Don Raul deals with the ‘noise’ of an empty stadium

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Well, the absolute worst outcome for Arsenal happened last night, we played our best striker in a dud game, against a terrible Frankfurt side, and managed to lose. Unai Emery stood on the sidelines like he was 40 feet from his front door watching the police remove his PC in plastic bags. He knows what’s coming, so do the fans.

The Emirates was painfully empty, even when you factor in the Frankfurt ticketing issues, it was embarrassing. No one wanted to be there. I had friends in chat groups desperately trying to give tickets away before the game to no avail. Last night felt like an end-of-days scenario for the manager… the players delivered a performance to match the feeling. Raul was right, the ‘noise’ of the fans did pass, because no one cared enough to show up.

Those that did dealt with familiar themes.

  • We tanked a lead, again
  • Emery insisted on starting Xhaka, again (makes error). Worse, he was all smiles and jokes with the Frankfurt players after the game. Get him out of the club immediately. He’s a disgrace.
  • Brings on Ozil to save game (told the press a month ago he wanted rid)
  • 2-1 down, last roll of the dice, he brings on Torreira (Pepe on the bench)

We could dive into the details of the match, but why bother? We know Emery is finished. Let’s talk about what is next instead, it’s far more urgent.

Raul is bad for Arsenal. He is going to try with all his might to move us down a path that suits his agenda. Everyone who matters at Arsenal knows this.

He’s not Arsenal material I’m afraid, so as supporters, we need to be very alert to what’s coming next, because if it suits him, it’s likely not good for us.

Emery was his idea. Sven left because of his ‘contacts’ approach. We made some very bad decisions this summer on his say so. Judge a man by his actions. Those actions in the cold light of day do not look good.

The next moves he’s hyping look even worse.

Ignore the nonsense coming from Wolves PR team. Nuno is on the Arsenal shortlist because of his relationship with Raul. Move past the bullshit notion that he wouldn’t take the job. We’re the biggest offer that’d ever go near him, there’s simply no chance he’d pass on it because he has ‘good vibes’ with his Wolverhampton squad.

Pay attention to Kike Marin reporting that Enrique is being seduced by a big club, it’s likely Arsenal because we’re in a contacts kind of world. We shouldn’t be giving him the time of day. No one in Europe touched him because he’s expensive and he has a poor reputation despite winning trophies at Barcelona. This is the same issue we had with Emery winning the league with PSG, you look at the wiki page and it excites you, read what the fans and press wrote at the time and it’s a different story. The idea that we’ll hire him after he fails at next years championships with Spain is quite frankly embarrassing. Being Raul’s mate should not be part of the equation, we should stop hiring managers other clubs don’t want.

‘Contacts’ recruitment isn’t good for Arsenal. It’s backroom deals. It’s jobs for the boys. It’s not how professional outfits operate because it removes merit from the equation. I know the ‘who you know’ approach happens in many walks of business, it’s gross regardless, it’s unprofessional, and it’s becoming rarer because it has a deeply negative impact on the culture of a business.

Sport should be the purest form of meritocracy, especially if you’re pushing the idea of an elite performance culture. Why would any player perform to the best of their ability if they had even the slightest suspicion that a teammate who was competing with them was getting preferential treatment because of their agent?

Now imagine the squad know the manager is there because they are pals with Jorge Mendes? Horrifying.

Our next appointment should be made against a strict set of guidelines, one of them should be that no one we bring in should be as deeply tangled in super-agent gunk as Nuno. He’s a no-go. We are too big to be beholden to the whims of a manager that will always have deeper loyalties to his agent than the club. Outside just the agent ties, why would you want to be making an appointment Everton fans would find bland?

Thankfully, most of you understand that this move is a terrible idea. Your response to the blog yesterday gave me hope (read if you didn’t). It showed that 99% of Gooners understand that values are hugely important, even if they have been used to defend mediocrity over the past 10 years. It also showed that together, we will go to war to make sure we’re not turned into a 90s Liverpool by grifters with no love for the club DNA.

Know this, there is a battle underway for the soul of Arsenal.

Take your eye off the ball for a minute and we’re fucked. We have to be vigilant when names are thrown our way. We have to use the power of Arsenal internet to call bullshit if we see something that looks off-key. So make Raul an agenda point with journalists. Tweet the bloggers when you see something that looks ghastly. Remember, the Arsenal agenda is set by the fans because you’re the people clicking adverts. The big publishers will follow your lead. Don’t let up. You have a part to play in making sure Arsenal are not dragged into the swamp.

