Arteta should be the new manager of Arsenal (Long Read)

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Come on, you thought I’d go more than 2 days without giving my full endorsement to the most exciting unknown in the world of football? Don’t be ridiculous. Today, I’m going to refresh the argument for why Arsenal need to put all their chips on the pristine black hair of Mikael Arteta.

As you’ll remember, it was my firm belief that we should have pulled the trigger on the Spaniard 18 months ago. The timing was perfect. Fan expectation was low, the club had a chunk of change to spend, and the set up seemed fairly solid. Instead, we opted for common flawed wisdom and hired in Unai Emery and 9 of his coaches.

The stability of experience did nothing to move the club forward. Hiring in a ‘winning’ manager actually took us back a level. We’re now in the midst of the worst start in 38 years, and we’re struggling to exit out of our Europa League group. Hiring in experience has been an absolute disaster.

There are once again calls to move for the trusted hands approach of experience. I didn’t buy it last time, I don’t buy it again. The only manager that’d be a sure fire bet to progress us into the top 4 would be Pochettino, but regardless of the noise around him, I don’t expect him to entertain the Arsenal job with the PSG call likely to arrive in 6 months time.

Anyone else is a 50/50 gamble, so why not gamble on the next level of football, versus taking a chance on a manager with limitations we’ve all seen.

Here are the reasons I think hiring in Arteta makes sense.


Really simple one here, but communication is essential to this role. English is the language of the club, the kids coming through have mostly been raised in London, we need someone that understands what is going on at the club. Arteta speaks 4 languages fluently. He speaks the noise of players having been a very good one himself. He has alpha male qualities we lacked in Unai Emery. He was a captain at two of his clubs, so the players will look to him.

I have been told that there were concerns about his demeanour from when he was at Arsenal. He held others to very high standards and could come across as abrasive. However, I am willing to pass on that firstly because holding players to a higher standard on an off the pitch is something we need, secondly, we’ve read in the press over and over that the City players love him.


It doesn’t take much googling to find out that Arteta is a players coach. He’s an obsessive and there are plenty of high endorsements of his work in the media from players like Delph and Fernandinho. The biggest credit to his name goes to the transformation of Raheem Sterling into one of the best players in the world. This is Guardiola.

“Mikel Arteta is working many, many hours and days after training specifically about the last action on the pitch – that control in the last moment to make the right movement in the final three or four metres.

“Raheem has wanted to stay there on the training pitch, to improve, to practise, to shoot at the goalkeepers.

This is is Arteta explaining in a new book exactly what he was looking for from the player.

“He’d picked up a few bad habits along the way,”

“He’d played on the inside a lot or out on the left wing. When you move to the right wing, the direction and angle of possession coming to you is very different. When the ball reached him he really had his gaze fixed on it – rather than half-touch instinctive control and the vision of what’s around him.”

“If he’s found a space about three metres off his defender but he’s half-turned towards the goal then his sprint takes him much more quickly to a space where he can shoot and that’s going to cause the rival much more damage. It’s also a tactic, dropping off a little, so that your defender gets drawn into a position he mightn’t want to be in. It leaves space behind him and Raheem can attack that space. If it’s close to, or in the penalty area, they also have to hesitate before putting in a challenge.”

The man was born to coach, he retired early to learn his trade, he went for mentorship under the greatest coach in the world and now he sits next to him in the dugout. According to reports, he also runs some of the training session there, he’s no cone boy.

Elite work ethic

You’ve all seen the Pep documentary. You’ve read the books. Pep is a workaholic, he has more energy than anyone in football, a total obsessive. This is what he had to say on Arteta a few days ago.

“He was an incredible player, normally with a holding midfielder they have a vision of all the pitch,” Guardiola said.

“The holding midfielder is an incredible lesson during your career as a player to learn what happens. You don’t need to go to [coaching] school, he was so clever in that.

“More than that he is an incredible human being, work ethic, he works a lot. I said after a few months we were together that this guy would be a manager sooner or later. He is already a manager, he works like a manager.

“That is why we’re satisfied to have him here.”

That is high praise, the part about him being a great human is lost on me, but I do love that his work ethic is being called out by a man that had to quit Barcelona because his wife thought it would kill him. I want someone at Arsenal with that level of obsession, because that usually means attention to detail, that means curiosity and it hopefully means innovation.

Manchester City IP

Manchester City are now one of the best clubs in the world. I know Arsenal are a long way from that, but the things Pep has done there have transformed the place. The way he thinks about the game is different to everyone else, that’s why he’s consistently delivered world-class teams across 3 leagues (money helps, but look at Jose now). Pep Guardiola is different because he has a philosophy that has evolved over the course of time. That way of thinking is a process, Arteta has now been in the process contributing ideas, designing how they’ll be implemented, and watching the master make the magic happen.

Manchester City won the league last year making the least tackles in the league. That is future football. Their off the ball movement is debilitating. Their on the ball approach is so good some sad sacks say it’s boring. That is the sort of football that could be taken, developed upon and unleashed at Arsenal. It’s a longterm punt at having a team built for competing in the Champions League in 3 years. It’s not a stop-gap where the pinnacle of the football is 4th place and a last 16 spot in the Champions League. It is not taking a hit on the Arsenal brand and doubling down on bland pragmatic football. It is not selling your soul to Kia or Jorge. This is the sort of punt that we should be taking, because unless it’s Poch, who else has the keys to a more exciting future this January?

The Culture

Let’s get one thing straight, no manager is going to come in and sort out the leadership function of Arsenal. Raul and Edu have to address that, but they’re not going to do that by installing an outsider with poor taste motives. They’re also not going to achieve anything by bringing in someone with a giant stick, good short term solution, not for the longterm.

They need someone to come in and connect with the players and the fans. That person needs to understand the club, how it operates, who the staff are and how the league works. There’s no better person for that than Arteta. He can only look after the playing side of things, he can’t do anything about the mess around it, but make no mistake, he’ll come in, connect with people like Per and Freddie and he’ll take a sweep to bus drivers that fight and do teamtalks, he’ll move on Dave Priestly, and he’ll make sure the people at the club are offering value and there on merit.

