1 week, 1 month, 1 season. No one can agree the timeline

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The media is alive like a pit of vipers, all looking for their hot take on a story they don’t yet have. A little like some of the nonsense that was fed into the airwaves when we were hiring for the Wenger replacement. It makes for interesting reading, dependent on how you want to spin it for yourself.

The through-thread I’m hearing is quite simple: We don’t have a plan.

If you take that as your north star, it makes it easier to work out what’s real and what’s fantasy.

I am more inclined to believe the stories that Arsenal are not going to budge on ousting Unai Emery, namely because there’s no suitable replacement candidate, and there’s been no detailed undertaking of what’s in the market at the moment.

It’s also important to remember that Unai Emery is Don Raul’s man. When Arteta lost out because Ivan G lost his nerve, it was our lead football exec who brought Emery in for the magical interview with the powerpoint dossier. He’s attached to Unai, there’s either going to be a level of faith in his hard skillz (lol), or there’s going to be a level of stubbornness in the decision.

You also have to remember that Arsenal are not fast movers. Mountains of evidence supported Wenger being a busted flush, but things didn’t move against him until the stadium emptied out and the finances started to weaken. It’s very rare that a manager has ever been as bad as Unai Emery and turned things around. It is in the Kroenke DNA to really, really, really make sure the manager they have in charge is completely useless before they pull the trigger.

I’d also be paying attention to the reality of our finances. We pulled money from next season into last summer to make the big fancy signings happen. That was the financial trick. There’s probably an element of worry with firing Emery: ‘Do we really want to spend upwards of £12m to fire the coach and the 6+ people he brought along for the ride?’

I was told at the start of the season the chances of Emery being let go early were very slim. In fairness, I’m not sure anyone thought things would be this bad, this soon. There are some stories saying that he’ll be out the door if he loses next weekend. I think that’s fanciful. The bigger concern is that a lot of papers are saying he’ll be given a month to turn things around.

I worry if we go a month, it’s going to be impossible for any caretaker to get things back on track. The best choice if we did that would be Freddie Ljungberg, but that’s hugely risky. Bringing in a young coach to take over in a crisis isn’t ideal.

I’ve done to death the Jose Mourinho counter-argument. There are fans saying that talk of ‘values’ is weak sauce and that we shouldn’t pay attention to things like that.

I really dislike this line of argument. ‘Values’ when used to deflect a lack of competitiveness is unacceptable. Arsenal tried to tie the two things as inextricably linked during the bad years because it made for easy reading to the soft fanbase who saw Wenger as their daddy.

‘Chelsea may have trophies, but where’s the class? Not for me’

When we’re talking about values and Jose Mourinho, the commentary has more grounding in reality. You really are attacking who you are as a club when you make that appointment.

But honestly, fuck the talk of values. That is the last thing on my list of why nots when it comes to hiring in Jose.

The man is finished as an elite level coach. Just look at his idea of modern football. Look at the footballing output at United having spent £300m+.

‘But did he have a say on the players?’

Can you IMAGINE Jose Mourinho at United’s Pleasure Island for Faded Managers NOT having a say on players? He’s literally one of the most powerful coaches on the planet. He would have had total control over decisions. He is a King. He lives off his once elite reputation as the Special One. He had control, and while Manchester City were out there creating the next generation of cognitive football, he’s making excuses about the lack of investment and defending his painfully dated footballing philosophy.

Don’t worry about values people, with Jose Mourinho, it’s lose/lose. You’re bringing in the most toxic man in world football, and by the way, he’s going to crash your club within 2 seasons, likely with little to show for it.

Arsenal are in this situation because they hired a coach based on an objective.

‘Get Champions League’

We didn’t hire a coach thinking of the 3-5 year plan of where we planned to take the club. We weren’t thinking about how to be competitive. We just hired in someone based on his glamourous previous job.

The fans will now demand our next hire is a ‘proven winner.’ But it’s the wrong way to look at it. Hiring a winner took United to LVG after David Moyes. It then took them to Jose Mourinho. Now they’re in all sorts of trouble because the correct decision was a young innovative coach, but when they finally made that decision they did it based on emotion, not smarts.

We built a global brand playing stunning football. We are not currently capable of behaving like a superclub. Arsenal has a golden generation of kids coming through. We have a squad built for attacking football.

Our next hire needs to be mapped to our reality.

There is no point in hiring the archetypal ‘winner’ because that sort of reputation is ALWAYS tied to a chequebook manager. We can only afford to work with one of those types on the way out of the top tier (Jose). We need to make our gains by hiring in someone that can outperform our resources. That has to be a coach with ideas, someone that’s happy to work with what is on offer at Arsenal, someone that wants to grow into a king.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. gunnerram

    Good Article Pedro. We need to take the remaining season with calm and plan for the next manager. If Unai is the man for this season so be it – it cant get any worse. But if w get the next manager wrong it puts us back by another 3-5 years.

  2. DigitalBob

    Good post Pedro, I also doubt he gets the sack should we lose next week.

    We need to be way behind in the battle for 4th and out of the Europa for this board to pull the trigger and as you said he is Raul’s man so there will be some hesitation from the higher ups before it happens.

  3. David Smith

    Very depressing, but wouldnt surprise me if the club did absolutely nothing, despite the fact this will cost us a place in the Champions League, and probably the Europa League next season, as well as derailing talented young players, and losing our strikers and other players to boot.
    If they really dont want to pay Emery and his staff off, we are stuck with him next season as well, this guy could easily relegate us
    Kroenkes lack of action could again prove very costly

  4. Alexanderhenry


    To quote you at length:

    ‘We need to make our gains by hiring in someone that can outperform our resources. That has to be a coach with ideas, someone that’s happy to work with what is on offer at Arsenal, someone that wants to grow into a king.’

