Hottest centre backs Edu SHOULD be looking at (long read)

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Mike McDonald back with a BEAST of a post about the hot centre backs of Europe. Pull out the popcorn, you are about to be educated. (Find him @Mike_MMcdonald)

Arsenal Football Club will be only be transformed when they correct three issues that have been largely ignored for over 15 years.

The right coach, a solid defensive unit and football that is 50% ‘off the ball.’

I’ve researched centre back options and with that said it’s fair to say that we may have our answer at the club already.

Sometimes a ‘good’ centre back can become the ‘perfect’ centre back with the right partner.

So it could be that Saliba and Holding is the answer? Saliba and Luiz?

Fair to say too that Saliba may not be able to fulfill his potential for a few years yet as he will only be 19 when he arrives.

Either way, with Arsenal far from being an intimidating defensive unit it would be neglectful to hope and not be proactive and at least be aware of who is out there.

When researching I discovered that there are 10’s of possible options so I’ve grouped them and commented on those I consider to be the best options.

Ligue 1 options

With the starting thought that it’s most likely going to be Saliba plus one, there is value in the thought that the perfect CB may need to be French speaking.

Benoit Badiashile

Age: 18     Height: 6ft 4in

Team: Monaco

Potential value: £30M

A target for Chelsea that could be snapped up before their ban ends.

A strong, powerful, quick modern day CB who has been trusted to play regularly since Henry departed the South of France.

Boubacar Kamara 

Age: 19 (about to be 20)

Height: 5ft 10in

Team: Marseille

Potential value: £35M

A much sort after player. Small for a CB but also played extensively at LB and DM. Already a target for PSG, Kamara excels in recovery speed, tackling and being two footed. This ability, alongside his versatility, creates an unusually calm CB.

Malang Sarr

Age: 20.     Height: 5ft 11in.

Team: Nice

Potential value: £30M

Sarr can play both at left back or centre left back. Played over 6000 minutes for a good Nice team at such a young age. A proactive CB who likes to pressure players whilst his partner sits off.

The 3 at PSG…Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Presnel Kimpembe

Age: 35 (Silva).  25 (Marquinhos). 24 (Kimpembe)

Height: All 6ft

Team: PSG

Potential value: Free (Silva)  £80M (Marquinhos).    £50M (Kimpembe)

Silva may be in his last years but may compliment Saliba. Still starting for PSG after being replaced last year.

Marquinhos is having his best season. Arguably the best ‘footballer’ playing CB in world football. Can comfortably play DM too.

Kimpembe may get itchy if he can’t become first choice at PSG but may be waiting on Silva retiring.

Left sided CB who has been trusted by France ahead of many other great options.

French speaking and already playing in the PL

This may well be the best of both worlds. French speaking with PL experience.

Issa Diop

Age: 22.  Height: 6ft 4in

Team: West Ham

Potential value: £50M (overpriced PL value)

A leggy interception king who has recently been monitored by Man. Utd as well as others. Been a large part of an improving West Ham team.

Willy Boly

Age: 28.  Height: 6ft 3in

Team: Wolves

Potential value: £40M

An underrated regular in Wolves’ impressive team. Particularly dangerous at set pieces.

French speaking but playing elsewhere

Some very impressive names here. Some experienced, some younger. All with plenty of minutes under their belt.

Dayot Upamecano 

Age: 21    Height: 6ft 1in.

Team: RB Leipzig

Potential value: £60M

We allegedly bid for him last summer and may go back in January. Rumor has it that he is our choice.

Has everything needed as a CB apart from international experience but that has more to do with the litany of choices that Deschamps has. Particularly quick and good on the ball.

Ibrahim Konate

Age: 20 Height: 6 ft 4in

Team: RB Leipzig

Potential value: £50M

Fast, powerful with huge potential.

Can look clumsy on the ball. The fact that Leipzig have achieved CL football with two very young CB’s is a credit to both Konate and Upamecano.

Nicolas N’Koulou

Age: 29.   Height: 6ft 1in Team:Torino

Potential value: £15M

Tried to force his way out last summer. Experienced Cameroonian defender who has excelled in Serie A.

Raphael Varane

Age: 26   Height: 6ft 3in

Team: Real Madrid

Potential value: £100M

Unreal that he’s 26! Seems like he’s been around much longer. At his age and experience he would be ideal. Just don’t think he’s leaving RM for AFC.

Samuel Umtiti 

Age: 25 (about to be 26)

Height: 6ft

Team: Barcelona

Potential value: £50M

If Barcelona would sell and if he didn’t have a dodgy knee he could be another perfect choice.

Dan Axel Zagadou

Age: 20.    Height: 6ft 5in.

Team: Dortmund

Potential value: £35M

Quite possibly available as he’s only played twice this season. A monster of a player with strength, pace and obvious power at set plays. Can be error prone.

Serie A options

Always good to remember that Serie A teaches defenders to truly value clean sheets and the tactical side of the game.

Few Italian’s travel to the PL but the majority of this list are not Italians.

Kalidou Koulibaly

Age: 28.  Height: 6ft 1in.

Team: Napoli

Potential value: £120M

Well known by the majority as one of if not the best defender in the world. Doubtful that if he ever leaves that Arsenal would be his choice.

Gianluca Mancini

Age: 23.   Height: 6ft 3in.

Team: Roma

Potential value: £40M

Speed, technique and dominant in the air and becoming a regular member of the Italian National team.

Nikola Milenkovic

Age: 22    Height: 6ft 5in

Team: Fiorentina

Potential value: £40M

A versatile CB having played many times at RB too. Another Man Utd target who excels in his reading of the game and his unusually composed play belying his size.

Armando Izzo

Age: 6ft    Height: 27

Team: Torino

Potential value: £25M

An AFC target (probably a Mustafi replacement, but SM didn’t leave), excels in ball winning and interceptions. He led Serie A in both last season. An impressive stat considering the many good defenders in the league.

Alessio Romagnoli

Age: 24.    Height: 6 ft 1in.

Team: AC Milan

Potential value: £50M

A leader in the AC Milan team who has performed well in a team that has underperformed. A brave, front foot defender with the yellow cards to prove it.

Milan Skriniar

Age: 24.    Height: 6ft 1in

Team: Inter Milan

Potential value: £60M

Currently considered to be one of the best in Serie A.

The Slovakian is an all rounder that doesn’t have any clear lack. His strengths are 1 on 1 defending, positioning and use of the ball.

Very doubtful that with Inter’s resurgence that he leaves.

Stefan DeVrij

Age: 27.   Height: 6 ft 2in

Team: Inter Milan

Potential value: £40M

Another all round defender that has slowly worked his way to the top of the game. Recently called the best defender so far this season in Serie A.

Bundesliga options

Four very interesting options. From an experienced CL player who may want a final challenge to three established, fast and physical options.

Manuel Akanji

Age: 24.    Height: 6 ft 1in

Team: Dortmund

Potential value: £45M

Well known as being the smartest footballer currently playing. A math genius (what does that mean) with a naturally analytical mind.

