3 HUGE moves for Arsenal in a single day

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Well, well, well… what a fine day yesterday was for the Gooner faithful, finally a bit of good news for us.

Firstly, the big one.

Bulletin 1


I can’t believe they actually pulled the trigger. Their most successful manager since George Graham (lolz), fresh off the back of a Champions League final, was booted out at the end of an international week.

What a fall from grace. In front of the Amazon documentary filmmakers, what a coup for them, right?!

I’m still not quite sure to make of it. Something very bad has gone wrong for Spurs since before the Champions League final. I would suspect there are probably a few things at play.

  1. Tight board: Daniel Levy is a shrewd operator, but let’s be fair to Poch, he’s been incredibly frustrating to the progress of the squad. He’s always given the manager just enough to survive. His big bet was the stadium, so he just wasted a very good set of players by hoping to get by for the last 5 years. That must have left a bad taste in the mouth of the manager who I am sure wanted to push on a little harder.
  2. Fumes: One of the greatest feats of Poch’s tenure has been his ability to keep his best players earning a pittance. Spurs wage bill has sat below £150m for a long time. The manager has kept players happy by selling them the dream of winning, together. They’re all now in their late twenties, there’s no trophy to show for their sacrifice, now the cracks are showing. I would expect a major exodus is coming and the manager knows it.
  3. Boredom: When Klopp exited Dortmund, he said that after a while, the players get bored of him and he got bored of them. I think boredom or frustration sets in when the dream you keep promising never gets any closer. It’s been notable this season that the players don’t look like they’re firing on all cylinders and to be honest, the manager also looks like he’s done with the club.
  4. Ambition: Poch made a real point about being promoted to manager and not feeling like he was one. He even switched out of a suit into his training gear to make that point. When the manager is beefing with the CEO, that filters down to the players. The same thing happened to Conte when he fell out over transfer dealings the summer after he’d won the league. Managers are artists like players, if they don’t feel settled, it can really impact performance. Poch has put up with a lot of shit from Daniel Levy, in the end, when you know your ambitions cannot be fulfilled, why bother?

So in short, the perfect storm of mess.

Bulletin 2


I pondered whether the rumours about Luis Enrique were generated by Arsenal, or by the Spaniard’s team. Turns out they must have been from his team, likely desperate to escape the general boredom and lack of prestige associated with being an international hack.

He was a nightmare in waiting. Brash with the media, heavily driven by the pound note, and basically a more glam version of Emery. Dodged bullet there. I really didn’t fancy a manager who was so awful, Barca fans hated him even after he won the treble. I would also dearly love it if we could move away from hiring Raul’s mates.

Bulletin 3


Now, this might be a good short term hire for Spurs, I am not denying it. Spurs have a very good squad of players that were in the Champions League final. That is the greatest competition in the world, they are primed for top 4, even from where they sit right now.

But hear me out… the idea that Daniel Levy is looking at bringing in Mourinho to a club that has contract rebels, low spirit, youth they hope to promote, and a pitiful amount of money in the bank is simply delicious.

My gut senses that Daniel Levy has been made to look shrewd by a world-class coach. I think he actually has rough judgement. He’s likely looking at the table with desperate eyes knowing that without top 4, he’s fucked. The most enticing person in the world when you are gunning for top 4 is Mourinho. He makes sense on paper, but you KNOW where this is going.

I do not believe in the rebirth of Jose Mourinho for a second, but it looks like we’re about to find out.

Regardless of how he does at Spurs, I wouldn’t have him at Arsenal for a second.

… but I would take Pochettino. I think the consensus amongst Arsenal fans is that we’d all 100% see him as an upgrade on what we have, and oddly, he seems to be the least hated of all their managers over the past 20 years. If we had David Dein at Arsenal now, he’d strike for him without a doubt. He’s literally perfect for our situation.

  • Can work on a less than elite transfer budget
  • Has built an elite culture at Spurs, players loved him, proved out by their insane loyalty to him over greater riches
  • Has a track record of building teams. Spurs has consistently delivered performances and consistency beyond the sum of their parts.
  • Lives in London
  • Can speak English
  • Knows the league
  • Knows how to train a disciplined press
  • Has sauce
  • Has great hair

I mean, it really is a no brainer. The only question I have about him is whether he’s a diehard Spurs person. I mean, George Graham moved to the enemy, he was way more Arsenal than Poch is Spurs. I guess it depends on how brutal the sacking was and whether he wants to avenge it. Really hoping Levy did it by text or had Tim Sherwood do it.

Would be a savagely good appointment regardless.

Right, that’s me DONE. Off to bask in a wonderful set of events right now. x

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I really don’t know how people can judge torreira in seriousness’

    He doesn’t want to be here.

    Last year it was the weather, not liking living in England and I think if he’s honest not liking the pace and physicality of the EPL.

    Now it’s a positional thing which I do have sympathy with him for but it smacks of a convenient way to exit without incurring wrath. Smart agent tactic knowing Emery is not liked anyway and will be blamed.

    I’ve not doubt being played out of position is frustrating for him but that is not the reason he wants to leave.

    We can’t have him whinging every other month. Just sell.

