Arsenal could make horror decision + Summer of unrest ahead

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Arsenal vs Bayern

Well good morning my darlings, huge thanks to Mike for his list of potential Arsenal managers yesterday, some interesting insights there. Furious his number 1 did not align with mine, but rest assured, we’ll be talking about his dissent at a later date.

I thought the sexiest name on his list that I haven’t really paid attention to was Marcelo Gallardo. The Argentine has won it all with River Plate, he’s now their most successful manager of all time at the ripe old age of 43 years old. He’s interesting because his first gig was with Nacional. He retired from playing, took over the controls, won a league title in Uraguay at the first attempt.

What a boss.

‘But shouldn’t he have gone to Stoke first’

No. If you have it, you have it. Simple as that.

Arsenal appears to be working through names at a rate of knots if the press reports are to be believed.

Some jokers bursting into consideration with the same un-welcomeness of your mother opening your bedroom door in the era of copper dial-up internet.


The absolute worst name I’ve read is Roberto Martinez, his arrival on my Newsnow refresh was like opening a video in a Whatsapp group from a plasterer. I feel sick. I think I need counselling. If I was in the brainstorm for potential names and someone raised his name, they’d be removed from site and fired. What an absolute dumpster fire of a manager. Even when he was doing bits for Wigan back in the day, he would basically play his way all season, tank hard, then pull off great final ten games. He’s been relegated with Wigan, he absolutely bombed the Everton job, and he’s now an international manager where he belongs.

I would be DISGUSTED if we signed him. He’d be a shit hire if you were an Aston Villa fan. It’s giving up on the world. It’s the life equivalent of accepting stretchy jeans. Letting your girlfriend cut your hair in the bath. It’s limited edition Krocs. It’s calling your wife the ‘other half.’ It’s three quarter length khaki coloured trousers with a chain attached for your keys.

It is an absolute DISGRACE that I have to waste any amount of time even talking about this. Straight up one of the most offensive things I’ve heard mentioned in conjunction with the club. I will literally walk onto the pitch and set myself on fire if this happens.

Do NOT say that would be cool, because I know you secretly like me.

We’ve also been linked with Portuguese nobody, Vitor Perriera. Poaching a manager from Shanghai SIPG doesn’t give me any sort of sexy heat. He’s 51 years old, so uninteresting Porto made him assistant to AVB when he was a man child at 32, he’s been to all the backwaters of world football and the absolute deal sealer… His agent is Kia.

Fuck anyone that Kia is suggesting. We don’t want to be hiring in deadbeats that are the gateway to Arsenal being a fee cow for greedy people with no interest in the club. That’s not Arsenal.

Big Poch did an interview with some foreign news station, he spoke in Spanish, but basically didn’t aggressively rule out moving to Arsenal. He is a GREAT coach, one of the best in the world, we’d be mad not to talk to him, but I just have my doubts we’re going to be able to give him the sort of salary he’ll deserve, or that we’re in a good state to pay whatever his break clause is.

Arsenal’s end of year results dropped and they were predictably bad. We’re -£23m when it comes to profit. All the performance indicators you’d look to for a healthy club are heading south, even matchday receipts.

Our wage bill is £230m. Quite unbelievable. If we don’t make Champions League this year, we’re in deep shit.

However, I wouldn’t be too concerned. There are rumours that Auba is going to take a move to Real Madrid this summer, possibly sending Jovic and Ceballos our way. A few big names will be in the final year of their deals this summer (age they’ll be by July 1st next year is in brackets).

  • Sokratis £90k (32)
  • Luiz £200k (33)
  • Ozil £350k (31)
  • Mustafi £90k (28)
  • Auba £200k (31)

That’s nearly a £1m a week off the wage bill, which reduces our outlay to a more manageable number. I think when older players get to their last year, it’s best to just find a club. One mega injury and you have zero security. The fact they’re in the last year of their deal makes them more appealing to other clubs because of the lower fee.

Then you have to look at the names on the list for the year after, Matteo and Cal C are on that list, but I suspect we might keep them… however, Kola and Lacazette aren’t getting new deals, and they might be shipped out.

We could potentially bring in £120m this summer and rebuild the squad under a new coach. I am just praying Edu is good with the transfers, we still have no chief scout, Raul made a has of last summer, and we’ll be down a lot of experience. We need more Matteo Guendouzi’s and Gabriel Martinelli’s versus the David Luiz types.

