AFC re-message disaster briefing as Arteta rumours resurface

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Don Raul and Edu had a little rethink after their car crash leak to Ornstein about the fans being ‘noise’ bitches.

Their new angle is a little more nuanced, a little more ‘Arsenal class.’

“We are as disappointed as everyone else with both our results and performances at this stage of the season. We share the frustration with our fans, Unai, players and all our staff as they are not at the level we want or expect.

“Things need to improve to meet our objectives for the season, and we firmly believe Unai is the right man for the job, together with the backroom team we have in place.

“We are all working intensively behind the scenes to turn things around and are confident we will.

“We never take our fantastic support for granted. We hope we can all stick together and get behind the team in this challenging period, as together we are stronger.”

Take this intel as you will, the club absolutely know what a garbage fire the Unai Emery regime is. They do not believe the club is on the path to progress. They see it as we do. They know it’s highly unlikely his tenure can be saved. They are football people, they know in far more detail than you what’s going on, and it’s not pretty.

The above statement backs the manager, because at this point, there’s no choice. They can’t come out and call him a joke and explain how they’re going to replace him shortly, that my friends would be worse PR than telling the fans they are ‘noisy ass hoes.’

What you need to look for in situations like these are the stories that enter the media seemingly out of nowhere. We’ve already had The Times report on Raul’s dinner with Jose. That wasn’t an accident. It was a gross mistake, the culinary equivalent of waking up in bed with a damp box of donner kebab on your chest with Wayne Rooney licking your chili sauce stained fingers. Rest assured, that story was planted to let the fans know that ‘ideas’ are under consideration.

Yesterday, in part two of #FreshLeaks we had a hit of ‘Arsenal still interested in Arteta.’ The source appears to be The Sun and it seems a little too specific to be a clickbait job.

The message is either an accidental leak from the club (which I doubt), a trial balloon to see what the fans think after Unai ‘safe hands’ Emery failed spectacularly, or it’s a message to Arteta to smoke him out about the renewed interest. I certainly don’t believe it’s come from Arteta’s camp, because I doubt he has a camp at this stage of his coaching career. I also don’t think he’d want to make Pep look a chump for the second time running (especially during a slump), that might be a death blow to his fledgling coaching career at City. Remember, Arsenal disrupted his relationship with Pep last time when they flaked on him after bringing him to the final stages of negotiations. I also don’t think City would brief against a highly rated member of their own staff.

With the story rebubbling, I thought it might be a good opportunity to reassert my passion for a hire of his ilk.

Arsenal need a vision of football the fans can get behind. We’re not Allegri, Conte or Mourinho types. We’re a Wengerball club whether we like it or not, and that is built on foundations of exciting possession-based football. We should be hiring someone that can deliver that to the fans.

If Arsenal were a tech start-up, we’d be prying the best product visionaries from the best places. You can either try your luck with a Steve Jobs (I’m in the 2000s Apple, obvs), which is a fruitless/expensive task, or you steal one of his underlings, like Tony Fadell (iPod VP, left to work with a VC to bring Nest to life). That’s what the big boys do. They find people with less of a name, that have good reputations, and most importantly, the blueprints for success. If you can get 50% of a legendary name’s stardust, you are on your way.

Arteta has been with Pep during two of the most successful seasons ever witnessed in the Premier League. Manchester City found new levels of brilliance. Their attacking football has been a thing of beauty, fast, intricate and devastating. Their movement off the ball is exceptional, as a team, they’re winning the league on 98 points, making the least tackles in the league. They use a positional play on the pitch to force mistakes, think of the smarts needed to teach footballers how to do that. They play a brand of cognitive football we could only dream of (read).

Why wouldn’t you want the number two of the City winning machine at Arsenal?

Arteta is on the record stating the type of football he wants to play. This from the Arsenal Magazine in 2016.

“My philosophy will be clear,”

“I want the football to be expressive, entertaining. I cannot have a concept of football where everything is based on the opposition.

“We have to dictate the game, we have to be the ones taking the initiative, and we have to entertain the people coming to watch us. I’m 100 percent convinced of those things, and I think I could do it.”

“You can have an idea of a system, but you need to be able to transform it depending on the players you have – how much pace you have upfront, how technical your team is, what types of risk you can take and whether your players are ready to take those risks.

He also talks about having players 150% committed to the cause, how he admires Pep’s drive to look to the future of where the game is going, and how he looked up to way his PSG captain Poch built love with players. That was an exciting glimpse into his mind in 2016, imagine how his ideas have developed since?

This is a player that can speak at least 4 languages, including scouser. He’s an excellent communicator. It’s also worth noting that he didn’t shame us as captain, which is a small thing, but it shows he has values. He did a very good job for us as his career declined. We were still a CL team under his watch, whatever you think of his ability at the time, he helped stabilise us during a rough period that involved Andre Santos.

He has an excellent reputation at City for being an innovator, a mentor, and a brilliant coach. Pep widely credited his assistant for developing Raheem Sterling. Players and staff constantly talk about his influence and impact on their careers.

This is Pep in October.

“He has an incredible work ethic, and he has a special talent to analyse what happens, and to find the solutions, and we talk a lot about what he believes and feels and so on,”

“He’s an incredible human being, with incredible values about what it means in the locker room and to be together, and he is already an incredible manager and he’ll have incredible success in his future.”


“For me, especially Mikel Arteta, because he played in the same position as I play. So sometimes I have private chats with him to correct some positioning or something that is wrong.

Delph, who credited him with extending his career at City.

“I think Mikel would be a fantastic manager. When the rumours were circulating about him leaving, I was thinking ‘please don’t!’ We get on very well as do all the players and staff. We’ve got a great energy and that energy is similar to what we’ve got here with England.”

The PR wins rack up for a coach that Wenger, Poch and Pep competed for when he retired.

Some say he should go to a lesser club first, but why would you? This is Pep on Arteta.

“I’m pretty sure [he’ll succeed me]. He will have success,”

Go to Newcastle to prove to Barry on Twitter you have balls? Please. Man moved to Glasgow for his career, that’s all you need to know about his character.

With Arteta, we’d be hiring in Manchester City IP, with a player that knows and loves The Arsenal. Raul and Edu could be kingmakers, just like the Barca execs were with Pep G. The experience he lacks could be covered by a more experienced assistant and first-team coach.

Would he make mistakes? Absolutely. Would it take time to get things right? You are damn right. Would it be worth it if he succeeded? 100%.

Imagine being exciting by Arsenal again?

A lot of people like to talk up the failures of career assistants. Arteta is still only 37 years old. He’s punching well above his weight for where he is in his career. He is clearly special, an obsessive, someone desperate to succeed. He is in an elite category for young coaches. I do not think this is the same as Mike Phelan making a play for a first-team coach role at Derby.

We tried safe and by the book, it failed in spectacular fashion, like I predicted. ‘Safe’ isn’t a strategy. It’s cowardice. Why not try something with a bit of vision? Hire in a manager who is a bit of an unknown. At the very worst, we’ll be playing a coherent style of football, at best, we might have landed the next big name in world football.

