Big name about to be cut loose?

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It is GAME DAY and the big man Freddie Ljungberg is having a suit tailored for his first home game. Maybe not tailored. Probably pulled off the rack. Hope it’s a nice one.

Big story here: The elite journalists with good questions won out, I cannot thank them enough for their important intervention, and vital contribution to the world of football. One day, maybe, I’ll be as good at questions as them.

Before we land on the game tonight, it appears that by group consensus, the Arsenal family do NOT want to see Marcelino in the dugout. A real get in the bin appointment. Journeyman manager with about as much sauce as Unai Emery. No thanks. We’re not doing Heinz this time, we’re going elevated. Scoville levels off the chart.

There’s a lot of movement in Europe at the minute, a lot of managers that could be bucketed under the category of WINNER are close to the chop.

The one name that’s going to have a lot of fans desperately vommitting their opinion on people is none other than the man in black… Diego Simeone. There are very strong rumours the Argentine is about to get the chop at Atleti, a club where he’s done incredible things on a relatively modest budget over the past however many years.

I love Diego. If you could bottle his special sauce and sell it on the black market, no one would be talking about fentanyl. The guy is literally on a different planet when it comes to energy, touchline passion, and general all-round madness. He’s scary. Football’s real gangster. Pristine swept-back hair, elite enough to wear a black suit and a black shirt. Still as trim as one of his players.

The big challenge with him is two-fold. You are firstly hiring someone that speaks next to no English. Not that he couldn’t learn, but coming into a mess like Arsenal at this stage of our development, with a manager that can’t communicate the awful things he’d have to say about the players probably isn’t smart. My general rule of thumb is if you are going to be a bitch, do it in the native tongue.

Beyond that, you’d have to be able to get by on the cynical football. Not an impossibility by any stretch. Fans, first and foremost, like winning. Secondly, they like to see players die for the shirt. That’s what Diego brings you.

I know there’s a lot of Arsenal fans that just want a coach to come in and make us defensive beasts. Cut out all the fannying around. Get back to basics. Make the club George Graham when he was at its best. A great team, built from solid foundations. Emery tried, and failed. They feel that we need a real shock to the system. Someone who can come in and take a Stalin like approach to purging mediocrity from the club.

It’s a tempting thought, it really is. Diego is fucking unreal, even if I hate the football.

The other challenge for Arsenal is the expense. France Football had him pocketing €41m last year. He’s the highest-paid manager in the world. €788,461 a week. A quite incredible pay packet, but worth it for what he does over there. I think he’s likely out of our league. Not to mention he’s been very keen to move to Italy.

Carlo is also being touted. I have to say, I couldn’t be any less excited about the thought. He made a Sarri team worse, was outsmarted by Emery in the Europa League last year and generally would feel like a very flaccid attempt at progression.

Frontrunners from the shortlist I’m guessing at so far have to be Mikael Arteta and Brendan Rodgers. Most of the other names either seem out of our league, unsuited to the job at hand, or just far too expensive for what we can afford.

Onto the game tonight.

I was PLEASED to see sharing videos of Freddie implementing some rapid fire one-touch football in training. No messing around. Combinations are coming back. Freddie is trying to impose his vision of football on a team that’s been in the football equivalent of a forced labour camp for 18 months.

Tonight is interesting because the action in the second half against Norwich was shite. He’s seen what the senior players can do, does he double down and go with the same players again, or does he start to introduce more of his thinking with players more to his liking?

For me, I struggle to see how a man with Freddie’s tasted for high-intensity pressing can opt with a frontline of players that don’t like to press. I said it on the podcast, could Martinelli be Freddie’s Nik Anelka? No one presses like him at Arsenal. If you had Auba flanked by him and Saka, you’d be a different beast.

Hector Bellerin will no doubt be back in contention. Huge questions mark over Tierney if he’s left out again. I’m assuming he was a precaution at the weekend because for me, he’s the future of that position. He’s a more capable defender than Kola and he looks where his deliveries are going from wide positions. It’ll be telling if he doesn’t start.

Let’s see what he does with midfield. The biggest problem we’ve had for a while is that we have to play Xhaka. I’d love to see LT given a chance in his real position, my concern with him is that he’s finished with Arsenal, and it shows in his performances. Either way, if Freddie doesn’t find a solve here, his tenure is going nowhere.

