4 types of hire Arsenal could make + The joke of ‘board unrest’

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Can you believe it?

Sir Chips might throw in the towel because he’s being left out of decisions making and doesn’t have a voice.


Arsenal don’t have a board, if we did, we’d not be in the mess we’re in now. We’d have moved Wenger on when his time was up, likely hired someone like Klopp or Pep when they were interested, and we’d still be in the Champions League.

The BoD at Arsenal was for years absolutely complicit in accepting the elite level mediocrity that Arsene Wenger was bringing to the table. They all sold out. They all accepted the deal with Stan that they’d take their ceremonial salaries and STFU.

Now we’re in 2019, and they want to have a voice on Unai Emery? Quite amazing. They’re like the Arsene apologists that ignored the obvious for years, but now suddenly have Gary Neville like analytical superpowers.

I’m no fan of Raul and the very odd relationship he’s cultivated with Emery’s tenure. For a footballing man raised on the cutthroat approach of Barcelona, he sure does seem to be weirdly tied to giving his man every chance to fail. The manager has lost the fans, the players, the press, and his self-confidence. I don’t know a single person that thinks he can rescue it. But still, I wouldn’t want the board having a say on any decision. They’re the zealots that have us in this mess, weighing in like white knights on this issue is not acceptable.

Arsenal need a refresh at board level.

Sir Chips Keswick – 79

Stanley Kroenke – 72

Ken Friar OBE – 85

Richard Carr – 81

Lord Harris of Peckham – 77

Josh Kroenke – 39

Average age without Josh – 78.8

Average age with Josh – 72.2

Those are staggering numbers, what makes the number worse is the lack of know-how. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with age if it’s backed by elite levels of vision. The Fenway has a senior board, but they’re unreal at what they do. Reality with names that don’t have a surname starting with K, is none of them are of this era. They all believed in Wenger for too long, they were always out of touch with the fans, they all signed off on Unai Emery being shunted through the door last minute.

I’d say it’s time for a fresh lick of paint at board level, but the reality is simple: There is never going to be any power there. The direction of the club is Stan and Josh. Which really means that a majority of the thinking comes from Raul and Edu. If those two can’t deliver, we really are fucked for the foreseeable.

Mutterings from the papers are confused because there’s no strong narrative either way behind the scenes. The bottleneck on Emery is Raul. He’s going to try and tee him up for success as much as he can, but I think it’s apparent to everyone that the maternal approach isn’t going to work. I think you’ll see a decision when events start to impact Raul’s position in the hierarchy, I think that’s coming soon.

Spurs have made a decisive decision which helps us immensely. I think longterm, it’s a bad one. But short term, Jose is one of the most capable in the world at landing you top 4. He has a great squad of players, he’s on best behaviour because this is literally his last chance at a job he’d deem at his level, he also has a group of players very suited to his methods. Point here, Spurs binned a world-class manager 4 months after he took them to the Champions League final, and they’re already a point behind us.

Arsenal spent next seasons transfer money. Champions League is imperative. Chancing on a Europa League strategy is very, very flawed as we saw last season. At least we had a run of games to give us hope that the Emeryball machine could challenge. Not so much this season. This is very different. The players don’t want to be part of the turnaround. You saw that in the ground when we scored a winner, it was elation from Lacazette, then the slap in the face of reality… he just extended the circus another two weeks.

Arsenal have options on the table as far as I am concerned.

1. Rolling with Freddie.

Pairing Freddie Ljungberg with someone like Per Mertesacker is the fans choice. The Big Fucking German is an immense personality behind the scenes, I was explicitly told that in his last season with us, despite being mostly injured, he was monumental behind the scenes. Things would have been SO much worse without him. I only hear great things about how smart he is and I like that he has very thought out views on the game.

Freddie is the face we all dream of in the dugout. He’s good looking, he has deep, deep heritage with the fans. The kids love him, they might not remember him playing, but they speak extremely highly of him in the press. He’d be a good stop-gap until we find a suitable replacement.

I love the player, but I don’t think there’s enough on the resume to indicate that he’d be good longterm. He’s been at two places, Arsenal and Wolfsburg. He went to Germany with Joncker and saved Wolfsburg from relegation. Then the whole team were fired inside 6 months. This from the press release:

“Decisive for us in taking this step at this point in time was not just the impression made upon us during the game against Stuttgart, but rather based upon the perception of stagnated development amongst the team, which was to a great extent newly formed during the summer.

“We expressly wish to thank Andries Jonker and his coaching staff for rescuing VfL’s position in the top flight at the last minute at the end of last season.”

Key to that statement is that after 6 months, leadership felt the club had stagnated. That’s a huge red flag. He’s not been part of a winning machine or even just a good shithousing operation like Hassenthutl was before he went to Leipzig.

2. Pochettino

I simply refuse to believe we won’t be making phone calls to the best coach out of a job at the moment. The exSpurs manager would be the biggest coup for a football CEO that’s struggling. He’s perfectly suited to the squad, his style of high octane pressing would excite the fans, and his ability to actually coach players would be a dream.

Additional factors that could sway thinking. His two sons work in football in London. One plays for Spurs, the other just quit the sports science team. That means his family live here and are settled. I’m also pretty sure he doesn’t speak German.

Major watch-out is his deal post-exit. £12m a year will no doubt have clauses galore, I’d be hard-pressed not to think Levy had the Arsenal job opening up in his mind when he was negotiating, but hey, who knows. You can’t stop someone taking a job at a rival in the UK.

Weirdly, the exSpurs manager is the most unifying figure we could bring in. There would be no problems. The guy is a class act, a perfect remedy in a post-Emery world.

