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Take a read of Mike’s latest guest post, he covers managerial options from around the world. Enjoy, and give him a follow.

How are Arsenal making you feel right now?

I’m cautiously very excited.
I’m relieved that Emery’s gone even though it was at least a month too late.
I’m very excited to see what Freddie can do.
Excited but cautious as my trust in Raul and co has waned somewhat.
I’ve compiled a list of the many possibilities. Once you start digging there are many.
Some better and more realistic than others, but the list is intentionally long as Arsenal surprised us last time so its hard to know and certainly not obvious.

Below is a list of candidates, but first let’s look at the need….

What do Arsenal need?

You often learn what you want by seeing what you don’t want.

  • We need a fluent English speaking clear communicator.
  • We need someone who can balance our style with the need to deny the opponents, not one or the other, as we had with Wenger and Emery.
  • Arsenal fans want attacking football but are ok with a more pragmatic approach against better opposition.
  • We need a coach who can instill belief in the players to rejuvenate their away form.
  • We need someone that agrees with the coaching set up and won’t complain when those above him do their job (sign players) and it doesn’t completely jive with their best thought.
  • We want a coach who, after 17 years of being defensively leaky, will promote the need for a dominant DM and back four as a priority.
  • A coach who believes in our current set of youngsters.
  • A coach that can keep and attract players.
  • A coach who can progress the club into the CL, competing for the PL and eventually give us a chance to win one or both.

What’s the attraction of Arsenal?

I’ve said for years that Arsenal is a very attractive job. You could go down in history as the first coach to bring us back to PL glory AND in time, win the CL.*

*We are a mile away right now but with a little time and significantly better coaching it’s not beyond a club of our size.

Lesser clubs have achieved this goal. That’s how I would pitch it.

Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world to have never won it.

They could also live in London, have a top salary, a good team with a few holes in the squad that needs balancing and become a hero for returning Arsenal to glory and a legend for doing what nobody has ever done.

Here we go…

Most likely

Mikel Arteta

Club: City assistant coach

Preferred formation: Unknown

Style: He wrote a piece for the .com whilst still at AFC and he stated that if he became a coach he would want a) full commitment b) attacking style c) expressive and entertaining d) not based on the opposition.

Sounds like everything we wished Emery was!

Pep has given Arteta credit for the improvement in Rodri, Mahrez and Sterling in particular.

Thoughts: Much like Freddie, he is an unknown quantity as a head coach but he has had one HUGE advantage…. he has worked with one of the best coaches of all time for 3 years and apparently had a big impact himself.

Carlo Ancelotti

Club: Napoli

Preferred formation: varied but mostly used 4-3-3
Style: A fantastic man manager beloved by former players. Won many titles, knows the PL and London so no need to adapt.

Thoughts: Napoli are currently imploding thanks to their goofy owner and his bizarre ideas. If Ancelotti gets fed up I could actually see him taking the AFC job.

I have one huge concern though….

When he was at Bayern, Rafael Honigstein, one of the most reliable journalists in Europe, wrote an article about how the Munich players ridiculed his ‘basic training sessions.’
A warm up followed by 11 vs 11 almost every day. Sounds like every young kids dream!

Sounds too much like Wenger to me and our players desperately need coaching.

Freddie Ljungberg

Club: Arsenal Interim

Preferred formation: somewhat unknown as he has been under direction from 1st team.

Style: high energy, attacking coach who believes in a balance between structure and offensive freedom.

Thoughts: Hard to find anything negative written about him as a coach. Players seem to love him, fans already do. Was part of Jonker’s relegation with Wolfsburg but never been the man in charge. Big difference.

Got a feeling that he could be far better than many belief.

Mauricio Pochettino 

Club: Available

Preferred formation: 4-2-3-1
Style: Organized, aggressive and powerful
Thoughts: Only way I see this is if he’s bitter. Will be offered far more prestigious jobs with far less hassle involved. I think he’s waiting on Tuchel or Solskjaer’s job.
Strong candidates

Max Allegri…

Turned Milan around then turned Juve into a dominant machine. Little concerned at his pragmatic approach rubbing fans the wrong way but clearly significantly better than Unai Emery was. Those that are adamant that Allegri is wrong for Arsenal are forgetting where we are currently and who he is and what he’s achieved.

