Raul has set wheels in motion for disaster duo (Long Read)

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Today I’m writing out of desperate concern for the future of our club. I think Arsenal are perched on a dangerous precipice. There is a Trojan horse at the gates of Highbury House, inside it lurks a super agent looking to control his biggest club yet via a managerial proxy.  The idea of Jorge Mendes installing his boy Nuno as our manager has to be squashed with brute force because outside of it being a painfully bland appointment, it comes with dire ramifications for how we are operated and run.

We cannot let this happen. It would be a mistake with grave consequences for our future.

Arsenal is an institution. A club dedicated to closely guarded values. Yes, those values have been used to defend mediocrity over the past 10 years, but forget that for a minute, we stand for something bigger than trophies and that is something you should cherish.

Whether it’s passing on Frank and Ronald De Boer because of what it said about our respect for contracts 25 years ago. Replaying a cup match with Sheffield United because of a rules infraction. Or the general standard of how the club conducts itself in the local community, we are a special club. There is an Arsenal way and it makes us proud to be fans.

Those values appear to be under attack by some in the leadership team.

Look no further than the open arms welcome to ‘contacts’ recruitment and the introduction of super-agents for evidence. Much like Unai Emery’s early subs in September 2018, we initially welcomed the shift towards a more pragmatic era, but 18 months in, with next to nothing to show for it, it’s starting to look like we’re being taken for a ride by Raul’s process for getting things done.

The last 18 months will pale in comparison if he is successful in selling us the dud vision of Nuno and Mendes running things at Arsenal. To be clear, this is not just agent talk. His name will be on the managerial shortlist the club is pulling together. Nuno might look a reasonable suggestion on paper, the one-season wonder has had some spectacular results, but as with Emery, scratch beneath the surface, and it’s clear all is not as it seems with the charismatic Portuguese.

So what’s the problem? Outside having a bland-on-toast resume that’s been heavily fortified with great wins against top 6 sides, the main issue is his super-agent kingmaker, Jorge Mendes. Every article leaked into the Arsenal ether this week has gone to great lengths to tie Raul and his friendship with Mendes to this potential deal. This is not an accident, Raul is canvassing fan opinion to see how we perceive this sort of partnership: You should be disgusted.

Mendes has a history with Arsenal. He has fucked us in the past. The biggest, and perhaps most consequential shafting was the Ronaldo move way back when. Mendes used Arsenal to earn a better deal from United. This is Wenger on the deal.

“There is always something you could have done differently, but the problem of negotiations is to know when you give in and when you don’t give in,” he added.

“Once we were at 4.5 million pounds, we were still in negotiations… so we were very close. But Man United went to 12 million pounds, which we could not afford at the time.”

Mendes was also responsible for sending Ricardo Carvalho to Chelsea when we were close. There are also numerous other deals that didn’t go our way. He is no friend of the club and there was a reason Wenger wouldn’t deal with him (no doubt it’ll be in his book).

Now let’s move onto Nuno. He was Mendes’ first-ever client in football way back when he was a reserve keeper. They have a storied history together.

Fast forward to Spain in 2014.

When creditor, Bankia, were trying to find a buyer for the beleaguered Spanish club Valencia, Asian billionaire Peter Lim brokered a deal for 70% ownership, his one stipulation? Nuno had to be put in charge of the team. The deal went through, the popular Pizzi was sacked, Nuno was given the managerial role. Who brought Peter Lim to the table? Jorge Mendes.

Things went as you’d expect, this from Sport 360.

‘And since Lim’s arrival was confirmed, the club has signed an unsurprisingly high number of players who are managed by or have close links with Mendes, including Joao Cancelo, Zakaria Bakkali, Danilo and Enzo Perez, creating suspicions that they owe their chief loyalties to the agent rather than the club, and that they will only stay until Mendes decides it is time to sell them.’

Things went deeper though, Mendes made real jobs redundant because he was the king. His roster of players was all that mattered.