Right, that’s me done. More tomorrow. x


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  1. Vintage Gun

    Emery died in Sheffield last month. Blade attack. So let’s not speak bad of the dead.
    Or try to ‘connect’ with them either

    .The question is why Raul is keeping a stinking rotting corpse in charge?

    I wonder if after the summer signings, daddy Kroenke said “Don’t ask me for a Goddamn dime until next summer” and they aren’t sacking him for financial reasons.

    I find that hard to believe but then again, who would believe Emery would still be here this morning

  2. Thanos

    Ix cdnt believe Emery was not thrown out of the stadium last night
    Our ineptitude over replacing a defunct manager is frankly embarrassing

  3. Dick Emery

    The spuds make a decisive move, sack their manager and bring a new one in on the same day and then win their next two games. We, on the other hand, mince about do sod all and draw with Southampton and lose against Frankfurt at home. well played Raul, well played.

  4. habesha gooner

    Hahaha Pedro still running “Raul the Evil man who is responsible for our failings” agenda I see. In my Eyes the only failures he has been responsible for are he was part of the Emery hire eventhough he wasn’t top dog then and He hasn’t been decisive enough in firing Emery. If the Josh and Stan were in bed with Mendez you theory would have a lot more legs to it.

  5. David Smith

    Perhaps nostalgia, and never thought I would say this, but would even take Wenger back at the club, in an upstairs capacity to kill off Rauls plans. Yes, aware that could go wrong, but Wenger is the perfect antidote to Raul.
    Now we know what Wenger feared so much in his take care of the values statement, and perhaps one of a number of reasons why he stayed so long, the Kroenkes are not capable of running this club properly. If it wasn’t Raul, it would be someone similar.
    Quite apart from any other issue, the way we are funded , we cannot afford to be a Superagent club.
    Won’t happen, but just wish the Kroenkes would either get a grip, or sell up. They have overseen a huge decline

  6. Chika

    I don’t want a shoddy attempt at a quick fix, Emery was supposed to be a safe option but the fraud has left us in a complete fiasco.

    Give the job to Arteta and let us slowly rebuild with a clear plan.

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    So after giving years of shit to old fool Wengie for not laying with Super agents, Pedro now agrees with him.

    “Sport should be the purest form of meritocracy, especially if you’re pushing the idea of an elite performance culture.”

    Rest easy then, as Arsenal aren’t pushing such ideas, haven’t for many years now.

  8. Vintage Gun

    I used to believe in the “Arsenal values” until Wenger started to blame the fans for poor results (even away ones) as we saw our club slide down the pecking order over the last decade.

    Fast forward to the now and us fans are being labeled “TOXIC” “DOMESTIC BULLIES” and merely “NOISE” as we preside over our worst run of form since 1992!!!

    Honestly Pedro i used to believe that our club was classy with Values but looking back over a decade later our class and values went with the marble halls of highbury.

    All this getting back to “The Arsenal way” the Hierarchy bang on about shows that what we stood for stands no more.

    Fuck all the “Jam tomorrow” talk as tomorrow never comes, imma deal with Arsenal in the now and i’ll be Goddamned if i go to another match this season unless it’s in my Garden.

    Fuck it

  9. Wasi

    . We made some very bad decisions this summer on his say so

    Dont know what you are saying here man. This was our best transfer window in some time. Credit to Raul where its due.

  10. Globalgunner

    Todays post was the remaining paragraphs of yesterdays post.

    Emery is toast. We know that even he knows that. Standing on the sidelines looking like a man having a prostate examination while vertical.

    Bring on the replacement. No agenda, just he best man currently available

  11. Receding Hairline

    “Dont know what you are saying here man. This was our best transfer window in some time. Credit to Raul where its due.”

    yea everyone was hailing Raul in the summer. fans making videos stopping his car and thanking him for “saving us”

    Now it’s bad decisions

  12. Paddy got bored

    Can’t see how you can bang on about not letting someone who hasn’t got our interests at heart when we have the Syrip as our owner???
    He defines not having any interest in us apart from the money

  13. CG

    The RAUL to Hell (adapted from Chris Rea)

    We’ll I’m standing by a river but the water doesn’t flow
    It boils with EVERY POISON you can think of.
    Then I’m underneath the streetlight.
    But the light of joy I know
    Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows.
    And the PERVERTED FEAR OF VIOLENCE chokes a smile on every face
    And common sense is ringing out the bells.
    This ain’t no technological breakdown
    Oh no, this is the RAUL to hell.
    And all the roads jam up with credit
    And there’s nothing you can do
    It’s all just bits of paper flying away from you.
    Look out world
    Take a good look what comes down here
    You must learn these lesson fast and learn it well.
    This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway.
    Oh no, this is the RAUL
    This is the RAUL
    This is the RAUL to hell.