A lot of the press in the last day lean towards the new manager being Arteta. I don’t need to keep going over this with you, you know where I stand, but I think given the circumstances, who is available, and the mess we’re in… it couldn’t be better suited to someone like him. He’s a coach, first and foremost, he’s been very influential at City, he’ll be cheap and he knows The Arsenal.

I could not be any more hyped about the possibility, but how can anyone get excited when the taste levels are so low, Robert fucking Martinez is getting a call.

I really, really, really, hope we make a good decision here. No chancers. No hacks. No super-agent reccos. Just a coach that can give us the future football we deserve.

Let’s see where it goes. They can’t wait until the end of the season on this one, we need to maximise the next 6 months so we know what is what come transfer time.

Chop, chop.

See you in the comments. x

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  1. Dream10


    A balance of both is nice. A mobile #6 who can pass, a box to box #8 who is technically adept/has an engine and a creative player with end product.

  2. Un na naai

    Where I have issue with you over Willock as you know is your ridiculous over-rating of him at this present time.

    Oh really? If I over rate willock then what do you call your premature and incorrect appraisal of Ceballos this summer?

  3. Mr Serge

    Have we signed a manager yet ?

    The interview process must be diligent and no stone unturned in our pursuit of the new man

  4. Ishola70


    Ceballos had attributes to be useful to the side because he had shown in Spain that he could create and also offer off the ball as well.

    His display against Burnley showed that he has this in the locker and nearly everyone on here not just me was enthused about him and hoped we would see more. Ceballos was never about scoring goals. He was more about trying to give a more balanced look to the midfield. If he hasn’t settled in England then big deal many others have also had the same issue.

    Willock has scored some goals including a very good goal in the kick about against Liverpool in second tier matches. He gets hauled off early in the big boys games though. The games where there is a definite first XI selected. He has looked like a little boy in the big boys matches so far.

    As I have said to you before Willock can only dream at this time to put in an overall performance that Ceballos did against Burnley in a big boys match.

    But nevertheless as said before I hope he can become as good as you are kidding people on he is right now.

    I know a lot of your over the top fixation on the lack of impact from Ceballos is due to anti-Emery stuff so that is also noted and taken in board. The guy is only on loan but the way you go on and on about him it’s as if Arsenal have paid a big fee for him.

  5. Ishola70

    No Don

    There is no flip flopping from me.

    I have said I was hopeful about Ceballos and even more so after the Burnley match like most of the other posters on here you included if I remember rightly but it has not obviously worked out to what we hoped for by a long margin and he is only a loan. Arsenal have not paid a big fee for him. He will go back to Spain. It’s not the end of the world as we know it.

  6. Un na naai

    Ok ishola

    So if you say we need a player with the attributes you described, attributes which pretty much exclusively belong to willock in our squad then why were you putting him down and claiming that Ceballos a player who’s skill set you literally just said you don’t want to see at the club, was exactly what we needed in July and not willock?

    Because it looks to me like you just make things up on the spot to make it seem like you know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  7. Champagne charlie

    You know you’re a wanker when “wengerites” is your fave pet name for people you disagree with on a football blog.

    What’s that? Ishola talking down another player? So predictable, cunt hasn’t a clue if asked to form a coherent anything. Just a yapping dog.

    His solution when pressed and pressed? Gerard Deulofeu.

  8. Ishola70


    If Willock can be like a Mount and is not a Szoboszlai then neither is Ceballos a Szoboszlai.

    Ceballos is not a pretty looking 10 like Szoboszlai.

    We were talking about AMs.

    Ceballos is more CM than AM .

  9. Un na naai

    What’s that? Ishola talking down another player? So predictable, cunt hasn’t a clue if asked to form a coherent anything. Just a yapping dog

    Not just that. He is literally saying the opposite of what he said in July. Like some alternative ishola has slipped in from the multiverse
    Either that or he’s a sociopath

  10. Ishola70

    Charlie gets triggered because the term he dislikes he knows is close to home.

    He takes umbrage at being termed a Wenger sympathiser yet gives out the notion that Arsene Wenger could still be Arsenal manager.