‘Conversely, fan favourite Nicolas Otamendi was sold to Manchester City, with the deal facilitated by his agent – Mendes, of course. For many fans the most troubling aspect of the summer, however, was neither the club’s failure to significantly invest in players nor the Mendes links with those who did arrive. It was a political battle between Nuno and three of the club’s key backroom staff: president Amadeo Salvo, sporting director Francisco Rufete and scout Roberto Fabian Ayala, who felt marginalised by the powerful influence of Mendes and threatened to leave unless the situation was rectified.’

‘Nuno stood his ground, Lim backed him, and Salvo, Rufete and Ayala all departed – with the startling fact that chief scout Ayala was not even replaced speaking volumes for the club’s current recruitment policy, which appears to be based upon little more than shuffling around Mendes’ personal portfolio.’

Nuno was eventually fired despite returning Valencia to the Champions League, fans were disgusted at the power grip he and Mendes had on the club. By December 2015, Peter Lim had spent €200 million on players (lots of dross), many of whom were represented by Mendes. What did Nuno have to say about it?

“A short time ago I heard that it was a privilege to be able to work with the best agent in the world,”

“I don’t know why this has changed. He remains the best agent in the world. He has helped Valencia a lot.

“The players he has brought, I believe they will soon be the best in the world. You must recognise his work. The squad planning was what we believed was the best. I believe we were right in all the individual judgements. There is a young squad with a lot of potential, the youngest in La Liga. This project will have success for sure.”

Completely oblivious to the real reasons the fans turned on him, Nuno echoed an excuse reminiscent of what Emery said in yesterday’s press conference.

“The players believe they can give more, they must. But they need to be supported, to feel people are with them, that the fans understand their youth, that they are with them in every game, so their quality can come through.

“I had become the problem, because the fans were not supporting us, but had turned on me. Now I ask them to support the players, because they have the quality they have shown before.”

Valencia finished 12th the next two seasons.

Fast forward to 2016. Xi Jinping, the top boy over at China mainland, is a huge Premier League fan. He encouraged investment from his big shot entrepreneurs in the beautiful game. Fosun, a Chinese investment conglomerate, went out and picked up Wolves for £46m. Who was there to broker the deal? Jorge Mendes. He is the go-to broker for Asian billionaires looking to move into European football.

To make matters more complicated, Fosun’s owner has another firm called Shanghai Foyo that reportedly owns a 20% stake in Jorge’s agency, Gestifute. This from Wolves in 2018.

“Fosun have a percentage stake in the Gestifute company headed up by Jorge Mendes,”

Leeds Chairman, Radrizzani, was livid at the complicated relationship Mendes had with the club, obviously fearing conflicts of interest could arise.

“Not legal and fair to let one team owned by a fund who has shares in the biggest players’ agency with evident benefits (top European clubs giving players with options to buy) … why the other 23 teams can’t have the same treatment?”

It’s too boring for me to get into the details of every single player Wolves have signed or moved out of the club, but do the research yourself. Read commentary on Neto and Jordao.

It was swift, it was sudden, and it came as if from nowhere. Wolves, on Friday, with minimal warning until less than 24 horus beforehand, announced the signing of Portuguese duo Pedro Neto and Bruno Jordao from Italian outfit Lazio – for a combined fee of £18million.

Significant money for two players who were largely unheard of outside of Portugal and Italy, and two players who between them had barely racked up 100 minutes of senior football. From the outside, it looks like a confusing piece of business, perhaps even a rip off if you will, and a sign of the market spiralling completely out of control.

Read the Italian press write about the money Lazio spent to NOT play the two mentioned above. Read this 2018 article that cites 13 players as linked to Mendes that moved to Wolves. Or this Sun puff pieces that basically reckons UEFA would be killjoys if they let rules get in the way of a very strange setup. Remember Bebe? Mendes.

So now for Arsenal.