We don’t need a has-been manager taking us to top 4 if that’s the ceiling. We need to find a coach that can work with the tools he’s given and coach our team into the future.

That could be Arteta. I think it’s a far more palatable option than the other managers on offer. The risk is lower than people think, and if it’s between the names on offer currently, it’s Arteta all day for me.

Right, that’s my piece, I’m running for my pelter shelter, see you in the comments.

P.S. Auba, fuck the noise bitches. The fans love you. Chin up, you’re our best player. x

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  1. Ishola70

    Receding Hairline
    “yep many hailed his as a tactical genius back then who read the game well and countered the opposition”

    Tactical genius or just getting over the line? in a run that didn’t see the team play an EPL side that ended up in the top ten before the Man United match?

    Genuis in regards beating Cardiff, Newcastle, Fulham and Bournemouth away doesn’t really add up does it.

  2. Receding Hairline

    Most of the views expressed here are stated with the assumption Leicester and Chelsea will maintain this level through out the season and if that is a case why bother changing coaches now only to blame Emery for the eventual failure to finish fourth later.

    He is a Europa league expert after all and we are still very much in that competition or has it been conveniently forgotten we can qualify for the champions league by winning that?

    I say hold your horses, bid your time and make a more informed hire end of season. The hire that should have been made in the first place. Someone brought in with a vision on a long term contract to build a team. If that person is available now then you can do it. Don’t tell me we need just anyone brought in simply because you are tried of good ebening

  3. Pedro

    Ish, RH reimagining a phase on LG he was celebrating tactical genius and the rest of us were questioning a dithering manager that had bad xG

  4. Valentin


    Remind me again what does Raul so.
    According to you:
    * He does not deal with the academy. That’s Per’s role.
    * He does not identify players to purchase. That’s the role of head scout
    * He does not coach. That’s Emery’s job.
    * He does not set the style of play. That’s Edu’s role.
    * He does not do contract negotiation. That’s Fahmy’s role.
    * He can’t sack the headcoach. That’s Josh role.

    Outside of dining at Arsenal great expense in fine restaurant, according to you what does he do then?

  5. Batistuta

    Make excuses all you like and say nothing will or might change even with a change of manager, doesn’t negate the fact that the current manager doesn’t look like he has a clue what he’s doing with the squad…

    Will a new manager get us playing better? Probably yes because we’re not as bad as some of you like to paint us.

    Will a new manager succeed here with us? No one knows as there are still issues to sort out squad wise especially in midfield and defence…

    Is the current manager doing any better or does he look like he knows what he’s doing? So far doesn’t look that way, squad deficiencies or not, we’ve got a group of players who are capable of playing much better than they currently are

  6. Receding Hairline

    “Genuis in regards beating Cardiff, Newcastle, Fulham and Bournemouth away doesn’t really add up does it.”

    Chelsea and United were beaten at home in a game were we were tactically well set up and every player knew his job.

    The Liverpool home game was also a very pleasing game to watch,w e played with intensity and a clear game plan.

    The Spurs come back and the praises he got for it, not to mention he thoroughly out coached Poch away when we played them.

    You may like to paint last season as a flat track bully session but thankfully i haven’t developed amnesia

  7. CG

    The G

    “”””””So things could get a lot worse before they get better””””””

    We have not even touched the sides- of how low we will sink.
    In any organisation- if you allow muppets, frauds, incompetents in it- there is no way back.

    Its carnage
    its oblivion

    And with us there are no cech and balances to remedy it either.( i.e no proper board of directors- just tweedledum and tweedledee)

    they said Titanic could not sink
    they said the Banks would not fail
    they said Enron was innovative

    We will be the next Villa/Leeds.Take your pick.

    David Luiz on £100 000 for 2.5 years?

    and Promoted Clubs like Sheff Utd are overtaking us fast!
    24 points out of 57!!!

  8. Champagne charlie

    “Bamford – Charlie wanted Perez in the summer, he wanted Tielemans in Jan (and criticised the board not getting him). That’s one of the reasons he doesn’t want to go into detail about personnel and the mechanics of why Leicester are better than last season“

    Sure about that one? I remember citing Tielemans when folk were talking about how we couldn’t bring anyone better than Dennis Suarez in Jan, how we couldn’t acquire any CM. Given Tielemans had a great introduction to the league, and Suarez was Suarez, and joined them on loan Jan 31st makes sense to quote him no?

    This was my view in May in response to Receding relaying Ian Wrights suggestion of Chilwell, Tielemans, and Pepe as our summer business:

    “Champagne CharlieMay 21, 2019 17:27:26
    Wouldn’t disagree much with Wrighty there, other than us needing a new CB and maybe opting for someone other than Tielemans who may have just dropped a good few months and little else.”

    Not exactly doubled over for Tielemans, screaming at the board am I?

    You’re aware other teams can have enviable players without them having a better set of players right? I like Grealish and Mings, doesn’t mean Villa have a better squad than us. Leicester have some quality players, doesn’t mean their squad is better than ours.

    Weird angle, You’re obviously a touch raw from having to unpack claiming us having a squad that can compete for the title, then reducing us to not even having a squad to tackle Brighton, Wolves, Palace, Everton, Leicester end of the season.

  9. Batistuta

    How much time exactly do we red to give him though is the question? Are we saying we shouldn’t change managers because there isn’t better out there than him at the moment because there is even though all of that associated with the risks come with that? What is clear at the moment is that the current gaffer doesn’t look like he has it in him to turn it around Europa league or not?

    We can’t chance our season on the off chance we don’t meet any good team or that stronger teams don’t drop into the competition from the champions league

  10. guest man aka WW

    Wenger again?
    its like an ancient tale of the great kings clothes and the slow demise of an empire.
    In a nutshell…..Wenger was good then when adams etc lef toh and sol Campbell DB10 etc wenger was exposed and was found out.
    We couldn’t get rid of him, allowing him to dictate his resignation…which infuriated the fans.
    Emery was average, then with 10 games to go last season became shite.
    Still shite now and with no hope to improve as the players wont play for him.
    He wont dictate his resignation which wont infuriate the fans.
    Ok history lesson and current position OVER.

  11. Ishola70

    “RH reimagining a phase on LG he was celebrating tactical genius and the rest of us were questioning a dithering manager that had bad xG”

    Yeah it doesn’t really bare up on closer scrutiny.

    All you have to do is look at Arsenal’s EPL away results in isolation and it gives the truer picture.

    Arsenal stopped becoming a team that looked capable away from home mid December 2016.

    Since Everton away on the 13 December 2016 Arsenal have won only around 16 matches away from home. Played nearing 60 matches away from home in that period.

  12. Paulinho

    “Paulinho, his subs weren’t a load management strategy. Team were fucked by December.”

    Not sure about that.

