Don Raul: Architect of Emery disaster. What does round 2 bring?

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Don Raul has been at Arsenal for about two years now.

He has overseen the rebuild of Arsenal in the post-Wenger era.

I think it’s time to ask questions about the direction he’s taking Arsenal.

Unai Emery was his decision. The Basqueman was brought in through the back door after Ivan Gazidis lost his nerve during the recruitment process. We interviewed Unai on the 10th of May and hired him on the 18th. The interview process started on April 25th, the club knew they were firing Wenger in January. Raul, without doubt, had to act as the translator in the interview. Ivan doesn’t speak Spanish, nor does Ivan Gazidis. Together, they all agreed that they were inspired by Unai Emery.

Ivan specifically noted that no one during the process pulled out. Allegri and Rangnick were on that list. We ignored Conte, Rodger and Jardim.

Absorb how hilarious the criteria list now looks:

“We had some clear criteria that we were looking for in our selection, the first was progressive, entertaining football, a personality that fits with Arsenal’s values and also a record of developing players, in particular, young players through detailed, tactical instruction and also through cultural demands, pushing players and demanding more from them.

“Obviously all football clubs have an ongoing review process, but we looked through and analysed on the basis that every coach in the world would be interested in this position. We don’t believe there is a position in world football that is more attractive than Arsenal Football Club and having gone through that process and series of references, and a good deal of analysis, we created a long-list, an eight-person list.

The list of Emery traits is even more perplexing.

“He came in extraordinarily well-prepared, with a detailed knowledge of Arsenal Football Club. He had an analysis to share with us, not just of his ways of working and of his ways of coaching, and the team of people he works with, but he had an analysis of all of our individual players, their qualities and how he feels he can help them develop individually and collectively – in detail. Also an in-depth knowledge of our off-the-field team, and how they can contribute and how Unai’s team would mesh with them productively.

I’ve not seen much of the above come through during his tenure and we’re over 15 months in. I am going to be honest here, I’m not sure the PowerPoint Emery came in with was the visionary document our leadership team would have you believe.

Did it involve binning off Ramsey? Alienating Mesut Ozil? Playing a brand of football that has the stadium as empty as it was for the dark days of Wenger FOR A SATURDAY 3PM GAME? Did it involve Xhaka as the central figure in our midfield… etc etc.

Ivan spun us a yarn about a detailed search and select process when in reality, we made a desperate panic purchase. Even basic due diligence would have uncovered the consistent passing up of leads, a bad record with big egos, difficulty learning new languages, an inability to build defences, and a reputation for desperately negative football.

Raul must be suffering buyers remorse. He bought a Robin Reliant on Ebay after 10 beers and he’s trying to convince car experts it’s a Porsche 911.

Emery put the kids out against a very average Vitoria side yesterday and flunked the tie. Europa League football was his comfort blanket, a weekly moment we could all rely on to forget the demise of our great club, but not yesterday. We managed 1 shot on target. We conceded 15 attempts, Vitoria had 4 on target. We took our 4th lead in 4 games and gave it up.

This is not a player issue, this is a coaching standards problem. Emery actually thought the defending was good.

Watching our manager in the rain hiding under his hood reminded me of Steve McClaren with the brolly when he was the England manager. He’s beaten. I’m not sure he knows how to fix a squad that doesn’t want to respond to ideas.

It’s clear this isn’t a long term solution, but the big fear is what comes next.

Raul thought Unai Emery was a protagonist that painted beautiful football. How can we trust him with the next step, which is basically another rebuild?

He’s been with the club for 2 years now and he’s dining out with Jose Mourinho during a crisis. The rumour was denied, but that story came from The Times and was penned by a proper journalist. How can our Football CEO be so irresponsible? How can you look at Jose’s deeply noxious relationship with the club and be captivated? How can you look at the way he has crashed every club he goes to and want some of that for The Arsenal? Beggars belief… but look, this is a man that was inspired by Unai Emery.

Worse still, how can you think our owners are going to want him in our dugout? Not because Stan K cares, more because of what Jose represents to their day to day. Ivan and Arsene were given the keys to Arsenal for so many years because they understood the Kroenke’s wanted the easy life. They owners have real estate DNA. They want tenants with fat kids and boring lives. They don’t want teenagers that are causing havoc at all hours. Jose Mourinho is a noisy tenant. He’s a bad egg to start with, so the press whirlwind is going to cause them anxiety. He isn’t at the cutting edge of coaching, so the only way he can win these days is by writing cheques. He’s a wrecking ball to a carefully built club infrastructure, so he’ll be expensive to move on. His football will have the fans miserable once the ‘Special One’ sauce rubs off after 3 months.

Do you think that is the sort of manager the Kroeke’s are going to indulge?

In LA, KSE are giving chances to young coaches that are innovative and entertaining. Are they really going to sign off on the most prolific arsonist in football management?

I hope not.

That said, I’m not sure there’s a plan in the works to replace Emery.

If it’s not Jose Mourinho, it’ll have to be Freddie Ljungberg. I love the guy, but I think we could be welcoming another problem. He’s a lovable risk, but his coaching credentials are working under Unai Emery and getting relegated with Joncker in Germany. I could be totally wrong, I hope I am, but I don’t think we’re hiring our way out of this mess if we move Emery on this weekend.

Oddly, we’re almost in a position where it’s more dangerous to sack Emery.

We should be making a well thought out decision right now, one for the future, one that is backed by detailed and insightful recommendations, not moving hard on a has-been or a coach very early in his career that has already relegated a team.

Bayern Munich fired Kovac and they were linked heavily with Arsene Wenger yesterday. Rapha H, the defacto go-to on all things Bayern says he’s not on the shortlist. Point is, it’s slim pickings. Worth noting, Ralph Rangnick wouldn’t even entertain a phone call with them. That’s how tough the job market is. I also don’t think we’ll move for Allegri, he has a big financial appetite and I suspect the club passed on him for a very specific reason last time. Maybe dry football and issues with language were the sticking point? Ironic if that were the case.

We are in a disastrous position now. Big trouble awaits. We didn’t move on Emery this summer despite it being absolutely clear he was not going to drive us forward. I can have some sympathy for Edu, he’s new to Arsenal, but Raul? A few shiny transfers that have so far tanked will not gloss over his choice of Unai Emery. That’s on him. Rectifying it with Jose Mourinho will further prove out my fear that he’s not the full package we hoped for.

The mutterings I hear about current situation are not positive. Take that how you will, but I have sailed pretty close to the truth on the big narratives, I consistently hear from people close to the action that the new setup is not right.

Raul can hide behind Ivan G, but he was the football guy. He can push Edu into the mix, but he’s new. He owns the mess. He owns the PR debacle of Xhaka and Mesut Ozil. He was responsible for the Mourinho dinner.

It’s time to clean up and start delivering on fixing the mess. It’s time to craft a plan. It’s time to prove that he truly is a Don, because as it stands, he’s looking more and more like a used car salesman trying his hand at running a space agency.

