Nuno stories heat up, but is it just agent talk?

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The Nuno stories went from a light belly rumble to an out and out unexpected ripper of a fart.

Sami Mokbel, a man with fine information, reckons he’s on our list should the club move Emery on. This story was backed by a number of others.

I am hoping the story is a touch like the Enrique and Mourinho rumours. It’s good for a manager like Nuno to be linked with the big jobs even if the story is a nonsense, it’s basically a way of alerting the rest of Europe that he’s all ears if anyone wants to send an offer his way next summer.

My hope is Jorge Mendes is trying to push for his client to find a new gig after 800 days at Wolves.

The Portuguese has done a solid job at Wolves. He’s taken them to the Premier League and made them very difficult to beat. His record against the top 6 has been better than Wenger’s and Unai’s combined, which admittedly isn’t a stretch achievement, but it’s still something.

He has sauce on the touchline, no doubt. If that Sky Sports presenter made a joke about his beard, he’d probably have biten a chunk out of his neck and murdered his kids. No doubt his English is better than Unai’s and the fact he’s built a solid team capable of being an underdog is also very commendable.

I’m just not sure that’s the sort of hire that moves you forward longterm. Compare Nuno’s resume to Unai’s and our guy trounces him. Emery had a smaller budget with Sevilla, La Liga’s version of Wolves, and he won 3 Europa League finals. They both managed Valencia, Nuno finished 4th, Unai finished 3rd three times. The only thing Nuno has on Emery is the language and one very good season in the Premier League.

Also worth remembering, the tiny little club in Wolves is run by one if the murkiest super agents in the game. The man that sold Bebe to Man United bankrolls the club with big cash and pulls in favours only a man of his pedigree could. Wolves has spent £200m in the past two seasons. £20m more than us. That doesn’t diminish the job, but it’s quite an advantage to be able to blow money like that. He’s currently 1 point ahead of Arsenal’s worst run in 38 years.

You also can’t ignore the past. Last time he was given a run at a big club, it was Porto, he struggled to break down teams that played a deep block and he resorted to longball football the fans didn’t like. He didn’t last. I’m sure he can adapt to Arsenal, he’s always flexed the sort of football he plays, but do we really want to play underdog football? If you’re going to go for that sort of manager, why not opt for one with Champions League experience like Allegri or Mourinho? Or, if you’re punting for a Premier League manager at a smaller club, go all out for Brendan Rodgers.

The notion that he’s Poch before he went to Spurs is a struggle for me… Poch didn’t blow £200m net on players at Southampton, nor at Spurs. Different gravy I’m afraid.

The deeper concern would be the signifier that Arsenal are a club controlled by super agents… and all the connotations that go with that sort of territory. We’ve seen first hand what Kia Joorabchian can bring you for a combined outlay of £40m (David Luiz). Can we honestly believe that all these mega fees that are passed around are in the best interests of moving Arsenal forward? It’ll start to look like pigs at a trough.

Raul’s reputation will sour very quickly if we continue to lack creativity and rigor with our approach. Sven Mislintat might not have been the right person for Arsenal, but it’s hard to argue that his vision for how the game should operate was incorrect. The contacts approach lacks transparency and it outsources your creativity. Hoping for other people to be honest about people they’re making fees off of is a fools game.

Here’s hoping the solution to the Emery problem isn’t to give it to a guy with a less impressive resume and better beard. That said, I do like his beard, it’s very cool.

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  1. Micheal

    In the weeks after Wenger’s removal, posters were consumed with the likely candidates to replace him. It’s like Groundhog Day as posters re-heat the debate about many of the same candidates – e.g. Arteta, Allegri, etc – to replace Emery.

    The one constant is the overall management of the club. We have appointed Rual, Edu & Co, but does anyone seriously believe that the basics have been changed ?

    We still have a disinterested owner, no apparent plan and no obvious sense of direction.

    I believe we should ship Emery out as quickly as possible. But changing the manager will not make change where it is needed most – at the very top.

    We need a more committed owner, a plan for the future and a far stronger sense of ambition. Without it, we will be having the same futile debate about Emery’s replacement in 18 months time.