    A dodgy spell with certain players missing and only in January we put on a high-energy performance at home to Chelsea. Some recovery if they were physically spent the month before.

    It was the start of the period where I foundations had been weakened by the long-term injuries, and worrying foreboding of what was in store later in the season with the likes of AMN playing long-term.

  13. guest man aka WW

    Tony Adams on sky with j.redknapp talking about arsenals woes….pinpointing a massive change of emphasis in the recruitment of players.
    Buy “character” and “fighting spirit” first then look at the technical stats was his opinion and personally I subscribe to that opinion.

  14. Ishola70

    That’s an awful stat isn’t it.

    Look at Arsenal’s away EPL record since Everton away on the 13 December 2016.

    It’s appalling.

  15. Receding Hairline

    “Ish, RH reimagining a phase on LG he was celebrating tactical genius and the rest of us were questioning a dithering manager that had bad xG”

    “If a fan says they hate transfer windows or paaaashun, it tells you a lot. But there was a lot of that over the past ten years as people tried to make sense of the cold blue lips of our squad and manager. Not anymore, Emery’s face is all of us. That guy feels every strike of the ball, every missed shot, every goal. I love him on the touchline. It’s sunk into the players. Everyone is fighting. It’s like a brawl out on the pitch. We will not be bullied. We are a team of fighters, and if I’m honest, we were shithousing today… and I fucking loved it.”

    Pedro December 3rd 2018

    “Mesut Ozil didn’t make it into the squad. Rumour has it the German wimped out with back spasms when he heard he wasn’t starting. Not like we haven’t been here before, is it? Remember Wenger’s last game at home? Emery has sussed Ozil inside three months. There’s no fucks given for your Twitter following or commercial star at Arsenal. It’s all about what you give. Big question is what do you do with the biggest white whale in the Premier League? I think Emery’s press conference tells you a lot about the rumours.

    That decisive thinking carried through into the game. Mikhi and Iwobi were having pretty ok games. Some sloppiness in the final delivery and finishing, but not terrible. Emery yanked both of them off and put on the bad boys from the touchline scuffle. A masterstroke. We’ve been dining out on the ‘it’s 70mins, maybe we’ll make a sub’ line for 20 years. Great to see someone manage the game and the tactics on the fly.”

    Pedro December 3rd 2018

    Emery was a decisive thinker now he is a clown. Top marks for consistency

  16. Batistuta

    Did Emery do well last season? Points wise definitely upgraded on Wenger’s final one with lots of room for improvement and that’s the thing though, he’s not improved us by any metric this season… What happened last season is immaterial if you ask me..

    Why are we in the road to finishing with even less points than last?

    Why haven’t we put in one stand out performance all season?

    Why are we looking more disorganized than last seaaon?

    Why are we letting our goal keeps have the record for most shots saved this early in the season?

    Why are we scoring less?

    Whether you agree or not or plead player poverty or not, if you’re honest with yourself, you’d agree that we look in far worse shape than anyone would have thought possible….

    And a good number of the fan base supported Emery last season, we saw that it would take time and he has got that but to have us playing worse than his first season should not be tagged “over the top criticism” as Bamford refers to it… It’s fair criticism if you ask me

  17. Ishola70

    And Unai’s little flat track bullying run of getting a few victories on the road in the EPL last season was alas a mirage.

  18. Paulinho

    Charlie – You’re always loathe to delve into the details on how individual players affect the collective.

    I don’t particuarly think Tielemans is a world-beater but he’s great passer, has a nose for goal, and when his weaknesses are offset by the powerful rangy Ndidi, you get a synergistic effect that is often greater than the individual parts. Same with Tielemans just behind Maddison, which helps unlock his ability and again you get the multiplier of increased effectiveness. Last season Leicester had the limited defensively minded Mendy playing instead of Tielemans, so they lacked that vital component.

    I don’t particularly like Ozil, but if Ramsey is playing in central midfield, I want him just ahead because their games compliment each other.

    We don’t have any of those elements in our squad. A lot of good players but no partnerships in any area that bring the best out of each other. Ceballos has that in his locker in terms of attributes but he’s simply not physical at the needed level.

  19. guest man aka WW

    Once the players have lost confidence in the manager its like breaking a glass…it will never return to anything resembling the original. That’s whats happened at arsenal.
    It would in fact be easier to polish a turd.

  20. Graham62


    You are 100% correct.

    “In any organisation -if you allow muppets, incompetents and frauds in it- there is no way back”

    Starting with you know who and Ivan the Terrible at the top of the pile.

  21. Champagne charlie


    That’s simply not true, I’ve always been sympathetic to that sort of understanding and in fact Ive said as much when considering players that have been grossly under fire.

    But whatever way you slice it that’s the managers job to deal with, and if he doesn’t have the apparent requisite partnerships then he needs to source solutions however short term they may be.

    He pushed for Dennis Suarez when others, like Tielemans, were available to bring in. Same this summer where he was privy to the needs of the team in terms of recruitment.

  22. Ishola70


    You have got to stop pretending that this run of form is surprising. It’s not good enough but it is not surprising.

    Arsenal are overall not a very good team.

    Very good teams don’t have such a poor away EPL record since end of 2016.

    Look at that EPL away record and weep.

    That is the indicator of how the club have fallen.

  23. Paulinho

    “He pushed for Dennis Suarez when others, like Tielemans, were available to bring in. Same this summer where he was privy to the needs of the team in terms of recruitment.”

    Well we were short of wingers and Tielemans is CM.

    Who exactly pushed for who will always be open for debate with our structure. It seems we were pushing hard for Perisic and settled for Suarez at the death.

  24. peanuts&monkeys

    “Arsenal need a vision of football the fans can get behind. We’re not Allegri, Conte or Mourinho types. We’re a Wengerball club whether we like it or not, and that is built on foundations of exciting possession-based football. We should be hiring someone that can deliver that to the fans.”


  25. azed

    Remind me again what does Raul so.
    According to you:
    * He does not deal with the academy. That’s Per’s role.
    * He does not identify players to purchase. That’s the role of head scout
    * He does not coach. That’s Emery’s job.
    * He does not set the style of play. That’s Edu’s role.
    * He does not do contract negotiation. That’s Fahmy’s role.
    * He can’t sack the headcoach. That’s Josh role.


    It’s very simple, he coordinator’s all those people you listed.

    If Per needs a new building for the academy, Per isn’t going to call Josh, he would tell Raul, it’s Raul’s job to call Kronkre and ask for the funds.

    When the scouts identify a player and they need funds, they speak to Raul

    Or do you think Raul single handedly decided that the club could spend money on Pepe?

    Firing Emery means a payout for him and his team. It’s also requires money to hire a new coach and a new backroom team.

    Valentin please tell us where Raul will get the money to payout Emery and his backroom team and also get the money to hire a new manager and assistants because I know it’s not coming from Raul’s pocket.

  26. Paulinho

    “That’s simply not true, I’ve always been sympathetic to that sort of understanding and in fact Ive said as much when considering players that have been grossly under fire.”