3. Arteta

There are leaks all over the place about Arteta. I don’t know where they’re coming from, but I have my doubts it’s Raul doing the dirty work. The Spaniard was top of the shortlist before he was lumped out in favor of a very bland hire that was unsuited to the job. His stock has only risen. The Spaniard has the Manchester City IP, he has a huge reputation in the game despite never having managed a club, and he has Arsenal DNA. He joined the club when Per was there, the German is winning the power war behind the scenes with scouting and the youth, I can’t believe there’s not a fan there.

The hire would be a divisive move, no doubt. The experience issue would be a huge red flag. Some fans see his tenure as a player as miserable one. I don’t share the same fears, I think he has a few things going for him:

  • He’s been captain at Everton and Arsenal, he’s a natural leader
  • He was a very good player, trained in La Masia. He can command respect in that sense.
  • He has elite level endorsements from top players and top coaches
  • He’s worked at the Apple of football clubs, he’s bringing a winners mentality with him, those ideas will captivate players and push us to another level. He’s an obsessive as well, he’s had a one-track vision of becoming the best and he’s made all the right moves chasing that dream.
  • He knows Arsenal

4. Hire a progressive coach in the summer

The idea that there’s a lack of great coaches is a false one. There are lots of young coaches breaking out all over the world. The major challenge is finding someone that has ideas that can transfer into the Premier League. Marco Rose, Paulo Fonseca and Erik Ten Hag all play exciting brands of football, but bringing them over is always a risk. Ralph Hassenhutl, based on his last 2 jobs, should not be at the bottom of the league, but he is, does that tell you something? Maybe.

This sort of approach to hiring really needs a lot of time and a lot of honesty. The club would need to articulate a vision that goes beyond “MAKE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, MABYE THROUGH EUROPA.” If we establish how we want to play, then determine how we want to activate, mapped to the realistic resources we’ll have available, we’ll be in a good position to know who to hire as a manager.

Brighton don’t have money to splash. They need to do a lot with a little. They needed to move their football forward. So who did they hire? A manager that built his rep on making the most of broken parts, a progressive thinker, and someone with a reputation for building outrageously effective cultures at clubs. It might not pay off, they could still get relegated, but the move was smarter than hiring in Alan Pardew hoping he could repeat the fluke of Newcastle finishing 5th way back when (which is basically what we did when we hired Emery without checking the reality of his career to date).

Arsenal’s reality is that without Champions League football, we’re going to be struggling for money next season unless we sell some of our best players. We could see 60 goals walk out the club. We’d doubtful be able to replace at the same level and some of that money will need to go towards a rebuild. That means young players. That would mean we’d have to hire in a proper coach that could build a team of the future. To make that happen, you’d need someone with a strong personality, big ideas, and the patience to deliver. You’d also need a manager the fans could abide by, so either an explayer, or someone that’s walked this walk before.

That’s why Mourinho wouldn’t have worked. That’s why Enrique and Allegri likely aren’t suited. That’s why this decision is very, very tough… and likely why the club don’t have an answer.

But something has to change, we can’t dither forever. The saddest indictment of yesterday, a comment I am stealing from the internet, is that Hassenthutl usually plays a back 5, but he dropped it against us yesterday, opting for 4-3-3. 19th position Southampton came to play at Unai’s Arsenal. That’s not the Arsenal we want. Let’s hope change brings a more exciting future.

Right, on that note, drop your managerial thoughts in the comments. x

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  1. David Smith

    Honest question, was Emery always obsessed with playing out from the back at all costs with his other clubs?
    Just wonder if he is employing what is currently a disastrous policy of his own volition or he has been told to and doesn’t have the ability, or players to do so?

  2. Thorough

    Give the team to Ljunberg. Emery is stinking out the place because he’s refuses to change his ways. It’s the same guys that has failed him every time. He subs the same set of people. I was 100% sure he was going to remove Chambers and Torreira yesterday when people like Sokratis and Ozil were stinking out the place.
    The answer is so obvious it’s ridiculous. Auba has no business playing out wide. Lacazete is more a playmaker/support striker. Why not then play a 4-4-2.
    Use any 2 of Chambers, Holding, Mavropanos and Mustafi for central defebce. Sokratis and Luiz have faltered too many times. BELLERIN and Tierney full backs.
    Any two of Torreira, Guendozi, Willock and Ceballos for the 2 midfield positions. 2 of Pepe, Martinelli and Saka for the wings. Lacazete in the 10/8 role. Auba through the center. This man is just so dim.

  3. Valentin

    This summer, Raul bet the future of the club on getting Champion’s League football. All the planned expenditure for the next 5 years are serviceable only with that extra revenue.

    Without Champion’s League football, we will have to sell our most precious assets. At least one of Lacazette and Aubameyang would have to be sold. We will have to lower our expectations of new players. We may even sell some of our academy players if somebody is willing to pay good money for them.

    So the best we could hope is a new manager willing to work with kids and improve them. Basically a proper coach with a philosophy that the entire club can really behind. Buy unknown players with potential, mold them and then resell them at a profit to rebuild the club. Then in a few years time, keep the best of those young players to try to go back to Champion’s League football.

    Unfortunately I can’t see Raul go for that model. That’s not how he works. All his careers has been to build network and contacts in order to gain influence. In that model, His contact would be completely useless. We would have to rely on proper data analytics, making him redundant.