Galvanise the fans

There are no doubt going to be doubters, but I think the communcation of a clear and articulate vision of how he wants to play the game and what he’s going to do to achieve it would be a huge step in the right direction. To remind you, he already outlined this to the Arsenal magazine years ago.

“My philosophy will be clear,” he said. “I want the football to be expressive, entertaining. I cannot have a concept of football where everything is based on the opposition.

“We have to dictate the game, we have to be the ones taking the initiative, and we have to entertain the people coming to watch us. I’m 100 per cent convinced of those things, and I think I could do it.”

“You can have an idea of a system, but you need to be able to transform it depending on the players you have – how much pace you have up front, how technical your team is, what types of risk you can take and whether your players are ready to take those risks.

“It’s important to analyse your players because you can’t always play the same way. There have to be different details and changes in how you approach things, and you have to look at how you can hurt whoever you are playing against. Is there something they don’t like to do? If so, we’re going to make them do plenty of it.

“Then the most important thing for the manager is that, the Friday before the game, you imagine what’s going to happen on the Saturday.

“And if what happens on Saturday is not what I had planned, then it’s not been good enough from me.”

Imagine how vivid his vision would be now? He’s had 3 years in a winning machine to hone his beliefs about the game. I am positive he’d come to Arsenal with an exciting view of how the game is played and that would settle the fans.


We are back at ground zero. We are where Chelsea were this summer when they hired Frank Lampard, coming off the back of a bland season with a transfer ban. Our ban is self-imposed because we spent next summers money this year.

This is the perfect time for the club to set a new agenda built around a 3-5 year plan that’ll have us competing at the very top again. We could build our future around young players, we could refocus transfer efforts on players like Matteo and Martinelli, we could promise the fans ups and downs, but at the very worst… we’ll be playing football you’d want to wake up for.

We need a future we can believe in, we need to be excited about football again, the person who could give that to us is Mikael Arteta.

Who’s with me?


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  1. Shad

    All in all, thankful we didn’t move for Allegri or any other Jorge Mendes coat hangers.
    Give Freddie time, if he performs well, good on us all, if not, the expectation was low anyway. Hoping that we at least finish top 4 (huge stretch) but more importantly, have a semblance of structure, pattern of play and better atmosphere. Make us hard to beat.

    Then we can hope or a better summer..maybe get in Arteta or Naglesmann..and also get rid of a lot of joy riding players.

  2. Dolomite

    Agreed Shad.

    The most crucial thing is to give Freddie time and not make a hasty appointment that we may end up regretting.

    For all we know Freddie might just be the one we’re looking for

  3. Sohara

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if Freddie does turn out to be a brilliant manager for us, perhaps with Gilberto ( as rumoured) or Pires , that would make me truly happy. Also it gets us to the summer, where we would have more choices of manager than we have now. My first choice would be Naglesmann but doubt we would get him as he is highly sort after

    But for now I am happy to give Freddie a chance to see what he can do

  4. Jeff

    I think the general idea of the board is to give Freddie a chance till probably the summer to see where we end up. If it goes well, he can stay and build on his success. If not or if it’s all very average, the season has gone down the drain anyway so there’s no risk in keeping Freddie on till the summer and re-evaluate then.

  5. CG

    Another humdinger of a post by our mecurial PedRo and I off course thank him for it.

    But – here is the crux of the Arteta Conundrum.

    Arteta was always the right man for the job from day one.

    (Everyone knows that)

    And if they dont- they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    But he was humiliated and shafted by Raul.
    That leaves a scar tissue that cant just vanish overnight.

    Arteta comes across as a very principled man- I just can not see him coming to Arsenal whilst we have Raul at the club.

    Imagine the tension from day one.

    We know what the Spivs all about.

    He actually wanted to extend Emery and presumably his Nine(9!!) coaches contracts in the summer!! ( Ornstein)

    If We get shot of Raul – Arteta will come and then we will have an Arsenal again that we can be all be proud of.

    But until then – Arteta will be best served moving to Everton or staying at Man City….

    Because have no doubt…… we are still a stinking cesspit although we did start removing some of the stench yesterday.

  6. Jeff

    We got a manager who had experience managing at top level and he was a total flop. So the answer must be, let’s get a manager who has NO experience at all. Some really good stuff being smoked by various people on here.

  7. Jeff

    Kroenke is of course still a problem as we all know and have known since he turned up. An absent, indifferent, stingy, non-football loving owner isn’t what we deserve but even with this handicap, I believe we can still be a great club. Just need the right manager and Emery wasn’t it. The search goes on but I’m happy to let Freddie have a go for a while at least.

  8. bnsb

    – He actually wanted to extend Emery and presumably his Nine(9!!) coaches contracts in the summer!! ( Ornstein) –

    Did they come by train?

  9. Edu me a favour

    “ No Pedro, Arteta should not be the next manager. It’s a terrible idea.”

    Did you not read this post ??

    Arteta should be our no. 1 choice – everything points to him.

  10. Domagoj B

    I fully agree with you Pedro. I’ve been for Arteta when Emery was signed, you wrote all the arguments there so I won’t add anything there.


    If that is right (it does make sense what you wrote), then we’re fucked. Either Raul admits to Mikel that this was a wrong decision and finds a way to show that he can work well with Mikel – because hiring goes two ways nowadays, you also need to show people they will be respected and given free reins in their scope of work – then we might get Arteta.

    I am just afraid of those Nuno rumours as he is so not a guy for us. We need class, he is a Simeone type of manager, it seems to me. And Arteta surely has an elite/higher ceiling.

    I think that if we pass on Arteta now, that will be it, as i.e. Everton could take him, he makes a name for himself and then he becomes too elite for us.

    Lovely times, to have so much doubt about people running the club (Raul primarily).

  11. Jeff

    How many top teams has Arteta managed? 0.
    How many games has Arteta managed and won? 0.
    How many trophies has Arteta won as a manager? 0.

    So what qualifies him to manage Arsenal?

    He’s a disciple of Guardiola.

    Come on, what is wrong with you? At least Lampard managed Derby County for a bit and his appointment was risky – but Arteta?

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Clearly the departure of Emery is a good time to review other issues at the club
    apart from First team Head Coach and Coaches.

    It will be also time to consider also the Senior Board, which needs most definitely refreshing.