    Well why don’t we see any of it then.

    All I keep reading is “we spent 200 million!” and no one goes into any specifics as to whether they are compatible with the players already here. Emery has supposedly got lucky with Laca and Auba yet Laca needed Fekir to provide the guile at Lyon, Auba didn’t have a striker partner at Dortmund, having players like Pulisic, Kagawa behind him. Yet these two are heralded as a great duo because they shake each other’s hands after goals.

  27. Marko

    Another grotesque Arteta puff piece. One has to be wary of appointing someone Man City would so easily discard at the first bit of interest. Hardly sounds like something you’d do with someone who’s next in line after Pep.

  28. Champagne charlie


    Yea, don’t think you can hide behind anything with that Suarez loan. The lad played something like 94 minutes for us total.

    What we needed was someone who was going to come in and give us something extra, patently not what he serviced. Tielemans wouldve been much better, a CB of any kind again much better (Cahill mooted i think for peanuts). It wasn’t a case of any winger will do.

  29. raptora

    I believe it’s a good idea to not have a look at the people who want a change of our manager as people that are anti Emery. Plenty of people including me, were really warm to his arrival and the entire first year of his reign. I was actually finding excuses and defending Emery for our late season collapse. Even starting the season I believed that he will do a good job and develop us more. My idea was that we needed to add another 7 points to our tally like we did in Emery’s first season. From 70 to 77 pts would have been a steady improvement. And I certainly believed that we will do that under Emery.

    It all went to shit though.

    And I had to take off my rose tinted glasses and call it as it is. He’s doing a shitty job. We’re never going to progress under him, so why wait more and more? If it’s to wait till the winter so we get the manager that we want, then so be it. But stop imagining that as a whole there was an Anti Emery crowd or EOBs. If it was the case our away fans wouldn’t have sang “We got our Arsenal back” in the game vs Fulham. 90% plus of the fans were super excited to finally have a new manager. Young, with good portfolio, won trophies.

    But it hasn’t worked well at all.

    Player poverty could be a real thing, but come on – we’re talking for a manager who still haven’t managed to figure out what his best starting 11 is. He is still tinkering 18 months in his tenure. He has the whole squad to pick from, nobody injured but Nelson who’s coming back anyways. He still cannot make a decision, 18 months in, which 11 players would form his best team so he could play them and have the highest chance of winning an important game. It went to a point where I asked why is Kolasinac is starting vs Leicester but not Tierney and ofcourse Bamford was there to enligthen me that Tierney has an injury concern. And oh, surprise, Tierney played the whole game vs Vittoria in the Europa League in the midweek. While Kolasinac was a substitute. Why?! No idea. One of a 100 weird, zero logic decisions that Emery has taken since this season started. Player poverty would be a truly real problem if we actually see a manager who has a visible idea of the football his team wants to play. Certainly not a good idea to evaluate our squad under Emery.

  30. Pedro

    Paulinho, we were dead on our feet in December. No energy in the Huddersfield game. Leaks that Emery changed the training regime to fix it. His decisions to sub at halftime were geared around picking bad starting lineups. If he cared about load management, he’d have picked lesser sides in the cup games and Europe. No shock that our injuries were up last season on the year before.

  31. guest man aka WW

    I was thinking about an ex-arsenal player to take over.
    I cant think of any better than arteta……..and that doesn’t inspire me.
    I like arteta as a cool guy,,,,but personally…ok…personally I don’t like watching man city unless they are chasing a game…..their possession football is a fckin bore.
    Like klopps heavy metal style though.
    I like heavy metal…maybe that’s why…haha

  32. Ishola70


    It has already been pointed out to you that a team can have a good home record but that doesn’t equate overall to being a really good side.

    So why quote home matches to me?

  33. Receding Hairline

    “What we needed was someone who was going to come in and give us something extra, patently not what he serviced. ”

    Yes which is why Perisic was pursued

    “Arsenal identified Perisic as a target late in the January transfer window as they looked to bolster Unai Emery’s squad.

    An initial approach for the Croatia international was made last weekend, with the Gunners keen on a loan deal until the end of the season.

    Arsenal’s desire to only secure Perisic’s services on a temporary basis was driven by a lack of funds at the Emirates.

    And it seems Inter were not interested in striking an agreement on the north Londoners’ terms, so pulled the plug”

    “Inter Milan’s decision left Perisic in an awkward position after he had put in a transfer request and agreed contract details with Arsenal.

    Having been expected to be allowed to leave for Arsenal, the 29-year-old was forced to train on his own at Inter.”

    I like how we pretend things didn’t happen because it does not suit the narrative

  34. Champagne charlie


    With respect, unless you’re studiously sat absorbing every single comment I post on here its safe to say you’re not likely to catch everything that’s said.

    What do you think is missing from this team in terms of knitting it all together?

    Last season it was a big fuss about fullbacks and wingers come Jan, what’s Emery need now for Emeryball to take off? I can see him being here until 2026 with the same arguments being distorted across each section of the league season.

    What are we missing, and what will their arrival facilitate?

  35. Paulinho

    “His decisions to sub at halftime were geared around picking bad starting lineups.”

    That’s one way to look at it. I think he evaluated the squad, saw that we lacked star quality, and decided the use our strength; which was a squad full of players that could be very effective used in small doses. Iwobi, Welbeck, Torreira (struggles physically), rotating Kola and Monreal etc.

    Leicester are the opposite. Rodgers won’t be rotating shit if he can help it. Praet might play a few games, but that’s more or less it.

  36. Marko

    Do people not understand that Adrien Silva was part of the Tielemens deal? It was very opportunistic by Leicester but I’m not sure they could have done it initially without adding Silva to it.

    I’ll be honest with you hearing certain people raise their skirts in anger over signing Suarez over Tielemens while in the past have made excuses for Wenger’s blunders in the transfer market is a bit rich.

  37. CG

    Bamford knows absolute nowt about life- let alone soccer.

    But he has stumbled upon truism

    Leicester do indeed have better players than Arsenal.

    And thats because we keep buying total over hyped dross for fortunes.

    pepe/tierney/cebollas/louise= are average on their best days.

    (our ladies team are less crook, more two footed and more agile than this sorry lot)

    So in this instance ( and only in this instance)

    Bamford 1 Le Grove Patients 0

  38. Valentin

    To be fair to Emery, last winter he made clear that he wanted 1 CB and a right winger. All he got was a lightweight CAM who got injured pretty quickly.

    That same CAM has now found his level at Celta Vigo. BTW this season Denis Suarez has mostly played on the left, which tend to really prove that even without being injured his move was not the right fit for us.

    Tielemans was available on loan from Monaco and my view is better suited to the EPL than Ceballos. Whoever is responsible for those deals is proving that Leicester has a better recruitment policy than us. They seem to have a coherent plan. Identify the right player for them and then buy them at the right time for the right price.

  39. Paulinho

    “What do you think is missing from this team in terms of knitting it all together?”

