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There were some questions as to whether the David Ornstein story was briefed before or after the Leicester game. Sami Mokbel writing in the Daily Mail appears to confirm that Arsenal’s briefing angle is very much in line with the exBBC journo’s narrative.

Thank you for your interest in our affairs. Emery ain’t going anywhere.

When it was Arsene Wenger at the wheel, you’d generally be safe in the knowledge that the players would respond in the end. This was mostly down to a simple truth that Wenger couldn’t be ousted by the players. He was too deeply ingrained in the club to be moved on.

The stance by the current hierarchy makes sense, they don’t want the fans to think they can run a manager out of the club. In my opinion, we’re not the people the exec leadership team should be worried about. The players are the biggest challenge to Emery’s doomed tenure. The current situation around the manager has nothing to do with the fans in the stadium, for me, it’s all about the breakdown in the relationship with a manager who is making more mistakes off the pitch than on it.

He’s sacked his captain who now looks likely to leave in January. He has performed a 360 on Mesut Ozil, who is now back in contention after Emery told the press leadership agreed he should drop him. The manager seems to not fancy any of his summer signings, bar David Luiz. The kids are taking the piss behind his back. He let the failed club psychologist advise him that a vote for the captaincy was smart. The football is absolutely atrocious.

It’s hard to see how Emery makes it to the end of the season, but the good news for him is the fixture list looks very kind until we meet Manchester City in mid-December. At the very least, he should be able to stabilize the ship, then we’ll be mauled through the frightening Christmas crunch.

I took in the Liverpool vs City game yesterday. It’s hard to overstate what an incredible job Jurgen Klopp has done with Liverpool. Their brand of football is truly a delight to watch. They make the basics look so simple. Watching them play the ball out the back brought tears to my eyes. It was interesting that once they’d played it short, the transition out of defence was often a longish ball to one of the front three that had dropped deep, with the hope of catching a full back breaking into space. Arsenal almost never seem to make it out of their own third when they go short. Why is it so hard to teach talented players to beat the pressure?

Outside that, the speed of their counter-attacks are a sight to behold. The accuracy of their balls into the box is dreamlike. The application of every single player must be a joy to watch.

Arsenal are unlikely to find a Jurgen Klopp, but hopefully, we can find a manager that has a vision as vivid as the one he has for Liverpool. Personality goes a long way at the highest level, but deeper than that, having an idea everyone can gather around is where you want to be.

Looking at the sort of players Arsenal have, I think it’s clear that we should make the Arsenal idea an exciting one. I don’t think we’re built for a Jose Mourinho. I think the kids coming through want to play explosive football. I think we have electricity in our front line, and with a couple of powerful additions to our midfield, we could have a scary offering moving forward.

Ideally, you’d have Emery in until the end of the season so the leadership don’t have to make a bad decision under duress, I just can’t see that happening though. That’s why I think I’d opt for Freddie Ljungberg until the end of the season if we do have to end Emery’s tenure early. Give Edu a chance to find the coach that’s going to give us a vision for the next 5 years.

What a complicated mess we have ourselves in, the good news is we have some time off to stew on the ramifications as we enter yet another boring international break.

See you in the comments, listen to my damn podcast.

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  1. bennydevito

    PedroNovember 12, 2019    02:01:42

    Benny, as we witness the worst start in 38 years it would be interesting to hear which claims to you think were outlandish?


    Ok Pedro,

    Things like Emery’s a clown, he’s not.
    Things like he was a bad hire at the time, he wasn’t. At time of hire he’d won more and was more known than Wenger was. He suited a head coach DOF structure and had a track record of working with modest budgets.

    Amy derogatory racist xenophobic comments of his appearance or attributes.

    Those sorts of outlandish criticisms.

    His appointment was underwhelming and over safe, I said so myself at the time, I was hugely disappointed as I wanted Allegri, but was prepared to wait the season out and give him the AKB privilege of judging him in May, but by the Wolves away game I’d had enough and said so. He should have gone in the summer.

    That’s all I’m saying. I’m not trying to save face at all just by saying Leicester have better players, as do Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, City and arguably Man utd in defence and midfield.

    Our squad is good but not great and we still need some out and better in, but it is a lot better than what Wenger left behind and Emery is woefully underperforming with what he’s got, no question.

    So where am I trying to save face?