Brighton are a good side with a very interesting manager. Potter was a huge risk for them after Hughton, but you can see where their game is going, and it certainly looks like he’s making progress.

Right, that is me done, give Freddie the reception he deserves tonight, should be a fun atmosphere for once!

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  1. Nelson

    Tonight we lost. It was not because defensive organization nor transition. It was because our defenders suck. As I said, David Luiz is a ball player but not a CB. PapaSok has been playing like an old man. Bellerin is also not 100%. The two goals were result of defensive weakness. We urgently need to sign a CB in January. Our current CB’s are among the worst in the league.

  2. Nelson

    I strongly suggest we trade one of our striker and sign a good CB in January. If there is money left, get a CDM also.

  3. Dissenter

    We are the point we’re ANY team in the league can beat us easily home or away. The games we ended up drawing were fortuitous imo. We thoroughly deserved to lose them.
    We just need another 21 points . That’s my expectation from this season.

  4. Guns of SF

    Investment from owner is needed in getting a top coach and open the purse strings to get a world class midfielder center back. Our kids are great but not at the level to keep the ship afloat.

    This is depressing and Freddie I’m disappointed in you. Of course you read this blog so do something different!

  5. Guns of SF


    His strategy if any is so wrong
    How can he not see what we see?
    I think he wanted to veterans to play to fix the issues but you rob Peter just to pay Paul it seems. The team is not balanced and without wingers made no sense…. just baffling

  6. Guns of SF

    Auba ran off the field to piss or take a shit. Maybe diarrhea? Some say he was sick. Credit to him if he was for trying

    I’m worried we lose laca and him this summer unless we get world class coach in

  7. Guns of SF

    Seriously with wenger in his last year the players had a players only meeting where they hashed it out and Kos cried apparently

    Now is a time for such a meeting.

    Come to Jesus time.

    Just seems the players are jaded. Have given up and such low morale

  8. Guns of SF

    I also hate Per as the assistant
    Seems useless to me and I’ve never rated him

    We need a proper defensive assistant coach

  9. rollen

    Wenga and Gazidis takes most blame for this shit.
    Emery just could not stop the rot long time.
    And silly AKbs – Arsene would get murdered in today’s premier league.
    Do you guys even watch football?

  10. Tony

    As I posted yesterday in response to your post which you saw fit to repost a few hours later: Ozil and Xhaka have no place in any Arsenal team.

    Bluntly they are not fit for purpose and frankly should never wear the shit again.

    Above said in your limited & repetitive use of the written English language, so hopefully you get the message.

    So you left after Brighton’s 2nd goal went in; was that because people around your seat were bored of listening to your rhetoric of “I know best – listen to me”.

    Certainly couldn’t be your ‘superior view’ of the game by being at the match, as they could see what you were seeing – unlike us watching on TVs who can’t possibly gauge what’s going on, and therefore, have no idea what we are talking about.

    No doubt you’ll continue with your pomposity quoting your journalist friend and club response emails and telling us that we already know and see.

    However, you claiming Xhaka and Ozil can still do a job for us or that there are no other options to their positions or potential tactical alternatives utilising different players we do have, simply put lacks any semblance of tactical awareness Emery had and seemingly Freddie has to offer.

    Seems like you, Wenger, Emery and now Freddie all sang/sing off the same hymn sheet.

    What do you think Arteta, Allegri, Rogers or whoever the new coach is would employ going forward?

    If we have to play players out of their natural positions to fill in in midfield then so be it because the current answer of playing Xhaka and Ozil is not and never will work.

    Xhaka and Ozil are not PL players where when they were up for sale no PL club wanted them, and for that matter nor did European clubs. We couldn’t give them away or they didn’t want to leave out of their pampered comfort zones at Arsenal.

    Their excessive wages are not an excuse as, if a club thought they could bring success by improving their teams’ overall play and tactics, they would have screwed Arsenal into paying a high % of their weekly wages, as was done with Mikki.


  11. Tony

    Looks like the players’ divisions in the ranks are still there under Freddie.

    You have to wonder if any of the players would show Arteta any respect.

    If I were Ozil after his poor display, I would keep my mouth shut in public.

    Pub football reactions at its best.

