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Jose Mourinho is like that sexy abusive partner you have. You know the type, you crunch a crisp too loud and they’re up in your shit. They throw plates at you when you leave tea bags in the sink. They wear your dry cleaned shirts.

… you beg them to change. They come back to you and say, sure, I’ve had a sabbatical and I will be more tea bag tolerant. You believe them because they are sexy and charismatic, then literally the next day they’ve shredded your tea bags to teach you a lesson and posted something negative about you on Facebook.

Jose Mourinho rolls back into the Spurs with more baggage than Prince Andrew, but he’s charming… and now we’re all in a deep panic that this time, maybe he has changed, and he’ll do bits for Spurs.

I am an UNbeliever in radical personality change at 56 years old. You are who you are. You can change the crest on the badge, you can smile, get a facial… but I think it will be near impossible for him to be different because so much of his success was built around his persona.

We’ll see though, stealing backroom demons from Lille is smart. I’d be desperately worried if Spurs nabbed Luis Campos from there as well, he really is a top drawer technical director. It looks good on paper, but remember, Wenger had loads of data people and analysts he didn’t use.

Whatever goes on, it’s a huge gamble. The Times alluded to this being part of a wider masterplan for prospective owners. Makes sense, the Amazon series is the most serious way to get a prospectus out there, Jose Mourinho looks great on paper as well. Especially for all those star fuckers with enough cash to buy a club.

ANYWAY, onto Arsenal. Unai Emery has been given time to think about the season. A bit of me space to strategise his way out of the mess. So what’s his plan you ask?

Bring Xhaka back into the mixer.

Perfection. The equivalent of photocopying your bare arse and leaving it on your CEOs desk. He is addicted to one of the least effective midfielders in the league.

Love Sport asked me if I could forgive the player for his tantrum.


He has done his time and he lost his armband. The point of his absence was never about whether the fans could forgive him, it was more about how bland he is and damaging for our overall play.

“Xhaka is coming back better. His mindset is better and this morning I have a very good conversation with him. My objective is for him to come back helping us and convincing everyone that he is going to be better in the short or long future with us”

Cannot wait, Unai.

Interesting that The Times are leaking stories about Arteta / Unai not being on the original shortlist of managers (which Ivan G confirmed, so not new news). Certainly wouldn’t have come from Raul or Edu.

Right, short one today, NORMAL FOOTBALL SERVICE RESUMES. x

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  1. Distant legrover

    It’s crazy that the board is giving Emery more time. I mean seriously more time for what ? He has shown that he doesnt speak English, does not have an attacking philosophy, says good ebening, gets outshot by every team, cant galvanize and motivate the guys, doesnt have the sauce, plays players out of their best position, starts Luiz in every game, let’s the psychologist do his job for him, starts Xhaka, still talking about bringing him back when it’s obvious the fans can’t stand him.

    Need I go on ?

  2. PieAFC


    Classic Arsenal under Emery. A team battered 9-0 recently come to Arsenal and out play us.

    We’re a joke.

    Glad the boos rang out. He has to go. We’re gonna fall even further behind.

  3. Olumide

    We’re just 4 points ahead of Westham in 16th position. If the team in the 20th position just almost snatched a win at the Emirates, Arsenal could actually be in the relegation zone by January.
    Emery needs to be sacked right now.

  4. Ishola70

    “Shocking how bad a team with Pepe, auba, ozil and laca can actually be. The cohesion going forward just isn’t there.”

    We can’t keep fixating on the attack.

    The team are criminal shocking defensively and have been for a good number of seasons now.

  5. Tee


    Make up your mind please.

    Can’t believe you still want Emery to be there till the new year.

    Or I my getting it wrong your ? I mean your comment “Shambolic and Emery should be shown the door in the new year”

  6. China1

    It’s official – emery is worse than wenger at his very lowest ebb and that’s one hell of an insult considering we fired wenger for being wank

    Honestly far more so than the results it’s the nature of these results which is shocking. Relegation fodder getting double the shots and double the chances ON A WEEKLY BASIS AT THE EMIRATES

    there is no planet on which the above statement makes sense on a regular basis but here we are

  7. HighburyLegend

    No problem for me, Emery can stay, as long as we deliver such great performances.

    And I’m sure that Edu and Raul thinks the same. Lol

  8. raptora

    Outplayed by Southampton at home. A team we haven’t lost to in the Premier League. A team we’ve last lost 32 years ago. A team we’ve lost to 2 times in the history of the English league.We deserved to lose by 3 or 4 goals.

    The downward spiral has been going for months now. It needs to stop. Sack Emery.

  9. HighburyLegend

    Can’t wait to read Martine, who will soon be back from the stadium, to teach us how we should support the team and the manager.