  2. Batistuta

    Yea I’d sooner have time for Benitez before any of Poch or Arteta to be very honest. Mam not only knows the league but is a winner… The whole let’s get the best new flavour of the month manager long term thinking thing is a bit too much at the moment, for me anyways…We’re not getting any of the tier1 managers so why not someone like Benitez…Will take him before Favre or even Naggleman and co mainly because our squad isn’t exactly equipped for a lot of the kinda football most of you have it in your head we can play

  3. HighburyLegend

    “our squad isn’t exactly equipped for a lot of the kinda football most of you have it in your head we can play”

    Good point.

  4. Rob The Goon


    I’d have Rafa as well. The Chinese super league ends this weekend maybe Raul and co could tempt him back to the UK

  5. jwl

    Emery was always a transitional manager and our next one is going to be as well.

    Arsenal are trying to get rid of all our senior players on big contracts while launching it’s third youth project in past decade, this is not easy to manage.

    Whoever we bring in next will be failure just like Emery but Unai has got process started by sidelining a bunch of senior players who probably hate him now.

    I am not bothered by who we hire next because I don’t think it going to make difference with squad we have.

  6. Bergkamp63

    I don’t share the view that we don’t have the talent to play great football, yes there are big problems at the back but coaching is what they need, we are terrible shape wise, a basic lack of movement and crisp passing is missing.

    Our play couldn’t get any slower or more predictable if we tried.

  7. CG


    “”””Arsenal are trying to get rid of all our senior players on big contracts while launching it’s third youth project in past decade, this is not easy to manage.””””””

    and then give a 32 Chelsea reject old a 2.5 half year contract on a 100 000 week.
    and then paid fortunes in loan fees and for ceblloas- taking a youngsters place- ironically, and he will be back in Spain next year.

    If the Non Descript One comes – we will be changing manager again before the end of the season.

    from the man who stated The Clown will be gone by November 2019

    I predict the Non Descript one will gone by The Cup Final 2020.

    Tick Tock

  8. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Sven Mislintat might not have been the right person for Arsenal,’

    Well, he might have been. He must have seen something very wrong to jump ship so early.

    Overall, I think Arsenal fc is in far worse shape than a lot of fans realise.

    We have a hopeless manager
    We have spent next season’s transfer money.
    We won’t qualify for the CL
    We are floundering in an increasingly competitive league where huge TV money means that even the smaller clubs have a few quid to spend.

    Right now, I don’t think the powers that be have a clear vision for arsenal. There is no narrative as far as I can see.

    Anyway, maybe you noticed, but the LA Rams appear to have imploded this season and the projected cost of their new stadium is a staggering $5 billion.
    Seems risky to me.

    Has Kroenke overstretched himself?
    Has he had a senior moment?
    I hope so.
    Maybe he’ll have to sell up even though he won’t get anything like what Usmanov offered him a few years ago.

    No CL, empty seats, toxic atmosphere, bad press etc.
    I bet he regrets buying Usmanov’s shares now.

  9. bennydevito


    CC has said nothing you’ve not already said in the post.

    I understand the reluctance regarding Nuno especially when compared to Emery, but Wenger had won far less when he took over Arsenal than Emery had and look how successful he went on to be.

    There was no evidence Pochettino could upscale Tottenham based on his career but he went on to make them a top 4 club and got them to a CL final.

    Wolves play good attacking football and not just on the counter. I think we could do a lot worse than Nuno.

    As for Arteta, why are City now looking at GVB? Are they aware that Arteta wants the Arsenal job? Would make sense.

    Personally I would like Freddie to take temporary charge and then go for Ten Hag in the summer, or just hire Allegri now.

  10. bennydevito

    We haven’t spent next season’s transfer money at all. All transfers are usually spread over 4 or 5 years. We still have annual TV money, sponsorship and gate receipts etc.

    We haven’t spent next season’s transfer money at all.

  11. CG

    Stunning Alex H

    “””Overall, I think Arsenal fc is in far worse shape than a lot of fans realise.””””

    100% Accurate Analysis

    And this Wolves manager neither has the character, expertise, leadership qualities to quell the fires that are coming.