  2. Bamford10


    “People like you [Chika] can’t admit that Arsenal do not have a great side. Any idiot like yourself can see that Emery isn’t good enough. But the idiot also will not own up to certain areas of the team being not particularly good. Good for scraping into the fourth place? Who cares. Ultimately certain areas of the team are not good enough to see this club back where it used to be.”

    Another good poster who is honest about the fact that our squad is poor.

  3. Pedro


    So there’s nothing really in there that would seem to me as outlandish.

    Emery is a clown, the kids are literally ripping the piss out him behind his back. He held a vote for captaincy. He did end of year reviews like he was running an accountancy firm. He ostracized Ozil then bought him back the next week.

    As for the squads, totally subjective and certainly not outlandish to argue those points.

    It’s outlandish to say a squad of players that finished 2 points off 3rd last season is now a weaker squad than a team that finished below 50 points the last two seasons.

  4. jwl

    “Amy derogatory racist xenophobic comments of his appearance or attributes.”

    bennydevito – I’ve been quite surprised by Pedro and his little englander comments since Emery was hired.

    Unai does speak English with accent but he been here less than eighteen months while Wenger was still speaking with French accent and he was in London for 25 years and I am willing to bet Pedro still speaks with English accent even tho he been in NY for years.

  5. Biggles

    Last year I thought Emery did a decent job with the squad we had, especially when considering a couple of serious defensive injuries. Disappointing right at the end, could have been much better, but still more points and higher place was progress.

    But this season it’s gone horribly wrong. It’s clear that the players are downing tools. I don’t like that players can get managers fired, but it generally doesn’t happen at successful clubs, until such time that they are no longer successful. There is no coming out of this death spiral.

    I think it’s true that we need a manager who is good as an underdog. I don’t want the elite manager with an only half sorted squad. I don’t know who that is, but really the point of Edu is that the coach is replaceable. I’m not asking for Pep, just someone who can get more than 30% from their players. However, I don’t think Edu has that clout, to change manager. I also struggle to understand why Raul and Edu are both there, seems too much overlap to me. Also strange having the Vinai/Raul shared CEO responsibilities thing. I’d rather fire both and have Josh Kroenke -> Edu -> Nagelsman or whatever. A nice clear hierarchy.

    Gah, it’s not fun anymore.

  6. Champagne Charlie


    Why would me asking if you think we’ve recruited worse since Wenger left suggest anything at all? It’s a clear and obvious question.

    Now you’re saying we’ve bought better, but we’re not equipped as a squad vs the likes of Leicester – who we’ve finished above for 3 seasons now, and by some margin.

    You make all of the sense.

  7. jwl

    Pedro – while your Gazidis supporting insiders email you about Emery supposed flaws, do they also tell you what did right to gain more points, better league position and go further in Europe than Wenger did in his last season?

    I can’t believe club has staff who enjoy being shit stirrers against their own club, I think your sources are treacherous cnuts who should be fired.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    “I said Leicester have better players than us. They do. If you disagree then list our players starting 11 that is better than theirs.”

    No, because a subjective rundown of players doesn’t achieve anything, and certainly isn’t fact.

    If they had a better squad of players then explain how their performance for three seasons has yielded 12th, 9th, 9th..

    In that time we were 5th, 6th, 5th, and had the worst version of Wenger (who was sacked), and now Emery managing the lot.

    You’re unbelievably prone to these mad swings for and against matters. How many of the Leicester team were you talking up at Emirates last season when we completely destroyed them?

    Answer: none.

  9. Pedro

    Arsenal, who finished 2 points of 3rd with a shite manager are not as good as Leicester who finished sub 50 points with better players than us.

    Couldn’t make it up.

  10. bennydevito

    CC, Pedro,

    None of what I’m saying is attempting to exonerate Emery in any way, how many times do I have to keep saying Emery isn’t good enough?

    Leicester finished below us after winning the league because they lost Mahrez and Kante and had to contend with CL football that they weren’t used to, we were.

    Ranieri then left and they had a lull period with an inferior manager in Puel to that of Wenger.

    Last season they were already 21pts behind us before Rogers took over. The last time they played us last season they beat us 3 – 1 did they not?

    Once Rogers got hold of them, reinvigorated Vardy, signed Tielemans permanently and then Perez, and replaced Maguire with a better defender in Soyuncu they are now flying.

