Xhaka captaincy is over. Great decision

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I honestly can’t with some fans.

‘Arsenal boos destroy Xhaka’

Can we start calling things cold-takes? The view that Arsenal fans had anything to do with Xhaka’s loss of the armband is straight out the book of ‘a sad indictment of generation social media.’

*Puts on old man frown*

Nothing is ever anyone’s fault these days. Everyone was desperately searching for an angle to help Granit out of a hole, the club span out a mental health angle the player was furious about, soft fans complained that the jeers were ABUSE, and TV journo’s in their fifties complained that we were an embarrassment (anyone else think the eighties fans had a little more to be embarrassed about than a few guys shouting at a camera after the game?). But when it came down to it, the club knew that Granit’s behaviour didn’t align with Arsenal values.

… and hallelejuah. We DO have values after all. (Fuck Mourinho)

Xhaka only has himself to blame, so put that ‘I’M SORRY CHAKA’ A4 sheet of paper in the bin. It’s not needed.

Leadership is a privilege, not a right. Being the captain of Arsenal is more than an armband, it’s a place in history, it’s a special place in the hearts of millions of fans. It’s the reason people don’t forget you (even the bad ones).

However, we must remember, the role comes with strings, one of those happens to be this:


It’s a real basic in any walk of life that if there are people paying you to do things, don’t curse at them. If you’re on TV and millions are watching, it’s even more essential you control your emotions, as there are often professional people in the stadium documenting your moves with static images and moving pictures.

Granit broke the string, not a surprise, he’s been playing a horrible tune his whole career. Even if I just focused on this season, we’ve had him tell the fans the squad was scared against Watford, he laughably threw the strikers under the bus after his howler against Spurs at home, and Emery was so worried about the announcement he had to throw an election. One month in, he slow-walked after being subbed off early for the second game in a row, then he told the fans to fuck off twice before storming down the tunnel.

Booing is part of sport. Deal with it. It’s not nice, but it’s part of the theatre. Sport is for the people and those people have a right to a voice. Those lucky enough to make a living out of the game are rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. Fans that take time out of their day to drop over £100 to see the players put on a show and give their heart for the cause. When they slow walk, it’s insulting. The jeering might not have been our finest moment as a fanbase, but nor has watching Xhaka plod around for £90k a week for 3 years.

String 2:

When a manager has taken a drive-by shooting in the arse to make you captain, you follow his orders. Emery denounced Xhaka after the game, which was code for: ‘Fucking apologise fast and don’t turn this into a PR debacle.’

Granit did not apologize. He made exec leadership look weak and he embarrassed the manager. Then when he finally apologized, he found a couple of grotty Instagram comments to justify his childish behaviour. He didn’t even apologise in English or through the club. Arsenal had to put his German Instagram Story in the club programme. I can only imagine this meant he literally wouldn’t talk to anyone all week.

Regardless, the non-apology-apology is not the sort of thing leaders do. If I were advising him, I would have recommended something like this.

I want to take this moment to apologise to all the fans. 

My actions last Monday were not in line with the values of Arsenal football club, nor were they befitting of the armband. 

I’ve recently become a new father, an exhausting period of my life which may have contributed to my misstep. I have spoken with the manager and my teammates to express my upset at my actions (Freddie helped explain to Unai what I said). I now look forward to putting myself back in contention for a starting place next week.

Up the Arse. Fuck the Spurs. Big GX 

Sadly, he didn’t do this.

That meant the manager had no choice. Xhaka thought he was above the basic rules of any club captain and his public display of defiance risked diminishing the authority of the coach even further.

Emery made a great decision.

It’s literally the luckiest accident in his short Arsenal career to date. Xhaka been a bang average for us, his skillset is wholly unsuited for the league, and his temperament is extremely questionable. His performances have been consistently substandard, the only hope we had was that he trained well and could offer a captaincy built on Arsenal values. It took him less than a month to prove himself wholly inadequate. The Scaramucci of captains indeed.

Step up Auba.

A great appointment that no one can really argue with.

He’s a captain that will lead by example.

He’ll bail us out of bad situations. He has a great personality on and off the pitch. The fans love him.

I think a year down the line, we would have had more options, but considering the circumstances, this really is absolutely fine.

