Xhaka back

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Jose Mourinho is like that sexy abusive partner you have. You know the type, you crunch a crisp too loud and they’re up in your shit. They throw plates at you when you leave tea bags in the sink. They wear your dry cleaned shirts.

… you beg them to change. They come back to you and say, sure, I’ve had a sabbatical and I will be more tea bag tolerant. You believe them because they are sexy and charismatic, then literally the next day they’ve shredded your tea bags to teach you a lesson and posted something negative about you on Facebook.

Jose Mourinho rolls back into the Spurs with more baggage than Prince Andrew, but he’s charming… and now we’re all in a deep panic that this time, maybe he has changed, and he’ll do bits for Spurs.

I am an UNbeliever in radical personality change at 56 years old. You are who you are. You can change the crest on the badge, you can smile, get a facial… but I think it will be near impossible for him to be different because so much of his success was built around his persona.

We’ll see though, stealing backroom demons from Lille is smart. I’d be desperately worried if Spurs nabbed Luis Campos from there as well, he really is a top drawer technical director. It looks good on paper, but remember, Wenger had loads of data people and analysts he didn’t use.

Whatever goes on, it’s a huge gamble. The Times alluded to this being part of a wider masterplan for prospective owners. Makes sense, the Amazon series is the most serious way to get a prospectus out there, Jose Mourinho looks great on paper as well. Especially for all those star fuckers with enough cash to buy a club.

ANYWAY, onto Arsenal. Unai Emery has been given time to think about the season. A bit of me space to strategise his way out of the mess. So what’s his plan you ask?

Bring Xhaka back into the mixer.

Perfection. The equivalent of photocopying your bare arse and leaving it on your CEOs desk. He is addicted to one of the least effective midfielders in the league.

Love Sport asked me if I could forgive the player for his tantrum.


He has done his time and he lost his armband. The point of his absence was never about whether the fans could forgive him, it was more about how bland he is and damaging for our overall play.

“Xhaka is coming back better. His mindset is better and this morning I have a very good conversation with him. My objective is for him to come back helping us and convincing everyone that he is going to be better in the short or long future with us”

Cannot wait, Unai.

Interesting that The Times are leaking stories about Arteta / Unai not being on the original shortlist of managers (which Ivan G confirmed, so not new news). Certainly wouldn’t have come from Raul or Edu.

Right, short one today, NORMAL FOOTBALL SERVICE RESUMES. x

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  1. Just Another Customer

    fucking hell don’t give to Sokratis lol just get rid

    fucking hell fucking hell unbelievable the coach should be sacked by that alone

  2. Ishola70

    Shame for Tierney as he was having a good match offensively but you can’t tug at players in the area.

    What a shit midfield. Southampton strolled through it to set up their pen. Guendouzi all at sea and no back-up at all.

  3. Wenker-wanger

    Surely surely emery is out the door.
    Extraordinary losing to a team that’s shite and a team that lost at home 9-0…
    Real garbage….on a par with some of Wenger’s dire results…..still no 6-0s or 8-2s….just to pre-empt the lovesick Wenger fans……

  4. Just Another Customer

    just sack already don’t give him more time it’s only a waste strongest lineup now only to be fucked by his coaching and instructions

    fuxking tictacs bullshit

  5. raptora

    More penalty than not. It’s a good decision by the ref.

    Bye Emery. I’d be shocking if they don’t sack the clown.

    4 shots for Arsenal. 14 to Soton btw.
    2 shots on target to 6.

    Outplayed in yet another game.

  6. Guns of SF

    such a poor midfield.
    Emery needs to practice daily- coming back from deficits.. since that is the reality in most games for us…
    You can see the players are out of clues
    Look shattered

  7. Ishola70

    What a shambles.

    When you revert to three at the back it is meant to make you more defensively secure but Arsenal have been flaky as ever defensively in this game.


    The fat lady is gargling waiting to sing.

    The taxi has just pulled up outside The Emirates to escort Emery from the premises.

  8. Wenker-wanger

    Leicester bombing on!…
    Funny you never think Leicester are a top side…..even when they won the prem…you thought”,great season…a freak….a team that’s very good but not league winning quality” .Well, I think they are proving they are worthy of being considered as title contenders.

  9. Goonah

    Sack him right now!

    I don´t like Ljungberg as head coach. He´s too timid.
    Still miles better than this useless wanker!

  10. Ishola70

    “I’m happy to laugh at you lot for the way you treated wenger”

    Oh shut up you mongrel.

    You don’t sit on your hands with a manager that had clearly had his time.

    You try to progress from that.