    Like you said Pedro; our luck vs XG has ran out and Emery has now undeniably made us worse by every metric. Leicester’s players aren’t hugely better than ours but the biggest difference is Rogers. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it.

    Emery is terrible and needs to go.

    Leicester still have marginally better players. I’ve listed them accordingly in my opinion, if you think differently then let’s see it.

    Rogers would have us higher than Leicester if Emery and Rogers swapped jobs.

    What exactly is wrong with any of this? Why are you getting so defensive about it?

    Is it because you’re much more comfortable laying all the blame on Emery and don’t want to admit that perhaps the players we’ve signed aren’t as good as we thought they were, and that even with a better manager we will still need to upgrade on Sokratis, Luiz, Chambers, AMN, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Torreira, Ceballos and Ozil? That’s still a hell of an overhaul needed.

    I said at the start of last season it will take at least 3 seasons or 6 transfer windows to have a title challenging squad again and I stand by that 3 transfer windows or half way in.

    None of that changes the fact Emery has failed and needs to go.

  11. Champagne Charlie

    Here’s a few sound bites from the Arsenal vs Leicester game at Emirates that we won 3-1 last season Benny.

    Hold onto your cuppa:

    “Bamford10 October 23, 2018 01:29:13
    This Leicester City team has little to nothing going for it. People need to chill on whatever praise they think we deserve for this match.”

    “Bamford10 October 23, 2018 08:46:06
    Ozil was fantastic. His best performance for Arsenal in a very long time, maybe ever. However, we now need to see him play that way regularly and against better competition…………… it’s looking more and more like Emery knows what he is doing, though again, the real tests are still to come.”

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 OH NOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂

    “gonsterous October 23, 2018 09:08:33
    ozil dominated the highlight reel that I watched. But it’s only Leicester, hope he turns up in more games and consistently“

    “WengerEagle October 22, 2018 20:55:44
    3 points are there for the taking, very average Leicester side.“

    And one last doozie from a resident player poverty advocate:

    “Paulinho October 22, 2018 21:53:17
    TR7 – I fear we are not good enough to acquire the required points against top sides to mount a title challenge, but we definitely have the squad to consistently beat everyone outside the top six. United won the league doing that a few years back so I wouldn’t completely write off a challenge“

    Wouldn’t completely write off a title challenge but we don’t have players for top 4 these days. Alright mate 😂

  12. Champagne Charlie

    Oi Pedro, fucking print the above in your post tomorrow as a side note.

    PURE COMEDY from the nuanced numpties

  13. bennydevito

    I would be absolutely ecstatic to wake up tomorrow (ok, later today now) to the news Emery has been fired and Arteta is taking the job. It would make this place a much happier place that’s for sure. Would also be interesting to see if after a while we surge up the table because it was only a manager issue, or that we continue to struggle and the Emery outers start saying we need new players.

    I think we’d play better but still need better players, especially in defence. Hopefully Saliba can hit the ground running and not be an injury problem which is looking a bit dubious at present.

  14. bennydevito


    What was the score the last time we played Leicester last season?

    28rh April 2019 – Leicester 3 Arsenal 0.

    Why don’t you go to the comments of that game on LeGrove and see what people are saying?

    9th November 2019 – Leicester 2 Arsenal 0.

    Oh dear, not looking good is it?

    Anyway, I’ve got to be up at 7am you mofos so I’ll catch you all at some point tomorrow.

    CC, Pedro, all good I hope.


  15. Pedro

    CC, case closed there.

    He who dares to spend ten minutes going through archives, wins.

    Those Bamford comments are utterly damning.

    Benny, I’m not getting defensive, I’m asking you which comments on Le Grove, about Emery, you found outlandish?

    You think Leicester are marginally better than us. I can see how you landed there, I’m just not so sure we’d be having this conversation if we had a better coach.

    That’s me out, see you in the morning…!

    … cannot believe those Bam comments. What a shocker.

    ‘This Leicester City team has little to nothing going for it. People need to chill on whatever praise they think we deserve for this match.”’

  16. Tony

    Charlie 😂😂😂😂😂
    They’ve nowhere to hide after that post.

    Look forward to reading tomorrow’s post then.

    Arteta couldn’t do worse than Emery.