  4. David Smith

    Mokbel has spoken, emery still has some time, but they are now looking into replacements, temporary if need be and permanent.
    Not quite Ornstein, but Mokbel usually pretty well informed, even if he is stating the obvious. He believes it is Raul, and Edu asking Emery be given more time, others want him gone now

  5. raptora

    Lol, nice picture you painted in there Valentin. Didn’t know we’re going to become Leeds mk2. Apocalyptic stuff. God bless you are not a nuanced writer. It’s either black or white for you. So you’ve made up your mind that Raul is devil reincarnated. Fair play. I happen to think we are not going to bankrupt based on our Summer buys. We might not be able to spend as much money as we did several months ago, but our Summer 20/21 budget will not be significantly lower than Summer 19/20. We lowered our salary expenditures which is extremely important. If we fuck Ozil off, we save that ₤16.8m a year and we’d be looking tight and flying free. I bet we have another busy Summer next year.

  6. DownTheArse

    Wolves’ Nuno Espirito Santo is only realistic gettable forward thinking Manager that clueless Raul & Edu has not think of, and I am 1000% sure Mourinho despite the dinner with Raul was a “Nothing Burger” because Stan “Tight Arse” Kroenke will not approve £15 million/season, and despite Pedro’s line of thinking about Maureen, I absolutely think he knows he is in “last chance saloon” with a top club who can pay and will be a brilliant appointment for Spuds!

    Forget Poch – why the fuck would he come when it is clear as daylight he’s already been poached by Real Mad & was asking to be fired with the £12 million pay off?

    Arse FC is a fuckin’ sinking ship, and as Pedro correctly pointed out, even Arteta will be put off by staking this reputation on taking on this shit shower as a 1st Managerial post.

    Hell even Brendon Rogers think Leicester is a better club to continue working than jump ship to Arse.

    Knowing Kroenkes’ real interest on bottomline, they will only get a Manager on £6 Mill max £8 mill max a season, and Raul does not strike me as having the ‘imagination’ to poach someone as good and set’s his team up to defend well and with great attacking flair, as evidenced by how well Wolves are doing at the moment, juggling with Europa Cup and outwitting Pep so spectacularly to win 2-0 AWAY.

  7. Valentin


    I never said that we would plunge as low as Leeds. I said that our spending power will be severely diminished.
    Josh had stated that we were spending Champion’s League money while having Europa League money revenue.
    Last year, Arsenal made an operational loss. By all accounts this year will also show an operational loss. As the Kroenke are unlikely to put more money into Arsenal, those losses will have to be compensated by lower spending.

    Arsenal biggest expenditure is its wage bill. You reduce it by either having less people, (hence some of the people made redundant may not be replaced) and or by paying the same number of people less.
    That means replace well paid established players by cheaper alternative. Like Martinelli and Saka have demonstrated, the cheaper alternative do not need to be bad players, but they will lack experience. They will make mistakes. Hence you need a proper coach willing to work with kids. Without a new talented manager willing to work under those restrictions our days of being part of the big six are gone.

  8. raptora

    Agreed. Emery has been failing to pick his best 11 for months. The strategy is off. There is no style. We are playing not to create but to react vs the 19th placed team in the EPL at home. Terrible sight to behold. We deserved to lose yet again like in almost every game in the Prem so far. We haven’t dominated a single game in the Epl so far. We gotta sack Emery at this point. He isn’t turning this around for himsef and for us. He just can’t.

  9. into the red

    Amazing that someone llke Chris Wild can do so well, and nobody even mentions hims or gives him credit. He has done an amazing job with the resources he has. Very reminiscent of George Graham’s Arsenal. And the fantastic atmosphere at a traditional old ground. Everything that is utterly absent at the Bowl.
    Not that I am advocating him for the Arsenal job, but the fact that he is leagues ahead of Emery in managing a club tells you a lot of how clueless corporate entities (not football clubs any more) are.

  10. bennydevito

    I’d love to know where this story has come from that we’ve spent next season’s transfer budget.

    All reports confirmed that our net spend was actually £45m that was being reported in advance of the summer.

    Pepe is financed over 5 years, so less than £20m over 5 years.

    The Saliba fee wasn’t paid in full last season either, only around £5m was paid with the rest when he actually joins so effectively we’ll be signing him next summer and paying the other 20 odd million then too.

    With outgoings this winter and summer, probably Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang and hopefully Ozil, we’ll have plenty of money not to mention our sponsorship money, TV money and gate receipts/season tickets etc.

    So where has this story come from? I can’t find anything online about it?

  11. bennydevito

    Into the red,

    Yes, I’ve mentioned the Sheffield United manager earlier. Would much prefer him to Shaun frigging Dyche!

  12. David Smith

    The Telegraph -Matt Law now reporting ,supposedly from a source that most of players have completely lose faith in Emery, and the situation has been made worse by Spurs taking decisive action.
    Stating the obvious, but still being reported, starting to at least have some hope that Emerys days really are now numbered, whatever Raul may think. A manager as poor as him will not survive players losing faith

  13. Graham62

    into the red

    Chris Wilder knows what he’s doing and the players want to play for him.

    Emery, on the other hand, doesn’t know what he’s doing and consequently the players don’t want to play for him.

    It’s simple.

  14. China1

    Great stuff for the fans groups to publish that article.

    Just like last time it will either reap instant results or push Raul to corner and make him feel threatened as he should – which will result in action very soon

    I love that the arsenal fans have grown teeth and are baring them

  15. China1

    Just imagine if the fans had been willing to publish such letters 5 years ago, we’d be 5 years down this line to recovery…

    Also lol at the BoD. Since the year 2000 or so the BoD’s entire contribution has been to sell shares. They’ve contributed and done nothing for us and can kindly fuck off

  16. Bojangles

    I’m not with these calls for Wilder and Howe. They are fine managers for the club’s they manage but that is pretty much their level. These guys bring promoted teams to the PL, keep them there for a few years and eventually see them relegated.