Final interesting part of the Xhaka story is there might not be a way back into Emery’s plans. Again, you can’t argue with this outcome. He’s a good squad player, but now he’s had a taste of being king, it’s highly unlikely he’ll go back to being a mere mortal.

Not sure this whole debacle has done much for his resale value, but be real, you think Europe’s elite were going to purchase him without looking at a few videos first? Regardless, that’s not our worry. The fact is, we’re a better team without him.

Vitoria this evening. An unusually strong squad from Emery. He’s taken Tierney, Bellerin, LT and Leno. I worry he’s having a Europa Attack, symptoms tend to be playing his most important players against pub teams because you fear you won’t make the top 4.

I fully expect to win this game 4-0, then revert to type against Leicester at the weekend.

See you in the comments and please take in the podcast before it becomes dated!

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  1. bennydevito

    Hooray LeGrove’s back!

    Glad you sorted it out Pedro,

    We all of course thank you for it.

    Did anyone see Bellerin’s press conference? He smiled when the Journalist said good evening then he replied with “first of all good evening ” 😂

    They’re all taking the piss out of him! 🤣🤣


  2. vickingz

    This is bad, this is bad honestly. The fans shouldn’t stop at xhaka but do everything to get emery out, he’s so full of excuses just as his fanboys are

  3. Tony

    welcome back Marko; I wonder what inspired Pedro’s clemency?

    Anyway whatever it was it’s good to be reading your posts again.

  4. siddharth14

    Emery has sucked life out of supporters to such an extent that i doubt if they will make any noise. It will be a silent protest with low attendance at home games going forward. I suspect it is going to be a drawn out affair.

  5. Graham62

    Here we go again.

    I think it’s best for all concerned if Mr Emery is given his papers as soon as the debacle at the King Power stadium is done and dusted on Saturday evening.

    Put us out of our misery.

  6. China1

    I think Emery’s plan is to make the arsenal players to confused that they’ve no idea what to do and at THAT point the opposition will have absolutely no way of knowing what to expect from arsenal

    It’s genius

  7. Emiratesstroller

    In some respects it is as well that Le Grove did not function last night, because anyone who watched our “horrible” performance would have been appopletic.

    The football is dreadful, the players look completely out of sorts with the constant negative tactical changes and we cannot hold onto a result to save
    our life.

    The only player who came out of this game with a half decent performance was Martinez who made two or three decent saves.

    Messrs Torreira, Willock and Ceballos were totally outplayed in midfield.
    Willock might just as well not played at all for his involvement in game.

    The forwards as usual were completely starved of the ball and for the number
    of shots on goal Vitoria’s goalkeeper could have taken the night off.

    Perhaps the most worrying feature of the game was watching Maitland-Niles
    on the pitch playing one assumes right wing back, although his role was
    fairly unclear. Defensively he is abysmal and the goal conceded was a direct
    consequence of his failure to mark their winger. Indeed that was also the
    case shortly beforehand when Vitoria missed a sitter. This player is even more
    “brain dead” than Mustafi and that is saying a lot.

    As Keown has pointed out the only way that Arsenal are going to get out of this stupor is by playing attacking football and hoping that against Leicester we can outscore them.

    The owner and senior management need to react very quickly to the current
    situation. It is beginning to turn into a nightmare.

  8. siddharth14

    Things are so bad that it is pointless to wait for the game against Leicester. The supporters are really stuck in a helpless situation. Emery is somehow managing to make Arsenal worse on a match to match basis. The owner and the board appear completely clueless about how to tackle this serious issue. I won’t be surprised if Arsenal still haven’t sounded out other potential managers about taking the job.

    We can only hope for some divine intervention in this matter.

  9. MidwestGun

    Only thing I can say about that match is wtf? seriously… so Ceballos and Willock as our midfield basically with no dm.. and Emery thought that would work.. predictably they were lining up shot after shot on our goal the entire first half.. I think we had 1 chance. Predictably .. Ceballos blows up a hammy running around trying to cover the entire midfield. Then.. Emery brings in Matty G.. who it must be in his contract he has to play every match but we did finally score a goal. Then predictably we give one back and honestly should have lost. But I mean 3-4-3 basically but it was more like a 5-2-3.. Willock and Ceballos run ragged. And Mustafi and Papa Sok with Holding.. as our defensive line .. I’m going to call it the statue defense. It’s laughable at this point but not funny how every match is like a science project. So over the Emery … experience.