    Arsenal divided as angry Mesut Ozil appears to yell in the direction of Alexandre Lacazette at the full-time whistle of Brighton loss as struggling Gunners languish in 10th spot following home defeat

    Video emerged of Mesut Ozil shouting at his Arsenal team-mate after full time

    He was clearly unhappy with the Frenchman following 2-1 defeat by Brighton

    Lacazette appeared to ignore the cries of Ozil and continued down the tunnel

    Freddie Ljungberg’s side were booed off after dreadful display at the Emirates

  12. Tony

    You know the problem Freddie, so fix it or tell the club you don’t have the aptitude, nous or overall ability to do the job.

    It would seem that calling Wenger did not help – real shocker that!!!!

    Xhaka will feel vindicated by his past “scared” comments by what Freddie said post game:

    “They were just standing still’: Arsenal interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg admits his side were very short on confidence and looked ‘scared’ during shock home defeat to Brighton

    Freddie Ljungberg’s first home game in charge ended in defeat to Brighton

    Neal Maupay’s late winner means Arsenal are without a win in nine matches
    Ljungberg admitted post-match that his team need to dig out a win somehow

    It is the Gunners’ worst run since 1977 and they are now 10 points off the top four”

  13. China1

    Freddie said their confidence is really low but for the senior players I’m not buying it. They’ve just downed tools and don’t care.

    Sell the lot of them.

  14. Tony

    “Arsenal ‘hold first interviews with managerial candidates’ as they step up the search to find Unai Emery’s permanent replacement

    Unai Emery was sacked last week after their loss to Eintracht Frankfurt

    Swede Freddie Ljungberg has been put in temporary charge at Arsenal

    The club are now said to have begun the process to permanently replace Emery

    The Gunners are said to prefer a candidate who is currently out of work

    Arsenal’s on-the-field crisis also deepened after their loss to Brighton

    So Edu is doing something:

    “It is a search that the report states will be led primarily by technical director Edu and supported by head of football Raul Sanllehi, director of football operations Huss Fahmy and managing director Vinai Venkatesham.”

  15. Graham62

    There is simply no justification for Xhaka and Ozil to play for Arsenal again.

    Might as well be playing with nine players for all the good they do.

    Brighton looked so much better than us.

  16. China1

    Standing still is not something you do in football when low on confidence. Especially when you’re a highly experienced player

    Lack of confidence could lead to fucking up shots, misplaced passes, or being hesitant. Not standing still ffs

  17. Ishola70

    David Smith
    “Is Edu a bit pointless, or is it too early to judge him?”

    Too early to judge him?

    He was responsible for the David Luiz signing.

    Fuck this man.

  18. Moray

    We are staring at a relegation dogfight on this form.

    And Freddy is obviously not the man to change things around.

    The club had better make a manager change soon and some uncomfortable decisions in The Jan transfer window, as well as some coaching changes, or else it will all be too late.

  19. Moray

    “It is a search that the report states will be led primarily by technical director Edu and supported by head of football Raul Sanllehi, director of football operations Huss Fahmy and managing director Vinai Venkatesham.”

    4 useless cunts.

  20. Ishola70


    “Case in point was when Willock was expecting him to run inside the fullback and he just stood outside.”

    It was a poor pass from Willock.

    Apart from the last 5 -10 minutes of the first half he was so obviously not good enough.

    And you don’t have the player shame of being subbed off at half time for no reason.

    Freddie shouldn’t play youth for youths sake.

  21. Ishola70

    Freddie’s decision to start Willock over Pepe was absolutely dreadful.

    It’s the old story of the midfield again.

    Players such as Xhaka, Guendouzi who is too erratic , Willock who isn’t good enough at this stage are seeing games when they shouldn’t be.

    As others have said that midfied needs major surgery.

  22. China1

    Ishola I think he really rates willock and knows him well, but he hasn’t done well in these two games so needs dropping

  23. Moray

    To be honest, the club could bin off any or all of our players. I really have no emotional attachment to them. Tierney is a prospect for sure, I like the keeper as he’s better than the shit we fielded after Lehman. Torreira has emotionally left the club anyway and is ineffective now. Our strikers are decent players but pointless when the rest of the team let goals in like they’re playing the special kids every week. Martinelli great prospect, but he should move to a proper team for his development. The rest are just shit. That is the real reason we are where we are. It’s not all their faults: many are shit because they grew up in the Arsenal system being mothered and poorly coached.

    Just fucking get rid and build a new team entirely under a new manager. Oh and sack our scouts too – those that we still have.