    An Outstanding post again PedRo. And I off course give thanks for it.

  14. Pierre

    12 months ago
    Arsenal 4-2 Tottenham

    Emery had the Arsenal fans eating out of his hand… things have changed.

    22 games unbeaten , the Emirates was buzzing , what went wrong .

    I always had the theory that the team still had Wenger’s DNA in them during that run , and it wasnt until Emery’s philosophy started to take shape that the quality of the football took a down turn.

    Emery deserved credit early on for installing a better work ethic in the side.

    This work ethic matched with Wenger’s one and 2 touch, pass and move style of football ,was proving to be a perfect blend.

    Torreira at the base of midfield looked to finally be the answer to our midfield defensive problems, although the team were far from perfect defensively.

    It was around this time that we began to hit a brick wall , there were a couple of injuries in defence, Torreira was taken away from the DM role , Lacazette was in and out of the side , Ramsey and Ozil were marginalised from the team and cracks started appearing.

    I often wondered how things would have turned out if Emery

    had kept to the original 4-2-3-1 formation.

    Hadn’t kept changing formation, tactics and personnel.

    had kept Torreira as DM.

    hadn’t marginalised Ramsey and Ozil and to a lesser extent Lacazette from the side .

    I believe these decisions by the manager put doubts in the players mind and they lost their trust in him.

    If a squad loses trust in their manager, the outcome is inevitable.

  15. Receding Hairline

    Just read from the Mirror that there is a split among the hierarchy about exactly what and how much Ljunberg brings to the table and whether he is ready for such a big role.

    Can’t say i blame them, personally i think he is a dud of coach

  16. Emiratesstroller


    The real concern at the moment is that we have a distant landlord of an owner
    combined with a Board of Directors which has no material change for several years, is ageing and is clearly not involved in decision making.

    The power behind throne in football matters appears to be Raul and he appears to be enthusiastic about recruiting a head coach coming from the Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American stable.

    The management changes at the club in last 2 years may have been necessary,
    but not to the extent of destabilising club.

    Emery needs to go and frankly the sooner the better, but I would to find in short term an interim head coach and make sure that we recruit in summer
    the best possible replacement.

    Let’s be realistic it will be very difficult to find mid season the best possible

    Arsenal’s season is frankly already over. Personally I would prefer Arsenal to
    finish outside the European places so that we can focus next season on a decent outcome in EPL.

    We need to hold onto Aubameyang and possibly Lacazette for at least one
    more season as they score the bulk of our goals. However, most of the other
    “mature” players in our squad are frankly expendable and in most cases
    need to be replaced.

  17. Pierre

    “yea everyone was hailing Raul in the summer. fans making videos stopping his car and thanking him for “saving us”

    Unfortunately he failed in the one major decision he had to make , and that was to replace the manager.

    The manager is THE most important person at a football club .

  18. TR7

    Ornstein confirming Emery will be sacked today. Looks like Freddie will be the caretaker manager for a very short period until we find a full time coach. Had we fired Emery during international break, we would probably have found a suitable replacement.

  19. Danny

    It was incredibly sad last night watching the game just thinking how we’ve fallen plus the empty stadium and all that. I’ve nothing against Emery, I actually reckon he’s a descent bloke but he’s so far out of his depth it’s just unbelievable.
    I remember going to an empty Highbury in 1975 when we were 17th in the league but we won that match to avoid a relegation battle. Last night reminded me of those dark times.

  20. China1

    Lol a good number of the posters of your previous blog post we’re saying you are fear mongering on the agent talk yesterday Pedro. 99.9% is an interesting number!

