Emery sacked. A disaster hire, but who is accountable for it?

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Unai Emery arrived at Arsenal on his 555th as coach and was told his contract was to be terminated. I suspect he knew what was coming judging by his body language last night. His staff will also leave the club with him.

The hire was a disaster from start to finish. Raul put the Spaniard’s name on the table when Ivan Gazidis wobbled on Arteta during the search and select process. In a fit of panic no one ran his credentials through a quick Google search. No one picked up the phone to people that had worked with him in the past. No one consulted the data people. The deal was rammed through at such a pace, not one person seemed to raise a red flag about his terrible English. Interview to hire in 8 days.

We paid the price. Almost all of the problems faced by Emery seemed to revolve around his lack of ability to communicate both verbal and non-verbally.

He couldn’t command a room. The man had zero presence. No X factor. People laughed when I raised that, but let’s be honest, if you don’t have an impressive stage presence, you are going to struggle to maintain the attention of 21-year-old boys in a football environment. Players ripped him behind his back, to his face, even Sky presenters weighed in on the action. Disrespect happens to people that don’t have the magic. Wenger had the magic, Mourinho has it, so does Poch… Emery is right there with Glen Roeder when it comes to persona and it dripped through every single press conference. In fact, I hear that press conferences were barely attended towards the end, that says something, doesn’t it?

He couldn’t connect his vision to output on the pitch. In fact, it was questionable if there was a vision there to start with. If Emery was good at anything though, it was talking up a game he couldn’t deliver on. He told the fans he wanted to be the protagonist, when in fact he was a conservative pragmatist. He said he’d fix the defence, he broke it further. He promised us exciting football, he emptied stadiums.

I wrote very early on that Unai Emery represented our version of David Moyes. We’re now heading into the difficult second hire. Inexperienced execs will clamour for experience over substance, just like they did at Manchester United when they moved in on an LVG that was well past his prime.

This is not the time for regressing into bad ideas. We hired ‘experience’ last time and look where it landed us. We have to be looking to where the future of football is going. If we’re in the power and pace era right now, we have to peer around the corner to where the trends are going and find a coach who can take us there. Intense possession-based football is likely going to make a comeback and with young coaches like Thiaggo Motta making claims about 2-7-2 formations and controlling the game through the midfield, the evidence is mounting. Huge focus will be given to off the ball movement as well. A new type of coaching where the spaces you occupy are the tackles of yesteryear. We are not big enough to make a ‘tried and true’ coach work for us, so we need to go where the new thinking is.

‘This is all so hipster’ is something I hear a lot, but listen, looking to the future might feel like an oat milk latte served in a ‘goat support’ cafe in Primrose Hill, but it’s not, it’s absolute basics if you want to succeed. Pep was lambasted because of his ideas when he came to England. The English press were literally slamming the guy because he likes to experiment and push the game forward. Don’t be that person. If you need any evidence as to why, simply look a what just happened to Arsenal after we hired a mainstream Starbucks filter coffee.

Arsenal need to be bold, we need to look at what clubs like RB Leipzig, Gladbach, Rangers and Chelsea are doing. Go young, find someone that can galvanise the fans with future football, let’s not do the top 4 equivalent of calling Sam Allardyce to move us forward marginally over 15 months. Bring in a coach you can build around, don’t let Carlo bring in 18 of his mates with a spice of football that was bland 5 years ago.

What is desperate for us all regardless of the type of coach we desire is knowing that Raul is playing a key role in this decision.

That man is not good for Arsenal football club, he should be kept in check by a CEO that has oversight on him. The Spaniard and Vinnai have been the worst combo since Houllier and Evans. Our organizational structure is meek and so is the performance of it. The lack of strong leadership will continue to kill us, and in times like now, we really could do with a CEO that has a clue.

Raul will be stacking the deck in favour of people he knows. He was happy to jam through his preferred candidate last time, knowing full well he didn’t have the basics for the job. The fact he’s pushing Nuno tells you immediately where he wants to take us… to a super agent paradise.

Most fans don’t want that sort of future. It might seem glitzy, but when you boil it down, you simply open yourself up to be a fee cow for someone that wants to trade players around their personal network. Those systems are opaque, they lack accountability, they move the club away from being a meritocracy, they almost always end in tears. No super-agent cares about your club, they only care about their fees.

That’s why the power vacuum at Arsenal is so incredibly dangerous because really, a proper CEO would be laser-focused on Raul after this debacle and the mess of the summer.

They’d be asking questions like:

  • Why did Sven leave?
  • Why is there still no chief scout?
  • How did you come to the decisions on transfers last summer?
  • Why did you spend so much money on a 32-year-old centre back?
  • Can you replay the thinking behind hiring Unai Emery?
  • Knowing the history of Nuno and Mendes, can you explain why you think this is a good idea?
  • Can you show me how much money we have spent on agents fees over the past two years?