  24. Ishola70

    I can’t think of a worse player to sign in regards to professional attitude.

    Another poster here was giving a scenario of petrol being added to an already blazing fire.

    Well that’s the David Luiz signing.

    You just do not add a player like David Luiz to a team that already has enough dodgy weak characters.

    Edu can fuck off right now.

    Horrendous signing for Arsenal

  25. Moray

    “As others have said that midfied needs major surgery.”

    That’s like saying Fred West needs serious rehabilitation.

  26. Moray

    We are the ultimate mugs when it comes to signing rival teams’ players.

    We got five stars with Sol but since then we have been rolled over a barrel time and time again.

    While in turn we sell player like Van Persie.

  27. Ishola70

    “Edu got us martinelli Not sure what else useful he’s done tho|”

    No he didn’t China.

    I had this discussion with Valentin before.

    The head scout Cagigao was responsible for Martinelli.

    Edu can fuck off right now.

    He is involved in the worst transfer of the century.

  28. Moray

    What is also coming home to roost is our lack of leadership on the pitch.

    Years of our captaincy being derided by first Wenger and then Emery… the armband given to a Mertesacker shitting himself on the sidelines, five leaders in the club, Xhaka smelling the place out…all coming to bite us. If you have strong enough leaders then they will bounce back quickly, even after a run of defeats and a sacked coach.

    We need a leader and we but a whingeing big haired prick like David Luiz. Well done.

  29. Ishola70

    We heard that Luiz was one of the players that got upset with Emery.

    And the story going around was that he was upset with Emery because he felt he was being treated like a schoolboy when asked to a certain defensive drill.

    You are never too old or experienced to go through certain drills.

    It just goes to show the poison that David Luiz is.

    He thinks he can saunter into Arsenal FC and coast it.

    Anyone involved in the David Luiz signing is sabotaging Arsenal FC.

    This added onto the problems that were already at the club before Luiz arrived.

  30. Graham62

    Apart from the fact that Brighton looked fitter, stronger, faster, hungrier and technically and tactically more proficient than us, shows just how far we have sunk.

    Freddie has to make major changes for WHU.

    Bin the obvious culprits.

  31. Chris

    We need a centre back worthy of the name, a big and nasty bastard shielding the defence (something we have been missing for a decade or more) as well as the new manager installed as quickly as possible. As much as we all adore Freddie, he can’t fix this by himself and quite frankly doesn’t deserve the scorn that he will undoubtedly receive from some of he carries on.

    Time for KSE to get the check book out, but when did they ever give a fuck about this club. When you have passive owners such as this, the lukewarm and far from full stadium for an Invincibles first home game in charge is exactly what you get for years of apathy.

    I’m fucking livid about the whole situation.

  32. Gentlebris

    ‘I’m worried we lose laca and him this summer unless we get world class coach in’

    They can all go away. There is no point having big players who can’t carry a team and nick a win with the stakes so high.

    Laca and Auba can’t really play ball. Laca was shining when he had space at Lyon, running to space and scoring but that seems the only way he can function excellently and we all know Arsenal hardly get such space. Auba can tap in goals, but can’t take the ball and work with it. He can’t perform any serious defensive action like Martinelli, he can’t hold the ball and bring others into play like the elite strikers should.

    Carzola, Ramsey and Alexis would grind a win yesterday.

  33. Pierre

    Tony and Graham (WOBS)

    Why anyone would listen to a WOB anymore is beyond me.

    They are the most arrogant, ignorant , clueless group of fans who have brought untold damage to Arsenal football club.

    Everything that they predicted would happen when Wenger left has been wrong.

    Because of these idiots, the what was once a very loyal and happy fan base , are damaged beyond repair.

    Because of these idiots, the club are in freefall and will need a miracle to turn things around as we stand .

    The sooner the club rids themselves of these selfish , ignorant , damaging people, the better.

  34. Gentlebris

    Graham and others,

    We can hardly blame these guys.

    We can’t seriously think our defenders are the worst in the league.

    We thought Sok and Luiz were shit, but then played Chambers and Holding, we leaked goals even more.

    Bring Saliba and Upawhatever, behind this totally disorganized team, they would leak serious goals.

    You can’t isolate the defenders and blame them whey they have to face one of the highest number of shots in the league.