  10. MidwestGun

    Messrs Torreira, Willock and Ceballos were totally outplayed in midfield.
    LT didn’t start.. he was a late sub and actually settled our midfield a little.

  11. Batistuta

    That was bad, horribly bad, embarrassingly bad and at this point Raul and Edu are equal culprits in this whole mess…No point wanting to stone Emery when those who have the power to boot him out are sat there on their bums watching the madness unfold…Starting look as clueless as Gazidis did back in the day

  12. MidwestGun

    Amn and Tierney were supposedly wingbacks but were confused as the rest of them.. terrible formation and setup, again. But I agree with your assessment that it was a confusing not only to the players but to the fans as well. I have no idea what that was.. to be honest. Felt like a giant experiment when we need confidence.

  13. Pierre

    I’ve always believed that if you play with 3 central defenders then the wing backs give you the width

    This basically means you dont necessarily need wingers , yet we started with Saka and Pepe out wide.

    The wing back system should allow you to have 3 in the central midfield area and 2 up front , which means you dont get overrun in the centre of the field.

    The strange thing is , the system and how he played yesterday would have worked better away to liverpool as it gives you lots of protection in the wide areas , whereas when we played liverpool away , our full backs were afforded no protection.

    I actually fell asleep watching that game through sheer boredom.

  14. MidwestGun

    Yep pretty much … Saka and Tierney and Pepe and Amn were tripping over each other and had no idea what to do or how to play the wing situation. I had to be reminded the game was on.. and had the misfortune of actually watching it. Luckily I watched the Spanish broadcast so had no idea what they were saying.. so was spared what had to be mostly negative commentary on our play.

    I actually though Pedro.. pulled the plug on the site through frustration after predicting a 4-0 victory.. hahaha

  15. Emiratesstroller


    There is frankly overanalysis as to formation and how we should play.

    At the moment we are putting out a bunch of “individuals” who are completely clueless of the gameplan.

    I would question whether Emery knows himself what he is doing?

  16. TitsMcGee

    Getting 200s on the server checks now, 500s yesterday 🙂

    LOL at Bayern even entertaining AW if those reports are true. I have to think they won’t pull that trigger though. Too much to go wrong.

  17. TitsMcGee

    The football is dreadful, the players look completely out of sorts with the constant negative tactical changes and we cannot hold onto a result to save
    our life.”

    Emery has no plan. That much is clear. It’s not like there is some method to the madness where you can see how things would work with better players etc. It’s just headless-chicken football.

  18. James wood

    Midwest 6.19.
    I think Cellabos played the old pro’s trick of a pulled Hammy
    after Edwards completely pulled him apart.
    A friend of my son is a Tottenham staff member he commented
    on Edwards before he left Spurs how difficult the lad was to work with
    even tried to mentor him but he had such high expectations of himself
    and wages obviously played a part.
    Tottenhams loss and I’m sure the lad will move to a higher grade team
    he certainly had a good game last night against a pitiful display by us again
    We where lucky to get a point.?

  19. Nelson

    Pepe didn’t look like a £72 m buy. He is too soft and lazy also.

    The players had no idea how to play this new formation. The two midfielders didn’t receive any help from the three forwards and the two wing backs. They passed the ball between themselves as if it was a 4 3 3 formation but with one man short. No way they could move the ball forward.

  20. MidwestGun

    We where lucky to get a point.?
    That would be my assessment.. had there been about 2 more minutes of injury time they would have scored another. We were under siege.

    James you could be right about Ceballos he did initially wave off the substitution .. he isn’t my favorite player but he was put in an impossible situation, imo.. Think he may have injured it sprinting back to cover on a counter attack.. or maybe he just wanted off the pitch .. I don’t know.

  21. raptora

    Pepe didn’t stood out vs an average team btw. He’s probably worth as much as their whole team, yet he was playing with equals. You wouldn’t know he’s supposed to be world class watching this game. Yes, Emery this, Emery that, and I completely agree as everyone knows. But Emery isn’t responsible for Pepe not being able to take on a player successfully vs a pub team. Or that he was losing the ball all night long. Or that he tried some backheel plays and whatnot like 10 times last night. Really disappointing performance.

  22. James wood

    Yes Midwest last night we where overrun by a very modest
    hard working side.
    I really don’t think Cellabos is the answer.
    Far to light lacks pace in a very weak Arsenal midfield.
    It’s a good job the Guen does a shift and a half when he plays.

