Arsenal sights set on Arteta and maybe Allegri

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The end is nigh for poor old Unai. Rumours abound about the succession plan. The slow walk towards a fat pay off for the post-Wenger nightmare hire.

I feel for him on a human level. He wanted to succeed, but things were never going to work for him at Arsenal. He was badly miscast and Raul has a lot to be sorry for.

At the core of the failure is a simple one. His English has been terrible; if anything, it has regressed. That he failed to improve on it over the course of 18 months is on him. Watching a Sky Sports reporter take the piss out of him was a real struggle for me. On the one hand, it’s really fucking unprofessional to do that to someone for a cheap laugh, kicking a man like that was cowardice. On the other hand, I can’t help but think it summed up the whole issue of communication rather well. If Emery had understood what was going on, he might have had a chance to fire back at him.

‘You stand before the great Unai and you mock my accent? Come here little bitch boy and I will spank you bare arse with my leather belt like your mother’s boyfriend should have’

The reality is, he’s at the absolute pinnacle of the game, he’s earning £6m a year… he’s in the top 0.01% of humans on the planet when it comes to wealth. If you can’t master the language of the country you reside in, you don’t deserve the job or to be successful. It’s a very important details thing for me. I keep coming back to it, but his inability to master the word ‘evening’ 18 months in speaks volumes about how seriously he’s taking his Duoling apps. That issue should have been nipped in the bud two press conferences in.

‘The Brits can’t talk, they’re language ignorant’

Yes we are, but if £6m was on the table, you’d have Big John from Mardyke Estate chatting Mandarin to his clients in no time.

This is a reductive line of attack anyway. Emery took the job, presumably predicated on learning the language quickly. He has failed. I have two cousins that work in the trade, they wanted to learn Spanish. In a year, they are fluent enough to have elevated conversations with my Hispanic girlfriend. If they can do it in the name of getting access to elite foreign women, I think Unai can do it to help save his job.

I still can’t quite believe that large portions of the fanbase argued language wasn’t a problem. Quite staggering. The internet will argue anything if it’s me. Poor me. But right me all the same.

That means the next person we hire is going to have to be a sharp-tongued master of the Queen’s English. I want a manager that does poetry slam’s on the side. Someone that has – I enjoy puns – in their social bios. A manager that didn’t need a ghostwriter for the best selling novel they penned on the side.

Step forward Steve Bould.


The story doing the rounds is that the job will be given to Freddie and Steve until Arsenal lock in a new manager. That makes sense, it’s not a longterm solve, but it’ll bring a bit of spirit back to the squad. We might see a bit more logic to the way we set up. The fans might actually want to go to the games.

Then we have the familiar selection of names being pushed around. Pochettino will be talked about because he’s the obvious candidate. I would love him, he’s everything we need, but the guy seems like he has values and I can’t help but think he’s being groomed for United… or he’ll be eyeing the PSG job when Thomas Tuchel moves to Bayern Munich in the summer.

Allegri still doesn’t have a job, but by all accounts, he interviewed so badly with Arsenal the entire selection team thought Emery was mesmeric. Think about that. What the fuck did Allegri do? Did he pull out a presentation for Spurs because he’d misinterpreted the brief? Did he fart and acknowledge it as part of a wider metaphor about resolute defending? I suspect his English may have been poor at the time, which could ONLY have been a problem because Raul couldn’t translate because that certainly wasn’t an issue for Emery.

Big worry for Allegri is simple. He’s a big fucking deal. He is part of the elite. He’s unlikely going to want to oversee a major rebuild on children’s money. I worry he could be bigger than the club and I’m just unsure if he feels right for the brand of football we pretty much all want to see.

Mikael Arteta is my man. You know this. Question is, would he move midseason? Are we appealing after we bitch-slapped him back to Manchester? Does he have the stomach for the mess?

He’s a much-hyped coach. There’s a high chance he could be the next thing. A football obsessive, an ex-captain, and part of the most winningest machine in Premier League history (that plays sexy future football). You’d be mad not to want some of that Manchester City hot sauce. Aash mentioned on the podcast that Eddie Jones visited Pep to get tips on territory strategies for the rugby world cup. That’s how phenomenal the IP is down there. Our next coach needs to be thinking beyond Kola on the overlap.