There’s no one guarding the chicken coup, and that would be fine if you had someone competent running the show, but it’s increasingly looking like Raul is the fox and he’s coming to town with his mates until he spies another chicken coup.

Josh Kroenke, the man who told us to get excited, let the club pull next years transfer budget forward, and seemingly blow it on a mess of players. I cannot deny that I wasn’t excited by the moves, but I’m just fan looking at a tasty cracker in the desert after not eating for 10 years. Our first summer of ‘contacts’ recruitment has been a disaster outside of Martinelli. The hiring approach run by Raul was horrendous. This season so far has been handled in appalling fashion, from Ozil, to Xhaka, to the horrendous press releases.

Now we’re out here hoping phase two of the project won’t be just as opaque and awful? The very fact the club is only just now building a shortlist tells you all you need to know about our leadership. We should have had a name ready to go just like Spurs did. That there’s now going to be a fight to the death for the next name is exactly the sort of incompetence I fear driving a terrible decision. Emery’s form this season was not a surprise, we should have known it was going to end by Christmas because many of us were predicting that last season.

We need a complete reset. The club has to move away from ‘contacts’ back to the footing Sven sold to us. There has to be aggressive moves from Edu to control the direction of the technical side. He needs to tell us what the future plan is. Then he needs to deliver something the fans can get behind that doesn’t have the paw prints of Raul on it.

Manchester United are the most powerful footballing entity on the planet, they can afford to continue making horrible decisions with their manager. Arsenal cannot afford another mismanaged hire. We are on a precipice, if we make another bad decision, it could be curtains for us for the next ten years… and you know who won’t be around for the clean-up? Raul.

Be careful what you clamour for… this is a definitive moment for Arsenal, pray the club doesn’t fuck it up.

Good luck to Freddie Ljungberg.

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  1. Thomas

    First they miss out on Guardiola in 2013

    Then Klopp in 2015

    Then Guardiola AGAIN in 2016

    And now Mourinho

    This club really is hopeless

  2. Ishola70


    “And now Mourinho”

    He’s embarrassing now.

    Doing cartwheels because he beats a team like Olympiakos.

    Shouldn’t have been 2-0 down at home to such an average side in the first place.

  3. andy1886

    Arteta was Gazidis’ man wan’t he?

    The bald tw@t that got just about every decision wrong during his tenure.

    Doesn’t give me confidence.

    Just sayin….

  4. DigitalBob

    Gunz – So what? The whole speaking english thing is and should not be a deal breaker if Simeone or Allegri are interested.

    Emery was undone by alot of factors, the language one of them but certainly not the key factor.

    If either one of those two, who for me are very close to Klopp and Pep when it comes to high class management see a vision for Arsenal, its more likely to be realised than Unai Emery’s and his beta-coach mentality and methods.

  5. raptora

    Ornstein: “Arsenal see former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino as a credible option to succeed the sacked Unai Emery as head coach. How the 47yo Argentine would view an approach is unclear, but he is among the #AFC candidates”

    Well the second part is what worries me. No idea how his compensation works and if he’d be losing 12 mil if he gets a job this soon, but managing Arsenal after he undoubtedly said that he will never do it, makes me doubt he is going to be attainable. Him and his whole staff living in London could be of a big help. I don’t see more than an outside chance for Poch to Arsenal to happen.

    I hope a solid name comes out of nowhere. I don’t think I’m excited by any name thrown out there but Conte (not happening) and Poch (not happening). The other two names mentioned in Max Allegri and Stevie G I could get behind.

  6. DigitalBob

    Thanks for the Orny update raptora!

    I cant’t back StevieMe, I very much doubt he wants the job, Klopp won’t stay longer than 3 more years at most so the anfield hotseat will be StevieMe’s for the taking.

    Poch i just can’t see but he would be great for us, like you’ve said its an outside chance as his issues are with the spurs hierarchy and not the fans.

  7. TR7


    I think we should go for a manager who has a clear idea of how should we play at home and away, someone who can work with what we have this season and find out the guys who fit his style, develop/mould some of the academy guys to suit his style and then use the next summer to plug in the remaining pieces of the jigsaw. All this may take more than one transfer window and even 18 months but at least if we can observe a definitive plan and discernible style that will be more than enough for me. Basically I want us to find our own Klopp.

    As for the names, I will be happy with anyone out of Poch, Naggelsman, Brendan, Jesus or Arteta in that order.

  8. TR7

    ‘Ornstein: “Arsenal see former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino as a credible option to succeed the sacked Unai Emery as head coach. How the 47yo Argentine would view an approach is unclear, but he is among the #AFC candidates”’

    You mean to say the powers that be at Arsenal are not dissuaded by Poch’s comment that he would rather work in his farm than manage Arsenal as Receding would have us believe it ?

  9. Guns of Hackney


    So what? Ha ha. Language is THE most important thing when trying to convey ideas.