    That’s a very tall order.
    A young coach who’ s brilliant, but also prepared to work with limited resources and for an extended period.

    Do you have anyone in particular in mind?

  5. DigitalBob

    Charlie – The dream for me is Allegri but I wouldn’t mind if Freddie is given the chance, that’s if a mid-season sacking happens.

  6. salpardisenyc

    From last thread…


    I’m not confident more hopeful the process has begun.

    Can’t imagine Raul doing anything other than looking at table and trajectory of decline on what should of been a decent return on this run of league fixtures and not do anything other than beginning process knowing what lies ahead in December.

    With info on hand i’d hope club make move after Leicester, everything seems to speak against continuing. Looking at fixtures pretty sure theres some truth to giving Emery the month to see if he’s able to arrest the fall with Southhampton, Norwich, Brighton and West Ham before it gets naughty. Which means prolonging the inevitable and potentially loosing season if it goes wrong, very Arsenal in what should be a pro active moment.

  7. Fire

    Good Ebening
    Why would Raul sack him. Even if we lose to Leicester, we will need to use the information from the game to help us in our way, improve our process and to impose our game.
    This club is dead as a footballing entity.

  8. Guns of SF

    I read somewhere on ESPN that firing Emery now, make sense…
    A good reason is that- if the brass see the decline starting now, and no signs of improvement, why wait until the inevitable.
    Act now… look at Bayern.. they saw the writing on the wall.

    We need to do the same… so we draw with Leicester.. (hopefully)
    Why continue to buy time… the team is completely in dissaray.

    Emery has a healthy first team unlike last season, and now has WINGERS!

    Yet we struggle… we are worse and not progressing.
    No excuses now…. this shitshow needs to end

    FL – bless him, I think he can do better than this… There is a love and affinity for him, so even if cannot take top 4, he will be seen as someone who tried to get us up…from the depths of Emery ball.

    Worth a shot…. and NO Pedro, he is not young.

  9. Santana

    With the manger situation, AFC management are weak and at fault. They’re mediocre at best and no one else would give ’em the lucrative money they’re milking at AFC. So its a case of the politics of their survival, with no pressure to win the trophies that matter. I doubt anyone at AFC is on fundamental incentives compensation, based on winning the trophies that matter. So if they’re forced into a corner, they’ll hire another Dicko Emery like idiot.

    Next AFC Manger Candidates:
    Maureen: An egotistical dickhead, peaked in 2012 & past it, just like Wenger. But Raul Smelly & CIMA Vinay (fake accountant) may bite Maureen’s hand off for a 3 year deal, with a 15m termination clause, made sweeter by Maureen’s super agent. Josh Kroenke may kiss his hand The Kronkees can purr over Maureen’s success track record at parties, about haul of trophies. A heavenly match for AFC management clique.
    Peg G: Won’t leave City.
    Tuchel: Happy at PSG.
    Allegri: Rejected by AFC last time round & Gaz appointed Dicko instead. Language hurdle.
    Brendon: Told to toddle off by Scoucers and not quite in the current top managers.
    Arteta: A remnant of the Wenger loser days. May have learned a thing or two from Pep, but is he capable on his own, working out of Pep’s shadow?
    Henri: Huge ego & doesn’t have the EI. Dicko calibre manager.
    Viera: Not cutting it in La Liga, what’s the chance that he’ll cut it in the EPL?
    Lungberg: High risk. Translator for Dicko. As Henri & Viera above. Good assistant, but not lead.
    Julian Nagelsmann: Top young manager. May end up at Bayern or Barca one day.
    Erik Ten Hag: Look what he’s achieved at Ajax. Super candidate but AFC clique will feel threatened. If ETH gets in, Overmars & others could replace mediocre Smelly & co.
    Jardim: Perfect fit as manager for the Gooners, but will he fit the current AFC management clique, that are out to milk AFC for all they can? Works with a good DOF, so AFC clique may feel threatened & unlikely to open the door to Jardim.
    Conte: Has the tactical nous & proven in the EPL.
    Benitez: Won the CL. Inoffensive & would be good caretaker to get us into the CL next year.

    So in terms of my short-list of 5, I’d suggest we prise Pep away from City. If that fails, let’s target Nagelsmann (with 2 year plan to win the EPL & 3 year plan to win the CL), Ten Hag, Jardim & Conte, in that order, with Benitez as caretaker till end of this season, if we can’t get the others appointed within 2019.

  10. Alexanderhenry

    If something positive is to come of the current situation, it will at least be clarity.

    Much has been made of the new, modern, re energised, arsenal fc, packed with more management, more expertise and filing cabinets bulging with glowing CVs.

    On the pitch, it’s not a catastrophe- it never is at Arsenal– but we are drifting, treading water and cementing a new identity as a 5th or 6th place team.

    . Moving forward, this won’t be acceptable to swathes of paying fans.
    The ‘new structure’ – I’ll call it that because I don’t actually know exactly where decision making lies- need to act decisivy and with ambition.

    Let’s see what they come up with and let them be judged on that.

  11. Guns of SF

    SO Arsenal axed 8 members of the youth staff.
    So a shake up is not out of the works….

    lets see what happens… Leicester were great against Palace…
    Now they are at home to us… someone build a shield and place in front of our goal… the bombardment needs to end!

