3 HUGE moves for Arsenal in a single day

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Well, well, well… what a fine day yesterday was for the Gooner faithful, finally a bit of good news for us.

Firstly, the big one.

Bulletin 1


I can’t believe they actually pulled the trigger. Their most successful manager since George Graham (lolz), fresh off the back of a Champions League final, was booted out at the end of an international week.

What a fall from grace. In front of the Amazon documentary filmmakers, what a coup for them, right?!

I’m still not quite sure to make of it. Something very bad has gone wrong for Spurs since before the Champions League final. I would suspect there are probably a few things at play.

  1. Tight board: Daniel Levy is a shrewd operator, but let’s be fair to Poch, he’s been incredibly frustrating to the progress of the squad. He’s always given the manager just enough to survive. His big bet was the stadium, so he just wasted a very good set of players by hoping to get by for the last 5 years. That must have left a bad taste in the mouth of the manager who I am sure wanted to push on a little harder.
  2. Fumes: One of the greatest feats of Poch’s tenure has been his ability to keep his best players earning a pittance. Spurs wage bill has sat below £150m for a long time. The manager has kept players happy by selling them the dream of winning, together. They’re all now in their late twenties, there’s no trophy to show for their sacrifice, now the cracks are showing. I would expect a major exodus is coming and the manager knows it.
  3. Boredom: When Klopp exited Dortmund, he said that after a while, the players get bored of him and he got bored of them. I think boredom or frustration sets in when the dream you keep promising never gets any closer. It’s been notable this season that the players don’t look like they’re firing on all cylinders and to be honest, the manager also looks like he’s done with the club.
  4. Ambition: Poch made a real point about being promoted to manager and not feeling like he was one. He even switched out of a suit into his training gear to make that point. When the manager is beefing with the CEO, that filters down to the players. The same thing happened to Conte when he fell out over transfer dealings the summer after he’d won the league. Managers are artists like players, if they don’t feel settled, it can really impact performance. Poch has put up with a lot of shit from Daniel Levy, in the end, when you know your ambitions cannot be fulfilled, why bother?

So in short, the perfect storm of mess.

Bulletin 2


I pondered whether the rumours about Luis Enrique were generated by Arsenal, or by the Spaniard’s team. Turns out they must have been from his team, likely desperate to escape the general boredom and lack of prestige associated with being an international hack.

He was a nightmare in waiting. Brash with the media, heavily driven by the pound note, and basically a more glam version of Emery. Dodged bullet there. I really didn’t fancy a manager who was so awful, Barca fans hated him even after he won the treble. I would also dearly love it if we could move away from hiring Raul’s mates.

Bulletin 3


Now, this might be a good short term hire for Spurs, I am not denying it. Spurs have a very good squad of players that were in the Champions League final. That is the greatest competition in the world, they are primed for top 4, even from where they sit right now.

But hear me out… the idea that Daniel Levy is looking at bringing in Mourinho to a club that has contract rebels, low spirit, youth they hope to promote, and a pitiful amount of money in the bank is simply delicious.

My gut senses that Daniel Levy has been made to look shrewd by a world-class coach. I think he actually has rough judgement. He’s likely looking at the table with desperate eyes knowing that without top 4, he’s fucked. The most enticing person in the world when you are gunning for top 4 is Mourinho. He makes sense on paper, but you KNOW where this is going.

I do not believe in the rebirth of Jose Mourinho for a second, but it looks like we’re about to find out.

Regardless of how he does at Spurs, I wouldn’t have him at Arsenal for a second.

… but I would take Pochettino. I think the consensus amongst Arsenal fans is that we’d all 100% see him as an upgrade on what we have, and oddly, he seems to be the least hated of all their managers over the past 20 years. If we had David Dein at Arsenal now, he’d strike for him without a doubt. He’s literally perfect for our situation.

  • Can work on a less than elite transfer budget
  • Has built an elite culture at Spurs, players loved him, proved out by their insane loyalty to him over greater riches
  • Has a track record of building teams. Spurs has consistently delivered performances and consistency beyond the sum of their parts.
  • Lives in London
  • Can speak English
  • Knows the league
  • Knows how to train a disciplined press
  • Has sauce
  • Has great hair

I mean, it really is a no brainer. The only question I have about him is whether he’s a diehard Spurs person. I mean, George Graham moved to the enemy, he was way more Arsenal than Poch is Spurs. I guess it depends on how brutal the sacking was and whether he wants to avenge it. Really hoping Levy did it by text or had Tim Sherwood do it.

Would be a savagely good appointment regardless.

Right, that’s me DONE. Off to bask in a wonderful set of events right now. x

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  1. Receding Hairline

    You want a name Un na nai

    Let me give you one not so fashionable one right now

    Ronald Koeman.

    I know many feel he failed at Everton but he is a damn fine manager and an actual winner.

    I know he doesn’t excite your childish mind like Jose or pinching Pochettino after he left Spurs would but i would rather a guy who has taken time out to rest and mull over his failings than one who has been stinking up his club for a year

  2. Un na naai

    n their last 12 league game of 2018-19 they won just 3, drew 2 and lost the other 7. Blimey, that’s not great is it? In fact, that’s rubbish, the kind of collapse that another team might take advantage of to finish in the top four, for example, and be playing Champions League football this season.