  2. China1

    You could do the same thing with any player that is happening with torreira and see how happy and settled they’d look in the league

    Imagine Ramsey is switched from a British CM to a squad player RB in Italy. Imagine juve are having a shit season. The fans are booing. The captain is toxic. The manager is hated and soon to be sacked. The results are piss poor every week. The football sucks.

    Then imagine a group of Italian fans constantly doubting if Ramsey has what it takes to make it in the Italian league because his bit part appearances at RB aren’t particularly good and he doesn’t seem very happy on the pitch

    GO FIGURE lol

  3. Gentlebris

    ‘Pochettino departed Hotspur Way this week after five years in charge, guiding the club to their first Champions League final last term.
    The 47-year-old has a £12.5m compensation clause in his Spurs contract and the figure is set to be paid to him in instalments.
    If he is re-employed during the three to six month period of notice, those staggered payments to him from his former club would immediately cease.’

    Maybe a sabbatical until Raul decides?

  4. China1

    Cesc id hazard a guess half of them don’t want to be there at the moment. Auba isn’t signing his contract.

    Pepe is enjoying himself getting benched for teenagers?

    Xhaka… no need to explain

    Ozil only wants money

    Laca we don’t know

    Is Luiz enjoying himself?

    Mustafi Must’ve been happy when he got bood and then dropped

    Torreira makes some noise about it but what difference does it make?

    As well, shit changes very quickly in football. In a hypothetical example, if the manager got replaced and we put a string of 4 wins on the bounce and started playing good football with players in the right position and no random weird tactics, the fans get behind the team and the black clouds lift – you tell me then do all the players then feel the same as they do today?

    Torreira isn’t happy like the rest of the team isn’t happy like the fans aren’t happy and for good reason. If the club address the elephant in the room things could change in a matter of weeks

  5. Nelson


    How much news do you receive about the situation in Hong Kong?

    A few years ago, I spent a few months in Sichuan. Some of the local people never heard of the June 4 event in Beijing.

  6. China1

    When I changed from a training role to a PM role 6 months ago I wasn’t happy with it for months. My line manager didn’t do anything to help me with the adjustment and actively was a bit of a bellend to me. On top of the difficulty with my new work, the negativity from my line manager made me thoroughly unhappy at first and I was finding myself disliking everything imaginable about the place – even petty irrelevant stuff that wasn’t really a big deal.

    My LM went on maternity leave and o got a bit more competent at my work and suddenly I don’t get bothered by petty little stuff because I’m busy doing the job and actually enjoying it

    Are there really so few arsenal fans who have been through similar experiences to relate to torreira? It perplexes me

  7. China1

    Nelson it’s on the news but unsurprisingly the spin of the message is consistently one sided

    And yeah I think most people don’t know about that here

  8. China1

    If we have to sell torreira because he’s not happy then pepe must need shooting out of a damn cannon to get him out of here as I’ve never seen him smile

  9. Ishola70

    Torreira wasn’t out of position defensively against Leicester the other week with Ozil as AM.

    Torreira was in the correct defensive position for DM for both Leicester goals where he was disapointing in his input in those specific occasions.

    Torreira played deep as DM when the team got easily beaten by Leicester last season.

    Torreira played deep as DM against Wolves last season when the team got easily beaten there as well.

    Torreira played deep as DM when the team got beaten up by Chelsea in the Europa League final.

    I like others want to see him play his proper DM role but folks are going overboard when they try to give the notion that putting Torreira in his DM position will solve all. It won’t. Torreira has had disappointing preformances for Arsenal in the DM position in the past and he was quite disappointing in the DM role in Arsenal’s last match against Leicester. The way people talk it’s as if that Leicester match didn’t take place a few weeks ago or it did but Torreira played again as a CM/AM. He didn’t play as CM/AM against Leicester last match out.

  10. Ishola70

    Torreira usually plays alongside a defensive minded midfielder for Uruguay.

    He played alongside a defensive minded CM at Sampdoria or at least a very conservative one.

    We will not see the best of Torreira his real best and on a real consistent basis unless Arsenal bring in another defensive minded midfielder to play alongside or at least a consevative fellow holding midfielder with him and some may not want that.

    As it stands Torreira is the only DM at Arsenal and at times he looks ineffective defending his own penalty area all on his own without the assitance of a holding/defensive midfielder of a certain standard.

  11. Mysticleaves

    Dark Hei, it’s the usuals. Has done all Poch did and added trophies to it. Bla bla

    Unai, no unfortunately, he’s not putting anything like a structure in place here. And he’s not really known for that. But then I think it was pretty clear he was a transitional manager for us and I even think he’s failing with that responsibility and needs to be replaced ASAP..

  12. Mysticleaves


    The northern part of Nigeria is relatively safe. In the North East, there’s a bit of periodic unrest (in max 3 states) due to boko haram and they don’t even operate in the cities. In the Kaduna and Plateau you have a little bit of community clashes between locals from time to time. That’s all. I stay(ed) in the North

  13. Graham62


    None of the Arsenal players are happy, just like none of the fans are happy.

    Body language tells you so much about our team.

    Would you be happy playing under Emery, even if you were on £100k a week?

    Torreira may want to leave but the reason he wants to leave is down to Emery and his inabilities to see and work on the teams defiencies.

    Home sickness can be solved if we had a manager that showed professional manmanagement skills.

