Enrique linked. Why prestige managers are generally a bad idea

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There are a lot of rumours doing the rounds that Unai Emery could be entering the ‘win or you’re out’ zone. Sarri heard rumours about a similar situation at Chelsea before the Europa League final last year and basically said, if that’s the view, fire me now, it’s no way to run the football club.

I tend to agree. Don’t sack if you don’t have a plan in the back pocket of what’s next. Also, don’t sack if the plan is terrible.

The stark reality the club are facing is this: Lose against Leicester and you will likely be 9 points behind 3rd and 4th. Not insurmountable, but certainly a huge body blow heading into the dark months of fatigue and rainy days against top 6 sides.

Raul doesn’t have the most elite taste when it comes to managers, my worry with him has always been that he’d see us as a Barca-lite. We know he’s an ego guy that mixes in high society circles. That, in my opinion, has led to a false sense of who we are. I raise that, because when you spend your time hoping to be something you are not, you make bad choices. David Luiz will cost us £40m all in, it looks good on paper, but it’s been a disaster and he’s 32. That sort of move is a high society move.

Dinner with Jose Mourinho is a bad choice. Dig into it though, why would you go to dinner with that man? Because it’s a statement about who you are. It’s star fucking. Is it good for the club? No. But it says something to people who roll those circles.

I think the backlash from most of the major Arsenal media will put an end to Jose dreams, though we can’t be sure. However, I don’t expect that to push us into the path of the sort of manager that will be good for us.

We should be looking at names that do a lot with a little, or coaches that have untapped stardust.

A manager like Lucian Favre is desperately untrendy, but he’s been all around the world and he’s working magic with a superb young cast at Dortmund. He consistently outperforms his xG, the football he plays is exciting and he’s truly a tactical master. The way he turned around that Inter game last week was something else.

He’s not trendy though. There’s nothing saucy about his resume, though he’s built for an underdog job, which is exactly what we are.

There are plenty of hip names out there that could also excite. It’s hard not to pay close attention to the work of Paulo Fonseca; the saucy Portuguese created a mini-Man City over in Donetsk, now he’s sitting in 3rd with Roma. He has style, he’s grounded in Italian football, and the Premier League would be immense for him. He also has real nice hair.

He recently lost to Marco Rose’s Monchengladbach, as you know, he’s my new dream. If you want clarity about who he is, check out his 11 principles of management. He has sauce, he took Salzburg a long way in the Europa League and he went unbeaten in Austria. Now he’s transported his heavy pressing vision of football into Monchengladbach, who are topping the German league.

It’s early days, he could go the way of Ralph H at Southampton, but his partnership with Rene Maric seems to be built on something solid and smart. Here’s some details on his tactics so far this season.

I will run a deeper analysis at some point, but my point here is that now we’re being linked to Luis Enrique. A man that rocked the treble at Barcelona, a player of extreme prestige, someone that is a high society type of guy… but would he be right for Arsenal?

I don’t think the filter of, ‘better than Unai’, is where we need to be looking. We need to be hiring in a manager that has a distinct vision of where the game is going, and we need to have someone that has an underdog mentality. That’s why I like Ralph Rangnick. That’s why Nagelsmann is impressive. Even Allegri to a certain degree was an underdog at the highest levels of European football, the Juve spend to success was impressive, they were run a little like Spurs until recently.

Can you create a competitive edge with top tier managers with with midlevel money, or does that create an imbalance? Jurgen Klopp is still out greatest miss because he was a top tier manager with a midtier mindset to creation. He had never had £200m to spend until he went to Liverpool. He was an underdog. He was the perfect manager for a rebuild. That’s what we need.

I also want to hark back to my point about vision. I know that people associate this sort of babble with hipsterism, but just as oat milk and elite couture shouldn’t be frowned at, an understanding of where the game is going shouldn’t be either. Case in point: Thiago Motta.

He caused ructions in the football world when he played a 2-7-2 in the PSG youth leagues. His belief is you take out the power and pace era by flooding the midfield. He sees the keeper as an integral part of that process. That’s advanced thinking. Here are the details.

Will this work? Who knows. But the exPSG player landed a job at Genoa and this is what he’s producing after three games (also worth checking out the quality of goals here).

So in short, the next Arsenal manager needs to be a statement of vision, not a big name because it gives the club a short hit of prestige.

Who would you hire for a replacement?


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  1. Victorious

    We didn’t have a top4 squad when Wenger had us finishing 5th and 6th

    Big difference now when it’s obvious we’re the 3rd best team in the league and we’re in distant 5th with a strong possibility of sinking further

    A blind bat can tell the manager is flunking badly and need put out of his misery.