    Arsenal looked very well placed to do that with the kindest run-in in living memory, but somehow – having drawn the North London derby and then beaten Man Utd and Newcastle – we took just 7 points from our final 7 games, and missed out by a single point.

    ‘Anything you can do, we can better!’

    In the great North London collapse-athon 2018-19, we managed to out shite Sp*rs in the middle of their worst run of form since Pochettino and still allowed them to finish in the top four. Not to mention bottling a European final against a London rival who were about to sack their own manager, rather than losing to what is basically the best team on the continent right now.

  3. Un na naai

    Ahh, but apparently the Argentine has ‘lost the dressing room’, according to reports. I can’t speak to the veracity of those stories, but there are certainly some issues with player contracts, perhaps some factions within the club and clashes of personality that don’t sound especially healthy. That, apparently, was a key factor in Sp*rs decision which was ‘in the club’s best interests’.

    It’s a good job we don’t have any of that at Arsenal. Such as our highest paid player falling out with the head coach within weeks of his arrival and that situation rumbling on ever since; our best midfielder sidelined last season for no good reason before allowing him to go to Juventus for free; our club captain going on strike during the summer to force a move away, in part because of how he was over-used after coming back from a very serious injury; waiting months to appoint a replacement, and by the time you did the bloke you gave it to had become a lightning rod for supporters’ frustration with the team’s continued poor performance; an inability to make that decision so the club psychologist recommended a player vote which appears to have done little but cause division in the dressing room; that captain then losing his shit when targeted with jeers and heckling from the fans before tell them where to go; stripping him of the captaincy, thus more or less making his position at the club untenable even as a player; making our striker captain then the club briefing against him in the media leading to a frustrated Instagram post within a week of taking the armband; or another midfielder basically saying ‘GET ME OUT OF HERE’ throughout the Interlull via his agent because he’s being played out of position and is thus unhappy with his role in the team.

  4. Gentlebris

    ‘Gentlebris – did you see photo last week of UEFA meeting of top coaches across Europe and Emery was invited because of his multiple domestic/European trophies while Poch was nowhere to be seen?’


    OGS was invited for that meeting, apparently for his winning exploits in mighty Norwegian league. Of course Poch couldn’t have won if he was managing at Molde.

    And of course you actually believe Sarri wouldn’t have been invited for that meeting if he didn’t win that Europa final against Arsenal don’t you?

  5. Un na naai

    Add to that the head coach pointing the finger at young players as a significant reason for our lack of form which stretches back to way before their regular inclusion; him suggesting his view of our performance levels was ‘realistic’, thus our frustration at 6 wins from our last 19 game was somehow unrealistic or unfair; and the disastrous briefing last week which required the club to issue a sheepish, conciliatory statement about how the fans aren’t just noise, I’m so, so glad everything is going much more smoothly here.

    I am Pep Guardiola levels of so, so, so unbelievably happy that we’re not in that kind of mess. So happy guys, so, so proud.

    Bottom line though, for all he’s done, Sp*rs decided that their form was enough to sack a manager who has done far more for that club than our manager has done for us. He genuinely improved them, provided consistency of results and league finishes, while dealing with under-investment and the remodelling of The Cheese Room.

  6. Samesong

    Poch stuffed up in the CL final when he benched Moura. Moura was on really good form and should of started that game. Spurs fans were livid at the time.

    How many away games have spurs not won. They are just as bad as us.

  7. Un na naai

    I know he doesn’t excite your childish mind like Jose or pinching Pochettino after he left Spurs would but i would rather a guy who has taken time out to rest and mull over his failings than one who has been stinking up his club for a year


    Fair enough. Definitely a left field choice but you’ve obviously got your reason and I’d be fascinated to hear them.
    You make a good point about the cooling off period too.

  8. Gentlebris

    ‘Course they do. Man is man doesn’t matter what nationality they are.’

    Ho-ho, Samesong are you missing the point?

  9. HighburyLegend

    “speaking of xavi’s I think xavi Hernandez will make a brilliant coach in the future.”
    Not better than Arteta IMO. lol

    I’m sorry but… who the fuck said that “Emery is a winner” ???

  10. Un na naai


    It was one miracle too far for him. To get past city and Ajax after already getting past inter, Barca and Dortmund was nothing short of miraculous.

    We all saw it. I remember it vividly as I actually wanted them to beat both city and Ajax and took biblically portions of shit for it, rightly so, I just really loved what they were doing with so many young English lads and that got my backing.
    I also supported Liverpool to the final.

  11. jwl

    I would like to know whats happened with Dele Alli this season and last, he was promising talent but seemingly fallen off cliff the past eighteen months.

  12. Samesong

    We all saw it. I remember it vividly as I actually wanted them to beat both city and Ajax and took biblically portions of shit for it, rightly so, I just really loved what they were doing with so many young English lads and that got my backing.

    Don as much as I respect what you are saying F#k Spurs. They got jammy against City and Ajax literally gave them the game. I can’t the stand the c*nts.
    I don’t care if they have a whole English team. I never want them to win any trophy as long as I live! I know proper hate.

  13. Samesong

    jwlNovember 20, 2019 16:12:30
    I would like to know whats happened with Dele Alli this season and last, he was promising talent but seemingly fallen off cliff the past eighteen months.


  14. Un na naai


    Yeah I’m sorry mate I just was quite taken by their project and what they are doing. Same with Chelsea now.
    Arguably bigger rivals for me as I grew up near Chelsea and trust me I hated them and their fans but I’m really pleased by the direction they’re taking.

