AFC re-message disaster briefing as Arteta rumours resurface

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Don Raul and Edu had a little rethink after their car crash leak to Ornstein about the fans being ‘noise’ bitches.

Their new angle is a little more nuanced, a little more ‘Arsenal class.’

“We are as disappointed as everyone else with both our results and performances at this stage of the season. We share the frustration with our fans, Unai, players and all our staff as they are not at the level we want or expect.

“Things need to improve to meet our objectives for the season, and we firmly believe Unai is the right man for the job, together with the backroom team we have in place.

“We are all working intensively behind the scenes to turn things around and are confident we will.

“We never take our fantastic support for granted. We hope we can all stick together and get behind the team in this challenging period, as together we are stronger.”

Take this intel as you will, the club absolutely know what a garbage fire the Unai Emery regime is. They do not believe the club is on the path to progress. They see it as we do. They know it’s highly unlikely his tenure can be saved. They are football people, they know in far more detail than you what’s going on, and it’s not pretty.

The above statement backs the manager, because at this point, there’s no choice. They can’t come out and call him a joke and explain how they’re going to replace him shortly, that my friends would be worse PR than telling the fans they are ‘noisy ass hoes.’

What you need to look for in situations like these are the stories that enter the media seemingly out of nowhere. We’ve already had The Times report on Raul’s dinner with Jose. That wasn’t an accident. It was a gross mistake, the culinary equivalent of waking up in bed with a damp box of donner kebab on your chest with Wayne Rooney licking your chili sauce stained fingers. Rest assured, that story was planted to let the fans know that ‘ideas’ are under consideration.

Yesterday, in part two of #FreshLeaks we had a hit of ‘Arsenal still interested in Arteta.’ The source appears to be The Sun and it seems a little too specific to be a clickbait job.

The message is either an accidental leak from the club (which I doubt), a trial balloon to see what the fans think after Unai ‘safe hands’ Emery failed spectacularly, or it’s a message to Arteta to smoke him out about the renewed interest. I certainly don’t believe it’s come from Arteta’s camp, because I doubt he has a camp at this stage of his coaching career. I also don’t think he’d want to make Pep look a chump for the second time running (especially during a slump), that might be a death blow to his fledgling coaching career at City. Remember, Arsenal disrupted his relationship with Pep last time when they flaked on him after bringing him to the final stages of negotiations. I also don’t think City would brief against a highly rated member of their own staff.

With the story rebubbling, I thought it might be a good opportunity to reassert my passion for a hire of his ilk.

Arsenal need a vision of football the fans can get behind. We’re not Allegri, Conte or Mourinho types. We’re a Wengerball club whether we like it or not, and that is built on foundations of exciting possession-based football. We should be hiring someone that can deliver that to the fans.

If Arsenal were a tech start-up, we’d be prying the best product visionaries from the best places. You can either try your luck with a Steve Jobs (I’m in the 2000s Apple, obvs), which is a fruitless/expensive task, or you steal one of his underlings, like Tony Fadell (iPod VP, left to work with a VC to bring Nest to life). That’s what the big boys do. They find people with less of a name, that have good reputations, and most importantly, the blueprints for success. If you can get 50% of a legendary name’s stardust, you are on your way.

Arteta has been with Pep during two of the most successful seasons ever witnessed in the Premier League. Manchester City found new levels of brilliance. Their attacking football has been a thing of beauty, fast, intricate and devastating. Their movement off the ball is exceptional, as a team, they’re winning the league on 98 points, making the least tackles in the league. They use a positional play on the pitch to force mistakes, think of the smarts needed to teach footballers how to do that. They play a brand of cognitive football we could only dream of (read).

Why wouldn’t you want the number two of the City winning machine at Arsenal?

Arteta is on the record stating the type of football he wants to play. This from the Arsenal Magazine in 2016.

“My philosophy will be clear,”

“I want the football to be expressive, entertaining. I cannot have a concept of football where everything is based on the opposition.