    How about going to a board meeting in Tokyo and trying to pitch an idea in English to a group of Japanese. See how far that gets you.

  10. raptora


    I posted Poch’s quote (too). He looks like a stubborn guy who cares what other people think of him. I don’t think he’ll manage us or Barcelona. Ever.

    If he does, then we’d be lucky, cause he’s about as good as we could wish for at the moment. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. Would be happy to be proven wrong.

  11. Sid

    Theres not much any manager can do with the current midfield. Arsenal have played beatiful football only when we had gems like carzola, fabregas, rosicky. The rot started when fabregas left by the time carzola left arsenal was dead.
    those type of players were never replaced.
    Thats how dire arsenals midfielf is

  12. TR7


    Poch was unceremoniously sacked by Totts, not sure how much he really cares about his past affiliation with the club now. He doesn’t owe them anything. My only concern is he might be holding out for a bigger job than Arsenal

  13. bennydevito

    Gazidis said Emery was on the original 8 man shortlist from the start. Gazidis was Raul’s boss, not the other way around. Gazidis, Raul and Sven all independently put Emery as no 1 of the final 3 man shortlist. Emery and Raul have zero history together.

    Emery was not Raul’s hire.

    Sven got let go because his signings were uninspiring and he wasn’t considered to be doing a lot, Pedro said as much in a post at the time.

    Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Sokratis were Sven’s Dortmund contact hires, nothing special there.

    We haven’t spent next summer’s budget at all. We had a net spend of £45m as variously reported. We get sponsorship, TV money, revenue etc annually. We’re fine.

    Other than that, good post Pedro and thank God Emery has finally gone.

    I don’t think we’ll get Pochettino, Allegri or Santo.

    I think Arteta will get the job especially as City are now rumoured to be lining up Van Bronkhurst to replace Pep.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    It sounds as if Pochettino is the main target and then the other options will be pursued if Pochettino says no or is noncommittal.

    I don’t think Allegri wants anything less than a completely safe job where he can spend fortunes…no good for us.

    Interesting to read it was Kroenke who let Emery have more time.

  15. Wasi

    Where is the quote saying Poch will never manage Arsenal?. Right, nowhere. He clearly said he wouldn’t manage Barca but he never said he would never manage Arsenal in direct words. So there is still a chance guys , a slim chance but chance we’ll take. Honestly has to be on the top of list. If it were up to me , my course of action would be the following-.
    1- Give Freddie the reins till 1st Jan and let him know that if he does good we will give him till the season end and assess him. Any decision about his extension after that will depend more upon factors like team performance, Improvement in defence, and whether he can instill a clear philosophy into the squad be it partial given the time period than hard results like achieving CL Football.
    2- Immediately start a thorough interview process and not like the previous failed one.
    3- For me the coaches to be interviewed would be in this order- (if we get declined we move on to the next one)
    1- Poch
    2- Nagelsmann
    3- Arteta
    4-Ten Hag
    10- Nuno.

    4- If Freddie does fulfill the saucy potential he shows ! Well good for us. If not then we Get the highest possible manager on the list.

  16. Leftsidesanch

    Here you go Wasi:

    “I am never going to be manager of Barcelona or Arsenal because I am so identified with Tottenham and Espanyol,” Pochettino told reporters in January 2018.

    Thats not to say that it couldn’t happen, but don’t get your hopes up.

  17. Wasi

    Good digging there. Dont know why Pedro is fixated on making Raul the bad man. Ivan was at the top of the power pyramid when Emery was signed . Athletic reporting that Emery having a backroom team at the time was a major reason why Enery was preferred to Arteta . Emery was a bad hire and lets not forget Sven was also the a part of the trident that put Emery in charge . And at that time i beleive Sven had more influence on Ivan as Raul was hired after Sven (right?) (I dont remember correctly but thats the way it was i think).
    + Raul’s business was great last summer. Saliba , Tierney ,Martinelli were elite buys. Pepe can still turn out to be an elite buy. Only Luiz was a mistake. But everybody makes mistakes. Mkhi, Sok , Lichsteiner anyone?.

  18. Graham62

    Worst case scenario is that Freddie will at least steady the ship.

    Best case scenario is that the players will take to him and we can push on.

    At least the players will understand him and I feel commit 100% to playing for him. I also feel he will motivate them and handle the pressure of being in the hot seat .

    I know there are some on here who feel Freddie is not the right fit and is not a suitable long term solution, but I want someone who understands the club, it’s workings and instills a belief amongst the players that they can actually achieve things.

    The owner and board are culpable in all of this. Their actions over the past few weeks/months have been disgraceful. There is a lack of direction and certainty at the club. This has been the case now for too many years. Massive changes are needed to change the ethos and mindset at the top.

    First things first though, let’s get behind Freddie and the team and start afresh against Norwich on Sunday.