  15. Un na naai


    Deli Alli is an overrated tosser. Not fit to lace Wilshere’s boots
    The thing with Ali is that his game is all about running off the striker and scoring.
    Since going back into midfield his lack of ability on the ball has been exposed.

    He’s a poor man’s David Platt

  16. Samesong


    I think I hated Chelsea more than spurs back then.
    I went to school down the old Kings road.
    I find the spuds and Chelsea fans quite cuntish towards us. What do you think??

  17. Leedsgunner

    Pochettino was sacked for underperforming… despite reaching the Champions League final.

    Emery still has a job despite underperforming and losing very very badly in the Europa League final.

    Something is wrong here.

    It’s not our club’s class that keeps Emery in a job. It’s indecisiveness.

    Emery needs to go.

  18. KAY Boss

    I don’t get what bigging Poch is all about. Poch is a successful coach and as to whether he’s a winner, is another topic for discussion. Damn it an Arsenal blog having it’s fans going against each other over a Spurs coach? You never know in football!!
    Sign of the cross that we dodged a bullet regarding Enrique and Moaninho! It’s spurs burden to carry.
    Graham, I think Marc is right. Spurs is a small club so is man city regardless of their recent success.

  19. Nelson

    Three of Spuds starting 11, Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld have opted to run down their contracts. I can’t see Jose can stop them down tooling. I wonder whether Levy can release Jose with no penalty if Spuds can’t achieve Champions League status for next season.

  20. MatinellisHead


    ‘You have never been to Nigeria so shut up about unsafe and corrupt.

    Defending the indefensible I see.

  21. Guns of SF

    I can see this going the other way, where Arsenal does NOT fire Emery, to prove a point to the world that we are NOT like spurs and are more long term and stability oriented. ALA Wenger days.

    That would be a huge mistake….

    I would get rid of Emery asap. Regardless of Spurs…. if anything, this should give us a kick up the ass to save our season!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Danny S

    Haha Don that comment was comical!

    I don’t think there is a sane person in this world that would ever take wilshire over Alli.

  23. Distant legrover

    So when all is said and done, Jose Mourinho is now the Manager of the enemy. I can’t say I m looking forward to NLDs now.

    Really hoping it’s the ‘washed up’ Mourinho they are getting and not the ‘special one’. That would be too unbearable.

  24. Un na naai

    Danny S

    Wilshere is infinitely more talented. Was just ruined by injury
    Had Wilshere stayed fit throughout the last 10 years we’d be talking about an arsenal and England legend right now.


    Yeah I was Battersea. And yeah I loathe Chelsea fans more than any I know. Proper cunts. But I still like what they are doing with their young players.

  25. Luteo Guenreira

    You have to think the chances of Emery getting sacked go up with Pochettino being shown the door after having far more success with his Spurs teams over the years. And can’t think Poch is too sad about it all things considered, Spuds were going nowhere and he won’t be without work for long.

  26. CG

    If Jose’s Spurs beats West Ham on the early kick off Saturday, the atmosphere at the Emirates for the later Southampton fixture will be a akin to a Bloemfontein abattoir.

    Hopefully Raul , Emery and Edu will be there to the end to turn the lights out after the Saints goals come raining in.

    Scandalously inept REACTIVE leadership .

    They all need shooting with Grahams Gun.

    Weak as P**s!

  27. Spanishdave

    Spurs make quick decision ,act and move onwards.
    We just dither, to hide our management teams inadequate poor decisions to try to save face.
    Our owner meanwhile doesn’t give a shit

  28. HighburyLegend

    “LT to leave in January?”

    He was in tears when Granité was booed.
    And he was probably in tears when he was stripped of the armband.

    Good riddance, he’s just a pussy.

  29. Un na naai

    þorkell einarssonNovember 20, 2019 16:45:22
    Who was responsible for the crime against Arsenal !! Letting Serge
    Gnabry leave in 2016 ??

    Big deal.
    Biggest crime was being emery. Worst decision arsenal have taken outside of moving from Highbury and calling new stadium the Emirates 🤮

  30. Graham62

    Kay Boss/Marc

    Sorry, I disagree.

    On the European front how many trophies have we won? That’s right just 2. Spuds have won 3.

    Based on our overall history, of course, we are a bigger club, but I reitorate, Spuds are still a big club.

    Chelski and MC don’t come into the equation as they bought their success. However, based on recent history, they are considered big clubs by many who know no better.

    Anyone who thinks Tottenham are a small club are very naive.

  31. Graham62

    Gazidis should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

    He oversaw the Emery hiring.

    A sleezeball and a leech all rolled into one.

    What a despicable character.

    Those that bought into his bullshit should be ashamed of themselves.

    Sorry Pedro.

  32. KAY Boss

    Graham, your view though and I respect it. But I see spurs as a small club trying to big up just like Leeds Utd. Based on their past and present, I see them as a small club, maybe a bit harsh. OK… a mid table team at best. A big club? then I must as well put Villa and Forest in the big club category
    Pochetino gone, who’s next for the chop? The managerial circus begins.

  33. KAY Boss

    Talking about sacked coaches, I think Arsenal will dribble everybody and hire……… NIKO KOVAC!!!
    Oh, the orgasmic feeling here should it be him.

  34. Graham62

    Kay Boss

    I agree.