“We have to dictate the game, we have to be the ones taking the initiative, and we have to entertain the people coming to watch us. I’m 100 percent convinced of those things, and I think I could do it.”

“You can have an idea of a system, but you need to be able to transform it depending on the players you have – how much pace you have upfront, how technical your team is, what types of risk you can take and whether your players are ready to take those risks.

He also talks about having players 150% committed to the cause, how he admires Pep’s drive to look to the future of where the game is going, and how he looked up to way his PSG captain Poch built love with players. That was an exciting glimpse into his mind in 2016, imagine how his ideas have developed since?

This is a player that can speak at least 4 languages, including scouser. He’s an excellent communicator. It’s also worth noting that he didn’t shame us as captain, which is a small thing, but it shows he has values. He did a very good job for us as his career declined. We were still a CL team under his watch, whatever you think of his ability at the time, he helped stabilise us during a rough period that involved Andre Santos.

He has an excellent reputation at City for being an innovator, a mentor, and a brilliant coach. Pep widely credited his assistant for developing Raheem Sterling. Players and staff constantly talk about his influence and impact on their careers.

This is Pep in October.

“He has an incredible work ethic, and he has a special talent to analyse what happens, and to find the solutions, and we talk a lot about what he believes and feels and so on,”

“He’s an incredible human being, with incredible values about what it means in the locker room and to be together, and he is already an incredible manager and he’ll have incredible success in his future.”


“For me, especially Mikel Arteta, because he played in the same position as I play. So sometimes I have private chats with him to correct some positioning or something that is wrong.

Delph, who credited him with extending his career at City.

“I think Mikel would be a fantastic manager. When the rumours were circulating about him leaving, I was thinking ‘please don’t!’ We get on very well as do all the players and staff. We’ve got a great energy and that energy is similar to what we’ve got here with England.”

The PR wins rack up for a coach that Wenger, Poch and Pep competed for when he retired.

Some say he should go to a lesser club first, but why would you? This is Pep on Arteta.

“I’m pretty sure [he’ll succeed me]. He will have success,”

Go to Newcastle to prove to Barry on Twitter you have balls? Please. Man moved to Glasgow for his career, that’s all you need to know about his character.

With Arteta, we’d be hiring in Manchester City IP, with a player that knows and loves The Arsenal. Raul and Edu could be kingmakers, just like the Barca execs were with Pep G. The experience he lacks could be covered by a more experienced assistant and first-team coach.

Would he make mistakes? Absolutely. Would it take time to get things right? You are damn right. Would it be worth it if he succeeded? 100%.

Imagine being exciting by Arsenal again?

A lot of people like to talk up the failures of career assistants. Arteta is still only 37 years old. He’s punching well above his weight for where he is in his career. He is clearly special, an obsessive, someone desperate to succeed. He is in an elite category for young coaches. I do not think this is the same as Mike Phelan making a play for a first-team coach role at Derby.

We tried safe and by the book, it failed in spectacular fashion, like I predicted. ‘Safe’ isn’t a strategy. It’s cowardice. Why not try something with a bit of vision? Hire in a manager who is a bit of an unknown. At the very worst, we’ll be playing a coherent style of football, at best, we might have landed the next big name in world football.

We don’t need a has-been manager taking us to top 4 if that’s the ceiling. We need to find a coach that can work with the tools he’s given and coach our team into the future.

That could be Arteta. I think it’s a far more palatable option than the other managers on offer. The risk is lower than people think, and if it’s between the names on offer currently, it’s Arteta all day for me.

Right, that’s my piece, I’m running for my pelter shelter, see you in the comments.

P.S. Auba, fuck the noise bitches. The fans love you. Chin up, you’re our best player. x

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  1. Marko

    If Arteta took over today, we’d be in 14th place by February

    Could be worse after our next league fixture alone.

    Bam some friendly advice. Stop making really dumbass fucking bets.

  2. Luteo Guenreira

    Was a holiday weekend here so been away for a few days, looks like it’s been lively.

    “All this guy has is ignorance, arrogance and insults. Have never encountered a worse human being.”