Super quick with springs in his feet.

Become a regular since Diallo went to PSG.

Johnathan Tah

Age: 23    Height: 6ft 3in

Team: Bayer Leverkusen

Potential value: £40M

When all talk about wanting a ‘Van Dijk’ type, my thoughts go to Tah.

A huge and imposing athlete with obvious leadership and organization skills.

Mattias Ginter

Age: 25    Height: 6ft 2in

Team: M’gladbach

Potential value: £35M

Much like Varane, Ginter has been around for many years.

After years of injury and bouncing from big to small club he’s found home at Gladbach (currently top of the league) and a part of the national team.

A strong, quick leader.

Jerome Boateng

Age: 31     Height: 6ft 4in

Team: Bayern Munich

Potential value: £30M

A huge unit. Experience at every level. A little beyond his peak but has forced his way back into the Bayern team, although not regular.

Premier League options

Some out of sorts, out of favour and almost out of contract to three players who are rising stars and flying.

Toby Alderweireld

Age: 30.   Height: 6 ft 4in

Team: Spurs

Potential value: Free (as close to being out of contract)

On one level he is perfect. On the other, he plays for Spurs.

Nathan Ake

Age: 24.   Height: 5ft 11in

Team: Bournemouth

Potential value: £40M

Underrated, probably because he plays for AFCB. He also regularly starts for the best Dutch side in a generation.

Fast, brave and very athletic.

Available I’m sure.

Caglar Soyuncu

Age: 23.   Height: 6ft 2in

Team: Leicester

Potential value: £70M

Apart from a bizarre greasy rockstar hairstyle, Soyuncu has improved rapidly. Put on significant muscle this summer to add strength to his power, pace and aerial ability. Flavour of the month which will make him very hard to get.

Joe Gomez

Age: 22.   Height: 6 ft 3in

Team: Liverpool

Potential value: £40M

How is Gomez two inches taller than Koulibaly!?!

An impressive athlete who has found himself as 4th choice at Liverpool. You’d think he’s gettable but would Liverpool sell to us?

John Stones

Age: 25.   Height: 6ft 2in

Team: City

Potential value: £50M

A little mistake ridden and out of form but there is a very good CB in there.

Tyrone Mings

Age: 26    Height: 6 ft 3in

Team: Villa

Potential value: £45M

An old fashioned defender. Loves defending, huge passion and a fan favorite for those reasons. Not many ‘Tony Adams types’ left in the game but I see Mings as this.

La Liga options

Lesser known but all highly rated.

Hermoso was available last summer and Nuñez and Torres are new to the Spanish squad.

Pau Torres

Age: 22     Height: 6ft 4in

Team: Villarreal

Potential value: £35M

The first of three Spanish players linked with Arsenal over the last 3 months. Torres is having a fine season at an improving Villarreal. Strong in his game focus, desire to keep clean sheets and long passing. Could put Santi in his suitcase, 2 for 1. Yes, please!

Mario Hermoso

Age: 24.  Height: 5ft 11in

Team: Atletico Madrid

Potential value: £40M

Available all summer until Atleti picked him up late in the window.

A modern day classy CB on the outskirts of the Spanish first team.

Unai Nuñez

Age: 22.    Height: 6ft 1in

Team: Athletic Bilbao

Potential value: £35M

Another Spaniard with a strong passion for defending. Reminds me of Gabriel who was a better defender than many gave him credit. Good on the ball and at set pieces.

Portuguese options

It’s important to not forget that Portugal have won two major tournaments recently and that many of their players have achieved great success in the PL.

Ruben Dias

Age: 22.   Height: 6ft 2in

Team: Benfica

Potential value: £45M

A modern day ball playing CB.

Aerially dominant. Recently broken into a talented Portugal side. Been linked with Arsenal recently.

Young options/new names

Do Arsenal want two young CB’s?

Robin Koch

Age: 23     Height: 6ft 3in

Team: Freiburg

Potential value: £25M

A versatile CB/DM combo who has just broken into the German squad. Elite level fitness who blends a warrior style with a finesse that few young CB’s possess.

Ethan Ampadu 

Age: 19    Height: 6ft

Team: RB Leipzig (on loan from Chelsea)

Potential value: £30M

A natural footballer. Could comfortably play midfield as well as CB. Represented Wales more frequently than Chelsea or Leipzig which is a concern, but has the world at his feet.

Brandon Mechele

Age: 26.    Height: 6ft 3in

Team: Club Brugge

Potential value: £15M

Not a new name if you are Belgian, but a late bloomer who has recently made the National squad. A right footed versatile CB/RB.

A two footed ball winner.

Jhon Lucumi 

Age: 21. Height: 6ft 1in

Team: Genk

Potential value: £15M

A Colombian left sided CB with a big future. Pace, strength and bravery with lightning acceleration.

One for the future, or a risk for the present? Plays alongside Sander Berge who Arsenal need to keep eyes on too.

Merih Demiral 

Age: 21.   Height: 6 ft 4in

Team: Juventus

Potential value: £20M

A very interesting option. A Puyol type in attitude with similar fire. Quick, aggressive and determined Turkish international who is unfortunate to have only played once so far for Juve. Concern that he’s never settled anywhere, but cheap and itching to play. Could be the perfect fit for the club.

My recommendations

I have a shortlist of 8 based on availability and best fit for Arsenal.

SHORTLIST (in order of how I would approach them)….

  • 8th….. Ruben Dias
  • 7th… Johnathan Tah
  • 6th…. Willy Boly
  • 5th… Nathan Ake
  • 4th…. Martin Demiral
  • 3rd…. Dayot Upamecano
  • 2nd….. Caglar Soyuncu
  • 1st…. Tyrone Mings

My 1st choice would actually be Soyuncu but I think City will go for him leaving us flailing. Who doesn’t want Koulibaly too, right?

For the same reason I think Arsenal have little chance.

Mings might surprise you but I think Arsenal need a PL experienced CB. I also lean towards defenders that LOVE to defend. I’ve never understood the notion that ‘ability to play out of the back’ is the most talked about quality of any defender. It should be defending.

He has ridiculous stats on tackles and blocked shots in particular. He makes me feel safe.

I also think that in a short period he could lead the team.

Tyrone Mings for me.

I’d also sign Boubacar Kamara and loan him to an English team.



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  1. Pierre

    “You were all over him Pierre after the Burnley match.All over him like a rash.One of my favs you said. ”

    I was impressed with his performance, who wasn’t….
    And I have defended him since for average performances due to our manager not having a clue how to use a CAM.

    As for and why the manager would expect a 35 year old to play like a 20 year old up and down the line , God only knows.

    If he had used him as a defensive minded right back we might of got some use out of him.
    Of course ,he did his hamstring as one would expect….