    Who was the last English manager to win anything and it’s not simply because they haven’t been given the opportunity. We bring foreign managers to our clubs for the same reason we bring foreign players; we won’t win anything relying on English talent alone.

  17. into the red

    If he’s gone, which sounds likely, the irony of it all will be that what has galvanised the nowhere men of Arsenal won’t have been his glaring inadequacies but the move by Spurs, poaching Raul’s favoured option, and showing him up as a useless ditherer.
    Even more irony if they got Poch, but I can’t believe he would fancy it so soon. He clearly needs some time off to recharge.

  18. Moray

    On the plus side, if Sir Chips resigns from the BoD, it does give us the opportunity to bring in Sir David Attenborough to replace him.

  19. Wengaball

    Joe Lewis is selling Spurs to Robert Kraft and family, owner of New England Patriots.

    That is a pretty big deal. They bought Patriots in the mid 90s and turned them into the biggest American sports franchise.

    ENIC, Kraft’s company has informed its shareholders of the deal.

  20. salparadisenyc

    He has to be gone soon, can’t fix whats broken from supporter to apparently the players. All asking WTF is the man still in charge for? None of us understand the vision, now a huge ask from Raul to the mainline Arsenal supporter to endure any more of Unai Emery.

    He’s been appalling since the end of March. For me a left field hire that never made sense with what this club could of done post Wenger, that falls on Gazidis, Sven and Raul.

    More important is what comes next and how its all dealt with now that the shine has been removed. The timeline is ticking, options a plenty for a man in Rauls position who should look at this more as an opportunity to set the clock right than the failure it is. Replacing Wenger was never going to be easy, but the mulligan’s been spent.

  21. Pierre

    “Just imagine if the fans had been willing to publish such letters 5 years ago, we’d be 5 years down this line to recovery…”

    Well, by your way of thinking, we are 18 months down the line to recovery…

    Imagine where we will be in another 3 and a half years of “recovery” .

    Relegation ?

    Will just add that our management team are quite capable of cocking up the next appointment, and let’s not forget , they are the ones who have brought in the new signings since wenger left and they will also want to retain the power to decide who comes and go from the club in the future.

    This may have a bearing on selecting the new manager to come in as he may want the final say on who comes and goes.

    Personally, I believe the manager must have the final say as it’s his job that is on the line if the players coming in are not of sufficient quality or they dont suit the new managers football philosophy.

  22. Gentlebris

    ‘Personally, I believe the manager must have the final say as it’s his job that is on the line if the players coming in are not of sufficient quality or they dont suit the new managers football philosophy.’

    I concur.

  23. raptora

    Valentin:”Josh had stated that we were spending Champion’s League money while having Europa League money revenue.”

    From that statement you formed all of the following:

    Valentin: “This summer, Raul bet the future of the club on getting Champion’s League football. All the planned expenditure for the next 5 years are serviceable only with that extra revenue.Without Champion’s League football, we will have to sell our most precious assets. At least one of Lacazette and Aubameyang would have to be sold. We will have to lower our expectations of new players. We may even sell some of our academy players if somebody is willing to pay good money for them.”

    You can scare the village by telling them you saw a bear, when in reality you had seen the shadow of an ant.

    Josh’s actual quote is only addressing our wages and I quote:

    Josh Kroenke: “It’s no secret that we have a Champions League wage bill on a Europa League budget right now. That’s a fact. And one that we’re figuring out how to face internally at the moment.”

    Something they really worked on during the Summer. And succeeded in lowering it. And I quote:

    “Arsenal have now saved £45 million on their annual wage bill after Henrikh Mkhitaryan became the latest player to leave the club this summer.

    Even though big money is being spent on the likes of Nicolas Pépé, David Luiz and loanee Dani Ceballos’ wages, Arsenal have been able to ship out some of their top earners.

    Along with Mkhitaryan, the departures of Petr Cech, Aaron Ramsey, Danny Welbeck, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal, Mohamed Elneny, Alex Iwobi, David Ospina, Stephan Lichtsteiner and Carl Jenkinson have saved the club roughly £900,000 a week.” https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/arsenal-save-45m-after-henrikh-mkhitaryan-leaves-on-loan-to-roma-hm08fw3cj

    Summer 19/20 did not put the future of the club on the cards. The whole Summer 19/20 was precisely planned in a way that we were not taking a chance, a gamble that we will 100% get Champions League football. It was done in a manner that allows us to be extremely flexible in our future windows. Most importantly, we’ve lowered the wage bill absolutely massively.

    According to SwissRamble: https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/1161168723539124225

    “From a cash payment perspective, #AFC have spent £46m gross and £22.5m net this summer.”

    This is before the loan fee we got for Mkhitaryan and the transfer fee we got for Monreal bringing us a total of ~£3m more and lowering the net spent this Summer to £19.5m (not counting the mentioned in several places £2m loan fee we got for Nketiah). This £19.5m will be entirely offset by lowering the wage bill by £45m pa.

    The £45m supposed lowered wage bill pa is reported by The Times, Daily Mail quotes £46m, plus a bunch of other media and it fits the roughly calculations made by SwissRamble – £500k pw lowered wage but made before the loans/sales of Mkhitaryan (£180k), Monreal (£65k), Elneny (£55k) and Nketiah (£35k).