Let’s see what happens next, but beware the tonic of change, it might have a nasty aftertaste.

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  1. Bojangles

    Yeah, I thought this was his favoured system when he first arrived.

    How can you play 7 different formations in 16 games and expect the players to be comfortable with that.

  2. Bamford10

    Ramsey wanted to stay, but he also wanted more money than we were prepared to pay him. Wenger left us with a bloated wage bill and the new team had to begin to correct this. This is why Ramsey was allowed to leave. Emery utilized Ramsey well when he could. If he left him out of his plans at times, this was not to marginalize him, as Pierre the Insane would have it, but to prepare for a Ramsey-less future.

  3. Bojangles


    Problem is he’ll probably play Guen and Willock sitting back and Torriera forward.

    I’m sure he’s trying to sabotage Torreira. This year he has played him out of position every time he’s been selected.

  4. Graham62


    What point? Oh yeh, now I see it.

    Give yourself a pat on the back.

    I know you like doing that.

    Remember though not to include Ozil too much in your communications. He was on the slippery slope of regression long before Emery came on the scene.

  5. Brooklyn

    4-2-3-1 is good option for us, but in that 2 we don’t have anybody athletic to press upfront and fall back should press fail(Torreira/Chambers??LOL). Should pressing fail one or both winger will need to drop back to maintain defensive shape and be able to counter at pace. Nobody except for Martinelli and Pepe(poor at help team maintain defensive shape) to an extent seems to do this.

  6. Bamford10


    “This year he has played him out of position every time he’s been selected.”

    This imply isn’t true. The 4-4-2 diamond he deployed against Wolves was the wrong decision, but he played Torreira as one of the two sides, which makes perfect sense. As for playing him in the more advanced role in a central three, you and I may think this the wrong decision, but he’s doing this because Torreira is quicker and more mobile than Ceballos or Guendouzi and because he thinks Torreira might be able to get forward in the same way that Verratti can and does. He’s not trying to “sabotage” him; he’s trying to find the right role for him. The problem in the end is that none of our midfield options are quite right, it’s all a little wrong, and it isn’t clear what the best solution is given the flawed options.

  7. Graham62

    Emery is shite. We all see that.

    Strange that the old familiar faces are congratulating themselves only now, when things are so obvious to us all.

    Where were they all those years back?

    Oh yeh, that’s right, we had to tRUST in Arsene.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Some interesting rumours this morning.

    Everything seems to indicate now, if it wasn’t certain before, that decisions on players are being taken above the manager’s head often. There is no way that Emery has said he wants Xhaka sold and I don’t believe he made the decision to strip Xhaka of the captaincy either.

    It’s the right decision though, Xhaka could well be a good player in another league but he is just totally unsuited to the EPL.

    Torreira is an interesting one. On the one hand it seems as if he’s just never settled in England and he seems a highly emotional person so that if he’s not happy it’s going to effect everything he does. On top of that he’s being played in the wrong position. Emery has preferred Xhaka as the CDM but even when he’s not playing both Guendouzi and even Willock have played deeper than Torreria when they are on the pitch together.

    I can see him wanting to leave, whether Emery is manager or not by January.

    I also agree with the comments earlier about not playing Auba and Lacazette together. The idea of ALP was enticing but as Paulinho and myself were saying at the end of the summer it likely wouldn’t be long before someone else was playing LW so Auba could play ST again. Lacazette has been crap since his return from injury and I think we have to go with Auba at ST.

    The sales of Xhaka and Torreira (if they happen) does give the club a chance to rebuild its midfield. The problem obviously is who is going to sell the type of player we want midway through the season? We should be looking at players like Ndidi, Doucoure, Grealish, Zakaria, Soumare, Sangare etc (likely 2 out of a group of players like that) and they won’t come cheap and also might not be available in January.

  9. Brooklyn

    Now that we have some good wingers lack of technical quality/movements in midfield makes me miss Wenger’s style playmaking wingers (Santi, Rocisky, Nasri, Pires and the likes)…All our wingers now are better at scoring than holding onto ball, Lol, what does that say about Nelson and Saka??

  10. Aussie Gooner

    We are in a bad way! I have to get up at ungodly hours to watch matches and to be honest I have never been so disillusioned in all my years of supporting Arsenal. Trust me I have seen some crap line ups/players over the years but the last couple of years have been so dispiriting. We are struggling against weak teams and have no organisation- the word is out that Arsenal are a pushover. We always appear to have a few less players on the pitch than the opposition! Why is this? Well I am afraid that many on Le Grove have pointed out the obvious: management – Wenger was a megalomaniac in his last few years and cared only for his own ego and Emery is simply not up to the job.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have heard at work the phrase “…but he/she interviewed well”. This is the crux of the matter – the selection process is flawed. Emery may well have had the snazziest presentation (I am sure we have all suffered from “death by power point” before) but there is little discernment regarding his ability to actually effectively manage a football team at the highest level. Do we as a club have to sink to the level he is competent to manage? Do the people managing the selection process actually have enough football nous to undertake the task of finding a suitable replacement for Emery? The concept of generic management does not apply to the management of a football team. It is almost an organic process and no amount of presentation skills, years in the job or paper qualifications can bridge this gap – you either have it or you don’t. If I was in charge of the club I would sack Emery forthwith and appoint Freddie (and support team) until the end of the season.

  11. Brooklyn

    Should we sell both Xhaka and Torreira, we will only have one defensively half decent CM in Guendouzi….we will need to buy 2 first team CM.

  12. raptora

    Bamford: “Emery utilized Ramsey well when he could. If he left him out of his plans at times, this was not to marginalize him, as Pierre the Insane would have it, but to prepare for a Ramsey-less future.”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… You’re telling me that he basically had the choice between a future with or without Champions League football and he picked the 2nd option just so we are not as relient on Ramsey next season? Not like his plan worked well anyways. But with Ramsey in our team instead on the bench, we’d be playing UCL this season.

    There was a period in the league between round 8 and round 26 where Ramsey was available. In these 19 rounds he was a used sub in 13 games, he didn’t get to play in 4 games and started a total of 2 games. Emery with yet another blunder.

    Stop defending Emery, Bamford. Just let it go. It’s beyond pathetic now.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not saying we should only that if Torreira kicks to leave we might have to.

    The better situation would be selling Xhaka in January for a decent fee (£25 Million or more) and holding onto Torreira for the rest of the season. Even if he says he wants to leave give him a promise he can in the summer and then obviously the better he plays the better the club in Italy that will come in for him (could be the difference between being stuck at Milan or having a Juventus, Inter, Roma etc after you).

    If we sold Xhaka for that amount, with rumours we’re lining up a Frankfurt CB for £22 Million I’d sooner see us take the majority of that money and just go for a big, powerful, athletic CDM/CM type player.

    Our midfield badly needs it….regardless of who is manager.

  14. Bamford10


    “decisions on players are being taken above the manager’s head”

    This is not something new; this is how it works under the new system. Sanllehi and Edu control who plays for Arsenal, who we sign and who we sell, not the manager. The manager has input, puts forward names and ideas, and has veto power if he strongly objects to something, but Sanllehi and Edu are in control of this.