Erik Ten Haag…

Assisted Pep at Munich and has done a fabulous job at Ajax, returning them to the top table in Europe. Will be snapped up by a bigger club or national team soon, possibly back to Munich.

Julian Nagelsmann …..

Not so young in coaching circles anymore but still only 32!!

Innovative coach who took somewhat of a sideways step in going to Leipzig when Real Madrid were interested. Hipsters choice but also a very smart choice, I believe.

Luis Enrique

A Sanhelli favourite who has just gone back to his National team job. As we all know, many coaches lose their jobs after major tournaments so I think if we choose to wait then Enrique may come back into the mix.

Created a high pressing, energetic team at Barca. Love the hunger he instills but concerned about his stubbornness and short term thinking which were two factors that saw the Roma and Barca fans turn on him.

An improvement on Emery but his lack of tolerance for the media, his imperfect English and lack of warmth with his squads are three factors that will hinder him.

The last two may be a bad memory for the players, one that they don’t wish to revisit.

Not sure how his daughters tragic death will have impacted him to be fair, as it will have had a profound effect, I’m sure.

Thomas Tuchel…
An antagonist but a highly talented coach.
Speaks fluent English and fluent football too! PSG are likely to move him on if they don’t get closer to winning the CL.
Possibly the perfect fit but like many on this list, we’d need Freddie to do well and carry us to the summer.
Some new and talented names

Jesse Marsch…

Firstly, if you like a motivator, watch the video.

The Red Bull Salzburg coach whose reputation is growing as he gives Liverpool and Napoli fits. Will Stan and Josh be interested in an American? An American who is one of the most impressive and well rounded coaches in Europe. A motivator, a tactical innovator and a great communicator. One to look out for.

Marcelo Gallardo…

The best unknown coach in the world.

The guy who Messi voted in his Top 3 as World Coach of the Year.

River Plate’s highly-rated coach has won everything and is considered the ‘new Pep.’

So much so that the rumor is that he is off to Barcelona.

Everything is there apart from (I believe) being an English speaker.

Marco Rose…

In some ways he could be perfect. The current Bundesliga leader has been credited with having success in every area that Emery is failing at, particularly his ability to be tactically flexible whilst establishing a base style. Just doubtful that Moenchengladbach would let him leave after less than a year or that he would do that to them.

Diego Simeone.... I think if AM sack him he will go to Italy. Would certainly improve Arsenal defensively but much like Allegri, I’m not sure how the fans would go for his style.

Pep Guardiola …. ‘What’s he thinking?’ I hear you say!

Why would one of the two world’s best coaches come to Arsenal?

He thought about it before he went to Munich until Wenger put a stop to it.

I don’t see a guy who looks totally happy at City. I think he may look for another challenge if he feels let down by his City team on or off the field.

I’m sure he’d have bigger clubs interested but I wonder if he would want a different challenge?

I am concerned that his irritation at the British press for being embarrassingly limited in their understanding of the tactical side of the game, will see him leave and not come back though.


Unless the coach I want is available today, I’d happily keep Freddie Ljungberg in charge. I’d love to think that he could revitalize us and keep the job.

As we’ve seen with many former legends with little experience, the shiny factor can wear off but it could stick too.

This would give Arsenal time to breathe. I’d be actively looking for a permanent coach yet fully committed to Freddie if it works out.

I also think that we could get two ‘bounces.’ One from Freddie and the second from the new appointment, if he’s put in place this season.

I’d approach Pep Guadiola first. Why not? I wouldn’t expect him to say yes but I’d live in regret if I didn’t try, as I’ve got a sneaky feeling he’d be interested. Fully understand that this would mean keeping on Freddie until June.

If Pep wouldn’t take it I’d offer it to Arteta.

I’m not in the camp of being overly concerned about his lack of experience.

For as much as that is a true concern, so is the fact that many of the others are too worn, not as motivated, tactically stubborn, haven’t worked in England and haven’t had the experience of working with Pep like he has.

You’ve got to put it all on the scales and weigh it all up, not simply dismiss him because he’s new.

I’m also not afraid of getting it wrong. If it doesn’t work you move on. Be brave.