  12. Uwot?

    No Dave.They need to goforRogers.Brendan Rogers.like I said.we need a Rogering.What better than after the Leicester game. Perfect timing.

  13. Rambo Ramsey

    “Arsenal has a golden generation of kids coming through”

    Who? Shiteland Niles, Joe Willie, Bukkake Saka et al?

  14. NJ Gunner

    Squad player number.

    I’m looking at the aggregator five times a day half expecting to see the headline that Emery has gone. But that’s unrealistic.

    One timeline for a dismissal would be a dismal performance at the weekend.
    Another realistic one would be half way through the season. At least that would coincide with the transfer window and allow the hierarchy to assert there was a logic to the choice. They might also have an alternative lined up by then if they have done their homework this time.

    Rogers would be crazy to jump ship now. I just wonder if Arteta would be tempted at this point? Where else could he go that would be better?

  15. jwl

    Top tier coaches have no interest in 3-5 year projects, they want to compete for trophies in their first season.

    Arsenal obviously have plan, we are buying quality youth to supplement our homegrown youth, and in a few years hopefully these players will come good and we’ll have team we can he happy with.

    Emery is transitional manager, he steadied the ship and is giving game time to untested nineteen year olds that will benefit our next manager. Arsenal squad is not automatic top four team, Emery has us at about our level so there is no need to fire him yet.

  16. CG

    A Rollocking good read by the imperious PedRo and I off course thank him for it.

    But lets Face facts Folks.

    You can’t Teck Deck your way back to the top- with the likes of Edu and Co.
    (They might as be working for Spurs.- the good they are doing us!)

    We are going to have to do it differently,

    We have to do it Jose ‘ s Way!….
    ….His Special Way!

    10 year contract on the table
    Mr. Mourinho your mission:

    See out this contract &


  17. Champagne charlie

    I agree, he’s long been my choice for a myriad of reasons. Rumour of him being in cahoots with another club already, I said United previously but Bayern maybe?

    You and me both, a good summer window doesn’t make a competent executive team, that’s merely the start. They’ve plenty to prove themselves and it’ll be quite telling how they manage this situation forthcoming.

  18. NJ Gunner

    I don’t understand how anyone can say he steadied the ship. I have been a fan for over half-a-century and have never seen such turmoil. A manager under pressure and flapping, a captain insulting the fans, drawing games at home we are supposed to win, and a fanbase that didn’t turn out for the last game. I can’t imagine any of this will get better in the short term.

  19. Guns of SF


    we can be doing better than we are currently
    We have no offensive schemes.
    He plays players out of natural positions.
    Defense hasn’t improved

  20. Un na naai


    You nearly had me with the Jose argument

    Yes he would almost certainly neglect the youngsters (my biggest concern) and yes he would opt to ditch attacking football BUT and this is a big but, the football he offers will be a fucking world better than anything emery is serving, our defence would be better and the man only cares about winning. Yes the youngstersay he neglected but he could also make unbelievable winners of some of them as he did with JT, Lamps, drog, cech, gudjohnson, Robben and Essien. All were young when Jose came in. All were harnessed and turned into leaders and champions

    What’s to say he couldn’t do something similar with our kit? With holding chambers Leno tierney bellerin Torreira Guendouzi, martinelli, Saka and willock?

    That’s a 10 year spine right there and Jose could give them the platform, knowledge and self belief and turn them into monsters. To spawn a decade of silverware like he did at Chelsea

  21. HighburyLegend

    “Top tier coaches have no interest in 3-5 year projects, they want to compete for trophies in their first season. ”

    At last. The truth.

  22. DigitalBob

    Charlie – true, talk of Allegri and Utd having something in place started a couple months ago should Ole get the boot, but I can see Bayern as a good fit.

    I’m warming to the idea of Arteta by the way, I initially thought it was Pep bigging up his number two but it seems alot of the City players credit him with improvements to their game.

  23. terraloon

    I’d also be paying attention to the reality of our finances. We pulled money from next season into last summer to make the big fancy signings happen. That was the financial trick. There’s probably an element of worry with firing Emery: ‘Do we really want to spend upwards of £12m to fire the coach and the 6+ people he brought along for the ride?’

    This for me is very much the heart of the matter.

    I don’t play poker but those that do, suggest Arsenal went all in during the last window.

    I very much doubt that much in the way of transfer funds will be available in January nor will there bill significant funds come next summer.

    The only saving grace would be CL qualification and whilst things clearly aren’t going well the EL remains on course.

    I am not suggesting for one second that Arsenal will just give up on trying for a top 4 place but I can’t see anything happening for months in terms of replacing UE.

  24. Un na naai

    I’m warming to the idea of Arteta by the way, I initially thought it was Pep bigging up his number two but it seems alot of the City players credit him with improvements to their game.

    You know it makes sense. It would be fucking magic if he comes in and humiliated marko, Bamford, Freddie and hairline.

    After lifting their skirts up for emery and cunting off arteta. Just magic

  25. Guns of SF

    FL is already on the payroll
    would not take too much more to replace UE with him…

    anyhow, if we are bleeding in youth, FL might be a good pick since he knows them and how to work with them, as well as the older players

  26. TheBoyCornelius

    Emery hasn’t steadied the ship. He was probably supposed to, being a pragmatic coach, and one used to working under a sporting director model – like Arsenal employed after Wenger (Manager/King/Emperor) model.
    All he has succeeded in doing is making us a reactive negative team. We start slowly to see what the opposition do. – then attempt to counter that. If we get the ball to Auba and score in that time, rather than push on we again sit and wait for the oppositions answer – then try to react to that. Invariably we become too passive and then cannot regain the upper hand.