  19. azed

    It is understood senior figures at Arsenal, including head of football Raul Sanllehi and technical director Edu, had decided before Thursday night that Emery needed to be replaced, and though owner Stan Kroenke was willing to give Emery more time, the Frankfurt defeat proved to be the final straw.

    Sanllehi and managing director Vinai Venkatesham flew to the USA on Monday, 48 hours after the 2-2 draw with Southampton for pre-planned talks with Stan and his son Josh Kroenke about the club, where the conversation about the club’s form continued.


    Remember how many times I told you Raul could not sack Emery without approval from the Kroenkes?

  20. bennydevito

    No to Rafa Benitez, we’re already a laughing stock thanks to Wenger then Emery. Bring in Benitez and we may as well send the players out in size 20 clown shoes with red noses on.

    I’m not sure giving the job to Freddie full time should he initially succeed is a good idea. Even if he does well we should still look to hire someone else but insist on Freddie being the no 2 and have him complete his coaching badges and carry on gaining experience for 3 or 4 years time. We don’t want another Man utd situation on our hands.

    Ten Hag would be great but I’m willing to try Arteta too.

  21. Wasi

    Thanks for the info there. Never had my hopes high really as it is a very unrealistic scenario. But we have to try for Poch really. He is literally the first manager id want in our current situation after Klopp.
    He’s well settled in London, His family is well settled in London.+ Throw in 10m a year, promise 100m in the summer if we qualify for CL + all of the player sales money and anyone’s head could be turned.
    Jose said he would never manage Tottenham now didnt he?

  22. Guns of SF

    Viva Freddie

    Big decisions he needs to make
    Please drop sokratis and Luiz

    Insert our attacking instincts again
    Help Pepe to score or assist more

    And teach off the ball movement!

    Link play must be drilled over and over

  23. Pedro

    Azed, big decisions will always be signed off, but don’t read too much into stories like that. Every major journo on Arsenal had Raul as the roadblock on Emery. That’s quote reads like a counter punch from Raul because he’s getting a hammering today.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    People say all kinds of shit, their words will remain written down but the context they said them in changes meaning they might no longer hold true for them.

  25. Pedro

    Benny, Gazidis didn’t say that.

    Emery was introduced to the interview team on May 10th, and hired 8 days later.

    Sven left because of Raul. He knew what contacts scouting meant.

  26. Rambo Ramsey

    10 million a year for Potless Pochettino who was deemed not good enough for Spurs’ ambitions.

    This after most of you dunderheads spent the last few years bitching about giving 7 million a year to our most successful manager ever.

    I really, really fvcking hope Arsenal sign Pochettini so that I can name, shame and laugh at you morons when he flops miserably to live up to expectations.

  27. Guns of sf

    How on earth would Nuno or Rodgers leave their current teams mid season to join us?
    Makes no sense and why would they? we are shit and their respective teams are doing better..

    I hope Freddie can get us going. Who is Freddie assistant coach?

  28. raptora

    Nuno would prolly jump the ship. He’s just about made a legendary feat by progressing through Europa League groups with Wolves while not winning Europa is seen as a failure at Arsenal. Much, much, much bigger job.

    Leicester and Brenda not as much. They have a real go at finishing in top 4 and Brenda knows how big teams sack their managers. He’d rather get all the plaudits while being competitive in a good surrounding like Leicester. Finish the season in top 4 or thereabouts and have another serious thought on Arsenal, ManUnited or whoever comes calling.

  29. RodneyK

    Freddie would have to work closely with the players to have any chance of success. Nothing wrong with getting input from them regarding formation, tactics and players’ preferred positions.

    That will undoubtedly make for a happier and more motivated squad.

  30. Rambo Ramsey

    Not that this Arsenal board have any shame but they should hang their heads regardless.

    That they would approach a man who said he would rather work with pigs than with our club.

    Tsk tsk

  31. Marko

    Every major journo on Arsenal had Raul as the roadblock on Emery.

    I’ve seen more than a few say that Enrique was his preferred option originally and now a couple are saying that Stan delayed sacking him. It’s listening to what you want to hear and ignoring what you want to ignore at the same point at this point. It’s like yesterday when you referenced the two Portuguese kids signed from Lazio as a red herring on the contacts approach to signings while completely ignoring that fact that that same approach got wolves players like Neves, Moutinho, Jota, Jimenez and Rui Patricio you know successful signings.

  32. Redtruth

    What’s happening at Arsenal, they sacked the wrong man, gobby cunts like Ozil and Xhaka should have been sacked.
    When the next manager flops we will then know it’s the players who are the problem.

  33. Valentin


    For weeks now internal people who do not like the direction the club is taking have been leaking negative stories how Raul was the main Emery’s supporter. And then suddenly Raul is not responsible. It was Kroenke senior. I call that PR pushback bullshit.

    I can’t see how a draw with Southampton would have convinced our US billionaire to change his mind. It is more likely that the bad results, the bad press, the deserted stadium, the friction with the board have come to Kroenke senior attention and during that face to face meeting, Raul had to concede that his plan was not working and that the best way forward was to get rid of Emery.