We’ve already had our fingers burned by the Kia deal for Luiz, I was told all in, that deal will have set us back £40m. We should have been looking at players with a high ceiling on the up, not a busted flush from Chelsea. Everyone is fully aware that we went above and beyond on Pepe with fees so steep, Napoli pulled out.

We also signed Unai Emery out of the blue and did the deal in 8 days. Without going over all the things that were clearly wrong with that hire, one huge miss stood out… Emery couldn’t speak English to Sven or Ivan G who interviewed him, yet we still signed him. How was that bulldozed through? No one at Arsenal asked if being able to speak the language was an issue? Very odd.

Anyway, it happened, we’re 18 months on, and who is being linked? Emery with a beard. A man with a very uninspiring resume, with very, very, very deep ties to a super agent that comes as part of his package whether you like it or not.

Signing Nuno is not about his talent as a manager, it’s about what it’ll cost the club in terms of a future. His introduction will make Edu an irrelevance, same for the scouts and the analysts (just like at Valencia)… because Jorge Mendes will become our Technical Director, Chief Scout, and Club Strategist. Why would Raul invite such a force into the club?

This move will create a lack of trust in the system. If you’re upset about the lack of transparency at Arsenal since Stan took us private, my word, you’re in for a treat if Raul gets his way with this manager. On the technical side, this move will rupture the already diminished culture at the club because our approach will shift from data and intelligence, to whatever works best for the fees.

To use Josh Kroenke’s words, it would not leave the fans proud. The Nuno suggestion is an assault on everything we believe about the club we love. It should not and cannot happen. If it does, you’ll know what Raul is all about, and you’ll know where it’s going to end… a financial/football disaster we’ll be lumped with for the next decade.

This sort of carry-on does make me wonder if Sir Chips’ fight to have Arsenal people on the board is about more than hurt feelings. Perhaps Raul’s ideas are alarming the sleepy old men? The same folk that were content with average football for 10 years might not be happy to see the club taking an unsavory path toward opaqueness. One can only hope.

I think it’s very telling that top journalists are being briefed very specifically that Raul is the one responsible for Unai’s continued tenure, as well as being the one that went off-shortlist to make the horrendous recommendation to hire him in the first place, that tells you he has enemies internally because those stories are an attack on his leadership, judgment, and credibility.

My hope is that the good people at the club are aware of the motives behind this managerial suggestion. Josh Kroenke needs to get off his Instagram and start speaking to the folk at the training ground with real football knowledge before he’s hoodwinked into another Raul shambles. Nuno is a Trojan horse that must be burned to the ground before people start entertaining the idea that the horse would look ace on The Emirates concourse. Arsenal are not Valencia. We are not Wolves. If Manchester City are valued at nearly £5b, then so are Arsenal. Nuno isn’t Arsenal levels to start with, factor in his baggage, and I wouldn’t even give him the courtesy of an interview. The absolute last thing we need to be doing is giving Jorge Mendes a parking spot next to the power at Arsenal FC. We are better than that.

My hope for this article? Firstly, you see the danger here. Secondly, that fans steer clear of falling in love with the Nuno idea, see it for what it is, bitch about it online, and share this story with anyone that thinks otherwise. This move is an attack on your club, it would fail miserably, and it must be dismissed with the same vigor we used to swat away the Jose stories.

See you in the comments, but not before you’ve gone onto Twitter to complain about this Nuno nonsense. #NuNoFuckingWAY

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668 Responses to “Raul has set wheels in motion for disaster duo (Long Read)”

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  1. Nelson

    I just checked the stats again. Frankfurt scored the 2nd goal at 64 minutes. After that, we couldn’t generate any shot on goal. The team was broken. We saw Auba showing up on the wing. We saw the midfielders passing the ball sideways or back to the defenders. Finally, the ball arrived at Chambers, who lost it every time. There was no urgency to try to score. The team started with the plan (Luiz as DM) but finished the game in shamble.