    Regardless I’ve no excitement about nuno. I don’t really have a candidate I think is the perfect choice but the romantic in me would love to see vieira have a try. He’s probably not good enough and we’d fail and I’d be vieira our next year, but we can at least dream of a legendary player doing great things for us. I’m not aware of his management record being overly special so probably a bad idea

  21. Pierre

    “Let’s be realistic it will be very difficult to find mid season the best possible

    Money talks ..

    If we double Rodgers wages from 5 million to ten million or offer 10/12 million to Pochettino …they would come to Arsenal like a shot.

    Immediate improvement would be as good as guaranteed…they are managers who would enjoy working with the players we have at the club.

    Failing that , I’m sure arteta could be lured away from city with a nice lucrative contract.

  22. gambon

    “I’ve nothing against Emery, I actually reckon he’s a descent bloke but he’s so far out of his depth it’s just unbelievable.”

    That really is the crux of it.

    Lets not start “I told you so” – but in the summer there were loads of people here who thought he was a huge success.

    Bamford is currently in a frenzy on twitter telling anyone who will listen that Emery is a good manager and isnt the problem.

    He desperately needs help for his mental health.

  23. China1

    Btw is it just me who finds the sky sports ‘emery future live feed’ a bit tasteless

    Like it’s one thing reporting on updates but it does feel a bit sad to turn it into a live feed circus.

    We all want him gone but I don’t think we need a second by second update of which part of his torso the vultures just tore off.

    It’s a bit tasteless imo (if you’ll excuse the pun lol)

  24. China1

    Emery could get us relegated and Bamford would be telling us it was progress

    He literally become the definition and total embodiment of EKB. We all wanted emery to be a success after wenger, but I guess he wanted to believe emery was better so much that he just couldn’t accept otherwise

    Anyway w/e. It’s almost official. Ornstein already said he’s getting sacked this morning. No need to worry anymore

  25. gambon


    I was against Arteta before, but why not?

    He has 18 months more experience now, thats quite significant. I thought he was a bit too raw back in 2018.

    Arteta, Pochettino, Allegri all good options.

  26. Marc Faber

    The only way to fix this is to bring in a head coach who embodies the values, heart and soul that epitomised the best part of the Wenger years. I am old enough to remember when Vieira came on as a sub and began the revolution that led to the success in style and substance. It was no conicedence that our decline began when Wenger got rid of Paddy. He was the heart of that team and Wenger’s biggest mistake was that decision.

    Bringing him back is the right move.

    The balance in football has changed in terms of roles/personality. The head coach, whether it is Klopp, Guardiola, Lampard or even Mourinho is bringing in the ‘vision’, the burning flame that everyone rallies round.

    The drills, tactics, formations, etc. are ‘commoditised’ – i.e. everyone knows the theory, everyone knows the drills, everyone knows the objectives… there is no secret there.

    John Barnes said it perfectly: ‘Liverpool don’t have better players than Arsenal, Man U or Tottehnham, they have more togetherness, belief, etc.’ (I am paraphrasing.

    That belief, togetherness, fight comes from the head coach. He needs to be the visionary, the leader that embodies what it means.

    Ferguson hardly ever took training at ManUre, his assistance do that.

    Picking Arteta would be like picking Clemence from Ancellotti’s setup; does not work. None of Ferguson’s coaching experts made it as head coaches, because even though they are good drill/coaches they are NOT VISIONARY LEADERS as Ferguson was.

    Hence, the ONLY person who can bring us back to where we want to be is Vieria + caoching assistants that can assist him. This is why Lamps is doing so well at Chelsea so quickly… the fans love him, the players love him and the wider footballing world love him.


  27. Davey

    UE decisions are more baffling by the match, 1 sub left needs a goal 12 mins left ignores Pepe and Lacca and brings on LT also leaves our top goal scorer on for whole match with Norwich away Sunday.

  28. Champagne charlie

    Wish Emery the very best, I’ve personally no ill will towards him and think he’s arguably more a victim of inept leadership decisions in the grander scheme despite his clear misgivings.

    Simply not suitable for the role we had in place and I for one have my eyes fixed firmly on the suits at the club as I’m utterly unconvinced by their actions throughout..

    Best of luck in the future Unai.

    Rafa in for me.

  29. AFC Legend

    “Bamford is currently in a frenzy on twitter telling anyone who will listen that Emery is a good manager and isnt the problem.”.

    Seriously? How on earth can anyone think Emery knows what he is doing? I suspect the players are ecstatic, he was destroying them.