    I bet he remain in charge till May though,nobody’s fault really arsenal is just not a serious club anymore

    Sad times

  2. Marc

    “Luis not currently managing a club makes getting him more viable financially too.”

    Same for Allegri.

    There are options out there right now.

  3. Marko

    TR7 coming from you that sounds like a ringing endorsement.

    Don I’m currently not actually arguing or engaging with anyone specifically so you’ll have to explain how I’m getting “served” you man child.

  4. TR7


    Messi, Suarez and Neymar were among the world’s best 5 players along with Iniesta and Ronaldo. Not sure any manager needed to do anything to get them smashing all the scoring records. A totally different kettle of fish to get the so called ‘ALP’ firing.

  5. Champagne Charlie

    Can someone sell Enrique to me beyond ‘better than Emery’, which I’ve little doubt he is.

    If he takes charge tomorrow what realistically will he promise, if not deliver?

  6. Marc


    You’re being a cunt.

    You are capable of comments worth a read but seem to want to be moronic.

    Wenger was a good manager who lost it. Denying history is just plain stupid.

  7. Chris

    “You’re a mong
    And if you said that to me in a pub I’d slap you and throw you out
    Like the window licker you are Now fuck off”

    Are you old enough to even be in a pub after dark?

  8. Un na naai

    Fuck the lot of you man


    Look what we’ve got now

    You foreign cunts created so much hoohaa
    You’re not even part of arsenal
    You’re not part of our country

    Was the third worlders who got us here

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Well done TR7. Correct organisation of the acronym.

    Although as Paulinho and me were saying in the summer I’m not actually sure this will work. Maybe that ‘MAP’ is a more balanced attack. At least the acronym still makes a word…the little things.

  10. Major_Jeneral

    The way Leicester are played if you swapped the managers (Rodgers and Emery). Emery will still mess things up.

    Departments that needs to be revamped regardless of going back to the basics. CMF DMF and CBs.
    They sat too, no one was marking their man. Invited pressure and could not string a number of passes to string a number of shots on target. Out of only 9 shots we had 1 shot on target. While Arsenal conceded 26 shots to the opposition with 7 on target.

    This is not acceptable anymore.

  11. Receding Hairline

    Nobody stabbed Wenger in the back, if anything he was over indulged. Don’t even know why anyone is talking about Sven either. There was nothing good in the past so stop looking back. Unai Emery not working out isn’t a victory for AKB’s

    Marc we can’t sign Ndidi neither am I suggesting we do, just bursting some of the nonsense used in defense of Torreira.

  12. Graham62


    Wenger didn’t just become a terrible manager, he also became a terrible human being.

    Emery is just a terrible manager.

    Stop drinking the lucozade and read through what you just posted.

    Rather ironic don’t you think.

    Now you know how the majority of the Arsenal fanbase felt from 2009 onwards.

    That’s right we wanted Wenger out while you sucked on your lollipop. The rest is history.

    Now you want Emery to stay to make us suffer.

    Are you still at school?

    Mindblowingly immature.

  13. Marc


    Can you guarantee me that any manager will be a success?

    A guarantee with consequences for you?

    Any appointment carries risk it’s about minimising them. I haven’t seen anyone anoint a new Messiah that doesn’t have some inherent risk.

  14. Marko

    Wank over trannies and dumb Nigerian cunt and apparently I’m under you. Don you’re all over the place as per. Not a coherent point to be had from you

  15. Paulinho

    Receding – Yep, I prefer Torreira higher up. Once he gets too deep it’s like he’s too much of a short arse to get himself high again and the team sinks back.

    During his best spell for the club he consistently making forward runs so I don’t get the narrative that’s constantly being spouted that he was solely sitting during his best spell. Do they remember the Spurs goal, the Huddersfield goal? Obviously this season he’s play high up from the off but I still prefer him using his attacking strengths as well.

    If you look back at that chance Auba ruined today by mis-controlling Luiz’s long pass, Torreira would’ve had an open goal if Auba had controlled it and laid it off to him.

  16. Marc


    You’ve either got to suggest something better than Torreira until next summer or shut up.

    We’re stuck with him and the rest of the squad for now so it’s make do or give it a fucking rest.

  17. Un na naai

    Wenger out!!!

    Wankers man
    You didn’t know what was coming
    You too Pedro
    You’re a fool.

    Be careful what you wish for mugs
    The club have issued a statement saying their support for under fire arsenal manger Unai emery


  18. Un na naai

    MarkoNovember 9, 2019 20:45:54
    Wank over trannies and dumb Nigerian cunt and apparently I’m under you. Don you’re all over the place as per. Not a coherent point to be had from you

    You’re beneath me
    That will never change
    Off you scuttle

  19. Un na naai

    RedtruthNovember 9, 2019 20:50:06
    Wenger’s been a terrible manager since 1996.
    Check his Champions league record in his first 10 years as manager…it’s terrible…

    🤡 🤡 🤡

    Go to bed retard

  20. Paulinho

    Giroud would actually be handy now with Torreira making those runs.