  23. Graham62

    Let’s be honest here.

    Did anyone expect it to get as bad as this?

    What are our owners and board thinking?

    $$$$$$££££££ by any chance.

  24. MidwestGun

    Pepe was that was that bad that I mistook him for Maitland-Niles on several occassions.
    Well to be fair him and AMN were basically standing next to each other all night. not sure what the point of that was.. Pepe’s freekick did result in our goal.. so I guess I’m giving him a pass.. also because it all seems a bit pointless until we stick with one idea and consistently execute it. Maybe next formation we could try a 4-2-4 or a 4 -1-5 or whatever other hair brain idea, Emery comes up with.. Oh well I’m sure Redtruth will explain why it all doesn’t matter with a bunch of lol’s. That should be entertaining. or not.

  25. Bob N16

    Will the board be thinking ‘ Unai looks like he’s turning things around. The players are showing improvement and our performances are beginning to look promising’?

    If not, get rid!

  26. Knoxville


    “Oh well I’m sure Redtruth will explain why it all doesn’t matter with a bunch of lol’s. That should be entertaining. or not.”

    He is just trying to rile everyone up. Not Today.

  27. Bamford10

    Bad set up, insipid performance. There is no defending Emery for last night.

    He needs to stop with tinkering, return to the 4-5-1, and stick with the 4-5-1. If he doesn’t, not only is he going to begin hearing it from the fans, he may not keep his job beyond November.

    I have defended Emery against certain criticisms and on certain grounds, but there is no defending last night, especially as it follows his bad decision to go with the 4-4-2. If he continues in this vein, he is in huge trouble.

  28. MidwestGun

    He is just trying to rile everyone up
    It’s hard to get riled up.. it’s actually making me more apathetic .. which after the Wenger banter era is saying something. This is the feeling we have been trying to get rid of for a long time.. I just want to be able to feel positive and good about my team again. This isn’t it. I shouldn’t be jealous of fuckin Chelsea.. just sayin.

  29. TR7

    Welcome back Marko. I thought you were under a self-imposed exile.

    As for the game yesterday, perhaps it was the worst Arsenal performance in a long long time. The mananger needs to be sacked ASAP.

  30. Champagne charlie

    Enjoyed that, very organised and disciplined display against a side in great form.

    It will be entertaining stuff if we manage to harness the performance of the last 10 mins away at Leicester. Goals galore at last.

  31. Bob N16

    Glad you’ve seen the light Bamford, good for you.

    CC -Leicester must be shitting themselves at what to expect on Saturday. The pressure of being nailed on for a win must be overpowering!

  32. TR7

    ‘Enjoyed that, very organised and disciplined display against a side in great form. It will be entertaining stuff if we manage to harness the performance of the last 10 mins away at Leicester. Goals galore at last.’

    Any thoughts on the quality of their midfield vis a vis ours ?

  33. Chika


    If you think we have the players to stand up to Leicester City, then you don’t see the game well, no question. 😋

  34. Champagne charlie


    Obviously that’s one of the major issues here, our midfield isn’t comparable to the likes of Evangelista and Agu, so it was always an uphill battle against genuine quality like that – no fault of Emery.

  35. Bob N16

    Ceballos (from the Athletic) ‘he’s a conjuror with a ball at his feet; without it it he looks like he’s wading through treacle’.

    There was only one successful pass into Vittoria’s penalty area in the whole game ( Pepe’s free kick for Mustafi’s headed goal).

  36. Champagne charlie

    Bob N16

    It actually bothers me no end how much Vardy is looking forward to mugging us off. He celebrated against Palace by ‘doing the eagle’ to mock them.

    I cannot stand his muggy face at all so I’m not looking forward to Saturday. Ironically it could be just that you’ve noted which is their downfall – pressure/expectation.

    Though perhaps sadly it’s too soon in the season to see that and instead we’ll just get the humiliation on the cards.

  37. Guernsey Gun

    What a mess…comes to something when I’m dreading an away game at Leicester. It is quite clear that Dick has no idea or ability to turn this round, needs to go now. Football has gone mad if Bayern want Wenger, in any capacity but at least it would give me something amusing to watch should it happen.