  27. jwl

    Guns of SF – yes, we could be doing better but we could also be doing considerably worse. Emery is competent manager doing about as well as could be expected. I think gooners expected far too much when Wenger retired, we have young untested squad and everyone seems to think we should be competing for league title.

  28. Guns of SF

    We did better last season with more injured players.
    Why are we doing worse now?
    I think the players are slowly tuning him out…
    We spent a shitload to compete now… not for the future.
    This summer was the time to bleed in an identity of attack and defense and to get us playing in a system that all understood.
    Instead its still pick up football- with your friends. Just play and do something without a plan other than give AUba the ball

  29. HighburyLegend

    I think that we need to avoid the “panic decisions”…

    Once Xhaka will have recover the armband, everything will be just fine.

  30. KAY Boss

    Coincidentally it seems most of Wenger lovers are warming themselves up to the possibility of Mourinho being our coach. Unai,Pierre,CG,CC. Plz don’t sell out your shifu.
    Emery must be let go and plz Bamford, stop defending Emery. He’s failing alarmingly. I respect your view though. But plzzzz.

  31. DigitalBob

    jwl – Emery is underachieving, its clear as day.

    I for one had no top 4 expectations but did expect a coherent plan of action. The squad has had investment as well so its not like he’s limited by the budget.

    As Un and others have stated he’s doing worse than past his best-Arsene with a marginally better squad. We still ship a fuckload of goals and the opposition regularly pepper the box with shots, the stubbornness that took Arsene years to develop seems to have taken Emery a season and a bit.

  32. jwl

    I wrote Emery steadied ship because he has, he improved our points total in league last season and we went further in Europe. Look at manure when Fergie retired, experienced manager Moyes inherited league winner squad and finished seventh.

    When long term influential manager retires, it often goes tits up for team for years, but Emery was able to avoid that. It was minor miracle that Emery was able to improve our points total compared to Wenger’s last.

  33. DigitalBob

    KAY – Its sad Emery’s poor management has some considering Jose. I just can’t do it.

    By the way how’s he gonna manage the Arsenal with all the young players and limited budget? The only weird thing in favour of it is that Emery has us playing football so dire appointing Jose won’t reduce the quality.

  34. Graham62

    Give it to Freddie as soon as Leicester have given us a right old rollicking next Saturday evening.

    What have we got to lose?

  35. Un na naai


    Think I made myself clear that I prefer a manager that plays football but in the light of recent form I’d take joe kinnear right now

  36. CG


    Why can’ t you not like and respect both?

    Wenger and Mourinho?

    I can’ t speak for anyone else but I LOVE talent.

    Both have it in spades.

    I detest Loosers , Cowards and Conmen.
    Our club is currently rife with them.

    Emery has these very characteristics in every part of his DNA.

    If we dont go Jose’ s way

    we will go the same way as we are now and ultimately to relegation with
    Zero responsibility and no accountability.

    Managing Arsenal aint a walk in A Park.

    You need a Proven Big Hitter .
    (history tells that time and time again.)

    think Graham/Wenger.
    now think Mourinho.

    What that man has achieved in soccer is off the footballing Richter Scale and we are saying dont want none of his Stardust?

    Are we MAd?

  37. jwl

    Wenger finished sixth in his last season, Emery finished fifth in his first, he has not done worse than Wenger. And let’s remember that Wenger bought players he wanted while Emery is part of committee and he does not make final decision on who to buy.

    The players who we’ve bought are young players for future or older mediocre players who will be here for two or three seasons and Emery is expected to create a team that challenge for league or he shit manager.

    I think much anger/frustration was built up during Wenger last few seasons and it all being poured onto Emery and his supposed failings even tho he did better than Arsene.

  38. Graham62

    Bayern have one bad result and BANG!! the manager is a goner..

    Typical German efficiency.

    “Zat BMW has a flat tyre. Bin it…..NOW!!”

  39. Un na naai


    He’s lost more games
    Won less
    Conceded more
    Scored less

    Played terribly under him
    All with him having purges the squad and spending a fortune.

    Sorry mate, context needed

  40. Chika

    I’d still love for us to get Arteta even with the fears of hiring an unproven candidate. We have the quality to make top four this season; we basically need a coach that’s brilliant, progressive with good man management.

    Next summer, armed with a fresh CB pairing, CM signings, I firmly believe we’d push on with bigger ambitions with great football.

    I heard he’s multilingual too. 😉


  41. Champagne charlie

    “Coincidentally it seems most of Wenger lovers are warming themselves up to the possibility of Mourinho being our coach. Unai,Pierre,CG,CC.“

    I’d have Mourinho over Emery, doesnt mean I’m warming to the idea of Mourinho as I’m under no illusions what’s likely to come of it.

    I want Allegri over anyone, and after that its hard seeing which proper longer term strategist could be brought in mid-season, hence why I’d be all for Rafa coming in as an interim and the club can’t make a proper well-thought decision come the summer.

  42. Chika

    “I’m warming to the idea of Arteta by the way, I initially thought it was Pep bigging up his number two but it seems alot of the City players credit him with improvements to their game.”

    My choice from day one!

  43. Un na naai

    HighburyLegendNovember 4, 2019 17:42:54
    Chika will become Pedro’s favourite, without a doubt.

    He said, resigned to the concept of being just another faceless commenter. One day, one day I will be favourite he thought.

  44. Pierre

    My comment after 2 games last season

    August 19, 2018 00:53:16

    As I have said before…why have we hired a manager who plays a certain style of football but do not have the players to play that style effectively and will not give him the funds to build a team to implement that style….not very bright is it.