    Christ even if this were true, it’s better than you who only has the ignorance and arrogance part. At least the insults are funny, you involuntary celibate.

  3. PhD2020

    Luteo GuenreiraNovember 12, 2019 23:58:08
    Was a holiday weekend here so been away for a few days, looks like it’s been lively.

    “All this guy has is ignorance, arrogance and insults. Have never encountered a worse human being.”

    Christ even if this were true, it’s better than you who only has the ignorance and arrogance part. At least the insults are funny, you involuntary celibate.

    Coco-The Clown being somewhat involuntary celibate? Could that be down to the fact,that he might be a eunuch?

    Would explain a lot of things mind you!! 🙂

  4. rollen

    Get Diego Simeone with PV as his assistant. Get more ex gunners involved in training and at board level. Otherwise its just slow fall.

  5. Bamford10

    Hey, all, Patrick Vieira called and he has a message for you lot:

    “I think [Emery] has enough experience to get [Arsenal] through this difficult spell. We have to get behind him & give him time to change things. I am not sure a change of manager will fix the problems.”

  6. Tony

    Good post Pedro

    Always said that from when Lampard & Gerrard first started their management trail, they would eventually be successful with the bin dippers.

    Lampard already showing maturity and vision with the Chavs even if he was forced into using youth.

    Seems like he instill authority with his players.

    Although I was against Arteta to go a safer route with Emery, I see no reason why Arteta shouldn’t be seriously considered to take over from the fiasco Emery has delivered.

    Gerrard is doing well in a 2-horse race in Scotland and will probably have done enough to succeed Klopp at Pool.

    Bamford I have always said that teachers teach because they can’t do and you can’t even understand football and sensibly post or troll about it.

    You must be the but of jokes with your students and a waste of their much needed education.

    I assume you have to move schools a lot.

    Does incompetence and stupidity run in your family or have you just practiced and honed new levels over the years them?

    Must be lonely for you being so far up the spectrum.

    BobN16 suggested you get some sleep but he would have been more correct in telling you to see a good psychoanalyst/psychologist.

    You seriously need help because Charlie nailed you as many others have.

    Can you really not see a pattern happening here? The bin is awaiting your presence where it’s only a matter of time before Pedro’s patience runs out.

    Try introspection if you understand the meaning of such a word.

  7. Bamford10


    I’m with Patrick Vieira and Edu; you’re with Champagne Dipshit and Don. I’m not the one who isn’t thinking clearly. Cheers.

  8. Tony

    Banford: Really not a word you understand

    thinking | ˈθɪŋkɪŋ |
    noun [mass noun]
    the process of considering or reasoning about something: the selectors have some thinking to do before the match.
    • a person’s ideas or opinions: his thinking is reflected in his later autobiography.
    • (thinkings) archaic thoughts; meditations: I am wrap’d in dismal thinkings.
    adjective [attributive]
    using thought or rational judgement; intelligent: he seemed a thinking man.

  9. PhD2020

    Bamford10November 13, 2019 01:02:11
    And in come the vultures and street people.
    Funny that,what would you call yourself-the very embodiment of refinement?

    A man of standing and honour.A genteel kind of chap.A learned one at that?
    Who is reasonable,just and equitable in his dealings with his subjects on this blog-given your self-entitlement and incessant churlish behaviour?

    Do pray tell..We are all eyes?

  10. PhD2020

    Do keep the classics coming.It’s a bundle of laughs from this end.And it makes for an entertaining read on the travel home. 🙂

  11. Pedro

    Let’s keep it civil people, we are all entitled to opinions, regardless of how odd they are.

    Tony, I think Arteta would be a great move. Fans would be game for it as well, especially after the car crash Emery has overseen.

  12. Nelson

    The final Premier League table for the 1019/20 season, according to a supercomputer:

    Manchester City
    Leicester City
    Manchester United
    Arsenal with 56 pts.