    Whoever is the new coach, get rid of PapaSok. He is finished as a footballer.

  2. AFC Legend

    I didn’t want him either! Nasty piece of work. Let’s hope something happens quickly now, can’t imagine what Norwich could do to us if Southampton managed 25 shots. First thing a new boss will do is sit someone in front of that porus defence of ours. Not Xhaka!

  3. alexanderhenry


    Regarding KSE and arsenal, that was then and this is now.

    What was a sound investment now looks like its falling apart.

    Empty seats, a massive wage bill and a slide into mid table mediocrity.

    Arsenal FC is currently not worth anywhere near £2 billion.

  4. China1

    Sok is a crap CB and even worse because of lack of protection

    Game was too late for me, I heard when we were chasing the game we bought on torreira????

    Genius at hand

  5. Bunga Party

    “Arsenal FC is currently not worth anywhere near £2 billion.’

    No, it’s worth even more. All you need is a Sheik or a Russian oligarch. They will pay more than the asking price.

  6. Tony

    Watched the game this morning and wish now I hadn’t and just read Le-Grove instead.

    Emery has failed the first of 4 games agenda driven Raul gave him to turn things around.

    If Raul doesn’t fire Emery this morning GMT, then Raul should go with Emery when Emery is eventually relieved of his managerial/coaching duties.

    12 weeks is long enough to replace the manager with the right appointee or a temporary fix if Freddie doesn’t have the requisite coaching badges.

    Just have to wait and see what Raul & Edu say over the next 12 hours.

    No point blaming the players until we get a competent manager with a vision and genuine coaching/leadership/motivational skills.

  7. Caligooner

    The reason why emery is shit is because he doesn’t establish consistent roles for players with his chameleon approach. It’s easy to lose confidence when you aren’t always sure what your role is or you’re just flat out being played out of position. Not only does it effect the individual but it also brings down the team with a lack of consistent chemistry.

    It’s hard to have one and two touch passing when nobody has a fucking clue where anyone is going to be.

    Then on top of that he is a shitty communicator. Not just the not knowing English part, though that doesn’t help, but he also seems to be unable to inform players of their roles and expectations.

    Long way of saying, sack the Spanish Dracula already.

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    “Sack Emery tomorrow and take away the hiding place. I want to see them turn it on after disposing of the bad man they didn’t like”

    Yess! we all want to see how they deliver after Emery is gone. They better deliver…

  9. Bojangles

    Tony, the Southampton game was the first of 4 to my understanding. Last night’s game was something of a freebie. Shouldn’t matter though, he needs to be gone regardless of upcoming results. He’s had more than enough to prove he’s not up to the job.

    If the results were there or we were playing decent football I could understand the waiting but we’re in no-brainer territory now. Any more delay will set us back further with each match Emery is in charge.

    Gone today for me.

  10. China1

    yeah everything bad you see now belongs at Raul’s door

    And if a week from now there’s still no change then it belongs at josh’s Door instead

    You just can’t watch arsenal have this poor a season and think more time is the answer. It’s not a serious thought from anyone with critical faculties

  11. China1

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, action will only come from Raul when his own position is untenable.

    Don’t expect proactivity at any point from our club. It’s absolutely comatose without fan input on issues. If the fans weren’t booing emery would definitely last until the summer absolutely nailed on

    But to make Raul hurry up the solution is at the next game, to make it personal to him instead of emery or the players.

    The crowd only have to say one word to get emery fired. Just chant RAUL in a really slow long stretched out form. Just say it over and over again for 10 mins. If more than 5,000 people join in emery is sacked by the next day. It will be talked about on tv and in the papers. Raul will feel personally affronted and the fans only need to say his name.

    As long as the spotlight is on emery, Raul can sit there in the stands pretending to be annoyed. The moment he is made accountable personally to the fans his safety net and comfort blanket will have disappeared and his own position will be under threat to josh for shitty leadership

  12. China1

    This is standard escalation in any work place

    If my performance causes problems you complain to me. If it doesn’t improve you go to my boss. Still causing problems? Go to his boss

  13. Tony

    Considered a freebie because……….?