    Garry Neville has made the case that Arsenal’s problems this season were not
    just about Emery, but also playing staff at the club and in particular in defence
    who in his view are not only uncoachable but also unimprovable.

    Looking at the contract positions and Arsenal’s apparent new policy of players
    being offloaded 2 years before contract expiry if not renewed the following
    players at the club fall into that situation:

    LACAZETTE 2021
    OZIL 2021
    CEBALLOS 2020
    SOKRATIS 2021
    MUSTAFI 2021
    LUIZ 2021
    KOLASINAC 2021
    MACEY 2020

    So the first question to be asked is there anyone on the above list who you would wish to retain beyond June 2020?

    Others on longer contracts who you might wish to consider selling are
    XHAKA 2023
    ELNENY 2022
    TORREIRA 2023
    CHAMBERS 2022
    MARTINEZ 2022

  13. Luteo Guenreira

    I hope Arsenal move forward with a proper plan this time. Best of luck to Freddie.

    For all these points Arteta would still be a first time manager and will need to learn on the job, I just worry that Arsenal can’t afford that luxury, nor will the majority of fans have that kind of patience. Considering the state of things I’m not against allowing someone to learn on the job.

  14. David Smith

    Agree, would be very happy with Arteta, but also willing to see how Freddie does.
    And how about Gio?
    But sadly, for reasons mentioned in previous articles and posts, I suspect Raul has very different ideas, suspect Edu might as well. Cannot imagine Arteta being forced to bend to the will of super agents, or inadequate players Raul decides to bring in for whatever reason.
    Whoever it is has a massive job on their hands, was listening to Keown this week, he reckons defensively, our team is uncoachable, perhaps why Emery gave up?

  15. china1

    I’m sorry but you’re lumping all experienced managers in as one and the same pedro

    ‘we tried experienced and it failed’

    yeah dude we tried one manager. uno. eins. yi ge.

    ergo experienced managers are bad or agent traps.

    the frustrating thing with you pedro is that you’re an excellent writer and very clever, but I assume it’s because you’re in marketing, you have this habit of trying to oversell on narratives and go beyond just making fair and good points (of which you made several above) by going a bit overboard with your assessment of pros vs cons etc (also done above, by suggesting quite ridiculously that because emery sucked there are no good options with experience outside of poch)

    In fact I’d hazard a guess that half of your relentless campaign about agents lately is because you want people here to buy in to excluding more candidates from the list so that the field is narrowed and lego hair has a better chance

  16. David Smith

    Agree ES, the board really needs refreshing, just worry who Raul would put on it.
    Joorabchian, Mendes, the Gentlemen of Cali and Sept Blatter would probably rank among his choices.
    Whoever the manager is, really hope they are incredibly effective with young players, we have a decent crop, hope they do not go to waste on the whim of some agent

  17. Victorious

    How could people see what Lamps is doing at chavs and not want to give Arteta or for that matter Freddie a chance?

    Would absolutely give up on the club if they go and do something stupid by bringing an old past it dinosaur as coach

    Time to try something fresh and visionary.

    Ten Haag

    Have no doubt any of those will give the fans hope and get us excited once again

    Freddie can have a say also if starts with a stormer tommorow

  18. Edu me a favour

    “ How many top teams has Arteta managed? 0.
    How many games has Arteta managed and won? 0.
    How many trophies has Arteta won as a manager? 0.”

    Now replace “arteta” with “emery” – and then look at where Arsenal are now – what did emery’s experience , games won and trophies won do
    For us ? Turned us into an even bigger laughing stock. His experience and all his trophies resulted in him bringing on Torreira when we were a goal down against Frankfurt.

    You have the best manager in the world telling us that arteta is basically a manager at city already , (a team that emery’s experience and trophies conceded 8 goals in 3 games ) but you don’t believe him ? The man wants to keep arteta at all costs because he puts the cones out in a nice straight line ?

    Any new manager is a gamble – that point has just been proved.

  19. Yiannis

    Excellent read. Arteta is the future. If we bring him in now we have to be patient. I’ll be 100% behind him for the period he needs to turn things around. And that won’t be a short period. My only worry is the Arsenal fan base. Ready to crusify anybody after a negative result.

  20. Jeff

    It’s really a very simple mistake in logic when people use the failure of Emery as proof for likely success of Arteta. The two are not connected in any way at all. Any new manager may be a gamble but which of these is more likely to succeed? An experienced top level manager or a complete novice?

  21. Graham

    I get that Pedro has been pushing this idea for two years and it is an interesting one.

    But will Arteta really form a bond with the fans in the same way Freddie will in his interim stint?

    Do Arsenal fans have good memories of Arteta?

    I mentally associate him as captain of the years of Wenger drift as our ability to pull fourth place out of the hat, papered over (at least for the Board and the AKBs) the ever widening cracks in our set up from which we have not recovered, including an ineffectual midfield.

  22. Graham62

    Still the hype about recruiting a new manager and yet we now have Freddie at the helm with no one knowing what’s going to happen next.

    Let’s give Freddie a chance. For all we know he may he the answer to all our problems.

    As for Arteta, not so sure.

  23. Jeff

    And the reason City have done so well under Guardiola isn’t just because of him. They have a world class player in nearly every position. They play dynamic, attacking football. They are well drilled and organised. And even with all of that, this season they find themselves behind Liverpool and Leicester. So does that now mean Arteta isn’t so good as we imagined after all? No, what it means is that City’s previous fortunes were not the handiwork of Arteta. He may well be very good, he may well prove to be a success but it is the biggest gamble a club the size of Arsenal can take. We’ve had 15 years of stagnation under Wenger, 2 years of failure under Emery so naturally the answer must be Arteta. I just don’t see where this orgasmic confidence in him comes from.

  24. Graham62

    If someone can give me 5 good reasons why Arteta would be a perfect fit, then I could be convinced.

    Please do not include “he is an Arsenal legend”

    Over to you Pedro.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    He can speak English, people have said good things about him and he works at City.

    That is about it, right?

    Lots of managers speak English.

    Lots of coaches are extolled by their managers.

    How well does the City ‘IP’ translate when you aren’t allowed to spend £1 billion?