    Most of us said after Emery was appointed that if he does badly, he’d be fired quickly and then he hasn’t been.

    Arteta has better players to work with now, which was my main concern if he’d initially got the job.

    I felt that as his first managerial/head coach post the squad was too poor.

    That and lack of any head coach experience, but Emery answers the latter as he has more than enough experience and still fcuked it up royally.

  17. Nelson

    I think the sudden patch of bad results and the negative fan reactions have caught the board by surprise. They had no plan B and couldn’t make a quick decision. They have to come out and give Emery support so that the team won’t fall apart. It’ll buy them some time to establish a Plan B.

    I think the board will closely examine how the players and the fans react to the current situation. They are hoping that the result is acceptable so that they can delay a decision until the January TW.

  18. Graham62

    Are Leicester better than us? Of course they are.

    Do Leicester have a better manager and set up than us? Of course they do.

    Do Leicester have better players than us? Imo, no they don’t.

    Rodgers knows what he’s doing. Emery doesn’t. Give the Arsenal squad to BR for one month and you’d see the difference. Give the Leicester squad to our “competent” manager and you’d also see the difference.

    We stand zero chance of progressing under Emery, we all know that. The thing is we now have to convince our woeful hierarchy to act.

    Easy peasy.

  19. Graham62


    Our board don’t show emotion.

    Are they “surprised” by the sudden negativity? Not really.

    They are score problem as to why we find ourselves in this mess.

    A completely useless group of lame ducks.

  20. Tee

    that was a knockout punch you gave there.

    Our resident know nothing will rather plead player poverty than admit Emery is not up to scratch.

    Can you imagine Benny saying Leicester sold their best players in kante and marez was the reason or them finishing blow us.


    Do this current Leicester squad have player(s) who are equally as good as marez and kante?

    Imo, no, but why are they suddenly punching above their weight?


  21. Tee

    A good manager will make an average player look good.

    Do Liverpool have technically sound midfielders? No, but they have a manager who devised a workable strategy that brings out the best in them.

  22. Ishola70

    Rodgers must be king of kings of all managers/coaches.

    Here he is with a great record so far in the EPL with a squad that is not even top six material.

    Rodgers is the new “Special One”

    What are Arsenal waiting for.

    Let;s nab him from this village side he is currently at.

  23. Ishola70

    “Leicester are not top 4 material you fuckin idiots lol
    Arsenal will be above them at the end of the season”

    Nah they are a midlands village side.

    Someone told me they were.

    Rodgers! Rodgers! Rodgers! Rodgers! Rodgers!

    Born is the kings of kings!

  24. Bojangles

    I’m not so sure that some posters pecial as others are making them out tohere are pleading player poverty over the poor manager so much as stating that the manager IS shit but the players or not as special as some here would have people believe.

    Nobody is just blaming the players for the shitfest we watch in the PL. Everybody is aware of Emery’s shortcomings as Arsenal head coach. How you want to interpret poster’s comments is up to you. Which of course goes for me too.

    It seems an LG peculiarity that to have an opinion different to certain posters concerning Emery, you need to append the “Emery is shit” tag else you are branded an Emery apologist.

  25. Bojangles

    Not sure what happened in the first paragraph of my last post but this “pecial as others are making them out to” somehow jumped into the middle of it.

  26. Receding Hairline

    ” It would make this place a much happier place that’s for sure. ”

    I don’t think the club makes serious footballing and economic decisions simply with a view to keeping Le grove a happy place.

  27. Tee

    Contradict yourselves, we are waiting.

    Leicester are not too 4 materials but their players are better than ours. LMAO.

    Kindly name the teams who are top 4 materials.

  28. Receding Hairline

    Stuff like Emery is a clown ( because kids make fun of a foreigner with an accent) and Emery is garbage is what makes all the criticism hard to take serious

    Not to mention the new subtle campaign to smear Raul and show Gazidis in a better light. Next we will be reading that Wenger’s failure was also Raul’s fault.

  29. Receding Hairline

    Leicester are having a good run of form, big deal.

    Norwich started well until the injuries and loss of form, we were even advised to look at their coach by some poster here because he plays “the right way”. When i read things like “i will take anyone but Emery” i know it is not a post worth taking seriously, such statements are made from a place of hatred and resentment and no clear reasoning, saying you will take anyone at this point means you simply believe all the issues can be resolved by just about anyone but Emery being in charge, that’s a fallacy.