    The lowered wage bill basically allowed us to make this big buying/selling fest possible without risking anything. We didn’t spend much net money at all. It was all smartly done.

    The managing team made this happen. So credit where it’s due. Their business was shrewd. Not saying that the squad is perfect but on paper each of the buys was supposed to improve us which is everything you’d want to see from your team’s directors.

    Posts like Valentin’s who is on a personal mission versus Raul, make it sound otherwise and that’s why I took this time to research it and type it as it is.

    In the end Raul’s Arsenal career could flop, but blaming him for a Summer where he, and the Arsenal’s power team as a whole, made the best they could with the money they had, is just not fair.

    I reckon some of the money saved by lowering the wage pa are going to go for the effort of keeping both Aubameyang and Lacazette by trying to sign them on improved contracts. Just the opposite of Valentin’s end-of-the-world scenario.

    If we manage to make Ozil bugger off, that would again let us be super flexible in the coming Winter/Summer depending on when we could get rid of Ozil.

    If we manage to qualify to the Champions League that would raise our Summer budget and allow us to get better players. Without Champions League football we will not be forced to sell anyone we wouldn’t want to sell. Which is what Valentin blamed Raul for.

  24. Gentlebris

    False alarm, people of Emery. Your man is not sacked yet.

    Maybe I should quit the Emery vigil now, I’m not responding to it very well.

  25. China1

    Pierre if we’d hypothetically binned wenger 5 years ago and hypothetically had an emery style disaster the following year, we would still be about to hire our next manager but with more cash, in the bank more prestige (from missing CL for only a single season under Emery) as opposed to multiple seasons under wenger and emery.

    That’s better if you ask me. As well if we’d done it five years ago we’d have had more chance of getting someone like pep or Klopp depending on timing.

    We can’t hide behind emery being trash and the senior managers being trash for why wenger shouldn’t have been binned years earlier. After his first FA cup win in honks he should’ve walked into the sunset with his head held high and the club in a solid position to build. Instead he left a train wreck which emery has made even worse

    It’s not rocket science

  26. China1

    Pedro if we already spent next years transfer budget then what of the supposed 50m odd bid for upemecano near the end of the window?

    Either that bid didn’t happen / we do have money (or some method of spending without breaching FFP)

    Not all the info can be correct simultaneously…

  27. China1

    If we really do need cL football then Raul is the biggest form going to keep standing behind emery as we fall farther and farther off the pace with zero chance of a revival

  28. China1

    Tbh I’m not sure how fucked we can really be.

    Let’s imagine a worst case scenario where we need to sell auba for around 60m to make up for our fuck ups.

    Okay so we still have laca as first choice and Martinelli backup. It’s hardly panic stations.

    We have Saliba coming in at Cb and presumably a better coach can get 15% more out of the other existing defenders apart from probably Sok and Mustafi who shouldn’t be in the team next year anyway

    The only gaping hole in the squad is CM where we all want an elite DM or elite b2b alongside torreira. Ok if we imagine paying 50m for said CM, we’re at a 10mleft over of auba money before even looking at player sales.

    I refuse to believe the numbers add up that we’ll be skint because of 30-40m CL football. Just the budget will be largely clipped until we’ve sold one or two valuable assets.

  29. China1

    Buying a beast CM with defensive prowess is the only hard requirement alongside having a quality manager to make this a very good first 11. Ofc an elite CB as well would be fabulous but we will see if Saliba is up to much onnthat front next season

    Outside of that just 2 or so bargain under the radar type signings would be very adequate if the remaining funds are consequently stretched

  30. Dark Hei

    My personal feeling is that when Raul and Edu say “Give Emery more time”, what they really meant is “Give us more time to find a replacement”.

  31. Dark Hei


    It really depends on the formation.

    If we play a 4-3-3- or a 4-2-3-1, there is currently a void on the left-wing where Iwobi used to play. I am not sure if the youngsters like Saka and Nelson are ready to start for it. Aubameyang plays there but like Martinelli, he is too good of a CF.

    The centre position feels more stable as I think we do have a stable of mids there and that it is Emery that undermines their performance.

    Personally, I think another coach can get a lot more value from these crop. Willock, Torreira, Guendozi, Xhaka, these 4 ain’t exactly weak on paper. You can even throw Chambers into the mix there.

  32. China1

    Well xhaka is highly limited but the others can all improve in the right tactical setup and alongside the right team mates

  33. China1

    Dark Hei whilst the players matter hugely, it’s not the primary reason why our wing play sucks

    We have pepe as well who also is struggling. It’s not for lack of ability, it’s due to a system that spends most of its time arsing around nearer our own goal, and with huge gaps between defense midfield and attack.

    You could put Neymar on our left wing and he’d look out of his comfort zone

    If the setup and tactics are trash then the players too will look so

  34. China1

    Like I always say I’d love to watch emery play fifa where he could pick a world 11 and the players would all follow his instructions to a T

    I really wonder what this mythical tactical masterclass would look like. I’m genuinely quite interested as you get the feeling in his head he’s seeing a different world than everyone else

  35. David Smith

    Whatever is said about Xhaka, we seem worse without him.
    Raul may well know the game is up for UE, but also highly conscious that he cannot screw up again on his successor, especially after trying to get emery a new deal this summer.

  36. Unai

    Raptora, bang on mate, lets be honest Val has it in for Raul and will basically say anything to make a point and Pedro has a vested interest in doom mongery, its good for business.

    I mean, Edu is getting shit and hes still working his probation.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Emery is a “Dead Man Walking”.

