    They are a negative influence. They don’t put in the yards, want everyone else to do their running and piss and moan at the younger players

    Lacazette to start in front of anyone of ESR, Saka, Martinelli and Pepe.

  43. Vladdy P

    I’m glad we didn’t get Jose.

    I’d be fine with arteta at this point because nobody is getting the best out of ozil and Co, anyway. Needs to be someone who teaches the next gen fundamentals and gets them playing the right way.

    Ozil, xhaka and mustsfi should just be told to stay home until they are sold.

    Auba and laca should be sold too. The body language is all wrong. Reminds me of Thierry in his final season.

    Use the money and rebuild the team’s spine.

  44. CG


    “”I also really don’t think he’s going to be able to get us defending as a unit. He may have been an inspirational choice 18 months ago but emery has destroyed what he was handed and now we are 7 points from the relegation zone.”””””

    Very perceptive from the always excellent UN

    The Clown and Raul have basically destroyed the fabric of the club.

    We don’t even have a club any more- thanks to the 2 Spaniards.

    Arteta ( great choice -first time around) as the continuity candidate- maybe not so good this time around.
    Not that he would want it.

    We are in such a sorry state and with indiscipline and inertia rife( from Bellerin/Ozil/Pepe/ Xhaka etc)

    Thats why My leftfield choice of Sean Dyche for 24 months to steady the club is such an outstanding one.

    No one would take liberties with Dyche.

    #Go Back To Ginger#

  45. Davey

    When/if we get into a relegation battle we are the worst team to cope with it. I feel we need to make the appointment of Carlo a.s.a.p otherwise we go down.

  46. Left testicle

    Go and get big Dunc. Ozil would not be walking off the pitch if he were waiting on the sidelines.
    Agreed. Ozil is a big man when hanging with Erdogan or Kolasinac, or when his boss is a pussy like Wenger/Emery/Ljundberg. If we had a ‘Big Dunc’ disciplinarian type he’d soon shut up. Our pampered ‘stars’ have had it to easy for to long.

  47. Spanishdave

    Yep we need somebody to fire some fucks at the players and shake em up.
    I would go with Dyche or Nano to do this and then go for somebody to refine our play.
    Can’t see Arteta being the one right now, plus he won’t have his own team behind him.
    For Christ sake get Bould out of our club he is the common denominator.

  48. Left testicle

    Joleon Lescott: “The fact Fernandinho is allowed to run into midfield and play the pass, no one gets near Gabriel Jesus, it is disappointing to see that no one can get near Man City. There’s no one near De Bruyne either. Collectively, they’ll be annoyed with that.”

    Joleon Lescott: “They just cut through Arsenal so easily. Sead Kolasinac at the back post runs in too early. When you’ve got that many numbers back you’d think there’d be someone making a tackle or a block, you think you’re doing alright and then suddenly City are so precise with their passing, they’re clinical.”

    “It’s very rare you look at an Arsenal defence and say what a great block, what a great challenge. They’re allowing people to get shots on target there by dropping off. Matteo Guendouzi there, if Rodri or Fernandinho are doing that they’re taking the yellow card for a foul and not letting the opposition get the shot away.”

    When Joleon Lescott is slagging off your defence you know you’re in trouble.

  49. CG

    Lefty Testy

    You too coming around to my Dyche idea…?.

    Dyche for 24 months- steady The Ship
    Get some internal discipline back.

    Then get Arteta in.


    Keep it Simple – Its only Soccer.

  50. Leftsidesanch

    The recruitment at this club doesn’t make sense. Bellerin just has to look at a pitch to be injured yet he was our only RB (AMN and Chambers are not RBS). Sokratis, Kolasinac and Chambers we could find better players and Guendouzi shouldn’t be starting for us, he’s culpable for quite a few goals.

    The team do not seem interested in defending, pressing the opposition bar Martinelli. I feel him hanging around long enough with this pack will either see him push for a move or become just as lazy.

  51. Left testicle

    Can you imagine what would have happened if Moise Kean would have taken his gloves off and kicked them away? And Moise had a legitimate reason to be pissed off.

  52. siddharth14

    I’m sure the Bloke who went to Emirates and congratulated Raul for such an immense window is tearing up his hair and undergoing therapy. The more i think about Arsenal’s situation the more dark it appears in the long term.

    We all were calling for decentralization and when it is finally in full effect, we have landed much worse then before. I get this horrible feeling that the only reason Wenger left was that he saw this thing coming.

    I think it’s about time Pedro starts a crusade against the Kroenkes and keeps it relentless. Sooner or later, the print and online media are going to lap it up and go boom. Forget about the getting the next appointment right, it’s not happening. The farce going under the name of a thorough process is enough to demonstrate that the management are playing cards in the dark.

    The only hope Arsenal have is if we get rid of the Kroenkes. I hope the supporters are able to punish them financially for their shoddy and disgraceful handling of Arsenal FC which has left Arsenal on a cliff edge.

  53. Un na naai


    Exactly. The Kroenke gang are taking our club towards the relegation end of the table
    We went through over a decade of austerity. Gave away our home. For this?

  54. Globalgunner

    Getting rid of Kroenke against his will is nigh impossible. Forget that. Bad players are what we need to get rid of and not replace them with the same rubbish. Who thought Luiz would be an improvement on Soratis and Mustafi needs his head examined. We need to junk those 3 and get 3 replacements. We have no LB or RB worth playing. None, our midfield is lightweight and or non existent. Xhaka, Ozil need to be let go. Basically we are one of the worst teams in the EPL. On the face of it we deserve to go down. Freddie cant save us. I hope the rumours of an imminent announcement are true

  55. Dissenter

    It looks like the club”s heirarchy have settled on Mikel Arteta
    The arguments are over. It’s time to unite and support him He will need at least 1.5 seasons to settle down – the same courtesy we gave Emery.

  56. Valentin

    Basically everybody knows that our attackers pretend to defend but don’t do it. Martinelli is the only one who put his heart in it.


    I don’t understand why managers keep picking Aubameyang for games against top 6 opposition. Not only he rarely score against such opponents, but he also does not work hard for the team. It takes a special type of skill (sic) to be systematically late by half a second to block the opposition back four long balls. That typifies Aubameyang, pretends to block but in reality plays in self preservation mode to never be at any risk of getting kicked or injured.
    At least Lacazette works hard in those game.