  13. Gonsterous


    I don’t see the point in you digging out old comments. Just because utd were a force 5 years ago, should we make them favourites to win the title?
    Similarly, Leicester was a top 8 team last season, where a club like arsenal should be beating them regularly. They are doing well this season but will they continue to be a top 6 team regularly?

  14. kristoman

    if anyone has a different opinion to you all here you resort to abusing his family and some cases bin him for having an opinion while a racist is allowed day and night to post on here. Bravo pedro what a blog of love we have here

  15. Siddharth14

    Bamford’s comments and opinions, however improbable and defying logic, will always invite response from people. But, he has in my time here, never attacked anyone on personal grounds and has always tried to argue in a polite manner.

    While banter is absolutely needed for a blog on Arsenal, let’s just at least try not to get too personal.

  16. Alex Cutter

    “Cutter!!! How are you man? You been ok?
    I’m thinking maybe you’re Bamford’s alter ego?

    In all seriousness how are you health wise? I’m not going to get locked in with you until I hear you are ok

    Thinking of you man. Thoughts and prayers

    Thank you for asking, but as we discussed previously, we can’t be civil to each other regardless of my health.

    My post-chemo pet scan came back clean, but my fucking doctors wanted to go ahead with the surgery — which entailed removing my esophagus and stomach — just to be sure.

    Needless to say, I told them to pound sand. there was no way I was going to let them gut me without any evidence of cancer. They got butt-hurt, but set me up for a cat scan in three months to see if it came back. That will be in a few weeks.

    The real bitch is something called peripheral neuropathy, which is a side effect of the chemo. both legs are numb from the knees down, making it difficult to walk or drive. both hands are numb i can’t wear stuff with buttons or type properly or hold th9ngs. 60% of chemo patients get some form of it, and it mostly eventually goes away. It leaves you with no strength or energy.

    but my shrink had the same chemo cocktail i had for her colon cancer, and she had neuropathy for three years.

    Fortunately, my new neighbors have a 14 year old that can help me with pathetically simple shit like opening a jar, moving shit around, taking out the trash, etc. I give him a weekly payment.

    Hair is coming back. I want it back, but i really don’t miss having to deal with it every day. wish the eyebrows and lashes would come back first. that’s what makes you look weird. taste and smell coming back. Skin is really soft. any bumps into things leave bruises and cuts that don’t heal.

    I had a massage acupuncture thing a couple of weeks ago that seemed to help for a while.

    In closing, thanks for asking, fuck you, and I’m sure bamford is a good guy in person, but his internet behavior suggests that something’s not quite right.

  17. Alex Cutter


    Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t know how this is going to end up (I do), but if you guys have any interest in occasional updates on how this stuff works — at least in the US — i would be glad to share. Being fucked up has an impact on so many little things that you take for granted — from wiping your own ass to dealing with friends and relatives that don’t know how to act. thank fuck for the internet, cable tv and red dead redemption 2 and fifa.

  18. Dark Hei

    Alex Cutter

    You know at the very least, Bamford entertains you more than Emery.

    Hope this blog of rouges manage to keep your spirit up.

  19. PhD2020

    Coco-‘The Clown’ been on the blower…

    Do,tell us about the correct English spelling of naivety?Or is it naivete?
    As you tried to lecture us English(British) street vultures and miscreants on the correct English(British) spelling-oh learned one!!

  20. PhD2020


    Do, also tell us about the Irish spelling of ‘Micheal’ versus your attempt to inform the Irish poster on this blog a while back,that his name should be spelt as “Michael”, and that he was somewhat-to paraphrase you ‘Cerebally challenged’ for misspelling his own Irish name-oh learned one?

  21. Dark Hei


    Ignore those blokes, lol.

    What would be the baseline for you to change your opinion on Emery?

    I don’t mean sack Emery per se, since I don’t think we should sack Emery unless the backup plan is solid.

  22. Tony

    Often thought of asking how you were, but I thought you’d update us in good time.

    Sorry to hear of the limitations you’re enduring, but happy to hear things have improved.

    Hope the side effects wear off sooner than later.