There will always be a set of fans that promote the idea that a club can’t be fixed by a great coach. That is a nonsense and you should beware the pessimists. Wenger was defended for years with toothless deflections like ‘but who could replace him’, now look where we are 5 years on. Liverpool and Spurs, who were both behind us by a margin on and off the pitch, are now in far better shape than us.

Both rebirths started with an exciting vision brought about by two exciting coaches.

Arsenal need a vision. If we don’t make top 4 this season, a long shot at this moment, we’ve basically got the transfer ban Chelsea had this season, so we’ll need a similar strategy to move forward. Young coach, everything to prove, doing it with exciting young talent. Arteta is a great coach, no doubt, question is, can he be a great manager? I certainly think he has enough elite endorsements to be worth a shot midseason.

Fingers crossed Edu doesn’t have a friend that has a pal that knows a dog that has a line into Neil Warnock.

You can never be too careful…

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  1. Receding Hairline

    “Yet people seem to associate him with Sokratis and Liechtensteiner when all reports and interviews since indicate that Raul was the driving force behind those purchases.”

    You have been playing this game for far too long

    Sokratis was brought to Dortmund by Sven

    Sokratis was then brought to Arsenal by Sven

    You can shout Raul did it all you want but we all tangible facts and evidence point to Sven M

  2. HighburyLegend

    “I don’t want Arteta or any other untested assistant manager. ”

    Be careful of the ban, Dissenter… 😉

  3. Dissenter

    ‘ Both Auba and Lacazette know they are in a shitfest.Doesn’t help with self motivation.They are both quality players but need structure around them to maximise their skills.’

    They shouldn’t be playing together unless there are injuries. They don’t work well together. When either of them score in the same selection , it’s usually individualistic.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    There are currently very few standout established Managers/Head Coaches
    who are currently available with “proven” track record

    The only one to come to mind who is currently available is Allegri who managed Juventus. Let’s be clear Juventus had no competition in recent years in Italy just like PSG in France and perhaps Bayern Munich in Germany.

    So that there is no certainty that Allegri coming to London will be a solution.
    Moreover I would prefer to bring in a manager/head coach who does not bring in his coaching baggage.

    Also there is one lesson to be learned from Emery’s tenure and that is a coach
    working in England with an “international squad” of players needs good communication skills and a grasp of English.

    I accept that bringing in Vieira or Arteta is a potential risk, but that applies frankly with every manager. The risk can be mitigated by surrounding him
    with a good and experienced coaching team.

    On the matter of the quality of our squad I agree that it is below par in defence
    and midfield departments, but that does not require as some suggest wholesale changes. The recruitment of perhaps 3 major signings along the
    spine may correct the problems.

    We have currently three centre backs in Mustafi, Sokratis and Luiz who are
    not fit for purpose and also not improvable. The same also applies in case of Xhaka, Elneny and Mkhitaryan. So all these players need to be offloaded

    Another factor to consider is that Arsenal now has the youngest squad in EPL
    with average age under 26. There are an awful lot of inexperienced players
    being overplayed like Guendouzi.

    The real issue with current squad is not the calibre of players but the balance
    and tactical side of the game.

  5. HighburyLegend

    Interesting quote from onlinegooner : “The lack of celebration of the goal offers some hope. The players still have standards too. We know the fans do.”

    “It’s over to the powers that be now….”

    Let’s pray.

  6. TR7

    We have won games with all of Fabianski, Djohorou,Squillachi,Gibbs, Song, Denilson in our team. In 2011 season our team was basically a one man team with RVP the only class player. Also a bit amusing all the outrage over Auba and Laca even though they have kept Emery in his job. Without them we would have been fighting relegation.

  7. Bojangles

    “Also Pep has now publicly said that he is against Arteta leaving mid way through the season.”

    Except he didn’t exactly say that. He said he would prefer him not to go mid-season but went on to say that it was Arteta’s choice both on a personal and professional level.

  8. Paulinho

    Back in those years we had Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Cazorla, Fabregas, Diaby, Benayoun (underrated), Ramsey, Wilshere. All injury prone but genuine quality ball-carriers from deeper areas that could ignite our play and put the opposition on the back foot.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Highbury Legend

    Aubameyang and Lacazette will not be at Arsenal if Emery stays and the performance level in defence and midfield does not improve.

    However, Aubameyang will not leave as easily as some may suppose. It takes
    three parties to tango. Arsenal will demand a large transfer fee and Aubameyang will demand high wages and a club which is an upgrade.