    Even Guardiola doesn’t have answers tactically for shortcomings and will spend masses (thinking particularly of the defence which he’s whining about despite spending £300 Million or more already on it).

    If Arteta wanted to take an interim role, sure, but if we’ve got to agree to 3 or 4 years on a contract then it is nothing short of a gamble and you have to stop playing it off as anything other than that.

    In fact, if it went wrong the decision is such that the board should resign for having suggested it.

  26. Champagne charlie


    Agree but disagree at the same time.

    You know I’m a big fan of Arteta, and fully behind him as an idea, however the landscape at Arsenal causes me concern. I flat out don’t believe in or trust this ‘structure’ to operate smoothly for the foreseeable.

    With that I’m not convinced putting a manager like Arteta into the mix does him or us any favours when another bump in the road emerges.

    With all due respect on your ‘we’ve went with experience and it tanked’ line, that’s incredibly reductive and not entirely accurate. We went with a poor fit who turned out incompetent, experience aside. That’s not the same as experience with competence and personality. Same way Arteta isn’t the same as Freddie for “unproven”, “raw” potential managers. There’s levels.

    None of the clubs often cited appear to have such a new build behind the scenes when their head coach draws up a plan and executed after a couple of season. They all have a good foundation to work from. This is the crux for me.

    Personally feel we should be learning to walk again for a couple of seasons before we gallop toward the new-age invincibles. 18 months ago we could’ve absorbed the learning curve of an Arteta, but after a bad decision we have less leeway imo and should be cuter.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    I want to refer to an experiment which occurred in the mid 1960s and early 1970s at Manchester City.

    The club employed Joe Mercer [ex Arsenal Captain] as their Manager. He was
    elderly but highly regarded as being a “safe pair of hands”.

    In addition the club appointed Malcolm Allison a brilliant young coach to work alongside him who was effectively the head coach.

    During the seven years that they worked in combination at the club Man City
    won 6 trophies including the League Title.

    Manchester City were not in contrast to today a wealthy club, but they produced under these two a very successful team.

    The Football Director today should be the equivalent of Joe Mercer and appointing Arteta as head coach might indeed be the equivalent of Malcolm

    Whether Edu would be the right person to be overlord and Arteta can work
    alongside him is of course the million dollar question.

    What I do know is that the club needs to get the senior management of the
    club right. At the moment I am concerned that there is too much overlap in the roles of the people running the club.

  28. TR7

    I am repeating myself here but there’s no better candidate available than Poch. He knows the league inside out, can speak English, has already worked wonders with a team with limited resources and his style is anything but boring. We won’t need to pay any compensation to a club for his services.

  29. Lari03

    Arteta is not ripe to be the head coach at this moment.

    In inculcating the Arsenal way, we need figures like Vieira or Freddie who actually played good football during the Invincible era.

    Leaving Man City to Arsenal would be a different proposition. In terms of personnel, staff and transfers.

    Arteta would need a “Messi” in our team to genuinely challenge.

  30. Un na naai

    Lots of Rodgers talk this morning
    The names being linked with the job are very exciting. All of the best coaches available bar klopp and pep.

    Rodgers Arteta or Poch would be fucking brilliant. Early Xmas pressie please arsenal

    RH must be hating life at the minute. Very bitter now the lame horse he backed has tanked as anyone with a brain predicted he would.

    Now we are being linked with the very people he railed against
    All we need is for one of them to be a roaring success or even just attain champions league football while delivering our brand of attacking stylistic play for the egg to well and truly be all over his face

    It’s beautiful

  31. Un na naai

    Arteta would need a “Messi” in our team to genuinely challenge.


    Maybe Martinelli might turn into the next big thing. Has a touch of the Cristiano about him for me

  32. Guns of Brixton

    How many times a day do you think Pedro polishes his Portrait of Arteta ?

    I’m thinking once in the morning and maybe twice by the evening


  33. Danny

    What I find astonishing is how Emery managed to win the Europa Cup 3 times! After our nightmare 18 months of him, I just don’t see how he’s capable of winning anything!

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Reading the rumours etc it sounds as if Pochettino is the target for Arsenal but that there is a recognition he might be difficult to convince. The next line is then Rodgers and Nuno, in my opinion.

  35. Edu me a favour

    “ It’s really a very simple mistake in logic when people use the failure of Emery as proof for likely success of Arteta. The two are not connected in any way at all. Any new manager may be a gamble but which of these is more likely to succeed? An experienced top level manager or a complete novice?”

    No one is using emery’s failure as proof of the likely success of arteta.

    What we are using emery’s failure as proof of however , is that proven success and experience Which emery clearly had – doesn’t necessarily translate.

    Again , nobody is putting city’s success solely down to arteta – simply repeating on here what Pep Guardiola has said about him. Things which you don’t seem to want to accept or believe , which is your prerogative.

    Logic would state that a manger with a proven background would be the way to go – nice and safe – but football can be very illogical sometimes, and risks can pay off.

    Who do you want to come in Jeff ?

  36. Victorious

    Puzzling that Allegri has turned down our offer a second time if you believe the tabloids with reports stating our board labelled him as being ‘arrogant’ during the interview process

    Wonder if he’s scared of the challenges a job in the EPL will bring or simply just waiting for a sugar daddy club like PSG where he can splash the cash with minimal coaching input,good riddance if that is the case

  37. Upstate Gooner

    “Who’s with me?”

    Not me. Sitting next to Pep in the dugout for a couple of years doesn’t automatically make him Pep Jr. Name other team(s) that were after Arteta? That’s right, not a single one. Captain? So was Xhaka until a few weeks ago. And to compare him to Lampard is a bit of a stretch as well. Lamps is Chelsea’s legend, and he actually did have managerial experience before taking over from Sarri. Not a ton but more than Arteta. As for the perfect hair Spaniard, the 5 yard pass king is certainly no footballing legend. He had a very questionable Arsenal career and before he gets a shot of becoming our manager, I’d like to see him learn/earn his traits elsewhere.

