In defence of Unai Emery

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I recorded a podcast with the exceptionally interesting football analyst/broadcaster/journalist Matt Scott. He’s a big fan of Unai Emery, so a real counterpoint to Le Grove, so hopefully you find the TWO-PART series an EXCELLENT LISTEN.

What have we today?

Big Dave O’Leary trying to barge his way onto the board of directors. Apparently Don Raul does not like this idea.

Hard to know what to think. Bringing footballers into the club can be a great thing, or it can be an absolute disaster. Zidane worked behind the scenes at Madrid before taking over the first team. That worked out. I’m not sure we can expect that from one of our most storied players, but what you would hope is that his love for the club carried through into the day-to-day.

I’m not sure Raul will ever love Arsenal or care for it in the way an explayer would. He’s Barca DNA and he always will be. What you have to hope is he’s a good steward of the club while he’s here.

David O’Leary did great things for a time at Leeds before the transfer strategy went nuts under Peter Risdale. I know through contacts that he deeply loves Arsenal and that he coveted the job at The Emirates for a long time. That was why he was so keen to show off against us, which came across a bit vicious.

Anyway, I have no idea how he thinks, but let’s be honest, the average age of our highly ineffective board could do with lowering and it could do with a bit of football behind it. The explayer route works very well at Bayern.

Arsene Wenger FINALLY landed the big job he’s wanted all his life, he took a post at FIFA. It is MENTAL to read his fanbase chalk this up as a success, anyone who understands a single thing about him will know all he coveted was a dugout job. Hey ho, at least he’s getting paid dollars and it’s great to know there’s at least one person at FIFA with values.

Right, short post today. Here’s the first of the two-part series. The other one is up if you want to listen to it straight after.


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  1. Top Dawg

    Wrote this Emery song to the tune of “On Top of Spaghetti:”

    We’ll take Freddie Ljungberg
    Or Max Allegri
    Just get the fuck out
    Unai Emery

  2. KAY Boss

    Emery is a good coach and a competent one. But dear me, it’s not working for him at Arsenal. Maybe a refresher course can revive him or sabatical. He just needsto be released from his confusion.

  3. CG

    “”””Matt Scott. He’s a big fan of Unai Emery””””

    A fan of what exactly:

    The 5 captains?
    His language skills.
    His protagonism .
    His chameleon colors
    His decisiveness.
    His performance at the Nou camp
    His record head to head with Wenger.
    His teeth
    His buckled belt
    His lying
    His gravitas?

  4. CG

    Re: Matt scott
    Part 2

    Maybe he is a fan of Emery because:

    Of 4 nil hidings in Cup finals against Chelsea
    Of 31 attempts on the Arsenal goal against Watford
    Or league cup defeats against liverpools 3 rd team
    Or his facial expressions
    Or his treatment of Pepe
    Or his treatment of Ozil
    Or his treatment of Ramsey

  5. jwl

    ” I was shocked teams didn’t line up to get him. ”

    Distant legrover – I think Wenger turned down job offers from mid table teams in expectation he would eventually be offered job at top tier club. I don’t believe Wenger has stamina anymore to do hard work of managing, he needs cushy job which is what he got.

  6. jwl

    Can’t listen to podcast, volume on my tablet is broken at moment. I will have to listen on my partners when she get home. I am curious to hear how Scott defends Emery.

    I am neither supporter or hater of Emery but I do think he has done a decent job. Emery role is to be lightning rod, he has sidelined senior players on big contracts, introduced new players just starting their careers, he is cleaning up mess Wenger left behind. It is thankless task.

    I am not convinced our next manager is going to have time or ability to fix situation either, Arsenal hopefully competing for league two managers from now. There is a lot of work needs to be done before we quality team again.

  7. Bamford10


    “Lowers the tone. Needs to be addressed.”

    What a joke. I am one of the few posters here who actually elevates the discussion. It is my detractors who lower the discussion. This is obvious.

    This comment of yours is especially silly given how fawning you are in your praise of this Matt Scott. If this guy posted his opinions here — opinions which go well, well beyond my very moderate, very reasonable defense of Emery — he would be called every name in the book and abused mercilessly. If he persisted in his commentary here, though, you would apparently accuse him of “lowering the tone” here.

    What a farce.