    Villa and Forest have to be considered big clubs.

    Both won the European Cup( ECL). Twice in the case of NF.

    Historically, Villa achieved far more.

    Cloughie gave Forest global recognition and those that weren’t around in those years between 1976-1980 missed something that was so so special.

    I also consider Leeds Utd to be a big club.

  35. Unai

    You cant give a club ‘big club’ status on past glorys.

    Recent history, current financial power, current fan base and overall potential are all that really matters.

    Derby County for example, are not a big club, Leeds are not a big club, Everton, Villa, Newcastle…. were big clubs.

    Imo, there are 6 ‘big’ clubs in England

    Spurs, Chelsea, United, City, Pool and Us,outside of that its history and potential, neither count for anything.

  36. Danny S


    But wilshire is a wreck. Talent or no talent.

    He’s also been told to change his style of play by numerous coaches and has ignored it.
    But regardless, you could be messi, but if you have glass ankles and a penchant for leaving your foot in then you may as well be John Jensen.

  37. Graham62


    Big clubs are in your psyche.

    What about Leicester City. Can they now be considered a big club? Bearing in mind their newly found fanbase in the Far East.

  38. Un na naai


    Leeds, Everton and Newcastle are big clubs. What are you talking about? They are as big as Chelsea. Probably bigger before abramovic came in. 100% bigger than city ever were before they were bought up yet you consider city a big club? City were the Coventry of the north until Mansour came in.

  39. Un na naai

    Danny S

    Bla bla bla bla bla

    Wilshere was a better player for arsenal and England than Deli Alli has ever been and ever will be. Injuries don’t matter. What’s Alli done?
    Jog on. Putting that tosser above Jack Wilshere

  40. Danny S

    I don’t think Vieira and Keane would have fitted in a midfield 2. They would have done better in a 3 with a DM or Registra type behind them.

  41. Valentin


    As a foreigner I should not dive in but to me that list is incorrect.
    before Oil money Manchester City was never one of the big club. In fact I would rank them below Everton and Newcastle.
    Chelsea before Abramovitch was known as Cup club, but not really a big club.
    So in term of big team, I would rank as follow ManUtd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Newcastle, Spurs.
    Chelsea and ManCity have been doped by their owner.
    In term of overall potential Newcastle, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Everton are sleeping giant. Properly managed by an ambitious and clever owner they should do much better than they currently do.

  42. Danny S


    Alli shits all over wilshire goal and assist wise, when has wilshire ever got anywhere near 18 prem goals on a season! Haha

  43. CG

    Re: Big Club

    You cant class yourself a big club if you have people like Emery and Raul as your figure heads and decision makers.
    End off.

    How has Arsenal become so devoid of self esteem and it’s own identity that it allows Spaniards to pull the shots.

    We ain’t fit for purpose.
    We ain’t a big club anymore.
    We are frankly a pitiful organisation

    We be better off euthanized and go the same way as Bury or Third Lanark with a little bit of dignity

    Spitting feathers and disgusted with the lot of them.

    Boil them in Bleach.

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Jack was just another player we’ve had who never fulfilled a quarter of what he should of at the club.

    Onto now,
    I’m totally unimpressed by the yoots we have coming through, no real starlets apart from gabs, but we launched 6m for him…

    Desperate days for the club,

    They are probably happy that spurs have taken over headlines in papers..

  45. Unai

    Un/Val they all were big clubs, Newcastle are a great example of a fallen star.

    City are currently worth 1.5b where Newcastle are worth 250m.

    City’s turnover 500m, Newcastle £175m

    You can talk about perception, oil money or history but reality is, City are a global operation whereas Newcastle are now a middling club only supported in the northeast.

    It doesn’t really matter how they got there, it’s the now that matters.

  46. Un na naai


    If you keep up you’ll know that I often post paste choice paragraphs from arseblog but as I read it seemed that every paragraph was worth posting

    Clearly not my own words. Anyway here posts here regularly will know that.
    So pipe down you no mark

  47. Un na naai


    Wouldn’t take much to make out them back up there again. It’s down to owners, ambition and responsibility.

    You out mike Ashley at spurs or Liverpool and they aren’t anywhere near the top 6

  48. Un na naai

    You can talk about perception, oil money or history but reality is, City are a global operation whereas Newcastle are now a middling club only supported in the northeast.

    How old are you? City were a lower league team for over a decade before being bought up. They really were not a big team. Not in Newcastle or Leeds United’s league

  49. MGooner

    “One of the greatest feats of Poch’s tenure has been his ability to keep his best players earning a pittance”

    Fooling and exploiting people is not a feat

  50. Un na naai

    Danny SNovember 20, 2019 19:30:31
    Don Alli shits all over wilshire goal and assist wise, when has wilshire ever got anywhere near 18 prem goals on a season! Haha

    Danny S

    Michael Ricketts scored more goals in one season than Kanu ever managed but we all know who’s better.
    Having one good season in front of goal is not proof of your quality as an all round, classy cmf player.
    Wilshere was the best English player of his generation.

  51. Unai

    Un, I’m 36 and have been unfortunate enough to visit St Jim’s, Stad of Light, old and new city stadia, old Trafford, both stadiums in liverpool…. I’ve been around mate.

    Shef Weds were a big club once… go to Hillsborough and tell me there a big club.

    Ashley cant give Newcastle away by the way, hed bite your arm off for £300m

  52. Graham62


    So when Wenger came on the scene you were 12 years old.