    Whilst the Board needs urgent reform the fact that the Chair expressed concern about lack of consultation and is considering resigning suggests to me that there will be material changes occurring in not too distant future in Boardroom as well as downstream.

    Personally I don’t believe that our performance in next few games will have
    any impact on long term future of Emery. It does not change the reality, which
    is that we have been playing garbage all season.

    The only question now is when Emery leaves and who will replace him.

  38. China1

    I think we need a brand new board that has the best interests of the club at heart. Some highly motivated people, some experts in their field and some arsenal personalities who bleed red and white

  39. bennydevito

    PedroNovember 25, 2019    03:10:26

    Raptora, the club spent next years transfer budget last summer.

    They need CL or we’re fucked. Valentin is right.


    Valentin is not right at all Pedro,

    I refer you to my earlier comment:

    bennydevitoNovember 24, 2019    23:09:56

    I’d love to know where this story has come from that we’ve spent next season’s transfer budget.

    All reports confirmed that our net spend was actually £45m that was being reported in advance of the summer.

    Pepe is financed over 5 years, so less than £20m over 5 years.

    The Saliba fee wasn’t paid in full last season either, only around £5m was paid with the rest when he actually joins so effectively we’ll be signing him next summer and paying the other 20 odd million then too.

    With outgoings this winter and summer, probably Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang and hopefully Ozil, we’ll have plenty of money not to mention our sponsorship money, TV money and gate receipts/season tickets etc.

    So where has this story come from? I can’t find anything online about it?

  40. bennydevito


    Yes so it’s £15m a year for 5 years, that’s not too bad.

    All the reports at the end of the summer said our net spend ended up being £45m, so I’d love to know where this notion that we’ve spent next season’s budget has come from. I guess with the remaining money to pay for Saliba and £15m for Pepe, you could paint it that way but all transfers are usually paid in instalments over a few years or so, plus revenue, tv money, sponsorship etc divided over X years of contract as well as player sales mean we’ll be fine regardless of CL money or not.

    Obviously CL makes us more attractive to new players plus getting existing players to sign on but tbh I think we should cash in on Aubameyang and Ozil if possible and that’ll be over half a million a week or £25m a year saved in wages alone.

    We’re doing fine. All we need to do is get a new manager who can get us playing to our strengths.

  41. Aussie Gooner

    Pedro is right. The Arsenal BoD has been impotent for many years and was not helped by the board split and departure of David Dein, who ironically was looking for external investors to move the club forward or the death of Danny Fitzman. The old money family owners at Arsenal were in trouble as far back as 1976 following the Death of Sir George Bracewell-Smith, the last true patriach of the club. Neither of his sons could take up the mantle of Chairman due to chronic health issues, consequently the remaining family/old money board members were either not interested in football (Sir Charles/Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith) or had very few controlling shares in the club (Carr brothers, Hill-Woods family). This has resulted in a situation where the executive effectively controls the club and reports back directly to the owners, by passing the BoD. I don’t think it would matter now who is on the board – it is too late! Sad times ahead!

  42. Receding Hairline

    “Harry Kane’s words after Jose Mourinho’s first game in charge of Tottenham were interesting: “He wants to win, he’s a proven winner,” said Kane of his new manager. “I’ve made it clear that I’m at the stage of my career where I want to win trophies.

    “I’ve made it clear I want to win them here, and it’s a big year for this. Realistically, we look at the Champions League and the FA Cup to try to do that. We will see how that goes, and, from my point of view, I will keep doing what I’m doing and keep fighting for this club on the pitch.”

    While there are obvious and valid philosophical concerns about Mourinho’s appointment, it could pay off in the short term at least, simply because of the perception that he’s a manager who wins things. Mauricio Pochettino, for all his strengths, has never won a thing, and it would be interesting to discover whether that harmed his standing in the dressing room after five excellent but trophyless years.”

    Funny that Pochettino is a ” winner” yet none of his former squad feel they have won. They are very excited by the prospect of having a winner as coach for the first time.

    Ishola if you want Pochettino that’s okay, i do not want him. I reserve the right to express that view. And yes winning trophies is part of the game and why 80% of people follow football, to see their team win stuff, second tier or not. You keep banging on about second tier trophies Pochettino has won neither yet somehow feels he has out grown Spurs.

    He is waiting for the Bayern Munich’s of the world, let him. If he is begged to take up a job here how long before he feels too big for it?

  43. Steveyg87

    So, Lacazette is 100% in favour of Emery being binned. Refusing to celebrate a equalizer, wow, how did Emery get in to this mess? I watched the whole 90mins and to be honest, I would take Wenger back in a heart beat as things stand. On a serious note though, Emery is done for and we should be expecting an announcement in the coming days. Raul cannot afford to wait till the summer, by then things could be way worse and his own position would probably be under threat before then

  44. Graham62

    Arsenal became a virus of a club long ago. The infection spreading from the top all the way down to the ground floor.

    Our owner, whatever way you look at things, is totally useless. Our board are more geared to a gathering at an Abbeyfield care home and our managers( I include AW here) have done nothing to give us hope over the past ten years.

    Emery needs to be put out of his misery. A new action plan set in place. Bert and Ernie( Raul and Vinai) eradicated and the tea ladies need to be replaced with vending machines.

    Can anyone out there please let me know when was the last time they actually felt any pride in our club.


  45. Graham62

    We all remember those halcyon days of ten years ago when the writing was already on the wall.

    Now we have a situation where all the fans are in agreement and yet the powers that be still can’t make their minds up.

    Only at Arsenal Football Club.