    “There is no way that Emery has said he wants Xhaka sold and I don’t believe he made the decision to strip Xhaka of the captaincy either.”

    You have no idea what Emery’s opinions are/were on these matters. You committed to an unreasonable narrative about why Emery was selecting Xhaka some time ago and these assertions of yours are simply the continuation of that. If you had taken a more reasonable line on why Emery was selecting Xhaka — i.e., he saw him as a vocal leader, a warrior, a battler, a player with heart, a strong voice in the center of things — you wouldn’t have come to the unreasonable conclusions you have come to.

  15. Uwot? left out partey of possibility.speaking of come no one mentions Diego Simione anymore? Is he totally off our radar? Me.i prefer a Rogering.Brendan Rogers.

  16. Bojangles

    Barca and Real have been reported as showing interest in Auba. If they come knocking Auba will answer affirmative.

  17. bennydevito


    Ramsey was carrying knocks and injuries and was benched to spare getting a full blown injury that would have ruled him out all season. Once he was fit he played and started mist games right up to near the end of the season when surprise surprise he got injured. Again.

    The facts are the facts and your assumptions based on an Emery out agenda are just that; assumptions. Just like your continued Ozil assumptions contrary to the actual facts as stated by Emery, Mertesacker and various journalists.

    But you keep on spinning your assumptions because it’s what you do. You are a self confessed troll who keeps on trolling.

    You keep coming on and spouting lies and I will keep coming on to remind everyone of the truth, but I haven’t got time to camp on here all day long so just because I don’t reply straight away doesn’t mean I’m not answering.

  18. Words on a Blog

    Playing a diamond away against Liverpool is defensible; playing a diamond at home against Wolves isn’t.

    In both cases, and in one where we play a
    4-2-3-1 Pierre is perfectly sane in wanting
    Torreira to play as the deepest midfielder. This is where his tactical reading of the game and defensive aggression is best employed

  19. Brooklyn

    We will defo get in a CM should we sell Xhaka in January, unless management thinks this season is a forfeit..Athletic should be the theme in search for new CM but should be balanced in all aspects of midfield play..Don’t think we will go for CB mid season unless long term solution/target becomes available.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    You know I’m a big fan of Partey and I would love him here.

    I do think though we need 2 players at least in this midfield rebuild and one of them has to be an EPL player. It’s too risky paying big money for a midfield refit and having all international players when we’ve seen players like Pepe and Dani Ceballos arrive this summer (excellent players in their own right) and struggle with the league.

    If Partey did come in I’d be happy, but it would be at the expense of a Zakaria, Soumare, Sangare etc type player and with those players being younger and potentially cheaper I could see the club preferring them.

    I personally think if Torreira wants to go next summer then Ndidi is the most logical choice. Only thing is after a great campaign Leicester will want big money.

  21. bennydevito

    I just want Arsenal to hurry up and fire Emery already, then we can all moan and criticise the next guy who isn’t Wenger or Arteta, because that’s what will happen and that’s what the last 18 months have been all about.

  22. raptora

    I don’t think Auba’s going anywhere. We know best that he isn’t a complete forward. He gives you goals but he also doesn’t improve your team in many ways. I love Auba to bits, but if I consider him top, top class? I don’t. He isn’t Luiz Suarez, Lewa, Aguero or Mbappe. At the moment Barca and Real would probably look at Mbappe, Kane, Lautaro Martinez. Lewa as well if Werner goes to Bayern in the summer.

  23. bennydevito

    There’s no point buying any new players until Emery is replaced, none whatsoever. We could have a whole new 11 but as long as Emery is setting it up we will always fail.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    You could well be right.

    For me it seems as if there might be an opportunity to send Xhaka back to Monchengladbach and maybe do some kind of deal to get Zakaria in return.

    I think I’m right in saying Xhaka was a fan favourite over there and might well be welcomed back.

    If we offered Xhaka and £10-20 Million it might get it done. It’s a risk as he’s from out of the EPL but he has the profile we should want. Athletic, physical, big, good dribbler, good engine, defensively conscious etc.

  25. Bamford10


    I’d have to look at those periods of time more carefully, but please remember that I was one of the voices here saying that we needed Ramsey badly and that Emery needed to play Ramsey. I agree with you that he made a bad decision in not starting Ramsey more often when Ramsey was available.

    However, if Emery chose to go with other players because he knew that Ramsey was moving on, this wasn’t an unreasonable approach. He and Sanllehi needed to know what kind of quality they really had in the team going forward, and Emery likely believed that he had good enough options to get him to fourth. Certain people here thought he did as well. He didn’t, and he didn’t because Wenger left him a poor squad.

    And please note, I am not defending Emery. I don’t think he’s the man for us beyond May — perhaps not beyond November — and I have been saying this for a long, long time. However, some of the things that are being said here about Emery, about last season, and about this season are false, inaccurate, unfair and agenda-driven, and I and others are pushing back against those, as reasonable people should.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    I want a fucking apology from all the people who doubted what I said two games TWO GAMES into the awful reign of Emery. Pierre deserves an apology too.

    Looks like it’s taken 16 months to realise that GOH is always right. Better late than never.

    For my next prediction: it will be a white Christmas.

  27. raptora

    benny: “Ramsey was carrying knocks and injuries and was benched to spare getting a full blown injury that would have ruled him out all season. Once he was fit he played and started mist games right up to near the end of the season when surprise surprise he got injured. Again.”

    Not true. Ramsey was demoted to the Europa League squad where he started 5 games. He started both of our games in the FA Cup and started in 2 out of 3 Carabao cup games. In the meantime he started 2 out of 19 games (round 8 to round 27) in the EPL, he was used as a sub in 13 of them, and was unused sub or out of the group in the other 4 games.

    Explain me how was he carrying knocks and injuries but he was starting and completing 90 mins in the Europa League, FAC and EFL cup?


  28. Brooklyn

    Is Zakaria good enough?? I haven’t seen him play except for YouTube’s video….There seem to be lot’s of these kind of player at French league, only good at tackling and using their frame to take the ball upfield but do nothing useful with it…Nor do they have defensive tactical acumen other than putting their bodies about….These kinds of player can be brought for cheap at young age and hope they improve their overall play….

  29. guest man aka WW

    I agree with bamford when he argues that ramsey was a casualty of the change in free flowing crazy wages into a more reasonable policy.
    However Emerys seemingly hopeless communication then (and now not much better), meant negotiations were probably black and white.
    Ramsey should have been clearly told, ozils wages were a freak event made by a senile roll-over manager unable to take a firm stance.
    Ramsey felt he was as valuable as ozil…he was….personally I always felt ramsey was more effective.
    His wages were offered as a correct valuation…ozils were a total laughable waste.
    This point probably wasn’t made to ramsey.

  30. Guns of Hackney

    Why is anyone talking about the shithouse, Ramsay?

    He’s tanking at a proper club.

