Raul has set wheels in motion for disaster duo (Long Read)

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Today I’m writing out of desperate concern for the future of our club. I think Arsenal are perched on a dangerous precipice. There is a Trojan horse at the gates of Highbury House, inside it lurks a super agent looking to control his biggest club yet via a managerial proxy.  The idea of Jorge Mendes installing his boy Nuno as our manager has to be squashed with brute force because outside of it being a painfully bland appointment, it comes with dire ramifications for how we are operated and run.

We cannot let this happen. It would be a mistake with grave consequences for our future.

Arsenal is an institution. A club dedicated to closely guarded values. Yes, those values have been used to defend mediocrity over the past 10 years, but forget that for a minute, we stand for something bigger than trophies and that is something you should cherish.

Whether it’s passing on Frank and Ronald De Boer because of what it said about our respect for contracts 25 years ago. Replaying a cup match with Sheffield United because of a rules infraction. Or the general standard of how the club conducts itself in the local community, we are a special club. There is an Arsenal way and it makes us proud to be fans.

Those values appear to be under attack by some in the leadership team.

Look no further than the open arms welcome to ‘contacts’ recruitment and the introduction of super-agents for evidence. Much like Unai Emery’s early subs in September 2018, we initially welcomed the shift towards a more pragmatic era, but 18 months in, with next to nothing to show for it, it’s starting to look like we’re being taken for a ride by Raul’s process for getting things done.

The last 18 months will pale in comparison if he is successful in selling us the dud vision of Nuno and Mendes running things at Arsenal. To be clear, this is not just agent talk. His name will be on the managerial shortlist the club is pulling together. Nuno might look a reasonable suggestion on paper, the one-season wonder has had some spectacular results, but as with Emery, scratch beneath the surface, and it’s clear all is not as it seems with the charismatic Portuguese.

So what’s the problem? Outside having a bland-on-toast resume that’s been heavily fortified with great wins against top 6 sides, the main issue is his super-agent kingmaker, Jorge Mendes. Every article leaked into the Arsenal ether this week has gone to great lengths to tie Raul and his friendship with Mendes to this potential deal. This is not an accident, Raul is canvassing fan opinion to see how we perceive this sort of partnership: You should be disgusted.

Mendes has a history with Arsenal. He has fucked us in the past. The biggest, and perhaps most consequential shafting was the Ronaldo move way back when. Mendes used Arsenal to earn a better deal from United. This is Wenger on the deal.

“There is always something you could have done differently, but the problem of negotiations is to know when you give in and when you don’t give in,” he added.

“Once we were at 4.5 million pounds, we were still in negotiations… so we were very close. But Man United went to 12 million pounds, which we could not afford at the time.”

Mendes was also responsible for sending Ricardo Carvalho to Chelsea when we were close. There are also numerous other deals that didn’t go our way. He is no friend of the club and there was a reason Wenger wouldn’t deal with him (no doubt it’ll be in his book).

Now let’s move onto Nuno. He was Mendes’ first-ever client in football way back when he was a reserve keeper. They have a storied history together.

Fast forward to Spain in 2014.

When creditor, Bankia, were trying to find a buyer for the beleaguered Spanish club Valencia, Asian billionaire Peter Lim brokered a deal for 70% ownership, his one stipulation? Nuno had to be put in charge of the team. The deal went through, the popular Pizzi was sacked, Nuno was given the managerial role. Who brought Peter Lim to the table? Jorge Mendes.

Things went as you’d expect, this from Sport 360.

‘And since Lim’s arrival was confirmed, the club has signed an unsurprisingly high number of players who are managed by or have close links with Mendes, including Joao Cancelo, Zakaria Bakkali, Danilo and Enzo Perez, creating suspicions that they owe their chief loyalties to the agent rather than the club, and that they will only stay until Mendes decides it is time to sell them.’

Things went deeper though, Mendes made real jobs redundant because he was the king. His roster of players was all that mattered.

‘Conversely, fan favourite Nicolas Otamendi was sold to Manchester City, with the deal facilitated by his agent – Mendes, of course. For many fans the most troubling aspect of the summer, however, was neither the club’s failure to significantly invest in players nor the Mendes links with those who did arrive. It was a political battle between Nuno and three of the club’s key backroom staff: president Amadeo Salvo, sporting director Francisco Rufete and scout Roberto Fabian Ayala, who felt marginalised by the powerful influence of Mendes and threatened to leave unless the situation was rectified.’