  30. gambon

    I was one of the few people that actually wanted Emery.

    However, he’s simply the worst manager i’ve ever seen. From day one he just made the team worse and worse.

    Last season we got lucky, very lucky. All the stats suggested we were heading for mid-table, and when his luck ran out he never recovered.

  31. Graham62

    I can take being called a buffoon, a geriatric, an old codger, a plastic supporter even a frigging c##t! The thing is ,if I still had my ST I would not be going to games, I would not sell my tickets on to others and most likely I would cancel them if persistent failings continued without action(as I once did). Even though it would probably end my chances of ever obtaining a ST again, which it did, I would happily take it on the chin.

    The only thing that was missing at the Emirates last night was tumbleweed blowing across the pitch. Those of you that think this is a feather in the cap for our previous regime are frigging deluded. Yes, our owners are to blame but just look at our fanbase. They look like the living dead. Where’s the fight, the passion, the anger, to push for change. They never had it until it was too late.

    Our supporters are pathetic. Sorry but we are. Content with ineffective “entertainment” for so many years, they have little or no bottle to deal with adversity. So Emery is crap. So he can’t communicate clearly. So he is an embarrassment. So do something about it.

    Looking miserable and holding up pathetic little A4 posters saying “EMERY OUT” is as feeble as it gets. Look at those Frankfurt supporters last night. No tickets. No problem. Would our fans do something similar? Do you think they would tolerate what we have tolerated for all these years? Of course they frigging wouldn’t.

    Being “ineffectively entertained” is the reason our fans have no bottle. Witnessing abject failure should spark outrage, but it doesn’t. I’ve always said that the thing that embarrasses me most about our club is the fans and I still stand by that.

    Passionless souls who would prefer to go and watch their team irrespective of their inner feelings of dismay and frustrations at what they are about to witness.

    Oh boohoo we have terrible owners. Oh boohoo our board and management are not fit for purpose. Oh boohoo there’s nothing we can do about it. Oh boohoo!!


    We are a joke!

  32. Ishola70

    “Arsenal 4-2 Tottenham”

    One swallow doth not make a summer and it’s been said a thousand times now that home form only does not mark a good side.

    Also note that this game you want to highlight has the opposition scoring two goals on Arsenal playing at home. Says it all.

    As for your if only Torreira was DM everything would be alright fixation Torreira played DM last season against Wolves and the match was over by half time for Wolves. Torreira played DM against Leicester away last season and Leicester easily won the match. Dominated it. Torreira played DM against Chelsea in the Europa League final and Chelsea absolutely hammered Arsenal. Torreira played DM against Southampton at home in the last EPL match and the team conceded two and quite have easily conceded six in a disappointing 2-2 draw. Torreira played DM in Arsenal’s last away match at Leicester. Again two goals conceded in a comfortable 2-0 win for Leicester.

    You need to get over your Torreira fixation.

    This team have been hiding behind home form for far too long and the house has completely fallen down now because that home form that was so majorly relied upon has also gone awry in the last few home matches.

    btw did you see Luiz’s little cameo as DM last night? Horrendous. I tuned in for a look for around five minutes and in that time I saw Luiz either out of position or beaten by an opponent around three or four times just in that short time period.

  33. Champagne charlie


    Agreed. Talk he wouldn’t leave mid-season, but you’d have to think a gig as manager would sway him.

    Those three would be among my choices of what I’d consider “gettable” in the next 4/5 days.

  34. Ishola70

    Inevitable that he would go of course and it was said on here by numerous people that he would be sacked pronto after the Wolves fiasco.

    Now we need a coach that not only has some fresh ideas but will also bring in a few new recruits into the team to try to implement these new ideas.

  35. Champagne charlie


    Let Banford back on here mate, would love to see him front up at this point. His ‘well Raul and Edu don’t agree with you’ line deserves a revisiting.

    Understandable if you’d rather not mind lol

  36. Waldo

    BBC – Unai Emery has been sacked as Arsenal manager after 18 months in charge.

    The Spaniard, who previously led Paris St-Germain to the French league title and won three Europa Leagues with Sevilla, was appointed Gunners boss in May 2018, succeeding Arsene Wenger.

    He is to be replaced on a temporary basis by assistant and former Arsenal midfielder Freddie Ljungberg.

  37. gambon

    No way could Arteta turn down a managerial role at a big club, along with a 1000% payrise.