I’m also concerned that he may go elsewhere and we’d regret not taking the chance.

My third choice would be Tuchel. Ticks every box apart from PL experience.

If Gallardo can speak significantly better English than Emery, he’d be my fourth choice. If he can’t, I’d approach Jesse Marsch.

There are at least another 10 on this list that I’d be thrilled with so if you get anything from this article, don’t be part of the ‘but who is out there’ crew

Who do I think Arsenal will choose?

Luis Enrique or Thomas Tuchel.

I think Freddie will do well and that Raul will pick one of these two after both are fired in the summer.

Who would you choose and who do you think we will choose?


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  1. GuNZ

    Sultry afternoon. Waiting for the storm front. Drinking G & T in the backyard. I got really offended at photos of the players after the Brighton game, hands on hips, looking exasperated, as if to say ‘How on earth did that one slip away from us?’
    I’ll tell you fucking why you pampered, gutless, solipsistic, quiche eating soft boys. Because you’re fucking shit. That’s why!
    Fucking had enough of you men’s minge lickers. Fuck you. Fuck you all. Bring back the Dread Dormannu. He’d sort you stealers of washing from a girls school clothesline. Fuck you!

  2. bennydevito

    The current top 6 in the premier league all have better squads than us.

    Injuries and tedium have set in at City. Pep will walk at the end of this season.

    Arteta isn’t coming to us.

    Apparently Pochettino can’t join any other team until the summer otherwise they have to negotiate with Levy and pay Pochettino’s compensation.

    Pochettino isn’t coming to us.

    Ljungberg has shown he is infected with Wengemery disease.

    The financials are terrible.

    We’re fucked.

  3. Valentin


    “new shirt and tv deals will kick in, in next year’s accounts so not quite as pessimistic a picture.”

    You must have looked at the account with rose tainted glass, because the new commercial deals will bring only an extra 30 millions per years, but we have committed more than twice of that for the June 2019 net spend.
    That extra 30 millions will also be absorbed by the annual payment for Pepe, Saliba and Tierney for the next 4 years.
    However if we don’t qualify for the Europa League (and looking at the current position we may not make top 7), then we would look at an extra £30 millions shortage. Reaching the final of the Europa League brought us £36 millions.

    So no, the situation is really that dire as we already know that the Kroenke will not dip into their own pocket to help the club. The silver lining is that the Kroenke may sell as they will soon realise that owning a premiership club is nothing like owning an US Sport franchise that is a easy legal way to print money.

  4. China1

    My only hope is if we have the horrific season we’re all expecting, Stan will see that we are more of a financial liability than an asset and he will sell up and fuck of

    It’s literally all we have to hope for

  5. rollen

    good one Pedro. Those players, bar few and youngsters are done at top level/Arsenal.
    Every season is different. No one fears those sissies anymore. Just watch today’s PL games. 2 levels above Arsenal atm

  6. Tony

    “Arsenal’s executives met for DINNER PARTY at private London venue to decide club’s next permanent manager as they lose faith in interim boss Freddie Ljungberg

    Arsenal’s executives met for a dinner party to decide their next manager

    Faith in Freddie Ljungberg is fading after a draw and a defeat in opening games

    Rafa Benitez, Carlo Ancelotti and Max Allegri have all been linked with the job

    Arsenal missed out on Brendan Rodgers after he signed new Leicester contract”

    So it’s now the suits and Josh decide to put a strategic plan together to find a new manager.

    Reactive & useless as ever.

    Gone from Raul wanting to offer Emery a new contract in the summer to us staring down at the relegation zone instead of looking up to CL qualification.

    When I read and posted that Edu was heading the interviews to find the new manager with Raul watching the proceedings, I thought Rual sitting back ready to hang Edu out to dry if/when the wrong choice manager is hired.

    We need an experienced CEO to bring Raul, Edu and Vinai into line and hold them accountable for the actions past, present and future.

    The senior management has been set up with zero accountability and lip service KPIs.

    Why does Raiul wear shorts in pictures when he is virtually running the club?

    Does it make him feel closer to the players and fans?

    Wonder who they decided on at their dinner party meeting?

    “Josh Kroenke, Raul Sanllehi, Edu, Huss Fahmy and Vinai Venkatesham held the summit to work out their strategy for the rest of the season and beyond, with Arsenal, who go to West Ham tomorrow, in the midst of their worst run for 42 years.”