    As for Pepe, why should he smile? He’s been dropped into a shitfest.

    In this respect we are fudged.

  14. David Smith

    Doubt if we will see the best of, or even much more of Torriera unless we lose Emery.
    How many more expensive players will we end up losing before the club realise they have appointed a managerial disaster, and finally do something about it?
    If Raul keeps Emery in post, to me at least, the CEO is the most guilty party, Lets face it, Emery isnt going to do the honourable thing and risk losing compensation as I suspect he will never again get such a salary

  15. Graham62

    Ok, let’s be honest here, how many of you are so desperate for change that you’d willingly except a slip up against Southampton on Saturday.

    Don’t be shy.

  16. Ishola70

    If he slips up against Southampton at home meaning not winning at this stage of the season then there is really nowhere for him to hide. He would be plummeting to lower levels of failure.

    I think Southampton will score in the match but I think even a sub-par Emery will get over the line in this one. 2-1 or 3-1 to Arsenal.

  17. CG

    Ill be rooting for the Saints Saturday.

    I am sure this time – Ill not be alone.

    This abject humiliation has to end this week!

    Shoot me twice!

  18. David Smith

    I want them to beat Southampton, mainly as I am not sure even that will cause Raul to act, pretty sure he is desperate to keep Emery until the end of the season, whether he gets his way on this is another matter though

  19. Pierre

    It’s quite simple, play 4-2-3-1 then we will have 2 disciplined , holding midfielders (whoever they may be) ,which will give the defence a little more protection.

    This will still leave Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe and Ozil offensively, plus the full backs can give us width going forward.

  20. Ishola70

    And who is this good defensive minded conservative midfielder going to be Pierre to play alongside Torreira currently employed at Arsenal?

  21. DigitalBob

    Sorry Graham I would rather we win against Southampton, I can’t bring myself to hope that we lose against any team, regardless of who’s in charge.

    I also doubt a loss against Southampton will end Emery at the club. a few losses on the bounce yes maybe, but the next one nope don’t see it.

  22. Marc

    “Xhaka in the news saying he won’t accept what happened to him at Arsenal.”

    Just in case anyone’s in any doubt I would have no issues with someone paying me several million pounds a year to be piss poor at my job on a constant basis.

  23. Ishola70

    Distant legrover
    “Xhaka in the news saying he won’t accept what happened to him at Arsenal. Please anyone with an extra spare self awareness, kindly lend it to our ex-captain.”

    Talk that he may get back in the side against Southampton.

    To put into perspective how dodgy that Arsenal midfield is the consensus among more than enough pundits is that they don’t rate Xhaka as a player but they rate the midfield as a whole even less so it would not surprise any of them to see Xhaka turn out again for the side.

  24. Marc

    Funny how it’s unacceptable to some on here for fans in the stadium to boo one of our own players but it’s fine to hope Arsenal lose on Saturday.

  25. Receding Hairline

    Mourinho decimating Christophe Galtier’s back room staff. For a man who is seemingly on the up and destined for greater things his back room staff don’t seem to believe that. They jumped ship at the first time of asking

  26. Receding Hairline

    It’s never fine to hope the team you support lose a football game

    If the coach is truly useless and clueless you don’t need to keep hoping for a loss, he will lose the games regardless

    Coming on here to post on how you are willing to endure losses to ensure the greater good of the club in the long run is attention seeking nonsense

  27. CG

    All proper and truly loyal Arsenal citizens should wish Arsenal lose every match until Raul is removed from his post.

    You cant support Rauls Arsenal because it aint Arsenal. Not the classy and respected Arsenal of yore.

    His is a hideous contaminated version.

    We will only be back on the Road to Recovery when this egotistical, and unscrupulous little man has exited the club.

    We don’t need him, thank you.
    His type are the antithesis of what Arsenal should be.

  28. Mysticleaves

    Love Xhaka for that. Certainly doesn’t want to be given an opinion. To think the fans haven’t apologised for bullying him since…

  29. Bob N16

    As if wanting Arsenal to lose has any effect on whether Arsenal will lose. I want Arsenal to win on Saturday, if we draw or lose the silver lining will be that Emery is that much closer to being removed.

    One good thing about Spurs dumping Pochettino is that it surely adds pressure on AFC to act, another positive is that the toxic one will now never come to Arsenal and we can really enjoy slagging off Spurs’ new manager!

  30. Samesong

    All proper and truly loyal Arsenal citizens should wish Arsenal lose every match until Raul is removed from his post.

    This is absolute nonsensewhy don’t we get relegated also?

  31. Distant legrover


    Think he’s gonna make them stronger and they ‘ll actually win things…….. Would be nice if we had a capable head coach as we can just focus on our success more rather than the noise that will inevitably come from the neighbors.