    Think it may be Pochettino.

    He wouldnt have come to us normally, but he wont feel he owes Spurs anything after they sacked him.

  38. AFC Legend

    We need an experienced manager with a proven track record at a big club.

    We are the Arsenal, a huge club, it’s about time we started behaving like one.

  39. DM

    Good luck in the future Unai. Nothing against the guy, and I don’t see what all the doom-and-gloom is about. At least we tried. We finally got rid of Wenger, which was the most important thing, and there was always a major possibility that the next guy – even guys – who comes in to replace him wouldn’t ultimately be the right one. But it’s part of the process. He tried his best, even if it was beyond bizarre at times. Let’s hope the next one does better.

  40. Ishola70

    This is only the first step that is necessary.

    Hopefully the change will see the team picking up and getting better results which shouldn’t be that difficult considering how low things have got but to see this team improve to the heights that we all want to see other measures have to be implemented as well which means as well as new coach some recruitment for the first team.

  41. HillWood

    Bring in Trotter Independent Traders ( T I T ) and all will be cushty
    Del Boy Rodney Trigger Uncle Albert Boycie to replace the current shower of shit
    You know it makes sense

  42. Champagne charlie


    If we get Poch in that would be utterly hilarious, but as much as I rate the managers mentioned I can’t help but think there’s barriers to appointing them.

    Many of which we lay ourselves

  43. Pierre

    “btw did you see Luiz’s little cameo as DM last night? Horrendous. I tuned in for a look for around five minutes and in that time I saw Luiz either out of position or beaten by an opponent around three or four times just in that short time period.”

    Ishola , you talk out of your arse.

    Luiz started off well , we looked as solid through the middle as we have done for weeks.

    However he received his injury and was obviously struggling with breathing so came off.

    The balance of the team suffered with his substitution.

  44. TR7

    One of the very best managers in the world Pochettino is available. If we can get him he would be the best signing of the club in a long while.

  45. gambon

    “What’s your take on Nuno Gambon?”

    Think he will be another Emery

    Would rather someone that is used to managing at the top of the league/CL.

  46. Left testicle

    Freddies team selection will speak volumes.
    Will he make wholesale changes?
    What system will he play?
    Will he play more of the younsters?
    Will Torreira play as a CDM?
    Will Freddie persist with Xhaka?
    Will Pepe start?
    Who will be captain?
    Is Holding available for Sunday?

    From doom and gloom I’m now looking forward to Sunday.

  47. TheBlaster

    On the one hand we had got into a proper kamikaze tailspin (did the players know about this a while back?), on the other hand I REALLY don’t want to become anothr club who scrabble around changing staff mid season. As previous posters say… seemed a nice bloke but out of his depth. This league is a bitch, lets face it.

  48. Victorious

    Bye and Goodluck Emery..just about no way he could have held they didn’t pull the plug during the international break boggles the mind as well,huge missed opportunity to have eased in the new coach

    Thoughts goes out to his staunch devotees Binford,Redtroll and’s well folks,take heart

  49. Ishola70

    You do not have a clue Pierre.

    I would love to see David Luiz play for a prolonged period at DM just so we can see you squirm in shame at what would unfold.

    But unfortunately I don’t think we will see him now him playing there for prolonged periods because only a desperate manager who was dead played him there being last night and that man the stuffed Emery.

    I see you didn’t answer any of the other points. Probably because you have no retort to to them.

  50. Grant

    Emery sacked best fucking Christmas present ever, should never have got the job in the first place. Now all we need is Raul gone and we can start to get our club back on the right path.

  51. Leftsidesanch

    I’m sure Valentin kept harping about Freddie not having appropriate coaching badges. He has all the appropriate licences for Head Coach.

  52. raptora

    Sack done a month too late. Still not extremely late like it was with Wenger. It’s how it should be and we’ve obviously improved on that matter. Patience is not a virtue when both game and results have sucked hard for a long time. Emery was clueless in how to turn it around so he had to go. Let’s see who the management will pick now. Freddie will do well for a bit and then slump. Need someone with a pedigree. Or someone on the up like Gerrard.

  53. Nelson

    I have to blame the players. First of all, for the first goal (the turning point of the game) Guen, Xhaka and PapaSok were all there but couldn’t stop the shot. After that, everybody gave up. Ironically, the only two players who still played for the shirt were Mustafi and Xhaka. The world has turned upside down.