  2. Spanishdave

    Chelsea play Ajax
    We play some third rated team from Portugal, struggle Emery level stuff and he’s still in the job.
    Get the Ajax guy in he’s got some sauce maybe bring a couple of players with him, plus Dennis

  3. Un na naai

    Willock – 19- first real senior season
    4 goals in 13 games

    Dani Ceballos -23- Real Madrid and Spain u21 Star

    1 goal in 16 games

    All in my head is it ishola and Bamford? Damned statistics again.

  4. Pierre

    Cheers for the confirmation of what I said earlier , that after reflection I think he looks a decent player , we wont really know how good( or bad) he is until we hire a competent manager….will we ruth.

  5. Un na naai

    Bamford10November 5, 2019 22:04:57
    Un NaI haven’t said “guy” here in a couple of years. And Ceballos has his limitations, but he’s a much better footballer than Willock.

    He may be more technically gifted. That doesn’t mean he can impress his game on the opposition as well as others though

    It’s sad when two of our existing youngsters (Guendouzi and willock) and our dm (Torreira) are being used ahead of him and are outshining him.

    The only defence I can offer thus far is that emery is no good for a player like him. He’d have showed far better under a wenger or a pep or maybe even a Lampard.

    No good under emery

  6. Un na naai

    And tumbleweed.
    Probably off trying to find non existent stats (however obscure) to prove Ceballos’ worth in 16 matches.

  7. Redtruth

    “Cheers for the confirmation of what I said earlier , that after reflection I think he looks a decent player , we wont really know how good( or bad) he is until we hire a competent manager….will we ruth.”

    Well, we do know he is a Real Madrid reject.

  8. terraloon


    Maybe they let four in at home but their play is dynamic, their pace getting forward is electric the buzz that Chelsea fans clearly are delighted with the way things are developing.
    Goodness knows what the average age of their team was today and the fact that 5 of those that played for them today were from their academy was staggering and the two that came on James and Hudson-Odoi are already PL standard and both it seems have been the subject of huge bids from other clubs already
    Bear in mind that their best CD is just about fit and Kante who is world class was on their bench then you can see huge potential and if they tighten up their defence then they are going to be some team.
    At least Arsenal supporters can cheer that no Thursday night football in Europe this week.

  9. Ishola70


    Willock has been playing in second string matches where the first team is not selected as well as a few proper first team matches where there is an undoubted first XI picked.

    But you group them all together eh. Why not. Looks better don’t it.

  10. Un na naai

    Another one

    I was laughed at in the opening day of the season for saying how impressed I was with Chelsea and the way lamps had them playing that day

    Yes they lost 4-0 but it could and should have been 3-0 to Chelsea by half time

    Had Tammy Abraham’s shot not rocked the post in the opening 5 mins the game would have gone to Chelsea

    They are getting £150m to spend in January too!!
    While we sit and watch our team tank with Manuel.

  11. Redtruth

    Un na naai

    Conservative candidates in the general election will be told not to sign up to specific pledges on protecting the NHS from privatisation and trade deals or tackling climate change, according to a leaked internal document from party headquarters

  12. Un na naai


    I’m voting brexit party fool. There is no conservatives any more
    Just centre left, far left and hard left…..and the brexit party.

  13. Un na naai


    Stats are stats mate. 4/13 vs 1/16

    You can’t deny the facts. As much as you want to.
    Funny were you not just denying that you talked willock down and Ceballos up in the summer?

    Backtrack backtrack backtrack

  14. Un na naai


    The same brexit party who destroyed everyone at the European elections. Johnson has really fucked himself with his talk of pulling no deal. Done a Teresa May. He will have to reach out to Farage when these elections are done or he’s fucked.

  15. Ishola70


    Willock filled in for the first team at the beginning of the season because of certain players being seen as not ready namely Willock. Didn’t rwally stand out but also didn’t do a lot wrong. Not awful.

    Then after a period he played in the second string matches. The lesser matches.

    Then came back into the first team only to disappoint and have poor performances which saw him subbed twice in succession.

    Then he reverted back to second string match against Liverpool and scored a very good goal.

    This is up and down stuff from Willock Don.

    Not the undisputed first team starter bollocks you are putting out.

  16. Bamford10


    Yeah, conceding four goals isn’t good. Maybe I’m getting carried away and not accounting for their defensive weaknesses.

  17. terraloon


    Are you really that naive?

    A leaked document. Yea right!

    If you were issuing such a document to in excess of 600 candidates they would know that it wouldn’t be kept secret as it were so there is no way that such directives , even if they were being issued, would be committed to paper.

    It’s obvious where your political views are but your thirst to try and shape the narrative is pathetic.

  18. Ishola70

    Willock at this time is not seen as undisputed to start ahead of Ceballos in a proper first team game where the first XI is picked.

    Maybe in the near future but not at this time.

    It looks like Willock’s goal against Liverpool in that sunday park match that ended 5-5 has totally gone to Don’s head as good a goal as it was but context is what Don doesn’t see.

  19. Redtruth

    Conservative candidates in the general election will be told not to sign up to specific pledges on protecting the NHS from privatisation and trade deals or tackling climate change, according to a leaked internal document from party headquarters.

    The 11-page briefing note explains the party’s position on nine key areas and “strongly advises” prospective Tory MPs “against signing up to any pledges” unless they have been agreed from the centre.

    However, supporting shooting is allowed “as an important part of rural life”, the document says.

    Although the briefing sets out why signing up to certain pledges are unnecessary and could backfire, the demands from Tory HQ are likely to be seized on by opposition leaders, who insist the party cannot be trusted to keep its promises on certain important issues.

    The document, titled “Issue campaign responses”, gives an insight into how candidates will be expected to stick to a strict script, with little wriggle room beyond the template responses provided for them.

    Drafted by the Conservative research department last weekend, the memo acknowledges that candidates “will be asked to sign pledges on various campaign issues” and then sets out a cheat sheet of “substantive responses that can be used as a basis for a reply”.

    The issues on which candidates have been told to avoid signing up to pledges include:

    Trade deals with the NHS. The memo warns candidates to avoid signing any pledges to “protect our NHS from trade deals with new legislation which ends privatisation”. It says this kind of pledge would “give credence to factually inaccurate smears … The NHS is not for sale.” It says candidates should focus instead on “Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt to override the British people on Brexit”.
    Climate change. Tory candidates are told that many campaigns to tackle climate change “contain unrealistic targets that would be impossible to achieve” and that it would be better to focus on “practical, reasonable steps to protect our planet while keeping bills down”. The memo claims Labour does not have a credible approach to the problem
    Women’s state pension age. This highly charged issue could be a significant factor for women in the general election as the age for receiving a state pension rises from 60 to 65. Boris Johnson has promised to review the change, but the memo urges candidates not to engage on the issue. “Avoid signing [pledges],” it says. “Changes to the state pension age are part of a long overdue move towards gender equality and will put the pensions system on a more sustainable footing for future generations.”
    Standing up for Brexit. The memo says it is unnecessary to pledge to stand up for Brexit because “a Conservative government with a functioning majority will immediately get Brexit done”.
    Other pledges to avoid relate to private schools. Tory hopefuls are told they could say: “Labour’s plans to abolish private schools … would dramatically increase class sizes and do nothing for our children’s education.”