  32. China1

    I don’t think the issue at hand is wanting arsenal to lose. The issue is that arsenal are so relentless passive in the face of trouble that the fans get desperate to see change

    If the management are almost exclusively slow and reactive then the only way useful change will ever happen is when it is forced. Realistically in this case the change needs to be forced by bad results

    So fans are left in a frankly ridiculous position where they desperately want change but know that bad results are the only way it’s going to happen

    The fans are between a rock and a hard place

  33. Guns of SF

    The players I also feel are checked out right now…
    I think they feel that working under Emery is a pill too much to swallow.
    I fear we might lose Laca and Auba if we miss CL again.. and at this rate its possible.
    We do not need to be barely squeaking in… we need a strong run and to finish safely in top 4.
    Will that happen? Who knows.. but I feel if we get a coach that can insipire the players… and our stars, that should be able to be enough to keep Laca Auba

  34. Edu me a favour

    I think if we can get good money for a 30 year old auba (is he 30 or 31 ?) then I say sell him and reinvest

    No point holding on to him like we did Sanchez

    take the money Raul

  35. Guns of SF


    Unless Martinelli really begins to score on a regular basis and get minutes, Auba is our meal ticket. Who do we replace him with then?

    we need to replace Emery and get a charismatic coach… the players and fans will respond in kind…

  36. CG

    guns of San Fran

    “”””CG you really want us to lose????”””””

    I dont want Arsenal to lose ever.

    But I do not support Rauls Arsenal- because it ain’t Arsenal.
    Big difference,

    the sooner he is gone- the quicker will be our rehabilitation.

    If you are a man of principle ( like me) you will agree with my sentiments.

  37. Marc

    “Mourinho at Tottenham is gonna surprise a few I think. It might take a couple seasons though.”

    That could be an issue as he tends to get sacked after 2 and a half years in a job!

  38. Marc

    Anyone thinking the fans in the stadium are happy with the current situation only needs to watch on Saturday when we serve up the same performances we’ve been doing all season.

  39. Graham62

    What’s worse, @ Unai being bored and not caring to watch the game on Saturday or CG and myself wanting Arsenal to slip up to bring an end to this torture?

    We all want Emery out, so why prolong the agony?

    Remember, #ClubFirst.

  40. Edu me a favour

    “ Unless Martinelli really begins to score on a regular basis and get minutes, Auba is our meal ticket. Who do we replace him with then?”

    Much like Chelsea lost their meal ticket in hazard, I think , given the chance martinelli could produce

    So far he hasn’t disappointed , just like Tammy Abraham hasn’t

    Pepe can also produce

  41. CG


    “”””Remember, #ClubFirst.”””””
    Agree here.

    there wont be a club worth supporting if Raul aint ousted soon.

    I cant help it- if the delightful folk on here can’t see the damage he has done to the club since he arrived 2 years ago

    I can only advise.

  42. Distant legrover


    I get what you are saying but I think this time will be different. Spurs is the perfect team for him to manage at the moment. Being Arsenals direct rival is extra motivation. We know he loves to love Arsenal.

  43. Edu me a favour

    Saints narrowly lost to city and spuds and they beat Sheffield Utd

    I hate to say it and I hope I’m wrong but I think Saturday could be a very difficult game for us

    Surely , suuurely anything other than a win would see emery shown the door

  44. Bob N16

    Graham, not sure who wants to ‘prolong the agony’? I want Emery out but I don’t want Arsenal to lose. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  45. azed

    “Surely , suuurely anything other than a win would see emery shown the door”

    So many people said this before the last game but here we are. I don’t think Emery would be gone until it’s mathematically impossible for us to finish in the top 4.

    The Kronke’s don’t fire easily. Check their US sports franchises for reference.

  46. Pierre

    “And who is this good defensive minded conservative midfielder going to be Pierre to play alongside Torreira currently employed at Arsenal.

    David Luiz, Callum Chambers …both have played there previously and did very good jobs if my recollection is correct.

    Willock played Alongside Guendouzi and were very effective in central midfield, in a 4-2-3-1 v Burnley earlier in the season , so they are more than capable of playing the role .

    The options are there, they do not have to get ahead of the ball , just be positionally perfect and disciplined in their play .

    We have enough fire power in Aubameyang, ozil, Lacazette and pepe , supplemented by Bellerin and Tierney if need be.

  47. Graham62


    Yeh, that’s right, just a continuation of the damage that built up over years prior to his arrival.

    Sorry, although I agree with you in respect to our current situation, you ain’t getting out of it that easily.

  48. Unai

    CG, don’t think Raul is the problem, as Azed alluded to I think it will be Stan/Josh’s decision to fire Emery, not sure Raul will have final say.

    Cant say I know with enough certainty what goes on behind the scenes, Raul could be pushing for change for all we know.

    The statement to back Emery a few weeks ago was telling though, clearly were considering the future.

  49. Marc



    When has Mourinho ever managed a team where he didn’t have a very deep pockets to delve into? Let alone a club who’s just overspent several hundred million on a new stadium.

    When has he managed a club who’s operating method is buying cheap and selling high and using youth players?

    When has he managed a club who didn’t pay top wages if not the highest?

    When has he managed a club who have 3 of their top players about to walk on a free because they can’t match wage demands?

  50. CG


    Gazidas chose Raul.
    Raul choses Emery
    Raul persists with Emery
    Raul sacked Dortmund Eye
    Raul sacked Ramsey
    Raul gave us the pliable Edu after a year
    Raul chronically overpays for the one footed Pepe
    Raul gave us Louise on a 3 year contract

    His charge sheet in just 2 years is ample enough of evidence that he is malign influence on Arsenal.

    the lesser lights on here -like him- because he simply buys players like Harry Redknapp.

    He will be long gone- when all these ludicrous deals have finally been paid off.