  54. Rambo Ramsey


    “One of the very best managers in the world Pochettino is available.”

    Embarrasing commentary.

    Your hero is an Emery-lite, doesn’t even have the trophies. No big club will take a chance on him and even if one does, he’ll be getting the sack in 12-15 months ala Emery.

  55. azed

    Emery’s biggest sin was refusing to learn.

    In the EPL, outscoring the opponent is not a strategy you want to bank on.

    I backed Emery last season and said he needed time and players, he got both and failed to deliver.

  56. CG


    “”””CG well played on your prediction”””””

    Thank you.

    Ill give you some more soon too. All exclusively here on Le Grove

    And off course- all free!

  57. Paulinho

    Victorious – Yeah, I’ll look forward to your excitement when the next manager gets sacked in the not too distant future.

    Remember United fans doing cartwheels when Moyes got sacked. How did that work out for the thick twats?

  58. Leftsidesanch

    ‘You called it right….I’ll forgive your Watford prediction!’

    Slow down Buddy! CG made several wild predictions and got one right, the rest..the less typed the better.

  59. habesha gooner

    Really out of all the coaches we would be better off with Rafa Benitez. Pragmatism must come first to get better. Rafa is good at improving a defence and also we have great forwards so we could do with some defensive stability. Pochettino is also good but last season’s and this season’s form for Tottenham was really poor. So I have some reservations. Allegri actually is sound but in untested league and a previous job where now sarri is looking great is a little concern. Nuno doesn’t Excite me.

  60. CG


    “””””””You called it right….I’ll forgive your Watford prediction!”””””””””””

    We play them last game of the season.

    It could be a huge fixture.

  61. TR7

    As much as I wanted Emery out,I got to say some of the players downed tools to oust the manager. Unai is a nice guy, someone like Mourinho would have named and shamed them before leaving.

  62. Paulinho

    Like to see someone like Wilder given a shot.

    Only manager out of all the one floating about that remotely excites me. He actually does something different, whereas everyone else is a boring clone of each other.

  63. Ishola70

    Emery has ultimately got sacked because the house fell completely down in very quick fashion.

    The house being the home form.

    And it fell down so quickly because the foundations were so suspect.

  64. raptora

    I wanted Emery when the news broke we’re going to pick him. He looked like the best available candidate of the ones running for the job at the time.

    Truth is he did so bad I wonder how he’s ever reached that top level at all. Truly mindboggling decisions that dig his hole and limited our team. I wish him success but fuck me was he out of depth.

    Kudos to the people in charge for sacking him kind of late, but not super late. With Ivan in charge we would have been stuck with Emery at least until the Summer.

    I feel like the players wanted Unai gone in the last couple of games, so there was absolutely no turning back.

    Hope we pick a good manager now. Freddie will not do well if he’s the main man for more than a month. Too hard of a job for someone who’s never managed a team.

  65. Receding Hairline

    “Think he will be another Emery”

    Gambon i think he will be worse in a sense

    With Nuno we will win a few big games, flatter to deceive and before we realize we are not really going anywhere exciting it would take a while

  66. Wengaball

    Lots of people advocating Pochettino. Do we want another coach who falls at the highest hurdles?

    That was the exact issue with Wenger years towards the end, and he still managed 3 FA cups.

    Pochettino couldn’t inspire his team to put it past an almost dead on their feet Liverpool who were playing Stoke level long ball football in the CL final.

  67. AFC Legend

    “Would rather someone that is used to managing at the top of the league/CL.”

    This was my point. Arsenal is a huge club with a history of success and we need a top daw manager with experience working at a club this big. Not some 5 minute wonder who’s only had to manage a limited expectation.

    With the toxicity amongst our fan base, anything less than someone like Rafa, Allegri etc will lead to more dissent as soon as results dip.

    This is a huge decision.

  68. Receding Hairline

    “No No No , he has won nothing ,just flatters the press all the while waiting in vain for Real Madrid . Both will never happen and the last thing we city fans want is a petulant non winner . Give it a break”

    “City? A team driven to excel by a tactically astute, driven and focused manager in Pep could somehow be managed by a man who failed to get a tune out of the players at his disposal at Spurs? I’m a Liverpool fan and an admirer of Pep but Poch doesn’t appear to have the belief in himself requires to make his teams successful. Maybe a period away from football is needed because at the minute he looks lost.”