  38. Bamford10

    Yeah, sorry, but last night doesn’t change the fact that we have weak central midfield options and weak CB options. Everything I and others have said on that point remains correct.

  39. Bob N16

    CC I never like to see Arsenal lose, but if I can derive any comfort from Leicester this Saturday it’ll be that Sanhelli and Edu pull the plug on Emery.

    If by some miracle( or a day of clinical finishing from PEA) we get a result I hope that the board still recognise that we can’t go on as a club with a coach who is struggling so badly.

    I was being slightly ironic at the possibility that Leicester could be affected by too much expectation, however clutching at straws, maybe there is a slight hope!

    Emery will probably go gung ho and leave us open to quick counter attacks, in a messed up ‘ Art of War’ ‘do what they don’t expect you to do’ sort of way. The players must turn up to training, wondering what new formation/strategy Emery and his coaches have up their sleeves for the next match.

    I’d love to know what Freddie is thinking? Answers on a postcard please.

  40. Champagne charlie


    I’m never on board with us losing, aside from moments of sheer frustration, because it’s pie in the sky that what we think will come of it is actually what comes of it.

    Huge concern if the result at Leicester has any bearing whatsoever on Emery’s future. He’s cooked, I want us to somehow derive a win and then for Raul and Edu to do the obvious.

    That’s the sign of in-tune, competent leadership. We shouldn’t need a mini Chernobyl for someone to finally hit the kill switch. We’ve been there.

  41. Bamford10

    Pedro was forced to delete that entire post and all of the comments that went with it, but let’s remember the exchange yesterday when I quoted Emirates as saying we need new CBs and new CMs and that said overhaul will cost some £150m.

    When I pointed out that one can’t acknowledge that and still claim that what we have been seeing in the PL is all on the manager, Charlie replied disingenuously that people haven’t been claiming that it’s all on the manager.

    I then pointed out the obvious: most Emery-outers here have in fact been saying (implicitly or explicitly) that it is all on the manager, and Charlie and others have explicitly dismissed the idea that “player poverty” is part of the problem.

    However, if we need new CBs and new CMs, there is no way to argue that “player poverty” is not part of why we’ve been seeing what we’ve been seeing for the past eleven months in the PL.


  42. guest man aka WW

    Leicester is the home team of my partners family..ive watched them a lot recently..and witnessed an absolute thumping defeat at the king stadium last season.
    They were not only quicker, more aggressive and stronger, they carved lots of chances…3-0 flattered arsenal.
    Anyone thinking its a game we should win is delusional….their mental state is alarming.
    If Emerys arsenal tenure depends on this I hope we get another 3-0.

  43. Champagne charlie


    Player poverty isn’t the issue that you present, I addressed this yesterday too.

    Where it’s arguable we have squad holes relative to the top 4 battlers and beyond, we absolutely don’t have player poverty when dealing with the remainder of the league.

    Teams like Wolves, Leicester, Palace, Everton…..Brighton. All where “player poverty” has been cited as our reason (not “part of”) for failing to perform/win in the last year by yourself.

    In short, spare us all you dimwit. The reason we didn’t make top 4 last season was Emery, the reason we’re dogshit this season is Emery.

    When a competent manager comes in and gets us playing we can then see the shortfall of the squad relative to the other top-enders.

  44. Freddie Ljungberg

    Didn’t watch the game last night, fell asleep before it started which seems to have been a blessing.

    We still have weaknessess in the squad, we still have players adapting to the league and we’re forced to rely on young players too much but we should still be doing much better than this.

    Bad decisions, lineups and formations, time for a new manager.

    I was always prepared to give any new manager a chance with the poor squad we had last season and I think Emery did pretty well until the last 6-7 games in the league but it’s been going downhill since then.

    Anyone other than Mourinho and I’m all for a change right this minute.

    We still have to buy in January if we want to make top 4, with Xhaka hopefully on his way out we’re very light in midfield, that’s the minimum we have to do.

  45. Tony

    So many times we thought another poor tippy tappy performance or a soul destroying loss would be the final nail in Wenger’a managerial coffin, but it took a half empty Emirates and the potential of long-term losses of revenue that finally drilled it home to Kroenke and the board to come to their senses and remove Wenger.

    We waited years or in some cases like me over a decade for Wenger to be moved on.

    Whatever the outcome against Leicester I just can’t see the plug being pulled and Emery fired.