    I am amazed a man of your insight has not seen through him, yet though.

  51. Marc

    I’m trying to take an unbiased and unemotional look at the manager situation and where we find ourselves. As I see it:

    Emery is not working out – end of there are no excuses you can use i.e. injuries etc.

    We fired Wenger when it became clear we were going to miss out on CL football for a second successive season. Wenger stilled carried some good will, Emery has none.

    The management team of the club is not the same as all the years Wenger dithered and refused to buy / bought poorly or pissed money up the wall.

    Sanllehi has no personal ties to Emery and can if needed use the Gazidis card as a get out rather than be blamed for the Emery hire. He’s also shown he can be ruthless with Sven being pushed out.

    With that in mind why would we not take action? I can only think of three reasons 1) we can’t afford to sack Emery – I don’t believe this for a second. 2) The Kroenke’s won’t allow it – no evidence to make this even sound like a possibility. 3) The “right” replacement / guy we want isn’t available at the moment and the club isn’t keen on promoting Ljungberg or hiring a temporary manager. Only thing I can think of that fits the circumstances at the moment.

    If anyone has another idea I’d love to hear it.

  52. Guns of SF

    Another draw or loss this weekend and I think the needle keeps moving…
    Im not sure we will see a marked response from the team. Emery ball is not dramatic at all and way too pragmatic to produce a stellar “all of a sudden” response.

    It will be more of the same. Auba or Laca bailing us out. Not much goal creation and suspect defense again.

    As much as a we need a WOW response I doubt we will get that

  53. Valentin


    I would say that prove that Galthier surrounded himself with competent people. Competent people who are now happy to go to a better and bigger club reinforcing their own reputation.

    That does not mean that they don’t believe in Christophe Galthier talent, just at that point in time Mourinho and Spurs can offer them a better opportunity.

    If offered to do the same job for more money at a more prestigious company with celebrity boss, most people would jump at the opportunity. That would not means that they hated their previous job, boss or employer.

  54. Marc


    My money’s on a draw. If Xhaka does start I can’t see him getting a good reception from the fans either and that’s before he fucks something up.

  55. Marc


    Agree with your overall view although I’d say it doesn’t matter if they’re competent or not. If someone incompetent is offered a new opportunity on more money with a payoff if it doesn’t work out chances are they’ll take it!

  56. Guns of SF

    Xhaka… haha
    Ceballos is out… so might be Xhaka and LT/ Guen as CM
    I would like to see Martinelli start this game…
    Pepe needs to step up… getting a little bit tiring now..
    His lack of improvement speaks volumes about Emery… every game he does the same shit…

  57. Valentin


    You make the assumption that there is a replacement plan in place. That the “right” replacement has already been identified and approached (no point in having the perfect candidate if he is not interested – see Bayern Munich and both Rangnick and Tuchel ).

    Reports of secret meetings with Mourinho and Enrique seems to indicate the opposite. That no “right and willing” candidate has been identified. Hence the delay in sacking Emery.

  58. Un na naai


    Pepe needs to step up? Mate, how many of our attack minded players have stepped up this season? He’s playing in a team which actively stifles its own attack.

    Messi would look pedestrian playing for emery right now

  59. Valentin


    My point about the competency of the Lille staff being poached by Spurs were in response to Receding’s dig toward Galthier.
    Galthier may still be incompetent (Personally I believe exactly the opposite and that people at bigger club are starting to notice his stellar work under tight financial constraint) but at least he knows how to surround himself with competent people.

  60. Ishola70


    Let’s not pretend that the options to partner Torreira are good.

    If David Luiz is such a good option as DM why has he played there so sparingly throughout his career? Give me a percentage of games where David Luiz has played DM throughout his career. He played a succession of games as DM continously around 5 matches 7 years ago. We have seen since he has turned up at Arsenal that he isn’t particularly good defending when he is drawn out from his own six yard area and has players running directly at him. Playing DM this will expose his defensive weakness in this respect even more. People go on about Luiz as DM because of passing range. This isn’t a good enough reason to put him in as DM when he would have obvious defensive weakness in that position.

    Chambers is a better shout than Luiz but if he were to play DM continously his lack of stamina and pace would be a problem defensively for the side. And please don’t tell me about Chambers winning player of the year at Fulham playing DM. He was DM there in a side that conceded a huge amount of goals.

    Guendouzi and Willock are kiddies and there has been no indication at all that Willock can play DM/ holding midfielder to any great affect.

  61. MGooner

    Whisper it..Anyone missing Le Old Professor?

    Sometimes I think that if we had let him have a free hand until the end, we would still have been in the CL in his last 2 seasons. And now

    Emery does not have his pedigree.

    We ask for that one great young manager who can work wonders but it is rare—See what’s going on at PSG.

  62. Ishola70

    “Whisper it..Anyone missing Le Old Professor?Sometimes I think that if we had let him have a free hand until the end”

    I think he had more than enough of a free hand in his later years.

    The club are still trying to recover from his double whammy disaster signings of Mustafi and Xhaka.

  63. gnarleygeorge9


    This is going to come as quite a surprise to most on here, but The Arsenal existed before Arsene Wenger.

  64. Marc


    “Reports of secret meetings with Mourinho and Enrique seems to indicate the opposite. That no “right and willing” candidate has been identified. Hence the delay in sacking Emery.”