  8. Marko

    James Woods I feel for you anything ear related is an absolute nightmare. I got an abscess in the ear a few years back and it felt like being skull fucked by a hot poker. The pain killers though…were amazing

  9. Marko

    Suffice to say that I won’t be listening to a podcast in defence of Emery. We’re basically at the stage now we’re it’s inevitable and instead of getting rid during the international break which I’d assumed and hoped it looks like for some reason they need two to three more failures to convince them. Hey look as long as it doesn’t drag into the new year or the end of the season it’s fine it’s still salvageable imo.

  10. Champagne charlie

    “What a joke. I am one of the few posters here who actually elevates the discussion. “

    *Here’s a joke

    Fixed it for you.

    Can you do everyone a favour and dial back your incessant need to be centre of attention on here? It’s an international break which is insufferable enough.

  11. Dissenter

    I’m one of those that have always defended you … and I wont stop now.
    Keep annoying the majority with your solitary voice of dissent about Emery. It just makes the blog meaningful.
    I’m glad Pedro used his platform to channel the contrary viewpoint.

  12. Dissenter

    You’re still very wrong about Emery. Hopefully you wake up and smell the rancid odor of stagnation that Emery is emanating.

  13. bennydevito

    Good ebening Grovers,

    I’ll give the podcasts a listen to tonight Pedro, nice one.

    CG, have you listened to what Matt actually said? You’re criticising him without even giving it a listen?

  14. DaleDaGooner

    “What a joke. I am one of the few posters here who actually elevates the discussion. It is my detractors who lower the discussion. This is obvious.” – Bamford10


  15. alexanderhenry


    Everyone needs a bit of perspective here.

    We’re all big arsenal fans and there’s a lot of emotional investment that goes with supporting any football club.

    As a result we all get carried away, you included.
    Some of the anti Emery stuff has been way over the top- as was some of the anti Wenger stuff- there I said it, so sue me.

    Is Emery a fraud or totally clueless? No
    Does he have no knowledge of football? No
    Has he been a complete failure as a coach? No
    Is he a particularly nasty, egotiscal, complacent, arrogant person? No
    Has he been unprofessional or negligent in any way? No

    Is he the right man for arsenal right now? Almost certainly no.

    I don’t dislike the man. I just think he’s not right for arsenal. He’s hit a downward spiral which I think is impossible to climb out of.
    Because modern club football is a brutal jungle, I don;t think it’s feasible for arsenal fc to adopt a wait and see policy.

    Fire Emery, pay him off, shake his hand and say ‘thank you very much, you’re a decent human being but it’s not working’ and either appoint an interim or go for a big name manager.
    If the next guy doesn’t work, repeat until you get the right guy.

  16. Marko

    He added: ‘He has a long contract and it won’t be easy to take him away from Arsenal. He is vice-captain, we will see how the season will go.’

    I honestly would be okay with Bellerin leaving in the summer I would encourage it to be honest. Absolute fuck tonne of quality RB’s knocking about at the moment so we would likely find it easy to replace. Atal being my obvious favourite but Klostermann, Celik, Mazraoui, Calabria, Dumfries, Odriozola, Bustos or Montiel if you wanted to go further out

  17. Distant legrover


    I don’t think he needs a lot of stamina to manage. That’s what the assistant coach and the other coaches are for. I think Wenger believes he can still coach for a few years or so.

    Having said that, I don’t think he should. His new gig is in my opinion the perfect gig for him at this stage of his life.

  18. HillWood

    It’s you who is being insufferable
    Millions of people watch international football
    And who do you think you are to tell him to dial back his views when you are as desperate for attention as he is

  19. Danny

    The next 4 league matches are against some really shit teams and we should easily be getting 12 points but with El-Dicko, I doubt we’ll get more than 5, 4 at best. This is why he should be sacked now and let Freddie get the 12 points which will set us up nicely for the coming months and then worry about a new permanent manager, instead the board is pissing about with O’Leary.
    We are in such a mess.

  20. CG


    “””Is Emery a fraud or totally clueless? No”””

    I would say he is most certainly is- on both accounts.

    In all probability, The only job this blagger will be getting next is on:

    “””I am a celebrity Jungle – get me out of here””””

    I hope for his sake he dont get too many bushtucker eating challenges to do -because his new teeth will fall out.

    He is a clueless, useless and a ridiculous figure.
    The Arsenal brand is diminished every moment he is in his post.

    Matt Scott ( conscientious and affable chap he might well be) loses any shred of credibility if he is a fan of Unai Emery.

