Don Raul deals with the ‘noise’ of an empty stadium

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Well, the absolute worst outcome for Arsenal happened last night, we played our best striker in a dud game, against a terrible Frankfurt side, and managed to lose. Unai Emery stood on the sidelines like he was 40 feet from his front door watching the police remove his PC in plastic bags. He knows what’s coming, so do the fans.

The Emirates was painfully empty, even when you factor in the Frankfurt ticketing issues, it was embarrassing. No one wanted to be there. I had friends in chat groups desperately trying to give tickets away before the game to no avail. Last night felt like an end-of-days scenario for the manager… the players delivered a performance to match the feeling. Raul was right, the ‘noise’ of the fans did pass, because no one cared enough to show up.

Those that did dealt with familiar themes.

  • We tanked a lead, again
  • Emery insisted on starting Xhaka, again (makes error). Worse, he was all smiles and jokes with the Frankfurt players after the game. Get him out of the club immediately. He’s a disgrace.
  • Brings on Ozil to save game (told the press a month ago he wanted rid)
  • 2-1 down, last roll of the dice, he brings on Torreira (Pepe on the bench)

We could dive into the details of the match, but why bother? We know Emery is finished. Let’s talk about what is next instead, it’s far more urgent.

Raul is bad for Arsenal. He is going to try with all his might to move us down a path that suits his agenda. Everyone who matters at Arsenal knows this.

He’s not Arsenal material I’m afraid, so as supporters, we need to be very alert to what’s coming next, because if it suits him, it’s likely not good for us.

Emery was his idea. Sven left because of his ‘contacts’ approach. We made some very bad decisions this summer on his say so. Judge a man by his actions. Those actions in the cold light of day do not look good.

The next moves he’s hyping look even worse.

Ignore the nonsense coming from Wolves PR team. Nuno is on the Arsenal shortlist because of his relationship with Raul. Move past the bullshit notion that he wouldn’t take the job. We’re the biggest offer that’d ever go near him, there’s simply no chance he’d pass on it because he has ‘good vibes’ with his Wolverhampton squad.

Pay attention to Kike Marin reporting that Enrique is being seduced by a big club, it’s likely Arsenal because we’re in a contacts kind of world. We shouldn’t be giving him the time of day. No one in Europe touched him because he’s expensive and he has a poor reputation despite winning trophies at Barcelona. This is the same issue we had with Emery winning the league with PSG, you look at the wiki page and it excites you, read what the fans and press wrote at the time and it’s a different story. The idea that we’ll hire him after he fails at next years championships with Spain is quite frankly embarrassing. Being Raul’s mate should not be part of the equation, we should stop hiring managers other clubs don’t want.

‘Contacts’ recruitment isn’t good for Arsenal. It’s backroom deals. It’s jobs for the boys. It’s not how professional outfits operate because it removes merit from the equation. I know the ‘who you know’ approach happens in many walks of business, it’s gross regardless, it’s unprofessional, and it’s becoming rarer because it has a deeply negative impact on the culture of a business.

Sport should be the purest form of meritocracy, especially if you’re pushing the idea of an elite performance culture. Why would any player perform to the best of their ability if they had even the slightest suspicion that a teammate who was competing with them was getting preferential treatment because of their agent?

Now imagine the squad know the manager is there because they are pals with Jorge Mendes? Horrifying.

Our next appointment should be made against a strict set of guidelines, one of them should be that no one we bring in should be as deeply tangled in super-agent gunk as Nuno. He’s a no-go. We are too big to be beholden to the whims of a manager that will always have deeper loyalties to his agent than the club. Outside just the agent ties, why would you want to be making an appointment Everton fans would find bland?

Thankfully, most of you understand that this move is a terrible idea. Your response to the blog yesterday gave me hope (read if you didn’t). It showed that 99% of Gooners understand that values are hugely important, even if they have been used to defend mediocrity over the past 10 years. It also showed that together, we will go to war to make sure we’re not turned into a 90s Liverpool by grifters with no love for the club DNA.

Know this, there is a battle underway for the soul of Arsenal.

Take your eye off the ball for a minute and we’re fucked. We have to be vigilant when names are thrown our way. We have to use the power of Arsenal internet to call bullshit if we see something that looks off-key. So make Raul an agenda point with journalists. Tweet the bloggers when you see something that looks ghastly. Remember, the Arsenal agenda is set by the fans because you’re the people clicking adverts. The big publishers will follow your lead. Don’t let up. You have a part to play in making sure Arsenal are not dragged into the swamp.

Right, that’s me done. More tomorrow. x


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  1. Gentlebris

    ‘Taking Torreira out of the DM role was a stroke of genius by our former manager.’