    I’m not saying these defenders are good, what I’m saying is that even if they are good they can’t achieve much behind this team.

  35. Gentlebris

    ‘The sooner the club rids themselves of these selfish , ignorant , damaging people, the better.’

    Pierre, care to explain the methods with which a club can get rid of her ‘unwanted’ fans?

  36. Ishola70

    If Freddie wants to pop in youth players in his side for gods sake put in young players that really have something about them like Martinelli.

    Put the right youngsters in Freddie.

  37. Guernsey gun

    So so depressing right now. So much for our easy run of games, we cannot buy a win just now. West ham will roll us, no doubt, haller to refind his form, just like pukki did in the Norwich game. Low on confidence, need a win and a goal….roll out arsenal the gift that keeps on giving.

    No one in that club knows how to arrest the slide, players are now going into survival / next move mode. It’s every selfish cunt for himself. As for performances last night, Leno aside it was bollox. Xhaka and Ozil should just be fucked off in Jan, Bellerin was dog shite as well.

  38. PieAFC

    Since the tail end of last season, we’re in relegation form.

    It’s alarming.

    No club is too big to get dragged into one.

    KSE you’ve ruined this club. Sat on your hands and let us languish in mediocrity for so long, now it’s coming to fruition the lack of hunger and drive we have as a club from top to bottom.

    All happy to get a pay cheque and go on.

    Like the labourer who stays a labourer for years never willing to want to progress or learn a trade. Settling and no drive to succeed.

  39. Aussie Gooner

    “They were just standing still’: Arsenal interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg admits his side were very short on confidence and looked ‘scared’ during shock home defeat to Brighton”.

    Only it wasn’t a shock to most people on here!

  40. Un na naai


    It clearly was a shock which is why so many went fucking nuts last night, abusing wenger and the invincibles. Obviously only non London natives who hadn’t actually experienced that winning streak of ours would insult the invincibles. Rh and the likes

  41. Guns of Hackney

    Glad to see Freddy is blaming the fans. Wenger, Emery and now Freddy…it’s you lot that are the problem!

    How dare you spend £100 on a ticket and be displeased.

    The sooner this club folds, the better.

  42. Un na naai

    Above them again an ownership who have been more engaged and visible in recent times, but who are responsible for putting these people in charge. Ivan Gazidis appointed Sanllehi; Sanllehi ousted the forward thinking Sven Mislintat to wrestle all the football power at the club; and the Kroenkes have allowed him to do it, in thrall to his decision making. Look where we are under his stewardship.

    KSE took 100% control of Arsenal in 2018, but have been de facto in charge since 2011. The decisions made and taken have all been sanctioned and ratified by them, and while many have said their method of putting people in charge and letting them run the show is the right one, that only works if those people are good at their jobs. Week on week, it’s hard to make that case, isn’t it? We’re run by people who aren’t good, KSE are our Hicks and Gillett, and these are dark times.

    On the money as per usual

  43. Un na naai

    Receding HairlineDecember 6, 2019 07:55:13
    Shut up about the invincibles don. Shut up about them already, it was 15 years ago. I was 18 then and still had curly hair. Shut up about Wilshere too, he was dumped by West Ham.

    Ok Hairbrain, I’ll not defend the greatest arsenal side of all time because you say so…
    How on Earth are you convinced you have any authority?

  44. Nelson

    If we play Luiz again, we need to play three at the back. Luiz needs 2 CB’s next to him to function. Last game, Brighten can pass the ball much better than us. For now, we should park the bus and long ball to Pepe or Auba to counter. You can’t play possession football if you can’t pass the ball.

  45. Freddie Ljungberg

    Leg end

    No it’s not, not even close.

    Hallå = hello

    “everyone” is english so again no

    God morgon is good morning in swedish.

    hallå allihopa is Swedish for hello everyone.

    hereby endeth the linguistics lesson for today.


  46. Davey

    1ST time in 50 years I truly believe we could go down, home fixtures will get harder and no fight in the side with a horrendous fixture list coming up. Can anyone say we won’t go down when we have been outplayed by Southampton, Norwich and Brighton?

  47. HighburyLegend

    @Freddie : never tired of the Leg End joke ??
    (p.s. 1 : thanks for the tips)
    (p.s. 2 : – knulla dig)
    (p.s. 3 : Cheerio)

  48. Freddie Ljungberg

    Leg end

    Never tired of being one?