    Some top rated comments from a Martin Samuel article suggesting Pochettino will be perfect for City (after a break he emphasizes)

    wonder why Arsenal fans want a man sacked from across the road some 10 days ago to jump in and manage Arsenal, smacks of desperation to me

  69. Left testicle

    Tweet from John Hartson:
    Ljungberg was a great help to Emery last night.. sat down for 90 mins.. surely you get in the managers ear if you can see what’s going wrong.. Emery had to go.

    Meanwhile Keown, the muppet, slagged Emery off for twenty minutes only to end by saying that he hopes Emery stays and is given the chance to turn things around.

  70. InsideRight

    Pochettino is far from the worst choice we could make right now.

    He’s not won any trophies. But he dramatically improved Southampton and Spuds, getting far more out of both teams than the sum of their parts. He has Premier League experience, which is important in my view.

    With the players and resources at the club I’ve no doubt he would significantly improve the team, the way it is set up, the transitional play and ensure round pegs go in round holes. He would certainly put us back in the CL qualification places, which is the next major milestone for us.

    I would be delighted if we could prise Rodgers out of that dump in Leicester, and I’m sure Benitez would greatly improve the standard of play. Let’s see where the Exec Committee take us. Honestly, I’m nervous. But maybe Edu will earn his money with this one and after Raul’s Emery disaster, the Don will be sidelined in the decision making.

  71. Marc

    Well Emery’s gone which seems to be something everyone is agreement on.

    Let’s see who we bring in before we start slagging off Sanllehi. If we were to go for Arteta Pedro’s post is going to look pretty daft.

  72. Nelson

    From AST:”Last night more than half of Arsenal’s season-ticket holders didn’t bother attending the match despite having paid for their tickets.”

    Marc… It’s all your fault!

  73. Marc


    Benitez is on £12 million a year in China. Do you think he’s going to walk away from that for a 6 month job?

    We’d also have to pay compensation to his current club.

  74. guest man aka WW

    Freddie in for caretaker…..Get Big Tone in for an inspirational “lets die for this club ” speech….set the “tone” no pun intended..
    Whats needed right now is the fighting spirit.
    We wont sort all the probs out for another season or two…but we can give it our best shot. ENTER :TONY ADAMS..
    The quality manager will in time slot in hopefully.

  75. Gentlebris

    I was sure the caretaker way was the way to go.
    I’m sure the permanent appointment is Poch if we can get him or Allegri if Poch can’t happen.
    This is because this time around the club will make sure the appointment raises zero question, even if it fails, people must not look at them.
    The most obvious right fix is Poch unless he really can’t come due to contract obligations.

  76. TR7


    Poch will be a great appointment if we get him. Klopp too failed at Dortmund towards the end and yet everyone knew he was a great scoop by the Pool when they got him. Your continuous denouncement of Poch basis his sacking by Totts is wrong just as your continuous defense of Emery was basis his Europa wins.

  77. Marc


    On a serious note I’m surprised that half of the ST holders turned up – it didn’t look like there was anywhere near 20,000 in the stadium.

  78. Guns of Brixton

    “Arsenal players had lost faith in Emery and his methods and communication was a big issue.”

    From Sky Sports.

    Pedro was right on that front.

    He can use that against the numpties who suggested the opposite

  79. AFC Legend

    Pochettino is a bottler. I also don’t want a Spurs cast off. Not under any circumstances, he’s not at our level.

    We need a manager who has experienced success and knows how to manage at a big club. with the level of expectation.

    This is a massive decision to save our club from mediocrity.

  80. Receding Hairline

    Tweet from John Hartson:
    Ljungberg was a great help to Emery last night.. sat down for 90 mins.. surely you get in the managers ear if you can see what’s going wrong..

    At least someone else gets it

  81. AFC Legend

    “Arsenal players had lost faith in Emery and his methods and communication was a big issue. From Sky Sports.Pedro was right on that front”

    ……………….EVERYONE knew that.

  82. Jamie

    Marc –

    I’m not sure, but I’d like to think he’s more ambitious than staying in the Chinese Super League for much longer, irrespective of his pay packet.

    If a half-decent European club comes calling, I’d bet he’d take it for significantly less money than his current deal.

    Who knows, though..

    As for compensating his current club, yeah, I’m not sure what to do about that either.