    ‘By our former manager’

    The mockers are coming😀😀😀😀

  2. Receding Hairline

    TR7 he ultimately failed at Spurs, it ended with a sacking and no trophies won

    Spurs players are now excited they have a chance at winning because their present coach has actually won things and will show them how

    Klopp won the below with Dortmund

    Bundesliga: 2010–11,[37] 2011–12[39]
    DFB-Pokal: 2011–12[45]
    DFL-Supercup: 2013,[67] 2014[69]

    Stop comparing them

  3. Un na naai

    He’s gone!! Hahaha
    Sorry Unai. I do genuinely think you’re a nice bloke but this is above you
    You’re not at a small club or at PSG with cheat mode activated
    Onwards and upwards. Please god no more clowns

  4. RGG

    So it’s not true Pott said he would never go near Barca or Arsenal? I read he’d rather give up football and go back to his farm in Arg than manage us, Barca or Rosario

    He needs a break anyway…..

    Allegri’s had one…I dont understand why he isn’t a done deal, unless he doesnt want to manage us?

    We need a coach the players respect and fear. Arteta? Do me a favour……Allegri is as perfect as we can get to what we need right now. Surely he’ll get us defending as a team better. And the players wont take liberties with him, and hopefully he tell Xhaka he’s the one that needs to “fuck off”!

  5. Un na naai

    raptoraNovember 29, 2019 10:41:43
    I wanted Emery when the news broke we’re going to pick him. He looked like the best available candidate of the ones running for the job at the time


    Fear not. I pardon you. Even though you lobbied to get me banned like a girl

  6. AFC Legend

    “Poch will be a great appointment”

    It will be a terrible appointment on every level. A Spurs cast off who bottled big games and never won a bean. How low will we have sunk.

  7. Danny

    Freddie cannot be interim manager beyond 12 weeks. He does not the UEFA Pro.
    Where is this from that he can’t be in charge longer than 12 weeks?
    Also how long does it take to get the “UEFA Pro”? Maybe he can get it quickly.

  8. Un na naai

    I actually turned the game off last night and watched a film with my daughter

    Never have I ever done this before. Good fucking riddance man.
    What an awful experience emery has been.

    We got our arsenal back
    We got our arsenal back

    Now for poch or Arteta to come in and rip up the gloom that Dracula bought from his coffin
    Let’s hope it wasn’t too infectious

  9. AFC Legend

    “Allegri is as perfect as we can get to what we need right now. Surely he’ll get us defending as a team better”


    We are the Arsenal and it’s about time we started acting like that.

  10. Gentlebris

    No to Rafa, he spoke on a megaphone that he’s no more ambitious by going to China.
    Jose turned down a much bigger China offer, Spuds can’t have him while we have Mr China.

  11. Receding Hairline

    Presumably those of you who don’t want Poch would be happier with Ranieri

    Two of them are not the only coaches in the world

    We have a lot of options, stop restricting yourself to a Spurs castoff and calling him a “dream”

  12. Elmo

    The club should accept that we’re not making the top 4 this year, so there’s no point bringing in a manager who can get a quick rise out of the players, but can’t / isn’t interested in building a long-term project.

    Goal should be creating a clear identity to our play that makes best use of the players we have available, restoring a positive environment so that PEA and Lacazette sign new deals or agree to be sold on beneficial terms (not sulking and waiting for Bosmans), and top 4 at end of next season (1.5 years in job) will be the expectation.

  13. Ishola70

    We will know how good the next appointment will be by seeing what kind of next summer transfer window the guy undertakes.

    And yes that will mean selling off a few current players.

  14. DigitalBob

    With the right appointment we might actually salvage this season and stop the mass exodus that is bound to happen if we remain 8th all season.

    I’d keep Freddie in charge unless Allegri or Poch want in immediately.

    If not lets keep Freddie till the summer(as long as the whole badges situation allows it) and then reassess the situation.

    Either way this is the right call to make. Immense pressure on Raul, Edu and Josh to make the right choice though.

  15. Grant

    Emery back to Spanish midtable mediocrity where he belongs! Should never got got the job, not fit to even clean the windows of the armoury.

  16. Receding Hairline

    “Following the announcement of Unai Emery’s sacking, Arsenal are working on finding his permanent replacement. On Sunday Freddie Ljuenberg will sit on the bench, but there are ongoing contacts with Nuno Espírito Santo who is currently managing Wolverhampton.

    There are conversations between Jorge Mendes and Raul Sanllehi who have a great reolationship and seen the agent’s influence at Wolverhampton, Espírito Santo can be considered the favorite. Mikel Arteta is another option, he’s currently in Pep Guardiola’s staff at Manchester City. ”

    Gianluca Di Marzio

    This guy does not do idle rumors

    I am worried

  17. Un na naai

    Receding HairlineNovember 29, 2019 11:05:29
    Presumably those of you who don’t want Poch would be happier with RanieriTwo of them are not the only coaches in the world

    Then who?

  18. Emiratesstroller

    At last a positive and Emery and his coaching team sacked.

    Hopefully the players will now react in a more positive way than has been

    The club needs to put in place in short term a coaching team which can get
    the players back on track.

    What is imperative is that the appointment of Head Coach is the right one.