    That is basically what I said. I was looking more at available than willing but it all boils down to the same thing. I don’t believe we were in for Mourinho.

  65. TT

    There is a way to domstrate to the club the unhappiness with the current form and management. All the people attending the stadium need is a bit of duct tape or something similar.

    What you do is to put tape over the Visit Rwanda and the Adidas label and a X through Fly Emirates. This will not damage your shirt as you take this off as soon as you leave the stadium. This will impact the sponsors and the only thing that the sport leaches that own the club will understand is when the sponsors come knocking on the door asking what the fuck is going on and they are looking at loosing out on lucrative deals going forward.

    There is also no booing of players involved or noisie demonstrations involved. Should suit everyone tbh.

  66. Marc

    “Sometimes I think that if we had let him have a free hand until the end, we would still have been in the CL in his last 2 seasons. And now”

    What free fucking hand? He bought Xhaka and Mustafi who contributed to us falling out of the CL. Wenger fucked up and was rightly pushed out the club after it was clear he was going to miss out on CL football for the second season.

    One of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever seen on here.

  67. Marc


    You do realise it’s November and usually pissing down with rain most people will be wearing a warm coat, even if they are wearing a club shirt underneath you won’t be able to see it.

  68. TT

    Marc look at the stands tomorrow and you will be surprised how many are wearing the shirts so they are visible. It only takes few to get the ball rolling and people starting noticing and talking.

  69. Marc


    I’ll be in the stands freezing my arse off coat included thank you. They’ll be some fans wearing shirts over undergarments but it’s the wrong time of year to try what you suggested.

  70. Unai

    CG I’m keeping the Unai handle for posterity and irony, I’ve been stuck with it so long I’ve grown attached.

    Arsene…… daddy…… ????

  71. James wood

    Emery out balloons.
    Flood the capital with Emery out 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈.
    It’s alright “ just the meds.”


  72. Un na naai

    MarcNovember 21, 2019 19:24:15
    UnNone of them have anything on Xhaka – you just don’t know anything about football!

    Messi best greatest of all time but Ronaldinho was just magic. Did things with a ball even Messi can’t do. That day at the Bernebeu was next level. He paved the way for Messi. Should be thought of as highly as Zidane for me. I shook his hand when I was a teen as well.

  73. Thomas

    Hopefully everyone boycotts the club and don’t attend games and if they do, I hope they have “Emery Out” banners with them.

  74. Graham62


    What if those people who have ST’s don’t show up?

    The vast majority of STH’s want Emery out.

    Those on hear who hold a season ticket and want Emery out, don’t show up.

    It’s simple.

  75. Marc


    Yes but as a season ticket holder who wants Emery out why should I pay for an empty seat when you are telling others they should do that without being prepared to spend some money yourself?

    Why won’t you buy my ticket off me so I’m not out of pocket?

  76. Marc


    I don’t like being told how to support my club and what I should do by people who will be sat on their sofa’s during the match.

    If you want a credible opinion why not lead by example?

  77. CG

    Anyone attends Saturday must be
    clearly ignorant at worst or supine at best.

    No one turns up. The Clown and Raul ultimately leave.

    (The Kroenkes have to take note.)

    Attend and you will get more Clown and his ‘shenanigans.

    No Brainer.

    Backbone Time!

  78. Marc


    The Kroenke’s are already holding crises meetings on how they’re going to cope without the revenue from the single ticket you buy a season.

    If only you hadn’t been buying the cheapest ticket available you’d have had even more impact.

  79. CG


    “”Why won’t you buy my ticket off me so I’m not out of pocket?”””

    Fair argument.

    But you are talking now from a consumers angle not a loyal supporter?

    It’s about the cash now…
    Principles what are they, eh?

  80. Marc


    OK don’t buy my ticket buy someone else’s who will attend if they can’t sell.

    I’m just asking people to be willing to back up their opinions with the actions they’re asking others to do.

    Please tell me what’s unreasonable about that?

  81. Graham62


    That’s fine Marc. If you value your season ticket(for one or two games)above everything else, that’s your prerogative.

    The thing is, why come on hear and moan when you can actually do something about it?

    Pointing your finger at me is a cop out.

    Anyway, good on you. Enjoy the game.

  82. Marc


    No telling others to take action whilst not being willing to do the same is a cop out.

    If all these global supporters bought up 1 ticket each spread over a handful of matches you’d see attendances of 40,000 – 45,000.

    Many ST holders will go if they haven’t been able to sell their ticket as it’s already paid for. Why not take the decision out of their hands?

    You don’t seem willing to put your hand in your pocket, thank fuck I’ll never be stuck in a round with you.

  83. CG


    You cant read the Clowns pre match quotes against lowly saints and seriously contemplate go and watch this abomination that was once The Arsenal.

    Wheres the pride?
    Where is the self respect….

    Just Dont Go.
    No more P*** Taking.

    You can do it…

  84. Distant legrover

    This is what people don’t understand about Stan Kroenke or the Kroenkes. They are Southern Americans. People in the south mainly follow one sport and that’s American Football. It isn’t just a sport to them, it’s like a religion. So the L.A rams is more than a business for the Kroenkes. I would imagine Stan is a big fan of football. Heard he personally invested 1.23 billion of his money on the new L.A stadium.