    The memo says candidates “may sign if they deem appropriate to do so” pledges on shooting and river pollution. The template response on the former topic includes an acknowledgment that “for many people shooting is an important part of rural life … worth around £2bn to the economy, much of it in some of our remotest communities”.

    River pollution pledges are deemed safe for endorsement, according to the memo, especially if they can be linked to Brexit. Candidates are told to say: “Leaving the EU is a defining opportunity for the UK to set its own course and take ambitious action to protect our natural environment for future generations.”

    The briefing note urges candidates to alert party chiefs if they are asked to sign pledges on other topics. “If you have received a request to sign a pledge that is not included in this pack, please send to [omitted] for advice on a response.”

    Asked about the document, a Conservative party spokesperson said: “It is commonplace for political parties to provide briefing.”

    The party emphasised that it advised not signing pledges on trade deals and the NHS because “the NHS is not for sale and no trade agreement will change this fact”.

  20. Valentin

    Un na naii,

    Please, go back to July and find other pronostics. It is so funny how those turn out to be so wrong.
    How people who are giving it large can’t handle their own opinion thrown back to them.
    I remember the abuse CC took after the Burnley game because he did not want to participate in Ceballos crown party.

  21. Un na naai

    Willock filled in for the first team at the beginning of the season because of certain players being seen as not ready namely Willock


    Care to explain what the fuck this means??
    😂 😂
    Great logic

  22. Un na naai

    PedroNovember 5, 2019 22:44:36
    Un, this is not a politics blog

    Maybe tell your boy RT there who won’t leave me the fuck alone with his Labour bull shit. I’ve responded twice to about 6 of his posts

  23. Un na naai

    RedtruthNovember 5, 2019 22:37:42
    Willock has yet to register a shot on target in the Premier league and he’s supposed to be a Forward..

    Rt you little gremlin, he’s a cmf. Hahaha
    4 goals from cm for a 20 year old bench warmer isn’t bad by end of October

  24. Un na naai

    Not the undisputed first team starter bollocks you are putting out.

    Dad dada dada
    Shhhhh now. Nobody ever claimed willock was an instant first team shoe in. Just that Ceballos was a waste of time and that willock was the better option. That willock would grow with game time this season and WHEN Ceballos goals he will go back to Madrid with his tail between his legs and willock will have lost out on important game time because of him.

    Was right then and am still right now.
    Game time for willock now means a better willock next season
    Game time for Ceballos now does knotting fir arsenal next season

  25. Ishola70


    Tell us how well your darling Willock has done ovreall this season?

    Is he nailed on first team starter?

  26. Un na naai


    RedtruthNovember 5, 2019 22:27:46
    Un na naaiConservative candidates in the general election will be told not to sign up to specific pledges on protecting the NHS from privatisation and trade deals or tackling climate change, according to a leaked internal document from party headquarters

    Just in case you missed it, this is RT’s latest attempt to start a political debate. If you’re going to tug me for responding then let’s be consistent.

  27. Un na naai

    Ishola70November 5, 2019 22:55:10
    ValentinTell us how well your darling Willock has done ovreall this season?Is he nailed on first team starter?

    Ishola he’s done better than Ceballos and played less games. Hahahaha
    You doing a wenger on me now ish? Oh I didn’t see that post I will have to watch it again.

  28. Ishola70

    Valentin doesn’t even have the jingoistic angle of Don in relation to Willock.

    Where they both may meet together is the Wenger angle.

    We have heard so much from Don and Valentin regarding Willock but not as much in regards to Martinelli.

  29. Un na naai

    Go back to around the 27th june
    Some hilarious posts from marko, Freddie, hairline and ishola

    Cesc appeal too. What happened to him. He used to have his finger in the pulse but his Wenger obsessions just ruined him.
    I remember them telling me that Ceballos was like Joe Cole!! All trickery and skill.
    What a giggle that is now eh?

  30. Un na naai


    What’s Martinelli got to do with it!? Hahahahaha
    We are talking about Ceballos
    Martinelli is quality but you just keep those goal posts where they are. I know I know. You’re embarrassed about Ceballos and Emery. But you’re gonna just have to wear it son. Take ownership of your shoddy bandwagon jumping routine.

  31. Ishola70


    You are a poster that still rates Maitland Niles.

    Digest that.

    And strangely enough Valentin is more sympathetic to him them he should be.

    They come together again Don and Valentin.

    Coincidence or Wenger angle?

  32. Bamford10

    Emery can select whichever midfield you prefer — Torreira-Guendouzi-Ozil, or Torreira-Guendouzi-Ceballos, or Guendouzi-Ceballos-Ozil — and he can organize said midfield as well as it can be organized, but no matter what he does, he will still have an un-athletic, slow, porous, weak and unbalanced PL central midfield. This is one of several things Emery-outers seem not to get.

  33. Un na naai


    You mean I don’t just notice the mistakes he makes but actually see the good he offers the team? Ah, and you claim I’m jingoistic…..

    What a spanner

  34. Bamford10


    There’s a whole crew of them and they’re terrible. A bunch of former Untold types who have invaded Le Grove.

  35. Valentin

    Joe Willock played less than Ceballos, yet has 4 goals while Ceballos has one goal in the Europa League and 2 assists.

    Yet some are still arguing that Ceballos has done very well for Arsenal.

    Ceballos is a tidy player who recycles well the ball, but clearly he has not been very effective for us. Like some of us said at the time. He is not a No10 and as a No8 he is too lightweight for the EPL with not enough end product.

  36. Un na naai


    No more un athletic than the midfield Wenger had yet we managed much higher possession percentages than we are seeing now

    Except now we have Guendouzi, Torreira and Willock who are all more athletic than our midfield 17/18

    Can you explain this?

  37. Ishola70

    “He also rated Wilshere two years after Wilshere was clearly and obviously crocked.”

    Yeah course.

    Anything English or Wenger related or both he’s all over it.

    Shameless he is.

  38. Un na naai

    Bamford10November 5, 2019 23:07:23
    IsholaHe also rated Wilshere two years after Wilshere was clearly and obviously crocked.

    So did you ya rat. You were one of the only ones who backed me up on Wilshere so nice try Bamford.

  39. Un na naai


    Is that so eh? Is that why I’m such a big tierney fan? Or why I disliked Elneny so much? Or ozil. Or Ramsey?

    All Wenger related, all players I wanted to see the back of

  40. Bamford10

    Un Na

    Has it occurred to you that Ceballos and Willock are completely different types of CMs? Comparing them in the way that you’re doing makes very little sense. Willock pushes the ball forward, gets forward, and makes runs into the box, but he isn’t a technician, he isn’t a great passer and he can’t help you keep and control possession. Ceballos is more or less the opposite. Your simplistic comparison makes no sense.