  12. Spanishdave

    You would hope that the club are having conversations now with potential managers and line one up before Emery gets his cards.
    Mid season isn’t easy to get mangers in and with Man U likely to kick out OSG soon some of them would rather go there.
    The next manager doesn’t have to be the one, we still have a lot of work clearing out the dross left by Wenger, so we need to stabilize before we move on.

  13. China1

    I’m convinced this is Emery’s last game regardless of the score line

    Auba has apparently refused to talk contracts until the emery situation is clear

    Meanwhile the journalists are circling him like buzzards

    The players have downed tools

    And perhaps most importantly it’s predicted that tonight will have the lowest turnout for a competitive game in emirates stadium history. Frankfurt’s fans will be banned which will make it look a chunk worse, but also a lot of arsenal fans likely won’t be arsed

    Even if we win, I think this game is really the last. It can’t go on after this, surely

  14. KAY Boss

    In as much as Emery can’t be absolved of the blame, some of our players have been drab. I think we’ve passed some poor play from them and put all on Emery. Some have been totally atrocious. PapaSok comes to mind. If we thinking of bringing Xhaka back in to the fold, it says it all really about the coach and his players.

  15. Guns of Hackney


    That’s good wordplay.

    But pack it in. There’s only room for one wordsman on here.

    But that was nice. Wishing you a very emery Christmas!

    That’s the fucking Arsenal Xmas card this year, isn’t it!

  16. Valentin

    I don’t know why people are still discussing installing Freddie. Freddie does not have the necessary UEFA Pro License. He can take charge only for 12 weeks, which does not take us until the end of the season. So we will still need a permanent appointment.

  17. HighburyLegend

    “That’s the fucking Arsenal Xmas card this year, isn’t it!”

    Nope, this year it’s a gift card signed by Josh, Raul, Stan and Unai.

  18. CG

    The G

    “””””He can take charge only for 12 weeks”””””””

    Ignore them- what are UEFA going to do.?

    Chuck us out of Europe next season?
    Fine us some petty change?

    He is a Bloody Invincible- he know more about soccer than the bloke giving out these pointless badges.

    (These pro- licence badges- total waste of time and money anyway.)

    Brian Clough, Fergie, Wenger Shankly didnt need them.

    (the sheer self importance of these football authorities.)

    I bet you the Clown has all these licences and badges – fat lot of good it has done him and US!

  19. Valentin


    When that number of first team members have “accidentally” liked social media messages asking for Emery’s sacking, it is pretty safe to say he has lost the dressing room.

    That does not mean that he has lost Raul’s support. The final decision may end up the sale of those players: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinez, Mhkitaryan, …

  20. Unai

    Dont think any coach will be accepted universally on LeG.

    I’d take Nuno, as said previously, hes on the way up, has a good brand of football and has over achieved with his current club.

    I was well up for Rodgers 18 months ago but the general consensus was he was a prem failure, now hes near the top of the list yet Nuno is criticised for his past? Strange…..

  21. Valentin


    Both the Premiership and UEFA have a charter that require long term manager to have the UEFA Pro License.
    Clubs breaching that clause may be kicked out of the European competition or heavily fined.
    For the premiership and Championship, I think that only Glen Roeder and Gareth Southgate were granted exemption. So I am not sure what the Premiership would do.

  22. Cesc Appeal



    I think the negativity around Nuno is over the top.

    I can understand the feeling of being underwhelmed but he’s better than some fans are giving him credit for.

    I wouldn’t mind it.

    My top choice would be Pochettino but I’m not sure we can make that happen. People like Allegri I don’t think will be interested, he will want the security of a massive transfer fund. I don’t want Arteta or Ljungberg. Gone off Vieira as well (who I would have tolerated) given our problems and his season this year.

    I guess the club will sound out some other managers like Tuchel, Nagelsmann, Ten Hag etc and then make a decision. If they think they can land a Pochettino, Tuchel etc in the summer then Ljungberg and Bould it will be. If not I can see a mid-season switch for Nuno.

  23. WengerEagle

    Wouldn’t touch Tuchel.

    Underwhelming at Dortmund and underachieving with a stupid strong PSG side with forwards like M’Bappe, Neymar, Icardi, Cavani, Di Maria, Draxler, etc.

  24. WengerEagle

    Poch your top choice CA?