    Page 1 Matt.
    You cant polish a Turd.

    But , I thank you and PedRo for your efforts.

  21. Distant legrover


    The downward spiral that he got himself into in the first place. He made too many decisions thats got the fans looking at him sideways. He still had some support going into the Watford game. After the 2-2 draw, it felt like Arsenal fans around the world all smelled the coffee at the same time and just woke the hell up.

  22. Champagne charlie


    Forgot you can be found smothered in a St.Georges flag on international breaks, don’t let the reality of the blog going tepid each time one rolls around serve as a marker for anything.

    Just you keep your rousing spirit for international football. Big game, Montenegro are a tough nut.

  23. Spanishdave

    The players heads are down and they have no faith in him.
    They no he’s going to be off around Christmas so what incentive have they got?
    They are not going to bust a gut to prolong the agony of it all.
    The board and managers know we are going to hit the buffers but they are gutless and hoping something will change.
    Can we move on.

  24. Graham62


    I’m with you.

    After decades of genuine England crap, watching them these days you actually see and feel the pride and passion.

    Don’t worry about CC, he’s just a miserable git who loves to patronise.

    It’s a football blog as well as an Arsenal blog so, go ahead, keep that flag flying.

  25. jwl

    Distant legrover – I reckon the best job for Wenger when he left Arsenal was managing France’s under 21 squad. Wenger always seemed to enjoy working with youth and national team jobs are not too strenuous.

  26. Champagne charlie


    Nice and ironic as always. I love to patronise yet here I am minding my own and getting called “miserable” because I’m not bubbling with excitement over international qualifiers.

  27. Pierre

    The Arsenal hierarchy have wasted a golden opportunity to get some positivity running through the club with their inability to act.

    I believe this will turn out to be a massive mistake and could have far reaching effects on the club.

    90+% of the fans want change, and the hierarchies arrogance in not understanding the feelings of the supporters is beyond stupid.

    I cannot believe that the people running the club are United in their belief that Emery should continue as manager.

    The problem is that the 2 people who have given their 100% support to Emery will not want to lose face.

    Raul and vinai have backed themselves into a corner with their backing of Emery, if they sack Emery , it would be an admittance of failure , so dont expect any decision to be made on Emery’s future any time soon.

    They could have saved face if they had sacked Emery a week ago , the fans would remained supportive of them for the time being , instead they have left us with a dead man walking.

  28. Distant legrover


    Funny enough I think he’s made for their senior team. They ve got the players. Wenger does well when he’s got the players. Its when he has to persevere with average players that he struggles. But their coach just won the world cup so obviously he was never getting that job.

  29. HillWood

    So you want the European Championship banned just to stop Le Grove going a bit tepid ?
    What planet are you on

  30. Champagne charlie


    Yes, I remember petitioning for a ban of International football numerous times….

    Or I simply don’t like it, how about that? Am I allowed such an opinion without you sitting up rigid and foaming at the mouth over it?

    International qualifiers are fucking boring, and this is ‘two weeks without the PL’ how I view it – you’re welcome to your own take.

  31. Mr Serge

    Left you a good rating pedders.

    At this point who can still say Emery is the man to take us to the next level ?

    I hope nobody

  32. Marko

    England are rubbish beating a third rate team doesn’t mean that come tournament time they won’t do their usual bit of underperforming and or flattering to deceive along the way to getting beaten comfortably by the first half decent team they play. Like clockwork

  33. Marko

    To be fair I think Vieira said what he said because he’s probably thinking about the job in the summer while now he’s just thinking about Nice.

  34. Nelson

    Last year we kept hearing that Emery needs players who are suitable to play his Emeryball. After 18 months, there is no more mystery. Emeryball is chameleon. The tactics will be changed according to opponent’s strength. Oh well, I wish him good luck!

  35. HillWood

    It seems to me (from your last comment) that you can tolerate international tournaments but don’t agree countries should have to earn the rite to compete in them
    If you was head of UEFA how would you improve the current system

  36. Ishola70


    The team doesn’t require ballers in every position.

    Teams don’t require ballers in every position.

    Is Ndidi seen as an overall baller?

    No he fits into an overall set-up and system that Leicester have now and he is seen as one of the key elements in that jigsaw.

    Because it’s your own perception that a holding midfielder needs to be an overall baller doesn’t make it an absolute requirement.

    Now Ndidi is of course a better DM than Coquelin was and is but the point still stands.

