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Jose Mourinho is like that sexy abusive partner you have. You know the type, you crunch a crisp too loud and they’re up in your shit. They throw plates at you when you leave tea bags in the sink. They wear your dry cleaned shirts.

… you beg them to change. They come back to you and say, sure, I’ve had a sabbatical and I will be more tea bag tolerant. You believe them because they are sexy and charismatic, then literally the next day they’ve shredded your tea bags to teach you a lesson and posted something negative about you on Facebook.

Jose Mourinho rolls back into the Spurs with more baggage than Prince Andrew, but he’s charming… and now we’re all in a deep panic that this time, maybe he has changed, and he’ll do bits for Spurs.

I am an UNbeliever in radical personality change at 56 years old. You are who you are. You can change the crest on the badge, you can smile, get a facial… but I think it will be near impossible for him to be different because so much of his success was built around his persona.

We’ll see though, stealing backroom demons from Lille is smart. I’d be desperately worried if Spurs nabbed Luis Campos from there as well, he really is a top drawer technical director. It looks good on paper, but remember, Wenger had loads of data people and analysts he didn’t use.

Whatever goes on, it’s a huge gamble. The Times alluded to this being part of a wider masterplan for prospective owners. Makes sense, the Amazon series is the most serious way to get a prospectus out there, Jose Mourinho looks great on paper as well. Especially for all those star fuckers with enough cash to buy a club.

ANYWAY, onto Arsenal. Unai Emery has been given time to think about the season. A bit of me space to strategise his way out of the mess. So what’s his plan you ask?

Bring Xhaka back into the mixer.

Perfection. The equivalent of photocopying your bare arse and leaving it on your CEOs desk. He is addicted to one of the least effective midfielders in the league.

Love Sport asked me if I could forgive the player for his tantrum.


He has done his time and he lost his armband. The point of his absence was never about whether the fans could forgive him, it was more about how bland he is and damaging for our overall play.

“Xhaka is coming back better. His mindset is better and this morning I have a very good conversation with him. My objective is for him to come back helping us and convincing everyone that he is going to be better in the short or long future with us”

Cannot wait, Unai.

Interesting that The Times are leaking stories about Arteta / Unai not being on the original shortlist of managers (which Ivan G confirmed, so not new news). Certainly wouldn’t have come from Raul or Edu.

Right, short one today, NORMAL FOOTBALL SERVICE RESUMES. x

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  1. Dissenter

    Nope, we don’t have the best wingers in the league
    Spurs, City, Liverpool, Leicester, United, Chelsea, Wolves, Bournemouth and possible Palace have better wingers than its.
    We have Pepe who’s not off to the races and two promising youth players. Good …but not great.

  2. Edu me a favour

    “ Was he traveling economy class on a 20-hr non stop flight?”

    Lol , don’t shoot the messenger , I’m pretty sure that’s what emery said

    I think Pepe should be playing by the way

  3. Nelson

    To open up a team parking the bus, you need to have your winger and full back overlapping. The winger should have the skill to beat a defender. The wing back is tasked to cross the ball. But he needs support from the winger to open up the passing lane.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not feeling it today…

    Drained of any love for the club, we really need a big love in to happen at the club.

    Ok he is trying, but don’t think he’s been radical enough .

    Let’s see what occurs
    2 2 my guessing

  5. gazzap

    yeah Martinelli and Pepe are the best pair of wingers in the league. OK so Emery destroyed Pepe but it’s all in there. neither are playing

  6. Distant legrover

    Poor Pepe. Relegated to the bench permanently and it ain’t his fault. It’s the fault of the guy who plays a player out of his best position(Torreira) then proceed to complain about his recent performances, shows him videos of his best performances for Arsenal, which coincidentally, came from playing in his natural position.

  7. Dissenter

    Sometimes, you have to put a man out of his misery.
    Thumb twiddling and hoping that the fairy mother god sprinkles magic dust on turd isn’t a plan.

  8. Dissenter

    Emery’s instincts are just wrong.
    You have a side two from bottom playing you at home and he sets upon conservatively

  9. Dissenter

    I don’t buy the ‘players aren’t playing for Emery” angle

    it’s lazy stuff

    The same players voted for Xhaka ffs

  10. Dissenter

    That decision to allow the free kick players that early …with a moving ball is tantamount to a referee assisted goal.