    Frankly my expectations this season will be fairly modest whoever comes in,
    because the gulf between us and top 4 is now quite wide and I think that it is
    blindingly obvious that our defence and midfield is not fit for purpose.

    The game at Norwich will be a real test for whoever is taking over the team this weekend.

  19. Ishola70


    Please spare us the scare mongering.

    You were fine with the Emery appointment and it turned out a disaster appointment.

  20. Receding Hairline

    Then who?”

    You asked me this question not too long ago and i gave you my thoughts on it

    Can’t keep repeating myself

    Pochettino was sacked 10 days ago from Spurs for a reason

    We do not have any advantages as a club above Spurs as things stand

    What % of the blame does he take for his sacking? 1, 5, none?

  21. Receding Hairline

    “Receding Please spare us the scare mongering.”

    Oh do shut up

    Nuno is no improvement and there is no Portuguese revolution coming

    For guys all giddy to get Emery sacked your ideas of dream replacements are laughable

  22. Ishola70

    Well Receding you are doing lots and lots of shouting here considering your judgement on Emery was so wrong.

    Maybe just a little bit of humility from you perhaps.

    Perhaps not lol.

  23. Gentlebris

    I really feel our guys in charge wouldn’t attempt to fuck about this time around. Pedro was right, Emery was a contact book who you know appointment. This time around the questions will be stiffer, the faces will be sterner.

    Josh would go:

    ‘What do you think gentlemen?’
    ‘Pls Raul, put away that your petty contact book, not wanted here any more’.

    Not in words of course, but in action!

  24. Pierre

    I reckon many of you should be thanking Mesut Ozil as he was the architect in Emery’s downfall.

    If he had meekly surrendered to Emery’s unjust treatment and walked away from the club with his tail between his legs, Emery ( and Raul) would have been empowered by this action and Emery would have remained at the club to wreak havoc.

    Ozil , in effect has saved the club , he was the only one to tell Emery what he really thinks , he put his neck on the line and told him he is not a coach .

    Without Ozil ‘s stance the club would have continued on this downward spiral, so yes I believe gratitude should be forthcoming to the German maestro.

  25. Ishola70

    Pedro obviously didn’t have the instant tic tac feeling.

    Otherwise he would have delayed just a little his 29th November blog entry.

    Now he has to do another in quick succession

  26. Ishola70

    “I reckon many of you should be thanking Mesut Ozil as he was the architect in Emery’s downfall.”

    Sledge hammer trolling.

  27. Receding Hairline

    “Well Receding you are doing lots and lots of shouting here considering your judgement on Emery was so wrong.”

    I backed a manager to meet his requirements of champions league football, he failed by a point and lost the UEL final, maybe u need to check what so wrong means.

    “Maybe just a little bit of humility from you perhaps.”

    Maybe you should take your won advise

    Nuno’s wolves have conceded 16 goals in the league to our 19

    They conceded 46 to our 51 while scoring considerably less, they also threw away a two goal lead just yesterday

    For a guy who get’s his kicks from defensive stats i fail to see whats making you cream yourself

  28. Gentlebris

    Maybe Liverpool shouldn’t have hired Klopp because things went flat for him too just before he left Dortmund.

    If you don’t know that Poch is quality I wonder what you are doing taking interest in a sport you don’t understand.

  29. InsideRight


    Perhaps it would be an idea to look at the Pochettino situation at Spuds in the round? There was a clear problem with the board failing to back him for a couple of transfer windows. He became demotivated and it filtered through to the players. Klopp had a similar problem with demotivation and players tailing off at Dortmund.

    The Arsenal situation is ready made for Pochettino. He has some quality players to work with. He has come excellent youngsters to help bring through. He would be starting from a better baseline than he did at Soton or Spuds. He has accumulated significant Prem experience and transformed Spuds on a comparative shoestring. The players there still respect and like him, as Kane showed.

    I have no doubt Poch would improve our defensive shape, get us playing to the strengths of our better players and would have a plan for strengthening in our weak areas. Dismissing him on the basis that things went south and he fell foul of that muppet Levy isn’t enough. Poch has what we need. Just remains to be seen if he can be tempted to come to us and move us ahead of Spuds as he moved Spuds ahead of us.

  30. Gentlebris

    ‘Can’t we offer 20+1 million to pool for Klopp?’

    If you offer Liverpool the Emirates stadium they wouldn’t give Klopp.

  31. HighburyLegend

    Why exactly did Mr Unai “Good ebening” Emery did get sacked ??
    He wasn’t speaking english well enough ?? This is scandalous!!
    Where are the Arsenal values in that embarassing move ??


  32. Jim Furnell

    It is a total disgrace that Arsenal FC are in this position. We should not have to sack the manager at this point in the season. The necessity to do so has been brought about by neglect on the part of the owners to ensure that the stewardship of the club was in suitable hands. Historically those were the hands of Gazidis and Wenger and the position the club is now in is a result of their mismanagement. Currently Sanhelli holds that responsibility and if we are to be thrown to the wolves of the likes of Mendes then the values and integrity of the club will be lost most probably forever. I stood at the clock end as a boy when Bertie Mee’s time did the incredible, I watched the incredibles, it is now incredible that such a huge football club lies in ruins at the feet of its owners.