    And if you fail you try again.

    That you even bring up Wenger tells us all about you.

  11. Peckobill

    If emery had anything about him he’d quit and admit he doesn’t possess the skills to turn this around . He finished

  12. Samesong

    If emery had anything about him he’d quit and admit he doesn’t possess the skills to turn this around . He finished

    And turn down all that money??

  13. Ishola70

    Save me Martinelli.

    Save me Willock.

    It’s tragic that Emery turns to these kiddies to try to save his bacon.


  14. Leedsgunner

    Emery throwing everything to get a draw… just so that he can save some measure of face.

    Someone should tell him any credibility he had, he lost it in the hammering back in Baku.

    A draw is not a good enough.

  15. Paulinho

    We should’ve just gotten rid of Emery after the VAR Palace disgrace. Obvious then he was completely cursed and nothing was ever going to go our way.

  16. Wenker-wanger

    you lot for the way you treated wenger
    The way we treated a useless selfish fraud earning £10million for doing not a lot except throwing his bony arms about and obsessing with his ridiculously uniform tubular coat zipper.?????
    Emery is crap but Wenger was sickening…

  17. TheBayingMob

    If emery had anything about him he’d quit and admit he doesn’t possess the skills to turn this around . He finished”

    Ye I was just thinking about how shamelessly fucking brazen these people in football are. If he had any honor he would fall on his sword tonight. But he won’t.

  18. Jeff

    Desperation, desperation, desperation. How many times we’ve traversed these familiar roads. Fighting for top four, now fighting for top six. I have now reached the point where I’m absolutely convinced money is more important than winning at Arsenal. It’s so sad that it has come to this.

  19. raptora

    We are 15W, 5D, 0L vs Soton at home.

    Have ever lost 2 times at home to Soton in our history. In the 1960s and in 1987.

    If you tell me that this is one of the worst Arsenal team in the history and this is one of the best Soton sides I’ll be laughing for a while. We’ve been losing points cause of Emery. Another one on him.

  20. Ishola70

    “The art of defending, we’ve never really mastered it and it’s been like that for a very long time.”

    Too true.

    Absolutely shit defensively

  21. Wenker-wanger

    Emery is like a boxer with nose and jaw broken on his knees getting up at the count of nine thinking he can still knock his opponent out.
    His corner that has faith in him failing to throw in the towel and the fans shaking their heads calling for mercy to stopnthe fight or a final mercy knockout.

  22. Peckobill

    When the senile one become crap at least we still were flat track bullies now we are the team being bullied by mediocre teams

  23. Wenker-wanger

    As much as I detest Wenger..you are correct about how at least he managed to beat relegation fodder.
    12 shots for emery 20 shots for the saints…. Arsenal the team that likes to train it’s keeper during matches….roll up have a shot….

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Southampton should have scored 5 or 6…easily.

    Haven’t seen chances conceded but guess it will be awful.

    Should have sacked him before the international break.

    This is totally pointless.

  25. prvhc

    We’ve already reached late Wenger territory,where a significant part of the fan base would prefer Arsenal to lose,so the board would be forced to act.

  26. Ishola70

    Shambolic performance.

    Emery is done.

    Whether you rate Ljungberg or not he has to come in as caretaker manager.

    Emery going to back three at home to Southampton was a sign of desperation and the team were woeful defensively when going three is meant to give defensive stability.

    Shambolic and Emery should be shown the door in the new year.

    Done. Finished.

    And Leicester win again.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Pochettino’s last game was a draw at home to Sheffield who are a far better team than Southampton.

    That should be it for Emery.

    At the end both Sokratis and Ozil were playing as if they wanted to lose.

  28. China1

    Ishola if we are so bad again and again what on earth is the point of waiting until the new year?

    If you wait until the new year we will be in lower mid table. What’s the point of that?

  29. Ishola70

    “The equaliser won’t mean a thing…everyone knows we were stuffed here….the board included.”

    Yep the draw at home is pitiful anyway at this stage of the season against a team like Southampton but as you say Southampton “stuffed” Arsenal today and the draw scoreline doesn’t reflect that.

  30. Ishola70

    ” if we are so bad again and again what on earth is the point of waiting until the new year?If you wait until the new year we will be in lower mid table. What’s the point of that?”

    Yeah see what you are saying.

    Emery should clear out his gear in the next few days with Ljungberg taking over as caretaker.

  31. Freddylekgunner

    If the board don’t sack Emery today, I’ll take a break from Arsenal. It’s pointless even during Wenger’s last years we were never this bad. It’s past beyond joke now.