  38. 71Guns

    Go with Freddie till the end of the season then get in an experienced guy with some decent management experience under his belt – not a rookie. This stuff about Arteta strikes me as an understandable but nonetheless slightly comical case of wishful thinking – and reactive in the sense that it’s effectively saying “we’ve tried experience and it didn’t work, so now let’s go with someone who has no management experience whatsoever”. Crazy, IMHO, sorry…

  39. TR7


    If we don’t get Poch, I wouldn’t mind sticking with Freddie till the end of the season. As per reports we will have to shell out £12.5M to get Rodgers which is a very hefty amount. We have already paid close to £4M to Unai and his team.

  40. Leftsidesanch

    Pep is hardly going to come out and speak in anything less than glowing terms about one of his assistants in Arteta. He may turn out to be a good manager but I’m not sure if he’d be suited right now with the problems we have .

    I’ve seen him compared with Lampard, lets not forget that Lampard did his apprentice with Derby County and in a notoriously competitive league at that.

    I’d be more comfortable if he had some sort of experience but at the minute he’s nothing more than a potentially exciting wildcard.

  41. Victorious

    Calling it right now that Freddie will start with a banger tomorrow by sweeping aside Norwhich

    Very easy to really improve on the paint dry we’ve been subjected to watch under Emery all season

  42. Leftsidesanch

    Freddie will communicate simply with players you hope. You hope that he focuses on our strengths and tries to minimise our weaknesses. Emery always appeared as if he was content just not to lose which is a bad base to start from.

    Playing players in their correct positions will help and for the love of everything holy please don’t rely on the chuckle brothers at CB. At least Sok looks irritated by his stupidity but it doesn’t stop him from repeating the mistakes. Insanity no?

  43. Graham62


    That’s easy.

    In Spain most if not all of the players understood Emery’s lingo.

    Also, back then, this playing out from the back crap wasn’t bible.

  44. Nelson


    Why don’t you send this piece to Josh? If Arteta aligns himself with a few invincible, I would feel more confident. He definitely needs defense support. Also, with more ex_Arsenal legends in his team, he’ll gain more fan support.

  45. Dissenter

    Pedro is baring his fangs again for Arteta.

    He’s about to enter the facts-free, subjective laden I-am-always-right mode.
    There will be dissent and there will be bindings of those that stray from the part of the Arteta-eater.
    Beware people.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I think in all honesty if we landed Pochettino and had to wait until the summer you could let the fan base know, if it was Rodgers you could have leaks it was going to happen and then if it was Ljungberg with maybe Bergkamp as assistant and some other legends forming part of his coaching staff until the end of the season the mood among the fans would be much improved.

    It could actually be a fast way of reversing the entire situation.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Why don’t you send this piece to Josh?’

    The club are hiring a manager with precisely 0 days experience on the recommendation of a blogger.

    And Jorge Mendes was the danger to Arsenal?

  48. Chika

    Amy Lawrence on Arteta

    “He interviewed superbly and was in many ways the more tantalising and ambitious choice. His hunger for success, knowledge of Arsenal, clarity of self-expression and the way he presented his ideas made him, in many ways, the outstanding candidate”

  49. Micheal

    Good post again Pedro and you make a very persuasive case. I certainly support the idea of bringing in a new face with a visionary plan, rather than a tried and tested safe pair of hands.
    My only reservation is that appointing a new manager/coach is only part of the problem at AFC. All the most successful clubs in history have had a committed and engaged owner and board of directors. Arsenal have a disengaged owner with no interest in football who has never invested a single penny in the club and a board of patsies whose average age is nearly 80.
    I would support an Arteta appointment. But it is only half the battle and we seem nowhere near to addressing the underlying weakness of how the club is owned and administered.

  50. Chika


    “Calling it right now that Freddie will start with a banger tomorrow by sweeping aside Norwhich.”

    The Emery defenders would accuse the players of not pulling their weight for Emery albeit in a dysfunctional system.

  51. Dissenter

    Tottenham have to be the bigger club now since the panacea in the minds of many here is that we hire their just fired manager who won nada.

    This Poch love-in is doing my head in.
    Poch’s spuds reign also coincided with them stumbling into a pretty good squad. Poch had the benefit of Harry Kane, Son [who was almost sent back to Germany] and other signings he wasn’t responsible for.

    Have we reached the level where Spuds turd is our caviar?

  52. scytheavatar

    Who do you think should be our next manager, a snake like Arteta who would rather develop the players of our rivals, or someone like Ljungberg who stayed with us and helped us develop our youngster?

  53. Chitom

    I’m not against Arteta but let’s not complicate the issue here, the only reason he might be worth a shout is because of Pep he’s been working under.
    Everything else is just noise.

  54. Ernest Reed

    Nuno for no other reason for the sheer pleasure of watching Pedro bust a gasket on a daily basis. That would be entertaining.

  55. Chika

    I firmly believe what we need at the club is a slow and steady rebuilding process with a clarity of purpose and ambition.

    Arteta is your man!

  56. Dissenter

    Freddie will get a new manager bounce that will dissipate after a short while, same as the bounce Emery got after Wenger was signed.
    Crap always rises to the surface so the crappy players will resort back to type.

    That said, if Freddie can end the silly playing out of the back nonsense and not depend on Guendouzi as much, he should be fine for the first 10 matches.

  57. Ernest Reed

    I think what needs to be taken into consideration is that regardless of who comes in, the prevailing issues remain – highly questionable management team (Raul, etc.) , absent ownership, players who make a lot of money and show up only when they feel like it (Ozil, etc.).

    There is a lot going on at Arsenal right now, and a new manager is not necessarily going to be the fix all, whether that be a novice like Arteta or experienced like Allegri.

  58. Nelson

    I am still confused with the current management structure. I would understand that Edu and the coach would provide the recommendation of which player they want. Josh would give the approval and Raul will negotiate the contract. The same would apply to the players under contract. But currently, Raul seems to decide everything.

  59. Ernest Reed

    Just curious Pedro, if Arteta does get the gig and turns out to be the wrong person, you going to run him out of town like you did with Wenger and Emery?

  60. Matt

    Wow Pedro. That’s some serious wood (or is it plastic) you’ve got for the lego man. Look it’s your blog and you can promote whoever you like but there has to be some context to what Arsenal currently are.

    Firstly, for all the ‘City IP’ the fact is they have spent more than anyone to assemble that squad. How much of their success is Pep magic dust or just pure player talent we’ll never know. Would some second hand Pep magic dust miraculously transform some of our squad or would it be like applying lipstick to a pig?