    There is hope, there is supreme potential in the squad, there is a possibility, however there are also huge barriers to realising that possibility. I support the dismissal 100%, the man was out of his depth and his inability to learn the language a huge part of his downfall. I hope Freddie can stop the rot and galvanise the squad aka OGS. However it is truly saddening that Arsenal FC finds itself in this position. It’s the only course of action but we should never ever have got to this point.

  33. TR7


    ‘If you don’t know that Poch is quality I wonder what you are doing taking interest in a sport you don’t understand.’

    Hear hear ! Some folks think winning micky mouse cups such as Europa and Carabao is all that it takes to be considered a good manager.

  34. Ishola70


    Don’t make out now that the Emery appointment wasn’t that bad.

    Guy has beeb sacked in under two seasons, didn’t meet requirements in his first season and has now plumetted the club into depths that haven’t been seen for decades.

    It has been a disaster appointment and you were all for it.

    So why should we be intetrested in your continuous ramblings about the next appointment now?

  35. DigitalBob

    Words – depends on the appointment after Freddie…………………

    Allegri or Simone, shows ambition, as does an Arteta or Jorge Jesus.

  36. RockyRoe


    Klopp had won stuff with Dortmund, 2 Bundesliga titles and a couple of cups in a 1 horse league. Poch meanwhile has managed to break into the top 4 in EPL, all the while failing at all relevant cup hurdles.

    In the last 18 months poch finished ahead of emery by a measly point and actually below him this season before getting the sack. I think the Klopp comparison isint remotely accurate.

  37. Danny

    Some folks think winning micky mouse cups such as Europa and Carabao is all that it takes to be considered a good manager.
    But Poch didn’t even manage to win those!

  38. BacaryisGod

    I agree with some others that it’s not a time to celebrate. Emery was incredibly annoying in so many ways but at his core he was just out of his depth. He shouldn’t be blamed for that but the selection committee should (of which 2 out of the 3 are already gone).

    Let’s deal with Poch first. There are two major reasons why he shouldn’t be selected even if his severance agreement allows him to come. First, he’s simply a burn out case. We’ve all seen it over the last year. He needs plenty of time to recover. In addition, he was about as explicit as you could imagine in stating he could never manage Arsenal. The right fit for him is a big club in Spain and we should just let this one be.

  39. Ishola70

    Anyone that wants to call the next appointment right in regards whether he is a success or not just wait and see what occurs under him in the first main transfer window next summer.

  40. Un na naai


    Oh bore off
    This is the best arsenal related news since we beta Chelsea in the cup final and you’re on here warning of the dangers of a bad appointment??
    It can’t get any worse than it already is
    Worse form for decades and here you are trying to save face for backing a failure. A real failure too. The type you attempted to paint wenger as.

    Anyway, rejoice!! Alas we are free of the doom

  41. Champagne charlie

    Max Allegri ‘wants’ the Arsenal job according to Sky.

    I’m a huge Allegri fan, but 18 months on and a couple of steps back, I do wonder if his ability to communicate isn’t of the required level needed immediately.

    We’re in a bit of a desperate state, I think there’s a lot of value in someone that knows the league, commands the language, and has the shoulders to bear the responsibility.

    That said….he’s a brilliant coach and I’m splitting hairs here and talking absolute best fits for the moment as I see it.

  42. Pierre

    Fingers furnell
    “Bertie Mee’s time did the incredible, I watched the incredibles, it is now incredible that such a huge football club lies in ruins at the feet of its owners.”

    There’s an incredible amount of “incredibles ” there .

  43. Emiratesstroller

    One of the major issues now is who will make the decision on who will be responsible for appointing the new Head Coach.

    In normal circumstances it should be the Owner and/or his son Josh advised by the Board of Directors. It is clear that the current Board have been sidelined from process of making appointments based on rumours that Chair is considering resigning and since departure of Gazidis who as CEO sat on Board.

    The AST has expressed concern about the makeup of the current Board and
    I concur with that view. It is too old and there is currently no football expertise
    sitting on it.

    Last week David O’Leary was apparently rejected by senior management from
    joining it. My personal view is that a better candidate might be Liam Brady who is 63. Liam was considered by many to be most intelligent footballer to
    play for Arsenal before EPL was established. He played for club for 7 years and
    then another 8 years in Italy. He had 8 years of Management experience before becoming the Director of Academy.

  44. Valentin

    Was I the only one who saw all Aubameyang flick as proof that he was uninterested in the game overall. Never put himself in danger of getting kicked.
    He never go for 50-50 ball, but yesterday it was really like he could not be bothered to even go for 30-70 ball. In fact from the starting 11 the only players who showed remotely interest were Martinelli, Willock , Saka, Martinez and Xhaka. Xhaka got injured after a bad touch and soldiered on. He should be commended for that, even if it was a stupid move as it was clear its mobility and range of movement were impaired after.