‘Nuno stood his ground, Lim backed him, and Salvo, Rufete and Ayala all departed – with the startling fact that chief scout Ayala was not even replaced speaking volumes for the club’s current recruitment policy, which appears to be based upon little more than shuffling around Mendes’ personal portfolio.’

Nuno was eventually fired despite returning Valencia to the Champions League, fans were disgusted at the power grip he and Mendes had on the club. By December 2015, Peter Lim had spent €200 million on players (lots of dross), many of whom were represented by Mendes. What did Nuno have to say about it?

“A short time ago I heard that it was a privilege to be able to work with the best agent in the world,”

“I don’t know why this has changed. He remains the best agent in the world. He has helped Valencia a lot.

“The players he has brought, I believe they will soon be the best in the world. You must recognise his work. The squad planning was what we believed was the best. I believe we were right in all the individual judgements. There is a young squad with a lot of potential, the youngest in La Liga. This project will have success for sure.”

Completely oblivious to the real reasons the fans turned on him, Nuno echoed an excuse reminiscent of what Emery said in yesterday’s press conference.

“The players believe they can give more, they must. But they need to be supported, to feel people are with them, that the fans understand their youth, that they are with them in every game, so their quality can come through.

“I had become the problem, because the fans were not supporting us, but had turned on me. Now I ask them to support the players, because they have the quality they have shown before.”

Valencia finished 12th the next two seasons.

Fast forward to 2016. Xi Jinping, the top boy over at China mainland, is a huge Premier League fan. He encouraged investment from his big shot entrepreneurs in the beautiful game. Fosun, a Chinese investment conglomerate, went out and picked up Wolves for £46m. Who was there to broker the deal? Jorge Mendes. He is the go-to broker for Asian billionaires looking to move into European football.

To make matters more complicated, Fosun’s owner has another firm called Shanghai Foyo that reportedly owns a 20% stake in Jorge’s agency, Gestifute. This from Wolves in 2018.

“Fosun have a percentage stake in the Gestifute company headed up by Jorge Mendes,”

Leeds Chairman, Radrizzani, was livid at the complicated relationship Mendes had with the club, obviously fearing conflicts of interest could arise.

“Not legal and fair to let one team owned by a fund who has shares in the biggest players’ agency with evident benefits (top European clubs giving players with options to buy) … why the other 23 teams can’t have the same treatment?”

It’s too boring for me to get into the details of every single player Wolves have signed or moved out of the club, but do the research yourself. Read commentary on Neto and Jordao.

It was swift, it was sudden, and it came as if from nowhere. Wolves, on Friday, with minimal warning until less than 24 horus beforehand, announced the signing of Portuguese duo Pedro Neto and Bruno Jordao from Italian outfit Lazio – for a combined fee of £18million.

Significant money for two players who were largely unheard of outside of Portugal and Italy, and two players who between them had barely racked up 100 minutes of senior football. From the outside, it looks like a confusing piece of business, perhaps even a rip off if you will, and a sign of the market spiralling completely out of control.

Read the Italian press write about the money Lazio spent to NOT play the two mentioned above. Read this 2018 article that cites 13 players as linked to Mendes that moved to Wolves. Or this Sun puff pieces that basically reckons UEFA would be killjoys if they let rules get in the way of a very strange setup. Remember Bebe? Mendes.

So now for Arsenal.

We’ve already had our fingers burned by the Kia deal for Luiz, I was told all in, that deal will have set us back £40m. We should have been looking at players with a high ceiling on the up, not a busted flush from Chelsea. Everyone is fully aware that we went above and beyond on Pepe with fees so steep, Napoli pulled out.

We also signed Unai Emery out of the blue and did the deal in 8 days. Without going over all the things that were clearly wrong with that hire, one huge miss stood out… Emery couldn’t speak English to Sven or Ivan G who interviewed him, yet we still signed him. How was that bulldozed through? No one at Arsenal asked if being able to speak the language was an issue? Very odd.

Anyway, it happened, we’re 18 months on, and who is being linked? Emery with a beard. A man with a very uninspiring resume, with very, very, very deep ties to a super agent that comes as part of his package whether you like it or not.

Signing Nuno is not about his talent as a manager, it’s about what it’ll cost the club in terms of a future. His introduction will make Edu an irrelevance, same for the scouts and the analysts (just like at Valencia)… because Jorge Mendes will become our Technical Director, Chief Scout, and Club Strategist. Why would Raul invite such a force into the club?