    Arsenal on the other hand is just a business opportunity. A distant cousin. A silicone valley, Philly, Boston,New York billionaire or from anyone of these east or western US states, has a higher chance of being interested in Soccer or football than the average southerner.

    What we need is an owner that’s a fan.

  85. Edu me a favour

    Why is that racist rhys jaggar allowed back in here ?

    He’s used blatant racist language in the past and he’s had his ban lifted Pedro ?

  86. PhD2020

    I see Binford10 is making friends wherever he goes..Riling up a fellow Arsenal fan on twitter…Bless him…lol
    The victim-is our Binford,subject to incessant bullying.-yeah right..lol
    AFC Cormac
    Nov 18
    Replying to
    Im not replying to all your points because you don’t speak respectfully, using terms like “nonsense” “ludicrous” “your sort”.
    You’re both arrogant and wrong which is the worst type of person to interact with on the internet.

    AFC Cormac
    Nov 18
    Replying to
    No meaning you’ve come on my page and spouted a load of condescending waffle and told me what my opinions are without even asking me. You’re not someone worth engaging with.

  87. PhD2020

    I could not resist..Ok,I’m done..

    Lastly,interesting times at Spurs with the hire of Jose Mourinho…
    I can envisage Spurs hitting the ground fast within a year or so..Then after,yep-the big implosion between year 2-3 years..
    It will be a fascinating watch,full of drama, theatrics, a white knuckle ride…

    I’m kinda of trying to guess what kind of trophy they will win under Jose?

    Meanwhile at the Emirates…????

  88. Tony

    Good morning Graham
    I feel your pain as so many of us do, but to wish we lose a game is not the answer.

    Emery will continue to display his ineptness as a coach, tactician and motivator as he has since last season’s run in and the start of this season.

    Yours and our grief is with Raul, Edu and Josh for not acting during the summer.

    Start an Emery out petition to send to the press and owners; the latter seemed to be emotionally affected by such an open display of hostility (or he should be in the running for an Oscar), as they were before and Josh came forward.

    Let’s not wish to lose games, as I don’t believe losing to Southampton will have any bearing on whether Emery stays or goes.

    Turn up the heat on Raul – He’s the one supposedly in charge.


  89. Tony

    Joke Friday:

    How are women and tornadoes alike?

    They both moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave.

  90. Tony

    There was an elderly man who wanted to make his younger wife pregnant. So,
    he went to the doctor to have a sperm count done. The doctor told him to
    take a specimen cup home, fill it, and bring it back the next day.

    The elderly man came back the next day and the specimen cup was empty and the lid was on it.

    Doctor: What was the problem?

    Elderly man: Well, you I tried with my right hand…nothing. So, I tried with my left hand…nothing. My wife tried with her right hand…nothing. Her left hand…nothing. Her mouth…nothing.

    Then my wife’s friend tried. Right hand, left hand,
    mouth….still nothing.

    Doctor: Wait a minute. You mean your wife’s friend

    Elderly man: Yeah, and we still couldn’t get the lid off of the specimen cup.

  91. Tony

    A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He
    goes up to the nurse and demands her to open the sperm bank vault. She says

    “But sir, its just a sperm bank!”, “I don’t care, open it now!!!” he replies.

    So she opens the door to the vault and inside are all the sperm

    The guy says “Take one of those sperm samples and drink it!”, she looks at him “BUT, they are sperm samples???” ,

    “DO IT!”.

    So the nurse sucks it back.

    “That one there, drink that one as well.”, so the nurse drinks that
    one as well.

    Finally after 4 samples the man takes off his ski mask and says:

    “See honey – its not that hard.”

  92. Tony

    A man and a woman started to have sex in the middle of a dark forest.

    After about 15 minutes of it, the man finally gets up and says, “Damn, I wish I
    had a flashlight!”.

    The woman says, “Me too, you’ve been eating grass for the past ten minutes!”

  93. Tony

    The queen of England was visiting one of Canada’s top hospitals, and during
    her tour of the floors she passed a room where a male patient was

    “Oh my god!”, said the Queen, “That’s disgraceful, what is the meaning of

    The doctor leading the tour explains, “I’m sorry your ladyship, this man has
    a very serious condition where the testicles rapidly fill with semen. If he
    doesn’t do that five times a day, they would explode and he would most
    likely die instantly.”

    “Oh, I am sorry” said the Queen.

    On the next floor they passed a room where a young nurse was giving a
    patient a blow job.

    “Oh my God”, said the Queen, “What’s happening in there?”

    The Doctor replied, “Same problem, better health plan.”

  94. Tony

    This guy wakes up out of a deep sleep and, feeling real horny, nudges his
    wife awake and asks, “Why don’t we get it on, eh?”

    She replies, “I have an appointment at the gynaecologist tomorrow and you know I don’t like to make love the night before.” So the husband agrees and rolled back over and started to go back to sleep.

    A few minutes later, he nudges his wife again and asks, “You don’t by any
    chance have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow, do you?”

  95. Tony

    What is Emery thinking?

    How does Raul let this continue?

    Do you have thoughts on this Pedro or any ITK info?

    For once I have no words for this debacle. Just utter contempt for Emery, Raul and Xhaka.