  41. Valentin

    I used to regularly attend U23 games.
    What infuriates me was how some of you underestimate some of them. While at the same over estimating the quality of first team players.
    Some of the youth team players deserved time instead of the experienced never-been never-will-be players. Willock over Elneny/Xhaka. Saka or Nelson over Mhkitaryan.
    Shame it took so long for some to finally realise it.

    BTW, I don’t rate all youngsters because they are Arsenal.
    In my opinion ESR will have a career ala Wilshere.
    Zach Medley is unlikely to make it at Arsenal. Good player, but not a defender. Does not smell danger and too often caught chasing strikers and leaving gap.

  42. Bamford10

    Un Na

    Ummm, no. Yes, I did rate Wilshere, but as soon as he was crocked, I said so, clearly and loudly. You kept talking up Wilshere years after he was crocked. Shit, I think you were still talking him up last season.

  43. Ishola70


    You go on about Willock continuously in comparison to Tierney.

    You were trying to get people interested in Wilshere at West Ham when he is no longer an Arsenal player. Like who cares.

    And your excusing for Maitland Niles is shameless. Totally shameless.

    With Maitland fans want to see their own progress and into the first team and become successful but that doesn’t mean you live a lie and pretend he’s not error prone too many times. Or that hos other play somehow masks how error prone he is.

    An error prone player equals to not being a good enough player Don. You know that but just don’t want to admit to it.

  44. Champagne charlie

    “There’s a whole crew of them and they’re terrible. A bunch of former Untold types who have invaded Le Grove.“

    This guy seriously considers himself something special on here, like some founding father sort.

    Absolutely nothing special about you mate

  45. Un na naai


    Yes. But what is Ceballos offering then? He’s not offering anything in possession m, nothing in terms of goals or assists. He’s barely getting a start. Yes they are different but one is producing something for the team and one is not

    That’s clear. No question guy. And yes, you did continue to say you rated Wilshere but injury had finished him, so you rated him? Meaning my rating of him as skilled footballer was not incorrect.

  46. Un na naai


    Think it’s time you sit down and put your dummy back in son. You’ve embarrassed yourself again tonight.

  47. Ishola70


    So Ceballos hasn’t lived up to expectations so far and doesn’t look to have that real killer instinct.

    But tell us the matches where Willock has “produced” where a clear first XI team has been picked? You know the real big boys matches.

  48. Ishola70

    Let’s be honest though WE calling time on Xhaka is never a bad thing even if we know that there are problems steeped beyond him.

    Small steps and suchlike.

    And we have the fans to thank for that not Emery.

    Can’t go far as a real serious football club in having Xhaka on your books pretending that he is a top footballer.

  49. Words on a Blog

    The Ceballos v Willock debate is somewhat pointless.

    Willock is a (sub) Ramsey type of player; Ceballos is a (sub) Santi kind of player.

  50. Ishola70

    Emery is not good enough.

    His midfield options are not good enough.

    But that still doesn’t mean the cutting of Xhaka is a bad thing. It’s a good thing in the long run even if the problems do not disappear any time soon. Can’t carry on with sham players.

    The problems can disappear somewhat once Arsenal get serious about their midfield plus the moving on of Emery.

  51. CG

    If Cebollas was anyway half decent- he would not be allowed to leave Real Madrid on loan.

    ZZ knows what it takes to be a top midfielder more than any man on this planet.

    Certainly more than our comically named Head of Football Operations.

    What did The Spiv pay in loan fees for this passive, non descript and non entity- 10 Million??

    (Pires is better and he is mid40’s!)

    Zombie Club Arsenal!

    Loosers Cup tomorrow.
    The Clown will be happy.

  52. Words on a Blog

    Oh and Xhaka is a sub-sub-sub Arteta kind of player.

    Slow, like Arteta, but without the tactical discipline, the passing range and the ability to get out of a tight spot!

  53. CG

    As for Xhaka he ain’t half as bad as the fans think he is.

    Sure he lacks mobility.

    But he is robust, rarely injured, and has a cracking left foot.

    Give me him over Cebollas or Deirdre Barlow* anyday of the week.

    Be interesting to see what his next club will be. I think he will have suitors .Attractive ones.


  54. Words on a Blog

    Salvador Dali (aka CG),

    Welcome back – genuinely interested in the thought process that gets you from Deirdre Barlow to Torreira…..

  55. Emiratesstroller

    I think that latest changes in the Academy, which have been announced show
    that there is a revolution taking place at club.

    Morrow the senior scout has been sacked by Edu because of growing friction between him and Mertesacker along with several other members of staff.

    Edu has found that the staff in the Academy was bloated and that recruitment
    of youth at the club has not been of the required standard despite some of
    the players who have been recently added to the First Team Squad.

    That does not surprise me, because it has been blindingly obvious that the academy has failed to produce a single decent home grown defender in the
    last decade apart from perhaps Bellerin.

    Hopefully the next stage of the revolution will take place within first team squad starting with head coach.

  56. WengerEagle

    Totally agree Ishola but it was opportunistic from Emery to take some of the heat off of himself and plunge Xhaka back into the limelight after he had already apologised for the earlier incident.

    Never should have been made captain and shouldn’t start for us but our problems extend way beyond Xhaka.

  57. WengerEagle


    Would you take Don Carlo? I’ve gone off the idea since his last year at Bayern, I think that he’s has his best days behind him. Great gaffer in his time no doubt.

    He hasn’t evolved anything much at Napoli, if anything they were better under Sarri.

  58. CG

    Hello Words.

    Every time I ve seen Little Legs play either for :

    Uruguay in WC

    Or Us:

    In Baku
    Milan transfer on /off shenanigans
    The Xhaka Booing

    The lad is in tears.

    (Like Diedre used to be in Coronation Street. )

  59. China1

    Charlie I just read a stat that xhaka has made more mistakes leading directly to goals than any other midfielder in PL history – and he’s only been here about 4 years…

    It’s only one stat but are you sure he’s not a terrible footballer???

  60. Words on a Blog


    Ha ha I get it now. The guy does get pretty emotional. Still it’s better to cry than to take off your shirt and tell supporters to eff off….

    Knew it couldn’t have been the hair – that would have been Guendouzi or Luiz!

  61. salpardisenyc


    Carlo as an interim to get thru season absolutely, beyond that I don’t think so unless its somehow gone magnetic.

    Club really needs a rocket shot right up its ass with that think next manager needs to realize opportunity given and the hunger that comes with that translating to players. Everything Emery lacked coming from his PSG beat down.

    Attacking football for me bordering on mandatory as i’ve been dulled into a fucking nub of a man with this version of Arsenal.

    If I had to name one for long term i’d like to see club go route of Ten Hag, although tonight probably not best evening for that given results!

  62. CG


    Those Arsenal HOME fans deserve both barrels .

    Xhaka should have run back from the tunnel with a Kalashnikov the way most of those HOME fans behave.