    …and he wasn’t great for our jokers.

    This might be the only thing I’ll give Emery credit for.

  31. raptora

    The Ramsey situation was Emery being a dimwit yet again.

    Like this season when he’s not playing Tierney, Bellerin, Holding in the EPL after they’ve been back from injuries for almost 2 months. 2 fkin months.

    Like when he was picking AMN for our RB until AMN completely shat the bed so he had to change him, when it was obvious from day 1 that AMN is a bad RB. Chambers had to come in as a sub and score a goal in our late win vs Aston Vila, after AMN had left us with 10 men. We actually played better without AMN on the pitch even though we were with 10 men. Emery couldn’t see the way beforehand, obviously he had to luck it out.

    Like when Xhaka is/was the first name on his teamsheet even though the whole fanbase knows he’s shit.

    Like when he decided to force upon this squad of players the idea to play out from the back. And we still look like Sunday League team when we try to do it, year and a half after he became our manager.

    I could go on forever.

  32. guest man aka WW

    Captain of wales…and wales reached the semis a few years back.
    Its only opinion at the end of the day….
    some players are injury prone…doesn’t make them less gifted when they play.

  33. Guns of Hackney


    Are we at Leicester? If so, 3-1 to them.

    At home we might lose 3-2.

    I can’t see us having enough to beat a really good side. They are back to where they were when they won the league. Galvanised. Tight. Tidy. Sensible.

    Basic stuff.

  34. guest man aka WW

    I agree,,, I would say the premier league has a habit of sorting the men from the boys in all areas. Emery has found the prem to be a hard unforgiving beast he hasn’t a hope in hell of taming.

  35. CG

    G of H

    “””””I want a fucking apology from all the people who doubted what I said two games TWO GAMES into the awful reign….””

    I am surprised a man of your streetwise-ness it took so long.,

    Two games! (2!)
    (Must be the veggie diet), Guns!

    took me 2 minutes to suss this blagger out!
    Blaggers ten a penny in Espana.

    Ask Spanish Dave.
    He Knows.

    And we don’t want another ugly, scruffy, useless, dopey looser Spaniard* in charge either.

    Benitez or Arteta aside- they are Anglo sized Spaniards!


    * although they are the most enchanting of people.
    Delightfully docile.


  36. Guns of Hackney


    You are so wrong. Being injury prone absolutely inhibits the players ability to every hit the peaks that a fitter player can.

    Ronaldo and Messi have scored 1000 goals between them. Apart from ludicrous talent, they also stay fit. They wouldn’t have got close to that total if they were injured, and therefore would not have won 10 ballon dors.

    Fitness is needed to be a talent. It just is.

  37. raptora

    I wonder who would be worth keeping from our midfield. Guen cause he’s young and might become really good. Then who else? Would Torreira fit in ideal starting lineup partnered with some bigger dude? I actually don’t know how good our players really are. If we judge from the shitfest that Emeryball is, none of them belongs to a club with any even remote hopes of challenging for the title.

  38. guest man aka WW

    yes guns,,,saw them last season beat us 3-0….I was so fcked off…(I predicted we’d lose 3-1)
    They really have that old style british bulldog scrapping mentality.
    arsenal with adams and co. had that in times change.

  39. Guns of Hackney


    So you dig the Spanish then? My maternal grandfather fought Franco back in the war…

    I also deplore their continued use of bullfighting. Horrific.

    Barcelona was full of pick pockets. And the beach wasn’t a beach.

    I’m meh about Spain.

    Great managers though except our one.

  40. CG

    G of H

    Apart from Picasso – and maybe the tennis player Nadal – I cant think of any renown ones.

    Benitez/ Cesc/ Hector – all schooled in England for a length of time- they are Ok.

    frankly- they are most damp squib of people – I have observed.

    Nice But No Good.

    The point I was trying to make – we don’t want another Looser and Raul’ s mate Enrique in charge when this useless Spaniard Emery goes.

    Thats all.
    No more Spanish Dung!


  41. Graham62


    “took me 2 minutes to suss the blagger out”

    Good for you CG.

    How long did it take you to suss Wenger out?

    You and Pierre must be joined at the hip.

    “We are so good, we saw how bad Emery was from day one”


  42. Bamford10


    Except that very few of those criticisms are good or legitimate ones. As much as we want to have Bellerin and Tierney in the PL XI, not rushing them back is intelligent, not “dim witted”. As for Holding, he has yet to look up to it, so I don’t think Emery is wrong not to have gone with him in the PL yet.

    As for AMN, sure, he’s a poor defender, but who was Emery supposed to select? Last season he had no other options, and this season he has only Chambers. Chambers is a better player and a better defender, but he’s not a genuine RB as he lacks the pace for it. Emery thought AMN could do a job for him. He couldn’t. Emery moved on to Chambers.

    As for Xhaka, yes, I agree that selecting him continually was a mistake. But did Emery have reason to think he needed Xhaka in the XI? Yes. As I’ve said, Emery viewed Xhaka as a solid, £35m, international-quality vocal leader and warrior in central midfield, just as Xhaka’s Arsenal teammates did. He was wrong not to see that Xhaka’s negatives outweigh his positives, but this mistake is not quite the obvious and egregious one some make it out to be.

    As for playing out of the back, this is something nearly all of the top clubs are doing. Emery is trying to play like a top club and is working on the assumption that his players are good enough to play this way. Sadly, he is probably wrong about this second bit.

    Your comments actually provide a good example of what I was talking about above, i.e., while it may be the case that Emery is not the man for the job, not every claim made against him here is a fair or accurate one.

  43. Pierre

    “Benny, Explain me how was he carrying knocks and injuries but he was starting and completing 90 mins in the Europa League, FAC and EFL cup?”

    Yes Benny, try and explain your way out of that after calling me a liar.

    Looks like I was correct Benny, doesn’t it?

  44. Bamford10


    “I wonder who would be worth keeping from our midfield.”

    One cannot say something like this and not at the same time acknowledge that “player poverty” is one of the principal reasons we have struggled when we have struggled.

    And we’re just as weak if not weaker in central defense, by the way.

  45. CG

    As for the bullfighting

    totally agree,

    What sort of people go and watch that naked cruelty and barbarism- and take the family??

    And Pamplona Bull ring?

    Chasing bulls down a street?

    Who chases BULLS down the street.?

    every other nation- chases BALLS down the street!

    backward people… if you ask me

    No more Spaniards at The Arsenal- for those crimes alone!

    Am i right or am I right?

  46. Bamford10

    Charlie Nicholas thinks Emery should drop Guendouzi for Leicester and play Torreira and Maitland-Niles together as the midfield base.

  47. raptora

    Your response was like I’m listening to a politician – talk a lot of words and say nothing.