This move will create a lack of trust in the system. If you’re upset about the lack of transparency at Arsenal since Stan took us private, my word, you’re in for a treat if Raul gets his way with this manager. On the technical side, this move will rupture the already diminished culture at the club because our approach will shift from data and intelligence, to whatever works best for the fees.

To use Josh Kroenke’s words, it would not leave the fans proud. The Nuno suggestion is an assault on everything we believe about the club we love. It should not and cannot happen. If it does, you’ll know what Raul is all about, and you’ll know where it’s going to end… a financial/football disaster we’ll be lumped with for the next decade.

This sort of carry-on does make me wonder if Sir Chips’ fight to have Arsenal people on the board is about more than hurt feelings. Perhaps Raul’s ideas are alarming the sleepy old men? The same folk that were content with average football for 10 years might not be happy to see the club taking an unsavory path toward opaqueness. One can only hope.

I think it’s very telling that top journalists are being briefed very specifically that Raul is the one responsible for Unai’s continued tenure, as well as being the one that went off-shortlist to make the horrendous recommendation to hire him in the first place, that tells you he has enemies internally because those stories are an attack on his leadership, judgment, and credibility.

My hope is that the good people at the club are aware of the motives behind this managerial suggestion. Josh Kroenke needs to get off his Instagram and start speaking to the folk at the training ground with real football knowledge before he’s hoodwinked into another Raul shambles. Nuno is a Trojan horse that must be burned to the ground before people start entertaining the idea that the horse would look ace on The Emirates concourse. Arsenal are not Valencia. We are not Wolves. If Manchester City are valued at nearly £5b, then so are Arsenal. Nuno isn’t Arsenal levels to start with, factor in his baggage, and I wouldn’t even give him the courtesy of an interview. The absolute last thing we need to be doing is giving Jorge Mendes a parking spot next to the power at Arsenal FC. We are better than that.

My hope for this article? Firstly, you see the danger here. Secondly, that fans steer clear of falling in love with the Nuno idea, see it for what it is, bitch about it online, and share this story with anyone that thinks otherwise. This move is an attack on your club, it would fail miserably, and it must be dismissed with the same vigor we used to swat away the Jose stories.

See you in the comments, but not before you’ve gone onto Twitter to complain about this Nuno nonsense. #NuNoFuckingWAY

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  1. Receding Hairline

    Please sack Emery tomorrow

    I really want to know if truly these wasters can do better. They have been a disgrace to themselves individually for weeks now.

    No pride

    No desire

    And I’m told it’s because they aren’t well coached. Coached!! This are pro footballers not the freaking academy

    Sack Emery tomorrow and take away the hiding place. I want to see them turn it on after disposing of the bad man they didn’t like

  2. GS88

    Haven’t posted in a little while.

    We’re a big mess right now, the manager has to go.

    I’d have sacked him after the Sheffield United 1-0 defeat.

    For me — Rafa, Vieira or take a chance on Arteta, he has to start somewhere.

  3. Champagne charlie

    The fans aren’t interested in a comeback or an equaliser, they just want the misery to end.

    Emery is spent, it’s actually quite sad to see. Horrible leadership from the club, haven’t liked what I’ve seen from the manager as he’s been largely lost at sea since coming here, but this is a poor showing from those in charge.

  4. HighburyLegend


    “Sky Sports’ Oliver Yew at the Emirates Stadium…

    “It’s building here at the Emirates Stadium. You can feel the tension as yet another Arsenal attack slips by.

    “Then there’s an explosion as a refereeing decision goes against the hosts.

    “The Arsenal fans are now streaming out of the stadium.””

    We are slowly but surely dying,

  5. Danny

    Champagne charlie
    Mad? Probably!
    If we’re out of this Thursday night cup, our new manager will be able to concentrate solely on the league which might give us a chance for top 4 like Leicester who have no european matches.

  6. AFC Legend

    “And I’m told it’s because they aren’t well coached. Coached!! This are pro footballers not the freaking academy”

    It doesn’t work like that. You have to perform as a team which is down to tactics, coaching and of course the players. This is what is wrong. We have at looks like 11 players all unsure of what they should be doing when we don’t have the ball. No pressing, no narrowing spaces, both wing backs pushing on etc. This is down to coaching.

    These are players who lack confidence which again is down to the coach but made worse by fans getting on their backs.

    The only solution is to change the Manager – this will only get worse.

  7. habesha gooner

    Receding Even geniuses will look out of sorts in a poor management. And football doesn’t come easy with out a proper plan. Frankfurt players are also pros if you Forgot. proper management will always prevail than talent

  8. Paulinho

    If you combined Willock and Guendouzi you might get a higher end Championship player.