    Most of the major clubs in Europe are not going to recruit a 31 year old
    striker and pay mega bucks for his services.

    Arsenal need to hold onto these two players for at least one more season
    until Martinelli and Nketiah are experienced enough to take over.

  10. Nelson

    Benitez’s first season in the Chinese Super League comes to an end on Sunday. But he has a further two years left on his £12m a year contract in the CSL He may not worth it.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Auba doesn’t do enough in games against top clubs. Not a game changer.

    Laca is a busy little bee but oafish as a footballer.

    Sell both for £100m and we would be laughing. We could easily get another two, younger forwards or one forward and a midfielder or two defenders.

    They are 30/29. Times up on these two clowns.

  12. TR7


    Granted we had some quality midfielders till 2010 although I would say between 2011 and before Cazorla arrived, our midfield options were no better than what we have now. Besides we carried more players in our starting 11 back then than we do now. Imagine Fabiasnki, Djohourou, Squilkiachi, Giibs and Song at the core of our defense.

  13. CG


    “””””If that is the case, then I agree with CG(gulp!).””””””

    (Thanks )

    Last 6 fixtures this season:

    wolves (a)
    leicester (h)
    spurs (a)
    liverpool (a)
    aston villa (a)
    WATFORD ( h)

    Not many points there.

    Danny Welbeck to do a Denis Law- and send us down!

    Thats why we need Rafa or a Dyche.

    Dirty Dog Fighters with Goatees only need apply.

  14. Paulinho

    TR7 – I don’t see any difference between Gibbs or Kolasinac, or Squillaci/Djourou versus Sokratis/Holding. Song could actually consistently play a final ball over the top to RVP, which is more than I can say for our current midfielders.

    Anyway, the point is there was always that stardust in midfield to bring creativity and accelerate our play, and you can easily accommodate average players if you have an ‘alpha’ with ability. We saw the huge difference Ramsey made in central midfield last season. He gave Ozil relevance, Mikhi relevance, Xhaka, Torreira, his runs also distracted defenders and created space for the limited strikers we have who need to be spoon-fed.

  15. CG

    G of H

    if the Goatee was to Go- would he appeal?

    Don’t we want a tough guy?
    a bit of Ginger?

    a simplistic version of football for a spell.

    Why so anti Bread and Butter?

    He is a veggie merchant you know!

  16. Nelson

    Arsenal is supposed to be a club big enough to challenge for the title. After 13 games, we are 19 points behind the league leader. Isn’t Josh said that his aim is to win the league?

  17. Valentin


    “Lichsteiner and Sokratis were Sven’s signings. His DNA is all over them.”

    What DNA?
    The guy never signed older players. His specialty is buying unknown or untested at that level player on the cheap before reselling them at a profit. None of those deals fits into his pattern.
    However they exactly fit into Raul pattern.
    Luiz is a Raul’s signing and is a carbon copy to the Lichsteiner deal. Take a punt on a past it player because you know his agent.

  18. Samesong

    Speaking on a Danish football podcast, he said: “Every time he [Dyche] found an earthworm at training, he’d eat it.

    “It was so disgusting. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was very weird.

    “He was a good player and I got along with him, but that was just weird.”

    Don’t know if that counted as vegan lol

  19. Valentin


    There is no difference between both statements. Pep is against Arteta leaving mid season. However if Arteta make the decision to take the job, there is nothing he can do about it.
    The question is will Arteta be willing to upset Pep and potentially damage his chance of coming back if things do not work out.

  20. Bojangles


    I beg to differ. If you actually watched the Pep interview he said “I would like him to stay…” That is different to saying he was against him leaving.

  21. Gentlebris

    ‘He’s a quality assistant that I believe could turn arsenal into a genuine weapon.’


    You can’t find a quality MAIN MAN to turn Arsenal to a genuine weapon, so we have to settle for a quality ASSISTANT.

    Good football administration brain you have got, Pedro too.

  22. Guns of Hackney


    Not at all. However, when Peter suggested it a year and a half ago, no one had even thought about Arteta as a boss, let alone at Arsenal. But, as the case unfolded, it made sense.

    Now I’m all over it. It’s Arteta or Arsenal lose a supporter.

    We need progress. We need unpredictability. We need a bit of pizazz.