    I know that you know you’re extremely wrong about Emery. You just got stuck in a situation where you’ve supported Emery for far too long and with far too much conviction in your rightness, that now when you can clearly see that Emery is a rotten apple that basically fks up every decision he has to make, and is not doing even close to good enough job at Arsenal, you are more willing to twist and turn, squirm and wriggle, but not admit the obvious – you were too vocal celebrating when things were going okay, but when the dust settled you were wrong. 100% wrong that is. And it’s okay cause everyone gets a lot of things wrong. It’s just that your mouth is bigger than the mouth of most people. You are a dogmatist, and more often than not – clueless.

  48. HighburyLegend

    There’s a rumour about Barcelona, maybe interested in buying PEA….
    If it’s true, I would go there asap if I was him.

  49. DigitalBob

    HighburyLegend – Would you? The way Messi and his friends have frozen out Griezmann is disgusting. What’s to say Auba won’t be treated the same way?

  50. Bamford10

    Jesus Christ. Talking to some people here is as useful as talking to a wall.

    Highbury – In no way, shape or form am I “pro-Emery,” nor have I said a single thing here that is “pro-Emery”. Pushing back against this or that unfair or bogus criticism is not the same thing as being “pro-Emery”.

    Raptora – Nothing you’ve said there addresses the points I’ve made, and nothing you’ve said there is accurate. I am not making these arguments because of my own situation in the Le Grove argument mix; I am making these arguments because I believe they are correct.

    Now, please deal with the specific arguments I’ve made. I made five different arguments above to you: one about Tierney and Bellerin; one about AMN; one about Xhaka; one about playing out of the back; and one about the question of “player poverty”. You have dealt with none of these. Please do so, or please instead admit that you have no counter-arguments to any of these and that I have made good and reasonable points.

  51. guest man aka WW

    Bamford plays a lot of devils advocate..i don’t see him supporting Emery,,,he just hasn’t got the vitriol in shed loads for emery…
    He seems like the handbrake on the runaway kill emery express train. haha

  52. raptora

    Imo Auba would not fit the Barca criteria and Suarez is a better footballer in every aspect than him. Where would he play?

    Wonder if Isco would be ideal for the #10 role?

  53. guest man aka WW

    @ CG.. BULLFIGHTING??? no place for that in any civilised society.
    An absurd spectacle, its only saving grace is when the bull spears the antagonist.
    Id have a beer on that.
    we haven’t mentioned that

  54. CG


    “””””This guy is terrible. Why anyone wanted him back is beyond me.””””””

    So the Spanish Can terrorize Animals for sadistic pleasure
    and yet – you are more concerned about me slating this nation that still engages in this horror.

    free speech clearly aint the name of the game at your university.

    you are a pompous, idiotic looser who knows nowt about soccer.

  55. guest man aka WW

    Norwegians and the japs slaughter whales
    Vietnamese eat dogs
    its everywhere mate..
    its a really sad indictment of so-called human nature
    I’m with you in your beliefs

  56. DigitalBob

    raptora – Isco would be great for us if we didnt already have Ozil in that #10 role. Much like Ozil he’d be a passenger on defense.

  57. Spanishdave

    So right CG
    The Spaniards will tell you want you want to hear , then deny it later.
    Spain is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and that’s saying something.
    We too many of them in or club .Its to cosy.

  58. Bamford10


    “No more Spaniards at The Arsenal- for those crimes alone!”

    Allow me to point out the obvious: the remark above is prejudiced, chauvinist, jingoistic nonsense and it has no place at Arsenal Football Club. My opinion of bullfighting is irrelevant here. Hector Bellerin is Spanish; Raul Sanllehi is Spanish; Unai Emery is Spanish. These are decent, hard-working men. Your views are basically racist but in a nationalist way. They are backwards and reactionary. Sorry.

  59. DigitalBob

    Could we be facing another exodus over the next couple of transfer windows?

    According to the papers its looking like we may lose LT this January if Emery doesn’t start playing him correctly. Although he may be using it as an excuse to move on as I don’t think he’s truly settled in England.

    Xhaka has to leave in January so we may get upwards of £70-£80 million for the pair.

    Hopefully Mkhi and Elneny secure permanent moves in the summer. Then you’ve got Laca and Auba stalling over contracts!

    The new manager might have a hefty transfer budget……………

  60. guest man aka WW

    you have a point. Bullfighting is a sad part of a traditional culture..
    Not all Spaniards are bloodthirsty BRUTAL callous psychopathic cnuts. (is that what you were really saying?)

  61. Leedsgunner

    Hopefully if Xhaka is sold Torreira will be played in his natural and strongest position.

    Never could understand the fascination with Xhaka for both Wenger and Emery… he was a decent passer and he did have a great shot on him that he unleashed from time to time but too slow in every way for the EPL.

  62. raptora

    Tierney and Bellerin have been playing full 90 mins for 50 days now. Not in the Premier League though. It’s okay for them to play 90 mins in the Europa League and League Cup for more than a month now, but god forbid they play in the Premier League?! I call bollocks.

    What about AMN? That he had the whole summer to test Chambers as a right back and see the blatantly obvious – that Chambers is much better in defending side of the game and better in the offensive side of the game. In game 1 we got a clean sheet with Chambers playing very well vs Newcastle as a CB. Afterwards he benched Chambers for 5 games and it wasn’t until AMN got redcarded and we needed another RB that he was given a chance in that area. I would have guessed that a competent coach would have seen the obvious in 2 months of training. Bloody Le Grove could see that, but not Emery. Good grief.

    Re Xhaka. It’s Xhaka’s 4th season with us. We know him way too well. Emery had a presentation with a profile of every player. He was his manager to him for 1 full season. Season 2 starts and Xhaka is the first name on the team sheet. First name. Not only but he names him the captain. It was obvious that Emery would do that because he was talking about Xhaka having captain qualities for a very long time. Do you remember the uproar that this decision was accompanied by from the whole Arsenal fanbase?! 99% of the fans know that Xhaka does not play well for our team. We don’t want him. But Emery decides to build his team around him?! How is that understandable Bamford? “warrior in central midfield” you say?! You’re talking like Emery is an outsider who saw Xhaka’s youtube video and was like “OMG 35m midfield player, I dig his long balls”… He’s been his manager for over a year. And he still decided to put his whole trust and build his team, out of any other player in the team, around exactly the bloody Swiss. Come on! Give it a rest.

    As for playing out the back: 1. You either master it or you shouldn’t even try it; 2. Even if decide to play this way, when you see that the opponent team is pressing your defenders around the penalty box, in anticipation to cut your passes 10 metres away of almost empty goal, then fuck me – isn’t it suicidal not to kick the bloody ball forward and get on with it?!?!

  63. Champagne charlie

    I’ve never met anyone so self-adulating, its a chorus of ‘I make good and reasonable arguments’ and ‘you dont see very well……not reasonable’.

    You genuinely have this bizarre founding father notion on here that only adds to your self-importance and readiness to offer up who should or shouldn’t be posting here. Stick to football, you struggle enough there as is.

  64. DigitalBob

    Leedsgunner – I know same here. I thought he was meant to be a bit like Xabi Alonso, spraying passes all over the pitch from that deep role. Then Wenger started that weird box to box talk when he realised Xhaka couldn’t tackle.