    Teams don’t always require baller holding mids. This is your own personal preference not an undisputed requirement for a side.

  37. Bojangles

    “There’s a horrible smell on here all of a sudden.”

    Seemed fine to me until you appeared.


    If everyone ignored Bamford, as a number of commenters have suggested, he would not be the centre of attention.

  38. Ishola70


    Ndidi being better on the ball than a Coquelin is a very sparse point.

    He is not in the Leicester team because of his on the ball abilities.

    He is seen as key for Leicester because of his off the ball abilities.

    I must say your fetish for and demand for a baller DM/holding midfielder is very Wengerish. He will have tears in his eyes reading your recent posts. He’d be proud of you.

    Is it a coincidence that many posters on here state that the Cazorla-Coquelin partnership for a period was the best balanced midfield Arsenal have had for quite a while? Not perfect by any means but still seen as being better balanced than anything we have seen since.

    And I know you don’t listen to The Le Grove podcast but the guest on the latest one makes a good point. Arsenal had a very capable looking DM in the shape of Song who looked like he was going to carry out the duties of sheilding and protecting the back four and that was what he was doing in his first stint in the side. But this wasn’t enough for Wenger. He wanted more baller style from Song. So he then asked him to be more like Iniesta and the whole Song episode went downhill from that point.

  39. Pedro

    Bamford, think you need to cool off for a few days. Can’t have you dominating the conversation for the 4th day running. You need to learn to play nicely with the feed.

  40. Marko

    I mean don’t ban him for being annoying that’s silly. You need a tos or some guidelines or something official to know what’s ban worthy in all honesty. Hate speech obviously. If you want annoying and repetitive on it sure but there’ll be a lot of bans going around. Of course I’m joking about the hate speech that’d be half the lads on here during the international break gone

  41. Bojangles

    I agree Pedro but it still seems that you bin someone because others are obsessed with responding to him. I scroll past him and one or two others that annoy me, it isn’t difficult to do.

    There are others far more deserving of being banned in my opinion but then this is your blog and not mine.

  42. jwl

    Agree with Bojangles, Bamford is not my favourite but he is being bullied by others and you shouldn’t punish the victim. There are at least a few others who should be binned before Bamford is.

  43. China1

    I never believed that wenger asked song to get forwards because wenger barely did tactics. I think song just got forward a few times and got a couple of great assists and nobody ever told him good shit but make sure you are defense first so he just carried on doing it

    The rest is history

    If song had stayed out and out DM we would’ve done a lot better in the following years presuming we didn’t sell him

  44. siddharth14


    True but it still doesn’t justify banning him just because it is Pedro’s blog. If at all, we ( the one’s responding to him on a point which he is so adamant on) are the one’s responsible for dragging this.

    I think ignoring Bamford and avoiding to quote him for a while should be enough for him to get the message. But it needs to be a conscious effort from all of us.

  45. China1

    I remember being so frustrated with wenger when song was doing that

    He went from being a very decent DM to a decent b2b but we were left with no DM. Everyone was lauding his lofted through ball assists to RVP which would result in us salvaging a draw in a game we were losing but we were losing in the first place BECAUSE WE HAD NO DM

    That was some proper emery management

  46. Unai

    Pedro, do you read all the comments on here? If not you should seriously consider getting a moderator or team of.

    I used to love reading the comments here but its turned into a proper gutter in the last couple of years, it’s no wonder that many of the better posters have vanished.

    I regularly read sexist, racist and homophobic comments in here, I even had my sexuality questioned because I defended homosexuals yet someone gets a ban for having a view that doesn’t marry with the masses?

    I’m done with Emery but surely Bamford has a right to defend him?

    Anyway, it’s your blog, your house, just seems a shame to see it descend into a bit of a toilet.

  47. Graham62


    Unfortunately, that has always been the case with “the Arsenal hierarchy”.

    Overseeing neglect. It’s in their blood.

    Who gives a toss about Raul and Vinai?

    That’s why Arsenal have been the worst run club in Football since our move to the Emirates in 2006, with the exeption of Bury and Bolton that is.

    When you have an owner that doesn’t give a toss and a BOD who are in it for non-footballing reasons, you’ll only get substandard results.

    Money has never been the issue.

    It’s the selfish and ignorant mindsets.