  23. Valentin


    My interpretation of the interview is:
    On a professional level I am against Arteta leaving, but on a human level I understand that he is interested.

    To me that still means that he is against Arteta leaving. Do you have a different understanding of the interview?
    Genuine question, because we seem to have different interpretation of the same interview.

  24. Guns of Hackney

    Emery was set up to fail. It’s been a farce from the BOD and they’ve left a decent chap out to hang.

    They 100% bottled the appointment after Wenger and panicked.

    Emery will find a job and do okay. Arsenal were just not right.

  25. Graham62

    The more you think about it, the more you’re drawn to the conclusion that Unai Emery was chosen because he was cheaper than everyone else.

    On top of this, you have to believe that it was a parting gift from Ivan. Leave us with a manager with zero communication skills and substandard manmanagement abilities.

    Surely not. How could such a professional and diligent CEO do such a thing.

    Thanks Ivan.

  26. Moray

    Ivan left hand grenades all over the club when he left, graham. I think only a few were on purpose.

    Most were down to his complete incompetence.

  27. Receding Hairline

    “The more you think about it, the more you’re drawn to the conclusion that Unai Emery was chosen because he was cheaper than everyone else.”

    He is earning 6m a year and we are allegedly postponing his package due to the size of his severance. Cheap has nothing do with it.

    If you mean he was chosen because he will not use every press conference to call for the owners to bring in personal cash to buy expensive players as a show of “ambition” then that is a different matter entirely

  28. Marc

    In our squad we have:

    Pepe – £70 million
    Auba – £60 odd million
    Lacazatte – £50 million
    Ozil – £40 million
    Xhaka – £35 million
    Mustafi – £35 million
    Tieney – £25 million
    Torreira – £23 million
    Leno – £20 million

    On top of that we’ve got Sanchez who cost £40 plus million and effectively walked out for less than £20 million after we turned down £60 million for him plus Saliba on loan who cost £25 million.

    Can we please stop the ridiculous notion that we don’t spend any money.

  29. jwl

    Pierre/Graham62 – whoever our next manager is more than likely going to fail just like Emery, it is not a no lose situation if our new manager does even worse than our current coach. You two make it sound like we could appoint any person at all to coach and it just ain’t true. Our squad has glaring weaknesses and it going to take much work to get to place where we look like coherent team. It is big job, needs someone with experience and patience.

  30. Ishola70

    I would tend to agree with Valentin regarding Mislintat.

    I mean the guy is nicknamed “diamond eye”. The clue is in his nickname. What he is about is spotting unknowns or players yet to break out and younger players.

    That is not to disassociate Mislintat from the purchase of say Sokratis because the link there is clear. But getting the club to sign an old defender clearly past his prime is not what Mislintat is about.

    If among his remit was to get in a few old cheap has beens that have been known on the circuit for years and years then you are not going to see anything good from the guy on this side of things. You can see poor things from him because it is just not what he is about but he has been given instruction nonetheless to pinpoint some players of this kind.

    “Diamond Eye” guys. The clue is in the nickname.

  31. Marc


    Look at the players we signed whilst Sven was with us and then look at who we’ve bought since he left.

    There were plenty of older players whilst Sven was with us and the only young players were Guendozi, Torreira (established international) and Mavropanos (broken).

  32. KAY Boss

    So it’s a matter when not if for Emery’s sack. Well, hope whoever we get next will be good and help captain this sinking ship to safety.
    If Nuno Espirito Santo is the one we appoint, I’m all for it.. But as others have alluded, every appointment is a risk.

  33. Graham62

    The regressive timeline over the past ten years makes grim reading.

    05/18-11/19 Emery= Unmitigated disaster. No action to date.
    2015-2018 Wenger= No way should he have been at the club, irrespective of FA Cup successes.
    2012-2015 Wenger= Visible signs of regression and negligence. No action taken. FA Cup success again papered over the cracks
    2009-2012 Wenger= The rot starting to set in. No action taken.

    Weak, feeble and indecisive.

    Welcome to Arsenal FC.

  34. Ishola70

    Marc you are not getting the point.

    Mislintat is not known or regarded for picking out gems in regards old players who have been around for years and years and years and are past their prime.

    And really if we think about it what scout really is known for picking out a gem in regards an older player that everyone knows. It defeats the object of the term scout in it’s truest sense. You are not scouting anything. Everyone and his sister know these old has been players that have been around for so long.