    We now have no composure on the ball so be prepared for most teams to have greater possession than us until we rid ourselves of the headless chicken syndrome.”

  45. Bob N16

    I completely agree with Pedro’s post. Emery was appointed as a ‘safe bet’- ‘let’s give him two years to get back into the CL’.His appointment lacked ambition.

    We need a coach who has a clear vision and who can create an ethos that a group of players can buy in to whether they are PEA or Saka. I honestly think that if we get this next appointment right, we could be a 2/3 years from a team that can properly start the season as challengers.

    The passionate hyperbole that comes out in times of crisis, ‘we’re fucked as a club’, ‘our players are shit’, ‘our owners are useless’ masks the reality, that we have the basis of an excellent team. Any top coach would be able to see that. Loving watching Saliba by the way, class!

    My knowledge of who the best young coaches are is limited. I would love appointments that are linked to Arsenal, Arteta/Vieira/Bergkamp/ Freddie but all I want is a coach who inspires the players and convinces me that they deserve to be Arsenal coach.

    I think this line ‘ he’s got four weeks to save his job’ is media bullshit; two of those weeks are part of an international break. He’s clearly going to be sacked and they’re working on their plan of action.

    I have nothing against Emery as a person. His torturous gurning shows a man who cares. Back off to Spain with a very healthy bank balance and get yourself a job at a club that will suit you a he’ll of a lot more than AFC.

  46. Chika


    “Chin up HL. Keep plugging away. Somebody out there must love you….”

    If Emery could find love in the fat arms of Bumford, then HL shouldn’t lose hope.

  47. Un na naai


    You called it. To be honest so did quite a few of us. I was just willing to give the man some breathing space and to be honest, up until the Chelsea game last season he was ok. Not great but an improvement. Dull but relatively effective.

    He threw all that right out the window

  48. Words on a Blog


    Would be great if Rafa came in on an interim basis, but I just can’t see it.

    Isn’t he in China at present? Can’t see him leaving a well remunerated job there to go halfway across the world just to work as an interim manager for Arsenal.

  49. Pierre

    August 19, 2018 07:13:01

    “I can’t help thinking that the player we are missing is nzonzi as our midfield is still way too open and is not offering the defence protection.
    We needed a holding midfielder to just sit in front of the back 4 to give us an element of control in games.. Hopefully torriera is that player but we haven’t really addressed the issue…”

    And still haven’t addressed that issue.

  50. Un na naai


    We’re you not an emery cheerleader up until two weeks ago?

    But you’re right. We all knew it was a shit move in the summer. Even CA and marko knew, they just couldn’t admit it out loud because of their anti Wenger narrative. They just had to shake their Pom-poms and hope emery was an improvement in any way shape or form.
    Instead he’s actually been worse. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t my club.

    Still though, if arteta comes in and smashes it, it would be pure poetry. Win-win-win

    Marko, Bam and CA would shrivel to a nub.

  51. Guns of SF

    For the Arteta fans out there.

    Arteta vs Freddie-

    What are your arguments against FL?
    Why would your pick Arteta over Freddie?

  52. Pierre

    August 19, 2018 08:11:08

    Emery is not a clown.. He is just the wrong person for the job at this particular time.

    Someone should have asked themselves when appointing Emery, what do we need to make this work..

    He wants to play a completely different style of football but we do not have the right players to make it work and insufficient funds.

    Alarm bells should have been ringing and they should have taken a step back and altered their approach when hiring the new manager.

    Emery looks a worried man on the touchline and rightly so.
    Unless he can find a way to integrate his most influential players into the team then he is fucked.”

  53. Un na naai

    Get Martin Keown back to the club in a coaching role
    He was behind our record holding defence in CL 06
    We are talking eboue senderos and flamini at LB here…..

    Imagine what he could do with tierney and holding

  54. Pierre

    And from guns of Hackney

    “Guns of Hackney
    August 19, 2018 08:35:03

    UnI haven’t given Emery 10 games. My decision was made after the recruitment drive in the summer. Clearly Unai didn’t really have a plan…that hasn’t changed.”

  55. Un na naai


    For me it
    1) he’s la Masia born and bred. It’s in his dna to play the way we want
    2) he’s captained Everton and arsenal. He’s a leader
    3)He’s played in rough shit leagues and at the top in the CL.
    4) he’s highly regarded at city as a coach. By pep, the players and the suits.
    City are the benchmark. If they want him then he’s good enough for us
    5) he was the best candidate we had in the summer. Emery got in through the back door through the Spanish boys club

  56. Bob N16

    Unai, never been a cheerleader. Always felt that it was too soon to judge him after one season with largely an inherited squad. I was concerned by our end of season demise as well as his tinkering but was willing to give him until Oct/Nov to have my doubts evaporate. In hindsight the writing was on the wall last season and it was wishful to hope that he was going to be the man.

    Never a cheerleader, just a supporter who hopes for the best!

  57. Words on a Blog

    Guns of SF,

    Almost impossible to make an Arteta v Freddie judgement on a rational or empirical basis.

    Freddie knows the club, and was admired as a coach, but only as a youth team coach. No major league experience as manager.

    Arteta knows the club, and is admired as a coach, but only as an assistant coach. no major league experience as manager.

    One has perfect hair, the other looks good in boxer shorts. Both come across well in the media.

    Frankly who knows?