    Knulla dig means I’m going to fuck you, so no thanks on that.

    Dra åt helvete is more like fuck off if that was what you were looking for

    Google translate isn’t always your friend.

  49. Globalgunner

    Freddie. What the Swedish for.” Im tearing my hair out with how useless this club is”

    Really , you look at this team and wonder what is wrong with everybody. Every part of the team is defective, except maybe the keeper. Mustafi, Sok and Luiz are just terrible defenders. Bellerin was almost as bad yesterday. Our midfield is almost as bad, take your pick. Guendouzi as a callow youth who needs to bulk up and learn his trade, Xhaka is a lumbering oaf with no positive attributes. The others are just average.
    In attack, there is no coordination, no synchronicity between play. We train like amateurs and go to war like cannon fodder.

    The players cant save us as they are not capable as individuals. The manager is also not the person you need in a dogfight.

    I hate Mourinho as a person, but he is exactly what we need now. If we have to stick with these players we need a manager urgently who can whip these retards into some semblance of effectiveness, otherwise we wont get to the magic 40 points this season

  50. Ishola70

    Arsenal are in a position now where they are relying on the players themselves to sort the mess out.

    Good luck with that.

    It will really put to the test the notion we had from plenty on here that the situation was about only coach.

  51. Receding Hairline

    Watched Ozil doing his usual passing the blame thing after the game yelling at God knows who.

    Used to be a big fan of his but by heavens he has become a pathetic has been with a victim mentality

  52. Ishola70

    Receding Hairline
    “you are not allowed to say that. He is an invincible you see…”

    Fans have hope though Receding there is nothing wrong with that.

    It did make me laugh though the fuss that was made of that video yesterday that went around of Ljungberg on the training pitch with the players.

    Fans were looking deep into it and telling us that it showed positive signs lol.

    All it was and what I saw was a basic passing session.

  53. Guernsey Gun

    Next 5, WH(a) City (h) Everton (a) Bournmouth (a) Chelsea (h). Having watched last nights debacle I can’t see more than 2 points there from any of WH, Everton or Bournemouth – and that’s if they have an off day. Its that bad right now. Still I’m sure the clubs hierarchy have a cunning plan to turn it around……..

  54. Freddie Ljungberg


    I can’t divulge that but it’s something that’s been going on repeat in my brain for the last couple of years.

    You’re right about the players. We need to be seriously proactive in January with both ins and outs if we’re going to get anything out of this season.

    These ridiculous line ups need to stop too.

    How many more chances do Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka etc need to prove that they’re nowhere near good enough.

    At least Sok and Luiz was only short term stop gap signings so they shouldn’t be so hard to get rid of.

    1-2 CMs and a CB is a must next month. Need to be top top qualidee too.

  55. Champagne charlie

    “It will really put to the test the notion we had from plenty on here that the situation was about only coach“

    A notion nobody actually claimed, but yea.

    Unlike the very real claim when Bellerin and co. were back we’d see Emeryball take a spike.

  56. HighburyLegend

    Really sounds like karima – that way of showing that he knows better than everybody…

    And he’s probably on strike at the moment…
    Coincidence ?? lol

  57. Ishola70

    Xhaka was actually one of the better players last night.

    That’s how bad it has got.

    But of course even in a decent enough performance from him by Xhaka standards he has that calamity error in him right at the end when he stepped on the ball and Brighton should have scored a third goal from his error.

    For Xhaka read Mustafi.

    Both players that can and will implode at any time even if prior in a match they are not doing too badly.

  58. S Asoa

    Lundberg has apprenticed under Emery . Like all team players Freddie too has been bastardised out of his psyche.
    No wonder Freddie sets up like Emery although there is still some Wengerball init. Like Wenger has overstayed , Emery should have been fired after Europa fiasco
    Senile Board of imbeciiles

  59. Left testicle

    We’ll be in a relegation battle come the new year. Unfortunatley we don’t have the personnel to stand up and fight.

    What was with Torreira throwing himself to the floor at every opportunity?

  60. Ishola70

    And opponents smell Arsenal blood now.

    Every fucking team in the EPL smells Arsenal blood when they step on the pitch to face them. Home or away. It doesn’t matter now.

    Every team.

    What a sorry state of affairs.

  61. Left testicle


    I’m clutching at straws here. Whoever I put in it looks terrible.