  48. siddharth14

    I just think that the players are literally bored of Emery and want a different approach. Add to it the fact that our play and output is getting worse day by day and we are in more of a mess. Watching videos at length must be hugely taxing physically and mentally for the players. And after that trying to implement the changes when actually playing Football is something which we are seriously struggling with.

  49. China1

    Agreed Unai

    Bamford is pretty unreal in some of his arguments but he’s far from one of the worst posters in terms of nastiness or whatever

    There are some really vile racist and xenophobic posts etc

    Pedro as has been recommended it would make sense to have a TOS or something so that at least people know what is a binnable offense.

  50. MartinellisHead

    There are some absolute snowflakes on here ffs. Ban for this, ban for that, do shut up.

    If you need a safe space don’t go on the internet if your feelings get hurt too easily.

  51. MartinellisHead


    Your ‘I know you are but what am I response’ was very 1980s. Nice one.

    All you do I complain about other posters, how about contributing to the football chat on a football blog? This isn’t Facebook.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    More talk about Torriera wanting you leave with Napoli allegedly interested.

    Just sell him at this point. He clearly doesn’t like it here. It’s now been all summer and the season so far these rumours of him not being happy are persisting.

    Not exactly as if our midfield is some finely tuned machine anyway. Strong argument that the whole needs stripping out.

    That said. Emery is not helping matters by refusing to play him as a CDM for some reason.

  53. Bojangles

    “All you do I complain about other posters, how about contributing to the football chat on a football blog? This isn’t Facebook”

    Big fucking LOL. You really are something else Norma. I haven’t seen a single football related comment from you in any of your guises. Your 15 minute library time is taken up abusing other posters.

    When you have something sensible to say, get back to me…. Nah fuck it, don’t bother.

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    Poke a bear with a stick and what do you think would happen?

    In Binford’s case, he pokes a whole bunch of angry (and in Marko’s case unemployed) bears.

    Only one winner in this fight.

  55. MatinellisHead


    Scroll past my posts in future as I have no interest in your bitching and vanilla posts.

    Your the Le Grove Jimmy Saville why would I bother??

  56. Bojangles


    I mostly do anyway unless you address me personally but surely you have that arse about. If you have no interest in my posts shouldn’t you be scrolling past mine?

  57. Unai


    There are some absolute snowflakes on here ffs.

    I’m no snowflake, far from it just know the difference between lighthearted banter and outright bigotry, but whatever, if you have issues with that boundary it probably says more about your insecurities and issues than it does mine.

    Cesc, I agree in Torriera, I really hoped he would be the answer to our DM issues, hes got the skillset although not sure hes got the presence for the Prem.

    Very typically Arsenal, take 10 years to address an issue and still come up with the wrong answer, much like replacing Wenger with Emery.

  58. MatinellisHead

    Back to the kids.


    ‘I’m no snowflake, far from it just know the difference between lighthearted banter and outright bigotry, but whatever, if you have issues with that boundary it probably says more about your insecurities and issues than it does mine.’

    Of course you’re no snowflake lol. The fact you can’t TAKE banter and GIVE it back says more about you and your insecurities and issues when you start complaining about racism, xenophobia and bigotry.

    Outright bigotry where? Racism where?

    You need to stop going on the internet if you get so offended. It isn’t for you.

  59. Bojangles

    Santi saying he would like a return to Arsenal. He’d like to play one last game for the fans. He maybe too old for the PL but he’d still offer us more than what we have at the moment.

  60. Un na naai

    BojanglesNovember 15, 2019 09:36:43
    Santi saying he would like a return to Arsenal. He’d like to play one last game for the fans. He maybe too old for the PL but he’d still offer us more than what we have at the moment

    Why did emery bin him off? For free?

  61. Bojangles

    Probably felt he was an injury risk.

    Considering the lack of quality in midfield I for one would like to see him return, even if it’s only for the rest of the season.

  62. Chris

    In agreement with CC, I find the international break interminable and the games are often either massively one sided or tepid. Although there have been a few entertaining matches for sure it just doesn’t hold the buzz of club football for me.

    I’ll hold my hands up and freely admit that I’ll watch the Euros and the World Cup (didn’t watch a minute of the Nations League) but just can’t find the interest to watch the qualifiers. What irritates is obviously the disruption to the club season. Not sure what solution there is, it’s just like death and taxes I guess. There will always be qualifiers!

  63. InsideRight

    I confess I’ve not yet listened to the latest podcast. But what possible empirical evidence and justification could Matt Scott have for being a “big fan of Unai Emery”?