    I said it in the summer. An Arthur Melo or Verratti that has the mixture of agility, dribbling, pace, and passing to receive the ball high up the pitch, with players on him (like Kovacic is doing at the mo), and that will assauge the disconnect that exists between our limited forwards and midfield. Ramsey did it from central midfield with his runs and all-round dynamism, but his type seems scarcer and Emery likes two deeper-lying central midfielders so the guy that he can receive higher with his back to goal is the one we will probably look for.

    That alone will make a huge difference at the moment we have a squad full of players that come alive in space but struggle making their own. Pepe can do it at times, and if he settles in he can add some of that from the inside right position.

    Longer term we need upgrades in most positions (defensive midfield) but that will take time. I’d keep Torreira out of all the mids. Saliba will be coming in.

    It’s a big job. Recruitment is everything.

  40. Paulinho

    Pedro – I’m sure Emery would’ve liked the luxury of walking into a club where Ramsey was tied into a three year contract, and he had the whole season to evaluate him.

    Ramsey is ridiculously injury prone. Huge loss for this season and probably next but I can understand cutting him loose with Ozil contract.

  41. raptora

    2 starts in 19 games for Ramsey, let’s not forget. All the while he was starting in Europa League, FA and EFL Cups. Player poverty. He’s not playing his best players.

  42. Ishola70


    If the Arsenal squad is so good why do they have such a poor EPL away record?

    And this with Emery not being good enough taken into account as well.

  43. Marko

    It’s a big job. Recruitment is everything.

    Absolutely right. The next guy is still going to have a number of the same problems that exist now and he’ll have to address that in the transfer market. I believe the powers that be know this. The Saliba signing and links to Upamecano Zakaria and Szobolai or whatever that Hungarian at Salzburg is called suggest that.

  44. Ishola70

    Any time there is an away EPL match review on here we may as well state can Arsenal secure a rare EPL away win?

    Arsenal are that poor on the road.

    You don’t saunter into the top four with such a poor away EPL record.

    It’s always going to be a fight or struggle or failure.

  45. Graham62

    There is underlying racism in the EPL.

    All these foreign managers being touted and our own homegrown talent are being ignored.

    Eddie Howe should be a prime candidate but, as per usual, he’s not good enough.

  46. raptora

    It doesn’t have data from November 2018 to the rest of the season. It says that Ramsey missed 6 days – 1 August 2018 to 7 August 2018. Not full data.

  47. Paulinho

    Pedro – Emery underrating Ramsey is a pretty fair call, but he probably knew he was off, and was looking to the future. Also if he had played Ramsey earlier on in the season he probably wouldn’t have been fit to drop those master class CM performances around March.

    He did say Ramsey was affected by the contract situation earlier on in the season as well. No one knows what went on there. Emery didn’t even know Mikhi was going to Roma until after Spurs game so wouldn’t put it past Raul being the one that pulled the plug.

  48. Words on a Blog

    Emery Season 1 was reasonably effective and tactically interesting, and although our performances faded away in the last 10 matches or so, I and a majority of fans made allowances for him given the squad, injuries, etc.

    Emery Season 2 is, both in tactical and leadership terms, all over the place. And that is reflected in our performances and results.

    There was simply no need to prolong the agony.

  49. Pedro

    Marko, not sure if you actually looked at the data before you prematurely ejaculated that link, but I’d have a little revisit and maybe analyse the date a little deeper before putting it forward as evidence.

  50. Paulinho

    Marko – City have nailed that department. Absolute top talent – going back to Kompany – that any style of manager would utilise. That’s the key.

  51. Receding Hairline

    All this talk about Emery yanking Ramsey’s contract should not be taken seriously, he has no such powers.

    Anyone who thinks Emery was happy with the sale of Iwobi and the loaning out of Mhki has not been paying attention.

  52. Words on a Blog


    You’re probably right that there is a kind of reverse xenophobia going on in the PL, with no one rating English/British managers.

    Not convinced that Eddie Howe would take us to the next level. I would say one thing though: the football would be a lot more entertaining.

  53. Graham62

    Are you telling me OGS is better than Howe?

    Are you telling me Sarri was better than Howe?

    Are you telling me Silva is better than Howe?

    Are you telling me Hassenhuttl is better than Howe?

    Are you telling me Emery is better than Howe?

    Of course they’re not.

    Pisses me off.

  54. Words on a Blog

    The one thing holding back English managers from being considered more seriously is that, unlike French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese managers, they’re hardly ever prepared to work outside their home leagues.

  55. Receding Hairline

    “Are you telling me Sarri was better than Howe?”


    “Are you telling me Emery is better than Howe?”


    “Are you telling me Silva is better than Howe?Are you telling me Hassenhuttl is better than Howe?”


  56. raptora

    Paulinho, Emery also benched Ramsey cause he didn’t know how to use him. You were being super loud how Ramsey should be played in the CM position yet Emery kept insisting to use him as a CAM. Ramsey wasn’t performing well as CAM. So benching him was so easy. But now it was a masterclass? Exactly the opposite, it’s another proof of Emery being clueless. Took him till February to realize what a player he has.

  57. Receding Hairline

    “they’re hardly ever prepared to work outside their home leagues.”

    Which is why a man coming over here to coach and learn English at the same time should not be mocked.

    Moyes and Neville spent time in Spain but none bothered to learn Spanish, English is not the only language in the world and isn’t more important than others.

  58. KC

    Good points Batistuta

    Last season we lost the first two games and went on a 22 game unbeaten run.

    So what has changed? we have conceded the same amount of goals but have scored far less.

    Defensively we look like we have no confidence and I blame the fact that we are trying to play out of defence. we lose the ball before we get out of our half and we are under pressure.

    Attack again we lost the believe that we can out score the opponent and we create less chances.

    I think we have a better squad of players, we have got rid of a lot of average players who has been at the club too long, but its the tactics are that are shocking and have not improved from last season.

    Great post Pedro, what do you think of Erik Ten Hag?

  59. Marko

    Marko, not sure if you actually looked at the data before you prematurely ejaculated that link, but I’d have a little revisit and maybe analyse the date a little deeper before putting it forward as evidence.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. That’s true though it doesn’t have December onwards data. Now if December onwards can make up the difference between 13 and 55 I’ll owe you a coke but otherwise you’ll be wrong with your initial claim. I’ll have a goo

  60. Paulinho

    Raptora – Ramsey’s performances were a ‘master class’.

    I was critical of Emery’s handling of him, but also respected and was aware of Emery’s preference in regards to his system.

    I actually said on the first day of last season Emery will eventually be left with no choice to play him as a central mid, and it took longer than I thought, but eventually he was forced to.

    Ramsey did show against Spurs away that was still capable of impacting the game playing as a ten though. Massive goal at their place that no one else in our squad now would have the cajones to do, apart from our plucky Uruguayan.

  61. Ishola70


    “Took him till February to realize what a player he has.”