    It not concern you how badly he was flagging at Spurs? Completely lost the dressing room.

    No chance they turn that game around against Olympiacos with Poch or beat West Ham.

  25. Dissenter

    Stop the scaremongering about this coaching licence brouhaha.
    The penalty is a slap on on the wrist and exceptions are given all the time.
    Name one club that was kicked out of European competition.
    We could appoint Freddie [not that I want him] and get and exemption after 12 weeks. We could pair him with Bould who has a licence to skirt around the rules. We could give him a different job title to go around those rules.

  26. Unai

    Right with you Cesc, would take Allegri or Potch but think both are highly unlikely.

    Paddy and Arteta are both untested in real terms and both carry huge risk as much as they have potential.

    Fact is, Nuno has taken a middling Championship club to a whole new level albeit with investment.

    I don’t like the whole ‘spent more than us’ point of view, its relative, £200m goes further when you have a strong base to work with.

  27. CG

    Glenn Roeder in….?

    Might as well.
    He is as cheap and nasty.

    And as lanky and as gormless and as usless as the Wolves manager

    Come to think of it – he looks like a bleeding Wolf- Molineux is his natural habitat..

    Farcical Apointment and totally apt for Arsenal 2019.

    Gone by The Cup Final.

  28. Valentin


    That’s not scaremongering. That is just stating the fact. Lots of small Eastern European clubs have been refused entry in the European competitions for less than that. Exemption are not given all the time.
    In fact in the premiership only 1 exemption was granted. It was Glen Roeder and it was after serious lobbying by the Newcastle chairman to all the other clubs following the initial refusal. Glen Roeder had the legitimate excuse that he was mid way through getting his when he suffered a brain tumor.
    Steve Bould does not have a UEFA Pro License either. He only has a UEFA A license as does Freddie.
    I had the same idea than you of using both for 12 weeks each to skirt around the rule. However Like I said in a previous comment, a friend of mine, a UEFA A coach told me that at least one club tried that trick and that did not end well for them. I did not ask her to elaborate more on that.

    Anyway I don’t see the benefit for Arsenal of taking that route. Unless you can guarantee that the right candidate will be available within 12 weeks, it is just kicking the can down the road.

    I also think that may be another reason why Raul has not sacked Emery yet. There is no internal solution until the end of the season. Imagine the humiliation if the exemption is rejected and Arsenal has to appoint Allardyce or Pardew for the remainder of the season. So right now Raul may just be scrambling to find a permanent option.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Not really.

    I think Pochettino is a great manager. The risk of things staying the same at Spurs was spoken about for years and stagnation that follows. Really did smack of that, big falling out with Levy and the one criticism I would have of Pochettino is I think he wanted to move on a while ago but didn’t have the balls.

    I honestly wouldn’t mind Nuno though. I think he’s been pretty disrespected by the level of criticism from some. Measured disappointment is understandable, but some of the hysterics about him would make you think we’re hiring someone who’s never been a manager and their only accolade is an endorsement.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    I do have worries about Allegri. He was in Serie A with a side that absolutely dominated in every sense. He wants a massive transfer fund as well. How would his approach translate?

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Van Dijk not injured, slightest touch, actually put his team in trouble collapsing in a heap after being brushed.

  32. KAY Boss

    How Nuno is shown some disrespect beggers belief. Allegri, Pochettino may be good but the level of disrespect towards Nuno makes you think we’re hiring a nonentity. If you think qualifying from the championship and being a mainstay in the PL is easy, try establishing a business in the countryside without electricity and make it a success, then you’ll understand a good job Nuno has done.
    Why am I even ranting, he may not even be hired but it should happen or any other person, I’m in full support mode.

  33. CG

    KAy boss

    “”””If you think qualifying from the championship and being a mainstay in the PL is easy, try””””

    Dyche has done it twice- and not spent 1/5 of what whatshisname and done without being in cohorts with a slimy spiv!

  34. Pierre

    6 months ago

    Arsenal 7-3 Valencia on aggregate
    Arsenal 3-0 Napoli on Aggregate.

    Both now competing in the champions league and unless I’m mistaken , are doing pretty well..