    “Unai Emery insists Granit Xhaka can have a ‘long future’ at Arsenal – but first he must accept he made a ‘mistake’ by clashing with his own supporters”

    “Arsenal manager Unai Emery offers exiled Granit Xhaka a way back… but only after former skipper admits he made a ‘mistake’ by clashing with fans

    Unai Emery has offered exiled former captain Granit Xhaka a way back at Arsenal

    Xhaka was stripped of the captaincy after he showed his anger to club’s fans

    The Swiss midfielder was booed against Crystal Palace and hasn’t played since


    And yet below is Xhaka’s comments from a couple of days ago

    ‘I can’t accept what has happened’: Granit Xhaka wants showdown talks with Arsenal after being stripped of the captaincy for telling fans to ‘f*** off’ at the Emirates Stadium

    Granit Xhaka has admitted that he ‘can’t accept’ what has happened at Arsenal

    Xhaka has not played for the club since telling supporters to ‘f*** off’ last month

    The midfielder was stripped of Arsenal captaincy after the incident

    The 27-year-old insists he is ready for showdown talks to sort out his future”


  96. China1

    If emery picks xhaka and xhaka gives away a major gaffe like usual, the mob will be baying for blood

    Emery doesn’t appear to be self aware at all if he will try and take that risk

  97. China1

    Regardless of how dumb emery is, even if he loves xhaka he should protect him.

    It’s entirely plausible that xhaka would end up getting bood again. What next?

    Emery is such a dumb manager to even consider this. Next level dumbass seriously

  98. Dark Hei


    I don’t know man.

    None of this Xhaka nonsense should be played out in the public. Strong leadership in the back room is required. Whatever you feel about Wenger back in his tenure, nobody talks to the media and folks get timely mysterious illness/injuries prior to transfers.

    Xhaka is immature yes and not a great footballer but there are plenty in our history who are far worse.

    I think he gets a disproportionate amount of stick because his slow, monotonous style personifies Emery on the pitch. And Emery to me is a coward for ducking out of this.

    But, I don’t think Xhaka is exceeding terrible. He can be competent in certain ways. We have some really funky ones down the years like Yaya Sanogo, Park, Jenkinson (who is terribly unsuited to Wengerball). Xhaka in contrast isn’t near as bad as these.

  99. Tony

    Hard to disagree with most of what you sat Dar Hei.

    Xhaka is not a PL player pure and simple.

    I’m not so much angry at Xhaka, but more Emery and Raul.

    We need to sell Xhaka and maybe playing him is a precursor to that or at least I hope it is.

    We need money to fund the right players’ deals.

    As I always say I was a huge fan of Wenger’s first 10 years – I just wish he left it at that.

    In the end he destroyed himself, as well in many ways the club and certainly his legacy that should be shinning brightly forever in Arsenal’s history.

    My life has always about winning whether in sports playing/supporting or business – results have been what mattered.

    On a personal note I just can’t forgive Wenger’s contempt for us fans, the lies and continual BS he spewed.

  100. Graham62

    Marc/ Tony

    If I still had a season ticket, (cancelled in 2011-12) and if the situation got to wear it is now, I would quite happily not turn up for a few games, irrespective of any financial loss. I wouldn’t consider selling my ticket on either.

    Cheering and jumping up and down for something I don’t believe in is something I’ve never done.

    Anyway that’s your choice.



    Again your prerogative. Pain has nothing to do with this. This is exactly how I felt during Wenger’s few years at the club. We crave change for the club and that’s unfortunately only going to happen if we slip up. That’s a fact of life, which I know you’re well aware of.

    After Wenger they had a chance to get it right and they’ve failed miserably. Losing or drawing against Southampton will be the final straw and I’m convinced it would have a massive effect on what happens next at the club.

    Raul may be pulling the strings but Emery is the one promoting all these ludicrous decisions to the fans.

  101. Tony

    I echo your ST sentiment and would happily do similar as a protest.

    However, I just can’t want us to drop points.

    I’ll watch the game with my son with no real satisfaction if we win neither will we be jumping for joy in support because we know what we are in for with laborious transitions and calamitous defending.

    Xhaka playing would just add to the vitriol I feel that’s hard to hide from my son.

    At the end of the day we need points to probably now just about qualify for the EL cup.

    Wanting to win does nothing to mask my disgust with Raul for allowing Emery to get this far or my complete lack of respect for Emery.

    As for Edu he’s even more silent than Stan K.

    Really hope the Emirates attendance Saturday is going to truly reflect the fans disdain with current events at the club.

    Just another black comedy day that is The Arsenal.

  102. HighburyLegend

    ” the lies and continual BS he spewed.”

    Pierre would tell that he did it with a great style and a bit of touching grace.

  103. Pierre

    “I’ll watch the game with my son with no real satisfaction if we win neither will we be jumping for joy in support because we know what we are in for with laborious transitions and calamitous defending.”

    Your son must be a little confused I would imagine.

    You brainwashed him when he was growing up , into believing things would be so much better without Wenger.

    Does he ever question your judgement.

    Just think , if you wasn’t around filling his head with negativity, he could have been enjoying his football , watching quality like , Sanchez, ozil, wilshere and cazorla.

    Instead we are stuck with Emery…