    It’s like Willock spent his whole youth just goal-hanging, and Guendouzi spent it following his own passes so he could pass it and follow it again. Over and over.

  9. Ivan


    Its not that straightforward. Whole team bar Xhaka, Sok and goalies were played out of position now and then.

    They played more formations in one season than in entire career before Emery.

    His subs are abysmal, and by the look of him You can read from his face that he is dead man walking.

    Problem is he wont resign because there is small matter of severance payment and board wont sack him cause penny pinching and covering there ass while they sink further with him.

    Now tell me, if you were there on the pitch, would you give you’re all because you are consummate professional or would you play half arsed in hope something will eventually change and you playing half arsed is a way to speed up that change?

  10. HighburyLegend

    “As it stands Arsenal will all-but reach the round of 32, but it’s almost irrelevant. This has been horrific viewing for Arsenal fans.”


  11. Champagne charlie


    Pfft you’re ambitious mate, league is a goner imo. Don’t think anyone has made top 4 from being as far back as we are. But we’ve been in the EL semi and then final last season. It’s our best shot imo.

  12. Receding Hairline

    Habesha goner we don’t have any talent. Ones we have are kids. The senior players in this team have been an absolute disgrace for weeks now. I am not here to debate coaching with anyone.

    This charade has gone on long enough and should end tomorrow if Raul has any thing about him. Emery is unsalvageable here, its over it’s done.

    If he stays on Raul is an idiot. It will just give a bad bunch of players attitude wise a place to hide.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    That has to be it.

    That was one of the worst teams I’ve seen us play.

    Total shite.

    I don’t want to hear ‘the board don’t blame Emery, instead they are looking at officiating and players not taking chances’.

  14. Tee

    Agenda driver will still come to tell us our players are total shite.

    Maybe Chelsea players also were total shite whenever they down tools.

    It’s so obvious that the players are tired of Mr video analysis.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Martinelli was the one flicker of light in the side and what does Emery do?Hooks him off for Ozil, lol.’



  16. InsideRight

    I said the other day that Frankfurt would do a job on us. This Emery shite is all too predictable. Embarrassing.

    Emery out now.

  17. Victorious

    No way the players can be so shite,they’ve obviously down tools and want the management to make a decision, wouldn’t blame them until I see the level of performance under a new coach

    Got to feel for Emery really,he’s been ruthlessly destroyed by a clueless management not putting him out of his misery early enough.

    Sad state of affairs really,worse than anything we ever saw under a finished Wenger

  18. Thank you and goodnight.

    @Champagne Charlie

    I agree with you about those above Emery. Everyone could see months ago he was badly out of his depth. Should of been sacked weeks if not months ago. Our humiliation in the Mickey mouse final to the chavs, should of seen Emery sacked, not rewarded. We’ve been on the decline for 20 plus games now, and even our wins have hardly been confidence inspiring.

  19. Olumide

    Guendouzi spent it following his own passes so he could pass it and follow it again. Over and over.
    lolz. I guess that’s why he holds on to the ball for too long.

  20. habesha gooner

    Demotivated players always look like they have bad attitude. We have a really good bunch of attacking talent and we have never used it this season. They run a lot without showing anything. that shows me they don’t know what they are supposed to do. anyway We need him sacked to find out if the players are really that bad. There is absolutely no reason to keep him now. It would be gross incompetence.

  21. Pierre

    I think taking Martinelli off and bringing Ozil on the right was about the most stupid, clueless, inept , ridiculous substitutions I have seen from Emery EVER!!

  22. Victorious

    Xhaka is a disgrace really,I hope the new coach permanently relegates him to the bench

    What the fvck was he giggling about? How is any of this shite funny? Complete joke of a player.

  23. Tee

    Just like when wobs said Wenger had to be sacked for us to know if it was the board that were at fault, so also , emery needs to be over fired for us to know if the players are shite or not.

    Emery defenders, good ebening

  24. Trask

    That fool Xhaka should have never played for the club again..This club is just gone . It goes beyond the manager at this point

  25. Gunnernet

    A man never changes. Emery still at this hour doing clueless subs, Xhaka is still an asshole. Poor attitude at the end. No remorse whatsoever from lrevois actions. He can go fuck himself..

    Yes and write it down asshole, so you can use it as an excuse to accuse the fans for affecting your mental status..

    What else are arsenal going to fabricate to cover lack of dignity of such cunts..