  45. Dream10

    Journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi of French broadcaster RMC tweeting that Nuno is very much the priority for Arsenal. Talks are already on.

    Allegri the bookies favourite? He previously rejected us in 2018. Since then we’re a worse side having spent money. Budget will be tighter now than back then. Some combination of PSG,.Man Utd, Barça, Real, Bayern, City and Juventus will be looking for new management. Why sign with us in the Europa League when he could be making 15m a year and spending 200m every summer with no restrictions?

  46. Samesong

    Our father who art at Arsenal, Eddie Howe be they name. Thy Allegri come, Thy Arteta be done. On earth as in Freddie Ljungberg. Forgive us our Emery, As we forgive those who Emery against us. In Nuno Espirito Santo. Henry.

    Found this funny on Twitter

  47. Micheal

    The timing of the dismissal is imortant because Freddie has three fairly straightforward fixtures to things in place before we meet Man City.

    Thursday next (Dec 5) Brighton at home, West Ham at home on Monday Dec 9 and Standard Liege away on Thursday Dec 12. All winnable.

  48. gambon

    Im not liking the talk of Nuno. Hes just a good mid table manager that looks like Brian Blessed

    For me there are 3 obvious choices:

    Max Allegri – the highest calibre option. Would improve the shocking defence almost certainly.

    Pochettino – the PL experienced option. People may call him a bottler, but lets be honest, trophies arent the aim right now. Getting back into the top 4 is the only real goal. He would be a great option for this.

    Arteta – the unknown quantity. He’s highly thought of in the game, and has learned from the best.

    Outside of this you probably have to wait until next summer to try and get a Nagelsman or Rodgers.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Note to the new manager whoever it may be.

    Could we bring in a new spine please?

    Get rid of Xhaka, Mustafi and Sokratis…

    Good news is we’re probably going to strengthen in January if a new man comes in permanently.

  50. BacaryisGod

    I honestly don’t like any of the candidates who might be available right now.

    Allegri: Never coached outside Italy and we have no Italian players. Next.
    Ancelloti: Hard to dislike, but he’s struggling with Napoli in Serie A and there was a lot of negativity around his time at Bayern.
    Arteta: Let him manage a good club first.
    Nuno: He needs more than a couple of overachieving years at Wolves.
    Poch: Give the man a long break. He needs it.

    I’m fervently hoping that the team goes on a big run with Freddie as a caretaker. Not because I want him to be the permanent manager, but at least it might by a little time to prise a more suitable manager towards us. There are two obvious candidates:

    1) Brendan Rodgers
    2) Julian Nagelsmann

    No guaarantee we can get either one of them this summer, but that’s the smart play.

  51. Ishola70

    “The timing of the dismissal is imortant because Freddie has three fairly straightforward fixtures to things in place before we meet Man City.”

    Any away EPL fixture for Arsenal isn’t straightforward and hasn’t been for years regardless of an Unai Emery.

  52. Pierre

    Nu no looks a little too scruffy to be an Arsenal manager, he’s probably bottom of my list of the names that have been mentioned( even if he smartened himself up)

    Can’t be any worse than our former manager though.

  53. Leedsgunner

    Pochettino for me if we can’t get Nagaelsmann. Knows all the Spurs secrets and it would wind the knuckle draggers no end.

    Good to see you back gambon!

  54. TheLegendaryDB10

    A mate at work has just pointed out to me that UE has been sacked. Good riddance!!!

    Really curious as to to who will be appointed next.

    I’d still want Allegri as his experience would command respect from the players and help to balance the ship.

    My worry with Raul is that he’ll do anything to ensure that he meets his only target: to get top 4. That’s why, if Pedro is right, these Nuño stories can lead us down a route which may not be the best for the club in the long run.

  55. TR7

    1. Poch
    2. Naggelsman
    3. Brendan
    4. Jorge Jesus
    5. Arteta

    Nothing against Nuno, he is a good manager but not sure whether he can lift the morale of our players and excite the fans.

  56. Ishola70

    “Note to the new manager whoever it may be.Could we bring in a new spine please?”

    Everyone goes on about the next appointment which is right of course but what occurs in next summer’s transfer window is just as important as a solitary appointment.

    Of course some current players will have to be sold on to fund some cleaning of the current first team.

  57. Nelson


    I believe that Raul has lost a lot of credibility when he said just two weeks ago that Emery is the right man for the job. I am sure that Josh will be very careful this time.

  58. Pierre

    “Was I the only one who saw all Aubameyang flick as proof that he was uninterested in the game overall. Never put himself in danger of getting kicked.”

    I saw he was in self preservation mode ..I have commented on this before , that’s why I was surprised that Emery didn’t give Martinelli a run up top as he is the Duracell bunny who will run for ever and has defenders continually on edge.