  58. Un na naai

    uns of SFNovember 4, 2019 17:59:25
    What is Emery’s style of football??Anyone?isnt that the million dollar question

    Big gaps in the middle
    Isolated forwards
    Plenty of shots conceded
    Attack through full backs and nobody else

  59. Un na naai


    I’d give him the job interim. The kids love him. Not exactly against but there are 3 superior options

    Who knows Freddy could turn out to be our Zz or pep from within
    Don’t know until you try

    I’d go for arteta first though
    Freddy as no2

  60. Guns of SF

    Both Arteta and Freddie are in similar positions.
    Arteta has the experience of learning from Pep.
    Freddie has the experience of winning titles on the pitch

    Both are arsenal players

    Id give the nod to FL as he has been a head coach- be it the youth team… Arteta warms the bench for Pep mostly…

    I think that we wont know until we try… so lets see.
    Im more optimisitic that UE will be gone very soon

  61. Champagne charlie


    Chinese season finishes end of the month, they have 3 games left and are safe after him taking over with them in the bottom two. Job done for the season, I think he’d jump at the chance to go Arsenal tbh – especially under these circumstances.

  62. Peckobill

    Who would Arteta’s back room team be though as he doesn’t seem to have one , emery has about 5 or 6 so Arteta would need at least 2 or 3 even if Freddie sticks around . I heard that was one of the big reasons that put the board off Arteta .

  63. Pierre

    August 23, 2018 15:18:49

    Don’t quite get it do you.. Torriera is not a box to box midfielder… From what I saw in the world cup, he is most effective sitting in front of the defence offering protection and is tidy on the ball.
    So let’s forget about all this box to box nonsense”

  64. Guns of SF

    and one other thing… FL is an invincible.
    I know for all the pragmatists out there this means nothing
    But there is something to be said about a fan favorite and connection.
    Emery has none with the fans… Even Wenger had more…even in the dark years.

    FL would be like a shining light coming through the clouds.. I think the fans and spirit will rise with him in charge.
    Look at Fatty Frank- he is one of them… you cannot discount that

    Sentimentality plays a part in team spirit.. and team spirit is what we need- been sorely lacking and the new toy feeling with Emery has long wore off

  65. salpardisenyc


    “I think we should go for a new interim manager for the current season and address the managerial issue next summer.”

    Who you fancy in this role?

  66. Vintage Gun

    Emery needs to be gone as soon as yesterday if not sooner.

    I’ll hold my hands up and admit that i was in the “Give him a second season camp” as sacking him after finishing one point and one match (EL) from meeting his objective,

    However, i don’t need a donkey to kick me in the balls to know it’s a donkey.

    Emery’s a decent manager, very decent but for me he’s an underdog type in that he struggles to set his team up to play on the front foot. FAR to pragmatic for us.
    He’s Everton/Seville level.


  67. Pierre

    Sorry un, it needed to be done.

    I took dogs abuse from the know nothing’s on here for my , what proved to be , correct calls .

    Ozil is the latest correct call …the fans singing his song is like music to my ears.

  68. Guns of SF


    Ozil is way too slow- his time has come and gone. Still a good player but the style of play has moved on… we have a conundrum with him in the team- we are trying to play more aggressive/presssing modern game, and Ozil is an old school number 10

    He does not fit the puzzle. Just look at the palace and leicester game… look at those midfielders… they are the new generation. fast aggressive and skilled.

    For all his talents, his limitations are a hinderance to what we need in our midfield. I am also convinced Dani is not that person… In fact, our midfield is the biggest area of concern for me.

    We lack creativity and we ship goals. ( where the fuck is our midfield)

  69. Spanishdave

    ASAP for me if the club think he will achieve something in the next four weeks
    then it just about sums them up.
    We are not your normal club, we are huge world wide and it’s a big job that needs a quality manager and not a prospect type manager who will probably fail.

  70. BacaryisGod

    Let’s get things clear about Pedro’s position on Emery. To his credit, he came out strongly against him early but we have to also remember that he started backpedaling last season as Arsenal got off to both a fast start and were holding a lengthy undefeated streak. Now he’s back to where he was at the beginning which he’s fully entitled (and right) to do so.

    Funnily enough, I think we’ve only lost one in the last eleven matches but it feels so, so much worse than that. The reasons are simple. We have had a soft Europa schedule and a soft league schedule. Emery has been defensive and reactive, handled personnel matters terribly and has squandered easy wins. He’s been given a strong squad that even with some mitigating factors (Ozil’s inconsistency, vulnerable centre backs and injured full-backs) he has willfully misused.

    He has to go now, and that’s without even touching on my more subjective issues with him, namely his silly voice, still dreadful English and stupid facial and body expressions (including the chin rubbing and one or both hands with a meaningless ‘stop’ motion to no-one in particular).

    Who to replace him? Pedro is right again. Certainly not Mourinho. He’s toxic and we already rolled the dice last season on transfers. He’ll come in complaining about lack of money.

    I’m typically opposed to a stopgap solution but this early in the season I think we have little choice but to go with Freddie and in the meantime get the best available manager this summer.

    Nagelsmann would be a daring choice but there will be others in the mix, including Allegri, Benitez, Arteta and Vieira.

    No matter what, the creed should be Emery out and no Mourinho.

  71. CG

    It looks like the only way we can pay The Clown and his Goons of and counter the shortfall in revenues due to the lack of Cl football next season is to sell players.

    Dont be surprised if Saliba is sold off to pay for the above horrendous mismanagement.

    the prodigious Saliba aint gonna be hanging around mid table Arsenal when Real Madrid come knocking……

    We are in a desperate and dire times!