    Wow! makes me feel ancient.

    In my eyes MC and Chelski will never be big clubs in the same sense that Everton, Aston Villa and Leeds were/still are.

    These teams became who they are competing on a level playing field. Chelski and MC became global brands by luck.

    Abramovich and Mansour could have done the same with QPR and Bolton.

  53. terraloon

    Ok a different era but Corinthian Casuals were a top clubs so to were Eaton ol£ boys.
    To suggest that clubs like City or Chelsea aren’t global brands or big clubs is just pathetic.

    Get your heads out of the clouds. Football has changed, s few of the big ole clubs still can claim to be just that but others and that includes Arsenal are in grave danger of slipping way down the pecking order but neve4 mind others weren’t big in the day.

  54. Graham62


    Good for you.

    My philosophies on football are different to yours.

    Yes, we all know football has changed but, as far as I’m concerned, these two teams won the state lottery and gained an unfair advantage over those teams who were less fortunate.

    They can win trophies galore but it’ll make no difference as far as I’m concerned.

    They are global brands and big clubs under false pretences.

    Shoot me.

  55. Valentin

    The argument that the Mike Ashley the owner can’t find a buyer to prove that the club is a small club could also apply to Chelsea. Abramovitchh can’t get a visa to get in the UK.
    He has been trying to sell but nobody would bit at the price he wants to sell.
    If Abramovitch were to die or encounter financial or political difficulties, Chelsea FC would implode.

  56. Danny

    Chelsea FC would implode
    No they’d just get sold to some arab billionaire and it would be business as usual.

  57. Unai

    Val, Chelsea are worth 8 times that of Newcastle, it’s not remotely comparable.

    Chelsea’s brand name alone is probably worth more than the whole Newcastle organisation.

  58. Unai

    Danny, Roman’s money probably means they dont even need an investor (same as city) the groundwork has been laid for short and medium stability.

    Long term, who knows but for now and the foreseeable they are big clubs.

  59. Valentin

    I doubt that Chelsea would be easily bought by some Arab billionaire.
    Abramovitch has now been trying for a year to sell to any billionaire and nobody has bitten yet.
    He even send a delegation to Qatar, but no avail.
    The Qatar regime is now pushing for investment in Qatar itself and no qatari is going against QSI the Qatar State Investment company. Financially and politically it is the wrong move. QSI is in the process of buying Leeds.
    Saudi is now coercing its own billionaire citizens to buy Aramco IPO share. No Saudi billionaire would be naïve and courageous to buy Chelsea for more than a billion in that political climate.

  60. Unai

    Un, fans in the stadium make little to no difference.

    Revenue and value became the measure when sky got involved and football (particularly English and Spanish) became a global product.

    That’s why I agree with you that leaving highbury may have been a mistake, 60,000 paying fans is insignificant compared to the wider revenue streams of our club.

  61. KAY Boss

    Big club, small club. Don’t u love Le Grove? Topic change in split seconds before the eye could blink.
    Leeds, Newcastle, etc maybe big clubs but per their standing now they ain’t regarded as one. City ain’t a big club.
    I’m scared if Arsenal doesn’t put it’s act together we may be heading down the Leeds slope.

  62. Valentin


    QSI bought PSG because of the prestige of buying the Paris Club. The problem is that the ultimate price the Champion’s League continue to evade them. They have now realised that PSG being so far out of reach of Ligue 1 does not bring prestige nor success in the Champion’s League. So they are adjusting the plan.

    However Nobody really knows what QSI intend to do with Leeds. Clearly they want to reach the premiership. But then do they intend to use to compete with ManCity and Liverpool or do they intend to use it a academy side for PSG.

    But yes if they decide to go full tilt, that would really mean only 1 place left to grab in the top 4. As the current Champion’s League proposal may end up with England retaining only 3 regular places in the competition there might be some mighty disappointment and financial woes for at least 3 clubs currently in the big 6.

  63. Tony

    This is kind of Auba to make his club 2nd best option to sign him.

    Reactive Raul playing his Barca family card again?

    Great player that Martinelli is and potential he has, he’s not ready as a full time starter.

    If Raul continues to support Emery then they should both go and maybe let O’leary take over Raul’s position (whatever that really is) and work with Edu as a temporary solution until Kroenke find the right manager and CEO to start moving the club forward at a realistic pace with a tangible plan.

    As it stands at the moment I’d say Raul & Emery out and put Edu on 6 month’s probation to prove he’s up to the job.

    Spanish Del Boy Raul is just that: a barrow boy in the transfer market who couldn’t and still can’t see the fundamental flaws in Emery that leaves his wheeler dealing in the Summer TW look like a colossal failure.

    Under Emery we are a 3-wheeler Reliant stuttering in each game. Poch is not the answer- just a knee jerk reaction that Arsenal are becoming famous for.

    “Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ‘waiting on Barcelona interest’ before signing contract extension with Arsenal

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is biding his time over a new Arsenal contract

    The Gunners captain’s current deal expires at the end of the 2020-21 season

    Reports suggest he is waiting to see whether Arsenal can qualify for the UCL”


    For those who don’t know Del Boy and Only Fools & Horses here’s a couple of clips: chandelier, Yuppie & hang glider.

    It’s not hard to replace Raul with Del Boy




  64. Tony

    We are the wait-and-see club with ostrich like upper management with statements like “we’ll give Emery 4 more games”.