  26. Chris

    Our play especially in the second half seemed even more slack and lifeless than normal, if that is possible. Just no urgency whatsoever. This is definitely as bad as the worst days under George, perhaps earlier but that’s before my time.

    If the club doesn’t act concerning the manager tonight or tomorrow it will be extremely disappointing. I would say it should be the true beginning of a battle to rid the club of KSE.

  27. CG

    One person and One person alone said – he would be gone by November.

    I put my Le GRove career on the line.

    And One person and One person alone – said it would be a Season from Hell.

    I have been banned a few times- maybe deservedly – stating the above.

    But I was right, wasn’t I?

    I will tell you another thing- you need 35-40 points to stay up.

    We have 18.

  28. Chika

    I can’t even find the words to convey how I feel right now. When you think you’ve seen the worst of Emery, he ushers you into a deeper level of mess.

    Our super modern structure should wake the fuck up.

  29. Leftsidesanch

    If Emery is still in a job by Sunday what is the point?

    As I’ve said before though, these players have been absolutely woeful and can’t be excluded from any blame.

    So many poor players hiding behind a “bad coach”

  30. Tee

    To Those attacking xhaka, what exactly do you want him to do?
    Cry because good ebening just showed another Master class tonight?

    Let the guy be. He wasnt the one that selected the team nor removed martinelli

  31. Jay

    I hope whoever is coming in next has seen xhaka’s disgraceful reaction and he never plays for the club again. Also hope all the supporters saw that. He disserves all the abuse he’ll get.

  32. AFC Legend

    Emery will be sacked.

    Anyone who knows anything about football knows the players have lost all confidence in Emery. I’m trying to fathom out the tactics. Football is a team game, the players need to know what to do with and without the ball. Without the ball we are totally hopeless. There is no cover, the space the opposition have in transition is Sunday League at best. Look at Southampton over 20 shots on goal. He pushes both wing backs up high with no defensive shield, the team doesn’t even do the basics. Blaming the players is wrong, we have some top players but they clearly don’t trust the Manager. I’m struggling to find a more clueless Arsenal manager. Bruce Rioch?

  33. Thomas

    AFC Legend

    “I’m struggling to find a more clueless Arsenal manager. Bruce Rioch?”


    At least he brought in Bergkamp.

  34. Tee

    Left side

    Keep blaming the players

    Good ebening will deliver another Master class at the weekend.

    He needs your support just like before

  35. Dolomite

    November 28, 2019 22:15:22

    To Those attacking xhaka, what exactly do you want him to do?
    Cry because good ebening just showed another Master class tonight?


    Show some basic respect given his situation at present.
    That was a sneaky underhand two fingers to the fans there at the Emirates

  36. Chika

    Is player poverty still a thing? The length some would go to appear more stupid just to absolve Emery is beyond ridiculous.

  37. Champagne charlie

    “That was a sneaky underhand two fingers to the fans there at the Emirates“

    😂 some of you are on another level.

  38. AFC Legend

    True Thomas.

    Cant exactly say Emery has shown his expertise in the transfer market. Watching Arsenal under Dick Emery is mind boggling. It’s Sunday league tactics every game.

  39. RodneyKing

    I think people are giving the players too much credit when they say they’ve downed tools. A good number of them were here while Wenger was in charge. We all know how that ended.

    Our players simply aren’t good enough. End of. There’s a reason why they’re playing for a team in the EL and not for one in the Champions League. This is the third season. The fourth one beckons as things stand.

  40. Pierre

    Emery did his usual and panicked when we conceded the first goal .

    The shape of the team was decent enough in the first half , shame Luiz was injured early as he looked like he was up for the game.

    Changing the shape of the team because of conceding a goal was a mistake.

  41. Tee


    Xhaka will almost be gone by January. So, it will do you and others some good if you can forget about him and face the one who brought him back

    Xhaka is the least of my worries .

    Emery needs to go QED

  42. Leftsidesanch

    Come off it Tee.

    Emery should have been canned from April when he showed he wasn’t up to task. That being said I don’t think this is a side that has much about them.

  43. Leftsidesanch

    Our midfield is one of the worst I’ve seen for a supposed “top” team. Our defence deserves no words and our forwards are one dimensional. There isn’t a player I’d lose sleep over if they were sold and that speaks volumes.

  44. MartinellisHead

    Guendouzi needs to drop down a level. Play in the under 23s. I can’t believe how bad we got once he came on.