    On another hand if you are right and Raul really could not sack Emery, then it is just another proof of how disfunctional Arsenal really is. If really the director of football operations can’t sack the manager, can’t buy players without having to ask Josh and his dad permission, then why pay executive level salary for a middle level executive?

    As an aside.
    “Sanllehi and managing director Vinai Venkatesham flew to the USA on Monday, 48 hours after the 2-2 draw with Southampton for PRE-PLANNED talks with Stan and his son Josh Kroenke about the club, where the conversation about the club’s form continued.”

    Have the Kroenkes never heard of video conference?
    Who ask two senior executives to come on a transatlantic flight for at most 48 hours stay?
    It is a waste of resources and time, especially in view of the reports that some of the academy staff sacked recently will not be replaced in order to save some money.

  34. RodneyKing

    Freddie has got to take this chance and run with it. If he succeeds, it will be great for Arsenal as he’s truly one of our own.

  35. Samesong

    How on earth would Nuno or Rodgers leave their current teams mid season to join us?
    Makes no sense and why would they? we are shit and their respective teams are doing better..

    Forget the shortness for a moment we are a bigger club. Even he football pundits were saying it earlier.

  36. Sohara

    Dear Wasi
    , I just wanted to say that I REALLY liked your plan of action & list of prospective managers. Although I personally would want to try for Nagelsmann before Poch ( we won’t get him I don’t think but I would LOVE to get him for a manager , really brilliant up and coming manager)
    Excellent list great post

  37. theskywalker

    In the dressing room and training ground I hear from here living in Highbury, not thousands of miles away,Emery was not respected. No chance for a novice like Arteta who has not managed anything, and players like Auba and Laca simply would not respect him.
    The manager has to be experienced and no problem with Ancelloti or Poch. Pedro thinks Enery was not good enough.He did win 2 Europa titles and had experience,where as his favourite, Arteta, a boy , was a mediocre player,injury prone in his days at Arsenal.
    Anyways,these bloggers ,sitting thousands of miles away,simply do not decide who the next manager should be. We paying fans who attend all home games ,can have our input at best..

  38. jwl

    “Worst case scenario is that Freddie will at least steady the ship.”

    Graham62 – unless you’re dead, things can always get worse.

    I don’t understand why you think guy with multiple domestic and European trophies is incompetent but novice with no senior experience is certain to be successful.

    I think it is interesting that people argue that Emery is useless while at same time saying we need three or four world class players if we want to compete in league. Emery had impossible task but he was well paid to be transition coach, I wish he could have at least lasted until end of season.

  39. Ishola70

    From Pedro’s tweetline:

    Kaveh Solhekol

    “Arsenal head of football Raul Sanlehi has links with Jorge Mendes. Technical director Edu has links with Kia Jooranchian. The two agents are likely to be involved in appointment of new head coach.”

    Why would Kia Jooranchian be involved in the appointment of Arsenal’s new coach?

    Look at his portfolio. It’s paltry and shit and doesn’t have a present coach/manager in it.


    Lots and lots of scaremongering going on here.

    As for the signing of David Luiz whoever was responsible for that needs shooting and yes we are looking at you Edu.

  40. Danny S

    I’m astounded to see there are still people who think emery was right for us. I was one of his biggest supporters first season and I was firmly sold on the fact second season he would have a clear plan.
    It soon became obvious there were major issues with his management abilities and his communication, and he completely lost the dressing room.
    He had to go and he needs to go manage in Spain where he could clearly communicate better.

  41. jwl

    Emery has won multiple trophies, Pierre, there are many managers out there who would like to be as ‘useless’ as Unai.

  42. Graham62


    The thing is, he was incompetent.

    You don’t need to be an Einstein to see that Emery was way out of his depth.

    Freddie is untried but that doesn’t mean he is not good enough. Have some faith.

    The photo of him standing with the players today spoke volumes. Probably the first time in 18 months the players could understand a direct communication.

    The simple truth is that Emery was “useless” at Arsenal FC, no matter how many trophies he won elsewhere.

    You should be happy he’s gone.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Rodgers, Pochettino, Nuno judging by the various rumours seem to be the favourites.

    Arsenal apparently prefer EPL experience in the manager.

  44. Marc


    Well if the choice is out of those 3 I can’t say I’m excited by the options.

    Poch – Just can’t see it happening.

    Nuno – just feel underwhelmed.

    Rogers – can’t stand him, beyond that I think he’ll always be a coach who over performs at a Leicester / Everton but falls short at a big club.

  45. Marko

    Cagigao? Surely not apparently it’s all through Raul and we don’t have a head scout. Ah no but seriously who do we thank for Martinelli and Saliba? It’s usually a couple of people but usually one person responsible for the bad signings

  46. Pierre

    To change the subject , what has gone under the radar are the 2 excellent assists from Martinelli in his short time on the pitch in the last 2 games.