    Since that period, Arsenal have brought in Pepe, Tierney, Ceballos, Martinelli and Luiz at great expense and lost Koscielny, Mhkitaryan, Welbeck and Ramsey.

    All I hear on Le Grove is how poor the players and the squad are and how we need to replace this and that player because they are not up to standard…

    The question that should be asked , is how have we regressed so alarmingly in such a short period of time since we comfortably eliminated these 2 very good european sides 6 months ago..

    We can eliminate the fact that the players are not good enough , which of course leaves the manager who has lost his way completely.

    I believe that the players should be absolved from any blame at this moment in time .
    If they were good enough 6 months ago , they are good enough now .

    They are playing under a dysfunctional manager with dysfunctional tactics and dysfunctional formations.

  35. Pierre

    Valencia had a couple of our ex players who were continually slaughtered on here.

    Would I rather have coquelin sitting in midfield and Paulinho putting his head in where it hurts …..too right i would.

  36. Champagne charlie

    Where’s the disrespect for Nuno?

    Almost like folk can’t have an opinion about a possible manager. State your case if you’re FOR the man, but if someone doesn’t fancy him that’s entirely their choice.

    He’d be lukewarm as far as I see it, anyone taking that and stretching it make out like I wouldn’t be supportive is their own agenda at work.

    I’ll support whoever, as I did with Emery, but I’ll have a view of who’s potentially taking over and who eventually does take over if that’s ok?

  37. Nelson

    Napoli’s defensive organization is very good. Every player has a well defined position. They can recover their defensive shape very fast. That is a well coached team.

  38. Thanos

    Nuno has done great I would have him
    I agree with Pierre Napoli and Valencia got beat by us 6 months ago
    A good manager that can set our players up properly will get results straight away

    As has JM at the spuds
    I would not touch Poch
    He has thrown his toys out of the pram and tactically I don’t think he is all that

  39. AFC Legend

    Wolves play great football and Nuno has bought well in the Portuguese market. They also have something we don’t possess under Emery. An identity.

    At least even in the lean years Wengers teams entertained us. Watching us now is tedious.

  40. Pierre

    The problem is, the longer we leave it, the longer it will take to get back to the level we were even 6 months ago.

    Emery confuses me ….he was our manager for the 22 game unbeaten run, then had a blip , and then got the team back on track culminating in the 4-2 victory at Valencia and then again took his foot off the pedal and it’s been downhill since.

    Has he no one that can advice him that he had made a complete cock up of the situation or are they all yes men around him.

    Maybe he doesn’t listen and believes that it’s his way or no way….
    What is he saying that is convincing Raul, vinai and Edu that he can turn things round, surely those 3 must have serious doubts on whether Emery is up to the task….baffling.

  41. Ishola70

    Pierre tells us that Arsenal are just a wisp away from the big boys with just the right appointment of coach but does he care to explain how Arsenal have such a bad away EPL record that now stretches back to two years?

    Take a look at Italian clubs record in the Europa League.

  42. Pierre

    We are not out of the race for the top 4..(with a new manager)

    8 points behind chelsea is not insurmountable.
    I believe they will succumb to a heavy weight of fixtures around February/ March.

    In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to see them falter in the run up to Christmas ,

    They play a very high energy game and in the end it will take it’s toll , especially if they pick up a few more injuries.

    It was a superb game to watch earlier but Chelsea remind me of the ces ,rvp, ade era when the games were so open right up until the final whistle.

    Lampard will need to address that as time goes on .

  43. Pedro

    Think Pierre is bang in, being shit on the road is a psychological issue, and we finished close to 3rd last season.

    Needs to be a really smart appointment though.

  44. KAY Boss

    You supporting the next manger is a choice. For some, if it’s not Arteta/Poch any hire is underwhelming.
    As I said before, we’ll need to hire and fire to get it right all that at an expense.

  45. Ishola70

    Being shit on the road is a sign that the team is not good as people are making out.

    In fact it’s a telling point.

    You can get teams in leagues all over the place at all levels that have good home records but are midtable average sides because they can’t back up their home form.

    Home form does not make a good team. Has to be more.

  46. Ishola70

    And relying on mostly home form eventually bites you if you are not truly up to scratch and the once very good home form then itself turns awry.