    He’s weak defensively, positionally shite, clueless going forward and takes too many touches without going anywhere.

  45. Chika

    Picking on whatever Xhaka did is just a manifestation of a higher level of frustration.

    We have bigger issues to deal with. Focus!

  46. Left Testicle

    After slagging Emery off for the last twenty minutes Keown says he wants him to stay and have the chance to turn it around.


  47. Tee

    Rodney king

    How many of them were here when Wenger was here?

    Don’t forget its players like auba and laca who played under Wenger that have been saving Emery’s ass.

    Hope you know the number of players purchased after Wenger had left the building?

    Why not try another angle to defend your video analyst

  48. Victorious

    I made the argument after the Southampton game that the international break was simply a wasted opportunity to have replaced him,it was so obvious that there was no point keeping him any further as I couldn’t see where I our next win could come from,every match is a painful struggle and it’s just gross incompetence from senior management allowing this shite to fester

    No doubt now he sees the sack tomorrow,The fans have completely turned and there’s no coming back.

  49. Tee

    Emery is a singular employee that can be sacked whereas all the players can’t be sold at a go.

    So, leave the players for now and channel your anger towards the board and Mr. Vid Analyst

  50. AFC Legend

    “I think people are giving the players too much credit when they say they’ve downed tools.”

    Look at Leicester. They have a system that gets the best out of the players because of the Manager. We have some top players but they don’t play as a team. The tactics are awful, we can’t defend as a team and that is down to Emery. Off the ball I doubt any team in the PL is worse tactically. Players without confidence are a shadow of their real talent and you can see they have no confidence in Emery. He plays Torreira as an attacking midfielder FFS but let Ramsey go. Then he takes Martinelli off.

    Get a Manager in who understands tactics and sets the team up properly and you will see a different team. One that doesn’t let a poor team like Southampton have 25 shots on goal by leaving wide open spaces in front of the back three and having a zero pressing policy.

  51. Pierre

    “He’s weak defensively, positionally shite, clueless going forward and takes too many touches without going anywhere.”

    This is systematic of the whole team …too many touches ,there is no 1 and 2 touch football.
    What happened to letting the ball do the work

    Its schoolboy football .

  52. Graham62

    Martin Keown is a joke.

    When I wake up tomorrow morning, I want Emery to be gone.

    Hopefully that won’t be me still dreaming.

    If Emery was a dog, he’d be put down. The RSPCA would definitely be called in.

    The negatives are just all consuming.

    If no action is taken within the next 24 hours, “then what’s the point”.

  53. Nelson


    In the first half, we were playing like a team. We had so many chances. Once Luiz was replaced by Guen, the defense looked much weaker. After the first visitor’s goal, the team was broken again.

  54. Tippitappi

    Thought the German fans were banned end up in fucking club class only at our place hope UEFA deal arsenal a hefty fine

  55. Left Testicle

    You must have been watching a different game. We were poor in the first half and got worse in the second. Frankfurt didn’t offer anything in the first half.

  56. Tee

    Where is bamford?

    Emery really needs his support now.

    Anyone still preaching player poverty is one of the Emery brigade.

    They will tell you Emery needs to be sacked then end it with their player poverty mantra

  57. Best in the world mustafi

    Not that i wanted jose, but lets be clear spurs hopped up sacked a pretty decent coach who had done a good job just so they werent pipped to jose while waiting to maybe see if the coach could turn it round, meanwhile arsenal will probably lose to norwich the weekend even more cruelty to emery a beaten dog, do the kind thing pay him and sack him. Even big sam would have this squad fighting for the ball and getting through games against southampton at home

  58. AFC Legend

    “He’s weak defensively, positionally shite, clueless going forward and takes too many touches without going anywhere.”

    He’s another who doesn’t know his role in the team. Guendouzi works hard and has a physical presence. I love his work rate and commitment. He’s a talent. But he’s in the wrong area of the pitch. He is perfect in a more defensive role, let him break up play in defensive areas in front of our defence, like Kante or Ndidi. He’s far better than the static Xhaka at that. How many times do you find our entire midfield and wing backs/full backs ahead of the ball with no deep lying DM?

    Sorry I’m rambling on too much, I’m just really fed up with this rubbish and it’s just so mind numbingly obvious what is wrong. Emery is clueless, a really poor Manager. They have to get rid of him because this will definitely get worse. Much worse.