    Someone should make a sitcom out of the past 5 years at boardroom and senior management level.

    Pearlers like Gazidis say that the club have scoured the footballing landscape and could find no one better than Arsene. It wasn’t the words that was said, but how Gazidis managed to keep a straight face. Must have taken many takes that in the end Gazidis had to be given botox.

    Then Arsene saying in all earnest that he was going to ‘reinvent himself’ at a board or Gazidis meeting – a classic John Cleese moment if ever there was one.

    If I were a producer I’d get hold of Steve Morrow or similar as a script advisor.

  65. Tony

    So apart from Receding Hairline who believes Emery can still turn things around or should be given the chance to, is there anyone else who thinks similar that Emery should stay?

    Certainly not me but that’s just my POV.

  66. Tony

    From Papa Sok:

    “He said: ‘I think we can get [into the top four] because if we find one or two games where we can play very good and have a good result, after the team will take confidence and after that we have the quality. The quality is here but I think we need confidence.'”

    So first we were scared now we lack confidence as reported:

    “Sokratis told Arsenal’s official website: ‘The team needs confidence and calm to show the quality we have.'”

    My question is why tell the world we lack confidence on the official website?

    Southampton must be quaking in their boots or more like thinking they have the confidence to beat us.

    My guess would be the latter.

  67. Dark Hei

    “Sokratis told Arsenal’s official website: ‘The team needs confidence and calm to show the quality we have.’”

    I think what he really means is that they need a new manager who can give them the confidence.

  68. Mysticleaves

    Honestly very happy that Jose signed for spuds. Even if he wins the league and fa cup double next season I won’t bat an eyelid. Just glad he’s not coming to Arsenal.

    As for Poch coming to Arsenal, honestly, he won’t do better than Emery. First, Emery is a better manager than Poch (my opinion, but backed with verifiable facts, not ‘he didn’t come with 21 points of the top 2’ things) and yet he’s failing this hard.

    Secondly, Poch, for all he’s done at spuds, couldn’t take them to the next level. He has this success cos spuds were functioning under a level lower than where Arsenal are operating. The tier 2 if you want. I am not sure he can handle the expectations of a tier 1 club in a league with atleast 5 clubs in that tier alone. He’d fail woefully. He’s soft, can’t speak English better than Emery, is a bottler and doesn’t believe he needs to win a trophy. That’s weak.

    Thirdly, Arsenal team currently are a shambles so will be a very bad choice for any coach to use as rebound. It will just sink you further.

  69. Unai


    “Honestly very happy that Jose signed for spuds. Even if he wins the league and fa cup double next season I won’t bat an eyelid.”

    It’s this attitude that’s put us in this situation.

    To classy for Jose? To classy to win? Rather lose them lower our standards?

  70. Aussie Gooner

    With the managerial change going on ‘down the road’ I really think that it is time to make our own change. Many on this blog are imbibed with the Arteta Sauce, some call for Freddie to step up for the rest of the season (I am not altogether opposed to this option), some even demanded Maureen (or now substitute Poch). However there are plenty of other options out there but we must exercise due diligence in the process or we will end up with another dud. There are also plenty of ‘left field’ options that may not satisfy the feral media mob or frenetic fan base but may be more prudent for the club in the long term. For example: Ex Arsenal player (played circa 450 games for the club), born and bred in London, is probably the most ‘qualified’ coach in the UK vis a vis :- …former Arsenal youth coach…worked in coaching education with the PFA….joined the FA where he continues to work with the elite coach development team, has studied and gained the FA and Pro UEFA Coaching awards, the highest coaching award in the U.K. along with his UEFA ‘A’ Licence and the FA Diploma in Football Management from Warwick University, as well as his coach educators award….. Who could this be I wonder? Answers on a postcard!

  71. Guns of Hackney

    I hope Auba leaves and we get a hefty wedge for his services. I’ve never quite got him. And I won’t.

    I’d rather have him gone so we can invest in younger players or promote from within.

    He’s 30. Never getting better and will only get worse. Offering him a big contract would be suicide.

    If we get £60/70m for him…that’s a couple of defenders, or a midfielder and defender. Money well spent. It just can’t be Emery that spends it.

  72. Mysticleaves

    Unai, I really meant league cup and fa cup double cos spuds aren’t winning the League anytime soon. Hut honestly, I think I could extend it to the premier League too. I really don’t want Jose and it’s nothing to do with Classnal. He has ethos, pathos and logos that go against what I believe and no matter how successful he is, I don’t want him around anything I love. You’d have to have a bit of that man.

  73. Mysticleaves


    Yea, at this point, anybody that wants to leave should leave. As far as they are replaced. There’s ry no player is be sad they left as it is…

    Auba delivers though. Annnd if I had to choose, I’d sell lacazette and keep him. 1 year ago I never thought I would say this

  74. Dark Hei


    I am really stunned that you think Emery is a great manager.

    If that is so it will take the likes of Gandalf and Harry Potter to save our ass.

  75. TitsMcGee

    ‘You have never been to Nigeria so shut up about unsafe and corrupt.”

    Nigeria is unsafe and corrupt. Anywhere that needs armed escorts on a business trip is unsafe.

  76. Unai

    Mystic, I read a report (could have been a repost of a talkSPORT article in here) in the last day or so.