  11. Leedsgunner

    Strong line up with our first choice wingbacks in play… I hope we get a result. Even if we do, it doesn’t change a thing though… Emery still need to go.

  12. omar

    We have conceded 59 attempts in our last 3 games before today with 19 of those on target. All this while having 49%, 65% and 58% of possession in those games. Out of our last 270 minutes of football, the opposition had the ball 115 of those minutes. And yet managed 59 attempts. On average, over our last 3 games before today, the opposition had an attempt every 2 minutes while they were in possession. We don’t seem to have players on the pitch, we have training cones in Arsenal kits.
    Now today, in the first 18 minutes, Southampton has already had 5 attempts with 48% possession of that 18 minutes. That is 5 attempts in 8 and a half minutes.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There must have been a clause in luiz contract that he starts every game…

    He’s dreadful.

    Club stinks at moment.

  14. China1

    Why does sokratis best his man then turn around and try and take him on again facing his own goal?

    Why does nothing logical ever seem to happen?

  15. Rambo Ramsey

    Imagine paying 70 million for a one season wonder and dropping him from the 11 midway through the season.

    Only at Arseanal.

  16. vickingz

    I remember asking how the likes of auba, kola and co became professional players, can’t even do a simple task of “control and pass”

  17. Dissenter

    You’re really asking how a player with 40 league goals in 62 games became a a”professional” player?
    What a shocker

  18. vickingz

    @ dissenter, that’s all you look at, that’s all you can say about him. Others have to sweat for him to do tap ins, anyone can do that

  19. China1

    If anyone could do what auba does his goal scoring record would be matched by loads of others, rather than being one of the best scorers of his generation…

  20. China1

    Bellerins name is more synonymous with fashion and hipster issues than high end football

    Only a few players can say the same and still have gone on to have had top level careers

  21. Thank you and goodnight.

    Irrespective of the result, surely the board can see that Emery is finished at Arsenal. Emery is the Spanish Sam Allardyce, OK at average teams, punch above their weight, but well out of his depth at a supposed top club. Emery is so average its painful to watch.

  22. Ishola70

    Boos at half time.

    Emery with 45 minutes to save his job and he probably will. Arsenal will probably end up winning the match.

    What an average side with an uninspiring manager. Shit central defence and shit central midfield off the ball.

    Positives so far Ozil, Tierney and Lacazette.

  23. Guns of SF

    Bellerin has lost his pace and really is out of ideas – hell at this point put back AMN- cannot do any worse.

    Tierney stutter steps and tries to out speed his man.

    Still not attacking movements in the middle. Southampton are doing good with clogging passing lanes tho

  24. Gazzap

    I’ve said since September it’s not if but when now for emery getting sacked. How long do we suffer him. I hope the board can put us all out of our misery soon.

  25. Ishola70

    Chambers was shit for that Southampton goal.

    There are reasons why he isn’t an established EPL player for a team of a certain standard at the age of 24.

  26. Olumide

    The shittiest thing about Arsenal right now is Emery. Every great players will look bad when playing for a poor and uninspiring manager. Just look at Barcelona.

  27. Nelson

    No. It is Bellerin’s fault. He should stand in front of the ball to stop them from quick starting. At least he should block the passing lane. Instead, he stood on the side and watched.

  28. China1

    In slow motion replay the ball was rolling and the red probably should’ve been able to see that

    Goal shouldn’t have counted according to the letter of the law

  29. Ishola70


    Chambers gave away the freekick and then started day dreaming and Ings made the run in behind him.

    We have seen this lapse kind of play from Chambers before.

    He is not good enough for any team that has serious ambitions.

  30. China1

    People keep saying this is an easy fixture run but when you’re setup as the away team there is no such thing as easy

  31. Micheal

    Once again, we are far too slow in the build-up. The default pass is sideways. No one seems capable of playing a ball over the top to exploit the pace of Auba or the overlapping full-backs. It is soo predictable that even teams like Southampton defend against us.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Pepe clearly has all the raw ingredients… shame Emery doesn’t know how to get the best out of them or to tactically guide the team!