    If Mislintat is instructed to bring in some “experience” then there is no guarantee at all that he is going to find the good “experienced” ones because it is just not his thing.

  35. Marc


    No you’re not getting the point.

    Where the fuck are all the young superstars Sven brought in for peanuts? I named the 3 younger players he signed Guendozi – looks promising, Torreira wasn’t exactly unknown and it’s debatable if he is or will be a success and Mavropanos who looks a waste of space.

    I’ll ask again where are all the young stars Sven lined up for us?

  36. gambon

    You guys do realise Bamford is on twitter quoting anyone that says anything that agrees with his “Emery is an awesome manager” view.

    The guy has absolutely fucking lost it.

    He’s the Unai Emery or blog stalkers.

  37. Spanishdave

    We are in Purgatory.
    Stick the letter P on your foreheads at the games.
    The first test is stubbornness , that’s very apt.

  38. Ishola70

    “Look at the players we signed whilst Sven was with us and then look at who we’ve bought since he left.”

    Marc there was a thought which seems clear that the team needed some “experience” when Emery first came in and it may well have come from Emery himself.

    We still see shit older signings now with the purchase of Luiz. Horrendous buy and Mislintat off the crime scene for that one.

    I’m sorry I can’t blame Mislintat for Sokratis and Lichtsteiner because these kind of players are not even why he has his reputation in the first place.

  39. Ishola70


    These scouts don’t pick out great youngsters year after year after year.

    A youngster that makes it big is enough for them to gain a reputation and you can be looking at one of these types in several years. That is enough to gain a rep.

    And besides if his remit was to indentify more than enough experienced players that everyone already knows about then what is the point of hiring “diamond eye”

    This may well have been one of his points of fall out with the club.

  40. gambon


    No idea. I would get Freddie, or a caretaker in until May 2020.

    There will be lots of potential managers coming available through the season.

    With Arsene, I could understand the “who’s better” arguments,

    But not with Emery. He really is terrible, absolutely miles out of his depth. Even putting someone like Steve Bruce in there would see an improvement in results.

    This season is gone already, so I think I would wait for a good manager.

  41. Batistuta

    So who was then responsible for Sokratis and Lich then?

    And who are the young diamonds that this revolutionary diamond eyes brought in for us?

    It’s simple really, check the players we brought in while he was here and those that came in after he’s left, that’s how to know

  42. Pierre

    “. Our squad has glaring weaknesses and it going to take much work to get to place where we look like coherent team”

    It is all about confidence, this squad has enough ability to compete.

    6 months ago we were 3rd in the league and in a European cup final and have added Pepe , ceballos, Luiz and Tierney plus willock and Saka to the squad.

    If our squad was good enough to compete last season then it is certainly good enough to compete this season.

  43. TR7

    ‘You guys do realise Bamford is on twitter quoting anyone that says anything that agrees with his “Emery is an awesome manager” view. ‘

    Bamford has all the traits of a psychopath. The guy needs urgent medical attention.

  44. Dissenter

    I don’t know what overcame Bamford.
    How do you go from rightfully wanting wanting a past-in legendary manager [like Wenger] out to fighting tooth and nail to defend a nothing manager like Emery.

    Even when I argued relentlessly to give Emery enough time last season, It was made clear that there were emotional strings attached to him.

    Why would any self-identified gooner go to bat for Emery at this point?

  45. Marc


    Everyone would agree that our squad could be improved but currently we are not performing anywhere near the level we should be.

    I don’t understand why this is bone of contention.

  46. Dissenter

    Bamford is very flawed but is anything but a “psychopath”.
    You ought to be very careful throwing out abuse since your eminence declared Poch was one of the top-3 managers in world football based on fluff.

  47. Marc


    Bamford is clearly having some kind of major meltdown. He seems to have been getting more and more detached from reality for a while now.

  48. Pierre

    Neither do I..

    It’s annoying all the positivity coming out from the media regarding jose/Tottenham.

    One would imagine that the Arsenal hierarchy are looking at their situation with some regret ,.I know the fans are.

    A change of manager would immediately give the club and fans a much needed lift.

  49. Gentlebris


    Not like a prayer in a church.

    Nuno Espirito Santo sounds more like a local Mexican chant to repel the mountain bears.

    Should be good chant in the ground for whenever Citeh are threatening to run our team over.