  59. G8

    Guendouzi obviously is struggling, but what have ozil and Toreira done all night?
    Toreira in particular was a waste of a substitution.
    Another brave manager would have brought an attacker in Pepe or Laca and paired chambers with socratis and just went for it..
    Martinelle substitution was criminal.
    Saka is promising, but he is just a kid, and so is Willock, no strength or composure
    Auba apart from the goal was really poor

    Frankfurt Japanese player is quality though, two quality strikes with his left and right foot.. we could do with someone like him..

    Emery is done and the board has to do something pronto.
    Anchelloti will do

  60. CG

    the two worst team in the prem as it stands:

    Watford and Southampton

    Both games were drawn.

    they both battered us- and were both worthy of 3 points.

    Norwich and Brighton next.

  61. RodneyKing


    Emery doesn’t need me to defend him. He’s operating at his level. I’m wise enough to know that one can’t give what one doesn’t have. He’ll be out of the club soon enough. If he doesn’t get sacked, it’s unlikely the club will extend his contract when it ends in May.

    I’m more concerned about the overall quality of our own players. Perhaps it’s your opinion that once a top coach comes in, they would instantly be transformed into world beaters. Obviously, I don’t share it.

    Would Mourinho have waxed lyrical about the squad he was inheriting had he been appointed by Arsenal instead of Spurs?

  62. HighburyLegend

    Emery will be fired when we will be out of the ELC, not before.

    But it will happen much more sooner than last season.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    Rumours starting to go around that Emery is going to be sacked tonight. Not sure if the announcement will be made tonight or tomorrow but that is the rumour.

  64. Nelson

    This is the half time stats for Arsenal from Squawka News:

    Shots: 8 – 1
    Pass accuracy: 76% – 68%
    Chances created: 6 – 1
    Possession: 55% – 45%

    Score: Arsenal 1 – 0

    I would say that it was much better than the first half vs Southampton where shots was 10 – 3 for the visitor. Of course, the team was still not playing like the good old days, if that is what you are comparing.

  65. Marko

    No fucking way. Sack the braindead moron and on the way out the door give him a really hard fucking slap across the face for being stupid. We improved? Only way a single Arsenal player could improve under him is if someone got a haircut. Abysmal manager should be sacked before the night is out. And the players shouldn’t be overlooked in this either. There’s at least half a dozen who have downed tools or are criminally bang average and need rid of. We need players with sack and heart

  66. Best in the world mustafi

    Watching arsenal tonight was like watching ozzie ardiles spurs without nick barmby, thats what emery has done to us. Come home arsene your the great man W.I.B

  67. into the red

    Great fighting talk, and an alarming revelation about the politics behind the sudden Nuno stories all over the press, as if the deal is all but done, softening everybody up for it. If it is possible to feel any sympathy for Emery, it is over the way his job is now being openly touted before he is sacked. The humiliation is cruel. Back him or sack him. But don’t leave him stranded before you tie up the deal with his successor, in public.
    I am afraid that behaviour, whatever you think of Emery, is another symbol of your thesis – that we haven’t just been taken over by an indifferent Yank, but a whole culture ushered in by his stooge Raul.
    I admire your two paragraphs about what we are. I used to subscribe to that too. But I have been arguing since Kroenke took over, that is dead and buried. All of your present tenses should be changed to past tenses. That is what we were. We are Arsenal in name only. Behind the nameplate is a corporate organisation run by businessmen for profit, and now it appears by people plugged into an international backslapping culture. There is no Arsenal in any of these people. Ask people behind the scenes and they will tell you how the whole organisation looks and feels American. Like the bodysnatchers we are hollowed out and occupied by an entirely different culture who see Arsenal as a vehicle for their own interests. It is tragic how rapidly the old Arsenal has been gutted, and even worse how fake these people are in their lip service to the old values (example: their excruciating ‘leaked’ message after the Baku debacle about how ‘we are the Arsenal’ blah blah – pure hokum designed for the fans, cheap insulting posing).
    The only way out is to get rid of Kroenke and his stooges. Even then, the chances in the current climate are that they would be replaced by another ego-ridden oligarch. Even the players can smell the fakery.

  68. David Smith

    Emery has been a poor hire, but we really need to look at those higher up.
    Why have the Kroenkes given Raul S so much power, laziness, naivety, neglect?
    If a club is in decline for so long, need to start looking at the top to a greater degree.
    When Emery is sacked, they should take a hard look at Rauls role in hiring , and keeping the wrong man. And make sure our CEO doesn’t screw up again.
    It won’t happen, but I would be sacking Raul along with Emery, this club can do better.