    Just what is it that Emery does that Matt Scott sees yet the overwhelming majority of fans and pundits don’t?

    Is it the way he sets up his defences? Is it the swift and clinical transitions as the team plays out from the back? Is it the tactics that create space for the front three to tear the opposition back line apart and deliver an avalanche of goals? Is it the exhilarating pass and move approach that bamboozles and frustrates our opponents? I can’t wait to hear this.

  64. Graham62

    I know there are some posters on here that are anti- International Football, specifically England, which I sort of get based on the boring predictability of following The Three Lions these past 20 plus years.

    The thing is, watching last nights game, yeh I know, it was only Montenegro, you get a real buzz about watching them play.

    The passion and enthusiasm, the skill and pace, the zippy way they play, it all makes for great viewing.

    I’m sorry for pissing off a few of you and, just to make it clear, I do not sit with a St George’s flag wrapped around me drinking a pint of lager when I say this.

    England make Arsenal look utter shite. Maybe Emery should get a few FA videos to show the players.

    Come on Ars………………England!!

  65. CG

    “”””Just what is it that Emery does that Matt Scott sees yet the overwhelming majority of fans and pundits don’t?”””””

    In life , as you will be very aware Inside Right – there are always ‘Smart Arses’- that they think they know more than you and me.

    (They don’t.)

    Mr. Scott ( and I am sure he is a nice chap and a good chum of our PedRo) fits this criteria.

    His defence of the Clown abilities- has lost him total credibility.
    If he aint careful he will become the David Icke of the footballing world.

    I suggest Mr. Scott- focuses on the real story taking place at the club.
    Because he is clearly talented.

    The Ding Dong power struggle brewing behind the scenes at AFC.
    Arseblog ( no way as good as the imperious Le Grove) has a great slant on this.

  66. Words on a Blog


    That’s the sad thing.

    It used to be that Arsenal made England look shit (and to be fair England played turgid football for all the Gerrards Rooneys Lampards and Beckhams they had).

    Now England make Arsenal look shit.

    Yes it was only Montenegro, but Arsenal made Vitoria Whatsheirname look classy world beaters.

  67. Graham62



    I agree with you CG.

    I listened to Mr Scott on the radio several weeks back and can concur with your points.

    He actually gets paid for making such mindblowingly ignorant statements.



  68. Moe

    Saw it coming…….soon as Bamford used the word “fraud” I suspected Pedro would be pissed. Everything else said is a pretext.

  69. Pierre

    “How does England beating a third rate team have anything to do with Arsenal by the way?”

    I think Graham is alluding to the freedom and style of football ,plus the pace and one and 2 touch football England play .

  70. Distant legrover

    Morning you good ebeners.

    Mkhitarian saying how he felt restricted by Emery. He said he started as a winger often but his role is to help out the defensive midfielder. He says he prefers playing free, occupying the right spaces and stuff.

    Can you imagine asking one of your main attacking guys to primarily help out the DM ? No wonder we are ugly to watch.

  71. Distant legrover

    It’s crazy that our 72 million star signing is obsolete at the moment because our Coach doesn’t know how to properly instill attacking players. Give Pepe to Klopp and we d be hearing his name all season long.

    For those who may have forgotten already, Pepe was only behind Mbappe last year in goals, assists, performances. Now he looks like Eboue in Mr. Good ebening’s system.

    I d sack him for this reason alone.

  72. James wood

    4 Days is not enough for worthless repetition.
    Should have been 4 strikes and out from a poster
    tied up in his own self importance.

    As I have said to him before “less is more.”
    And that he should stick to the collegiate
    type football his mindset is built for.?

  73. China1

    I do think this England team are more fun to watch than any we’ve seen for a couple of decades.

    Frankly the thought of watching them and drinking cold lager sounds damn good. In particular because I had minor stomach surgery this week and I’ve spent the whole damn week eating bland shit through a straw. All the best things are banned. No alcohol, no coffee, no cheese, no bread, no meat. WHATS THE FUCKING POINT

    I’m literally counting down the days (about 5 more) until I can eat and drink as normal

  74. China1

    I’m so starved of diversity and taste in my food and drinks now that I’m eyeing up the most average of shit like it’s the nicest thing ever

    It’s like ima celebrity get me out of here where they just eat rations for 5 days then they get given a bar of chocolate and they’re practically crying

    I want some French bread with some fucking Red Leicester up in that shit. God damn I’m hungry lol

  75. Words on a Blog


    Rib-eye pampas-fed Argentinan steak, medium rare, with bone-marrow gravy.