    All the best with your recovery

  23. Tony

    Let’s hope Changes are made quickly and Arteta gets the nod from Raul Hollywood Sanllehi.

    Thought I’d take the scorched earth approach with Bamford, but I kn ow it’ll bounce off him like water to a ducks arse.

    I’ll revert back to the Blog of Love posting style.

    Something like this?

    Dear Don
    I thought you were a tad coarse addressing Alex as ‘Cunter’ and I wonder if you might find it in yourself to tone down your posts a little to something more acceptable for all to read.

    Have a good day

  24. Graham62

    Dark Hei

    Sometimes in life you have to go on gut instinct and, in this particular case therefore, a back up plane is secondary. Just remove him asap and get Freddie and Bould to take the reigns.

    We need to reinvigorate the players and also the fans.

  25. Pierre

    Arsenal’s next 4 premier fixtures include 3 teams , that out of their last 18 fixtures combined have a record of
    lost 15..drawn 3 .won none.

    Southampton lost 5..drawn one…won none

    Norwich city ..lost none

    West ham..lost 4 .drawn 2..won none

    Brighton..lost 3..drawn 0..won 3.

    3 of these teams are playing so poorly that they are making Arsenal look a decent side on paper….that’s how poor they are.

    Emery has been given a lifeline to redeem himself .
    He needs to send the team out to be positive and play to our strengths , which is attack, attack attack .

    Will he be able to turn the season around, I have my doubts.
    The best he will do is stumble across the line to get a result .

    The fans want to see some expansive football but I have a feeling that Emery is in survival mode and will send the team out with blurred thinking through over analysis and over thinking , leading to the players playing with fear.

    More of the same is my prediction.

  26. Valentin

    Apparently there is some tension within the squad due to Aubameyang relationship with of AFTV co-host.
    Most of the players have a box for their family close to each other. In order to increase their appeal among Arsenal fans, VBet is renting a box and inviting celebrity to create some buzz. So it invited some of AFTV alumni (if you can call them that).
    Unfortunately their box is pretty close to that of Aubameyang and other players. By accident some players family member bumped and recognised Troopz who is making a push for mini celebrity stardom by over the top flaming of the players near VBET box. Assumed that he had been invited by Aubameyang.
    The players went to the hierarchy co complain and somehow Arsenal mistakenly thought that Troopz had been invited by Aubameyang instead of VBet. Hence the noise about him ceasing to associate with AFTV members and his aggressive Instagram reaction.

  27. Dark Hei


    The issue is with the coaching staff. They are all Emery’s man.

    Freddie will have to cob together a team on the fly, promote from U21s? Same with Arteta. At this stage of their careers, they don’t have a backroom team to count on. Plus those 2 guys got their day job to do.

    Thus, it will make more sense for Edu and Raul to do the hire for the backroom staff themselves, if they are to go down novice manager route.

    And if they are indeed going down this route, then Emery’s time is up whenever they find the coaches they want.

  28. Tony

    He’s a confused sole.

    Has many names – Don, Unai, Normski, Alita Battle Angel and probably Matinelli’s Head.

    Meds working yet?

    Have a good one

  29. PhD2020

    To be frank-AFTV are an embarrassment.A bunch of rabble-rousers,out to claim their 5 minutes of stardom.Stars in their eyes those guys…

    Can’t get my head around Troopz-unable to string a coherent sentence together, mouthing off about Arsene for almost eternity.Only to meet Arsene in person,soil his pants and start screaming and jizzing like a new born virgin that’s been royally mounted!!

    And then the other guy-the one with the tattoos,that goes to all the away games..
    Can’t remember his name.Either way,forever and a day blasting Xhaka.
    Then meets him in person at some ceremony or gala and literally starts to kiss his arse and tell him how great he is..Literally rimming the guy…Could not make it up.

    And then,the other guy-forgotten his name also.The one literally decked out from head to toe,in the Arsenal gear,with his Arsenal headphones,Arsenal water bottle,Arsenal socks,gloves, basically Arsenal merchandise..Come rain or shine,Arsene could do no wrong.10-2 Bayern Munich defeat-We need to give Arsene more time.The players did not perform.(sounds familiar-hey).At least he was consistent.