    They are appalling creatures.

    Their sense of entitlement.

    Hounded out the best manager we have had whilst witnessing the best soccer they have ever seen

    Well they will be booing someone else next week.

    I am buying Holding getting The Full Monty by Easter..

    Whose your money on?

  63. CG

    Spanish Dave

    Spot on.
    Onions is very average.
    Runs 50 yds and does a pirouette.
    ZZ is no fool”””

    No club in the World buys more garbage than us.

    We do it on an industrial scale.

    (During Wenger latter years
    Post Wenger years ,especially)

    Absentee Owner.
    Will continue to do so until that changes…

  64. China1

    Haha CG are you sure wenger arsenal were playing good football in his latter years?

    You must have had an aneurism trying so hard to convince yourself of that one!

  65. bennydevito

    So far, apart from the Burnley game, Ceballos hasn’t impressed. Unless he seriously improves then send him back to ZZ top. Willick has been excellent so far and can make the Ramsey role his own for the next 10 years.

  66. bennydevito

    Probably the reason we sent Nketiah out for the season was to get him ready to take over from Aubameyang next year. Martinelli’s progress also making up the minds of the money men, and in the current inflated market I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us get close to all our money back, £60m.

    Excellent decision hopefully.

  67. salpardisenyc

    Don’t get selling the player whose literally kept us afloat this season as some say his form will fall off cliff at 31 yrs old.


  68. vegas gooner

    I would’ve much happier had we kept elneny and offloaded Xhaka.

    and watching chamberlain today I have to wonder, what if kept him and never bought the always falling over torreia?

  69. China1

    Vegas ox was and still is a crock and he hasn’t played consistently well in at least 3 years prior to us selling him. He was a headless chicken half the time, just a physically impressive Walcott but without the goals or assists

    If he makes something of himself as Liverpool fair play to him, but a few great goals doesn’t undo that he’s an injury crock and hasn’t played consistently well in ages

  70. salparadisenyc

    Still think we pulled a blinder selling Ox for that fee to Liverpool, agree going to take more than two stellar goals to undo that.

  71. Emiratesstroller


    I was at the game where Xhaka was booed although I was not one of those who
    booed him.

    The facts are that the booing only occurred because of the manner of Xhaka
    walking slowly off the pitch and the gestures made. There was considerable
    frustration that the player acted in this way when Arsenal were drawing the game after conceding a winning lead.

    There was minimal reaction from the crowd when he was subbed. Frankly
    Xhaka was not the only player whose performance was poor during that

    The reality is that Arsenal’s Crowd is one of the least raucous in the EPL and
    some even criticise the “library” atmosphere. It takes a lot for the crowd to
    boo either the team or the individual players.

    Most of the abuse is on twitter and even on websites such as Le Grove. I can
    understand that players in their teens and early twenties get upset. One
    should not confuse abuse with criticism.

  72. Tony

    First step in getting rid of this petulant child who is just not suited to there PL.

    Hopefully he’ll be gone in January along with Emery.

    “Arsenal STRIP Granit Xhaka of captaincy and leave him out of Europa League trip to Portugal as fallout from his clash with fans continues with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang named new skipper

    Granit Xhaka has been stripped of the Arsenal captaincy by boss Unai Emery

    Midfielder will also not travel with Arsenal for Europa League clash with Vitoria

    Xhaka was involved in an angry exchange with club’s fans against Crystal Palace

    Former captain has not played for the club since that incident at the Emirates”

  73. Goobergooner

    Holy shite that was a long read. Loved it though. We need to build our backline from scratch and I want to see youngsters growing into leaders and stay with us as a solid base to move forward over the years.

    Well in Pedro.

    Also Un Na Naaii

    “Those years made us synonymous with breathtaking attacking football” when talking about Wengers early 2000’s teams.

    You also said it could only have ever gone downhill from 2004 and the invincibles. I concur.

    The one statement I would like to make is that a great manager; and yes Wenger was a great manager, is not all it takes to play “breathtaking attacking football”.
    The players have to be up to standard too.

    I’m not saying you think otherwise, but it’s just tiring that a lot of people here only see the manager as a problem.

    We played attacking football in Wengers last years, and compared to Emery’s style of play it was great to watch. But it still wasn’t breathtaking attacking football at the level required to beat the big boys.

    It may well have been enough if over the years we fixed major holes in our squad, especially 08 til pretty much the present, in acquiring 2 solid CMs/DMs, 2 proper centrebacks, and a keeper. One could argue we played with Giroud as first choice striker for far too long too.

    Emery is managing shit football, but he hasn’t been helped by the scouting network spanning nearly a decade.
    The youth team is showing lots of promise for the first time in a long time but none are properly ready to be consistent first 11 players.

    There are soooo many factors that have held this club back over the years and Emery has come in at our lowest point in 20 odd years. This isn’t an excuse, just reality.

    We have needed something different in almost all aspects of the club; and finally we have changed the backroom team up enough that when we do get the manager we know we need, we may actually have a proper chance of moving forward again.

    Again, Emery isn’t the man, but it was always going to take more than 2 seasons to properly turn us around.

  74. Emiratesstroller


    I have commented on the way Saracens play the game and not discussed alleged financial improprieties.

    However, I have serious concerns about the allegations made against Saracens
    and the findings. Last night I googled the company accounts which relate to
    the 4 players which were referred to in the tribunal proceedings.

    The asset value of these companies is either nil or even in loss. In most cases
    the assets [property] appears to have been secured by bank loans which
    presumably have been guaranteed by Wray.

    Four of the Five players referred to in the proceedings were local boys who started their careers in Academy and have only played for Saracens as professional players.

    Rugby players including those at Saracens are paid a fraction of what their
    counterparts in football earn. In most cases they are paid less than £100K pa.
    Also they are paid considerably less than star players in the French Clubs.

    The main points which appear to have been proven is that the club exceeded
    the £7 million agreed Budget threshold allowed and there was not full disclosure of the business arrangements made with Wray. For the record
    there does not appear to be any Inland Revenue investigation.

    Despite claims made by CEO of Exeter I think that the punishment is grossly
    excessive. A large percentage of the club’s top players including many of those
    who played for England came through their Academy and have played only
    for Saracens.

    There is no evidence that Saracens have stolen or head hunted players from other clubs with financial sweetners such as have been paid for decades in professional football.

  75. Graham62


    “Emery isn’t the man, but it was always going to take more than 2 seasons to properly turn us around”

    Agreed but not only is Emery not the man, he has been proven to be incapable of getting even the basics right.

    He is totally incompetent.

  76. Batistuta


    Just to reiterate, at no point have i said we have a very good midfield, you’re another who’s good with the whole player poverty thing, interesting to see who your scapegoat is now that Xhaka isn’t there anymore…..