    Said yesterday if Joshua kept to a technical jabbing led fight and not entering a slug fest wit Riuz, Joshua would win.

    Will be some decent fights coming up next year.

  7. Nelson

    I am watching this club falling apart. SPURS replaces their coach with a proper coach at once. We want to gamble on someone who has hardly any top team coaching experience. He is officially a caretaker. He doesn’t seem to know how to fix the midfield and defense. I have a feeling the players don’t respect him as a coach. Auba wants to leave and is down tooling. Players are arguing among each other. We don’t have CB’s who can defend. The fans are getting toxic. They are more interested in arguing about Wenger. What a waste of time!

  8. China1

    Some reports saying the favourite at the dinner party table was arteta but that they will still require him to do an extensive interview

    I’ve always been frank about seeing him as an illogically high risk choice but if he gets the job then all that won’t matter and I will give him my full blessing.

    But make no mistake this is a huge task to turn this ship around right now. Whoever the next guy is has a massive job on his hands and if it is arteta and if he delivers meaningful progress I will give him all the credit he will have duly earned

    But yeah the next manager is walking into a snake pit and I think if you’re not a majorly charismatic guy with a cabinet full of trophies, it’s going to be extremely difficult to command long term respect and buy in for the kinds of sweeping changes on the pitch which will presumably be required

    Whoever the next guy is. Good fucking luck. I’m serious

  9. China1

    One thing that is critical is that in Jan and the summer we need to take a chainsaw to the bad personalities of this squad

    It’s less about ability imo. We really do have a lot of talented players. But the willingness to down tools and general lack of care is incredibly concerning. We need players who feel pride to wear the shirt and are chomping at the bit for their chance to make it at arsenal, like martinelli.

    Experienced journeymen can do a job but only as part of a solid setup. As soon as crisis hits like now, those journey men become the club’s biggest weakness and absolutely toxic as they vacuum up wages and don’t set a good example due to their lack of care when shit goes wrong. Xhaka ozil mustafi Luiz sokratis at least one of auba/laca – plus some of our guys our on loan all need binning off for good.

  10. Tony

    What exactly is Arteta learning from Pep this season?

    How to throw away the title before Xmas?

    Good for Arteta to learn from both side of the spectrum: winning and losing.

    But surely Arteta learnt enough from Wenger about losing and not winning league titles, right. I mean how long did Wenger go without winning the PL? 14 years?

    But sure Wenger did win 3 FA cups in 14 years.

    Was thinking if the useless, petulant and lazy Ozil is sent to train on his own, that would be a blessing for Pierre because Pierre and go to the training ground and put out the cones for Ozil. Fetch balls for Ozil and then give Ozil a rub down in the showers.

    Something for Pierre to really look forward to.

  11. China1

    When meant is finally gone I fear for Pierre’s sanity

    First wenger, then ozil? There will be nothing left worth holding on to!

  12. Useroz

    As it is we are 4 bloody points from relegation zone, while a whopping 27 from top of the table.

    How did AFC sink so low so quickly!!

    It’s not BS that by the first week in Jan we’d be in relegation battles….

    And we do not have the squad to fight relegation! Win the Jan TW we need to buy or loan some spine and metal. Ffs.

    Freddie is in an awkward position seriously. Wouldn’t blame if he wanted to jump ship

    Frankly mostly of the corruption comes from the Kronekea and the ducking and fucking board of old men.

  13. Receding Hairline

    Freddie Ljunberg getting zero blame for our current situation amuses me.

    Squad finished two points off third last season when he was nowhere around the first team. He gets promoted to assist, a particular group of wasters down tools, we start getting stories of players turning to him for instructions instead of the coach, he doesn’t move an inch during games as our form deteriorates. Coach is then sacked and he gets promoted.

    What does he do? He starts two consecutive matches with the same group of wasters who downed tools to get the last man out, a sort of look boys I am your pal move, it has spectacularly backfired so far but for some he deserves sympathy.

    Not from me.

  14. Paolo

    If Freddie starts Xhaka or Ozil again then there’s no point even watching the match

    The fact he can’t see they should never put on an Arsenal shirt again is embarrassing..