    The cut back v Frankfurt shows his awareness of what is around him on the pitch .
    The assist for Lacazette showed his ability to go past a player and deliver a telling cross with his weaker foot.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see freddie give him a start in the next few games as most aspects of his game look very good.

    Crossing with either foot.
    Movement in the box

    Maybe he needs to just show a little more composure and patience outside the box but that is nitpicking really.

    He is also a player who never allows the defender to settle on the ball and he will run the channels.

    Defenders will hate playing against him.

  47. Receding Hairline

    Graham the man has been sacked, enough with the character assassination.

    Ljunberg was a part of the incompetent coaching staff yet you consider a better number one than the man he did nothing to assist. Last man he assisted at Wolfsburg got sacked too, it’s telling Wolfsburg sacked him along with him.

    Wait a few games before proclaiming him better.

  48. Marc


    What would Nketiah say if he found out you were flirting with another young striker? A player who wouldn’t have got matches if Nketiah hadn’t gone out on loan and played in the EL and League Cup.

  49. Marc


    The rule on here is if we recruit a good player it’s down to Sven (even though he’s left) if we recruit a player who doesn’t hit the ground running instantly he’s completely fucking useless and not only is Sanllehi responsible but he also overpaid and gave the agent £100 million on top of the fee.

  50. Victorious

    Think chances are pretty increasing now we land Pochettino,he’s available and was disgracefully binned by the enemy

    He would be mad to turn us down as this is a great opportunity for him also to redeem himself as a competent coach after flagging badly at the end for the totts,

    This is also bearing the fact we’re also taking a gamble on him as he has won diddly squat as coach so far
    Rodgers won’t be moving mid-season and Allegri won’t unite the fanbase neither does he have a pretty to the eye style of play

    Poch could do with some humility though, guy has so much to yap about considering he’s a potless coach

    Would personally have preferred the likes of Conte,Rose,Nagelsmann or Ten Haag but just cant see it happening as theyre doing pretty well at their respective clubs.

  51. Pierre

    Say what you like, the Nketiah loan has been a waste of 4 months for him , as I said it would .

    He and Martinelli would have both played similar roles as to what Aubameyang and Lacazette play .

    Aubamayang and Lacazette have played unnecessarily in Europa and league cup ( I think) when Nketiah could have shown his capabilities( or not).

    Anyway, Freddie will call him back asap.

  52. Jeff

    Well, here we go with the next chapter. It was too much to hope I suppose for us to get lucky straight after Wenger. I wouldn’t mind Veira actually. Sounds good to me.

  53. Leftsidesanch

    The same sort who was banging on about Freddie not having his licence has been disproved today I wouldn’t pay mind to what he says to smear Raul. He’s a compulsive fibber/poundshop ITK.

  54. Marc


    Not only that but Sanllehi was having secret meetings in public places with him and had offered him the Arsenal job when Emery was sacked.

    Clearly Mourinho couldn’t wait the extra 9 days.

  55. raptora

    Valentin ofc. He wrote countless of words how Freddie cannot be a manager for more than 3 months or something. Just like the rest of his inside info lol.

  56. Chika

    So glad the fraud has been kicked out, his minions can continue with the bickering under whatever guise.

    Let’s kick on!

  57. Guns of Hackney

    The golden rule is, whomever the bookmaker makes favourite, they will normally be correct.

    Unless it’s Emery. No fucker saw that except the obese Gambon.

    I think Arsenal are in the screwing this up business. I do not believe that anyone at the club knows what the next step is. Not one.

    I think a barren time awaits and we will see a bit of a merry go around for a few years until Stan and his ilk piss off…if ever.

    Screw the club.

  58. Marc


    Out of those 3 he’s without doubt the best option. He is a very good coach, my concerns are 1) does he need a break to clear his head? 2) I worry his ego runs too high for someone who hasn’t won anything yet.

    The reply to those are 1) they a change is s good as a rest. 2) The Spud’s have always been bottlers how funny would it be if he won his first trophy at Arsenal.

  59. Victorious

    Freddie will do well to give the kids a go now,nothing to lose or fear there,hopefully he has learnt enough from the mistakes made by mr Emery that ultimately landed him the sack

    No Xhaka,papaSok or Luiz

    Just give the likes of Martinelli,Saka,Willock a proper go now and ask them to play without fear in a very clear formation.

  60. Pierre

    “Ljungberg will not be calling Nketiah back from loan. The club have already decided to do that.”

    Do you have inside information ?..

  61. Cesc Appeal



    I was thinking he might need a break but you could be right about the change. At Spurs it was the same set of players etc every year and that was always going to lead to stagnation.

    Maybe as well having basic issues to fix at Arsenal mean he comes in feeling recharged. It’s not like at Spurs where he basically hit the ceiling of their abilities. At Arsenal we’re on the floor right now and the sky is the limit.