    I actually thought Emery would see he was a liability last summer but the man went and made him his first choice midfielder. It was a baffling move and as we can see a real knock his management so far.

  65. guest man aka WW

    Xhaka is a liability. He is like a decent average car that can get you from A to B in sunny weather, but when it rains hard or snows or sits in traffic the car malfunctions. (under stress)

  66. Spanishdave

    Torreira to me has never looked happy, most South American players go to Italy and Spain where the culture is similar .
    Hopefully Martinelli will fare better

  67. Batistuta

    He’s boxed himself in a corner and feels if he backtracks now, he’d be mocked i think? I mean we all gave the manager the benefit of doubt last season, made evey possible excuse on earth for him but it’s very okay to hold your hand up and say look, I got this one wrong guys and move on… You’re literally the only one on any platform i visit who still defends the manager or makes excuses for him and that in itself is just weird or like i said trolling

  68. Nelson

    I find Ceballos has the mentality to play in the EPL. He has a fighting spirit. He also actively makes himself available to support the teammates.

    Pepe not so much. He is very passive. He is not actively trying to get involved. His back tracking is also weak. No doubt he is naturally gifted. I find him too one dimensional.

  69. Bob N16

    SpanishDave, you seem down on the Spanish but your name suggests you’re connected in some way. Care to explain?

  70. Valentin

    PEA is a Real Madrid fan. He promised to his dying grand father he would play for them. So doubtful he would join Barcelona when he still has a possibility to join Real Madrid. Real Madrid would take him on the cheap next summer or on a free the summer after next.

    Even if you exclude the sentiment, I can’t see him agreeing to go to Barcelona. He is not a good fit for them. Suarez fights for every ball and put enormous pressure on the defense. Aubameyang would just stand out by his unwillingness to do that donkey work.
    On a personnel level, if you don’t accept to be subservient to Messi, you are out of the club. I can’t see the flamboyant Aubameyang not outshining Messi and causing a stir in the camp.

    Real Madrid would be perfect for him. He would be able to finish all the occasion that Vinicius and Rodrygo would carve for the team.

  71. Bob N16

    Bamford, can you not accept the possibility that Torreira’s best position is DM?
    We could then play 4-1-2-3 for example. Just because Emery hasn’t chosen this option, it doesn’t mean it might not be the best solution.

    This idea that Torreira is best as a box-to-box CM hasn’t got a lot of evidence to back it up. On the other hand, this time last year many of us were excited that we had the DM that we’d been hoping to sign for years.

    I’m not suggesting Emery is clueless but he does make some mystifying decisions which you yourself have acknowledged.

  72. bennydevito


    Ramsey made 28 appearances last season in the league alone, 14 as sub so a 50 50 split, and was injured for the last 5 premier league games so this marginalised fantasy bollocks is exactly that; bollocks.

    Total load of anti Emery nutsack.

  73. Spanishdave

    I have worked and lived there for 8 years and had a holiday home for thirty years.
    I was a project manager for large food producing factories and I built the first world class facility ever built in Spain.
    They are very difficult people to deal with . Their construction standards are very poor, and they will cheat and cut corners at every opportunity.
    The younger well educated Spaniards are much better as they travel for part of their education, it’s the older ones, Franco’s boys that are very difficult to deal with, and unfortunately they still run the country.

  74. Words on a Blog


    “Your views are basically racist but in a nationalist way….”

    I think the word you’re looking for is “xenophobic”.

  75. Edu me a favour

    Instead of trying to find the right role for Torreira, how about emery plays him in the role he played in when we scouted him ? I can’t get my head around scouting a player of tor’s age who has been a starter for his club in that position , and then bringing him to Arsenal and then ‘trying to find the right role ‘ for him ? Just play the man a the position he excels in – would solve a lot of problems

  76. Valentin


    Are you attempting to correct Harvard resident genius on English as well after doing it in Football?
    How dare you! Don’t you know that he has studied English all his life and that he has reached the same level of knowledge and understanding than in Football?

  77. guest man aka WW

    wenger and Bayern munich….10-2
    The spankers want the spankee?
    haha… the 10-2 man must have some redeeming qualities…
    perhaps theyre going down the tubes and want wenger to oversee a gentle decline.
    oh did I fail to mention 10-2 …that was a duo of 5-1 defeats.

  78. Batistuta

    Plenty to beat the manager with, not sure keeping Ramsey is one of them….Inconsistent, injury prone and not worth the amount it was quoted he wanted, not after the Ozil thing.

  79. Words on a Blog


    I must confess that I am indeed trying to correct him……that must be because I have an agenda…….

  80. China1

    Ramsey wanted 300 odd k a week which is miles above what we should be paying for a player who is injury prone, and is good but not world class

  81. Alexanderhenry

    Its all very tetchy on here today.
    A lot of people seem far too concerned with appearing to be right about things.

    I thought Emery was looking decent for arsenal going into this season- not the best but capable of taking us forward at least.
    I was also happy about us signing David Luis.

    Well, I was wrong on both counts.
    Do I care that others predicted that Emery would fail? Do I think that those people have some kind of special wisdom on all things football related?
    No, it’s a 50/50 bet when a manager comes in.
    He made a good start, so I backed him initially. Others didn’t. So fucking what.

    Anyway, as I’ve said previously, arsenal need action and fast. We’ve got Sahlehi, Edu, Josh and a whole bunch of new backroom staff.

    Let’s see how they react.

  82. salparadisenyc

    Ramsay interesting where Emery is concerned because it signals the beginning of realizing for some that Unai wasn’t up to the task of leading the Arsenal forward. There was a stubbornness that took precedence over performance. A red flag moment, with so many others to follow that over time have turned the entire fan base against him barring the core Emeryites, who have more interest in personal view than the club itself.

  83. guest man aka WW

    @ graham 62,,,
    happy to be corrected and my point strengthened even more,
    Even happier to laugh even more loudly at the “kings clothes” style imagery that surrounds wenger when a kindred spirit provides more ammunition.

  84. Words on a Blog

    We are now supposed to have a modern club structure where the senior management set the club’s football ethos and targets and managers are theoretically easily disposed of and replaced if they fail.

    If we lose against Leicester on Saturday, and Chelsea win at home, which the bookmakers say is the most probable scenario, we will be 9 points adrift of Leicester and Chelsea and the top 4. The case for Emery to go would then be rock solid.

    Let’s see if the new structure at Arsenal has solid foundations or is just a cosmetically beautiful house of cards.

  85. Words on a Blog

    Having said that, knowing Emery and Arsenal, we could just prove the bookies wrong and snatch a win at Leicester!

  86. Ray in LA

    There’s an interesting article in The Athletic today regarding Rogers and Leicester’s training

    Apparently, they play a game where they get points for passing between mannequins…perfect practice for penetrating our defense 🙂

  87. salparadisenyc


    As things stand the case is already rock solid regardless of results. If the powers that be can’t sense that at this moment I truly fear for this club until there gone.