    They are both a disgrace to the club & go down with worst signings in our history

    What’s worse the people above him are letting it happen!? Depressing times for AFC

  15. Sid

    PedroDecember 8, 2019 01:33:00
    Benny, this same squad finished 2 points off 3rd. We have a strong squad of players. We’ll be fine.

    This same squad finished 28 pts off 1st is a better assesment. Unless our measure is ze Tro4phy

  16. Un na naai

    MarcDecember 7, 2019 18:16:52
    “Wenger never even managed to defend a title.”That’s because we never gave him long enough according to some on here.

    Marc you wanker
    1)That’s because he was up against the greatest football manager in the history of the British game
    2) they had a vastly superior budget and we had to sell to buy
    3)they had the greatest generation of home grown club talent this country has ever seen
    Every time we won a title they came back hungrier than before and spent a shit tonne of cash.

    Whatever you say we were United’s equals from 97-99 and we were the best team in Europe from 02-04

    What kind of a tosser belittles our greatest ever era?

  17. Un na naai

    Receding HairlineDecember 8, 2019 06:30:20
    Freddie Ljunberg getting zero blame for our current situation amuses me. Squad finished two points off third last season when he was nowhere around the first team. He

    Squad finishes 2 points off third when it was Wenger’s team.

  18. Graham62

    Un na naai

    Good morning.

    You are correct, it was our greatest ever era and for that reason and that reason alone, I will give Wenger some slack.

    More importantly, what’s your take on tomorrow’s game.

  19. KAY Boss

    Un, I understand your frustration but how long has Auba being in the team compared to Ozil. I’m beginning to worry about Pepe. What’s happening to him?
    Freddie should get his acts together. I pity him. RH, I get u don’t rate him but this shitfest going on now, I fear is down to the squad not playing to their potential (that happened to Ever) . I fear some players are negative influence on the squad.
    Willock ain’t ready and players like, Kola, Xhaka and Ozil should be benched. Freddie L, should show some balls. Whoever gets this Arsenal job, is in for a tough ride.

  20. Chris

    I think we are about to see the true nature of the mentality of the squad over the next few weeks, if one hasn’t made up their mind already. The terrible run we have been on has been against teams we would normally expect 3 points from.

    The next set of league fixtures right up until the middle of January, you could make a case that we won’t be winning any of them based on current evidence. Perhaps playing the bigger games against Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea may cause the players to raise their game but it’s also logical to feel we could be in for some more rough results.

    I do hope the owners and management realises the dire nature of the situation we find ourselves in. As well as hiring the new coach, the club needs to be ruthless in culling certain players from the first 11 and replacing them with driven and experienced players who are going to get the club the points required.

    As grim as it all seems right now, got to hold onto the hope we get the right man in as new manager, a few new faces in January, a few of the undesirables kicked out of the team and going hell for leather in the FA and Europa Cups. At this point if we finish 10th and win the Europa League that’s still a great position to kick on from for next season.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    How this Receding chap ever became a TL is something I’ll never understand. Can’t even do an honest appraisal. Must have had an equally inept Nigerian upper management giving away promotions.

    Keeps banging on about ‘finishing two points off third’ as an attempted summary of last season. Not sure if its blindness, ignorance or plain stupidity.

    Newsflash baldie: This rot started well before this season kicked off. This season was a continuation of the final three months of last season.

    That shit would eventually hit the fan was predicted as early as three months into Emery’s reign by a lot of people. Because we were creating few chances, conceding lots and by sheer luck or chance pulling off win after win.

  22. Leedsgunner

    It seems very harsh to write someone off after two games but if Ljungberg wants to avoid this fate in the eyes of most Arsenal fans, he must begin making player selections that make sense.

    Why is he not he playing Tierney when he’s available?
    Why play Aubameyang wide when we have Pepe there on the bench?
    What’s happening with Holding?

    Ljungberg… his tactics and his selections looks worse with Tottenham winning, Man City winning… goodness even Everton beat Chelsea…

    I want Ljungberg to succeed so badly for the sake of club but he needs to start making decisions that work to our squad’s advantage rather than persisting with Emery’s tired ideas because that’s what it looks like at the moment.