    We do need him to come and stamp his personality all over the place, have to be careful that doesn’t run into ego and he’s got some very difficult players to deal with in terms of Ozil, Xhaka etc which in all honesty is going to be difficult for any manager. There are some players in the side who, unless your tactics are ‘do what you want’, you’re going to meet resistance.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    At the very least under Ljungberg the players are going to be more energetic, they will look like they’re giving it more out there and I think he will dip into the youth players a bit more.

    If for no other reason than they are his. They are the equivalent to his signings.

    Martinelli has to start at the weekend.

  63. Marc


    The other issue is that the Spud’s got to a stage where they needed to be able to add a bit of star player magic. With the stadium move they can’t even pay their existing players market value.

    Maybe Sanllehi can sell him the project and where we’re going?

    After all no one expected us to do the transfers we did in the summer.

  64. Victorious

    Holding will hopefully see some quality minutes now

    Far and away our best CB but was shafted
    behind chuckle clowns papaSok and Luiz by the confused Emery

    Guy really did a job on the lad.thank God he’s gone.

  65. Gentlebris

    Guys, I know you really want to be fed, but ignore the nonsense going around in the papers. Every Marc and Marko wants to grab some attention on this and they would dream up things to have a slice of the glamour.

    Our guys in charge are going to chill for a few days having put Freddie in charge, they will reconvene with two questions on the table: WHO and WHEN.

    The WHEN will largely depend on the next two or three results. If Freddie does well, permanent appointment is delayed till May.

    So let’s talk about the team.

  66. Cesc Appeal


    There’s also a lot of players in here I could see Pochettino liking.

    Pepe has got nowhere near his ability level and doubtless Pochettino would be looking at him together with Auba and thinking there’s an area I can develop right away.

    He’s got some great young talent like Martinelli at the club who fits the type of player he likes.

    He’s got Saliba arriving in June who Spurs (potentially with him pushing for it) were chasing.

    He could be sold on it.

    If he comes here with the intention of making a statement we could really have something there.

  67. MGooner

    The new version of Boring boring Arsenal has arrived.

    Nothing to do with the GG teams, this is literally boring boring Arsenal.

  68. Marc


    I’m basing my comment on an over view of the club and changes we’ve made. We’ve changed the set up and now have someone who’s responsible for sorting the loans and monitoring them. There were stories back in the summer how 3 clubs had come in for him and we’d accessed their “offer”, we also put in minimum playing clauses into the loan deal.

    With that in mind as he isn’t getting enough minutes why wouldn’t we recall him?

    I do however believe that he’ll be sent back out of loan though.

  69. london gunner

    Hope we put in for Rodgers. Great manager still very young and plays creative attacking football. If he wasn’t british people would be dripping wet over him.

  70. Dream10

    I’m guessing the Kroenkes would love for Freddie to have a good couple of months so they can give him the job. Cheaper than experienced managers.

    Spanish journo saying Arteta is the favourite. One Arsenal covering journo tweeting that Rodgers has many admirers in the Arsenal hierarchy. But, it will be difficult (meaning expensive) to get him to leave Leicester.

    Interesting that Sanllehi had dinner with Thierry Henry recently. He was inquiring about the coaching situation. I knew there was a reason Thierry was a regular at the Emirates in the last few months. He sensed the opportunity.

  71. CG

    Cant be too long.

    Imbibed too much champagne today and been busy counting and recounting my investments ( think lush hectares on the Namibian coastal plains.)

    I did note with interest, however

    David Ornstein- stating that Raul was pushing hard for an extended contract for his Clown in the summer.

    Can you believe the temerity of this man?

    We have got rid of one scoundrel today.

    The fat little David Sullivan lookalike now has the bullseye on his back .

    He has to leave The Arsenal ASAP.

    On no condition- must he choose the next manager.

  72. Marc


    I haven’t made any assertions as to who the new manager should be.

    If anything I’ve been honest and said I really don’t know who the best option is.

    I just know there’s a few I’d hate to see at the club.

  73. Pierre

    Mustafi will return ..he , along with holding are our best pairing .

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Freddie put Luiz or chambers as the DM to give protection.

    Guendouzi, Saka., sokratis will be taken out of the firing line for now .

    The midfield should be about one thing until we build confidence…….discipline.

  74. Victorious

    And where the fvck is Binford?

    Guy owes the blog an apology for choosing to be a grade A idiot and not willing to remove himself from Emery’s ass despite been pleaded by proper students of the game the man is a dud

  75. Graham62


    Just stating the truth.

    Please don’t tell other posters what they can and cannot say on here. For the past six months Emery was “useless” and that’s a fact.

    You should be elated that Emery has gone.

    No one really knows what’s going to happen with Freddie but one things for sure, at least we know he’ll be able to communicate a wee bit more coherently about things to both the players and ourselves.