    Ramsey realised the player he is. His unfortunate injury record aside.

    That’s why he now finds himself playing at a bigger club, on a bigger european stage at Juventus.

  62. Valentin

    I don’t believe that there is a reverse xenophobia toward British manager. What there is different approaches to select a manager. Excluding the assistant manager then named care taker manager who become permanent manager, most clubs share the same approach to naming a new manager.

    The classic old Boys network approach select among their same coterie of British managers. Most have already proven not to be good enough to challenge the status quo, but good enough to save a club from oblivion/relegation. Hence mediocre managers like Sam Allardyce, Tony Pulis, Tony Mobray, etc keeps getting gigs they don’t deserve.

    The second approach is more internationalist. They will hire somebody who has shown he is capable to work under specific circumstances. Tight budget, lots of young developping players, but experienced with European competition. Unfortunate the refusal by most British managers to go abroad and broaden their experience means that very few fit into that category. Graham Potter had to go abroad and get some success before being considered for a premiership role.

    Another approach is the big name approach. Because of their lack of success on the European scene and none since Red Nose in the Premiership, no British manager fits that category either.

    Another approach is the former icon. For sentimental reason, a former player is selected to be in charge of the team. Most of the time without the club connection or the player reputation the candidate would not even be considered. OGS got the job on the back of his exploits as a player, not as a manager. Same thing with Lampard. The Rangers job went to Steven G because of who he was and his Liverpool youth team connections. Those needs to make a difference, because otherwise that approach will also ceased to even exist. Graeme Souness started at Liverpool and his incompetence lead him to lower and lower job.

    The annoited approach. A manager select his successor. David Moyes got the top job and failed. That very public failure set the British managers back more than anything else. He was viewed as a youngish, the best of the British manager and he failed miserably.

  63. Distant legrover

    So Arteta is supposed to replace Pep at Man City so then why were they willing to let us talk to him last year. Surely the replacement shouldn’t be negotiating with rivals. I doubt a club like Man City will sign a young, inexperienced guy like Arteta as their manager. Zidane, Tuchel etc more like.

  64. Distant legrover


    I think that’s why Eddie Howe is respected by some. He’s not your average Tony Pulis or Allardyce. Always wondered why those average guys continued to get a job despite their averageness. He wants to have possesion, press, attack, things some British managers don’t do.

  65. Graham62


    To a degree, this is true.

    The thing is though, as soon as a foreign coach has only a minuscule of success, he is considered a good manager. Just because they look good, smell good and speak reasonable English( sorry Unai) doesn’t instantly make them special sauce.

    Lampard and Gerrard look to have that special sauce.

  66. DigitalBob

    Nothing to lose imo if we go for Arteta.
    Emery was the safe choice and has delivered a whole bunch of meh-ness so far in his short time at the club. I’d be really interested to see an Arsenal team led by Arteta and a few of the invincible squad in the dugout. I doubt performances will get worse.

    Howe I don’t like not because he’s English but because his teams generally can’t play away from home and are streaky/inconsistent. Having said that I’d take Howe or Wilder over Emery if it came down to it.

  67. Distant legrover


    Because they are intimidated. The proof is in how The media worships a successful foreign coach. They treat him like the Mayans treated Aliens in spacecraft. Bowing and kissing their foot and stuff.

  68. Marko

    Gerrard has sauce already? Come on man. It’s Scotland ffs. As long as you’re managing a team called Celtic or Rangers (bar a few years there) you’re challenging and winning. Look he’s doing well Frank too but go easy on the grand proclamations shall we. Southgate too doing a good job with England but I doubt very much if people rate him ridiculously high that he’s considered for a top job in Europe. You guys overrate too much. Top English manager for me knocking about is probably Graham Potter. Lad looks like he could get a team working and playing good football. Have to face it none of the British managers have that special sauce.

  69. Valentin


    I like Eddie Howe. I am not sure that dropping him in the disaster that is Arsenal at this stage of his career would not set him back.

    I also think that in order to take the next step up he needs to drop his British players first rose tainted glasses on. Look at the amount he has wasted on sub standard players such as Solanke, Jordon Ibe because they are British.

    For the Same amount he would have been able to recruit much better players and have more success without changing his football principles.

    Qualify for a European competition and be decent in the Europa League and he will find himself in hot demand. Until there will always be the same doubt. Has he reached his ceiling?

  70. JayJay

    Raul’s favourite Christmas song and Christmas wishes for all the noisy Arsenal fans?

    “We wish you Emery Christmas”

  71. Un na naai

    Champagne CharlieNovember 12, 2019 03:27:05
    Here’s a few sound bites from the Arsenal vs Leicester game at Emirates that we won 3-1 last season Benny.Hold onto your cuppa:“Bamford10 October 23, 2018 01:29:13
    This Leicester City team has little to nothing going for it. People need to chill on whatever praise they think we deserve for this match.”“Bamford10 October 23, 2018 08:46:06
    Ozil was fantastic. His best performance for Arsenal in a very long time, maybe ever. However, we now need to see him play that way regularly and against better competition…………… it’s looking more and more like Emery knows what he is doing, though again, the real tests are still to come.”😂😂😂😂😂😂 OH NOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂“gonsterous October 23, 2018 09:08:33
    ozil dominated the highlight reel that I watched. But it’s only Leicester, hope he turns up in more games and consistently““WengerEagle October 22, 2018 20:55:44
    3 points are there for the taking, very average Leicester side.“And one last doozie from a resident player poverty advocate: “Paulinho October 22, 2018 21:53:17
    TR7 – I fear we are not good enough to acquire the required points against top sides to mount a title challenge, but we definitely have the squad to consistently beat everyone outside the top six. United won the league doing that a few years back so I wouldn’t completely write off a challenge“ Wouldn’t completely write off a title challenge but we don’t have players for top 4 these days. Alright mate 😂

    Champagne CharlieNovember 12, 2019 03:28:33
    Oi Pedro, fucking print the above in your post tomorrow as a side note. PURE COMEDY from the nuanced numpties

    Was just reading through last night’s debate and came across this

    Fucking hide Bamford.


  72. Un na naai

    Bamford you are utterly without shame. At least joe has the good grace to lie low after his whopping.

    You got an atomic bomb dropped o you last night and you’re back for more?

  73. Receding Hairline

    “I like Eddie Howe. I am not sure that dropping him in the disaster that is Arsenal at this stage of his career would not set him back”

    He is 41, been coaching properly since 2008.

    Not really a virgin in coaching terms

    What disaster at Arsenal, we have world class players and just about anyone can get us top four, that’s has been the word on here for a while now.

  74. Receding Hairline

    “Although he has embraced the challenge of playing in the Championship, he has made a few costly mistakes. He’s given penalties away and squandered possession inside his own box but those mistakes will become less frequent as the season goes on. Currently in 16th place, however, it hasn’t been easy for Bielik since leaving Arsenal.”