    Has anyone else noticed that Aubameyang sulks with Willock at every opportunity?

  62. terraloon

    Let’s not beat around the bush things at Arsenal are spiralling out of control and a poor run of results ( and yes I realise that they haven’t been great up to now) could well see that 5 point gap between Arsenal and a relegation berth disappear in a blink of an eye.

    I am not sure that the powers that be or indeed the squad at Arsenal having the knowledge or experience needed to fight a relegation battle.

    This is not time where too many risks can be taken .

    It would be folly to leave Freddie in charge there has to be an experienced manger in place ASAP be it on an interim or permanent basis similarly gambling with younger players albeit an attractive proposition could spectacularly backfire not just in respect of this season but potentially it could irreversibly impact the confidence of the youngsters going forward.

    I have said time after time on here that I think the squad is no where near the quality that some think it is and what we are witnessing is that distinct lack of quality in the squad that I always believed was the reality of the situation.

    A players worth goes deeper than their skill on the ball. They have to have a deeper mental strength, an ability to concentrate and above all they have to have the ability to dig deep when things aren’t going well. Do you detect that in many of the current squad? I don’t.

    Top 4 as we all now all realise is a pipe dream the next half a dozen or so games are more about consolidation because if the 5 point gap is below 3 come Jan 1st then I can see relegation becoming a real possibility and that could become very messy

  63. Left testicle

    Surely an Allegri/Rodgers would see through the Kolasinac/Ozil/Xhaka/Sokratis/Luis love in under the previous regimes. Although, saying that we currently don’t have great players to replace them – just mediocre ones.

  64. Left testicle

    Jesus. I would take Big Sam on a six month contract to shake things up a bit. Unfortunately a ‘Big Sam’ barking orders in your face won’t make any difference to this bunch of pussies. They still get they’re £££ week in/week out – win, lose or draw.

  65. Ishola70


    Willock was obviously not up to task in the first half and that’s why he had the shame of being taken off after 45 mins.

    People can go on about his potential all they want but he is not ready.

    If people moan about Guendouzi being not ready then Willock is a level below that.

    I’m sorry but you can’t have a player in central midfield that gets caught on the ball so often and doesn’t contribute enough generally. Popping up with a goal or two at times isn’t enough to justify such an inclusion.

    He could have scored just before half time last night and fans would have been championing him. They would be misled to do so. He doesn’t contribute to the team in overall play anywhere like a central midfielder should. Could come in time. Not anywhere near ready yet.

  66. Aussie Gooner

    Sell the Emerates Stadium and go back to playing on Plumstead Common. This is the level we appear to be aiming for. Relegation IS a serious concern. Unless we appoint a top manager (Simeone?) we will end up like Leeds and onlt then will KSE ‘dispose’ of the club.

  67. Bellerin's New Hairdresser

    For me the biggest problem at Arsenal is attitude that runs through everyone.

    From the board to these players who honestly think they are class when they are awful, right down through the in stadium management who couldn’t possibly entertain the idea of having things that would improve the atmosphere, that might take us back to the bad days when it wasn’t just about money. fucking weasels.

    clueless owners who seem determined to tear the heart and soul out of the club and you get
    to the point where the only communication with the fans are emails asking me to spend more money on fucking lavazza coffee machines, its disgusting.

    We are desperate for a coach who will instill not just a half decent plan but bring back the heart and soul of the club.

    It’s clear Edu and Raul are yes men trying to line the pockets of there “super agents” mates before the gravy train runs off a cliff.

    If there was ever a club that needs a German style fan ownership program its Arsenal as this is getting fucking depressing.

  68. Spanishdave

    Papering over the cracks for years. In denial, club identity non existent, and now it’s all coming apart.
    Our shareholders sold our soul for vast profits to an investor not a football fan and this is the result.
    We are now full of rot, rudderless, with no ideas what to do next.
    A lot of prawn sandwiches available in the empty corporate boxes.

  69. Graham62


    You say you left after Brighton scored to make it 2-1.

    That was in the 80th minute.

    Still 15 mins on the clock.

    Never left a ground before the final whistle, irrespective of score/performance/ personal obligations.

    How do you feel?

  70. China1

    The real problem isn’t that we’re having a bad season or need squad improvements or that we’ve replaced our manager, the problem is that a decade of neglect has allowed our stock to finally sink to a level that is becoming a new normal.

