Xhaka out, who would you replace him with?

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It’s always amusing when an Arsenal enigma player falls out with the club. The super fans that revel in the vaguery of the talent; leaning on disconnected stats to prove a point, desperately hope a Barca or a Madrid will come to the rescue are always disappointed.

Granit Xhaka? Try Big Steve Bruce’s Toon Army. I love that. Granit and Jonjo Shelvey keeping them up. What a pairing. I absolutely need to see this.

Quite incredible that in the space of a month, we’ve gone from Captain Xhaka to a pretty nailed on exit from the club. I liked the comments he made in his dethroning interview where he’d basically been hanging out with his over-woke Stoke Newington friends who’ve been telling him that it’s ok for men to show their feelings… anyone that can reflect on the Palace incident with the fans and be happy with the response needs their matcha tea confiscated.

… but look, that’s what coffee culture can do to you in London. One minute you’re one of the lads, crashing back Stella’s in the park, jumpers for goal posts on a Sunday, the next thing you know, you’ve met Oatmilk Sally, you’re wearing washed-out khaki three quarter lengths, you have your velcro wallet secured to your belt with a carabiner, and you’re in a group therapy for dogs with social anxiety.

I think it’d be quite interesting to see if Ivan Gazidis and AC Milan come to his rescue. I love that Ivan is having an absolute disaster over there again. I was a little worried he might learn from the mistakes he made at Arsenal and double down on repairing his reputation in Europe. It’s a disaster over there, 14th in the league, internal politics galore, hopefully, we can add to the mess by handing him a player that’d be well off the pace in any league. Would love Xhaka to feel the wrath of Italian fans after he’s gifted a third goal to Inter Milan in the derby.

I jumped on a podcast with Matt Scott yesterday, one of the points he raised was the lack of a powerful defensive midfielder at Arsenal. Our Ndidi has been Xhaka. No power, mobility or discipline. With his impending departure, that leaves the club a space free in the squad. It would be absolutely ideal to replace him with someone a little more suited to the league. I don’t think LT is a cultural fit and I think he lacks presence to survive the league. I’m a little stumped as to where we go with a destroyer in the middle of the park?

Maybe that’s the game we play in the comments today. Who would you hire?

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  1. Un na naai

    RedtruthNovember 17, 2019 16:33:06
    Adams was Wenger’s captain when they won the double in 1997-98 and 2001-02, and he wrote on Instagram: “Thanks for everything Arsene. Move over Herbert (Chapman), Arsene Wenger the greatest Arsenal Manager.”Like I said we don’t want AKB’s rejoining the club

    What’s wrong with that?
    Red, did Wenger Park your Mrs up or what?

  2. Un na naai

    RedtruthNovember 17, 2019 17:06:33
    Un na naaiTory policy on Immigration: Lie through you teeth to win over and appease brexiteers…
    RedtruthNovember 17, 2019 17:09:58
    Brexit MEP Ben Habib says Johnson’s deal is worse than remaining in the EU.
    MichealNovember 17, 2019 17:13:07
    Johnson is a lying, racist narcissist and a moral vaccuum.

    And Corbyn still can’t get near him. Personally I don’t trust Boris Johnson but hey ho. What are the alternatives? I’ll be voting UKIP or brexit party myself anyway.

  3. bennydevito

    Here we go, fuck the politics.

    Left, right, makes no difference, two wings of the same bird.

    The left have become more fascist than the right, especially that Antifa mob.

    British democracy is dead anyway, the left have made sure of that by blocking Brexit for 3 years and counting.