    The biggest joke,was when they took umbrage with Gary Neville’s comments sometime back.Got him into the studio to interview. him and they all clammed up like starstruck teenage girls…Wanting to all give him a group fellatio with a cherry on top.

    Then you had Mo,trying to ask pseudo-intellectual questions to catch Gary out,of which Gary swatted away and told him what he thought of him,in an underhand way.

    Fornicating hilarious….All bark,no bite those guys..

    Bunch of jokers if you ask me.A bit like our residential in-house clown(Coco).

  30. PhD2020

    Furthermore,begs the question-why would any Arsenal player or associated member of AFC give those guys at AFTV any oxygen,or a platform for them to ride off their coat tails?

    It does more harm than good in the long run…

    Not really a strategic or a rational move,if you ask me..

  31. Pierre

    Your take on the Aubameyang /AFTV situation is much more feasible and believable than what is being reported.

    The media are just trying to use it to create divisions in the squad and sadly , many fans are gullible enough to believe what they read .

  32. raptora

    Alex Cutter,
    what you wrote is such a joy to read. In the sadistic way of feeling happy that someone is feeling pain, but a bit less than before.

    From what I’m gathering things are on the up. Just hearing about it put a smile on my face. Hope you have a PS4 for Hideo Kojima’s new shot at uniqueness in the way that only he can do it. It’s called Death Stranding and sadly I’ve only watched streams of other people playing the game cause I have a really nice PC and Xbox One, but no PS4. Of course RDR2 has the game of the year tag written all over it. The Witcher, Dark Souls are some of the series I love. If you haven’t tried them, I would vouch for them.

  33. DigitalBob

    Alex Cutter – wishing you a speedy recovery sir, all the best!

    Pierre – I think its safe to say the next four league games are the most important of Emery’s short arsenal career, max points are needed heading into the mid December run-in.

    He needs to understand we are The Arsenal and in his own words are the Protagonists of positive possession football so the aim should be playing them all off the park!

  34. Ishola70

    Digital Bob

    “He needs to understand we are The Arsenal and in his own words are the Protagonists of positive possession football”

    Isn’t this one of the problems?

    This mania among fans for possession football.

    A quick transition breakaway counter attack goal with few passes and quick interchange can be a thing of beauty on it’s own.

    As long as we have fans wedded to posssession football then the opponents are ready to wreck it with the press.

    And it’s not as if Arsenal are good at possession football anymore is it.

    Needs a complete shift in the philosopy of the club and it’s fans.

  35. Left testicle

    Can’t get my head around Troopz-unable to string a coherent sentence together, mouthing off about Arsene for almost eternity.Only to meet Arsene in person,soil his pants and start screaming and jizzing like a new born virgin that’s been royally mounted!!
    Have to agree with this comment.
    I agree with a lot of what Troopz says but would love to give him a slap. Does he really say ‘blood’ every 20 seconds in his every day life? Pretends he’s a gangsta, when he’s really a pussy.

  36. Dream10

    Aubameyang and Lacazette should know better than to associate with current/former AFTV crew members. They were partying with them in Dubai when Arsenal went there for a few days in February or March of this year. That’s nonsense from two captains and senior players in the side.

  37. Un na naai

    Bamford10November 12, 2019 22:16:58
    If Arteta took over today, we’d be in 14th place by February. No chance he would do well with the weak squad we have. He’d try to play the one approach he knows — whic

    Oh. Yet Brendan Rodgers can do it with bargain basement team who finished 9th and Lampard can do it with a team of kids

    Yeeeah. Keep trying Bamford

  38. Un na naai

    In closing, thanks for asking, fuck you, and I’m sure bamford is a good guy in person, but his internet behavior suggests that something’s not quite right.


    Great news mate. Hope you get back on your feet and your locks grow black as glorious as ever. You’re a trooper mate.

    Fuck you too.