  10. China1

    I would tollerate the shit football if it was effective like at the start of last season but all we are seeing is a steamroller driving towards you at 3mph but your feet are stuck in cement

  11. Ishola70

    Cesc Appeal
    “Lacazette has just kept Emery in a job”

    Shouldn’t be the case.

    That draw was more akin to a defeat which you will ever see.

    It’s clear as day that Arsenal will not get top four this season so they should say goodbye to Emery pronto put Ljungberg in as caretaker and find someone in the summer.

    If they are thinking of Europa League then they are such fools.

    That performance just there was shambolic and awful.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    He’s lost a lot of those players, you could tell they were throwing the game in the last 7 minutes. In particular Sokratis, Pepe, Ozil, Luiz were just giving the ball away in our own half.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Sanllehi apparently won’t be rushed by fan pressure and wants to give Emery a chance to make an ‘impression’.

    Listen, I gave him a chance, but he’s had a season and a half almost and he’s made literally zero impression…he’s actually made us look worse with better players than the mess left to him.

    I would like to see the average number of shots we face vs the shots we have.

    The name Gunners is apt because our midfield to our goal is basically a shooting gallery.

  14. Ishola70

    Guns of SF
    “Burnley and Wolves ahead of us”

    And Wolves will finish ahead of Arsenal come the season’s end if Emery is allowed to continue.

    If he is allowed to carry on I can see Arsenal finishing the season around eighth or ninth place.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Who will take Poch?’

    I can’t say ‘fuck yeah’ loud enough.

    Even if it was Pochettino at the end of the season so we had a caretaker until then so that he can have a rest up, plan and milk Spurs for an extra £4 Million…sure.

  16. HighburyLegend

    “The name Gunners is apt because our midfield to our goal is basically a shooting gallery.”

    And because we love to play the russian roulette ??

  17. Wenker-wanger

    Talksport stating that it’s a race between West ham Everton and arsenal to call poch…..haha…panic buying….although I do rate poch…can’t see the board being that knee jerk…..they believe in their”dignity”

  18. Wenker-wanger

    Manila. I hear what you say…..if emery was allowed to continue till the end of the season you have to say we would finish 12th to 17th…..but ,he will be sacked before we slide beyond 15th…

  19. China1

    The real joke is if the board still think they have dignity.

    Everyone can see what’s in front of them clear as day. They’re here eating a shit sandwich telling us the texture is actually not that bad and don’t worry because there’s probably still some nutrition left in the nuts

    If edu and Raul don’t sort this out this week they deserve sacking just as much as emery

  20. HighburyLegend

    How do we say “We shown the mental strenght” in Spanish ??

    Wenger don’t know he has an hidden son, and Emery don’t know who is his real father, this is kind of cruel.

  21. salparadisenyc

    If Raul lacks the ability to see how far it’s fallen then he needs to fuck right off out of the club as well.

  22. Ishola70

    Sack him.

    For the love of Arsenal sack him.

    Oh I forgot these bods making the decisions have no real love for Arsenal.

  23. UK bubbler

    I honestly believe this is the worst I have seen a Arsenal team play consistently bad for some 40 years. Must be the worse defense and midfield ever. Emery needs to be gone by Monday.

    Can we really say we’re to good to go down? Very worrying times

  24. Gay dave

    Really pissed today, Emery really needs to fuck off this week, I didn’t see the game but looking at the stats we held possession and they peppered the shit out of us.

    Funny thing is we actually on paper have quite a reasonable squad, that should perform and be at least in the top 4.

    Enough of arsenal pussy footing around managers, grow a pair of knackers and take proper action.

  25. CG

    When he goes – I will miss him in one small way.

    He has made so much money – I am now buying real estate in Namibia and MOZAMBIQUE.

    (Maybe ,I will take UN advice – never bought a cattle farm before)

    Anyway where our lovely UN gave you Belagured : I suggested buying Saints goals.

    They were selling on the sub continent markets very engagingly this morning.

    7 points off the bottom 3 and all the best mangers gone.

    One would suggest a phone call to the Rock solid Mr.Benitez should be forthcoming.

    Tick Tock

  26. raptora

    The statistics I posted were in our home games. I still can’t believe what a game I watched. Wtf was that performance?! I hope the players have made their mind about Emery. To be honest when Laca scored, scored because he was supposed to, not because he wanted to. It’s why he didn’t celebrate it. He realized he probably helped in saving Emery’s job.

  27. Freddie Ljungberg

    Disgraceful performance and pitiful to set up the team like we’re playing City away.