    He’s too restricted out wide.

  59. Ishola70

    Well it’s bad enough Paulinho.

    You haven’t really given your thoughts Paulinho and you have been quite sympathetic towards Emery.

    Like yourself I recognise that this squad needs improving but really Emery was failing big time at the end there.

    And it was all because the home form that Arsenal have been relying on now for years quickly collapsed and badly.

  60. Receding Hairline

    “Getting slightly desperate there Paulinho.”

    No he isn’t

    When statements like the one he answered are made they should be pulled up

    By the way your earlier Ozil commentary was embarrassing even for you

  61. China1

    Higher ups always give the manager a public vote of confidence before the decision has been formally made to sack them. That’s standard and doesn’t mean anything

    I like that some big names and some interesting names are being bandied around. Contact with allegri and ancellotti I can dig

    Vieira is high risk and could easily fail tho would give the fans a short term lift

    Arteta is a wildcard like vieira and is supposedly very switched on

    Nuno I’m not sold on as a manager but might do ok

    Poch would presumably improve us a chunk

    Freddie or boils as caretaker will unite the fans until the new guy comes in regardless of what happens on the pitch so that’s exciting

    Rafa is not my cup of tea but could be worse

    Brenda id very much like

  62. Gentlebris

    ‘You are comparing a born winner to a guy who has never won anything and you expect to be taken seriously’

    I insist you don’t have to rub a carabao in my face before I consider you a winner.
    If you could take a really average Europa league team to a CL final in 5 years while producing guys like Kane, Dele and others, then you are a winner in my book everyday of the week.

  63. Receding Hairline

    “Thank you Unai and Javi I’m sorry we let you down,” the 27-year-old wrote on Instagram. “Its our fault for not performing the right way, I’m sure we will meet again ❤️“

    Emi Martinez

    At least someone involved isn’t absolving himself of all responsibilities

  64. China1

    Also I would be quite surprised if Raul is willing to let his mates run the show.

    Raul will be under far greater scrutiny than before make no mistake. He would be extremely dumb to assume he can just let his sub standard mates walk in the front door and run the show badly without consequences.

    He can’t be dumb enough to be under any illusions about this

  65. Paulinho

    Ishola – You still think Guendouzi is an elite prodigy?

    Our squad is wank, and I can see it that realisation slowly seeping into the mind of even the most ardent Emery-outer in recent months.

    Until the recruitment team bring in some quality players with the needed mix of athleticism and mentality I’m not interested in who our manager is.

    Wilder would be my choice. He’s probably got a good knowledge of English players in lower leagues that are better than over-hyped young talents from abroad.

  66. Chika

    A poster who defended Wenger until the last minute, backed Emery militantly is still busy barking his opinion around and expects to be taken seriously. No self awareness whatsoever lol.

  67. Marko

    Thank fuck for that. This is why I’ve been less willing to go for Raul’s throat like certain others since he’s come in there’s been a lot of change and a willingness to actually sack underperforming managers. It seems like the delay in a Emery’s sacking isn’t down to him being Raul’s man or anything to do with Edu either but down to Josh or Stan giving him more time.

    Question now becomes who’s the next guy? I think many Arsenal fans are in for a rude awakening

  68. Emiratesstroller

    The real concern for me is that the appointment of new head coach is likely to
    be made on recommendation of senior management.

    The current Board including the Kroenke father and son have virtually no football expertise.

    My personal opinion is that the Board of Directors needs to be upgraded before any permanent head coach is made and should include some football

    It would not surprise me that Arsene Wenger will be consulted by the Kroenke family regarding the Head Coach appointment.

  69. Ishola70


    I have said Guendouzi is a prospect but not one that would see so much playing time in a real serious side and that he has been a bright spot at times in an otherwise drab team.

    There is nothing wrong at all in those sentiments.

    I agree with you in regards to the squad being over-rated by enough fans and we are not talking here about scrapping into the top four. We should be looking to build a squad that is better than just that.

    Like yourself I am just as interested in future player recruitment as any new coach brought in.

  70. Gentlebris

    I’m 100% sure our guys in charge will not rush this.
    The earliest you can expect a permanent appointment is in a week and that is if Freddie tanks the Norwich and Brighton games. If Freddie does excellently well, things will be put on hold for further observations. If he makes top 4 and win the Europa or if he wins the Europa and give a tough fight in the league, the job belongs to him permanently.

  71. Receding Hairline

    “I insist you don’t have to rub a carabao in my face before I consider you a winner.”

    No one mentioned the Carabao cup, you compared him to two bundesliga titles and three german cups, Klopp also threw in the losing a champions league final thing as a bonus

    “If you could take a really average Europa league team to a CL final in 5 years while producing guys like Kane, Dele and others, then you are a winner in my book everyday of the week.”


  72. Cesc Appeal

    The right decision has been made.

    It looks like Allegri, Nuno, Ancelotti and Arteta are the candidates Arsenal are looking at.