    The players don’t care and as someone else said, who here has a strong emotional attachment to any of this squad?

    In the old days even when we were shit we could say we had cesc, or RVP and in the generations before a solid dozen or more players you’d probably cry like a baby with excitement if you met them walking down the street

    Tell me if you could have a one hour chat with any of our current squad, how excited would you be? Now imagine you could have that hour talking with Sol,DB10, TH14, Adams, Parlour- fucking anyone from those generations.

    It’s night and fucking day it really is

  71. Valentin


    I disagree with your assessment of Willock.
    The issue he had was that neither Aubameyang nor Özil made any good run toward the penalty box. In fact the only time we looked dangerous was when he was in the penalty box.

    You think that Willock pass to Aubameyang was a poor pass, when I think that Aubameyang run was poor. Compare the zigzag run sprint and slowdown that Pukki did on Sunday to confuse both our CBs and opening space for the running midfielder and the lazy straight line one paced jogging that Aubameyang did. One is clever and take defenders away, the other is easy to defend against and leave the runner with no option.

    In the second half, we changed system and for 10~15 minutes we had a little more purpose, but then we revert to type: Lackadaisical and flat.
    As usual Pepe flattered to deceived. No end product. Even after Lacazette had been substituted Aubameyang was more often on the wing than in the middle. If he crosses the ball, there is only Martinelli in the middle to defend against. Easy for Norwich big burly defenders.
    Martinelli made more forceful runs in the little time he was given than Aubameyang did in 90 minutes.

  72. China1

    Frankly you’d hope these players would be brawling in the dressing room or on the training ground out of frustration with one another for letting it get this bad but they simply don’t care.

    It’s simply a disgrace that this lot get to wear the shirt and get their full salary each month

  73. S Asoa

    A middle aged player but still a force and Maestro. Cazorla has indicated he wants to finish his playing career at Arsenal.
    Son of bitches get him in January

  74. China1

    On paper it made perfect sense to sell cazorla but hindsight tells us it was a huge mistake and he’s better than our lot combined right now

    He also always gave 100% which is a mystical trait compared with this lot

  75. InsideRight


    “Why anyone would listen to a WOB anymore is beyond me. They are the most arrogant, ignorant , clueless group of fans who have brought untold damage to Arsenal football club. Everything that they predicted would happen when Wenger left has been wrong. Because of these idiots, the what was once a very loyal and happy fan base , are damaged beyond repair.”

    You stupid melt.

    Getting rid of Wenger was not only the right decision, but was done years too late. No one in the fan base anticipated that the club would show such appalling incompetence in having no succession plan and hiring in a head coach whose away record was shite, who had fallen on his arse in France and Russia and who couldn’t even tell the players what he wanted them to do.

    That isn’t the fault of WOBs. Blaming those of us who could see Wenger was putting the ship on course for the rocks before smashing the control panel beyond use and locking the door to the bridge for good measure, isn’t just stupid thinking, it’s fucking moronic.

  76. Pierre

    Inside right
    “That isn’t the fault of WOBs. Blaming those of us who could see Wenger was putting the ship on course for the rocks before smashing the control panel beyond use”

    If you WOBS were so perceptive, why couldn’t you see what was coming next.

    You’re all a bunch of entitled pricks who are an embarrassment to the club.

    If wenger was supposedly putting the ship on course for the rocks because he failed to finish in the top 4 , I would say 18 months later , 200 million spent, and we are now going down faster that the titanic.

    Who was it who said …be careful what you wish for…

  77. Pierre

    Kronke has fucked up.
    The management team has fucked up.
    Emery fucked it up .
    Freddie is fucking it up .
    The players are fucking it up.

    All this is doing is making Wenger, who was supposedly a one man band, look like a footballing genius for keeping the club in such a lofty position for so long.

    You all thought it would be so easy to emulate a” tactically inept, clueless manager ”

    How wrong you were .

    Maybe Wenger was a lot lot better than you would give him credit for.

    Flat track bullies was the usual term used or the opposition are already on their holidays was another ..

    Yesterday a WOB on here tried to convince us that the opposition teams , players and coaches have dramatically improved in the last 18 months , so they are much more difficult to beat.

    Entitled pricks the lot of them.

  78. Tippitappi

    That Everton result today shows how off the radar we we are as a club and worse a team at the moment….worrying times