    At least he can actually spot and play through a runner with his back to goal.

  21. Chris

    Un. Fortunately for you it doesn’t, but judging by how you portray yourself on here you should certainly be tucked up in bed having just finished your maths homework by this time of the evening.

  22. Champagne Charlie


    No, I’m not guaranteeing anything with any hire. I just happen to think it’s better-than-likely that whoever comes in will offer more than our worst start in 37 years did someone post?

    I wasn’t clue up on Emery and thought after a superficial glance at his CV he could be good for us. But I was swept up in the new-sauce and the more I read for myself the more questions I was left with.

    So….I’m just curious what folk have to say about Enrique because he’s not on my radar personally, my views on the subject are known at this point.

  23. HillWood

    Looking forward to hear from our man on the ground Edu tomorrow to hear what the vibe from the travelling Arsenal fans was like

  24. Un na naai

    raptoraNovember 9, 2019 20:46:45
    You’ve already crossed the line with two different posters in the last 10 mins. Stop this at once

    Suck my balls dickhead
    No chance

  25. bennydevito

    Schmeichel > Leno
    Pereira > Bellerin
    Evans > Sokratis
    Soyuncu > Luiz
    Chillwell > Tierney
    Ndidi > Torreira
    Barnes > Guendouzi
    Maddison > Ozil
    Tielemans > Pepe
    Perez > Lacazette
    Vardy > Aubameyang

    Every Leicester starting player is better than ours, bar Perez and Lacazette, that’s debatable. Other than that I don’t know how it’s even a debate. And Leicester only finished below us because they were playing so bad under their sacked manager before Rogers took over.

  26. Marc


    “Fuck the lot of you man


    Look what we’ve got now

    You foreign cunts created so much hoohaa
    You’re not even part of arsenal
    You’re not part of our country

    Was the third worlders who got us here”

    I’m part of “our” country and I’m also a season ticket holder so I attend matches, something you don’t.

    I wanted Wenger out as did many others who are fans who make a difference. You can’t make the moral argument when you are just some cunt on the internet. That makes you worse than the guys in other countries – you could attend matches easily but don’t.

    I’m sure you’ll want a fight now. I’ll be in the Tolly on the 23rd for the Southampton match.

  27. Graham62

    Arsenal FC are officially a broken club.

    Who do we blame?


    Of course not. He’s just a poor example of a manager.

    All the crap was created long before he arrived.

    Sleep well Arsene, you’re a legend.

  28. Gentlebris

    Will you pls leave Wenger alone you dimwitted conniving cunts.

    You were wrong, Wenger had his faults but he was a great coach for us. I was wrong about it too but I can admit it, admit it too you wanking fuckers!

    Wenger played with Girould up front for many seasons and managed to make top 4 until his final year in 22, and let’s admit it the pressure on him in that final year could make Pep lose top 4 with City.

    That is the only thing I hate here, people hating a man so much they can’t be objective about him.

    Fuck off all of you, fuck off and go eat a stale toast with pure lime. Fuckers!

  29. Graham62

    Emery will go down as one of Arsenals worst ever managers, irrespective of the shitfest Wenger left him.

    Wenger will go down as one of our best ever managers but also as our worst ever manager. Strange right?

    He ripped the club to shreds systematically for nearly a decade.

    That’s right, he built a beautiful sparkling palace only to fudge it all up by destroying it brick by brick.

    Emery out!!

  30. TR7


    Luis Enrique was able to transform Barcelona’s style from a tiki taka system to EPL type high tempo football. Not an easy thing to do given how ingrained tiki taka is in Barca system. Besides, he has worked with Barca youth team. His playing style should suit the EPL. He has experience and his team plays good footy. He is reportedly an abrasive personality though and we don’t know what impact the death of his daughter has had on him but on paper looks a better appointment than Borinho , Arteta, Freddie and Benitez.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Luis Enrique is likely someone he has in his contacts and who he can speak with on an informal basis.

    Always thought he was likely.

    That link is starting to build now.

    Could just be lazy journalism.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    One week ago I suggested that Patrick Vieira should be made head coach.

    I have heard earlier this evening a strong rumour that Patrick Vieira may well
    be a strong candidate to take over at Arsenal.

  33. Bojangles

    FFS Un Nai, your obsession with Wenger and some of the posters here mixed with your xenophobia are making you sound borderline crazy. Calm down dude.