    My point was that there was no reason whatsoever where we haven’t even had 1 game where we looked in control, yes we have not so great options in midfield but that’s Emery’s midfield, these are his players, can’t tell me we have worse options in there than some of the absolute shite teams we’ve played so far….. No organization, no plan to play to this weakness we have in midfield so again, while it’s not great, no excuse why we should be bypassed by every single team in every single game

  77. Graham62

    As I said last week, due to Xhakas slow walk off and negative mannerisms when leaving the pitch,he deserved to get booed.

    No question.

  78. China1

    Our midfield ‘poverty’ would look vastly less poverty stricken if we just had players in the correct positions

    We have a DM at AM all season and young B2B type or the dismal Xhaka playing DM for no obvious reason.

    Is it really that complicated that in the bare minimum you give our best DM a run of games at DM to help not only the defense but our other midfielders play a bit better?

    Our midfielders are not vintage but the poverty is in no small part self imposed by a dumbass manager who think xhaka and guen are out and out DMs and Torreira is an AM

    Put stupid shit into the equation and stupid answers come out. It’s not rocket science

  79. China1

    Emery would over complicate the invincibles.

    He’d have bergkamp on the wing because of his good delivery and he’d have Henry blocked from drifting to the wing. He’d have Gilberto at AM because why not and I’m fairly certain vieira would be booted out the squad for being fussy

  80. Un na naai


    Ok mate. Fair enough. But let me ask you this. Do you not think we currently have the personnel to play some lethal and beautiful attacking football?
    Look at Rodgers, look at some of Wenger’s teams who were of less quality than what we have now.

    Yes there are missing components but a good defensive coach would have shaped this lot into a far tighter unit by now and a good attacking coach would have us free scoring, even if it is only against the lesser clubs.

    We are doing neither
    Emery is neither. In no area of the pitch have we improved nor has emery stamped his blueprint. It’s just holes everywhere where a team should be. 11 individuals scratching their heads and wondering what to do
    We are arsenal. We are better than this. I’m not saying we have a divine right to any titles but we deserve better than anything the coach is able to serve.

  81. Un na naai


    I agree with most of what you’re saying
    Yes it was going to take more than two year but come on. The club is doing its part and providing players for emery
    Spending big money in the areas he wants

    The squad we have now is dropping points to wolves, palace and Sheffield untied
    3 weeks without a league win against those 3?

    Sorry mate but that’s not down to player quality

  82. Un na naai

    China1November 6, 2019 07:24:46
    Our midfield ‘poverty’ would look vastly less poverty stricken if we just had players in the correct positions


    Exactly. And then play to our strengths
    We’ve got good attacking full backs
    Two great strikers
    A £72m winger
    A £43m playmaking assist machine and Martinelli’s and Saka coming up.

    Harness it. Use it. We are geared towards attacking football. I don’t mind playing the other way IF it’s working but it’s not. And if you watch the game and see what’s actually happening it’s down to instructions
    He’s opening up our entire midfield and leaving forwards isolated

  83. Un na naai

    Martinez, Chambers, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasinac, Willock, Ceballos, Smith Rowe, Maitland-Niles, Saka, Martinelli

    Predicted lineup for tonight
    Ceballos only plays the toughest of though games doesn’t he?

  84. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    The lack of balance in our midfield has been highlighted “ad infinitum”.

    The real issue is not so much whether these midfielders are good players as
    individuals, which some are, but how they play as a collective.

    When you see our defensive weakness and the number of shots on goal we
    concede you know something is wrong.

    Conversely we are little better when you see that there is only one goal scored
    by a midfield [Torreira] and just 4 assists in 11 games.

    Those are shocking stats for any team aspiring to finish in top four of league.

  85. Un na naai

    Within a week though, stories about the captaincy begin as it becomes obvious the Frenchman isn’t going to stay, and we need to find somebody new. We then get a series of delays as Emery refuses to make a decision:

    July 17th: Emery weighing up captaincy options

    July 19th: Emery wants an Englishman as one of his captains

    August 5th: Xhaka – Emery hasn’t decided on captaincy

    August 6th: Laurent Koscielny is sold to Bordeaux.

    August 9th: Emery waiting for departures before finalising captaincy group

    September 13th: Emery provides timeline for his five captains announcement

    September 18th: Emery delays captaincy decision

    September 26th: Emery gets squad to vote for their preferred captains

    September 27th: Xhaka confirmed as captain along with Aubameyang, Ozil, Lacazette and Bellerin as part of the ‘leadership group’.

    So, between the time that Koscielny’s position as captain became untenable due to his refusal to go on the tour, and the appointment of Xhaka, there were 78 days. It took Emery over 11 weeks to make his mind up, and while I’m not excusing Xhaka’s actions last week by any stretch of the imagination, the prevarication and indecisiveness played a significant part in what happened.

  86. Un na naai


    Couldn’t agree more. If you watch us in the league, take note of how wide our central midfielders pull or how they leave the dm or quarterback cmf, whatever you want to call him alone and exposed.

    Same as our striker

    He moves the players too far apart to defend or attack properly unless you’re playing a certain way. And the way he seems to want us to play doesn’t tally with the formations and positioning on the pitch

  87. Bob N16

    In our midfield options we have a starting DM for Uruguay, an U21 French international and a current Spanish international. In addition, an England U21 International and a retired German international who has won a few medals. I won’t include the current captain of Switzerland!

    As has been said endlessly play Torreira as DM and choose two others depending on opposition. Personally I’d try Guendouzi and Ozil.

    It’s clear that a new coach will look at that midfield and consider improvements. Ceballos may not be a good fit and Xhaka is off , so there is room for two more ( obviously Ozil could go!)

  88. Un na naai

    And Merson says Arsenal should hand Rodgers a five-year contract as he’ll transform the club.

    “Leicester have been outstanding. They have an unbelievable manager,” he told Sky Sports.

    “Brendan Rodgers has not added much to the squad he inherited from Claude Puel, but he’s improved every single player at his disposal.

    “He’s getting a tune out of every single player, it’s incredible.

    “I cannot speak highly enough of Rodgers. Chairmen up and down the country will be thinking ‘how did we not get him?’

    “This Leicester team were languishing in mid-table and going nowhere until Rodgers came in, and in less than 12 months he’s got the whole squad are playing with confidence, they all know they are doing and look like a proper team.

    This is exactly what we wanted. A man who comes in and improves on what we had
    Emery has had better players than Rodgers with £200m extra spent on him and we are now worse than Leicester, who by the way havesold their spine in the last 3 seasons

    Kante, drinkwater, mahrez and Maguire.

    And still they march on.

  89. Pierre

    The perception by many on here is that the fans that stayed respectful to Wenger, even In his latter years, were never going to welcome a new manager out of loyalty to Wenger.

    This is of course untrue..The least many of us expected was that the new manager wouldn’t make the same mistakes as the previous manager.

    Unfortunately, Emery was happy to make the same mistakes as our previous manager and he compounded this by destroying any semblance of attractive football.

    Excuses were made , and are still being made for Emery as to why the team are/were not performing.