  88. Words on a Blog


    Don’t disagree, it’s just that the timetable pressure to bring in a replacement would be reduced, and Raul and Edu are then (theoretically) less likely to make a mistake with whoever comes next.

  89. Nelson

    Sometimes you just don’t know what Emery is thinking. It was a cup game and he played three at the back. Isn’t Kola perfect to play wing back. Instead, he played Tierney the full 90 mins. He also played Pepe the full 90 mins. Most likely, we won’t have Pepe and Tierney for tomorrow’s EPL game.

  90. salparadisenyc


    Have to think the decision has been made and it’s in motion now. Fear is that nothing has been decided with zero contingency plan. If that’s the case season very in jeopardy and those above line very deserving of one another.

  91. Micheal

    Xhaka says he will not play tomorrow – even if he were selected. He told Emery that he “can’t play” whch is something most of us had spotted.

  92. Marko

    Ramsay interesting where Emery is concerned because it signals the beginning of realizing for some that Unai wasn’t up to the task of leading the Arsenal forward.

    Again this is where I feel people go off track with regards to Emery and start down really nonsense fabricated criticisms that they don’t need to do because there’s plenty of genuine criticisms that one could direct towards the man. Ramsey situation isn’t one of them. We needed to get the wage bill down and we pulled the contract for just that reason. Any signals and realizing on Ramsey’s part is nonsense because we pulled the contract/he “wanted to stay” and most importantly it was out of the managers hands. Again utterly useless manager who needs to go asap but let’s not start making up shit and flinging it at him.

  93. Marko

    Xhaka says he will not play tomorrow – even if he were selected. He told Emery that he “can’t play” whch is something most of us had spotted.

    Lol. Ah no but seriously what a wank player. Really the ending of his arsenal career is very befitting it as a whole.

  94. raptora

    I’m with you. I thought Emery would be good enough manager to take us to top 3 even before this season started. I gave him time in the first season. You couldn’t tell the difference between some of Bamford’s opinion now and mine in last season.

    But it’s his 2nd year now. We’re 3 months deep in the season. Since August he’s made a lot of mistakes. A lot. It takes a lot of effort to physically type or say all the things he’s managed to mess up.

    Biggest critique I have towards him is that he just doesn’t seem to progress and instead have regressed. It shouldn’t be okay for a manager to have a worse 2nd managerial year with all things considered the club actually strengthened in the Summer. We got a super expensive winger, a potentially top class LB, highly rated CM/CAM coming from the world’s most revered team. Yet we’ve been playing worse than I can remember. It’s against the normal way of step by step climbing the ladder. It’s 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards. He doesn’t learn, his team don’t know what they are doing and he doesn’t have a blueprint of a game plan to follow. Emeryball is nonexistent. It’s a farce. And he has to go for it.

    I’m not saying I knew that Emery is gash all along. Exactly the opposite. I was one of his defenders. But you have to have the self-awareness and also some form of football and human understanding to call things the way you see them as they change.

    It’s Emery’s 2nd year in charge. No more 1st year excuses. The club did well enough in the Summer to help Emery to improve our play. Instead we look like a newly formed team. Nobody knows what their job on the pitch is. We haven’t dominated a game in the EPL in 11 games. We have not won by 2 goals or more in the Prem. Not once! Our style and game plan is anti football. It’s a mess. It’s ugly and we are shit in literally every phase of the game. We are not dangerous enough in attack. We basically don’t have a midfield. Our defending is pathetic. If there are 8 people “defending” vs 2 opponents, the 2 opponents will score. We haven’t been clearly the better team. Our wins are scrappy. There is no visible pattern on how Emery imagines to make us a top team. It’s going downhill and he has to pay the consequences.

  95. salparadisenyc


    You, I and others went down this rabbit hole last year played out every potential angle. The character traits that made those decisions that were highlighted at the time carried over into many other questionable managerial decisions. It’s a dead argument now with a busted manager running the show into the ground on a consistent decline. A decline that carried over from last season.

  96. Marko

    Emery says Leicester is a must win game. Yeah no fucking shit. Imagine that though early November and 11/12 games into the season and we are already into must win territory. Literally no other club in the league is thinking that that they need to win this weekend for anything be it relegation or championship aspirations or anything except us.

    And he’s fucking right because I see him bipped during the international break. Dunno if they do it a couple hours after the game itself or the next morning but he’s going

  97. Words on a Blog


    I doubt whether Xhaka would venture to the frozen Northern Geordie Football Tundra that is Newcastle Fc.

  98. raptora

    what I was saying about Ramsey wasn’t about we letting him go. It’s about Ramsey showing that he is a role model professional and that when he was used properly we were a better team with him than without him. What was the problem for Emery to play him in the EPL instead of the Cup games and collect the profit by qualifying for the UCL, then tell him goodbye and thank you? It’s not connected and it showed because when Ramsey played he showed he was giving his all to the last moment of his Arsenal career. So why Emery marginalized him and decided against starting him in a streak running from October to February where he started 2 EPL games, but also started 9 Cup games and was an “impact sub” in the EPL? 4 months of the season! It’s Emery being Emery. Error-ridden manager.

  99. bennydevito

    There are no Emeryites, not one. No one is clinging to the rhetoric of Emery knows best like the fucktard AKBs were for 10 years with Wenger, nobody.

    We all agree Emery needs to go, just some of us aren’t making up lies against him, using him to whitewash Wenger’s gross incompetence or making needless racist attacks against him and the Spanish in general.

    Emeryites, Emery Ultras or EKBs are a complete nonsense work of fiction being deployed by mainly AKBs trying to rewrite history.

  100. Words on a Blog


    My views on Emery, and how they have evolved, are pretty much identical to yours.

    With the squad he has had at his disposal this season, we should be nailed on for 3rd. Instead, we’ve seen mistake after mistake, random and puzzling changes of formation, and ugly football.

    Time for him to go.

  101. Marko

    Sal I’m not disagreeing with you on that I’m trying to say any and all criticisms that aren’t his fault that he gets blamed on is still unfair despite him being a poor appointment. We had him being blamed for the poorer signings yesterday him being blamed for players getting injured and now it’s his fault for Ramsey leaving? Come on man blame the fella for not having a clue how to put together a starting 11 or how to get them to string together a few passes in the oppositions half but let’s not blame him for something that was beyond him. That shits a slippery slope my friend.

  102. China1

    Marko I think it’d be in the days following. Might be below ‘classenal’ standards to pack him on the first flight back to Spain when the whistle blows

  103. Valentin

    When Emery started, his new training regime was seen fresh,new, inventive, but now it seems that they were just more organised and varied that Wenger’s, but not more effective.

    Since his arrival, even the training sessions have been a steady decline. Initially the U21 was used during training session to replicate the opposition and prepare for games. Players used to love that approach. Nobody knows why Emery abandoned that idea.

    They used to have training session where specific situations such as starting from back, avoiding pressing were worked on. That as well has been abandoned. It is very odd because every upcoming coach is now converting to transitional training.