    One of the “stars” that the club was supposed to use this season. The step up from league 1 to the championship is coming as a shock let alone league 1 to the premier league

    “Bought by Bundesliga II side Hamburg, the promising youngster has hardly played this season. He made his league debut in an 18-minute cameo against Erzgebirge Aue in September but hasn’t featured since.”

    Remember a few howls when Xavier Amaechi moved on too

  75. Un na naai

    It just goes to
    Show that Bamford positions himself to
    Maximise the potential attention he will get through his posts rather than actually having any real belief in what he’s saying.

    He’s just an attention seeking machine.

  76. DigitalBob

    LOL, Ivan the terrible doing what he does best!

    Hopefully its an actual transfer in January with a fee and not a stupid loan.

  77. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Great post Pedro, really well put together.

    I’m sold. You’ve totally sold me the Arteta vision, I’m all over it.

    We took the safe option and it has failed spectacularly. Now let’s approach Arteta before he takes over from Guardiola.

  78. Receding Hairline

    Fantastic for Xhaka if he moves to Serie A. a league where i think he will excel. He isn’t a bad player, never was, just found it tough going here but even at that gave his all and should never be ashamed of it.

    I hope this means we will at least make a move for a mobile tackling midfielder in January

  79. DigitalBob

    Receding – Spot on!

    But I doubt we make a move for a midfielder in January, we’ll probably see Chambers filling in at DM from time to time till the summer.

  80. peanuts&monkeys

    Playing our from the back has to be stopped. If not altogether, at least half of the times, especially after 55 minutes.
    There has to be a way to gain possession from a goal kick . One good header at the center who can get the ball drift toward either flanks and be good enough.

    Whatever it takes, discontinuing this playing out from the back is bound to bring results

  81. Batistuta

    Ivan Gazidis definitely is going to haunt me wherever i go at this stage…

    Signing Xhaka is pretty dumb but get what he might think he’d be getting….The Italian league isn’t as slow as some like to think… He might do well here which will be good for the club as a whole but we need work on the defence more than we need another midfielder

  82. HighburyLegend

    “Fantastic for Xhaka if he moves to Serie A. a league where i think he will excel. ”

    Don’t know at which degree I must take this quote… (lol)

  83. bennydevito

    Valentin posted an article the other day that clearly stated it was Raul who pulled Ramsey’s contract, not Emery. Emery doesn’t have that power; he’s not Wenger, he’s not the manager, he’s the head coach. Completely different set up.

    Ramsey had long enough to sign the contract as Wenger recently said; he tried to get Ramsey to extend but he wouldn’t.

    After Ozil signed for £350k Ramsey wanted the same or more. Raul decided it wasn’t happening.

  84. Apangu Iddi Amin

    This is just a CV of which many of the managers in the list also have but i only have one sympathy with M Arteta proposal thats to say we need some one who has the club at his heart and in him i think we may get this since he is our former player.

  85. Batistuta

    We should absolutely be all over Milenkovic from Florentina by the way before he becomes mega expensive. Mentioned on here before that United were already sniffing….

    Whoever the next manager might be, we need to make sure someone at Arsenal has an interest in buying actual defenders and a DM

  86. peanuts&monkeys

    Sticking around with Emery will be the 2nd biggest mistake Arsenal will do after sticking around with Wenger after 2 – 8.

    Emery at Arsenal safter thede apalling performances stiks of vested interests.

    Sack him

  87. Bamford10


    “Emery also benched Ramsey cause he didn’t know how to use him.”

    Complete nonsense. He benched him because the club had decided to move Ramsey on and Emery was trying to plan for the future, trying to see what he had in his players and squad without Ramsey. This is precisely the kind of approach he indicated they are taking (in general) in his SkySports comments. “Information gathering,” he called it. Figuring out who can do what where, who can help Arsenal going forward.

  88. peanuts&monkeys

    “Milenkovic from Florentina by the way before he becomes mega expensive”

    BS. We have enough good players and we have been lucky to have enough poor performances from Utd and Spurs to be 3red ongthe league. First, change this manager.

  89. Marc

    To be completely honest I don’t really care how Xhaka gets on when he leaves us. I don’t wish him ill but I’d prefer to focus on Arsenal.

    If he’s going to get a move I’ve said before Italy would suit him but what I really want to know is what fee will we get?

  90. DigitalBob

    peanuts&monkeys – It has to stop, his persistence with this is baffling.

    The lack of a pressing game and the lack of a coherent consistent playing style are also brainfarts Emery needs to address.

  91. salparadisenyc

    Good Post Pedro

    Agree this is now a Wengerball club like it or not which is definitely part of the movement against Emery. We are unrecognizable. Arsenal with a negative goal difference is a lot to take on board, shit at both ends of the pitch is a hard sell.

    This club needs a seismic jolt of footballing vision, many potentials listed over the past couple weeks make total sense. No hand break baby.

  92. Paulinho

    Just going through that match Leicester match thread. Yeah, still fairly consistent.

    PaulinhoOctober 22, 2018 21:42:09
    Definitely a squad game this year.Sometimes you have a great first 11 – like 07/08 – and sometimes it’s about mixing and matching. That’s the type of team we are. Using the whole squad.

  93. Batistuta


    Yea think bar 1 or 2, there’s a general feeling that the club needs to get someone else in but doesn’t change the fact that we need to upgrade certain positions if we’re going to be competitive once again

  94. Spanishdave

    There’s enough ammo to fire Emery now.
    Poorest league start, poor away record, goal scoring low, defense bad etc.
    So why wait?
    A few wins over crap opposition proves nothing.
    Does Freddie want it?
    Will he do a caretakers job?
    Why was he moved to assistant job?
    The stats show that we will not get 4th , and before long we won’t get Europa place.
    What a mess

  95. Marko

    ‘I feel sorry for him because he [was] the captain and he’s going through a really difficult period and really difficult time at Arsenal,” Vieira said.

    “I think we have to remind ourselves that he’s achieved a lot since he’s at Arsenal and he deserves a lot of respect.”

    First off achieved a lot? Big what right there. Also what difficult time and period was he going through? If he’s going through one now it’s literally because of his own actions. Or was the abuse about his family before or after or made up? Hard to know exactly when the “difficult” period began with Granit.

    You are right though Charlie I might have to reevaluate Vieira. One of the the major reasons I had for wanting him was as great a midfielder as he was I assumed that he would never of been keen on Xhaka.

  96. HighburyLegend

    “I think we have to remind ourselves that he’s achieved a lot since he’s at Arsenal”

    Patrick is smoking pot ??

  97. Jimmy B

    Great piece. I wanted Mikel last year and people were laughing at me. The only reservation I have and it’s a big one, is that I like him. I don’t really want anyone I like subjected to the vitriol of the Arsenal (Online/AFTV) fan-base. If Adams were even a half-decent coach, he’d be ideal. Anyone taking that job’s going to have to be extremely thick-skinned.