    Secondly, given the politick currently at the club, the greatest quality the new hire will need is strength of character. Strong enough to stand up to the owners, Raul, the players, even the fans. This was Emery’s single biggest failing. Far too meek and amenable. Arsenal need someone to not only have a vision but the force of personality to drive it through. I’m afraid I don’t think Arteta has this maturity yet. It’s a massive leap from head-boy to top dog and I’d rather he cut his teeth elsewhere.

  61. Dissenter

    I think PapSok needs a long benching.
    Pepe needs some good man management. He needs to start games because we remortgaged our home for him last summer. If he finds his best form, he could be the tip of the spear in most formations and make it easier to sell either of Auba/Laca.
    Torriera needs to be played in a very limited mode – defensive midfielder with no other commitments just like he does with Uruguay.
    Guendouzi needs to be told to drive forward and let his runs create spaces. He does the opposite ; runs into dead ends and has to pass back under pressure.
    Leno needs to be told to stop the playing out the back nonsense. Find the quick pass with the feet or hands. We stultify the game with making most of our passes in our own half.

  62. Danny

    When Arteta joined us from Everton, loads of people here were dancing up and down. I naively wrote that I’d never heard of him and nearly got my head beaten off by you lot! I’ve never followed Everton and I’ve no idea who their captain is today! Plus Arteta had never played for Spain and never did………
    He might be worth a punt but I’d prefer Vieira even though unlike Freddie, he never played at the Emirates (or did Edu).

  63. Graham62


    Remember I’m an “old codger”, I’m on meds, I have an artificial hip, my left knee is giving me grief, and I still believe in things that many on here will never understand.

    So, in laymans terms then, what can Arteta give us?

  64. Ernest Reed

    “The Emery defenders would accuse the players of not pulling their weight for Emery albeit in a dysfunctional system.”

    Of course it would be the truth – as bad as Emery was, the players have been even worse.

  65. CG


    “He interviewed superbly and was in many ways the more tantalising and ambitious choice. His hunger for success, knowledge of Arsenal, clarity of self-expression and the way he presented his ideas made him, in many ways, the outstanding candidate”

    So they chose Rauls mate instead!!

    Who would not object to the signings he would make.
    Who would not object when stalwarts like Ramsey and Kos were ushered disgracefully out of the door – because there is no cut there.

    He did the same with Edu

    You can read these cockroaches like a book.

    Lets hope Freddie wins a few games and as a consequence can send this fat, no good, despicable Spaniard all the way back across the Mediterranean Sea.

    He wont drown though. Too fat on the Foie Gras!

  66. Dissenter

    Martin Samuel summarizes the problem
    MARTIN SAMUEL – CHIEF SPORTS WRITER: Arsenal have a Champions League front two, a mid-table midfield and a defence that could get any boss the sack and a lesser club

    There is a player poverty, regardless of Emery.

    We have too many expensive unsuitable signings in key areas that have to be moved on with losses. Xhaka is now one of them. He needs to go but we have to prepare ourselves to loses some money on his way out.

  67. scytheavatar

    Raul insisted on getting a DoF before buying players, which is why we brought no one but Denis Suarez on loan last Jan……. Raul is a businessman, like Gazidis, and he needs to rely on the opinions of football experts like Edu on who the club should buy.

  68. 71Guns

    “Remember I’m an “old codger”, I’m on meds, I have an artificial hip, my left knee is giving me grief, and I still believe in things that many on here will never understand.”
    Good enough for me mate. When can you start?

  69. Cesc Appeal


    I think he’s being kind, the midfield is every inch as bad as the defence.

    Emery did not set it up properly which made it look even worse, but it’s still poor.

  70. Dissenter

    ‘ But currently, Raul seems to decide everything.’

    You’re a good man and I truly like your perspective but that’s viewpoint is just fantasy.
    You think Edu moved his family to London to be a rubber stamp for Raul. There’s zero evidence that Raul decides ‘everything’.

  71. Stewart Moseley

    Whether it’s Arteta, Ljungberg or even Vieira, we need to bring in an ex-Arsenal man. The fans will unite behind an Arsenal legend, the man himself will be given more time than a non-Arsenal man would, and this in turn means the board would get some breathing space.
    I don’t buy into the everything at Arsenal is bad narrative. Things were always going to be rocky to some extent after the 22-year reign of one man. But we do have some good players and the set of younger players could be top drawer. Bringing in Edu was a good move and Per running the youth side could work well.
    We just need a strong manager with Arsenal DNA in his blood, someone who can bully the team a bit.

  72. MuddyGooner

    You win Pedro !

    You’ve convinced me Arteta is the right man for the job.

    Let’s hope everything pans out the way we want it to.

  73. Emiratesstroller

    Reverting back to my earlier post the key to recruiting a new “head coach”
    particularly someone who is relatively young and inexperienced is building
    a successful football management team and coaching staff at the club.

    They all need to be “singing from the same hymn sheet” with good communication skills and and clear objectives as to how the club moves forward.

    One of my major concerns was that we brought in people like Sanhelli and
    Mislintat and then Emery with no clarity as to whether they could work together and to ensure that they were singing from the same hymn sheet.

    Even now I am not clear as to what exactly is the exact roles of both Raul and
    Edu. Are they equals or is Sanhelli the boss of our Football programme and
    Edu works under him?

    What I do know is that there are clearly a number of good ex footballers who
    played for Arsenal and have coaching skills. The only question is whether any
    of them are good enough to run the first team and more importantly which
    coaches will be able to work alongside them.

    Of the generation of players who worked under Wenger several have coaching qualifications namely:
    Dennis Bergkamp [not working]
    Steve Bould [working at Arsenal U23]
    Martin Keown [Working at Arsenal and taking Coaching Badges]
    Pires [Working at Arsenal as a coach but with no specific role]
    Patrick Vieira [Manager at Nice]
    Thierry Henry [Previously Manager and Coach but not considered successful]
    Freddie Ljungberg [current Arsenal First Team Coach]
    Kolo Toure [First Team Coach at Leicester City]
    Jens Lehmann [Worked as Arsenal First Team Coach under Wenger]
    Mikel Arteta [Assistant Head Coach at Man City]
    Per Mertesacker [Manager and Coach of Arsenal Academy]

    So there is not an inconsiderable list of ex players with Arsenal DNA who could be brought into the club as coaches. The only question is there one
    who would make a great Head Coach and would any of the others be prepared to work under him?