    Emery is the worst coach in the world now because he has dropped six home points in his last three EPL matches.

    This is what it all boils down to.

    You can’t hide behind home form forever if the team are not truly up to scratch.

  47. Aussie Gooner

    Could Nuno be the answer to our prayers? Who knows! The point is that no one is guaranteed to bring success. Coaching licences mean jack shit, as do all paper qualifications, interview presentations etc. As I have pointed out before, ex Arsenal man Paul Davis is one of the best qualified coaches in the UK. Does that make him a shoe in for the job? No, he has no experience, could he succeed? Who knows! It is a bit of a lottery with our fractured appointment process. The club will probably farm it out to an HR company to pick our next coach based on stats, presentations and Youtube footage!

    Our next coach has to bring back the passion to the table, effective man management and a clear vision of how the team plays with the players avaiable – not some pipe dream style totally unsuited to the squad at hand. And they need to be able to caoch – yes the basics of setting up a defence, progressing the ball through midfield and then scoring goals! I think I should put myself up for the job! I have a wicked Powerpoint presentation!

  48. Champagne charlie

    “For some, if it’s not Arteta/Poch any hire is underwhelming.“

    I don’t agree with this. Pedro got a good dose of that when Emery was hired, claims of him being salty about Arteta and the like when in reality he never fancied the guy chosen.

    Think it’s an easy remark to pass. I don’t care who’s in charge if they’re successful, and I’m sure it’s the same for any fan.

    But speculating on such things is football chat in a nutshell, doesn’t always have to be about ulterior motives. Bit undermining that.

  49. Pierre

    “Pierre tells us that Arsenal are just a wisp away from the big boys with just the right appointment of coach”

    Did I say that , of course not. I said if we can play at a decent level 6 months ago then there is no reason why we cant get back to that level .

  50. Pierre

    “Emery is the worst coach in the world now because he has dropped six home points in his last three EPL matches.”

    I would put it down to the fact that he is setting up the team in a way that allows mid table teams and lower to have 20+ shots at our goal.

    To be honest he’s lucky it was only 6 points dropped .

  51. Ishola70


    “I would put it down to the fact that he is setting up the team in a way that allows mid table teams and lower to have 20+ shots at our goal.”

    Yeah and if he squeezed through those home matches winning two of them 3-2 and the other 2-1 fans would still be going along with him.

    Let’s not pretend that this coach and team have just been shown up now.

    They were shown up at Wolves and Leicester last season and against Chelsea in the Europa League final. It’s been simmering away for a long while now.

  52. Chika


    ”I ran with a Marko fact on Twitter today, turns out it was completely wrong.”

    Haha, never go to war with a Marko nugget.

    I reckon Nagelsmann is potentially a hire that would greatly unite the fan base more than any other coach.

  53. Receding Hairline

    Well thank heavens Wenger Eagle is asking the question I have been asking, why have Spurs been rubbish since January 2019 and why did a dream manager lose his dressing room.

    Blaming it all on Levy and boredom on Pochettino’s part is all a bit convenient.

  54. Receding Hairline

    You can setup the team anyway you like, Sokratis will always be rubbish.

    If you keep losing possession like amateurs in your own half, keep allowing teams waltz through your midfield without as much as a challenge you are going to face shots every game.

    They should hurry up and sack Emery so this bunch of jokers have nowhere to hide.

  55. Pierre

    “Pierre please tell us who you would like to manage next?”

    What I don’t want is for us to make the same mistake again, in hiring a manager with a certain football philosophy when we dont have the players to implement that philosophy.

    It is vital that we get in someone who is excited to work with players of the calibre of Ozil, Lacazette, Pepe and Aubameyang…I never had the impression that those players and Ramsey are Emery’s type of players and maybe the players felt that as well .

    A manager like Rodgers or Pochettino would make an immediate improvement, I am convinced of that .
    To me , they are managers whose team play with flair but also retain discipline within the side.

    Benitez and Allegri are more pragmatic coaches and would sort us out defensively, that’s for sure.

    Any of the others are more of a risk, I quite like the way Arteta has spoken about how he wants his team to play when he finally manages .

    It may take 2 or 3 tries before we get it right, but first we need to employ a manager who wants to work with the players that are already at the club.