  98. Marko

    The only reservation I have and it’s a big one, is that I like him

    Definitely a sticking point. Best to have an Arsenal manager you dislike in all honesty

  99. Spanishdave

    If Emery’s so good why did PSG throw him out?
    He hasn’t lasted long wherever he’s been.
    He shouldn’t be in football , clueless tosser.

  100. alex cutter

    “It just goes to
    Show that Bamford positions himself to
    Maximise the potential attention he will get through his posts rather than actually having any real belief in what he’s saying.He’s just an attention seeking machine.”

    Just shut up already. What fuck is wrong with you?

  101. Receding Hairline

    “If Emery’s so good why did PSG throw him out?”

    If he was a clown why did they hire him in the first place

    “He hasn’t lasted long wherever he’s been.”

    Staying at one club forever isn’t a sign you are good, it can be interpreted as one afraid to take a leap

    “He shouldn’t be in football , clueless tosser.”

    This is the sought of nonsense many take issue with

    2013-2014 European coach of the season

    Three time Europa league winner

    7/10 trophies won at PSG where he “failed”

    Led a team to La Liga for the first time in their history and finished eight first season there (team promptly got relegated when he left)

    But hey he shouldn’t be in football because he is having a tough spell at Arsenal

    Elite commentary

  102. Receding Hairline

    “Rambo RamseyMay 23, 2018 13:43:05
    FrankMc I find it laughable the people who turn their noses up at ‘underwhelming’ Emery.Managed bottom clubs and took them up leagues.
    Managed medium size clubs and found success.
    Managed big club and found success.The man has done it all.”

    Was going through past comments then came across this…..I prefer not to speak

    The man has done it all indeed now he is a clown

  103. Spanishdave

    Why did PSG kick him out?
    Answer please.
    Winner of Europa cups, wow , the reason any team is in the Loosers cup is that they are 5 th or 6th in the league.
    He got stuffed by Chelsea in Europa last year.
    We don’t want to be Europa specialists, we need to get back at the top.
    The next level!

  104. Receding Hairline

    “Going through past comments can be a slippery slope.”


    No one comes out of it a winner, we can all change our views daily, some faster than others, that is life.

    No need insulting and ridiculing someone over theirs.

  105. Alexanderhenry


    Good news that there might be movement behind the scenes. The brains trust must prove their worth.

    And yes, we know you want Arteta. I like Arteta, so let’s go with Arteta.


    ‘We’re a Wengerball club whether we like it or not, and that is built on foundations of exciting possession-based football.’

    Not sure I agree with that but it sounds like actual praise for wenger. Surprising from you.

  106. Receding Hairline

    “He shouldn’t be in football , clueless tosser.”

    the nonsense above is what i was responding to. He shouldn’t be in football yet ha achieved a lot in football.

    What have you done in football to dictate who should and shouldn’t work in the game?

    “He got stuffed by Chelsea in Europa last year.”

    Same way he stuffed Klopp in the final one year, what’s your point?

    “We don’t want to be Europa specialists, we need to get back at the top.
    The next level!”

    You should have just said that in the first place rather than dictating who should and shouldn’t be in football, borrowing the words of Rambo Ramsey “the man has done it all” lol

  107. Left testicle

    The only people who think Arsenal have class are the Arsenal hierarchy.

    Unless somebody can tell me why we’re a class club?

  108. bennydevito

    Champagne charlieNovember 12, 2019    15:21:26

    Vieira absolutely guaranteed to have upset some of the whoppers on here with this one, bet they rescind their excitable anticipation of him as a gaffer:


    Nope, no guarantees at all. Not upset me, I would love Vieira more than Arteta and I still think Xhaka is inadequate for us and that Vieira is just giving lip service because he wants the job and wants to be seen to be saying the right things.

    No way if Xhaka was in the team alongside Vieira that Vieira wouldn’t pull him on how bad he’s been.

    No rescinding from me.

  109. Words on a Blog


    Past comments only represent a slippery slope if a poster is determined to say something along the lines of: “I’ve always said player x or manager y was shit/great/saucy.”

    But if you’re not too bothered about consistency over a long period of time, or if you’re happy to acknowledge that you were wrong, it’s no big deal. The fact is, facts change. And when they do, you’re allowed to change your mind. Also (surprise surprise) people make mistakes or get things wrong.

  110. Champagne charlie

    “No one comes out of it a winner, we can all change our views daily, some faster than others, that is life. No need insulting and ridiculing someone over theirs.“

    Right, seems that’s just on selective topics though doesn’t it? How often has ‘when did you decide Wenger needed to leave’ been thrown about?

    There’s no slippery slope, everybody has an archive of dumb comments. But it’s pertinent when fundamental principles of an argument are changed within a year to suit a new pov being offered.

    A POV no less that has folk being labelled unreasonable, lacking nuance, hysterical etc.

    If you’re going to tell all and sundry you’re one of the enlightened ones you best have a stable base.

  111. bennydevito

    Regarding Stevie G, even though I think he’s a very good shout, there’s absolutely no way he’s coming to us, not a chance.

    He will stay at Rangers until Klopp moves on from Liverpool around the 21/22 season.

  112. Champagne charlie


    Agreed, but I think you’re treating things said out of frustration verbatim, or taking weirdly accepted daft views as representation for all wanting change.

    Clearly not just anyone could walk in and do better. That sort of talk is merely said to illustrate a good many could, which I believe is the case.

    We’ve just had our worst start to a season in 37 years, hard to argue there’s more competent coaches out there to handle our club.

  113. Marko

    Receding I do agree with you about some of the hysteria around Emery I personally have always been against attributing lies and bullshit to him in order to criticize him. In saying that he needs to go I don’t see him turning things around if given time.

  114. Mgooner

    Welcome to Arteta day

    Remind me why we changed Wenger…to win the league s we were bored with top 4

    And Wenger had money but would not spend it tight…

    So how about hiring a dude like Enrique and giving him the money we hve to fight for the top spot. Tht imo would be better than Arteta as Enrique is tried md tested at the best club in the world and does not represent a risk

  115. Batistuta

    Except a bunch of names have been thrown around who’d while it’s not sure will be hugely successful at least get us to be much more organized on the field of play, make us harder to beat and have an identity…Emery’s been here more than a year and we seem to be getting worse under him….Don’t just scoff at every suggestion and say pay attention to those who say “anyone would be better”…. Lot’s of sensible posters have put up names and their attributes and what they’d bring in relative to our resources…

  116. Batistuta

    Giving him more time only guarantees it will be too late to salvage the season league wise when he eventually does get sacked…One would have thought we’d gotten past our club execs taking forever to make vital decisions after letting Wenger stay a good number of years past his time….Now we’re here again looking to give more time to a manager who by all stats possible is failing quite badly….Shame we seem to always have incompetent folks running the football club

  117. Marko

    Dunno if Kike Marin is reliable but he maintains that Raul has sounded out Enrique. That suggests to me that behind the scenes they might be sounding out someone and if something happens he’ll be gone and if not it’s “100%” backing.