    Get a caretaker manager in now if we can’t get our prime target so we can limp into the January window and do something about that weak midfield and defence. Don’t think a new manager would be very happy with the options there.

    In the meantime we need somebody in that picks a lineup and formation and sticks with it for more than 1 game at a time, smh.

  28. Micheal

    Any real football supporter would take notice at the silence in the stadium and lack of celebration from the players when Laca equalised in the final minute.

    It is a great pity that Arsenal are owned by a sleazy absentee Yank landlord who doesn’t give a fuck about football.

  29. G8

    Embarrassing from Emery and certain players..ultimately the buck stops with the manager..awful , just awful
    Negative line up and tactics to start with, and then is that lack of hunger and fight from certain players
    Bellend was awful , and so was Toreira, Auba and Ozil 2nd half
    If they are not bothered to play for the manager , they should do so for the badge, the home fans, and their pride (big fucking lol)

    I don’t know what the players do at training, they can’t string 2 passes together, and always backward or sideways

    Emery has to go, but we are dithering as usual, probably we will see Marko Silva and Pellegrini go before him.

  30. Ishola70

    wtf are we waiting for.

    Top four is gone.

    He is not winning Europa League.

    The performances get worse and Arsenal will be midtable continuing with him.

    There is no decision.

    It should be obvious.

  31. Chika

    You guys should always remember that no matter how horrible Emery is, there are some stubborn idiots who would continually believe he’s capable of turning things around.

  32. Ishola70

    “You guys should always remember that no matter how horrible Emery is, there are some stubborn idiots who would continually believe he’s capable of turning things around.”


    Receding Hairline and Bamford?

    Receding Hairline I’m sure will have given up the ghost as well after that lastest shit show.

    You saw how the crowd reacted even after a late equaliser.

    It’s over for Emery. Over.

  33. Un na naai

    Freddie LjungbergNovember 23, 2019 17:30:49
    Disgraceful performance and pitiful to set up the team like we’re playing City away.

    You were sucking his arse for the past 18 months.
    Finally seen the light? You take longer to change course than the titanic

  34. Distant legrover

    He never won an away game in his last season at Sevilla. We are beginning to see why. If we are struggling this bad at home how the hell are we supposed to win away ?

    His away record speaks of a guy who doesn’t seem to know how to galvanize his players and get them out a bad period. Once he’s in a bad rut, he just stays there .

  35. Freddie Ljungberg


    I know you’re retarded but giving a new manager a chance and sucking his arse is not the same thing, I also posted weeks ago that if the performances doesn’t drastically improve he has to leave.

    Not everyone was on his back after game 1 his first season just because his name wasn’t Arsene like you and Pierre and CC and a couple of other wankers.

    Still doesn’t change the fact I don’t rate this squad very highly. The potential are there with some players it’s just going to take time before they realise it in the PL. We should still be doing much better than this.

  36. Chika


    “Receding Hairline I’m sure will have given up the ghost as well after that lastest shit show.”

    Prepare to be shocked.

    “You saw how the crowd reacted even after a late equaliser.”

    Watching Arsenal has become a torture to the soul.

  37. Freddie Ljungberg


    Shut up you melon
    You weren’t giving him a chance you were doubling down because of your creepy wenger obsession
    It was clear by the end of last season that emery is shit
    But off you went, all summer, doing what you do, licking bum hole. Ya dirty little rimmer”

    Oh great, Don having another meltdown, how shocking. What a cunt.

  38. Un na naai

    Meltdown? Hardly. Just pointing out what a creepy hypocritical bullshitter you are.

    You nailed your colours to the mast now bath on the misery of the incompetent moron you lauded

  39. Majesticgooner

    George Graham till the end of the season at his age would do a better job than emery. Emery should be put out of his misery was like the players did not want to celebrate scoring the equaliser . It was like , shit we’ve saved his job. I can’t se emery turning things round.

  40. Freddie Ljungberg


    You are having another full on meltdown right now., hardly surprising though since you’re mental. None of what you just wrote is even remotely true (par for the course with you that) and makes very little sense.

    We needed a new manager, that was undisputable (expcept by some on here that still hasn’t let go) I was willing to give him time, wouldn’t have mattered who it was, the team left behind by the man you’re clearly still bitter about leaving was garbage and only had about 4 serviceable players, 2 of which has been injured for 10 months. We needed a complete reset of the squad, that is rarely smooth. Emery is making it worse than it has to be though and needs to go.

    It happens at every other club, we’re not special, if a manager doesn’t work out you sack him and move on. You’re a dick if you turn on him from day 1, or can’t see the circumstances he’s working under though (unless it’s Mourinho, then it’s justified)

    That has always been my position so shove your bullshit back into your dirty little pie hole where it belong