    One positive already then.😀

  76. Marc


    Mustafi is fucking useless and was before Emery came in. The only difference is he’s been out of sight out of mind to a degree.

    Where is Holding by the way?

  77. Gentlebris

    If a good coach was given this team, he would need to think outside the box to connect the dots.

    Auba Laca Pepe
    Luiz Torrey
    Tierney Holding Chambers Bellerin


    Auba Laca Pepe
    Luiz Torrey
    Holding Mustafi/Sok Chambers

  78. Ishola70


    “The midfield should be about one thing until we build confidence…….discipline.”

    Yeah David Luiz and discipline go together like a horse and carriage don’t they.

  79. Ishola70

    Fucking hell.

    What is this about Luiz at DM?

    Luiz is only half capable now of sweeping up at CB. He struggles with any player running directly at him with the ball. His positioning is suspect.

    Do you want him at DM because of some long raking passes he could pull off now and again?

    Jesus we are in Xhaka territory again.

  80. Dream10

    Mustafi has been poor for a while, but he’s better than Rob Holding. Not Rob’s biggest fan, but he has looked even slower than usual since he’s come back from injury. Some awful performances from him.

  81. Marko

    Anyway, Freddie will call him back asap.

    No he won’t. Not his call my guess is that he’ll be looking at Norwich maybe Brighton but no further. I don’t know why you keep bringing up Nketiah Martinelli has already shown that he’s not needed at all. Two years younger and has already scored more goals for Arsenal than he ever has in just 11 games.

  82. Gentlebris


    I wasn’t accusing you😀😀😀😀
    I merely used Marc and Marko to relieve Dick and Harry.

    Though l always love the opportunity to push you around😎😎😎😎😎

  83. Ishola70

    “At least if Luiz was subbed he’d move off at a decent pace.”

    lol he is getting slower by the day is Luiz.

    He would be an absolute nightmare from a defensive viewpoint if he were to play DM for any prolonged period.

  84. Victorious

    Think we’ll get a rare at Norwhich now and Freddie will be up and running

    They’ve been leaking goals like sieve all season and the likes of Pepe and Auba should be leaking their lips at the prospect

  85. Pierre

    Your judgement has always been flawed(unlike mine) , so I will take any criticism from you with a pinch of salt…

  86. Gentlebris

    ‘That and 3 at the back – I’m really not a fan of 3 at the back.’


    Conte won the league with three at the back, It’s a beautiful counter attack concept if you know how to operate it.

  87. Ishola70

    lol Pierre

    Don’t pretend you know anything about players regarding off the ball and defending.

    You are a typical big Wengerite who only cares about flair and players on the ball.

    You told us Lichtsteiner looked a good signing after his first few matches.

  88. Marko

    Unai going out respectfully though credit where credit is due. Some nice messages from the players and then that googly eyed fucker only posts a picture of himself training with Freddie. Classy as always Mesut. Weird how most of his posts seem to be convenient shots of him training. My guess is that he’s got David LaChappelle or Annie Lebowitz on standby at all times to get that very rare shot of him breaking a sweat training. Petty cunt

  89. Gentlebris

    ‘Still doesn’t mean I like it or think we have the right balance of players to make it work.’


    Anything to stop the bleeding is fine by me. It would be too much for me if we didn’t make CL this season.

  90. Pierre

    Spot on from Ozil….staying true to himself, the only one who stood up to Emery .

    Why would he come out with a load of sentimental bullshit to a manager who has tried(and failed) to destroy his Arsenal career

  91. Pierre

    I said he will outlast Emery ….he’s done his job of getting Emery out of the club ,so as far as I’m concerned he deserves a statue.

  92. Graham62


    Irrespective of Emery’s shortcomings, it still doesn’t cover over Ozil’s own failings and appalling attitude.

    Ozil has to prove himself now.

    He has no other option.

  93. KAY Boss

    Good the change is done. Emery has been dreadful for some time now. I hope Freddie does well. But shouldn’t be given the job on permanent basis no matter how he performs. I fear we might end up like Utd with OGS.
    I’m uncomfortable with Poch. He needs a break first before thinking about taking any job. No matter how FL performs, we should get a substantive coach.
    Is FL done with his badges or does his current badge allow him to manage for the reported 12weeks. Plz someone help me out.
    Pedro, I remember sometime back when most here used to flock wenger for missing on quality talents bcoz he refused to deal with the super agents. I fear you’ll never be satisfied if the next hire is Mikel Arteta.

  94. Receding Hairline

    Prove himself to be what exactly?

    Worth 18m a year? Not in a million years

    He is a petty dude who 80% of the German national team didn’t bother wishing well when he retired blaming everyone else but himself.

    Nothing to see here.

  95. Victorious

    Not Ozil’s biggest fan but even I will rather him than Emery, also know for sure majority of the fanbase are with me in that thinking,the guy has at least contributed to a few recent success for the club whereas Emery is a failure and a nobody.