    Interesting times ahead.

    The way the statement was constructed and the rumours coming out that Arsenal have made contact with a number of managers, I wonder if Ljungberg will take charge at Norwich with the new manager in the stands already?

  73. Paulinho

    Receding – That post from Martinez one went beyond the usual platitudes you see from players in times like this. Interesting and not surprising he sees it that way.

  74. Marc


    Would it be possible for you to give us a few names of managers you’d find acceptable outside of Arteta.

    I get a vibe that anyone else is not going to be “good enough”.

  75. Gentlebris

    ‘I wonder if Alex Ferguson has another couple years in him!’

    Good idea Jim, good idea. At least he would understand our BoD, they belong in the same generation.

  76. Ishola70


    “I get a vibe that anyone else is not going to be “good enough”.”

    He’s that good that yes no-one else is good enough.

  77. TitsMcGee

    People let their hatred of Spurs cloud their judgement.

    Pochettino did wonders for Spurs. I’d dare say he took them to at or near their ceiling.

    I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  78. Danny

    All this talk of Poch who’s never won anything. The bloke was just incredibly lucky to have had Kane and basically told him to be a selfish cunt and shoot whenever he felt like it. Without Kane, no one would be talking about Poch.

  79. Marko

    Obvious choice is Allegri, Van Bronkhorst or Marcelino who are available. Shame English is a prerequisite cause we might have been able to target Gallardo possibly.

    As for the Nuno stuff I personally don’t want him at all nothing screams out but in saying that how people can turn their noses up to him all the while talk up a Benitez or a Arteta is beyond me. His win ratio ranges from 51-55% and his points per game at his last three clubs is about 1.8/1.9. which is comparable and better in some cases than Benitez.

  80. Dplanet

    Emery should have gone after failing to get the required points for CL qualification at the end of last season – and the shocking Europa League final capitulation. The rest has just been icing on the cake of confused crap that he’s been serving up since then.

    Why are there so few elite (or potentially elite) managers in world football? Things looking a bit grime with Raul around. Nuno seems like a huge (and obvious) mistake.

  81. Dissenter

    Why don’t I feel any elation now that Emery has been sacked 3 months too late?

    It’s because I’m waiting with bated breath because it seems the club will bungle his replacement.
    We are in for some time in the doldrums, maybe eventually we will fortuitously stumble on a good manager after several attempts …in 2027.

  82. Receding Hairline

    “Receding – That post from Martinez one went beyond the usual platitudes you see from players in times like this. Interesting and not surprising he sees it that way.”

    He has been the only one to say anything so far, others are hiding behind the bad man who has just been sacked. I hope his exit will unleash the greatness in them, we will no longer see misplaced passes , runners not tracked etc Like you said earlier maybe our new 70+ million player will now strike the ball properly

    I am sure the next few bad performances will be written off as some sort of Emery PTSD

  83. Paulinho

    We need to quickly regenerate the midfield.

    I would try and negotiate cut-price deals for Emre Can and Ross Barkley. Two athletes with ability. Both flawed but bring a higher level of ability than we have.

  84. Micheal

    Sky Sports reporting that Raul and Vinkat flew to the US earlier this week to consult the footballing oracle, Stan Kroenke. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

  85. Marko

    One things for sure it’s a tough thankless job whoever takes over at Arsenal. Whoever comes in will absolutely have to gut the whole squad to stand a chance. Absolutely no way that defence and midfield are getting any better without replacing half of the cunts. It must be insisted upon. Doesn’t matter if it’s January or not certain types need culling and replacements need brought in.

  86. Dissenter

    Juventus don’t do ‘cut-price deals
    They will make us pay through the nose for Emery Can…and the club may think they have to sell the boot load of shite we have in the midfield first.
    Torriera, Xhaka, Ozil and evening Mykhi [on loan] have to be sold to free up funds for a midfield rebuild.
    Ceballos isn’t going to be kept….he too is shockingly unsuited.

  87. shaun

    with all the negativity and our previous experience I would say benitez or Ancelloti …Nuno no CV is shite , Arteta no again no CV as others have suggested get some frigging management experience and not just PEP’S PUP …Allegri no, no prem experince and possibly language issues for me Benitez looks the best of that bunch and possibly the safest bet and with a bit of backing could do wonders is a nice guy and will be respected

  88. Dissenter

    I don’t think any player is hiding behind Emery.
    He really has been that bad in the last few months, mistake after mistake left uncorrected.
    The writing was i]on the wall. Managers losing the squad is a cliche most if the time…this time it was true. Emery was out of his depth.
    I fear we are about to hire another manager who’s out of his depth. That would include Nino and Arteta.

  89. Ishola70


    This crystal ball glazing of yours of managers losing their players didn’t encompass Poch at Spurs did it lol

    We will know if the next appointment is any good by what he does in next summers transfer window.

  90. Dissenter

    Anyone throwing Poch’s name around is a clueless dreamer.