    (but at least we have each other,)

  72. Peckobill

    The ozil conundrum is an easy one to answer
    Should and could we do better than ozil?- of course we can
    Have we currently got better than ozil for that role ? – absolutely not
    Until he’s replaced and upgraded I see little choice but to play him just stick with the 3 forwards around him in the 4-2-3-1 and have he 2 sitting
    Auba up top , pick 2 of Pepe , Saka , Martinelli as inside wide men between the full and centre backs , 2 of guen , torr , ceballos and willock to just sit and protect the defence and the full backs to provide the width on the attack .
    That’s about the best we can do with the squad we got

  73. CG

    G of SF

    The job is too big for Fred. (Although he does pack a punch allegedly)
    He can galvanize the troops for a few weeks.

    But We need a Red Adair figure to fight the fires that are and will engulf us soon.

    jose/rafa or wenger.

    Take your Pick.

  74. Guns of SF


    All of those sound not too good for me. Especially Wenger.

    Doubt that Raul signs Mourinho
    dont think Bayern will sign him either BTW

    Rafa- not so sure either.

    We need to have someone who can get the spirit back or Arsenal. Who else than FL for now.

    We need to get back to our attacking instincts as well…

    So lets see what happens next

  75. Guns of Hackney

    Harry Redknapp crashes clubs.
    Jose Moriniho crashes clubs.

    I guess HR would be cheaper. Let’s get him.

    Jose only because it would upset the Arsenal fans. And that’s a good thing.


  76. Redtruth

    “Someone should have asked themselves when appointing Emery, what do we need to make this work.. He wants to play a completely different style of football but we do not have the right players to make it work and insufficient funds.”

    Same goes for Ozil who is only useful in a team on
    top of it’s game.

  77. DigitalBob

    CG – Freddie or Arteta long term is a risk I’d be willing to take, even Rafa over the short term is an improvement.

    Arsene’s had his day and the same goes for Jose.

    Peckobil – Yep they said that was one of the issues with Arteta in that he had no backroom staff, maybe he can bring some of Peps backroom with him.

  78. TR7


    There are limited options if we are going an interim manager route. Freddie,Arteta, and Rafa are some of the names which spring to mind. Rafa is a good manager but he is not going to be a revolutionary manager. Good organization at the back is perhaps the only instant value addition that you can expect from him
    His brand of football is not very exciting.

    Arteta vs Freddie ? A club legend in Freddie ignored for the top post even as he is technically the current no 2 at Arsenal for a person who doesn’t match his stature as a former Arsenal player and is a no 2 at a rival club is not good for optics. I am talking optics because in terms of pure managerial prowess there is not much to make a case for either as we know little about them. What tilts the balance in Freddie’s favor is that some of our young players have appreciated his work. Freddie and Keown as a defensive coach sounds like a decent and relatively safe option for now. If the pair works for us then great otherwise in the summer we can explore more attractive/bold options such as Nagelsman, Brendan, Arteta etc.

  79. Guns of Hackney

    No backroom staff?

    What exactly does that mean?

    That’s like starting a new job and not bringing in your own iMac and servers.

    What a load of bull. Who comes up with this BS.

  80. Peckobill

    Red ,
    Your spot on there but unfortunately you’ve seen how bland and isolated our attack is this season and emery has tried just about every other player he can in that role and it’s failed . With our squad right now he absolutely got no choice but to play him

  81. Guns of Hackney

    Brendan Rodgers. Right.

    Still on this tip?

    Strange how 16 months ago, one man mentioned Arteta…then two and that was it. Mad ridicule bordering on the abusive but now, quite a few Johnny come lately’s are on the Arteta train.

    You’re rats dancing to a tune. Pathetic.

  82. DigitalBob

    Guns – I think its one of those things that “some” see as a bonus. Bringing in an all new backroom goes hand in hand with refreshing the teams tactics and direction……..supposedly.

    Sam Allardyce and Sammy Lee used to travel hand in hand, fucking up clubs and collecting compensation across the land!

  83. TR7

    Sanllehi, along with Vinai Venkatesham and Josh Kroenke are reluctant to make a change and internally there is a determination not to go through a flurry of managers like United have done since Sir Alex Ferguson retired [@JamesOlley]

    Bye bye to CL, Laca and Auba then.

  84. Guns of Hackney

    A manger surely could find a team. Not necessarily have a ready made one.

    My god, who did Arsene bring over from Japan in 1995? Exactly.

    Arteta could ask anyone he thought could help and they would come.

    Ready made teams???? That speaks of laziness and an unwillingness to actually work.

    I’d rather someone comes with no arse lickers.

  85. CG

    Dig Bob

    “”””Arsene’s had his day and the same goes for Jose.”””””

    replace Arsenes name or Jose’s with Mohammad Ali

    they said the same thing about Ali in Zaire in 1974

    Washed up., has been, past it., blah blah blah

    he beat Foreman in the Jungle

    it is was Champions and Legends can only do

    A Champion is a Champion is a Champion
    A Clown is a Clown…….

    rafa/jose/ wenger ARE men top of their game.
    (Huynecks was winning trebles for Bayern at 70!)

    They would all be brilliant appointments.

    Its only football
    keep it simple.

  86. Peckobill

    Bob ,
    It’s not what “some “ of us see as a bonus it’s what actually happens . You really believe pep , Klopp , Jose go to each new club just on their own . Well ok then ….

  87. Guns of SF

    yes I think FL for now, and see where we land. Summer time might be better for the new coach if we completely tank this season.
    one thing for sure, id rather have FL trying to lead us than Emery ball.

  88. Guns of Hackney

    Who gives a fuck if Auba leaves? Shithouse. Tall haired twat.