  46. Valentin

    £45 millions was last summer transfer budget. We met that preferred expected expenditure by selling Iwobi on the 11th hour.
    However by paying players in instalments, we have also committed money for future dates. Pepe on its own is £18 millions per year for 5 years. Saliba is £6 millions for 5 years. Tierney is £5 millions for 4 years. That money was provisioned based on a Champion’s League budget.
    Between the operational loss (likely to be around £20 millions for 2020) and the fact that we will not have Champion’s League football and the committed spending, we will have a shortfall of £80~100 millions.
    About £20 millions could be clawed back by selling high earners who don’t currently use such as Mhkitaryan, Elneny…
    Arsenal could absorb about £20~40 millions, however the rest will have to raised by selling assets. As there is no more any properties to sell, the only viable assets left are the players.

    I fully expect at least one of Lacazette and Aubameyang to be sold to pay for that shortfall. With Martinelli and Nkethia replacing them as first team players. I also expect that Xhaka and Torreira replacement will be in the lower bracket. Again not saying that they will be worse or bad players, but that they will be cheaper than what we intend to sell Xhaka and Torreira for. If we can’t sell them, our only chance would be to have a loan fee that at least cover their annual depreciation value.

    That’s what I, Pedro, and the Arsenal Trust are saying when we say that we spend next year budget this summer.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Let’s be realistic there is ZERO prospect of Arsenal finishing in top 4 in EPL and qualifying for Champions League this season.

    That has been blindingly obvious since the start of this season. I have yet to watch a single game in EPL where we DESERVED to win.

    The team is unbalanced and our midfield and defence not fit for purpose and
    whilst Emery’s departure may improve the culture and performance levels
    I doubt that we will make up the points difference.

    Our priority now has to be to stabilise the club and plan to bring in a competent head coach and support staff. Somehow I doubt that will happen
    before the summer. In the meantime we need to bring in an interim regime
    to ensure that at least we don’t spiral out of control.

    When it comes to recruiting a new head coach I would be inclined to bring
    in someone like Patrick Vieira and then recruit separately a coaching team.

    One of the biggest mistakes made when recruiting Emery was that he was
    allowed to bring in his baggage including coaches.

  48. Pierre

    I have said previously that history will show that Arsenal winning 3 trophies in 4 years is one of the most successful periods of the club.

    And yet history will show that during this successful period in the clubs history, there was this strange minority called WOBS, I prefer to call them KNOBS ( know nothing only bullshit) .

    The KNOBS set up a hate campaign against the clubs most successful manager who changed the way we played the game..

    The media of course latched onto this sad attempt to discredit Wenger and in the end more fans were brainwashed by the constant barrage of negativity towards the club.

    The KNOBS should hold their heads in shame for what they have done to the club.

    We are where we are because of them, they thought it was oh so easy to win trophies and qualify for champions league with only a fraction of funds that clubs like Chelsea, city and United have spent over the years.

    It is no coincidence that the title has only been won by these 3 clubs over the past 14 years ( Leicester the exception).

    The know nothing’s need to take a good look at themselves.
    Maybe the situation with Emery is a wake up call for some of them ( not all).

    Maybe they will now understand how difficult is to compete at the very top consistently and how difficult it is to win any trophy.

    The entitled ones who believe it is our right to win trophies need to take a reality check and I believe this episode with Emery could end up being a blessing in disguise, as Wenger will now be more widely appreciated and the expectations of the fans will be lowered in the coming years as they now understand how difficult it is to gain success.

  49. China1

    Haha Pierre did you bust a vein typing that in front of the wenger shrine?

    If you’re happy enough with FA Cups and little all else then you lack self esteem as an arsenal fan

  50. China1

    It’s all been said a thousand times before Pierre but you AKB will not be allowed to whitewash the disgrace that was wengers final years however crap his replacement was

    You can try very very hard but none of us have forgotten. Not one

  51. Dissenter

    We have a GD of -1
    Why is the club just starting the process for replacing Emery, if you believe the football tabloids.
    This is now a failure of leadership. It’s stopped being about a poor manager weeks ago..

  52. Danny S


    Dear god. Wenger was abysmal in his final couple of seasons. We signed absolute shit players with the odd exception, he did not know how to buy defenders and we were letting players go for free due to his and Ivan’s lack of foresight.
    He clung on to players too long and put a lot of faith in dead horses.
    Wenger was done at top level, as proven by him slinking into a fifa job rather than a high profile management job.
    It’s pathetic that you even still bang on about him.
    The real issue in this whole situation is the absolute mess of a manager we replaced him with. But I expect after Wenger and his archaic management techniques, anyone that walked in who looked like they had some kind of plan would have looked like Pep in comparison.

  53. Danny S

    Also notice now that emery has tried Ozil, auba and laca and it bombed after you going on about it for ages, now it’s up can’t believe he’s not playing Pepe, laca, Ozil and auaba!’ Lol what’s next?

  54. Valentin


    The issue of a coach coming with some of his trusted lieutenants is complex.
    Having people who they trust helps managers. But the new staff must be integrated in the overall structure rather behaving like a small commando group reporting only to the manager.
    The issue with Emery is that he came with people who had no experience of the EPL and that they discarded any dissenting opinions from knowledgeable people.
    For example the injuries that started to accumulate in November and December last season were a direct results of too strenuous training sessions and relying on a conditioning specialist who discarded the in-house conditioning department. BTW that person has since left the club.

    Rather than the people in general, it is the extend of the entourage, the competence, attitude, willingness to integrate within the structure that should determine if it is a good idea to accept a manager own staff.