    What sort of person gives out that Arsene Wenger could still be manager of Arsenal FC? Surely only a Wenger sympathiser. And sympathiser is mild term.

  11. Champagne charlie


    No he’s just a guy that doesn’t have any stones to champion a view of his own making. Lots of booing and hissing at others like a teenage girl, then resorts to the usual tired insults about AKB and Wenger this or that.

    Like I said, when pushed and pushed on who we should buy he said Gerard Deulofeu. So you can see why he’d rather be an echo to others having a chat, or be busy with his head up Xhaka.

  12. Un na naai

    Ceballos is not a pretty looking 10 like Szoboszlai.

    Ceballos is nothing. He attempts to look like a pretty no10 but flatters to deceive. He is a shit Arteta
    He stands in the centre circle, turning around in circles and playing short 10 yard passes sideways

    Willock and Szoboszlai will prove to be better players
    Take that to the bank

  13. Ishola70

    What’s wrong Deulofeu?

    Other poster on here recommended a double raid for Doucoure and Deulofeu. He is by far Watford’s best attacking player and he has shown good moments in matches this season.

  14. Ishola70


    Should Arsene Wenger still be manager of Arsenal FC?

    When are Leicester City going to start losing matches to finished 7th in the league or below?

    Are there any other EPL clubs that you would like to piss on from your oh so very high Arsenal horse?

  15. Graham62

    The Ramsey saga manifested because of the Ozil debacle.

    By giving Ozil such a mindblowingly stupid contract, Ramseys position became untenable. Not only that, it destabilised the team and imo had a detrimental affect on the managers abilities to rectify our onfield defiencies.

    Because we had lost Sanchez for zilch, the club felt they had to appease the fans and secure the services of someone we basically didn’t need. It was a terrible decision.

    This action has put a massive burden on the club. I personally believe that if Ozil had been shown the door instead of given a new contract, we probably would not be in the position we currently find ourselves in.

    That’s right, those bloody ludicrous decisions in respect to both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez fudged us good and proper.

  16. Marko

    What’s this Ishola taking another steaming shit on a potential target of Arsenal? No way. How about you climb down off that fence and give us some alternatives there pal.

    On Szobolai whenever I’ve seen him he’s looked an extremely positive and direct CAM/CM and he looks like he’s got a sack and he’s highly rated. We’re basically not in a position to turn our nose up at such an individual given that we currently have Willock and Özil in similar positions.

  17. Ishola70

    When have you seen Szoboszlai Marko in a full match?

    I’ve fucking just recommended a holding midfielder playing in Brazil on loan from Atletico Madrid Caio Henrique so bollox to the sitting on the fence.

    What do you think of Caio Henrique Marko?

  18. Un na naai

    Ishola70December 8, 2019 22:58:32
    When have you seen Szoboszlai Marko in a full match?

    Ishola that’s rich
    You clearly never watched Ceballos before he joined arsenal

  19. Un na naai

    I’ve fucking just recommended a holding midfielder playing in Brazil on loan from Atletico Madrid Caio Henrique so bollox to the sitting on the fence.

    Put those claws away princess.

  20. Ishola70

    Yeah right Don because it’s oh so difficult to watch a player that has been in one of the most known leagues in europe and most watched Spanish league rather than watching an 18yo playing in the Austrian League.

  21. Un na naai

    Nobody said it was difficult. I’m just saying you didn’t watch Ceballos. You’re just making out you did. You knew only what you’d read others say about his game

  22. Ishola70

    As I watched plenty of Spanish League matches Ceballos was watched. Why wouldn’t he be. He was also in the Spanish under 21s in the euros which was widely televised and was watched.

    So because a player doesn’t hit the mark that means he wasn’t watched.

    If we go by that metric how does your over-rating of Willock make sense. You watch him every time he steps onto the pitch for Arsenal yet you continue to over-rate him.

  23. Marko

    I’ve fucking just recommended a holding midfielder playing in Brazil on loan from Atletico Madrid Caio Henrique so bollox to the sitting on the fence.

    Ah yes the CAM converted into a LB. Eh great idea…I guess

  24. London gunner

    Champagne what are you such a pathetic arsehole?

    Literally hate coming on this blog to see your comments digging people out, being insulting and condescending. Get a life dude ffs.