    Chunky chips, triple fried.

    Garlic mushrooms; creamed spinach with a hint of nutmeg.

    Washed down with a bottle of Argentina’s Malbec, or if you prefer French, Chateaux mouton-Rothschild.


  76. Emiratesstroller

    I have spoken today with a sports journalist who follows Arsenal more closely than most.

    We are both agreed that Emery needs to go sooner rather than later. His view was that it should have been done during this International Break. My view is
    that it must be done no later than Xmas.

    On the topic of Managers his preferred replacement is Brendan Rodgers. My
    view is that this would be problematic, because this manager would be most
    probably unavailable before the summer and also Leicester might qualify for
    Champions League in which case he would probably not leave.

    My preference would be Patrick Vieira who would be probably available straight away and might stabilise the ship. More importantly I think that it
    is more likely that Aubameyang and Lacazette could be convinced to sign
    new contracts.

    We both agreed that it would be unlikely that Arteta would come to Arsenal
    following what happened when he was in the frame for the job when Wenger
    left. Arteta is more likely to be groomed for job at Man City when Guardiola leaves.

    Discussing the current state of play with our current squad we both agreed that Arsenal do not need to make wholesale changes.


    Saliba will be arriving in the Summer, but we need an additional top class CB
    to play alongside him. Bellerin and Tierney will be first choice Wing Backs.
    Messrs Holding, Chambers and Kolasinac are okay as squad players.


    Torreira will be leaving sooner rather than later. The only issue is how much
    Milan are willing to pay. Xhaka is also likely to leave in view of what happened in Crystal Palace Game. So we need to find a replacement for at least one of these players.

    We are also agreed that Ceballos may need to be replaced in the squad if the
    club does not elect to buy him. Our view is that the club needs an upgrade.


    The priority must be to secure contract extensions for both Aubameyang and
    Lacazette. That is why the appointment of new Head Coach is vital and also that it is someone who they will respect and commit to.

    The journalist’s view is also that Nketiah is a better prospect than either Nelson and Saka and must be retained. Martinelli can be played in wide positions as well as in striker position.

    So to summarise the offloads in next two transfer windows are:
    Sokratis or Luiz
    Mavropanos [loan]

    CB Saliba [from loan]
    CB New addition
    DMF New addition
    CMF New addition
    ST Nketiah [from loan]

    There are of course other players who need to be culled and replaced but those listed above are the priorities. Torreira would not be my preference,
    but I am advised that he will force himself out of the club. Apparently he has even REFUSED to learn English so determined is he to leave.

  77. kristoman

    Yeah bojangle
    what did you expect from pedro
    he banned a poster for being EKB. but racist and all k4nd of condecending guys allowed lee way here. You are right, it his blog but this says more about him than the rac4st themselves

  78. Distant legrover


    This is why we should let Emery go now so whoever comes in can get the players they want. I don’t want Emery in charge when we get a new DM. Probably gonna tell the guy to play as goalkeeper.

  79. Distant legrover

    And why the hell did a club like Arsenal known for their defensive mishaps, buy a defender that’s known for defensive mishaps in David Luiz. We were linked with Soyuncu who looked really good and a proper defender in the compilations ( didn’t know or watched him before ) and then suddenly its freaking Luiz.

    Now we are being linked with Soyuncu again. We sure love taking 3 steps back and 1 hop forward.

  80. kristoman

    yeah normski
    everything will be alright.
    i already know who you are, that i7 fine by me
    but does pedro knows? Or just pretending not know?

  81. MatinellisHead


    who is normski?!

    You concentrate on you and your own feelings, we don’t getting upset and crying again do we?

  82. Valentin

    As mentioned before we got Sokratis instead of Söyünkü, because at the time Raul wanted to focus on experienced players than young players. Experienced players like Lichsteiner.

    So when we went back for him, we could not afford him anymore and we could not guarantee a place in both Premiership and European squad due to Home grown rules. Remember that we had to drop Mavrapanos from the Europa League squad list when we hired Denis Suarez. All the indecision opened the door to Leicester.

  83. Valentin


    I am in agreement with that list.
    The new CB needs to be left footed aggressive one with Saliba more measured.
    I would double the number of DMs.
    One who can act a disciplined screen and one who is a BB it more bite who can act as well as a box to box.