  56. Champagne charlie


    What, you getting your pants pulled down for using a Markoism casually? Lol

    Nagelsmann wont come mid season surely? I thought he rebuffed all last summer for this project he’s at just now?

    We’ve messed up not backing a youngster post-Wenger. Emery simply isn’t the competent hands we apparently considered him, we need to get this next one right (easier said of course). But more importantly the blueprint of HOW we upscale needs to be crystal clear and smart.

  57. Pierre

    “If you keep losing possession like amateurs in your own half, keep allowing teams waltz through your midfield without as much as a challenge you are going to face shots every game.”

    A player will get caught in possession of the football when he has no options to pass to .
    Is that the players fault or is it the way the manager sets up the team.

    Emery is on the touchline pointing to where he wants players to go , pointing to where he wants them to pass to , so the obvious conclusion is that it is the manager’s poor tactical approach that is not working.

    As for the opposition waltzing through our midfield, that is easy to remedy .

    Put 2 holding midfielders in there for a while , tell them to be disciplined and not to get ahead of the ball and you wont see the opposition waltzing through our midfield.

  58. bennydevito

    Champagne charlieNovember 27, 2019    20:56:42

    Where’s the disrespect for Nuno?


    I present exhibit A; the usual suspect who can’t resist an insult:

    CGNovember 27, 2019    20:03:49

    Glenn Roeder in….?

    Might as well.
    He is as cheap and nasty.

    And as lanky and as gormless and as usless as the Wolves manager

    Come to think of it – he looks like a bleeding Wolf- Molineux is his natural habitat..

    Farcical Apointment and totally apt for Arsenal 2019.

    Gone by The Cup Final.


    Guy’s not even been offered the job yet and CG’s already throwing the slurs about.

    Change the record ffs.

  59. Tony

    Good morning Charlie just got to read your reply post from last night where I remember now some of your Poch comments from your pre hiatus posts.

    You make compelling arguments for Rafa and Poch, but I still have reservations regarding Poch. Yes, in many ways Poch ticks most of the boxes as you pointed out; however, I feel Poch lacks a winners’ mentality or at least has a mental block when it comes to winning vital games and this transfers to his players.

    Poch also has a suspect temperament where he deflects blame to his players when things ultimately go wrong on the pitch. His interviews’ body language raises petulant emotional and confidence red flags for me.

    Poch would probably win silverware with Bayern, PSG, Juve and RM, because of the limited horse race and depth of talent, but I just have a gut feeling Poch would have similar results with us as he’s had with the Spuds.

    I would prefer Vieira over Poch.

    Rafa on the other hand I agree with your thinking and would have no problems Rafa being hired on a 2/3-year deal. Rafa is one of the few elder statesmen managers who still has his football management/coach credential/mojo intact.

    NES fits the Howe and Dyche brackets for me where I see similar problems as Emery has brought us after the honeymoon period, so a no for me.

    As much as I feel Allegri would be the intelligent choice for us going forward, I’m not convinced he’s the right ‘suits’ fit, but more the best of what’s available.

    With the season pretty much lost already, I’d take a punt on Arteta 2nd choice, and Vieira first choice with Keown & Bould as defensive coaches and Bergkamp as a midfield coach. I think Henry as the forwards coach would get much more from Auba & Lacazette as well as settling Pepe and making more of Martinelli’s predigious talents.

    I raised serious concerns at the time of Raul’s hiring and feel he’s clinging to power right now and is only a slight improvement on Gazidis from his rolodex contacts’ relationships.

    I’ve always felt that Raul’s PR video clips were just hot air and an insult to the fans and the club. They didn’t have the absurdity of the Gazidis sound bites, but ultimately were lip service events selling a dream with no substance.

    Similar to the pajama-wearing-while-watching-games Josh interview’s claims & promises, although one could write-off some of Josh’s comments as naivety in believing Raul’s ITK BS.

    As mentioned before Edu is more silent than Stan. The next manager’s appointment will say much about Edu and his vision for the club, which he should have by now.

    As you say Charlie the current status of our club is a farce from the very top to the coach and his personal backroom staff.