    Basically it said Arsenal fans would take Saddam Hussain if he got results and to be honest, I agree.

    If Jose came here, got us top 4 year 1, competing year 2/3 I’d take it, even if it ended badly we would be in better shape than we are now.

    We really are on the brink now, if we slip much further we really do risk losing what’s left of our decent players and become less and less attractive going forward.

    We need some success, particularly in the league, its becoming less and less important how that happens.

    Emery out, Saddam’s corpse in!

  77. Mysticleaves

    Tits, Nigeria is relatively safe man. Before it wasn’t(and this was really for a short period of time for foreign oil workers) But now its quite safe. Of course they are troubles in the villages where they are farms and cattle settlements and low population of people from time to time (mostly in the Plateau). Dont believe what you see on CNN.

    And yea, very nation is corrupt. Guess that’s how they roll

  78. Mysticleaves

    Dark Hei, great? I didn’t say that. Just that I think he’s better than Poch and have verifiable facts. Great? No not really. Good? Hell yeah!

  79. Mysticleaves

    Lol, Unai I feel you. But even as enticing as it seems, I’d still say no. And most importantly, Jose of 2002 to 2010? Maybe. But this version has not shown anything to make me think he’d get us where we need to be. Honestly. He won’t even leave a structure behind that the next coach would maximise so we’d basically have to start over again in 2.5 years after paying huge compensation fees. I’d pass…

  80. Dark Hei


    Would like to know what those facts are.

    Though I agree with you about Jose. He is like Cersei Lannister; hot yes, but it will be the death of you.

  81. Unai

    Mystic, I’d argue that Emery isn’t creating a structure, it’s hard to say what hes creating at the moment.

    It seems hes actually making Wengers mess worse, that’s saying something.

  82. Gentlebris

    ‘Nigeria is unsafe and corrupt. Anywhere that needs armed escorts on a business trip is unsafe.’

    You have been poorly informed. Lagos Nigeria is as safe as London, if you stay away from the backstreets. And you could get stabbed in the backstreets of London as well. Northern Nigeria is where you need your armed escorts.

  83. HighburyLegend

    Seriously… this post from Pedro.

    First, the title : “3 HUGE moves for Arsenal in a single day” (wtf ?), plus a picture of Le Poch at the Emirates Stadium press room ==> the fantasy of seeing Poch at Arsenal someday.

    It’s a bit pathetic…

  84. Gentlebris

    ‘Honestly very happy that Jose signed for spuds. Even if he wins the league and fa cup double next season I won’t bat an eyelid.”

    Can you believe this.

    ‘Even if he wins the league’…..for the fucking Spuds….this great Arsenal man wouldn’t ‘bat an eyelid’.

    Can you believe that!

    We last won a league title 15 years ago btw.

  85. Gentlebris


    ‘Seriously… this post from Pedro. First, the title : “3 HUGE moves for Arsenal in a single day” (wtf ?), plus a picture of Le Poch at the Emirates Stadium press room ==> the fantasy of seeing Poch at Arsenal someday.It’s a bit pathetic…’

    But you are just realizing that of course, having been here since yesterday and all. Just saying you should go easy on the bottles….seems they slow down your instincts for reaction.

  86. HighburyLegend

    @Gentle : I wanted to post it yesterady, but I’ve forgot. lol

    @Graham : whatever the result, Emery won’t be sacked.
    And I believe we will win, anyway.

    Emery, just like his hidden father Lord Darth Wenger, has no choice but to become the new specialist in bouncing back.

  87. Gentlebris

    ‘Let’s hope it’s Spuds funeral.’

    Yeah you can only hope Graham. Spuds hired Poch when he was an unknown quantity and he became successful and famous on the job. But by hiring Jose Mourinho upon building that stadium, Spuds have announced a rebirth and confirmed their new status as a big club.
    And Jose knows this is his last chance, he either does this right or he is done. Let me tell you, you should pay more attention to a focused desperate Jose than to a satisfied slacking Pep.

    If it was either us or Spuds, Jose would 100% have chosen us. And Raul indeed was tempted by the facts, but the whining and bickering on Twitter scared him off.
    Yes we can only hope now, but I don’t feel this is anyone’s funeral, rather a rebirth.

    What I would suggest is if you want some easy money, trade on Spuds to win handicapped on Saturday.

  88. 71Guns

    “Raul indeed was tempted by the facts, but the whining and bickering on Twitter scared him off.”
    Gentlebris, do you seriously think Raul makes his decisions based on Twitter noise? God help us if he does… Anyhow, I’m mightily glad that Jose Arrogantio hasn’t joined us, whatever the reason; I loathe the man and everything he stands for.

  89. KAY Boss

    Gentlebris, it’s fascinating how u love Mourinho. He can win all trophies with spurs, I care less.
    I’m only concerned about what’s happening to arsenal not a neighbor across the street.
    Amazing that those who raised red flags on Emery bcoz he was sacked from psg are now pushing for us to get another sacked coach in Pochettino.

  90. KAY Boss

    Genter, if u are/were desperate for Mourinho to join us, the I think u can change allegiance and become a spud. Not difficult to do, u know.

    Mind u am no Emery fan!

  91. Dissenter

    Tim Sherwood [1.91] had a slightly better league win ratio than Pochettino [ 1.89]
    Sherwood only managed 22 league games compared with Poch who managed 202 league games.