    How does a freebie get inserted when a beleaguered manager is on a run of games to save his job?

    How ridiculously absurd that is by Raul.

    Very Del Boy logic from him.

  14. TitsMcGee

    Emery has the look of someone who is in over his head and knows it.

    Unfortunately he picked the wrong club to fake it until you make it.

    Nevertheless the pay out will leave him comfortable.

  15. Emiratesstroller

    I made the decision not to attend the game yesterday. Indeed my enthusiasm for watching Arsenal play is now at an all time low.

    Our football is “putrid” and as I have posted many times this season there is hardly a game where we deserved to win.

    The football is dysfunctional, the defence brittle and our midfield unbalanced
    and unfit for purpose.

    The Head Coach was interviewed after yesterday’s game and his comments
    were frankly “unintelligible”. If Emery cannot articulate to the interviewers
    and audience how on earth are the players able to understand the man?

    In a sense I feel sorry for Emery because it is blindingly obvious that he is completely out of his depth. The idea that you leave Lacazette and Pepe on
    the bench when you are losing a cup game you need to win after such a poor
    run is mind boggling.

    Last week I wrote that he is now “the walking dead” and that was a statement
    that the Mirror published yesterday. So perhaps their journalist also reads Le
    Grove to gauge mood of Arsenal Supporters.

    What is seriously wrong at the moment is the complete lack of leadership at
    the club from top to bottom and not just within the first team squad. The Kroenke family need to take a firm grip on what is going on before there is total implosion at the club.

  16. Rambo Ramsey

    Arsenal are finished as a club.

    Next will be another Emery-clone or worse.

    Its rotten at the top board level management.

  17. Graham62


    ” a week from now”. Are you kidding?

    I would say lunchtime today.

    If no action is taken by Josh before this time today, we should direct our anger at him.

    That was painful and embarrassing to watch last night. Those fans that turned up weren’t even there. It was pityful.

    If Josh does not act today, then I foresee some really ugly scenes coming up.

    This has gone beyond a joke.

  18. Rambo Ramsey


    Its dead.

    And the dead don’t come back.

    The final happy moments of Arsenal you’ll have are of Arsene’s FA cup wins, the man you oh so despise.

    I’m loving it.

  19. Graham62


    Good try my friend.

    The rot set in long before Arsene’s Cup wins.

    Maybe when we finalise our Brexit trade deal we could arrange a compromise with Trump.

    Americans get free prescriptions on the NHS, they take Kroenke back.

    Loving seeing your club being destroyed is rather sick.

  20. TitsMcGee

    Lol at anyone extolling Wenger’s last years.

    Maybe if he fell on his sword a few years earlier we’d be further along in the rebuild?

    Just a thought.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    I don’t think of it as ‘my club’.

    Because its not.

    Its a corporate business and I could not give two shits if it drowns.

    Its all about entertainment for me.

  22. Chris


    We’ll be back one day, we have always had long spells of mediocrity only to be top dog again. Look at each decade of our history.

    I think the hope was from fans that perhaps the longest and most consistent spell of being at the top end of the domestic game under Wenger, along with the stadium move and the hierarchy’s repeated claims of ambition, may translate into breaking through into being an undisputed giant of the world game. Unfortunately for various reasons that hasn’t happened.

    It is hard to argue that we are currently at our lowest ebb for a very long time.

  23. Bojangles

    Not my happy memories of the club. Mine are when they told Arsene to shift his arse off the throne. The club will survive Emery and come back stronger, so stop with the should have stayed with Wenger bullshit. If you had a braincell you would realise that it is because of Wenger we are having the shitshow now.

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    “If you had a braincell you would realise that it is because of Wenger we are having the shitshow now.”