    Sell the cunt for £70m. He’s 30. Done. Sell the squirt, Laca for £65m. He’s shit.

    Take the £130m+ and get the manager of our dreams and invest in our very talented youth.

    Let Saka and Martinelli lead the line. Why not.

    Let’s have a squad with an average age of 20 and rip shit up. I’m fed up with us being so boring.

  89. Un na naai


    Both are unknown quantities. However arteta has been at the top end of the best team in England with the world’s best coach for 4 years now.

    Experience wise that’s got to piss on what Freddy has accumulated.
    Reputation wise arteta again. Pep rates him highly. City rate him highly.

    That’s good enough for me

  90. Un na naai


    I agree. We are going nowhere anyway this season. He’s 30 and he’s worth £70m
    We could buy two players have his age for that. We could buy 10 Martinellis

  91. Un na naai


    He does nothing for 95% of the time he’s on the pitch anyway.
    He’s wasted under a coach like emery. He and Lacazette are clearly looking to better their options elsewhere
    No attacking player worth their salt wants to play under someone like emery

  92. Guns of SF

    Dont drink the Kool aid too much man.
    Why would they let Arteta leave then? Of course any team, “rates” their assistants highly. Would be stupid of them not to say that in the media.

    Why has Arteta not looked to leave to be the number one elsewhere if he is so rated? Where is HIS ambition? wait for Daddy Pep to retire so he can be a shoo in?

    That to me says something… I mean how much is he learning for being at City for a few years? Do a Vieira or TH, and cut your teeth elsewhere. Get the experience and work your way up!

  93. Un na naai


    I’d be willing to lose one in Jan. Not both. Quality strikers aren’t easy to come by in today’s market. I take solace that we have Martinelli, Saka, nketiah and the rest coming through. There’s talent there
    We need to support it

  94. Guns of SF

    When Silva gets canned at Everton lets see Arteta take over the reigns… would be good for him, and or course, was his former team.

  95. Redtruth

    “In addition to all this though AT I am sorry to return to a familiar theme but I have to: the stupidity of Arsenal fans. Remember when we were told Ozil HAD to play, because errr….he made a few nice passes at Anfield, against Liverpool’s 4th choice kids, in a game Arsenal didn’t even win? Well. Ozil played and guess what? No assists. No goals. No use. He did fuck all. Ozil will NEVER make the difference but it shows you how clueless Arsenal fans are that they still think it’s 2010, and Mesut Ozil is seen as a top player. The fact he has been at Arsenal several years without any interest from the real big clubs, is proof he’s rubbish.”

    “The other thing that is making me laugh at Arsenal fans, is that there is now a sizeable movement for JOSE MOURINHO! Yes you heard. The same moronic fans moaning that Emery’s football “is boring” are now begging for Mourinho. Let’s get something straight here: Mourinho isn’t the same one from 2007. This is dinosaur Jose. Any club hiring him here and now today, is admitting they are a desperate mess looking for a quick-fix. Let’s just think back quickly to Mourinho at ManYoo: spent £90m on Pogba, £75m on Lukaku, £30m on Mkhitaryan (ouch), £30m on the comically bad Eric Bailly, £40m on a finished Matic, quite a bit on Dalot. Not one of those players is of any use to ManYoo today. And despite all that cash spent, Mourinho still bitched and moaned non-stop. Worse still, the football is diabolical. Imagine bitching about Emery and then asking for Mourinho to come in. Just as with Ozil, Arsenal fans live in a time warp and must still think it’s the year 2008 and Mourinho is a hot commodity. Fucking pathetic lol.”

  96. Un na naai


    Maybe he’s on a promise at city
    Maybe he’s not found the club he wants yet. He was going to leave to join us. Is that not ambitious for a man who’s never managed a club?

  97. Guns of Hackney


    The basic rule of most business is sell when your asset is at its peak.

    Auba is never getting any better and if United want him, sell him for £60m+ and upgrade Saka and Martinelli to first team starts. What a shot in the arm for those two.

    If Laca wants to follow his bum boy, so be it. He’s shit. I don’t care what people say, he’s a bang average Wiltord. If we could get £120m for those two, I’d have it. We could literally reinvent the whole squad for that. New manager, saliba joining, new midfielders, new forwards. A dream.

    We are so full as a club. Boring as fuck.

  98. Un na naai


    You are such a ponce!! Do you ever ever genuinely have a thought pop into your head that doesn’t belong to someone else?

    Cut paste repeat
    It’s all you do.
    Like CC said, you get your footballing opinions downstairs, from your mummy

  99. Un na naai


    Haha. Stand down soldier. Laca is certainly not shit. Outrageous stuff from you tonight. Simply outrageous

  100. Guns of SF

    I dont think so, a lot of managers want the Arsenal job. its a dream job. Just like Arteta has a connection with pep, he does with Arsenal, he has not really gone out of his way. He is staying in the comfort zone.

    Let him go to Everton… lets see what he can do there.

  101. alex cutter

    “The media is alive like a pit of vipers, all looking for their hot take on a story they don’t yet have…”

    As if you’re somehow above this.

  102. Guns of Hackney


    The story is that when Pep moves, probably to Juventus (rumour) he will insist Arteta gets the job.

    He green lit Arteta going to Arsenal ffs. This whole “puts the cones out” shit is so lazy. Does anyone think that the best manager in the world has someone who puts cones out as his no.2?

    Dumb fuckers.

  103. Guns of Hackney


    Let’s agree to disagree old friend.

    Laca doesn’t do it for me. I find him awkward to watch. Sorry.