    Imagine if Wenger was declared to be Arsenal’s greatest manager based on only leading us to the 2006 CL final and amassing top-4 finishes. I ask that because that’s the basis of the Poch plaudits..
    It just goes to show why Spuds will always be in Arsenal’s shadow.

  92. Dissenter

    Poch was a successful manager at Spids no doubt but had to go based on their seemingly irreversible decline this past year. It was obvious that he wasn’t happy with the club CEO and the hard facts required a clean sack.
    I don’t think Mourhino is a good choice because their model is everything but a big spend approach- it was about promoting youth players and cheap foreign exports willing to accept lower wages.
    It’s not going to end well. Mr Levi has to sell off the few big names with transfer value to make up for all those players who will run down their contracts. Mourhino will be whining pretty soon when the transfer window opens and will make Poch’s displeasure look like child’s play.
    I admire Daniel Levi’s astute decisiveness but he’s made the wrong choice of manager to replace Poch.

  93. MatinellisHead


    Are you ret@rded? Or is it an attempt at some shit humoured word play?

    Either way you love Daniel Levy and how he operates so at least spell his name right. He’s a cunt but he isn’t a pair of jeans ffs.

  94. Cesc Appeal

    Torreira really is agitating for a move.

    Just sell him them.

    I have a lot of sympathy for him that Emery is playing the best CDM we’ve had in years as a box to box player but really is just seems like he can’t hack the EPL as well.

    Xhaka is going in January so I guess Torreira will have to hang around until the summer…although news this morning suggests he’s going to try for a January move.

    Also news Auba is waiting to see if there is genuine interest from Barcelona. Again, I would not be sad if we got a good amount of money for him…might actually be something to the Haaland rumours in that case because Lacazette has shown he cannot be the main guy at ST.

    Links to Szoboszlai again this morning. He seems like a player we are genuinely interested in.

    As much as massive change scares fans if we sell Auba, Lacazette, Xhaka, Torreira, Mustafi, Ozil, Maitland Niles etc and saw an influx of top level young talent like Szoboszlai, Zakaria, Haaland, Reinier etc with Saliba arriving in June as well I think fans would be excited.

    We have to change manager, obviously, but there does seem to be something stale about this squad too many mismatched attributes and underwhelming attitudes.

  95. HighburyLegend

    “Torreira really is agitating for a move.”

    He’s still crying, little T. ?? Get him back to Serie A asap.

  96. Gentlebris

    KAY Boss,

    ‘Genter, if u are/were desperate for Mourinho to join us, the I think u can change allegiance and become a spud. Not difficult to do, u know.’

    You can’t tell me how to support my Arsenal.
    According to you it doesn’t bother you if Jose wins everything for Spuds, well it bothers me. This kind of sweet rivalry is the flavour of club football. If you are too far removed to understand that then just shut up.

  97. Spanishdave

    To get us going again we need a manager who is a proven winner, and knows what it takes to win the league not just participating.
    Ambition to win it.
    If the players do t want Emery they will not bust a gut to save his job, so the next few games we will find out how they see the future

  98. Gentlebris

    ‘As much as massive change scares fans if we sell Auba, Lacazette, Xhaka, Torreira, Mustafi, Ozil, Maitland Niles etc and saw an influx of top level young talent like Szoboszlai, Zakaria, Haaland, Reinier etc with Saliba arriving in June as well I think fans would be excited.’

    Like we lost Ramsey, J.W, and Iwobi and thought the new fresh faces would be exciting.

    I don’t oppose the idea of selling Auba or Laca to raise some money to buy a good DM, but we can’t sell both and just think no big deal. We got Laca and Auba as kings. We can’t really expect they will be easy to replace. Some exciting young striker might get here and really tank and a repeat process might fail again.

  99. Gentlebris


    Bayern would be stupid not to consider Poch. What did you expect?

    The cry matter here is that Arsenal could waddle around until the great guys are all snapped up, leaving Raul to tell us ‘no good coach is available,’ having not acted when they were available. Same old Wenger/Gazidis Arsenal.

    Enrique is off, Jose is off, Bayern are on Poch’s case, ManU are reportedly on Allegri’s case. I don’t fancy them all but at least they are the top guys available.

  100. Guns of Hackney

    Torrier is shit anyway. 5’3 and more sideways passes than David Batty. Rubbish.

    Profit for him and I’d take it. £30m + £60m for Auba and that gives us a very healthy figure to get a CM, winger and CF…or midfielders and defenders.

    Either way, once we sell Xhaka, that figure goes over £100m.

    That would do nicely.

  101. Danny

    Poch was a successful manager at Spids no doubt
    I thought success in football was based on how many titles one wins.

  102. China1

    Can’t say I agree on the torreira front

    Ofc he looks like he can’t hack it and he’s miserable – he’s not only playing out of position, he’s not playing near his best forbthat very reason and he’s also part of a pretty toxic culture where everyone hates the manager and the fans are booing the captain lol

    Imagine you go to China and you were up against those same odds.

    I can tell you know when you’re in a normal, pleasant environment. You’re doing your job as expected and performing well. The clients/management/customers are happy with your work and supportive in general – I can tell you it makes it a lot easier to be happy

    And I know this from experience because I came to China at a very difficult time in my life and I used to struggle with everything. Low and behold when some of the toxic and highly distracting issues started to disappear, lots of stuff that was previously a big issue for me became very trivial

    I really don’t know how people can judge torreira in seriousness