    No, its because of Kroenke.

    Don’t worry, your million braincells will be able to process this in the next 20 years.

  25. Pierre

    “Maybe if he fell on his sword a few years earlier we’d be further along in the rebuild?”

    Or relegated ….

    “The rebuild”…now that’s funny.

  26. Chris

    And yet there are still crumbs of comfort.

    The right coach could turn the likes of Martinelli and a few other youth players into world beaters.

    And a lighter note, the next coach surely has better luck with jackets. Wenger could never zip his up and Emery wasn’t allowed to wear the one he picked.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    Clearly Arsenal is not a short term fix and at the moment it is a damage limitation job.

    The club has an absent “landlord” who is not proactive. The Board does not seem to have much role in running the club and is in my view too old to be effective.

    The senior management team at the club is relatively new. We replaced both
    Gazidis and Wenger. It is unclear just how effective the new team is. Who is
    actually the club’s team leader?

    We have invested in the last 2 years over £300 million in new players. Some
    like Aubameyang and Lacazette were decent buys. Messrs Pepe and Tierney were highly rated at their previous clubs and both Martinelli and Saliba [out
    on loan] could turn out to be exceptional talents.

    However, much of our current squad is either mediocre or using Alan Hansen’s analogy “young kids”.

    This season is a “complete write off ” whoever comes in. The million dollar
    question now is how you fix the problem and will there be the financial resources available to replace the players particularly in defence and midfield
    who are not fit for purpose.

  28. Chika


    “If you had a braincell you would realise that it is because of Wenger we are having the shitshow now.”

    Because of Wenger? How can people be deliberately stupid?

  29. Chika

    What is the correlation between Wenger and Bumery substituting Martinelli for Ozil or playing 3 CBs at home against Southampton recently?

    Posters still finding ways to defend Emery lol.

    We are a club without direction, a rudderless ship; anyone with an ounce of brain would know that.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    No-one is defending Emery. There is more or less universal agreement that he is a major part of problem.

    This is in direct contrast to Wenger where there was still considerable sentimentality and loyalty even though he was past his sell by date.

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    Very few know that Wenger is actually a dark magic specialist.

    From the top aka Stanley Kroenky to Emery and the players, all the way down to the tealady- Wenger has them on control. He’s got voodoo dolls on every one of them in his cupboard.

    When Mr.Walmart makes his next bland managerial appointment along with another batch of players, Wenger would make new dolls for them all and ensure that he has total power at Arsenal.

  32. Gentlebris

    One thing we have never talked about here is what the Emery setup has done to our players. If you looked very keenly you would see that almost all our players are fast depleting and gradually becoming empty. One player that the Emery confusion has eaten alive is Sok. The guy is being asked to negate his own strength and play to his own weakness with the playing out from the back nonsense, forcing him to make, initially, minor mistakes but as the pressure to do well mounted up on him, he started to make major mistakes and now he’s toast.

    Torrey is super confused . Willock has lost his growth. Pepe is like a duckling in a hurricane. It is one thing to say they are not being helped, but this is beyond that, they are being destroyed.

  33. Graham62

    Rambo Ramsey

    You are one of the reasons why we are in this mess.

    A fan, who, when asked which is your club, replies by saying “Actually I don’t have a club, I just like being entertained”

    What a pathetic individual you are for saying such a thing.

    No doubt you were entertained when we lost 8-2 at OT.

  34. Chika


    You’ve clearly not being paying close attention. There are still few dunces who believe Emery would surely perform better with new players even when the evidence on ground suggest otherwise.

  35. Chika

    Emery is actively destroying the confidence of our players.

    The ineptitude of the board is even more catastrophic.

    There was a football club….

  36. Rambo Ramsey


    My individualities aren’t tied or defined with what sports I watch, you blabbering old buffoon.

    But hey, feel free to get the badge tattooed on your forehead, a great fan that you are as we witnessed during the late Wenger years.