    The silence from Edu and Raul is unrealistic considering the last debacle.

    I fear there is a lot more pain to be endured by the fans before the suits decide that financially not performance based that the final decision needs to be made regarding Emery and his largely incompetent back room staff – excluding Freddie of course.

    If we deem last night’s game insufferable then there’s far worse to come leaving Emery at the helm.

    What an absolute shambles the senior management are and will continue to be.

    Very sad times to be a Gooner.

  46. terraloon

    Oh how some on here laughed at Chelsea.

    Hazard , their top scorer out the door. Ha Ha

    Transfer ban. Ha Ha

    Appointing a novice in Lampard.Ha Ha

    No one to score goals. Ha Ha

    Abramovich denied a visa. Giggle Giggle.

    Meanwhile at Arsenal some claimed a top transfer window. Fourth position or above a walk in the park. Champions League here we come.

    All bar the the shouting the season is a third done and the stark reality is that Arsenal as a club are in a mess.

    Players openly showing dissent and content for the supporters and manager, crowd numbers starting to dwindle no improvement away from home and potentially home games being being targeted by the opposition as a far more than just a free hit.

    Far from no plan at Chelsea and Leicester they seem to be clubs who have been planning for this moment. Whereas at Arsenal I see a plan all I see is confusion, contempt and panic.

    Make no bones about it unless something changes and changes fast then EL qualification will become a luxury as opposed to the bare minimum of requirements.

    These are worrying times to be an Arsenal supporter

  47. Valentin

    I can understand why Emery elected to go with the 3-4-3 formation. However his personnel selection and implementation were incoherent, sloppy and confusing.

    In a 3-4-3 against a 4-5-1, the 2 central midfielders run the risk to be overrun by the opposition 3. To counteract that, coaches put a ball player in the centre CB. That player can step in the midfield. He restarts game or help switching the play by long diagonals. That’s a role Sokratis is wholly unable to play. His limited passing ability meant that Ceballos has to fetch the ball amid the CBs, completely nullify any possibility to quickly pass the ball forward.

    When defending the two wide CBs needs not to be afraid to block the outside if the wingback are caught upfield. Mustafi was fine in that role, but that was a position that Rob Holding was not comfortable at all. The goal stems from Holding not tight enough to block the cross. Holding should have been the one in the middle and Sokratis the one on the outside.

    Now the attack, Usually the two wide players stays between the CB and the outside fullback. In a sense keeping them pinned to their defense duty as any long ball over the top would create a 3v3. Emery asked our wide players to be very wide. That isolated Martinelli, but also made it easier for the midfield and fullback to cover both wide attackers and wingback.
    The width is supposed to come from the wingback. Both wide attackers need to be able to make the outside pass to the overlapping wingback. That requires a right footed on the right and a left footed on the left. That was not the case.
    Pepe being so one footed, all his passes to the outside wingback were easily cut out. When intercepted, he barely tracked back, leaving his side exposed with AMN stranded upfield.

    Isolated upfront, Martinelli then started to leave the centre of the pitch in search of ball. So whenever we had possession on the wing, there was nobody to receive the crosses. The attack had to recycle the ball back.

    Toward the end of the game when Vitoria started to bomb forward, the usual move is to go for 3-5-2 in fact a 5-3-2. Helping to block any outside crosses. Emery sticked to his 3-4-3 formation helping them generate further panic in our penalty box.
    That was a shit show entirely of Emery’s making.

  48. Bob N16

    Fair summary Valentin. I also noticed how flat our front three was. Watching City later the contrast was stark. The angles, triangles the City players were creating allowed lovely passing combinations. For Arsenal we had two CM players trying to do the work of three players as we were over manned on the flanks.

    How does a coach, who clearly is near the top of his profession, get it so wrong?

  49. Bob N16

    Tony, I disagree on the implications of the silence from Sanhelli and Edu, I think the silence is deafening. I know a statement of support can sometimes sound the death knell for a coach but in this case I think the continued, poor performances of the team will do the talking.

    There will be very few observers who would feel Emery to be hard done by if he is let go now. Journalists, ex players and fans are fairly unanimous in their bemusement towards his tactics and that he’s had a reasonable amount of time to show progression. He’ll be little more than a ‘Bruce Rioch’ in the greater scheme of things. Hopefully Saliba and Martinelli will be seen as his Bergkamp contribution!