    What I do know is that overall Arsenal have a very young squad with lowest
    average age in the EPL. Many of the older players are now nearing end of careers at club.

    This would be the right time to bring in a young coach with recognisable ability. However, as I posted when Allison worked at Man City you need a
    “safe pair of hands” to run the football business at the club.

    Are Sanhelli and Edu the safe pair of hands needed?

  74. Nelson

    “ArsenalAcademy manager Per Mertesacker will be supporting interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg in the short-term. Per will be in the dugout at Carrow Road tomorrow.”

    Looks like Arsenal is trying to save every penny. They are using already paid employee. Maybe Edu will be temporary supporting the coach also.

  75. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think this is a matter of saving money.

    If you are going to recruit a new Head Coach then obviously he will be bringing in additional coaching staff to work alongside him.

    This was also a major flaw when we appointed Emery. He was allowed to
    bring in something like 6 staff to work alongside him all of whom have left.

    That is a big hole to fill.

  76. Marc


    We all know you want Arteta – you may be right about him you may be wrong.

    What if he won’t come to us now? I know I go on about this but it looks like you’re so locked into Arteta that you won’t accept anyone else (maybe the Poch but I think that’s highly unlikely).

    It looks like whomever comes in will not be good enough for you to the point that you seem to be finding bonkers reasons as to why a potential candidate isn’t suitable. Scaremongering was mentioned several times yesterday – this was not an unreasonable comment.

    Are there any other managers you’d accept and be willing to get behind?

  77. Useroz

    What’s Mertesacker bringing to the table?

    Ditto Gilberto. Has he done coaching?

    Keown on the other hand proved himself when reportedly fixed the defence in the year. we got to the CL final.

    Not Bould though.

    In any case Freddie needs to find some assistants ASAP.

    If Gary N is to be believed part of the squad isn’t coachable.

    Which means, come Jan TW, we may need some dealings even if Freddie is an interim guy.

    Last issues.

    • must reform the darn board. Too old and too naive in the modern football trade

    • seriously unimpressed with Raul and don’t know what he’s bring to Arsenal vision longer term. Get rid.

  78. Nelson


    I was hoping that the board would hire Gilberto and Keown as full time assistants to FL. Of course, their employments will be tired to FL staying as the coach. Instead, they are asking Per to work part time on it. Everything looks so temporary. Does it mean that FL won’t stay for long?

  79. Champagne charlie

    Have been reading bits and pieces along these lines and it lends more and more to my concerns with the current setup at the club.

    Emery wasn’t competent and did himself absolutely no favours, that was clear. BUT…. this sort of stuff absolutely boils my blood and further lends itself to the benefits of an experienced manager with broad shoulders imo.

    The open season mockery and disrespect is totally abhorrent, irrespective of how much it was enabled by poor management or leadership.

    Would gladly see some of these characters culled and a new precedence set.

  80. China1

    What odds on pedro’s Next post including a mention of ‘now at least 95% of us want arteta’ haha

    Pedro you have a habit of these interestingly stacked statistical references in your favour when loads of people disagree quite openly

    The other day it was 99.9% won’t be happy if we have a manager under a super agent

    Total fan agreement on arteta is surely next!

  81. China1

    The number one reason to have a good experienced manager is that if you imagine you have ancelotti just as an example for 2 years.

    He steadies the ship. Gets you into 4th with the money and prestige that is useful for. Then the replacement can be someone a bit more dynamic and exciting because they will be able to build on an already well established foundation

    But when you have a semi shit show like arsenal and you think a guy who has never done this before and has no rep amongst the players is gonna walk in their command their respect and get results, I’m not so sure

    Imagine arteta comes in and he gives xhaka a chance and the fans get pissed off and boo xhaka again leading to more fan/player circus bs going down. Can arteta handle this?

    We hear a lot of talk about him as a player being abrasive and speaking his mind etc – I’m sorry but on the pitch he was a pussy cat. Quiet and mild mannered and very typical of the rest of that arsenal squad. His leadership on the pitch coincided with us being ridiculed as babies and soft. Where was he in those days going to war or standing up for the team like cesc/rvp etc did before him?

  82. Useroz

    Not saying we need ex Arsenal only assistants. It’d help. That’s all.

    End of the day we need a manager/ head coach with the wherewithal in modern , sexy football (and brings smiles back to our faces) , and pull the assistants in the same direction.

    Don’t think that’s Arteta

    I buy into leveraging data and analytics in identifying great players esp young gems that fits whatever the Arsenal philosophy will be

  83. China1

    How does arteta manage the ozil situation?

    So he picks him and ozil stinks the Emirates up repeatedly with his lack of effort etc. how does arteta command respect from ozil and motivate him to do better?

    It’s not like there’s an inherent respect there.

    Arteta will find himself surrounded by a handful of players who just got the previous guy sacked because they didn’t like it. If he pisses off the wrong personalities in the team he’ll be next

    You at least want our next manager to be charismatic to help unify the team and fans. He might Be that but as a player he was about as exciting on the pitch as brown rice

  84. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I thought Pep hugged, kissed Arteta, and patted his butt….’

    I think he got down on his knees as well and when wiping off his chin you read his lips saying ‘any team that gets you as manager is so lucky’.

  85. China1

    Nelson it’s not artetas faukt that after one or two injuries, man city’s billion pound defense can’t defend very well – that’s pep’s fault

    But it is full credit to arteta for the things city do well


  86. Marc


    “Arteta will find himself surrounded by a handful of players who just got the previous guy sacked because they didn’t like it”

    You can make the same claim about Chelsea who’s players downed tools on Mourinho, Conte and to a degree Sarri but everyone keeps telling me how great they’re doing.

  87. TR7


    ‘The number one reason to have a good experienced manager is that if you imagine you have ancelotti just as an example for 2 years.He steadies the ship. Gets you into 4th with the money and prestige that is useful for. ‘

    Ancellotti needs a fully settled team with a lot of experienced pros to deliver. I don’t think he has it in him to steady the ship when it comes to Arsenal wherein most of the players are not performing/underperforming.