    The excuses last year were that it was not Emery’s team and we should wait until he has his own players before we make judgement and each week more and more fans are now jumping ship as reality sets in.

    Emery is a dead man walking , the club should put him out of his misery now…He is losing or has lost respect from the players and fans and when that happens,

  90. Un na naai


    Yes!! Of course we could do with a better Cmf. But like you say what we have is better than what 80% of the league can offer in the middle

    Look at what klopp can do with Milner, Henderson and a Newcastle reject.

  91. Un na naai

    Bob N16November 6, 2019 08:21:56
    Unai, lifted from Arseblog?

    Yeah. First thing I do in the morning after sending my lads their job sheets is to read arseblog. Then have a bash and brush my teeth.
    In that order

  92. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s be clear Wenger was past his sell by date at the end of his career. No
    manager apart from perhaps Fergie at Man Utd was able to maintain a career
    at top level with one club for more than perhaps five or six years.

    My guess is that Arsenal held onto to Wenger beyond that threshold because
    we built the stadium and there was widespread recognition in Boardroom the club would be unable to invest properly in the team. Wenger was prepared to buy into that reality which perhaps other managers could/would

    Emery has arrived at the club, which has spent £200 million + on the squad and yet there is little evidence of material improvement. The team at the
    moment does not look remotely competitive in EPL for the reasons which
    have been outlined ad infinitum.

    Emery is NOT a top class manager and it is difficult to understand what is the
    gameplan. The team is playing “NOTHING” football.

  93. Pierre

    “Look at what klopp can do with Milner, Henderson and a Newcastle reject.”

    Admit it didn’t know how to spell wijnaldum..

  94. Un na naai

    PierreNovember 6, 2019 08:35:44
    “Look at what klopp can do with Milner, Henderson and a Newcastle reject.”Admit it didn’t know how to spell wijnaldum..

    Mate I struggle with my own name so Newcastle reject was about the best I could offer there

  95. David Smith

    We won’t get Rogers, not assertive enough to prise him away even if they wanted him.
    If multiple reports are correct, there is already a straw clutching committee active within the club thinking of ways to put a positive spin on Emery, ie putting young players in, Aubas form, getting to a Euro final, whatever the outcome, they will probably even praise him over the captaincy fuck up as well.
    Really hope I am wrong, but starting to suspect they will not only keep Emery this year, they would probably keep him next year as well, if they possibly can.
    Edu is starting at the lower levels of his reforms, might take him a while to get to Emery
    This manager would be finished by now at any other semblance of a club.
    I half suspect that sacking Wenger really went against Stans better instincts, his son probably had to sell him that one, so is now compromised with Stan even if he did want to lose Emery.
    I am still staggered some of the board wanted to renew Emerys deal this summer, can only assume Stan and Raul were heavily involved there.
    Death, taxes, and Stan doing absolutely nothing where at all possible

  96. Pierre

    “Emery is NOT a top class manager and it is difficult to understand what is the
    gameplan. The team is playing “NOTHING” football.”

    An intelligent manager would have reverted back to basics, instead Emery does the opposite and complicates matters.

    To play a midfield diamond at the weekend
    with Torreira at the tip of the diamond was the final straw for some.

    Emery doesn’t make it easy for himself.

  97. Un na naai


    A Simon’s can work well for us if used correctly
    It’s all about the full backs and two sitting dms to protect two centre halves when full backs push up to create width

  98. Un na naai

    The emery fan club is strangely quiet this recently
    Telling how marko, Freddie and joe won’t comment any more

  99. Emiratesstroller

    David Smith

    I think that it is highly unlikely that Arsenal will keep Emery beyond this season. When you watch the team play there is no light at end of tunnel.

    Our performance level is predictable and frankly we are fortunate to have won
    any game in EPL this season.

    When a club invests almost £220 million in players over 2 seasons you would
    expect an upgrade in performance.

    That is not happening under this head coach. Individually there are some
    promising young players in the squad starting off with Martinelli, but overall
    we are not playing with any game plan

    The football is insipid and we rely heavily on Aubameyang to score goals with
    no input from midfield. Moreover our midfield and defence look like rabbits
    caught in the headlights whenever they come under pressure.

  100. David Smith

    Hope you are right ES, it probably won’t happen with a balance of probability, but always wary of this club when it comes to changing things

  101. siddharth14

    We really missed the bus on Rodgers. That man would have been a bold choice if we were looking to bounce back in the Top 4 immediately. He is also premiership proven and experienced. The longer Emery is in charge the more i’m reminded of how the club botched up the recruitment through sheer incompetence.

    As for our match against Vitoria, i see another painfully dull and laborious performance. I’ll be really surprised if Arsenal put in a good display because the players are really struggling with Emery and it has to reflect on the pitch.

  102. siddharth14

    Un na naai
    November 6, 2019 08:59:33

    The emery fan club is strangely quiet this recently
    Telling how marko, Freddie and joe won’t comment any more

    You forgot to mention Receding ! A couple of days back, he put up a gem of post saying that Emery should have taken a sabbatical after PSG and how he is damaging his reputation. A very very classy way to put it now that Emery has fallen off the cliff.

  103. China1

    The funny thing with emery ball is I can’t even tell what the grand end game is supposed to look like even if he had 1000000000 to spend on all the players he chooses

    I’m genuinely not sure what it’s supposed to look like

  104. Un na naai


    Yes I saw the post. He’s probably right. And after his sabbatical he should have went back to Spain for his next job because he’s flopped outside of his native

  105. Goobergooner

    Un Na,

    I think Emery has no clue how to play great attacking football.

    But I also think our midfield is absolutely shocking, and I don’t even want to talk about the defence.

    Luiz has played in some great teams by some absolute miracle. And to get him when he’s past it was the worst mistake we have made. Maybe if he was coming in as back up, but to be starting every game is beyond a joke.

    Mustafi and sok speak for themselves.

    Our fullbacks are only just coming back into it so I’ll give them more time.

    Ceballos gets put under the pump big time, but unlike other players we had coming from other leagues into the squad, no one is allowing him time to adapt. Bizarre one that.

    When we had Sagna Kos, meet and Gibbs as our backline I’d say that is quite a lot better than now.

    Our midfield with Ramsey and Ozil only needed a DM.

    But now we have a youngsters pushing through the ranks who are better than our experienced players, who aren’t even ready to be fulltimers.
    It’s a joke.

  106. Dissenter

    Yesterday we created about 55 passes in our 18 yard box in 90 minutes
    Yesterday we crated ZERO passes in Vitoria’s 18 yard box from open play.

    Emery’s explanation?…’ They are very defensive with a big defensive structure,” said Unai Emery. “It is not easy because they were defending very deep and together, and to find and create small spaces was not easy against this team.”

    Someone ought to ask him why do we pass the ball around so much in our 18 yard box and not at all on the opposition 18 yard box.
    With Wenger , we used to be angry that we passed it too much when we reached the opposition 18 yard box.