  69. AFC Legend

    ‘Would Mourinho have waxed lyrical about the squad he was inheriting had he been appointed by Arsenal instead of Spurs?’

    Yes he would I suspect. He might be a total Pr*** but he would set the team up properly for starters. How many times do you see a team with average players doing well because of the Manager? It’s a regular thing. Our team has no identity, no shape. It’s a tactical shambles. One of the most important things you can have is an identity. A way of playing. The players have to know what is expected from them in each different scenario. Please don’t try to tell me we have that at Arsenal because we don’t. Without the ball we are shocking, that isn’t down to the players it’s because of the tactics, if there are any. I mean, who on earth would leave Torreira out of the team or only play him in an attacking midfield role? Madness. Why do we vacate the midfield and offer no protection to our defensive line. We know Sokratis couldn’t pass wind so why do we force him to play out from the back. The team is unbalanced, it’s like watching one of those kids games over the park. Right, I need a beer to calm down, in fact I will probably down a few. I’ll have some more when they announce this clown has been sacked. Emery evening.

  70. Gentlebris

    If Emery is not gone when I wake up tomorrow then Emery is no more culpable, you don’t expect him to sack himself.

    Raul out!

  71. Gentlebris

    Anyone could make a mistake, no big deal. But when you are reluctant to admit and correct your mistake, you should be eased out of any decent setup.

    Raul out!

  72. AFC Legend

    Can’t help feeling the day David Dein left it all went tits up. Even he must regret his involvement with these American charlatans.

  73. Wenker-wanger

    The SHITFEST continues….Dr clueless unable to fix the simplest of ailments. Emery is far out of his depth he makes drowning look like a holiday….useless idiot.

  74. UTarse

    The lack of leadership and gross mismanagement under Stans reign is staggering. This is incompetence redefined.

    Ffs allegri isn’t in a job, hire him !!!

  75. Marko

    You guys need to stop with the memory lane shit. Not a one of them cares for you at the end of the day so long as they get paid. David Dein sold us out a long time ago so don’t romanticize the cunt. Bottom line the only thing saving the club from its decline is a lucky appointment mixed in with players signed

  76. RodneyKing

    @ AFC Legend Mourinho wouldn’t have waxed lyrical about our squad. I agree with everything else.

    I doubt that any of the current defenders would have survived a season under him though. Two brand new CBs in January, surely. I remember how he kept talking about needing defenders at Manchester United.

    Didn’t want him personally.

  77. David Smith

    People will say Kroenke allows money to be spent, but his complete lack of leadership, allowing unsuitable people to completely run the club is the problem.
    How can you give Wenger a completely free hand one season, Raul S a completely free hand the next. You could not meet two more different people, one of them failed over time, but at least cared about the club, but the fact is, neither were fit to have total control over the club, so why did Stan give it ? Ok silly question, we know.
    Stan could kill this club unless he appoints a proper person to get a grip, and that will cost him

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Unless they have something lined up we’ve made a big mistake not sacking Emery before the international break and hiring Mourinho in my opinion.

  79. Pierre

    Actually, tonight’s defeat couldn’t have worked out better.

    Leige drew so will need to beat us by 5 clear goals in 2 weeks time to finish above us , so qualification is a certainty.

    The defeat is the final nail in Emery’s coffin and he will be gone tomorrow, 100%.

    Well done charlie George for your correct prediction on Emery being sacked in November.

    Even though I had reservations about Emery from last August 2018 , the collapse of the team this season has somewhat surprised me.

    It sometimes looks like Emery actually is asking to be sacked when you take into consideration his tactics and decision making.

    I cant wait to see the back of him, a disastrous appointment.

  80. HighburyLegend

    “Hierarchy are meeting in the morning to discuss.”

    To discuss the kind of tea they want ?? One or two sugars ??

  81. gnarleygeorge9

    “Stan by your man,
    Tell all the world you want him,
    Coz if he’s sacked he’ll have to pay him out,
    Stan by your man.”

    Ofcourse Emery wants out, its obvious he is sabotaging game day to lose. But Emery wins, he gets the heav ho, get$ a 7 figure payout & in a month he is back in a job @ another club earning 7 figures.

    But there is more chance of Corbyn winning an election than Stan ‘The Blot on The Arsenal Landscape’ Kroenke f$$k$$g off. The Arsenal are doomed!!!!

  82. gnarleygeorge9

    Lee Judges, you are 100% correct. Now it’s up to all of you to also realise the cause of such a f$$k$p, then run that damn yankee outa town!