    You know he’s not coming to Arsenal same reason he’s vowed to never manager Barca
    He’s clearly burned out and needs a new experience in a different league or just some time away from the game. He doesn’t need to come to a club with a squad FAR WORSE than the last job he got sacked,from.
    Arsenal will have to issue very clear assurances to any top manager before they take on this job. We have very poor options in central defense and in the midfield. The club can’t just go buy because many of the white players are still on our books.

  91. Marko

    Also Xhaka is an absolute piece of shit of the highest order. Literally not one Arsenal player had the audacity to even remotely appear to smile or be happy after such an abject performance last night except for him smiling and clapping with some Frankfurt mates. A literal embarrassment. Too stupid to know what the result meant for possibly the one guy who was stupidly in his corner.

  92. Gentlebris

    I think Mikki should be re-called, not the world best but he’s better than hoping Guen will create chances.

    Binning Elneny and Mikki was a mistake, I think we got too carried away with Ceballos and Guen.

    Then imagine binning Le Coq to now have Xhaka, binning Gabriel to now have Sok, binning Iwobi to now expect Saka to do better.

    If we are to dispose players, shouldn’t we be sure we have an upgrade lined up?

  93. Valentin


    In that BBC article it states that after 14 games games Arsenal had 21 points. After 13 games we have 18 points. So the best Emery could have hoped was to equal Wenger worst start. However at the time Arsenal was in the Champion’s League. So yes worst situation than at the time.

  94. Ishola70

    “I think Mikki should be re-called”

    Arsenal really need to fuck off away from keep bringing in technical players with no substance in the future.

    Mikki falls into that category.

    If they keep doing it will just be a hangover from Wenger.

  95. Dissenter

    Can you just kindly shut your gob.
    You too were on the give-Emery-time wagon with me last season….and got off the same stance just about th4 same time as I did , at the beginning of the season.
    I see you blindly sticking your toy dagger everywhere. What’s all the puerile attacks at the likes of Receding for?

    Poch isn’t coming to Arsenal. I can take that to the back.
    Wanna bet/
    If Arsenal approach Poch and he comes to Arsenal…I stay off legrove for 3 months.
    If it does not happened. You get to change that silly moniker of yours to a new one of my choosing. You don’t even get to stay away. I’ll take most of the risk.

  96. Paulinho

    Valentin – Hardly worst state decades though is it if only seven years ago we were two places lower in the league at the same stage and basically on the same points.

  97. AFC Legend

    “Allegri: Never coached outside Italy and we have no Italian players. Next”


    Allegri has won four Serie A titles and reached two Champions League Finals.

    He is a TOP coach so this idea that he couldn’t cope outside of Italy is ridiculous. As for there being no Italian players at Arsenal, so what? If that’s so important he could always buy a couple of Italian defenders in January……

    Klopp hadn’t managed outside of Germany and Pep had never managed outside of Spain, I am sure there are other examples.

    I’m fed up with Arsenal behaving like a mid-table club. We are the Arsenal we don’t need trophyless Spurs cast off’s or some bloke with a nice beard at Wolves. Emery was a punt and that proved a disaster.

    We need an experienced coach who has a great tactical mind, experience at a big club, who will be respected and not intimidated by big players or by a big clubs expectation level. Allegri certainly ticks all those boxes.

  98. CG

    Thing to watch.

    Press Conferences.

    Who is announcing Freddie’s Interim appointment?

    Will it be the Teck Deck , Edu?
    Will it be the Head of Football Operations, Raul?

    My money will be on the patsy Edu.

    (This is why Edu has been ‘ bought ‘ to shield Raul.)

    Absolutely fascinating to see if The Spiv can face the music at the press conference??!!!


  99. Pierre

    “We will know if the next appointment is any good by what he does in next summers transfer window.”

    We have been told enough times by the know nothing’s that the manager doesn’t buy the players and here you are now telling us that he does.

  100. Dissenter

    Ditching Elneny and Mikki were mistakes?

    I always knew Emery was not the only clueless one in the Arsenal world.
    How come no one was queuing up to buy either of them from our hands? We had to kick them out on money losing loan deals- we still pay the balance of their wages.
    Both Mykhi and Elneny were mistake signings to begin with. One of the reasons why were are where we are today.

  101. Marko

    Blocking or muting all AKBs – how do these people still exist? – as well as anyone who retweets that fake SkySports tweet about Emery being dismissed

    Oh Bam.

  102. Dissenter

    If the lesson from Emery’s tenure is that we English fluency is the number one pre-requisite for managing Arsenal….then we are royally fukced.
    The best available managers aren’t fluent in English.
    Emery’s problem was never the disfluency in English language.

  103. Receding Hairline

    Can you just kindly shut your gob.”

    Don’t know what exactly is getting him all giddy and attacking everyone left right and center asking for views

    This is a guy who thinks Nuno is pragmatic and top notch yet hasn’t answered the defensive numbers i posted