  37. Zacharse

    can’t believe i’m seeing wenger talk.
    the whole point of getting rid of him was the football.
    main reason for getting rid of emery? the football.
    any questions?
    i don’t think it should be a tough ask for arsenal to be playing exciting football whether we win the league or not. if champions league is a battle and we lose playing well, so be it.
    but to think something different than that. delusional. we suck. we’ve had a big fat underbelly for years. if anything what’s going on now is the conclusion to late wenger. hopefully someone upstairs has a little perspective and notices.

  38. Gentlebris

    ‘However, much of our current squad is either mediocre or using Alan Hansen’s analogy “young kids”.’

    Have you tried to look seriously at Liverpool’s team? Have you seen Liverpool’s midfield? Apart from Mane, VVD and Sallah; Liverpool are bang average. They should be losing one game in every three but they are not. Why? Klopp.

    Then put any of Mane, VVD or Sallah in this Emery set up, they would appear to be shit.

    Put Martinelli, Laca, Torrey or Auba in the Liverpool setup, the rave would blow the roof.

  39. Rambo Ramsey

    I think certain people on here look at Liverpool and fool themselves into believing we are on the same path.

    The biggest difference is Fenway group and KSE are a million miles apart in their thinking and approach.

    How do you think this gap will be bridged, dummies?

  40. Leedsgunner

    I’m just glad I didn’t waste my life watching that car crash.

    Goodness it’s almost like Emery is sabotaging himself and daring his bosses to keep him in the job…

    The managerial equivalent of scoring an own goal because he wants a way out of the club…

  41. Black Snake

    The football is atrocious but id say the bigger problem is the board and maybe a bit of the owner. It’s not like theyre proactive. Then you got Sir Chips throwing his toys out the pram, does he expect sympathy from us when he treated us with such contempt. Fuck the lot of them.

  42. Pierre

    “This season is a “complete write off ” whoever comes in. ”

    Will have to disagree there…

    Get the new man in now…Norwich , Brighton and West Ham next up with Leige in Europa.

    These same players will be unrecognisable from the last 4/5 weeks.

    The players pride will be hurt, questions are being asked of them, they will want to go all out to prove that it is the manager who is blame for their poor performances on the pitch.

    We have as good as qualified for Europe knockout stages and are 8 points behind Chelsea in 4th place ….all is not lost .

    It’s all about confidence, one of Wenger’s sayings was ” confidence can go very quickly but takes much longer to return”..

    With Arsenal now, we need a couple of scrappy one nil wins and the confidence will slowly return and it will be something to build on.

    It doesn’t matter if the football is not top quality , the players need a win ….yesterday was disastrous for confidence as Frankfurt are a poor side..

    For Arsenal to not have a shot on goal after their 2nd goal , says it all really but that doesn’t surprise me.

    Back in April, I put out some stats last season showing that we never scored a goal in the last 30 minutes in about ten of our defeats , so yesterday’s inability to score when behind didn’t surprise me.

  43. Tippitappi

    Well I’m not losing any sleep over this shut show anymore I’m going to watch my two local non league and enjoy my football. wake me up when their gone .By the way I mentioned the Germans in cloob class did I miss something? was that legit? When is a ban not a ban? knowing them stupid c–nts proberbly offers them free tea & sandwiches after and a luxurious coach trip back to the airport, no wonder they all had smug faces when rounded up post match .Good old Arsnal their always bend over

  44. Globalgunner

    Our defence is garbage. Sok and Luiz are just terrible. Midfield is non existent. Guendozi is being asked to operate way beyond his current capablities. We need 2 quality Cbs and 2 quality CM in January…also. the manager is crap

  45. Emiratesstroller


    There are always going to be one or two people who for the sake of being contrary will take an opposite position.

    However, the universal opinion is that he is not fit for purpose.

    There is a vast difference between giving someone a chance to prove himself
    and what we are seeing now. After 18 months he is clearly out of his depth.