  104. Words on a Blog


    (Belated) welcome back.

    I appreciate your attempt to be fair in not describing every problem under the sun as being the fault of Emery.

    He is definitely responsible for global warming, and most probably is not responsible for Ramsey leaving.

    But it’s probably worth saving your energy trying to counterevery new accusation.

    He’s got Arsenal playing poor football, he’s falling behind in the race for top 4. Therefore he should go.

    All the rest is noise. Irritating, yes, but ultimately meaningless.

  105. Marko

    Rap I’ll be honest I wasn’t really looking at what you were saying re Ramsey I was just responding to Sal. But as for Ramsey being sparingly used last season again not an excuse but that shit usually happens to people who refuse/run down contracts or people that they club want to sell and therefore it’s somewhat understandable. Spurs are doing it right now with Erikson. I remember last December and January Ramsey barely played at all because there was a chance he could have gone. Again understandable. I’ll be honest with you I personally wanted him gone years ago like Wilshere because I felt that they weren’t good enough for where we needed to be and they were here long enough but at the same time he played well last season more or less but still I get the club letting him go. What I don’t like though is this whole woe is me we messed up big time Aaron Ramsey was an angel in all this and we should have kept him nonsense. His previous contract offer with us was 2012 and since then he didn’t sign one single offer and one would imagine there was a few. And then it got to the point where no one tried to buy him and then he thought about our final offer but by that time we were fucked off and I absolutely get pulling it.

    I’d much rather we moved on from these types of players instead of rehashing things

  106. Marko

    Might be below ‘classenal’ standards to pack him on the first flight back to Spain when the whistle blows

    No lie I was half expecting to see it streaming across the bottom of SSN in yellow straight after some of the recent games “Arsenal sack Unai Emery”. Things were that bad.

  107. Champagne Charlie

    “Emeryites, Emery Ultras or EKBs are a complete nonsense work of fiction being deployed by mainly AKBs trying to rewrite history.“

    The irony of this statement is something else.

    I keep hearing about AKBs on here and the like, why not name the apparent? Just seems a throwback insult with absolutely no basis.

    Those who have been called “EKB” or similar have been done so ironically, based on the very clear and obvious comparisons that can be drawn against your AKB lot.

  108. Dream10

    As long as we’re in the Europa, Emery won’t be sacked. I’m not a big believer in this new Arsenal executive structure. A lot of waffle even without Gazidis

  109. Marko

    But it’s probably worth saving your energy trying to counterevery new accusation.

    You are probably right words but I feel like you see the world these days and falsehoods and fabrications and outright lies aren’t getting enough push back and that’s a dangerous slippery slope. I let a lot of it go though certain types fuck it let it go cause there’s no talking to them some of them are literally too stupid to engage with but Sal and Rap you can probably have a discussion and find some common ground to cunt each other off on

  110. salparadisenyc


    It was about banning his best out of the side, no ones arguing Emery didn’t inherit a shed load of issues. It’s how he dealt with those issues and the carry over that created. The writing was on the wall so long ago.

  111. Dream10

    Thoughts on Abdou Diallo guys? He was on the list of possible CBs when Sokratis was signed. He is fast and aggressive, but has looked better at LB to me. We need LB cover with the club trying to protect Tierney in the early part of the season

  112. Nelson

    Guen is full of energy. One aspect of his game that needs to be improved is one time passing. That’s important to have a fluid midfield. Guen likes to carry the ball sideways before passing. It slows down the game. There is no double passing. He ends up having to do everything alone.

    Arsenal currently has a few up and coming youngsters who play midfield and attack. They have energy and good spirit. They need an experienced player to show them how to play with more control and more efficiently together. Ozil should be given the task to provide on field coaching.

  113. Luteo Guenreira

    Bamford saying he’s not pro-Emery after all this with his bullshit semantics is about the equivalent of a guy who’s been found with a cock in his mouth and one more in each hand saying he’s only a little bit gay.

  114. Marko

    Sal again I can only tell you look at what we’re doing with Mustafi look at what Spurs are doing with Erikson or United with Matic or what Zidane wanted to do with Bale earlier in the season or what PSG are doing with Kurzawa. That happens with players that aren’t wanted or who refuse or run down their contracts. Agree about the writing on the wall part but those other things just seem like fairly generic obvious responses in football.

  115. raptora

    I get your stance re Ramsey. It’s for the better that he didn’t sign the extension. We couldn’t afford him after the massive Ozil debacle.

    It’s important now to get our midfield somewhat functional. I still feel like a midfield trio of Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos could do a lot of things well. To me it looks like the obvious midfield from the choices we have. Start these 3 in the EPL for 5-6 games in a row and draw conclusions afterwards on if there is a potential in there or not.

    In defence I’d move Sokratis out of the starting 11 for either Holding, Chambers or Mustafi. Bellerin and Tierney obviously on the sides, with Luiz the CB I rate the most of the bunch.

    In attack it’s a mess. Pepe has to play. Auba has to play. Is there any way to look good playing both Auba and Laca? If not, then who’s the LW? Martinelli, Saka, Nelson, even Ceballos was used there.

    So many unanswered questions and that’s one of the reasons that Emery needs to go. He couldn’t fix any problems. Yes, squad is not perfect, but it’s more than good enough to work with.

    Which manager can we even sign so early in the season? Probably Freddie interim manager until the winter is on the cards.

  116. Marko

    Reports are out there of a meeting with Enrique. Allegri might be too expensive or demanding. I’ve got my personal preference but I’ve a feeling that if it’s not one of Enrique or Allegri they might just give it to Marcelino. Again I’d prefer others but I can get behind one of those 3

  117. salparadisenyc

    Bamford is far more interested in being right and telling everyone about that than actually taking on board the realities, damage that reality is inflicting with all potential knock on effects.

    One gets the feeling the dude would be pleased to see club relegated sos long as he called it.

  118. Marko

    Sal he’s got two separate bets on with people that United will finish above us so that he can be right about waxing Ole’s pole so much. Now with that in mind are you telling me that he’s not crossing all his fingers and toes and praying to every god under the sun that that happens? I bet he is

  119. Words on a Blog


    Bamford is quids in if Man U finish ahead of us.

    CG is quids in if Watford finish ahead of us.

    That’s why I’m praying that Emery is sacked sharpish, otherwise at this rate they’ll both be rich men by the end of the season!

  120. Marko

    Watford 😂 imbecile had them nailed on for everything because Andre Grey, Troy Deeney, Issac Success and Deulofeu were just missing Sarr to unlock their potential.

  121. Dream10


    You’re right. They have Diallo and Kimpembe who both play LCB. If they sign a LB in the winter window, Diallo may be expendable.

  122. Un na naai

    In light of Emery’s remarks this morning, I would like to circle back to my reply to a comment of Pedro’s from two days ago

    Bamford10November 9, 2019 09:45:45
    I also want to circle back to what I said to Chika about his and Pedro’s assumption that Emery’s English is a problem for th

    Bamford must be stuck on a round about. Can’t stop circling…