    If I were Josh & Kroenke senior I’d take a step back from Raul, Edu, Emery and dinosaur board and do further due diligence away from their influences; they’ve owned the club long enough to understand why the Groundhog Days are still repeating themselves.

    We are in a complete mess that sadly isn’t easily fixed and where no job should be safe from top down with antiquated management models and ruthless people purely out for money and power rather than success on the pitch and showing respect the long suffering fans more than deserve, especially the ST holders and suffering away fans who get my full respect.

    Fortunately I have welcome distractions with the building project nearing completion. It’s very interesting the way the cinema is similar to a Babushka doll; being 3 separate rooms built inside each other with varying forms of acoustic panels being built in so that less than 20db can be heard outside of the building or throughout the house.

    Also been getting ready for the northern MC ride starting next week, so plenty to keep a retired guy like me happy away from football, especially with so much going on with my wife’s company and our son and daughter who is going to be doing her second degree in Melbourne next year.

    The right hiring of a new coach may well get things working better on the pitch, but, from where I sit, the Kroenkes need to realise how bad the cancer is from the board down to the DoF, which will ultimately affect the new coach and his backroom team in the long run.

  60. Tony

    Meanwhile in Emery La La land Emery has sent the players off to mentally recover from the Southampton game; the game they has 2 weeks to mentally prepare for.

    “Unai Emery gives his Arsenal flops TWO DAYS off ahead of Europa League clash with Frankfurt despite dismal six-game winless run

    Unai Emery gave his players two days off after the draw with Southampton

    He believes his players needed to ‘mentally recover’ after another poor result

    The Arsenal boss is under pressure after registering just one win in eight games

  61. Tony

    I’m beginning to think Emery needs professional help.

    Xhaka has no place ever wearing the Arsenal shirt again, but if Emery has wrongly decided that Xhaka should play, why pick a home game to play him where the toxicity is on a very short fuse?

    Beggars belief!

    “‘I hope every supporter supports him’: Unai Emery reveals Granit Xhaka could return to action in Europa League tie with Frankfurt after being dropped for telling fans to ‘f*** off’ in furious row”

    “Unai Emery says Granit Xhaka is in contention to play against Frankfurt

    The midfielder has not played since the 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace last month

    Xhaka was stripped of the captaincy after appearing to swear at supporters

    The Gunners will progress to the Europa League knockout stages with a win”

  62. Tony

    Further proof of Emery’s questionable sanity: Emery must be oblivious to the press articles on his potential firing.

    “‘The club is supporting me’: Unai Emery insists Arsenal top brass are still backing him despite Gunners’ terrible run of form

    Arsenal have endured a morale-sapping run of just one win in eight games

    Emery said: ‘I feel the club, everyone responsible in that area is backing me’

    Arsenal were jeered off following Saturday’s 2-2 draw against Southampton”

  63. peanuts&monkeys

    ‘morning folks!

    There is a section of Arsenal fans here and elsewhere raking up sympathy angle for UE – he tried, he is honest so on and so forth….

    Football manager’s careers and their tenures are not measured by honesty, diligence, sincerity and similar virtues. Results, results and results.

    If a manager like Favre is hanging by a thread today, UE should take his sacking in his stride. And so should all such Arsenal fans who have got used to managers’ tenure without any accountability.

    What fuckin excuses do the Arsenal mngt have to put fwd to explain why Poch is still not hired and put in at Emirates???

  64. Gentlebris

    “Really, the one thing we need is to be more compact. We are conceding more goals than we wanted and the opposition are creating more chances than we wanted. That is the first tactical issue I want to change,” said Emery.

    Better to say nothing.

    You got a job, you knew what you were expected to fix, you dragged your predecessor for not fixing it, you failed to fix it after 18 months, and now here you are talking as if you are just realizing what your job is.

    The major reason most people passionately disliked Wenger was because of his weird spins and his habit of insulting the collective intelligence of the supporters, telling us white is black and black is bad.

  65. Bojangles


    “Slow news day in here. I guess the regulars are banged up or on reduced internet hours at the asylum.”

    Not sure about everyone else but I was at a Vietnamese birthday celebration. Although I understood only around 10% of what was said to me, it still made more sense than what’s happening at Arsenal at the moment.