  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Pedro / peter

    You are the statue quo of the blogging world.

    Strumming the same tune , over arteta..

    Now if this continues .. the naughty bench awaits.

  89. China1

    You sure can Marc – and Lampard is not arteta. He’s probably a top 3 all time legendary Chelsea player who also did a pretty good job in his derby *manager* role

    That was a gamble but a smaller gamble than a complete unknown quantity with zero management experience and an totally forgettable playing career by top level standards

  90. Globalgunner

    Arteta interviewed superbly….I see

    Presumably the question of what experience he had for the job didnt come up.

    Imagine you and I interviewing for the CEO of any company.
    “Mr Smith what would you say qualifies you for this vacancy, Do you have any experience in management?”

    “Er Umm……”

    Zilch…otherwise highly qualified

  91. Marc


    I’m actually coming to the conclusion that we should go for Arteta – it’s got to a stage where it’s win win.

    He comes in and does well – I’m happy all I want is for Arsenal to do well.

    He’s a fucking joke and a clown – Pedro has to shut the fuck up about him.

  92. China1

    Lol Marc you’re right

    Either LEGO hair is a beast and we’re good

    Or he’s average/worse and we can patiently wait for pedro’s Gazidis moment 😀

  93. CG

    Fred and Double D ( big pair) will be too strong for the Canaries tomorrow.

    (I hope they dont embarrass us though and do a ‘Big Ron’ and sit in the wrong dug out on their debuts).

    My hunch Fred will play AMN in centre midfield to add some mobility in there.
    And drop Luiz from the squad.

    (Because he will shaft you Fred)

    And Beware of over exuberance and the red cards!

    I might be buying Arsenal red cards…… not sure yet

  94. China1

    I just had a great realization

    Pedro’s inside source feeding him arsenal info all these years has been arteta!

    No wonder he was pro gazidis (gazidis liked arteta), had some inside track and now has the arteta to be our manager narrative

    I gots you all sussed Pedro!

  95. Marc


    It’s not David Dein he was fired (correctly) and escorted from the building over 10 years ago.

    I can’t think who else it could be.

  96. Leftsidesanch

    But where do you get Double D from Mertesacker if I’m correct CG

    You always type as if your inebriated I’m not sure if I should be worried, because it doesn’t matter what time of day the tone is still the same.

  97. Redtruth

    Thankfully the post is an irrelevance as it is never going to happen.
    My advice is to ignore the babies and listen to the grown-ups discussing Arsenal’s next move.

  98. raptora

    I got a better one.

    What if Pedro IS Arteta?!?!?!?!

    He even picked a Spanish name as his nickname.

    The whole puzzle makes perfect sense now. He’s been advocating for himself for years. All the pieces fit. It’s the only explanation.

  99. Pierre

    I’m not sure there is much there to substantiate claims of mocking on the plane .

    It’s just another stick to beat the Arsenal with so they are making up stories about the players.

    Don’t fall for the bullshit , there is not much in that article to be worried about .

  100. Marc


    Have to agree with you there – football journalists are worse than bottom feeders. Easiest job in the world and they are still all piss poor at it.

    You’d assume Edu and Sanllehi would’ve been on the plane – if things were getting out of hand one of them would’ve said something. Also do we even let journalists travel on our private jet?

  101. Graham62

    This pro-Arteta propaganda is driving me up the frigging wall.

    24hrs after Freddie takes over and its Arteta this, Arteta that. What exactly has this guy done to justify all this hype?

    To be honest, it’s becoming a bit of a pain.

    Let’s hope an upturn in our fortunes against Norwich tomorrow will dampen things down a wee bit.

  102. Marc


    I think we’ll see a bounce as long as Ljungberg doesn’t try and be too clever. Keep it simple – 4-2-3-1, start Tierney at LB, Torreira plus one other at CM, start Pepe wide right, cut out this compulsive need to try and play it short out of the back and tell CM to give the CB some protection.

    Interesting question will be will he start both Auba and Laca or go with one through the middle plus more of a winger wide left.

  103. CG

    We all like Fred
    But those appalling tattoos have to go.

    Arsenal managers like policeman- MUST Not have them on display in the public arena.

    Laser them or Cover them!

    Am i right or am i right?

  104. Marc

    Oh yeah absolutely no sign of Xhaka or Mustafi anywhere near the team. I’d actually ban them from watching it on TV – they are both that bad.

  105. Un na naai


    Just read that. Genuinely do feel sorry for him but delighted he’s gone. He was awful. Players are entitled pampered arse holes but it’s uo to the boss to find a way to manage them. There are different methods but he allowed this to happen. His failure to communicate and to reach the players is the cause of this.

    It’s quite telling that Lacazette and Aubameyang refused to sign new contracts unless he was gone. He seems like a nice man but to me he’s muddled and incompetent and quite frankly it’s him that’s allowed the dressing room to get away from him.
    Look how relaxed wenger was but this NEVER happened under him.

  106. Marc


    For once I’m 100% in agreement with you on tats – however I don’t think you’ll see Ljungberg get them removed.

    What is this fucking obsession especially amongst young girls with looking like a Glaswegian dock worker?

  107. MGooner

    Unlikely a guy like Ancelloti would want to be our gaffer,

    We need to accept that we are now an average club. And rebase our expectations.

    AST got half of it right when they said it cannot be only Emery;s fault but the board had to share the responsibility of this. But the fact is that it is the shareholders who select the directors and they want Yesmen.

  108. Globalgunner

    Sokratis is a walking disaster too. Luiz not far behind. Where do we get these morons from. The wenger school of scouting?

  109. Chika


    Imagine you and I interviewing for the CEO of any company.
    “Mr Smith what would you say qualifies you for this vacancy, Do you have any experience in management?”


    How was the candidate able to make it to the interview stage of a CEO position if experience was the paramount prerequisite?

    Emery was hired based on his experience yet he was a complete failure. Sometimes, experience is quite overrated. The most under performing players in our squad are actually the most experienced.

  110. Batistuta


    That’s why I’d really want us of get someone who’d command a bit of respect from the players while also being able to communicate properly with them. There’s also a fair bit of them that need to be sold too