  23. Samesong

    Freddie will not succeed too much of a nice guy.

    Duncan had his players fighting for him in his first game. Playing for their futures.

  24. Receding Hairline

    Rambo Ramsey you fool, every season is different on its own. Continuation’s of last season my ass. We finished two points off third isn’t an opinion but a fact. What honest appraisal pray tell have you made? What do you even contribute on here besides swooping in time and again to rain abuse? Miserable fool.

    I don’t rate Freddie because the two men he has tried to assist have both lost their jobs. I don’t rate him because his two starting eleven has been mediocre. I don’t rate him as a coach and I reserve the right not to so piss off you idiot

  25. Nelson

    There are a lot of hatred on Xhaka and Ozil on this site. Of the starting 11 in last game, only Xhaka, Ozil and Luiz can pass the ball properly. The rest are runners, including our two strikers. The worst is Willock.

  26. Receding Hairline


    Was Ljunberg an invincible as a coach or a player? What has his being an invincible 15 years ago have to do with his coaching? Nothing at all.

    Anything to get in a lover and gay jibe. You have no substance as a poster so going forward I won’t rise to your provocation because I know where it’s leading, to a childish gay jibe.


  27. Rambo Ramsey

    “Rambo Ramsey you fool, every season is different on its own. Continuation’s of last season my ass.”

    I guess there’s a hard reset button where all problems and issues disappear when the seasons end?

    Dumb cvnt.

    Time and again, you get things wrong and yet your pomposity and grandiosity knows no bounds.

    Sucked Wenger’s balls until the bitter end, then did the same for Emery. Now with the twisted anger and bitterness, continously goes after Freddie- an Invincible and a Legend, trying to suggest he’s some sort of a rat. How disgusting!

    Fvck off with that bs. I will not let you get away with it. Will come after you time and again and remove whatever little is left of your hair.

  28. Un na naai

    Kay boss
    Pepe came on Thursday night and transformed our attack. We looked much more dangerous with him on because he creates space for others. They doubled up on him every time he got the ball and created a great chance for Aubameyang with a run right through their team and slipped a lovely ball behind only for auba to fluff it

    He needs it on a plate in the box or he’s just likely to lose the ball

  29. Un na naai

    I honestly don’t know how we will do against West Ham. I’m expecting nothing anymore
    I just hope Freddy starts Pepe martinelli and Lacazette and no sign of Luiz or Mustafi at the back

  30. Pierre

    Pepe was good for 15/20 minutes against Brighton and then tended to overdo things and lost possession time and time again .

    This contributed to Arsenal losing control of the game .

    He wasnt the only one who was wasteful in the last half hour of the match, it was throughout the team .

    There is a misconception on here that I have said Ozil has been playing well ….I’ve got eyes, he’s been average at best, he has only been good for set pieces in the last 2 games .

    I said Ozil was a waste of space v Brighton .

    I said taking Martinelli off for Ozil against Frankfurt was a stupid substitution.

    You won’t find one comment on here from me that will suggest that Ozil has done anything special since the liverpool game.

    In fact, I have said if he’s not doing the business on the pitch then drop him.

    The only decent game he played was the 5-5 v liverpool.

    In saying that , is there one player in the whole squad that comes out with any credit from these recent run of games, maybe Leno and that’s it.

    This team is at rock bottom and if we dont get a victory at West ham then city will turn us inside out , Everton will kick us off the pitch if big Duncan Ferguson is still in charge, with absolutely no protection from the ref.

    The west ham game is Arsenal’s most important game for a decade , a win will at least give hope , anything else and we will be within touching distance of relegation by the new year.

  31. Valentin

    The Telegraph reported a few days ago, that Edu is the one who decided that Emery should be sacked. He delayed out of loyalty because he knew him from his days as a player in Spain.

    Hopefully Raul will be nowhere near the decision and will just hide behind whatever choice Edu can come up with.

    The same way the coward incompetent Gazidis hide behind the committee to hire Emery instead of pushing for his preferred candidate Arteta.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Looks as if Arteta is the favourite.

    Pedro may get his wish. Though I imagine he’s now very nervous. The complete gamble is about to meet the reality test.

    Has to be given time to recruit. Obviously. But same standards Pedro held Emery to have to be applied.