  55. Gentlebris

    ‘While there are obvious and valid philosophical concerns about Mourinho’s appointment, it could pay off in the short term at least, simply because of the perception that he’s a manager who wins things. Mauricio Pochettino, for all his strengths, has never won a thing, and it would be interesting to discover whether that harmed his standing in the dressing room after five excellent but trophyless years.”

    RH, you really are a case. You accused me of bizarreness because I wanted us to hire Mourinho, now you are hyping same Mourinho in other to score a cheap point in the argument against Poch.

    You are beyond belief.

  56. Chris

    I don’t think we moved to the Emirates to win 3 FA Cups (not discrediting that achievement by the way but it isn’t worthy as what it used to be)

    The fans were told that we would be competing with Bayern Munich, yet we were hammered by them 5-1, 3 times.

    The change needed to be made for multiple reasons but all those reasons are glossed over by those who still believe he should be here.

    A duff appointment followed in Emery and now the club appear to be treading water again, another big club would have fired him long ago and this needs to happen real soon. If we start to sort our mess out we could have a chance at winning the EL and that provides a path to the CL. No chance as it stands however, even if he is a serial winner of the competition, funny thing in itself.

  57. Aussie Gooner

    Enough with the ‘Good Ebenings’! Even the media are taking the piss now. Do we not have any PR people left at the club? Have they all been made redundant? The club is lurching into oblivion – this is not an exaggeration! Kroenke has no interest in the club per se – it is just a cash cow to him. This lack of passion has permeated through the place and spilled out onto the pitch. We don’t even have a plan ‘A’ let alone a plan ‘B’. What is Emery’s first choice team selection? Who knows – he certainly doesn’t! Time to move him on before we suffer any further loss of traction.

  58. Peter12

    Why are Raul and Vinai still at the club? Surely in my opinion they are responsible for the dreadful mess the club is in. I don’t think for one moment that they have ANY loyalty to the club or the supporters, why should they? What is alarming is their unsuitability for the position they occupy. Am I the only one to think that? I would say to Josh, GET RID OFF Raul, Vinai, Emery (all his hangers on), clean sweep. “Drain the swamp” come to mind, before the club becomes terminally ill. Unless that is done now, the next year we not even be in Europa Cup, and hey, we won’t have a team in August, with an exodus of players leaving who can get jobs elsewhere, (although their reputations tarnished) and a handful of others who cannot. The toxicity at the club has nearly reached the sepsis level; the club is killing itself. There is nowhere to hide!

  59. Rhys Jaggar

    People bitching about Pocchetino need to put his Spurs reign into context.

    1. His first 3 years was about wheeling and dealing, working with a host of young players and building a dynamic pressing team. He literally spent zero net. Dier, Alli and Kane were blooded and he solidified at the back with Alderweireld and Vertonghen. He got back to back UCL qualifications, the first Spurs manager to ever do that.
    2. The team peaked in 2016 and 2017 and Pocchetino knew he needed to freshen things up. For whatever reason, he and Levy could not agree on how to do that, so 2018 and 2019 was a team getting stale together, players running down contracts.
    3. In addition, Spurs were going all-in on the new stadium, including a six month delay. For whatever reason, things started going off the rails in about January 2019, covered up by the UCL final run and squeaking 4th place.
    4. Pocchetino clearly wanted major surgery in the summer, refreshing the squad and clearing out some malingerers. Once again, it was not possible. He was left in a power struggle he could not win and his heart had gone from the project. When your heart is lost in a job you invested your soul in, it does not come back. Getting out of bed to go to work is now an effort, it is not a joy. There was only one ending. It happened last week.

    He did a truly great job at that club, when viewed as a 5 year project.

    Arsenal currently have a squad like Spurs had in summer 2015: lots of young talent ready to be blooded, some experience too and needing good coaching to progress.

    So the question with Pocchetino is simple: ‘is his core expertise the development of 18-24 year olds, or was that just the reality of the jobs he could get on the way up?’

    The next question is: ‘Has he done that bit of life and now wants to manage a squad capable of winning things?’

    What can fairly be said is that this site has been fairly coruscating about a lot of managers who have proven them wrong.

    Brendan Rodgers is an excellent coach who works well with young players. Calling him Brenda and saying he was Championship level at best is like calling a hot brunette a fat slag then expecting her to want to date you. You may end up being rebuffed….

    Hasenhuttl was not backed in the transfer market in the summer and so is struggling at a smallish EPL outfit. Marco Silva has no such excuses. Who is writing the MBA case study of ‘Wolves vs Everton’?

    Boh Szesceny and Fabianski have proven the sages of Le Grove wrong: Ronaldo is happy with the gobby pole as a keeper and West Ham are tumbling without their ex gooner between the sticks. ‘I wanna fuck Miss World and I wanna fuck her now!’ is not always the best strategy for building a football club…can anyone really say that Leno is an upgrade on either of those two?

    Any managerial decision has two strands:

    1. Now or in the summer?

    2. If now, an interim or a permanent signing?

    If you are up for an innovative and risky thought, consider Steven Gerrard: he might not be available until the summer, but if he ever wanted to replace Klopp, he would have to return Arsenal to top 4 at the very least….he is a tough cookie, no room for namby pamby whingers in his dressing room…Rangers are big boys, they would think amongst others about Sean Dyche and Eddie Howe needing trophies on their CVs and a realistic prospect of being able to deliver some at Rangers….and Gerrard is showing he can take a lagging giant and make it competitive again…

    As for Arteta, tell me what he has done that David Wagner was not doing for Klopp at Dortmund….and why he deserves a job seven levels higher than Huddersfield Town. That would be the first question I would ask Arteta at interview, after all….