  30. Tee

    You can laugh till eternity to cover up your thought deficiency but it doesn’t take away the fact that Rogers is presently better than your lord Emery

  31. Tee

    Last season when we were in the midst I can’t recollect if you ever said something about we having a good run of form.

    It was you and co fanning Emery in the **s and telling who cares to listen that Emery is performing.

    What has changed?

  32. Leedsgunner

    Any negotiator worth anything would tread carefully in these times.

    Raul has no choice but to publicly back Emery… especially if one is negotiating behind the scenes with a third party. After all nothing like showing your organisation is in chaos if you want to completely weaken your hand.

    However, he’s not an idiot. We need to show a strong united front so that he drive a strong deal for anyone else coming in. Players and coaches.

    It would not surprise me in the least if we have a new head coach before Christmas.

  33. Tee

    Leicester are having a good run of form coupled with electric performances.

    Whereas, last season, we were having a good run of form coupled with lacklustre, questionable and boring display.

    One poster once said the day aubameyang will stop scoring will be the beginning of our demise because he has been bailing and covering Emery’s tactical deficiencies since last season.

  34. Chitom

    Do Liverpool have technically sound midfielders? No, but they have a manager who devised a workable strategy that brings out the best in them.


    Do you honestly believe that a club can win the CL , rack up 97 PL points , repeatedly beat up on Pep’s Man City without “technically sound” midfield?

    Someone makes this sort of statement and before you know it people run with it.
    Fabinho and Wijnaldum are as technically sound as any top five Pl midfielders in their respective positions.
    Throw in Firmino who spends half the time in midfield and their technical level goes up a notch.
    Are they David Silva or KDB level? Maybe not , but who is?

  35. Tee


    I hope you are right on this. I’m beginning to loose trust in the Raul and Edu.

    I just hope they are working behind the scene to get the right coach and not another connection oriented hire like Emery

  36. Receding Hairline

    “One poster once said the day aubameyang will stop scoring will be the beginning of our demise because he has been bailing and covering Emery’s tactical deficiencies since last season.”

    Another fallacy

    Aubameyang is a striker and his job is to put away chances, literally the only thing he contributes to a football match, so him doing that isn’t bailing anyone out. Same way Kane wasn’t bailing Pochettino out all those years he was banging them in for form.

    If we were discussing a Messi who contributes assists, dribbles and generally runs a football game all by himself i would understand but we are discussing a very limited player in Aubameyang carrying the team, spare me that.

  37. Bamford10


    “Leicester are not top four material you f*ckin idiots. Arsenal will be above them at the end of the season.”

    Nah, you have this wrong, Red; you have Leicester wrong, and you have us wrong. Unless we sign a new midfielder or two in January, there is no chance we finish top four. And Leicester will be in in the hunt until the end. It will be a battle between Chelsea, United and Leicester for places 3rd and 4th.

  38. Bamford10

    It’s interesting that yesterday’s fanboy favorite Mauricio Pochettino gets so little stick or criticism here despite his having a good Spurs team in 14th place in the PL.

    Double standards?

  39. Receding Hairline

    When you spend days and hours on end blaming a man for everything bad under the sun the at some point you will start bringing up irrelevant stuffs

    Kids making fun of him at the club isn’t on him rather it’s on them and their lack of respect, what exactly have they achieved in the game to warrant making fun of Unai Emery? Nothing

    Acknowledging squad deficiencies is also not a defense of Emery

    Acknowledging poor individual performances is not a defense of Emery

    Pointing out an entitlement mentality is not a defense of Emery

    Like i said earlier the attempts to run out posters with a different view point than “Emery is shit and the cause of all things bad at Arsenal” needs to stop. I mean what exactly will be the point of the blog if all we do here is mock Unai Emery and Raul Sanhelli if one poster here has his way.

  40. Bamford10

    Hilarious that Charlie thinks my observations from October of 2018 — before Puel was fired — are somehow damning. Right, Puel didn’t have them playing well; this is why he was fired.

    No one is saying that Rodgers is not a big part of why they are doing so well. They also happen to have better PL players than us, though.

  41. Leedsgunner

    Leicester do not have better players than us… they are better organised though. A better coach, and a better vision goes a long way.