  84. Bojangles

    Good podcast Pedro. Matt Scott certainly knows FIFA and was interested in his take on Wenger.

    I get the feeling however you may binned Bamford before he could comment on Matt’s views on Emery (although B did say he never listens to your podcasts.) He did seem to sort of confirm B’s views. Anyway, looking forward to part 2.

  85. guest man aka WW

    Saw David O’Leary in the directors box away at Leicester. He had a red tie and immaculate clothes. Looked the part.
    After the game he looked shellshocked just shuffled away silently.. (we lost 3-0).
    O leary is Mr Arsenal just as much as big Tone. I welcome his involvement.
    Good luck to wenger…a sensible political position…and I don’t agree he should’ve been snapped up by a semi decent club. He clearly hasn’t the allure he once had or actually the performance stats in the last 5 years of his “reign”.
    Perhaps F.I.F.A will now develop Mental strengthz.

  86. sarge

    Great podcast, good counterbalance to Pedro’s slightly less balanced views on Emery. Main point of contention for me is Matt Scott’s backing for what Emery is trying to achieve i.e. being happy to have the opposition come onto us and then playing through balls on the counter-attack. I just don’t think we ought to be setting up as a counter-attacking side, particularly at the Emirates. Best argument I think is to have this as an option when we play away at big 6 rivals.

  87. DigitalBob

    Agree with just about all of that stroller + valentin, although I’m still not convinced Vieira is the man from the invincible’s team to lead us into the new era.

    LT – If we get a double our money offer I expect he’s sold, Jan or in the summer. Xhaka is most definitely in his final season as and Arsenal player. Ceballos if the price is right I would keep.

  88. Micheal

    I agree with ES’s general points, particularly the belief that if Emery’s days are finished, he should be removed immediately. Waiting until after Christmas might be too late if we have serious ambitions of Top 4.
    Also the lack of a top quality defensive midfielder has been a common problem at Arsenal since the sale of Gilberto Silva. While a “new Gilberto” would not solve all the obvious problems in central defence, it would provide the important shield which is missing from the play of people like Song, Xkaka, etc. I believe it would make a big difference to the volume of goals we are shipping.

  89. Distant legrover


    The idea of Vieira as our next coach is a good one because I think he’s a leader and he has the right mentality and of course an Arsenal legend. Pretty much the opposite of Emery.

    But the concern is, is he good enough? Can he out-tactics a Klopp for example. Also does he have an attacking philosophy?

  90. KAY Boss

    Viera imo, isn’t ready for the arsenal job. I’m still unconvinced. I maybe wrong but I feel people are being moved by sentiments.
    Pedro, I disagree with your binning of Bamford. He may have a differing view but I feel u harbouring some deficiencies you find difficult to cope with. (ie. accepting that your opinion differs according to one’s interpretation.) Ooops! Your blog though.

  91. Pedro

    Bojangles, big difference to how Matt Scott conducts himself vs Bamford.

    People can have whatever opinion they want on here, I think it’s pretty clear I welcome opposing views, hence Matt on the pod.

    … but playing the victim and creating such a vitriolic swirl every day on here isn’t worth the hassle. It’s very boring. The centre of gravity should be good conversation, not someone’s ego.

  92. DigitalBob

    Distant – I agree he was an inspirational leader for us but when it comes to footballing style and as you mentioned tactical flexibility, I think he (at the moment) comes up a little short.

    Still a better shout than Emery though!

  93. Chika

    Viera as Arsenal’s coach does not appeal to me in anyway. He seems to be neither here nor there, he doesn’t look like a visionary and he doesn’t appear astute enough.

  94. Gentlebris

    ‘Anyway, it’s your blog, your house, just seems a shame to see it descend into a bit of a toilet.’

    Of course it’s Pedro’s house and you have no right whatever your grievances are to call it a toilet.

    I wouldn’t tolerate xenophobic and racist remarks, but if a guy sprays some verbal attacks devoid of xenophobia or racism on another, I just expect the other guy to respond in greater measures, thereby blowing out some boredom out of here.

    If the discussions were deep and passionate, arguments would attend; if arguments were in attendance, verbal attacks would sneak in. So to have it looking like a tea party being attended by aged monarchs here on Le Grove is to have meaningless pleasant discussions while paying jejune compliments to one another.