  25. Marko

    To be fair to Ishola at least he’s not a thick cunt who talks up AMN and Joe Willock like they’re peak Cafu and Ronaldinho. That idiot is a joke

  26. Ishola70


    He was playing midfield tonight for Fluminense and is comfortable there which would be obvious because he is a midfielder that can also play full back.

    And he’s not a CAM. He’s a CM/DM. He can easily go back to playing central midfield even if he has been used by Flu as full back this season.

  27. Marko

    Champagne what are you such a pathetic arsehole?

    One of life’s mysteries isn’t it. Might be wrong but I don’t even think Ishola mentioned him at all so to illicit such a response from someone just saying Wengerite is very weird.

  28. Ishola70

    He’s been noted as being one of the best performers in the Brazilian League this season and can easily revert that to his orginal position that being CM/DM and he was playing in that position tonight and looked good

  29. Ishola70

    “I’ll pass on Ciao if it’s all the same.”

    Of course you would

    He’s not the rage……….just yet.

    But he gets rated as one of the best performers in the Brazilian League but he’s just under the radar of being listed in top younger talents. Not enough exposure on the european scene and doesn’t play in a glamorous position.

    Atletico Marid signed him before he had kicked a ball for Santos previously.

    Brazilian youth caps, Brazil U23 Olympic first XI player.

  30. Marko

    Of course you wouldHe’s not the rage……….just yet.

    Yeah something about a CAM/LB who’s just breaking out at 22 playing for a relegated team and then a mid table team in Brazil just doesn’t do it for me. Now a highly rated 19 year old who’s impressing in Europe and the Champions League now that’s something different.

  31. Un na naai


    Yeah yeah yeah. I’m thick but you’re climbing the ladder of life in your dead end job stuck in Dublin
    You don’t end up where you end up with a high IQ so pot meet kettle

  32. Thomas

    This is what happens when you let an old dinosaur manager overstay his welcome.

    Guardiola in 2013? Nope let’s keep Wenger.

    How about Klopp in 2015? Nope let’s keep Wenger.

    Guardiola in 2016 surely? Nope let’s keep Wenger.

    Wenger finally is released. Hmm let’s get the spanish Tony Pulis.

    Mourinho in? Nope let’s keep the spanish Tony Pulis only to sack him a week later.

    Joke of a club

  33. Valentin

    “something about a CAM/LB who’s just breaking out at 22 playing for a relegated team and then a mid table team in Brazil just doesn’t do it for me.”

    Maybe you should look at the player before making sweeping judgement.
    Taking your statement, A striker playing in Brazil 4th division should be a no hoper. Fortunately for Arsenal, somebody looked at the player and not his credential, Martinelli is now viewed as one exciting player.

    Because somebody has not been given his chance in higher league does not necessarily mean that he is a bad player.
    Vardy was stacking shelves for years before getting his big break. Ian Wright was playing non-league football until late.
    Kante was playing in the French second division before being bought by Leicester. One scout at Marseille had the same snobbish attitude toward Kante ‘he may look good, but he only plays in the second division’. The scout got sacked for incompetence when the club found that because of his attitude they missed on Kante.

  34. Marko

    A striker playing in Brazil 4th division should be a no hoper.

    He’s 18 and has had trials with Barcelona and United before we signed him. There’s a difference. But granted Caio could be a good signing I’d just prefer others Szobozlai for example

  35. Marko

    Kante was playing in the French second division before being bought by Leicester

    Kante was playing in the first division when Leicester bought him liar. Caen only got relegated last season

  36. Marko

    One scout at Marseille had the same snobbish attitude toward Kante ‘he may look good, but he only plays in the second division’. The scout got sacked for incompetence when the club found that because of his attitude they missed on Kante.

    Sounds true

  37. Bojangles

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda doesn’t address any of our current problems.

    All this talk about Vardy. When his team are playing well he plays well
    His goals for the prior 3 seasons were 13, 20 and 18 are not exactly elite striker numbers… more Laca like.

  38. China1

    How the fuck can it be legal for psg owners to have a stake in another European club?

    What happens if Leeds improve dramatically and end up facing PSG in a European competition? How can that be allowed to happen without the risk of match fixing according to the desires of the owners?

    This is patently ridiculous

  39. China1

    Is there any evidence of that scout getting sacked directly because of missing out on kante?