  46. Jamie

    Remember during the summer when we were told Guendouzi’s wages should be doubled because he’s a £70m player with 40 appearances last season?

    That pearler hasn’t aged well.

  47. Receding Hairline

    Don’t see why they need a board meeting nor do i believe they are having one this morning anyway

    Huss Fahmy or whatever his name should already have drawn up the financial implications of sacking Emery and this should be applied. He isn’t even due his full severance in one full payment anyway.

    Get him out for the clubs own good and his to a lesser extent. No real point prolonging this.

    I want him out so we cab focus on other discussions.

  48. Vintage Gun

    Emery died in Sheffield last month. Blade attack. So let’s not speak bad of the dead.
    Or try to ‘connect’ with them either.

    The question is why Raul is keeping a stinking rotting corpse in charge?

    I wonder if after the summer signings, daddy Kroenke said “Don’t ask me for a Goddamn dime until next summer” and they aren’t sacking him for financial reasons.

    I find that hard to believe but then again, who would believe Emery would still be here this morning

  49. Leftsidesanch

    My point too, what does the Arsenal board need to discuss today? There should have been a managerial change in the International break. We’ve largely had winnable fixtures as well.

    Emery is a subject that baffles me.
    – He wanted to play out from the back even though we don’t have the players to do so and persisted.
    – We started off pressing teams and this stopped completely.
    – He made an example out of Ozil only to put him back in the side.
    – He played Pepe when his form was patchy only to drop him when he started to pick up slowly.
    – Woke up one day and saw LT as an attacking player and claims he showed LT videos of his best performances which were in that position.

    When you ask him to explain his baffling decisions his nonsensical answers make even less sense. He thinks we improved yesterday, the man should have been saved from himself after last season’s abysmal form in the latter stages.

  50. habesha gooner

    Man, Some fans. Guendouzi will become class with the right coach. Last night he was failing, but always showing up for the ball makes me think he would rather try and fail. Last night watching our throw ins Xhaka was always far away as if he was scared of the ball. but Guendouzi showed up and lost the ball a lot of times. A 20 year old who needs a coach to help him and tell him to play the ball up the pitch and failing right now is not what I would be so smug about.

  51. Alex Cutter

    “Last week I wrote that he is now “the walking dead” and that was a statement
    that the Mirror published yesterday. So perhaps their journalist also reads Le
    Grove to gauge mood of Arsenal Supporters.”

    Are you really so old and out of touch that you don’t understand the difference between “dead man walking” and “the walking dead”?

  52. HillWood

    Bring in Trotter Independent Traders ( T I T ) and all will be cushty
    Del Boy Rodney Trigger Uncle Albert Boycie to replace the current shower of shit
    You know it makes sense

  53. Valentin

    So after seeing Mourinho and Enrique getting hired, Josh decided to act before all Raul’s preferred candidates have been taken out of the market.

    Hopefully the next manager will be the right one. At least for the next 18 months.

  54. Nelson

    Mikel Arteta:

    Fabian Delph: ‘Mikel Arteta has been so pivotal for me. One of the reasons I have stayed at the club is because he saw the qualities in me and he knew I was available to do the role they wanted me to do.’
    Leroy Sane: ‘He’s a lovely guy and a great coach. And he’s always right. He’ll watch me at training and then afterwards he’ll tell me what he thinks.’
    Pep Guardiola: ‘He is already an incredible manager and he’ll have incredible success in his future. I’m pretty sure [he could succeed me]. Sooner or later it’s going to happen.’
    Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva and Riyad Mahrez have all credited Arteta with having a major influence on their improvements at City, his work on body positioning, tactical intelligence and attacking wing play critical to City’s success.

    Maybe he can get Pepe going.

  55. Mark

    A number of Press outlets are stating Raul and Vinhai recommended dismissal but Stan wanted more time. If this is correct it unpicks his Raul and Unai in each other’s pockets theory