    There are a dozen or so awesome young players playing at lower teams and leagues each season who are missed/skipped on by the rest of the world until they get snapped up.

    Seems unlikely that marseille would invest so much regret so as to fire their scout in missing a single player that every other team in the world had also overlooked apart from Leicester (of all clubs).

    All the clubs with better youth and scouting networks and resources than marseille missed/skipped on him too.

    Sack em all!

  40. Graham62


    I beg to differ. As it stands he is definitely up there.

    Ask any defender in world football who they hate/would hate playing against and I guarantee many would say Vardy.

    From a spectators perspective, he is also great to watch.

  41. Valentin


    “LeicesterKante was playing in the first division when Leicester bought him liar. Caen only got relegated last season”

    In the 2013–14 season, Caen were in Ligue 2, but won promotion to Ligue 1 for the 2014–15 season. Leicester got Kante because he was viewed as the best defensive midfielder in Ligue 2.

    As usual you accuse people of lying because you don’t like what they say. Get you facts straight before spewing you bile.
    You really are the know nothing but have an opinion on everything village idiot.

  42. Valentin


    Yes he did get sacked, because instead of acknowledging he made a mistake, he double down and said that Kante would never have been successful at Marseille. He also said that Marseille should not look at Ligue 2 players because they are better than that when his role was to look at Ligue 2 players.
    That may have been further problems behind the scene and the Kante issue just the tip of the iceberg with him.

  43. Valentin


    I already mentioned that QSI is going to take a stake in Leeds. Initially they will avoid any European competition ban by not be in the same competition. PSG in Champion’s League and Leeds in the Europa.
    Later they will use the RB defense. RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg have different board members.
    If Leeds and PSG do not share the same board members and no direct daily contact between the management and the owner PSG and Leeds will argue that the owner has no direct involvement in the running of the club. No direct involvement means that there is no potential collusion.
    UEFA will back down in the threat of long term litigation and potential huge legal fees and payout.

  44. Gentlebris

    Good morning my fellow football addicts.

    How was your Arsenal night?

    Had some nightmares about getting booted in the ass by West Ham today?
    Stuffs happen, my advice is focus on Auba’s collection of expensive cars.

    And when them Liverpool criers say to you they are winning the league this season upon winning a CL last season, say to them that one of our players drive one of the most expensive cars in England.

    That should cancel that.

    Until Citeh meet us in their next PL game after being hurt badly………. Stay strong with Raul and his fortune soldiers.

  45. Gentlebris

    ‘All this talk about Vardy. When his team are playing well he plays well
    His goals for the prior 3 seasons were 13, 20 and 18 are not exactly elite striker numbers… more Laca like.’

    You have to admit Vardy is really good even from those numbers. Leicester were basically shit after they won the league and Vardy still went to those numbers.

    You have to really really respect that.

  46. Un na naai


    Exactly. But what those numbers don’t tell you is how hard he works for the team and how his off the ball movement creates space and openings for his team mate.

  47. TitsMcGee

    I would NOT be shocked if Arsenal bungled the new appointment. As a matter of fact I’d be shocked if they hired a marquee person for the job.

  48. Aussie Gooner

    From the Mirror……

    “… according to The Telegraph, the club has held interviews with candidates for the role.

    The Gunners are believed to be looking for a man who is currently out of work, as he would be able to take over quickly and take control of the team for the remainder of the season. This puts Mauricio Pochettino and Massimiliano Allegri in the driving seat for the job, as the pair are out of work following spells managing Tottenham and Juventus respectively.

    It also rules out Arsenal making an approach for Brendan Rodgers, Mikel Arteta or Patrick Vieira, who are all currently employed by Leicester City, Manchester City and Nice respectively”.

    That’s right, only look to the recently fired – don’t go out and head hunt for the best!

  49. Aussie Gooner

    “Technical director Edu will lead the search for the new boss, and he will be aided by the club’s head of football Raul Sanllehi, managing director Vinai Venkatesham, and director of football operations Huss Fahmy.

    Son of owner Stan, Josh Kroenke, will then sign off the appointment”.

    In which case we have nothing to worry about!

  50. Bojangles


    I’ll leave it to you to go pose your question re Vardy to all those defenders in the world mate. You may need to describe him to one or two of them though.